Volume 10, Chapter 9

However, Yukinoshita Haruno states as such.

I closed my unfinished book over my bookmark, tossed it aside on the table, and lifted my face. The sight of people enjoying their day off going back and forth was easily visible from the open café near Chiba Station.

Of all places, why an open café at the end of the month on a cloudy and freezing day? I put on my coat again and made a reproachful stare. At the end of my stare, the person I had been waiting for was walking my way with a waving hand. After a quick order of coffee at the register, that person took a seat in front of me.

“Sorry for the wait!”

The person I was meeting with was Yukinoshita Haruno and she spoke to me in the same happy mood she had when she suddenly called me last night.

I was usually one to ignore calls from unknown numbers, but after incessant calls, I gave in. I picked up thinking it might’ve been something urgent, but after just informing me of a meeting place and time, the line was cut and here I was. I tried calling back immediately to voice my refusal, but she didn’t even pick up…

“…Um, why do you know my number?”

“I got it from Hayato,” said Haruno-san, not showing an ounce of shyness with a wink ☆. Oh yeah, I gave my number to Hayama at some point, didn’t I? That bastard… He went and blabbered it to the one person who mustn’t be told the most…

But nothing could be done now that she knew. I made a firm oath in my heart to block all communication from her from this day onwards and decided to question her business for calling me out today. “Do you need something from me?”

Seemingly not fond of jumping into the heart of the matter, Haruno-san’s cheeks swelled indignantly and she gave me a squint. “We’re finally on a date, don’t be such a party-pooper. Your attitude’s soooo different from the time with Gahama-chan.”

“Da… No, that’s not what it was, at all, and neither is this.” I answered while in a fluster.

Haruno-san smiled with a composed appearance and pointed at herself. “Hikigaya-kun, are you not into beautiful onee-sans like me?”

“I don’t believe a thing can be done if you end up hating beauties who can say things like that about themselves.” I answered.

After Haruno-san nodded, she gave me an upward glance and poked back. “But you hate girls who pretend as if they’re not a lot more, right?”


Crap, she got me… Though truthfully, I felt those kinds of girls really were a little out there for me.

Well, if I were to be honest about it… I definitely preferred pretty onee-sans a lot more!

But concerning Yukinoshita Haruno, I had other sentiments that were much stronger.

This person frightens me. It’s not just because of her perfect mask, but that unrelenting inner face that she wouldn’t bother to hide once it’s been seen through. And lastly, her eyes which indicated that there’s something else hidden in her depths. That’s why I covertly averted my gaze and again, asked, “But really, since you went through the trouble of calling me out here, do you have some business with me?”

“Ah, right, right. I was thinking of checking your answer as I promised. Did you ask Yukino-chan what her career path is?”

“…For the most part, I know what it is, but it wouldn’t be very fair for me to say it.”

“Oh, what a dutiful lad. But I see. So if it’s Hikigaya-kun, she’ll properly tell you. Mmhmm… Yukino-chan trusts you quite a bit, doesn’t she?” said Haruno-san, smirking as though indicating how pleasant that was.

Having someone else consider it as such was oddly embarrassing. Since the conversation we had in the infirmary room came to mind at the same time, I found myself fanning my cheeks.

“…You can’t really call that trust, can you?”

“Oh, wow. So you do get it.”

My voice was taken away. Although I had intended a casual reply, the words Yukinoshita Haruno apathetically stated without a smile resounded against my eardrums.

After taking a sip of her coffee, Haruno-san traced the rim of the cup and looked at me with somber eyes.

“That’s right. That isn’t anything remotely like trust… It’s something much more horrible.” She smiled, only her lips appearing tender. But the quality of her cold voice made her appear as someone else entirely from earlier. “Nothing’s changed and that child thinks that’s fine. I mean, sure, that part is also what makes her adorable, but… I really don’t like that.”

Her beautiful, slender countenance twisted inhumanely. Although her eyes appeared to be gazing into me, who sat directly across from her, it’s as though she wasn’t actually perceiving someone like me at all. I wanted to pull her back to this side and I let out my voice with my thoughts in disarray.

“If it isn’t trust… what else could it be?”

“Who knows? But at the very least…” Haruno-san overtly shrugged her shoulders, making a smile for just an instant, and focused on me. “You can’t call it something genuine… Those were your words, right?”

