Volume 10, Third Memorandum

If so, just whose monologue was it?

I don’t know how many times I’ve read through it.

Long ago, I felt I had a connection with the shepherd of the village.

Justice, sincerity, and love. But when I think about them, they’re worthless. Everything about them was absolutely laughable.

Every time I had that feeling, there were sudden echoes.

I’m1 being relied on. I’m being relied on.

Lending my ears to those words that I thought to be the sweet whispers of a devil brought my gradual transformation into a monster of reliance.

It’s when you came to realize your own evil that you become desperate to suppress it. In masking it away, others saw it as the truth, and eventually, it became something natural to you that it turned into the truth itself.

I was thrown into an endless loop of doubt as to whether if that’s really all. I could no longer make the distinction on my own.

That’s why, perhaps, I had been waiting for that person who could surely see right through me.

Along the way, I began to sympathize with the evil tyrant king.

“He cannot trust people”, or so.

But anyone knew how the conclusion of the story went.


Just how exactly did the actual end turn out?

The king said, “The heart of man is not to be relied on.”

Did the evil tyrant king, even to this day, still not trust in the existence of that truth and that sincerity?

Was it because he had lost all his trust after trying them and he became unable to rely on them despite their obvious transparency that he thought he wanted to try again by being a part of them, that he wanted to try destroying them?

If your cheeks must be struck as atonement for holding doubt, then who was the person that needed to be struck the most?

I shut the book and looked outside the window.

The sun had already sunk far past the horizon, the final fragment of the afterglow disappearing in succession.

Sincerity. Or perhaps, the truth.

If you couldn’t call those empty delusions, then what else could you call them?


Do genuine things really exist?

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  1. No Longer Human – An excerpt regarding the use of different pronouns on the wiki, make of that what you will:
    Ōba refers to himself throughout the book using the reflexive pronoun “Jibun” (自分?), whereas the personal pronoun “Watashi” (?) is used both in the foreword and afterword to the book by the writer, whose name is unclear. 

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  1. Notes:
    1. Shepherd refers to the Melos in “Run, Melos!” Recurring themes in the story is justice, sincerity, and love.
    2. The use of watashi (私) along with jibun (自分) which is still gender-neutral, but unlike the other memorandums which used only jibun (自分), this memorandum uses both. Watashi is used by the girls in the story except for ashi-san (Miura). No Longer Human makes use of this switch between pronouns too.
    3. Connecting with the shepherd and then to the evil tyrant king. Monster of reliance. Who fits that bill exactly? Only one person, really.
    4. Questioning the very concept of genuine things. How ominous.

    • Since all principal characters (save Yui) had read Dazai, I still think the memorandums are written by separate people. Second is clearly Hayama, third is most probably Haruno (she asks Hikki the same questions right in the next chapter). The first is probably Hikki, but I’m the least sure here. He and “No Longer Human”‘s protagonist do suffer from similar neuroses.

    • He and “No Longer Human”‘s protagonist do suffer from similar neuroses.

      Not in the least. Just no.

    • In the same time of the genuine stuff, there’s also “reliance” stuff. Is it safe for us to assume that “reliance” is the same thing with “expectation” that hayama has always bore? What’s the odd of Hayama sought some “genuine” things? Personally I refer these memorandums as hayama’s tho’.

    • Well it could possible be Haruno’s just from how the person is asking if genuine things really exist? It could still be Yukino, since we’re now starting to see that when Yukino answered Hachiman’s question, in the infirmary, it wasn’t trust for the most part, but something that Haruno thinks is “much more horrible”. But the person in the memorandum is referring a lot to the tyrant king and in the beginning, the person is referring to how they heard sweet whispers of a devil and masking away their own evils. This could refer to how Hachiman, Hayama, and Yukino have seen both sides of Haruno, and for the sweet whispers, I’m assuming it to be people who look up to her and respect her, but only see her façade and interpret that as the truth.

      For me its either Haruno or Yukino, because they are so similar; however, Haruno feels more like the person in the monologue because of how she refers to the tyrant king, her different “masks” that she has, questioning if genuine things exist (I really wonder what Haruno and Isshiki talked about in the school), and how she herself has a dark personality similar to the narrator.

      Though it could go either way, I hope it is Haruno though, since I want to know more about her, from her responsibilities in her family’s company to the scary personality that both scares and fascinates me.

    • It is unlikely to be Haruno in memorandum 1, and if memorandum 2 & 3 are just continuations, then Haruno isn’t in them either. The reason is simple, can we assume that Haruno would be doing ALOT (keyword) of cleaning nearing new years (memorandum 1)? The answer is no we can’t. Haruno likely lives with her parents, and as they’re rich, it seems ridiculous to deny hey have servents. As a result, Yukino is the only person this memorandum could be about. She lives by herself, and reads heaps of books; additionally, I’m positive she wasn’t in the best of moods about Hachiman during volumes 8 & most of 9- lead ups to new year.

      If some individuals belive it’s Hayama, then explain (if these three memorandums are basically one split into 3) why the memorandums continue even after the problem between Hayama & Miura is essentially resolved. Why exactly should we care about Hayama’s further thoughts? Even if he may play a major part in the last ark of the series, Haruno and maybe others who haven’t been introduced yet could play a much larger role.

      Unfortunately, most of my speculations rely on the fact that these three memorandums are from the same person. However, up until this point, I have no reason to assume they have emanated from different people.

    • Pretty sure the “tyrant king” she’s referring to is the one in the story “Run, Melos!”, not another character. Haruno’s the only Oregairu character that really fits that title.

    • Everyone is forgetting the true tyrant of the series that’s existed in the background: Yukino and Haruno’s mother

    • “Do genuine things really exist?”
      All who’s heard the qorg Genuine from Hachi are:
      Iroha (possible)
      Yui (least contender)

    • Haruno likely bullied it out of Iroha in this volume also. They were alone for a long time while Haruno was waiting for Hikigaya.

