Volume 8, Afterword

Hello there, I’m Work. Whoooa, that’s not good! I got it wrong! Because work has been really hard lately, I mixed up the characters of Watari Wataru with work. Hello once again, I’m Watari Wataru.

Recently, I’ve been so swamped with work that I haven’t had the chance to meet with anyone outside of work.  Every now and then I’d get invitations to go out to eat and to drinking parties via mail and phone calls but I typically didn’t’ give very appropriate replies to them.

Well, “I’m busy” was a reason for getting away from annoying things, but since it was convenient, I end up using it more often than I thought I would. When I really do want to go, I just skip out on work after all!

In a similar way, people would lie to others. Not only to others but to themselves as well. But, well, for me, it’s not a lie when I’m busy, just a tad bit down-to-earth.

Still, there are times when promises made with sincerity ultimately become lies. “If it’s until tomorrow, then I got this in the bag, gahaha!” was something I’d say in the same way I’d say “…could we make it next week somehow?” in a calm way. Even if it wasn’t intentional or apparent in what was said, ultimately, it would end up becoming a lie.

That’s why he and she as well as anyone else… of course, that includes me, the writer, as well tell lies. No, perhaps it was something else. When you determined something as a lie, then the words may very well become lies.

That’s why I can’t easily say “next time for sure, I’ll finish writing early, fuhaha!”. To be quiet and not say anything. That’s exactly why there are also things that can be communicated. It’s just that whatever was communicated, it could either be a lie or the truth. Accepting that would mean abandoning yourself.

In any case, this was “Yahari ore no Seishun Rabu Kome ha Machigatteiru.” Volume 8. Let us meet again in volume 9! Yeaah right, I might be lying there, just kidding! Ufufu!

My gratitude to those that follow. T-This isn’t a lie, okay!

Ponkan8-sama. Thank you for your hard work with the illustrations as well as working alongside with me! You’re the best! The feeling that tells me “this is a heroine” was wonderful this time as well! Thank you very much!

Editor-in-Charge Hoshino-sama. This time’s progress to hell was a really big burden to you. It’s that, like really, I was late because of that… I’m not at fault, it’s society’s fault. Thank you very much!

To those who contributed with the compilation of images. I’m extremely happy that you all drew the many different aspects of the world of Oregairu and its characters. They were all very wonderful that both my eyes and my heart are very happy. My eyes that were done in by the blue light are all healed up. Thank you very much.

And lastly, to all the readers. I apologize for making you wait since volume 7. This irregular youth love comedy will continue for just a little longer. I’ll be very happy if you could accompany me to the very end.

Now then, I’ve used up what remaining space I was allotted so I’ll stop here.

On a certain day in October in the long lasting cold nights as I drink a waaaarm MAX coffee.

Wataru Watari


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