I certainly did say those words. But still without a proper grasp of their meaning and significance, they were simply groundless words of what I believed in.

Something genuine. That’s to say, the truth, or perhaps sincerity. Just exactly which of them you could call genuine, I still had yet to understand.

“I wonder if genuine things really exist…” Haruno-san looked overhead at the winter sky with suspended thick clouds and muttered. Where was her question that was tinged with a faint ring of loneliness directed at?

Suddenly, I thought back. A certain individual said that it’s an enclosed happiness. A certain individual asked if I hadn’t noticed it. And lastly, the Yukinoshita Haruno before me had doubts, doubts as to whether truth or sincerity really existed.

I reached out to the book that was left on the table with my quivering hand and softly touched it.

The book had turned cold from being constantly exposed to the wind and I became hesitant in continuing it further and in knowing how it would end.


Third Memorandum Top Afterword

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  1. Notes:
    1. An ominous meeting with Haruno.
    2. Hachiman frightened of Haruno (though this should’ve been long obvious) and her two-faced nature (maybe even three!).
    3. Hachiman keeping Yukino’s career path as a well-guarded secret and getting embarassed from recalling the infirmary situation.
    4. What could be more horrible than trust? Reliance? Dependence? Could this perhaps be hinting at something Haruno had been pressured with in the past? Trust was a big theme in the memorandum as well as in the past couple chapters.
    5. Haruno having an apparent dislike of Yukino’s situation. Just what exactly is she aiming for?
    6. Questioning and asking if there truly are genuine things. I honestly don’t recall Hachiman ever saying that to her. Where did she hear those words from?
    7. The brief thoughts Hachiman has at the end.
    “The happiness of not being understood by others is an enclosed happiness.” – Hiratsuka-sensei, volume 9, chapter 9.
    “You haven’t noticed?” – Hayama
    Haruno’s entire existence.
    Who are we supposed to believe? Can we take Hayama and Haruno’s words for granted, or even Hachiman himself? What a toughie. Hachiman who had been with Yukino for 6 months while the other two had known her since the old days. Who has a better grasp of Yukino? Perhaps Hachiman, but how do we know if he’s not blindsided by his feelings (love or friendship, your call).

    Anyway, overall thoughts on the volume:
    1. It’s probably safe to say Yukino’s in love with Hachiman (possibly doesn’t realize it due to how awkward she is with relationships).
    2. Implications Hachiman has a thing for Yukino if monologues and his scenes with her are anything to go by.
    3. Yui and Isshiki not getting much done in this volume.
    4. A deep dive in Hayama’s character and his rivalry with Hachiman was great. I’m expecting more conflict between the two to come up. Family territory, here we go.
    5. It looks like we’re heading into full Yukino territory in the next volume given the ominous feeling in volume 10. Haruno’s still a mystery and if that’s her memorandum, I might have to raise a few eyebrows.
    6. Do genuine things really exist? I’m hoping Yukino’s the one who solves this question since Haruno and Hachiman don’t seem to know. There’s also Yukino accepting Hachiman’s request as well, so it’d be perfectly fitting if it turns out this way. At least, that’s my hope. It’d also be something that defines Yukino as her own person instead of always chasing after people’s shadows, doing something that Hachiman and Haruno couldn’t. I’m expecting Hachiman to fall pretty hard in the next volume too. Things don’t always go well as you’d like, after all.

    • It’d also be something that defines Yukino as her own person instead of always chasing after people’s shadows, doing something that Hachiman and Haruno couldn’t

      Most probably confront her family about her future.

    • Seeing your notice , i finally realize that it ‘s probably right , Yukino has’nt changed , she once again findsHachiman as someone to rely on , , that ‘s what make Hayama , Haruno so irritated about

    • There is the chance that Hayama told Haruno about “genuine things”, he may know about it thanks Iroha confess .

      Even so, Hayama didn’t get particularly upset and looked at me with eyes that looked stricken with melancholic grief.

      “…Did you know? About why Isshiki confessed to me?”

      “No, there’s no way I’d know that.”

      “I see…”

      The other posible culprit is Iroha

    • I would like it if Yukino herself told her that she “wants something genuine”; after all Harunon told Hikkio that they will meet to cross check answers (meaning, in theory Haruno already asked something from Yukino).