    • Even so, Hayama didn’t get particularly upset and looked at me with eyes that looked stricken with melancholic grief.

      “…Did you know? About why Isshiki confessed to me?”

      “No, there’s no way I’d know that.”

      It’s made pretty clear in Volume 9 that Isshiki Iroha relates the story of Hachiman’s desire for something genuine during her confession to Hayama.

  2. This memorandum can only fit by Haruno. If by any instance it belongs to Yukino, this would means that she is self conscious about herself, and this fact would turn down her righteous character (because she will effectivelly become a liar).

    There are some clues for what is going on through the narration process… The story are always told by the 1st person (Hachiman), with the “memos” exception. So… No matter what happens, he is the central character. Considering this and all the other characters developments, will become obvious that Haruno also will have to pass through a conception change provoked by Hachiman. The proper existence of this memorandum show us a girl in the middle of the action plot. She is not a supportive character like Hiratsuka-sensei who is able to see and conduct action without flinch to act in a mistake.

    Haruno may think that she’s acting for the good, but she’s sorefully wrong. Her actions cause demage, and this is a fact! Hachiman already understood this, and he is starting to put this in consideration.

    • I don’t think haruno is acting like she thinks she’s right or anything, but if anything, she probably thinks she’s acting more mature. Honestly we know too little about haruno to draw conclusion. We only know that she is perfect and a troll. Not much to go by.

      I agree that haruno is likely to be the narrator of this memoradum.

  3. Haruno speaks very negatively and quite frequently about Yukino’s reliance on other people. Here this person speaks about her own reliance that she loathes. 8man is probably that person that she is talking about that sees right through her.

    I thought Hachiman is the only Character here that truly questions “what is genuine” or “is it real”, true Yukinon questioned it to Hachiman but how the owner of the monologue here spoke or thought gives a background of Dark-Past Incarnated (not that I’m pointing to Hachiman which I am pointing at him n_n).

    The question here is who is this “Monster of Reliance?” Iroha? Because he always relies now to “her” Senpaaaaiiiiii!!!? Yui? She indeed relied on Hachiman especially on the Student President Elections that he’ll do something about it and he did. Yukinon? Does she rely on someone else? Yeah she relies on her parents for her expenses but in character who does she really rely on? Only she knows and we can’t force our YukinonXHachiman a.k.a Catwoman ❤ Batman shipping to her, is it? Is it Hayama? He does have an admiration to Haruno but not that far of romantic feelings? He does rely on people but they also rely on him like "All for one and one for all", it does fit with the fact that the "Monster of Reliance" being questioned here relied on something/s or someone or some people and also been relied on but the monologue felt like from a Dark-Past Incarnated type of person and we know who likely that is, Hachiman (not that I want it to be him) . But who really is this monologue's owner? Remember after the elections when Hachiman questioned what is he longing? What is this genuine thing? Was he wrong that he prevented Yukinon from winning because of not trusting her intent and destroying her plans (that may be good when Meguri said to him that she dreamed of someday the 3 of them [Yukinon as president, Yui as vice and Hachi as governing affairs pfft n_n] be in the Student Council room having tea and fun together? It's like what the evil tyrant king did that he didn't want to lose that relationship but act that ended up destroying that relationship.

    As I further conclude this is Hachiman's monologue pertaining to turning point on what's happening in his life and what he should do about it. Will he still continue as with the evil tyrant king until the end to not trust people nor make importance their feelings and emotions? Will he raise to courage to make a step to "Harden" his relationships with others and not just let it pass by the chances given to him (if I count them then they're more than my fingers)? He did gave it a try when he relied with his other harem members….erm… club members for help with the Isshiki's Student council issue again, but will he throw away his negativity on things and finally start fully relying on others. He does not admit it but as Hayama said he helps people because he wants to be helped. Owch. Well this is Hachiman's Youth Romantic Comedy and It's Wrong as Expected? Or is it? dandandan

    • Well Written Mr. AJ GALVEZ . I’m also of the same view that Memorandums are by Hikigaya as Story start from Hikigaya cleaning the room and usually picking a book and start reading it . Watari Wataru has done quite well with These 3 Memorandums and specially the way their titles go . at 1 point memorandums appear to be from different characters and at other times Memorandums fit quite well with all main characters . so saying these memorandums are by 1 person is difficult . We all know humans think similarly and logical conclusions are mostly the same for everyone . since all these characters believe in logic and all these characters are smart as well as like to read Literature it is possible that all these 3 memorandums are thoughts of all these characters .

      Great Minds Think Alike . Rather than identifying it with 1 character or the other it is best to identify it with 2 or more characters since all have gone though a lot in their life and trying to Move Forward .

      Brilliant Comment From your side . this is the 3rd comment i ever liked among 100’s of views-opinions .

    • Best regards Konokon-san I just started reading this Light Novel for some weeks now, though and thanks for keeping up with my grammar (I saw many grammatical errors on the comment I wrote, I don’t know how to edit it, though n_n) and also thanks for that opinion of yours. As you said:

      Great Minds Think Alike . Rather than identifying it with 1 character or the other it is best to identify it with 2 or more characters since all have gone though a lot in their life and trying to Move Forward .

      I really need that notion ’cause I’m really doubting it if it’s purely Hachiman’s monologue. How you read the monologue points to different characters experiencing the samething as the one doing the monologue, I accept that some parts of those monologues resembled Hayama, Yukino and Haruno at some point but it still makes me doubt if those are really theirs. Well doubts can be extinguished with opinions from others to help in having a proper mentality on a given situation. And me being new to the field of Light Novels is really a refresher. Unlike motion pictures or comics, it really makes you think how to understand the situations the characters are having, this experience with my first Light Novel to read was exceptional. Well glad to read more opinions from people like you Konokon-san to have better view in this series.

    • mr. aj galvez your english is far better than my own developed version of english . i don’t know when i got into this habit of creating my own rules and created confusion for lot of members. AS far as someone can understand what you meant and what you implied, its fine.

