Volume 7.5, Afterword

Hello, I’m Watari Wataru.

It’s already summer vacation throughout the world. Where’s my summer?

So with that being said, when you say summer vacation, you think of it as a wonderful season where you can make a lot of memories. But after becoming an adult and reflecting on that, memories weren’t just limited to special events, but typical pointless everyday events that oddly found themselves sitting in your memories.

That’s what they certainly labeled as “everyday” and for those who lived it, it might actually be spectacular to them.

Things like love affairs, relationships, or even food that was tasty. If you looked at them from the side, they were nothing but trivial things, and as you kept on living, they were extremely natural scenes in life, but depending on the person in question, it might be a big trigger to changing his life or so they say.

So with that feeling, this time’s collection of short stories was brought to you.

Now then, speaking of everyday life and my everyday life, recently, I’ve been living my life like a certain light novel protagonist where my everyday life was everyday life.

My gratitude to those who follow.

To the god, Ponkon8-sama. Heey? No matter how you look at it, Miura’s the heroine here though? I did want a Miura cover, but she was too cute that it scared me. This time’s awesome too! Great work. Thank you very much.

To the editor-in-charge, Hoshino-sama. Thank you for your hard work not only for editing the book, but also all related media mixes. We’ve still got long ways to go for this Hell March. We’ll keep progressing on and on in this Hell Parade. In any case, great work. Thank you very much.

To the anime staff, cast, and media mix related individuals. Thanks to you all, we were able to safely finish broadcasting the TV anime series. I’ve been a lot of trouble to you all, but in this form, I am absolutely grateful. Thank you very much.

And lastly, to the readers. Thank you very much for all the support with the anime, the books, and the media mixes. As a result of everyone’s support becoming one, I was able to become well known and I’m truly happy. From here on, I plan to keep piling it more and more. I’ll be very happy if you could accompany along the way.

So with that said, I’m all out of space. So I’ll stop here.

Let’s meet again in volume 8!

On a certain day on July at a certain place in Chiba, late during the night, I make preparations to go buy MAX COFFEE,

Watari Wataru


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