      Rather than Yukino telling her that Hikki is the source of “that feeling”, is more in character if Haruno managed to deduct it herself after having Yukinon mentioning it as her aspiration.

      That would also fit of why Haruno is slightly berating about the matter now, about not being thrust but more akin to an imitation (chasing the shadow) and it will go in league with Haruno’s labeling Yukinon of over dependent.

    • i also thought that you are cutting corners because chapters were really short —- sorry that i suspected you ………….. ^.^

      1. Implications Hachiman has a thing for Yukino if monologues and his scenes with her are anything to go by.

      and Totsuka. Hachiman obviously has a thing for Totsuka.

    • So even the Great Demon Lord doesnt even know if genuine things exist…

      Obviously it doesnt look like trust after all..Its more like personal feeling for Hachiman…

    • Actually I have been post this word below,but I wan’t someone to read this,because i pretty confident with my conclusion.

      I have different conclusion.There were 2 possibly plot,the bad and the good one.
      I think Yukinon really use 8man for her own sake,several factor that I have been thought is…
      1.Hayaman consider 8man as rival.Why Hayaton said that?Because Hayaton thought 8man is on the same level in point of view Harunon and Yukinon,that simply mean Hayaman and 8man is candidate that will support Yukinoshita family.And that’s why Hayaman choose Liberal Arts that same department with 8man so he could competing with 8man.
      2.As Harunon said,Yukinon just like her mother that used other people for her own sake(Including Haruno herself).
      3.And why Harunon keep giving clue of what Yukinon true nature?It was simply because,as she said “Was it because he had lost all his trust after trying them and he became unable to rely on them despite their obvious transparency that he thought he wanted to try again by being a part of them, that he wanted to try destroying them?”,she wan’t to destroy someone that like her mother,that’s right,it was Yukinon that tend to use 8man the same as her mother use Harunon.

      There is another possible plot,”Was it because he had lost all his trust after trying them and he became unable to rely on them despite their obvious transparency that he thought he wanted to try again by being a part of them, that he wanted to try destroying them?”.”He”,”Devil tyrant-san” is Yukinon and “them” is simply her mother and the transparency maybe “Justice, sincerity, and love”,yeshh…to put it simply,she tend to use 8man to “destroy” her own “Mother”.That’s why Harunon mention “Long ago, I felt I had a connection with the shepherd of the village”.Yeshh…it was connection between Harunon and her mother.
      Okay,the cloud slowly fade away~,I could see the patern,can’t wait for the final chapter muahaha~~…..

    • For addition,”He cannot trust people”,and that’s why Harunon actually quiet surprise when found out that Yukinon slowly open her heart,it was reflected by her word “Mmhmm… Yukino-chan trusts you quite a bit, doesn’t she”.

    • And “help me” someday that Yukinon said to 8man is reffering to “destroy them”,yes the destroying her mom.And sorry for my bad english,despite english is my secondary language I can’t really use them,but I could at least grasp when reading in english.

    • Hi,

      Sorry, but for your overall thoughts point 9, which request (Yukino accepting Hachiman’s request) were you talking about?
      The story is rather complex and too much reading in between the lines till i am starting to lose my information. 😛

      Not that good with those….

      Even so, still love the series! Thanks for translating!

    • Then,I have another conclusion,I think what the “adorable” that Harunon said mean “relying”.She has been used by her mother that make her not believing genuine that the old herself believe,that was reflected on her sentence “Long ago, I felt I had a connection with the shepherd of the village.Justice, sincerity, and love”.That’s why eventhough Yukinon really trust 8man,Harunon seems doubt it,because for her,genuine(trusting without some intention) is just delusion.

      Well it wasn’t something big actually.

      BTW,when you post your conclusion about the story it makes you more understand,try that if you lose information.

    • I don’t think i can conclude anything if I am not really sure what request Yukino accepted from hikigaya…. Only thing i can remember is the Iroha’
      s Festival Meeting, so depending if i missed anything, what i thought could totally go different ways….

      And plus whatever i thought of seems to only scratch the surface of what you people are commenting about.

      LOL.. anyway, i just realize I meant 8Excorsism’s overall thoughts point 6.

    • I think you must really try feynman technique,it was really simple,just try to post something about your conclusion.Not just help you understand the story until now but you would find it more helpful to understanding the next chapter.