      I am not much into manga/anime/LN/VN . This is my 1st LN and maybe the last one . i am more of a literature person and this is why find this LN having qualities of a good literature. I think Watari has beautifully explained what these Memorandums are about and whom these memorandums belong to. Watari has played well by explaining things as well as keeping things alive and let the readers interpret whatever that want. this is the world literature where your views and thoughts have the freedom to flow anywhere in anyway.

      Well, it amaze me how much effort Watari put into Sociology yet whole set of of discussions just revolves around relationships or potential future couples and their interactions .

    • Yeah Konokon-san I follow you with that. Pretty much this series that Watari made effort to give to us really gave that lasting impression that building relationships has it’s bad and good sides and relationships can’t just be brought up by pure chance or luck and social interactions is required to get your expected results. And each interaction a character went through the series gives this specific results that you wonder, “was he/she right on saying that? What could’ve happened next if he/she said it in a different way?”. Yep. This Volume now I just finished reading really gave me a longing for the next Volume as they left us not just one, not two, not three but TONS of questions on the relationships of the characters, their correlation on one another and who ends up with whom (although it’s quite obvious now yet there’s still room for plot twists). Not that it needs to be answered immediately as the author himself wrote hints on the interactions of the character. It’s just you’re given a treasure map although there’s no “X” mark but only hints to find it.

      Yep. A misunderstood masterpiece to many. You could lose you’re way into reading this (maybe if you have difficulties in reading literature) but while you’re lost at it you unexpectedly find unsuspected answers to those mystifying questions the series brought at hand while reading along the way and that’s how you build a proper story (yep, that thrill in reading this is exceptional). I just love how Watari does this cliffhangers every Volume you’ll get surprised and pretty much blurt to yourself, “HUH?! It ended there? (T^T)/ Why?!”

      I love SOCIOLGY now thanks to this series and how the author puts it in this Romantic Comedy experience for the readers.
      (^o^)/ (^o^)/ (^o^)/ (^o^)/ (^o^)/ (^o^)/ (^o^)/ (^o^)/ (^o^)/ (^o^)/ (^o^)/ (^o^)/ (^o^)/ (^o^)/ (^o^)/ (^o^)/ (^o^)/ (^o^)/

  5. I think this is yukino’s, the line “sweet whisper of devil(haruno maybe?) Change me to monster of reliance, related in vol 8 when haruno say yukino is the same like her mother(like to order people to do her problem)

    • I think on Yukino’s side it’s not order people but the fact on having them help her like the time she asked HIKKI to help her someday. Haruno did say that it’s more horrible on TRUST on someway but finds her sister cuter that way. Very contradicting perspective, no?

  6. It might be Haruno,the monster of reliance for her mother,the evil tyrant really and desperately wants Yukino(the person) to see through her semblance of evil facade which she herself fears.

  7. Ahh i see…the monster of reliance…haruno, helping loli yukino(the whisper of devil)by answering every expectation of her mother, helping hayama(the shepherd) to restore hachiman pride in front of orimoto all because she feel relied upon(well the methods are questionable) and evil tyrant king i think she means hachiman because they’re almost the same. It’s hinted by hayama that haruno interested at hachiman maybe his pov of life…but then hachiman changed… searching about genuine thing, maybe that made haruno feel disturbed..then try to mess with hachiman and yukino.

    • You’re POV (point of view) is kinda interesting, it involved inner turmoil in relationships. That would be great in a NTR (Netorare) kind of genre but it’s only my speculations though that you MAYBE right, although I kinda doubt it is what the monologue intends as of conveying

      Do genuine things really exist?

      The only person I can think of with that kind of thoughts is Hachiman. But still I have a long way to deeply understand this series and the thoughts of the characters.

  8. Here, Monster of Reliance means that this person is always relied on, not that s/he always relies on others, right?

    • Yes… And my opinion fellow… The one who is relying Haruno is Hayama. I think we will start to see his true colors next vols.

    • Well where gettin’ deeper on the Yukinoshita Family Territory and I’m just gonna go wow when they will talk abut marriage stuff on next Volume.Pretty good if there’s a Hikki and Yukinon’s mother confrontation on next volume so we can see how TOUGH of a man Hikki is (or maybe not (n_n) )

    • we all know he is a coward (freezing up when glared by the opposite gender is 8man special)… although he can turn the tables if he were to have a taste first of what she truly is like… Know thy enemy as they say

    • Yep that Yukinoshita’smother and Hachiman confrontation again will be a good one. Hope that he’ll not get the 8man special your talkin about on that time. Ppretty much this is gettin’ interesting if YUI or ISSUKI confesses to him by next volume. But the title My Youth Youth Romantic Comedy is Wrong as Expected tells me this gonna turn out to be funny n_n. .

    • hahaha actually Im happy either way… there were times where he froze up for a moment but still got the ball rolling…
      Yui is possible, but Irohasu on the other hand is more of admiration to Hachiman because of his pursuit of genuine things.

    • Well indeed on Irohasu’s account she only got this admiration to Hachiman. But on a record she indeed say to him to take responsibility to what he did that Hachiman does not understand. It’s pretty interisting on some degree that Hachiman is visually likable now, not that Yukinon and Yui likes it, though. Sense more Jelly moments with the 4 of them. Oh wait where’s Kawasaki as well fufufu.

  9. I’ve just read ‘Run, Melos!’, and it’s interesting that in the short story, there are both whispers of demons (Melos giving up) and whispers of the stream (that revive Melos’s spirit and keep him going). In this memorandum, however, the speaker characterizes the whispers that tell one to keep on going for the sake of another as malevolent, a curious inversion of the story and hints at the speaker’s twisted nature.

    Sidenote: IMO, Watari could be using ‘Run Melos!’ to clue us in to how Yahari could end, though I think Yukino would perform all of the cheek striking 😛

    • Please tell me if my summary of Run, Melos! is correct?

