Volume 5, Afterword

Hello, this is Wataru Watari.

We’re finally into the peak of summer. By shutting myself in at home and lazily watching anime and reading manga in my air-conditioned room, it turned out to be a very optimal season.

That really isn’t it. You’ve got it wrong. I’m really just a crazy health nut, so that’s why I’m triyng to avoid being in direct contact with the sun so I don’t increase the chance of getting skin cancer by not going out. Trust me, it’s not me because I didn’t have any plans to go out or anything.

No, but really, be careful. They call it summer vacation after all, if you don’t rest at home, you might be treading a dangerous line of legality.

And speaking of dangerous, summer’s full of danger. Including the sea, there’s the mountains (yama), rivers, (kawa), and the rich (yutaka)… That’ just the Enka singer, isn’t it?

There’s plenty of other dangers too. The pool, the arcade, the shopping malls, the shopping district, the commuter trains, and companies. There’s also companies, and companies. And maybe companies. While we’re at it, companies.

I just end up seeing them when I ride the train on my commute, you know? There would be groups of youths heading straight to Tokyo’s Destinyland. And when I head home while squeezing the train straps and dozing off, I’d see couples wearing mouse ears…

It’s when I see those things that I start to think. Just what was my life as a student about? Just why was I working? For what reason was I working? Is there a reason why I was working? Basically, I think about a lot of stuff.

These days, the amount of sleep I get averages to about three hours a day. Now that volume five done, it looks like I’ll finally be freed from that lifestyle… I’m totally done living like this…

Goodbye, lifestyle of three hours a day of sleep!

Hello, lifestyle of one and a half hours a day of sleep!

…What’s up with that?

Yes, well, um, that’s actually just a scream of happiness from me for all the people waiting excitedly for my work… How should I say this? Um, I want to sleep just a little more, so if anyone feels like it, please take me. “I’ll take you then!” people should send a letter to the editing department of Shogakukan GaGaGa Bunko. I’ll be waiting.

I’m sure a lot of you are thinking it must be hard or are worried, but since I love writing, I’m doing well. This is like, “I-It’s not like I like working or anything, okay! I really don’t like it, okay!” or something. I-I’m doing fine, really…

I’ve still got a long way to go, but I’ll try my best!

In any case, I believe it’s been announced on this book’s sash, but good gracious, this “Yahari Ore no Seishun Love Come ha Machigatteiru” is getting an anime! Yay!

Once upon a time, I’d say things like, “Why did it get first place when it can’t even sell enough to get out of last place?” or “How did it get first place when it doesn’t even sell, actually, what the heck is first place?” or “The conceptual weapon which can destroy the concept called first place is the Logical Meltdowner (Wataru Watari)”, but now it’s becoming an anime…

With so much support from so many people, I was able to make it this far. The reason I was able to make it to this magical world that I wouldn’t have been able to make on my own strength is thanks to everyone. It’s because I had everyone’s support. Thank you very much.

Using my appreciation and joy as my motivation, let’s keep going forward going, “GaGaGa!”

In this volume, we were given a small glimpse of various things. For only a little, his heart had moved. For only a little, his world had moved forward and then back. He’d stagger around and even though these things are things that happen just about anywhere, this is his one and only story. Now then, how will his story unfold in volume six, I wonder?

As for next time, I’ll make sure to carry everyone’s power on my back! I’ll take advantage of everyone’s efforts as much as I can that even Shinran would cry in the grass meadows!

The following is the patronage corner every book.

To God Ponkan8. You did so much work on things beside the original story like special editions and other things! I’m very thank for all of that. Finally, we got a cover of Totsuka! Hurray! Thank you very much!

To editor Hoshino-sama. U-Um… I-I’m truly s-sorry… No really, you’ve got it wrong, this is… Ah, but if I say anymore, it’ll just sound like an excuse… A-Anyway, thank you very much!

To Watari Wataru-sama. Thank you very much for the wonderful comment that I thought wouldn’t get written on the sash of the book that was suddenly suggested to the people in charge of editing! What the heck is this!?

To the authors. I thank you very much for giving me an alibi over drinking sake with you and talking about things just to my editor when the deadline galaxy was at its brink.. I’ll be counting on you next time as well.

And to all my readers. I thank you all for your continued support. Every time I read a heartwarming comment, my sleepiness, the pain on my lower back, and my fatigue just flies away. It’s like a drug. There are still numerous things to happen in this story, but I’ll be happy if I can have your unchanging support and patronage. Thank you very much. I’ll be in your care from now on as well.

Now then, or with that kind of feeling, this is where I will stop.

On a certain day in June and at a certain place in Chiba, as I scold myself for having thoughts sweeter than MAX COFFEE

Watari Wataru


14 thoughts on “Volume 5, Afterword

  1. Thank You for all the Translations XD

    I do have to wonder… what are you gonna translate 1st? 6.25 or 10.5?

    Or the Volume 6 Afterword? If you don’t mind…. or keep me in suspense until my poor heart explodes 😛

  2. Hachiman somewhat even if a little, hates how Yui & Yuki lied to him. Totsuka, on the other hand… well, yaoi ending?

    • Isn’t Hachiman’s feelings for Totsuka just comic….. in the end, it’s not that he won’t fall for Yui, but is too afraid to. He thinks of her as a great girl and all, but doesn’t think anyone would like him (romantically of course).

    • It’s already been established that Yukino didn’t “lie” about anything. What she does do, though, is dance around issues. And words should never really be taken as is, an important theme in volume 6.

      The only hate he really has is towards himself for falling back into his naive self back when he was younger.

      Totsuka’s nice and all, but no.

  3. To Watari Wataru-sama. Thank you very much for the..

    I didn’t get it somehow. Isn’t there supposed to be someone else?

  4. Thank you very much, Spyro, for translating all of this volume 5 🙂
    Reading the translation of Hachiman’s stories is awesome!! So much involvement with important characters around his life 😀
    Looking forward to reading volume 6, especially after reading this Afterword!
    Thank you so much, Wataru-san and Spyro-san, again!

  5. “To Watari Wataru-sama. Thank you very much for the wonderful comment that I thought wouldn’t get written on the sash of the book that was suddenly suggested to the people in charge of editing! What the heck is this!?”
    Why is he thanking himself

  6. Thank u very much for translating this. I cannot imagine how tiring it must be to translate and while I cannot properly express my gratitude through typing alone please know that I am so grateful for this that I bow at my computer screen towards u

  7. Thank you translator and anyone else involved. This was a wonderful volume that I’m grateful for having been translated and read. It’s sad that this might be taken down when the official English version comes out. That’s why I’m glad I can have read this right now and the future volumes

  8. It’s as if Hachiman’s world go forward a bit and return to zero again. But at least he knows himself is the one who is at fault although this fault belong to people he forced image to as well. However, I’m glad he didn’t throw his dissatisfaction to that person although he can’t has interaction with her like before.

    But his reaction after know the truth made that person “is misunderstanding” about him in return. And yes, I mean Yukino. If you want to know what I mean more, you can read in…


  9. Thanks for your hard work Wataru-san.. this LN is my first and I started reading it, cuz the anime was just so good, I just had to force myself and get to the source material to find the answers to my questions. There ain’t any other anime, which made me trace down its LN and read it but urs.. keep up the good work and we’ll be on ur care until u the end of this journey.

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