      BTW what I reffering is when Yukinon and 8man in destinyland,she said“Help me someday, okay?”*.

      *vol.9 ch.8 part 1.

    • @Okashira: That’s very possible, though I would not call it chasing shadows. Just because someone had a great idea does not mean your interpretation is the same. I’m sure IF that’s the case, Yukino’s genuine would be quite different from Hachiman’s POV in the matter.

  2. I think she found out about Hachiman’s statement on something genuine when she was off screen with Iroha for a period of time. I recall Haruno calling Hachiman to wait after school as she came down to walk with him, he briefly saw Iroha who was distraught and closed the blinds without any interaction. So theres that.

    I didnt really get the vibe from Hayama that he was romantically interested with Yukino during their chat in chapter 8. If anything it kind of felt like Hayama was happy to see Yukino was developing something with Hachiman. I should go back and re-read that to make sure. But yah, I think Hayama just wanted to right the wrongs of the past with Yukino and cross that bridge.

    This volume does end with a pretty dark tone indicating that Vol 10 will have some heavy tones. Im pretty nervous about it, but I honestly want to see the progression with Yukino and Hachiman develop. I honestly hope there isnt any drama between the two, but more of a understanding in each individual between the two.

    I agree also with Yukino solving this issue, I think the genuine statement applies more heavily towards Yukino than Hachiman. They both have pretty bad backgrounds when it comes to their past and school, but I think Yukino was more affected by the social distancing than Hachiman. Perhaps her growing relationship with Hachiman is just a stepping stone towards having Yukino become more socially open with others.

    • I think the same for instance, I mean about the “genuine” word that Haruno stole from Hachiman. I can only think about Isshiki telling the awkward story between Hachiman and Yukino to Haruno.

      If not, where did she get it from?
      It would be a real mystery because I, too, can’t remember anything about Hachiman using “genuine” word while talking with Haruno, did we miss something? And by the way, why did he not react to this statement when she said “Those were your words, right?”
      He should have been embarrassed, no?

      Well, anyway there is so many questions which need to be answered, that we could say for sure (or not) that Oregairu isn’t going to end after one or two more volumes. At least, I hope we’ll get a lot more of them after the 10th one lol. Fans are so selfish tehee

  3. Haruno is as hard to read as ever. If she’s worried about Yukino (and I can’t think of any other reason she does all this BS) you’d think she’d harass Yuigahama instead of Hikigaya, who’s already seen through her…

    Anyway, it was a good volume, but I’m still confused about some characters’ motivations. The literary references to some books I haven’t read didn’t help. I imagine the anime will streamline things a bit, although Haruno’s motives and methods are a mess even back in Season 1.

    Here’s a thought: I always figured Hiratsuka-sensei was a grown-up Hikigaya, but what if it’s Haruno who’s using a Hikki-like methodology to get the desired results? Way back in Vol 6 she recognized Hikigaya’s methods, even as she was (seemingly) undermining the festival by encouraging Sagami’s irresponsibility. Working backwards from there, she’s not necessarily doing something she wants, but working at someone else’s behest (maybe her mom’s) to check up on Yukino and help her along? It seems half of what she does is actually undermining Yukino, though.

    • I don’t know about that. If she were interacting with Yui, it’d be in an attempt to use her as a tool. I could easily see her doing something like that, under normal circumstances, but I think at this point that Haruno realizes she has almost no idea what she’s doing. If she was confident in what’s best for Yukino, she’d make it clear to Hachiman what she thought he should do; as it is, she’s just giving him vague warnings. Basically, I think Haruno’s worried about Yukino, but doesn’t really know what to do about it.

      Also, I personally don’t think Hiratsuka or Haruno are like a grown-up Hachiman. They’re pretty unique; they’re just both insightful, and so understand Hachiman relatively well. And I think Haruno’s probably making herself the bad guy so Yukino doesn’t depend on her (though personally, I think she’s fucking up pretty badly).

  4. dear fellow fans what if yukino is using hachiman ?, may that is what haruna-san means that is not genuine .
    besides she does have a dark history..what if the final boss is yukino herself (cliche)
    and how does haruna knows this secret conversation of 3+1 “genuine”

    • Yukino’s “dark history” seems to be things that were done to her, not by her. Hayama seems to have been involved somehow, if only by not helping. But I’m willing to entertain this. The question would be, what is Yukino using Hikigaya for?