      Melos is a naïve young shepherd with a sense of equity. The land in which he lives is ruled by Dionys, a tyrant king who because of his distrust of people, has killed many people and even his own family members. When Melos hears about the King’s deeds one day, he becomes enraged. He decides to assassinate the King, and so he sneaks into the castle with a knife, but is caught and arrested. Melos pleads with the King to postpone his execution and give him three days so that he can attend his younger sister’s wedding. The King agrees, but on one condition: that Melos’ friend Selinuntius is left as a hostage, and if Melos does not return in three days, he will be executed instead of Melos.

      After the wedding is over Melos hurries back to the city. Along the way he encounters many tribulations, such as a broken bridge due to the overflowing of the river and attacks by bandits. All of these things exhaust him, and he nearly gives up, but then continues to run for the sake of his friend’s life.

      At sundown Melos finally arrives at the city, just in time to save his friend Selinuntius. He apologizes to Selinuntius for his treachery, and Selinuntius apologizes for ever doubting him. The King is moved by the display and decides to let Melos go with impunity.

      If Watari using Run, Melos! on how Yahari would end, I’m gonna go WOW ’cause I see many similarities of the short story of Osamu Dazai to what’s happening to Yahari right now on how Melos even facing hardships, tried his best to save his friend being kept hostage by the evil tyrant. Please don’t tell me that friend in the Run, Melos! could be pertaining to Hikki ’cause that’s just WOW.

  10. Wow. If you put it that way that is really weird how Haruno’s mother was shocked that she thought that those two (YUI and HIKKI) where not Haruno’s friends but Yukinon’s and also thought that they were older. It could really make you think somehow Haruno talked about Hikki to her Mom before. And about the what you said about the monologue:

    The monologue seems to hint that the Tyrant King has for some reason incomprehensible to Haruno turned his back on his beliefs and needs to be punished.

    Same as the story Run, Melos! the Evil tyrant ,too did change his beliefs upon being heartfelt by how the bonds of friendship Melos and his friend (being hostage by the Evil Tyrant) we’re so strong that even his beliefs of not trusting anyone changed. I strongly feel that Volume 11 is gonna be on Yukinoshita Family kind of arc if that happens, although it’s a wild guess on how WILD the mysteries in this NOVEL are flying everywhere.

    Thanks, though for that commentary of yours. I did check if what you said was true on the meeting with Haruno’s mother scene on Chapter 2 and it made me raise some eyebrows on that scene on how their interactions have been. Deeply appreciated the perspective of people reading this NOVEL.

  11. i don’t get it ,what if hikki change ,it is a good thing wright?,why is haruno bothered,she always want to set hikki and yukino

    • Really? Look at this…
      1-) Haruno firstly appears – meddle and make a caution inference to Yukino (her mother and the fact that Yukino lives alone);
      2-) Subsequencially meddling about Yui and Hikki – For what? To put Yukino in action, or to make her give up?
      3-) Plotting a double dating with an “ex” of Hikkigaya, and (most important) makes Hayama acting cool (maybe not to Hikigaya but to Yukino – as if Hayama was trying to correct Hikigaya manners) in turning Orimoto down.
      4-) Keeps appearing to annoy Yukino. – But maybe also to show her that Hikigaya never moves to save her.

      I don’t know fellow… I’m starting to think that Haruno is patching Hayama more than Hikigaya. This stuff about Yukino career is bothering me a little. What if Haruno is researching Yukino to guide Hayama?

      All this stuff about the tyrant king… What if this tyrant king is not Hikigaya, but her mother or even Hayama? It’s also possible to think that Haruno started to regret her past actions towards Yukino. It’s still open to any possibility…

    • Well at least Haruno has her concerns. Kinda scary if Yukino get’s change of heart on her feelings and go for Hayama or something it’s kinda unacceptable now at this point (not that she has a relationship). Well there’s always room for PLOT TWISTS anyways.

    • But on how I depict Haruno’s involvement to Hikigaya and Yukino —- she is trying to make them bridge their feelings to one another (not that romance should be involved). Haruno indeed say she and Hikigaya are the same and gave her advice on the last chapter of this volume about Yukinon. It implies to me that sheis saying this to Hikigaya because if she as her sister can’t help Yukinon maybe Hikigaya will. Well only my speculations, though need to have deep thinking on this stuff and that riddle on the Memorandums about the Run, Melos! is really hard to deal with on my side. Especially about what secret is Yui and Yukinon always hiding on Hachiman. It’s always a cliffhanger when they brought about that secret that it’s good that he should not know. Yep the HAREM here is a riddled and misunderstood masterpiece.

    • I agreed in parts with you. I think that Haruno really did make a caution to Hikigaya (more than a warning). And if this tyrant king turns to be refeered to Hikigaya (and not her mother) this means serious trouble. When the “memo” mentioned “I began to sympathize to the evil tyrant king”, I really start to doubt that this was a reference to her mother.

      In other hand, if the evil tyrant king turns out to be Hayama (the real Hayama that just Haruno and maybe Yukino know), then the things come in handy to Hikigaya. And yes… In this case, Haruno could also have fallen in love for him (which will make her meddle anyway lol).

    • On Novels nowadays HAREM is very abundant, this series also. But this series is not emphasizing at it and just an additional flavor to the story. Well you could say Haruno is very intimate to Hachiman unlike the other guy’s we know she hangs out with (as if she hangs out with anybody, well she did hang out with Hayama but that’s normal as family friends but with Hachiman’s really different. You could say she found a person she can show her true self with, might be because of their ability to see through a person passively that she likes about him. About Haruno meddling? I think she’s doing it already from the start she met with Hachiman. Her meddling is like a dual-edged sword that is both helpful and disastrous.

      One example is when she invited Hachiman to go on a double-date with Hayato, Orimoto and her friend just to set-up the two girls and give them a lesson. Yes it showed that to Orimoto and her friend of Hachiman’s worth and must not be mocked with (well Hikki really is a magnet for looking down, must be his innate power?). But it really did the spot on Hachiman’s pride y’know and this could also affect his future Harems (again with the Harem, huh? I know).

