Volume 7.5, Short Story 3

Surprisingly, Hikigaya Hachiman’s study methods aren’t wrong.

The Culture Festival came to an end and just as it was about to reach the height of autumn, the chilly open air also found its way to the interior of the Service Club room. And the cause of that was the “Chiba Prefecture Problem Consultation Mails”.

Today as well, we were sent a worthless mail. The one reading it, Yuigahama, raised a small voice with an “uwah”.


[Hachiman-sensei… I want to write a sellable light novel (shaky voice).]

Listening to Yuigahama reciting the mail aloud was Yukinoshita who spoke to me without closing her book.

“Hikigaya-kun. It looks like you’re being requested.”

Thank you for requesting me! I’m Hachiman ♪ (Side ☆ Peace)!

If I didn’t force myself to be energetic internally, I thought my heart was going to break. Couldn’t you designate this to a domain so it could be rejected or something? With irritation and anger at the darkness of the IT world, I typed my answer slightly violently.


[There are four components to a sellable light novel: “The first is illustrations, the second is its label, the third and fourth don’t exist, and the fifth is force your way through.” This is what I think personally. So using the aforementioned as a start, please try your best.]

Yukinoshita read the answer in one pass as her eyes narrowed dubiously. She then cocked her head in puzzlement.

“Where should the author put his effort into…?”

“Either the third or fourth one, right?”

When I answered, having read the mail as if looking at something fishy in the same way as Yukinoshita, Yuigahama raised her face.

“…Is it okay if you just leave that blank?”

“If it’s just to sell something, then it’s fine to keep it blank. The mail asked for a ‘sellable light novel’, not an ‘interesting light novel’. They’re not always equal in all cases.”

When I said that, Yuigahama let out an impressed voice with a “wow” while Yukinoshita slightly nodded her head convincingly. Indeed, something that was sellable and something that was interesting were not the same thing. That’s why I love it man! GaGaGa Bunko! I’m looking forward to the work where I won’t have to fret over it selling!

As if she was feeling good from one incident being done, rather, the incident that she didn’t want to bother with, Yukinoshita unusually began reading the next mail.

“So, next one then? From a resident of Chiba, Pen Name: It’s Not Like I Need To Write My Name Since It’s A Consultation-san.”


[My little brother’s taking the entrance exam for high school this year, so I want to know some efficient study methods.]

The straight to the point content and the sharp pen name, not to mention it was about the little brother. Somehow, a really familiar face was popping up in my head.

“Yukinoshita, you’re pretty good with this, right?”

When I asked her, Yukinoshita placed her hand on her chin and began thinking.

“Efficient… It’s not something I really give any thought to. Since I just do it normally… If anything, aren’t these kinds of underhanded methods more your field?”

“At least say ‘good at’… Well, I’m pretty normal myself though. Understand past exam questions and a thorough review of what you get wrong. Depending on the material too, you just end up remembering things indiscriminately.”

“That’s surprisingly honest of you….”

She seemed earnestly surprised, but this girl’s rather rude, wasn’t she…? Well, it’s not like I didn’t think of anything underhanded, but that actually took some effort to think up too.

“While there are techniques you could use for test taking, you still have to go through the repetitions for them to stick.”

“They do tend to say that there aren’t shortcuts to learning.”

Yukinoshita said so solemnly. Thinking any further, that’s the kind of conclusion you’d settle with.

“Alright, guess I’ll answer with that in mind.”

And, just as I was thinking about what to write for the answer, Yuigahama stood up abruptly looking like she couldn’t hold herself back anymore

“Wait a second, why aren’t you asking me!? I took the test too! I really did take it, you know!?”

Yukinoshita didn’t pay any attention to Yuigahama’s appeal as she looked at the PC screen and let out a small “ah”.

“There’s still some left in the mail. […Also, I want to know how to wind down from study fatigue.] or so.”

“It’s finally your time, Yuigahama! We’re counting on you for the refreshers part!”

“Hikki, your smile makes me upset! Besides, I’ve been giving it some proper thinking too!”

With a fit of anger, Yuigahama snatched the PC away and while moaning, she slowly typed the mail.


[How about studying together with him?? If you tell him to “just study!”, he might not end up wanting to. That’s why, Kawasaki-san, if you study together with him, he should think “I better get to it too~”. Ah, if you teach him things he doesn’t understand, that might be really effective too! And then, when you’re done studying, if you talk about different kinds of fun stories of high school, then that would be a good refresher too! Do your best!]

After finishing the answer, Yuigahama made a bragging “fufu”… Well, I could see why she was acting so proud. Even I was a little surprised from reading her answer. It looked like Yukinoshita was on the same boat.

“…Awfully rare of you to give an honest answer like this.”

“I suppose, for Yuigahama to write a decent answer like this is rather unusual…”

“That’s the part you meant rare!?”

As I watched with a sidelong glance at Yuigahama repeatedly hitting Yukinoshita’s chest half-crying going “waaah”, the fact the answer was actually a decent answer for once made me think this club was already beyond saving.Oregairu_v7-5_146-147


3 thoughts on “Volume 7.5, Short Story 3

  1. I’ve been reading from volume 1 to 7.5 (skipped 6.5), and literally can’t wait to kawasaki to jump into the action of the story!

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