    • Nothing She does not gain anything in using him—– HIKKI is something special to Yukinon to some decree —– he’s the only man now that could make Yukinon fluster. I think the word “use” does not compliment this matters. Is someone to rely on an eligible description for it, no?

    • remember, this light novel name was my romantic comedy is “wrong” as i expected, well maybe yukino as the final boss who was only using hikigaya have a chance too, but it would be bad

    • you think after being used hikigaya will spare anyone —

      as he said “when it comes to losing i am strongest ” —-

      so hikigaya is a type of guy who will definitely not spare the one whosoever is using him whether it is haruno , hayato or hayama..

      hikigaya always think of others thats why he becomes weak —–

      from 1st chapter it is evident that his point of view is different from others and if dont think about yui or yukino then —- he can easily tackle anyone HIKIGAYA WAY ————–

    • Well Hikki had a TURNING POINT on his life now. He indeed changed his ways on solving things. He does not now use himself as a scapegoat now on the scale of things. Although it would be better if Yukinon and Yui talked about to him that he must avoid being selfless now like what happened on the Field Trip Ebina Hina Fake Confession Incident and it’s the sole reason they got angry at him because they now know the degree on how far Hikki can go as to save or help anyone. Quite dangerous in Hikki’s side, no? If this series ended on him dying on an accident because he saved someone’s life I’m gonna “Boku no Pico Ending was better than this”.

    • I kinda agree with you, Haruno may be another version of hikki with a facade she may even go an extra mile to destroy what she doesn’t like.
      1.she forced sagami to a bad state because she doesn’t like her character as she was failing in her duties as chairwoman and relying on yukino
      2.haruno craftily set-up double date and insulted orimoto,because she acted like a big shot with no character or morals constantly looking down on hikki
      3.she even saw through isskhi’s character and scared her in a different way

      in all the above cases she did it to teach individual a lesson not to destroy them

      haruno has high morals but harsh method just like hikki in many ways

      what is that one thing that she doesn’t like in yukino could that be the reasons as i mentioned in two cases above using,relying,looking down on others,not taking responsibilities?
      maybe you are wright yukino may not be genuine

      if so how will hachiman save her ?

    • I would just like to propose an idea about why Haruno and Hayam think Yukino may not yet be genuine: her façade. I don’t know if any of you have noticed, but Yukino still acts cold and overbearing every now and then. That, from what I’ve seen during those HachimanXYukinoshita date-like moments, is not the real Yukino. She is a lot softer, and I belive sweeter, in her tone; in addition to being bashful and shy in her demeanour. Howvever, since Hayama and Haruno knew Yukino from when she was a sweet, little girl, they know this side of her well, and believe Yukino is not being sincere or genuine at present. Fortunately, since Hachiman met Yukino only about half a year ago, he takes both sides to be the real yukinoshita. But I belive he is not wrong for accepting both, because, I remember, there was a question raised about genuineness that asked whether it meant being truthful, or sincere. Yukinoshita’s cute side is sincere, here cold side is truthful.

    • If I say that Genuine thing is the closed relationship he wants with others with the club with nothing being hidden from each other, am I wrong? Punch me cause both Yukinon and Yui is hiding a shared secret from Hachiman and it nags me what it is.

    • Plot Twist : Yukino is a boy, Totsuka is a girl and Hayama is in love with Zaimokuza Yoshiteru.

      Take a pick.

      The one fitting my name the most would be the first possible choise

      Reason being : “chest as flat as a wall”, didn’t throw tantrum when Hachiman saw her changing, didn’t mind stripping in UG clubroom.


    • The dark history of yukino might be the time when she used every sort of method just to expelled her two classmates that bullied her using chain messages.

  5. Hikigaya AND Haruno San completely made this volume . Hikigaya with Hayama has taken this volume to new level. There is no a single chapter that ends at happy note. Chapter 008 Title says everything .it was due and now there is i think there is nothing in heart of yukino against Hayama . this was really needed and Wataru delivered it . Chapter 009 Actually felt positive compared to few others chapters and those memorandums . Memorandum 3 is easiest to understand and more positive compared to the other 2 memorandums .

    I have to say the type of development Hayama gets from Volume 1 shine in this volume . Hayama with short scenes outshine any other character except Hikigaya and Haruno San .