      On the Tyrant King part on the Run, Melos! short story, I still find it hard who that Tyrant King is. I know the hints are already showned but doubts really sprung out in mind even if you gather those hints.
      As far as I saw the comments here is their speculations who the Tyrant King is being characterized:
      1. Hachiman
      2. Yukinoshita’s mother
      3. Hayama
      4. Haruno
      5. Yukinon (WTF… just WTF)

      On my own speculations.Those monologues from 1st-3rd memorandum is from Hachiman, Hayama, Haruno’s respectively with each owning a specific memorandum. It describes all of them as a whole but on different situation and perspective.
      The first memorandum specifically is really hard to deal with because of the lack of presentations so I presumed it is Hachiman (sorry Hikki we need a scapegoat here).

      On the second memorandum:

      Yet, despite looking at the things that were so close to me, despite seeing right through everything else, I was the only one who wasn’t looked at.

      It was so much more painful than being admonished and being looked down on.

      A person who sees everything but was the only who wasn’t looked at – You could say it’s not Hayama cause many people look at him in admiration but is it truly what it meant. Or wasn’t being looked at means not being looked down with. I sense a feeling of atonement here like the scene he had with Yukinon being bullied in their past. I wanna state it’s kinda Haruno but what the heck (Hayama you do the scapegoat now, Hikki’s tired)

      Well for me Haruno owns the monologue in the 3rd Memorandum and the Tyrant was indeed Hachiman (sorry Hikki it’s not like I hate you), even how the King despises people and not put trust to them had a heartfelt change because of the friendship of others that is happening now to Hachiman, that you can see that even though he hates helping his real motivation is the resolve of the people who asked him for help. But Hikki could be Melos on some point if he’ll try to save Yukinon someday (men my speculating is going through the CLIMAX already, must control urge NOT to imagine it)

      But on all the answers I had about the owner’s of the memorandums. Isn’t this story about Hikigaya Hachiman’s Youth Romantic Story is wrong as expected. And the story takes part of his inner thoughts and perspective as the story lines goes as you can’t read what the other characters are really thinking and only Hachiman’s view of things.
      ¯_(ツ)_/¯ Oh Well ╮(´ ▽ ` ‘)╭


    • LOL! Take it easy fellow! You don’t need to throw away what we discussed. LOL! About the memos, no… The second contradicts the third, so cannot be the same person, unless that the three memos comes to be the different thinking of someone along a time line. But… If was the case, what is the reason for the titles? (Particularly, I don’t think the author would try to immerse so deeply into Hikigaya “changing” process without make this clear to his public). But yes… It’s not impossible either…

      But what I want to tell you is about that double date you mentioned… Note that Hayama just told off Orimoto when Yukino and Yui appeared. It was plotted to be this way! Plotted by who? Haruno of course… Several times I asked myself: If the reason was to teach Hikigaya a lesson, why wait for Yukino and Yui? Hayama could have done at anytime along the date. So… The presence of Yukino are substancial in Haruno plot. Did you noticed? In Yukino pointview she arrived and see Hayama scolding a girl for mistreat Hikigaya… Meaning she saw Hayama acting the same way that Hikigaya usually acts. But she did not received an explanation around this! She missed the final changing between Hikigaya and Hayama. But keep in mind that this was plotted by Haruno.

      Hayama said by hiself… He loathed to acted like that. That’s not the real Hayama! That’s the Hayama guided by Haruno instructions. Then I ask you: What for? To teach manners to Hikigaya? Or to traps Yukino in an illusion that Hayama have changed?

      Another weird thing about that dating… Hayama stated before all that: “I have never loved any woman either…” Then… When we put Ebina BL fixation, and what Hayama said in class to his fellows about Yukino rumour: “Well That cannot be true by one thing, right?” Those make me think, how far Hayama would go to sustain his own façade?

      And words “I’ve have nothing to choose” start to echoe… Here fellow, I don’t doubt that Hayama could be gay and even Haruno doesn’t know about it.

    • So to cut it short DUDE Simone. Hayama is possibly GAY. =_= Wow, just wow. Though I can’t deny that possibility. Has Ebina’s deduction has seen through Hayama? The answer to that I don’t wanna find out :).
      Well back at the main topic you indeed said that Haruno plotted that Double date to set-up the girls and to show Yukinon an illusion that Hayama changed? And to Hikigaya to change his manners on how he does things, no?
      Well that could be an appropriate deduction on what’s happening now. Hachiman needs to straighten up and see his own value not to be selfless anymore. Shizuka-sensei said that he could not save someone he found he wanted to save in that state of himself now. So in that moment on that Double date set-up and his serious talk with Haruno indeed shows he needs to straighten up. Well it just bother’s me why she hates Hachiman now changing. What change on him is bothering Haruno? Care to share your thoughts about this?

    • LOL! Yes… Putting Hayama sexuality aside… (I’m not sure about this either). Well, taking the third memo as a recent Haruno reflexion, I dare to say that Haruno opinion about Hikigaya somehow have changed (naturally if we suppose that the tyrant king refeers to Hikigaya). So… Consider this line of thinking:

      In Fireworks Festival Yui let slip the intentions of Yukino in doing BC (same career than Haruno). Haruno took as a surprise. (I think that it was in this point that Haruno start to move to put Yukino in her track – for Yukino sake); And I think that until this point Haruno never had seen Hikigaya in a real menace to Yukino desires. Probably Haruno really pittied Yukino if happens that Hikigaya had choosen Yui instead her sister.

      Following the Cultural Festival Haruno starts to notice how much Hikigaya actions could influence her sister, becoming even able to sacrifice hiself to allow Yukino to act in her middle. We (readers) had the impression that Haruno was guiding Hikigaya as much Yukino, but I’m starting to think this is a mistake. Come to think about it, maybe Haruno never believes Hikigaya would be able to do what he did, and maybe she thought (or desired) that Yukino would make what Hikigaya made.

