Volume 9, Afterword

Hello, I’m Watari Wataru.

It sure is spring! And speaking of spring, it’s the season of meetings and also the season of break ups. It’s something like “which is it!?”, but I want to break up with work already and meet up with vacation though? Oh?

But, really, in the world, the phrase “which is it, huh?” is said way too much, right?

For example, deadlines! When you hear the word deadline, it’s normal to think “I better make it (life on the line)”, but part of it is more to make you blurt out things like “Hahaan, it’s a lying schedule to get me to panic and to motivate me! Just two more weeks to go!”

In addition, words differed when it came to the word “deadline”. A certain person answers with “j-just a little more (big lie)”, a different certain individual responds with “that’s obviously impossible (distant eyes)”, and that certain person says again “let me rest already… (crying voice)”.

The meaning of words might be influenced by factors like circumstances and a person’s sense of values and accomplishments. Words that are concrete would mean as they are, but it applies more so with words that tried to point out abstract concepts. For example, things like growth, change, and things that are genuine. If you talked about them, it’s likely that everyone would have a different interpretation of what was said.

If that’s the case, the things conveyed through words are unexpectedly abundant. But that’s why even if you thought you conveyed something or you thought you could convey something, it’s likely that wasn’t the case at all and ultimately, the side that conveyed something was just drowning in self-satisfaction. While thinking novels were pretty much exactly like that, I am writing today as well.

───Even so, that’s why I hope his self-satisfaction, even if it’s just now, is also his happiness as well.

So with that, this was “Yahari Ore no Seishun Rabu Kome ha Machigatteiru.” Volume 9.

Word of thanks to the following.

Divinity Ponkon8. I look forward to seeing the rough drafts of the cover for every volume, but the tension really went off the roof past the top level for Hiratsuka-sensei following Komachi. Wonderful! Thank you very much.

Editor-in-charge Hoshino-sama. Oh, no worries, next one will be easy, gahaha! Just how much longer will I be able to continue saying this… I apologize as always for everything. Thank you very much. Oh, no worries, next one will be easy, gahaha!

Also, the book, “The Gift of the Magi” (Written O. Henry/Translated by Yuuki Hiroshi) was used in this volume.

Finally, to all of the readers of this series. Thanks to you all, this story is nearing the final stages. It will be continuing just for a little longer. I will be very happy if you can accompany me until the end. Again, due to all your support, the second season of the anime was green-lighted. Thank you very much.

Now then, with that all being said, I have now used up all my space and I will stop my writing as of here.

A certain day in March, while the storm of spring rages on, I create a tower of empty MAX Coffee cans,

Watari Wataru


6 thoughts on “Volume 9, Afterword

  1. Good evening… I’ll be leaving a certain comment. Hope somebody replies.

    Why Yukino accepted Sagami’s request?

    That is the service club’s duty. Even Hikigaya did not turn down others requests even the ones not seen in the anime for example they could’ve just turned down the request of the JUDO club because it’s a husstle but they still accepted the request. Leaving that aside, but most of all why did she accept it individually? The awkwardness in the club and Yukino knowing that Hachiman and Yui know her family caused the accident is making her feel apprehensive,Yukino, , she rejected Hachiman’s help because she doesn’t want to feel indebted. She feels ashamed for the accident and so would rather not add to the shame or feeling that she needs to pay him back somehow if she can help it. In other words, Yukino wants to act independently of him because she already feels like she owes too much.

    Will be delighted for someone’s thought about this especially the translator here in this site of reassurance in this thought of mine ,I will accept corrections and additions to my side from your thoughts. Thank you and GOD BLESS

  2. its certainly true that she accepted the request because things kinda got a little awkward in the clubroom and that is why she accepted the request but i dont think the latter about yukino being indebted to hachiman is true
    that just doesnt feel right to me.

  3. wait did wataru sensei say that only a few more volumes will be published??!!!
    thats not right… right?? i mean the anime second season will end by volume 11 or 12!!!!
    and following the general pattern uptil now of 6 volumes per season, for season 3 to happen we need upto atleast 15-18 volumes right???
    right right???
    the story will go on more right??

    there will still be more after 11th volume right???
    someplease tell me!!!!!
    spyro san, exo san!!!! someone!!!!!

    • I think the perfect number of volumes could be 15 i don’t really want the story to be that long but also don’t want it to end in the next one or two volumes….. but that’s watari’s choice as long as hachiman can find something genuine with yukino everything is OK!

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