Volume 5 Prologue



17 thoughts on “Volume 5 Prologue

  1. Can I post a link here for the .pdf version of volume 5 that I made?
    I acknowledged you in the credits section and also put in a link to this website
    I am also planning to make .pdf versions for the other versions

  2. Hello! I’m new to Kyakka and was wondering if there’s a reason why volumes 1-4 are absent? You may have addressed this previously, and I’m sorry if you have. I look forward to hearing from you and thank you for hard work!

    • Obviously, I’m not Spyro, but I hope my explanation is enough for you. Another translator, Frog-kun of NanoDesu translated the first four volumes. He and Spyro/Excorcism have agreed that his translations are satisfactory, so there’s no point in re-translating them. As they are Frogs translation’s, they aren’t hosted on Kyakka. Google “Oregairu NanoDesu” and they’ll come up.

      Oh, and although I’m no one important, welcome to Kyakka.

  3. cybunny25
    Thanks so much for the Volume 5 pdf link. Do you have links for the other volumes yet? Where can I find them?

    • I made the one I posted and I am planning on making the others sometime later but I haven’t been making any progress lately because of college. If this helps, there are also links posted in other volumes in this website.

  4. Oregairu translated volumes from ND are being taken down by the translator.

    But I hope here it wouldn’t to, just not now. 😦

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