      Note that is from these events that Haruno starts to badgering Hikigaya. If you remember their last conversation in this festival, Hikigaya was telling Yukino about his non-intentional Sagami saving, when Haruno disrupted into the conversation almost mocking about Hikigaya mildness and taking out the atention about what Hikigaya was saying about Hayama paper in that situation.

      I think this point was crucial, in your two last questions… Cause Hikigaya, who never moved by freewill (always compeled by the others), had started to move in Yukino aid. (Today we know that he moves to anyone aid – even Miura). So… What it’s bothering Haruno in Hikigaya changing, for most that she’s blabbing about reliance and lack of genuinity, is the fact that Yukino can count on Hikigaya (and also Yuigahama) to make her choices at leisure and maybe free herself from that family burden. And maybe this is something that Haruno can’t stand… Afterall we know that Haruno and Hayama moves to fullfill their families abidings.

      Of course… It’s just a theory supported by nothing more than guesses…

    • I deciphered the Hayama sexuality. His not GAY after all, well anyways thanks for that comment. It really bothers me on why Haruno really is bothered on Hachiman’s change. I reread the novel and yep I completely have the same guess with you. Now the thing that questions me now is what the author holds for us on the next Volume expected on the months of March-August the same dates the past Volumes was released. Well gonna review Volumes 7-9 for it’ll be shown in the second season soon. The only novel that made me feel other novels was not there to begin with. 🙂

    • LOL! Alright Galvez… We’re all linked each other by these expectations. To tell you the truth… It’s bothering me a little all these Wataru’s “afterwords”. It’s like he really experienced a situation close to that, and don’t look like he had enjoyed. I have a penfriend who lives in Osaka and she told me that is really common to have this situations between different social stages in classroom. According to her, this stuff about “surnames” linked to important people still clashes around in Japan, specially at the top schools. She did not like to spill the beans to much, but I had the impression that it’s more or less like what happens in India about family “casta” (sorry, I don’t know the proper word in english, but it’s probably something like “clan”).

    • @Simone Avila I can’t under why does Haruno does not want Hikigaya to change. Cause then Yukinon will be happy and free of her family burdens. Out of jealosy? I don’t think it’s true. Are u trying to say something else?

    • @Simone Avila, I agree with your 1).

      For 2) Haruno didn’t meddling about Yui and 8man for put Yukino in action. I think Haruno tried to hide her own feeling toward him, but it leaked every time she saw 8man and Yui be together. (I notice from when she saw Yui pulled him from her. And when she saw him and yui be alone in firework festival)

      For 3), Haruno didn’t try to make Hayama acting cool. She said herself she wanted to know Hayama’s objective after she knew he bowed to 8man to come with him. She set double date for unbelievable reason.
      Her reason: https://yaharibento.wordpress.com/2016/03/30/yukinoshita-haruno-launched-operation-fire-doughnut-part-2/
      And this is how she set double date, in her mind, it’s complex than I expected.

  12. In my opinion all of the memorandums are said or written by one person only… When i read the first memo the only person that came to mind was Hayama as I read the second one this thought solidified itself. Im referring to the fact that the 2nd memorandum mentions something about getting seen through and asking for help so we can make a concrete conjecture that it is indeed Hayama’s. This is supported by the scene where Hayama and Hachiman were talking about staying out of each other’s business.

    And now i that i read all memorandums(i also skimmed through the comments). Haruno has completely left my mind.

    But we can strongly assume that all memorandums are indeed Hayama’s because for one I don’t believe Hachiman and Haruno have enough interaction for Haruno to find out about hachiman’s tendecies, only Hayama and Hachiman has this rivalry going on between them. Also the mention of the word “monster” can be related to Hachiman too. where in the previous volume he declared that he is a “monster” of logic.

    But of course if we strongly relate the WHOLE story of OreGairu to Run Melos. ownership of the memorandums would switch to Haruno where she is Melos, and i forgot the name of the friend he has to save but that would be Yukino and the evil Tyrant king would be Hachiman or maybe the mother… Its hard to believe though seeing Haruno’s actions are rather chaotic.

    For now we can only make assumptions to what these memorandms are all about, all we can do now is wait and wait for that possible last volume to come out.

    • Melos’ friend on the story is Selinuntius if I’m correct. And yes the Afterword of this novel indeed say we’re now on the Last arc of Oregairu. Yep the CLIMAX is at hand.

    • yes, I’m very excited… i do wish that they do a better anime adaptation though… i have not yet finished volume six but there were implications that many things happened in the chiba village(on volume 5 most likely)…. they shortened it too much especially volume 3… i want my Yukidere moments!

    • Well a rework is possible on how animes are reworked nowadays with finer animation and more story line. I was sad that there were more Yukidere moments in the School Festival as well, the anime only showed small indications of her interest to him, just one blush but the LN showed tons of those moments on that arc. Well at least their gonna elaborate something more on the LN to the Season 2 next season. Well more Harem now I like. But much more serious plots dashed with it.

    • I think what he wants from them is friendship, no? He’s not going the line to have them with a relationship with him as he states it’s something not to be TOUCHED with by the likes of him. Well we don’t know cause of the turning point in their field trip his changing his ways of that of person to be loved not just with in but visually. His different, VERY different from his past self now.

    • I think it’s more like trully and authentic feelings. I’m guessing here cause the author did not explain this to us. But I think that until that point Yukino always kept the space between she and Hikigaya (even neglecting friendship), and Yui also limited her aproaching, specially when other people from her innercircle were observing. (Again… I’m just guessing).

    • Those 2 (Yui and Yukinon) shares a secret about Hachiman. Still wondering what their always hiding from him. Don’t wanna speculate it might be the CLIMAX of the story.

    • Fellow… I totally agreed with you! One of the weirdest things since the beginning is the Service Club. When and why it was created? Why there was just Yukino inside? When she does entered? (Could be Hikigaya acident the cause?) Is it a coincidence that the three persons envolved in that accident become members? Is Hiratsuka-sensei aware to everyone real intentions?

    • If the Club was really meant for Hachiman and if Yukinon and Yui planning on confessing (don’t know on the Yukinon part, though, both him and Hachiman are so oblivious to this love thing and denies accepting it) to him sometime soon? Yeah it should be but that’s why I don’t wanna speculate that much because it’ll gonna be the CLIMAX of the story that is already hinted on that Service Club creation thing. Well we are 100 percent sure on 7 things though about Hachiman:
      1. Yukinon cherishes him.
      2. Yui loves him.
      3. Isshiki admires him.
      4. Kawasaki likes him. (started with the Thanks anyways, Lova Yah! scene of Hikki to Kawasaki on Volume 6)
      5. Ebina likes him (I really wonder how it started, though)
      6. Hachiman likes Totsuka (I ship this ,though but sunk million years ago)
      7. I wanna punch this Harem lord. (n_n)

    • I already commented this in Ch 9, but you are right… Come to think, I think everybody loves Hikigaya at some level. Maybe even the male characters. I’m saying this because I’m stiil thinking about that last conversation between Hikigaya and Ebina. When she’s mentioned the BL triangle and Hachiman put away, she really said something like: “Alright, maybe that’s cannot be tottally possible”.

      Then I ask you… What if…? What if the reason that Ebina felt that much bad about herself does because she knows that Hayama is gay but she doesn’t have the nerve to tell Miura (her bestfriend)??? That would explain a lot…

    • Well his somewhat the GOAL of mainly of the female cast —
      1. Shizuka-sensei -> wanting him to change to a better man
      2. Yui -> having romantic feelings for him but holding it for some secret she and Yukinon has
      3. Yukinon -> wants to change him but changed and wants to find something he and her sister doesn’t have
      4. Iroha -> sees him as a person to rely on, REALLY rely on and always seeks him. Something fishy,no?
      5. Kawasaki -> I don’t know but she wants to open up to him but always gets flustered when he’s around (sigh)
      6. Haruno -> seeks him always and meddles on situations he is involved with because he is somewhat special to Yukinon but her doings now are rather personal for him now

      And who can forget Hayama’s perspective of him as a RIVAL but they are immersed in different fields of society that they might never look eye to eye although still his happy that there is someone who can hate him yet they could become the best of buddies, no? They do compliment one another as a whole both having qualities that supplements the weaknesses of one another. If they become a team, I just say WOW, just WOW!

      Oh yeah about Hayama being gay? DUDE Simone please our dreams about TOTSUKA is broken already, don’t add gasoline to the fire now… it’s breaking our achy-breaky-hearts T^T already can’t you see it? Sorry you can’t though. Why did I even bother asking? 😦

      And yes Hachiman is very lovable on his helping to others thing but HATED on some decree because of his selflessness to make himself the scapegoat of some social kamikaze’s just to save someone, he even faked a confession not knowing of other’s feelings for him. Yui and Yukinon even hinted on the confessing part someday that they sure want it on that place ,too to happen to them but did not said from whom. Hachiman is not dense but rather oblivious to the obvious and denies good things might happen to him because of his TRAUMA.

      I wanna kill that TRAUMA of him so badly. Who’s with me? Awoo!

  13. I have seen a lot of posts up, on whose memorandum this may be, but let’s stay focused. Whatever our opinion on the matter is, we can’t just name 1 character, or 2, or 3, etc.. , and leave it at that. The purpose of the entire series and memorandums needs to be kept in mind. For instance, there are people who believe the memorandum belong to any one of Hachiman, Yukino, Hayam, and Haruno. However, if this were the case, what would it mean for the story?

    Do not forget, the memorandums are not bonuses, they are replacing actual chapters. They are not something slightly important, they are important, and depending on who they belong to, can have drastic effects on the series. If they were to belong to any one of those 4 at once, does that mean that the author is going to give equal representation of each character next volume.; or that Hachiman is going to become less important. Additionally, if this were the case, why suddenly popularise Haruno & Hayam just because the next arc may mention them a bit- however I see it, they can’t possibly become main characters next arc.

  14. Well at least Hayama’s sexuality is put aside now. Yeah on your insight on this, pretty much it could be perceived that’s happening. Really gives me the chills as of what Haruno’s doing is like a dual-edged sword both can be hurtful or disastrous. Hayama indeed said. That she’ll help something if she likes it but goes an extra mile to destroy it if she did not like it. Hachiman really have to straighten up now ’cause he can outwit almost anybody if his made up for it. The problem now lies on how can he be open to people now although his changed quite a lot but his not thoroughly open to people and still relies on his logical thinking. I dare to say if he puts his heart to it he can solve Yukinon’s problem. Bring a closeness to both of them and their club with Yui. Well very thankful on other people’s insights here as of the Anime has many loopholes of the real story line only present in the Light Novel. I’m beginning to think someone’s gonna get it HARD next chapter, I hope that it’s not Hachiman, his Dark Past is already traumatizing for him. Of course.just speculations, though.

  15. It’s not Hachiman.

    1. The three monologues are clearly related- they start with a book half read, then fully read and then re-read again and again.
    2. Both the first and second prologue show that the speaker thinks he’s hiding under a mask, while hachiman clearly says he’s outwardly rotten

    3. The speaker wants his “farce of altruistic self-interest to be seen through”, definitely not hachiman, not yukinoshita. Possibly Hayato. Maybe haruno, but I don’t know enough about her.

    4. “maybe if it was that person who was unusually more sensitive to the evils of people (< NOT Hachiman. Strongly looks like Hayato. Maybe

    5. “monster of reliance” someone who is being relied on, not someone who is relying on everybody. Reliable, answers expectations, self deprecating> Hayato/ ?Haruno/ ??Yukino. Not Hachiman.

    6. “Sincerity. Or perhaps, the truth./ If you couldn’t call those empty delusions, then what else could you call them?/ Do genuine things really exist?” This is the only statement that looks Hachiman-like, but it lacks his scornful humor.

    7. There is absolutely nothing wrong with an ending memorandum by Hayato even after the issue is resolved. He even said that he will carry on answering expectations.

    Now if someone can please confirm if it is Hayama or Haruna. It is not Hachiman, and doesn’t feel like yukinoshita.

    • There is someone who said it was Yukinoshita on the count that she lives alone… Impossible though my instincts are strongly tied to either Hayama or Haruno too… Although lately im leaning more on Hayama cause he is the focus of this story…

  16. On my opinion the readers are looking too much inside the box..

    What I think is..

    The speaker is clearly Hikki. Look through out the entire novel everything that is being stated is what Hikki see and thinking.

    So if we go on with this theory the one who is reading the monologue is Hikki but to whom he is talking about it could be

    anyone’s monologue, everyone’s monologue and who’s monologue..

    Who’s with me.. haha..

  17. in my opinion the second memo is hayama. Prior to the memo haruno says to hikki that hayama is expecting something too, something that will find him. Now every lost person wants to be found but hayama wanted to be found not just by anybody, cause if that was the case then he would have told hikki his career choice the first time he asked. he instead wanted to be found by that one person who ‘was most sensitive to the wickedness of people’ (or something like that, forgot the exact words in that memo), which in my opinion is yukino. ofcourse it can also be hikki but we’ve already ruled out why its not him. in addition haruno rebuked yukino for asking her about hayama telling her she should be able to figure it out herself if she really thought about it, implying to some extent that hayama himself expected yukino to know without needing to ask anyone else, that is to say, the answer should be obvious to yukino given the history te 2 have. infact i bet hayama himself knew yukino’s career choice before she wrote it down. Because yukino never seeked him out and ‘found him’ as expected he felt more lonely that the tyrant king, hikki, a natural loner, driving his hate for him even more.

    the last memo is clearly haruno. The village shephard in her view would be hayama, given his altruistic behaviour, but we all know how she seems to have lost interest in him over the years much like she states in this memo. she insteads sympathises with the tyrant king, hikki, feeling a connection and understanding with him. And finally ofcourse asking if genuine things truly exist. The way i see it she is looking for hikki to prove her wrong that genuine things truly can exist, seeing how she gave up on those a long time ago and now just wears a mask for her personality. i feel the end result of this novel is for hikki to resolve the shattered relationship between these 3, although i wonder were that would leave him relationship wise…but then again he is an unsung hero.

    The first memo says very little really, it really could be anyone’s. And those are my opinions.

  18. noone’s monologue = hikki’s, because he thinks he’s no one
    everyone’s monologue = hayama, indicating his ideal that eveyone should get along well, etc
    who’s monologue is it = probably haruno’s, cuz no one still has a clear grasp of her true nature, thus she remains an enigma

    just my 2 cents 😀

  19. This is just to criticize those theories that suspect Haruno: is everyone really saying that Haruno would think these memorandums, have those strange flashbacks in the middle of conversations, still act as slyly as she always does afterwards, and still expect Hachiman to do something about it all. One would expect there to be a limit to selfishness and foolishness, but if this were the case, then I guess not.

    In addtition, wouldn’t she just be hogging the story. If dating/saving/helping yukino in someway, is just a means of helping Haruno become a better person, then why wasn’t Haruno introduced sooner, and given a much deeper background? Also, it would be kind of boring seeing things play out the way Haruno expected, or wanted, it to.
    (Ps. if you disagree please refute the idea not the person. I don’t know you, and I do not want to be the recipient of your trash talk.)

    Does anybody reckon that the car crash involving Hachiman changed Yukino, or whoever was in the car at the time? I do not feel like you go through an experience like that without feeling anything. You know, maybe Yukino was even looking forward to that day of school. Also, this ties in with the car crash slightly,but does anybody reckon that the reason that Hachiman was never really introduced to Yukino’s mother was because Haruno was trying to avoid focusing on him (car crash reminder)? I honestly believe the car crash will be included in detail in this upcoming arc about Yukino, because without the unexpected car crash, neither she nor yuigahama would be here (you know, we probably wouldn’t either)- it almost feels like this story will end the way it started, and even though there’s no ‘load save file’ option in real life, you can repair the damage that was done.

  20. 1st Memo: Hikigaya
    2nd Memo: Hayama
    3rd Memo: Yukino

    Hayama and Yukino was looking for a person to see right through them, who was most likely Hikigaya the monster of logic/self-consciousness. That’s why Hayama frequently talks to Hiki about him, and Yukino draws closer to Hiki and requested his help someday.

    It’s fine with me who Hiki ends up with, as long as there is a good reason…

  21. Watch ep 10 until the next episode preview. there’s a clue as tho whose monologue these are. and to throw it out there, why do you think Yukino has a worried look when her mother mentioned it’s also her birthday celebration? Thanks for the translation Spyro-sama!

  22. Haruno is the absolute answer in this memorandum for 2 reasons.

    She’s perfect person born from the expectation of many people (sweet devil) and be relied on (from family, Yukino, etc) to be social person, works for her family, excel in everything. Haruno was told to be all of that too much and that perfect mask can’t be removed from her, become her own truth. When she realize it, it’s too late to go back and lost in endless loop, can’t escape by herself.
    Watari wrote a sign word to reveal this is Haruno’s memorandum. Haruno means (Setting) Sun. Watari wrote setting sun in this memorandum as her sign. I’m not sure about this before but in Opening of anime Zoku , you will see Haruno standing alone at “setting sun” scene too, so I started to realize this memorandum is Haruno.

    ps. for I discover about setting sun is sign of Haruno, I discover more the one who should be in first memorandum. (If you want to know who I think, read in comment of first memorandum).

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