    Surely Hikigaya Hachiman AND Haruno San and Hayama Hayato the Best characters of the series Now .

    Monster of Logic AND Monster of Reliance : ready to watch in Volume 011 . Whole Yukinoshita Surname Relays Haruno San
    Clan and its responsibilities . Society and its expectations . Loved Ones and their well wishes .
    I can Clearly related to Genuine here as i have come across this question many times too .

    Hikigaya AND Haruno San : Genuine : Yukinoshita Yukino
    well done wataru for developing it so logically well for Volume 011
    what Hikigaya and Haruno has yet to get yet to find but Yukinoshita Yukino may get in future >>>>> Genuine

    As for Volume 011 being making everyone worry >>>>> Japan and Korea having high suicide rates >>>>> pressure of society and study
    Komachi is already feeling unwell but fully Cheers Up and Optimistic and Positive again .
    something like this won’t happen >>>>> believe in Komachi . Suicide is kind of Cliche and Too Much of Drama .

    Yukino Using Hachiman >>>>> hmm , 1st few volumes indicate towards it a little bit but after Volume 9 this thing seems impossible
    well, service club indeed is using each other to fill their human relationship needs .

    Yuigahama Yui >>>>> Next Volume surely Yui Chan gonna have much more dialogues and Action Moments .

    If Yukinoshita Yukino Want to get Something Special then Yukino Chan need to take steps forward and cross lines .
    wait and time pass and nothing is left in your hands .
    so if next Volume is Yukinoshita family Volume then Volume 011 is the right time for Yukino Chan to Take Actions .

    Save The person : Is It Yukinoshita Haruno San >>>>> To know the answer Must Buy the volume 011 .

  6. First off, isn’t this one vol. 10? I’m seeing people above refer to the next one as 10, which had me confused for a bit. Maybe because Spyro said “the ominous feeling in vol 9” in note #5?

    I agree with those above that the likeliest source for leaking the “genuine” thing is Iroha during their off-screen time together; as far as we know, it wasn’t Hachiman, Yukino doesn’t like talking about anything with Haruno, and I doubt Yui would say anything about it either.

    I’m enjoying the Hayama and Hachiman rivalry as well; each seems to understand the other better than most, but they occupy such vastly different places that they probably won’t ever see eye-to-eye on many things. I think Hayama finds it refreshing that there is someone who can say that he hates him.

    Haruno is pretty scary, and very hard to read. Curious to see when more hints about her will be dropped, and whether there’s already enough for someone to piece together. Is she acting on her own, or is she an agent for the family? I guess we’ll know more if/when we get deeper into the Yukinoshita family affairs.

    • Yes, of course this is the volume 10 here, and the next one will be the 11th one =). Maybe Pika did make a slight mistake when he said “Vol 10 will have some heavy tones” but no need to be confused about the order lol.
      Anyway, I really hope we’ll get a lot of answers and development between each protagonist on the next volumes, just like you I really enjoy the “rivalry” between Hayato and Hachiman and I’d like to read more about Yukino’s past and family affairs too.

    • what rivalry surely hayama is not intrested in yukino , both hayama and hachiman not participating in anything on same ground ,what rivalry everyones talking about?

    • I never said anything about love rivals. Hayama can see that Hachiman has accomplished things that he couldn’t, because he is constrained by always being the “good guy”. From chapter 7:

      “I absolutely can’t stand it when I feel inferior to you. That’s why I want you to be my equal. That’s why I want to raise you up high, and that just might be it, all so I can accept the things I lose to you in.”

      He hopes for Hachiman to be on his level, his rival and worthy opponent, someone he shouldn’t be ashamed of losing to. As things stand, society places Hayama on a much higher level, so he feels all the more worse about being unable to accomplish what Hachiman has. There’s certainly a sense of a rivalry, even if they can’t openly show it because of their different positions in the hierarchy; a good rivalry only occurs between equals, after all.

    • if she’s an agent from yukinoshita family why give cold shoulder to yuighama and warns her to stay away from hikki that he belonged to yukino?
      or is she jelous of her little sister who can do anything without any facade or she found someone more reliable (hachiman) than any?
      or like mentioned above is yukino does have a dark history which is not reveealed?

  7. I’m not a native one so may anyone give me an explanation of what enclosed means here? Something along the lines of ‘my own, never noticed/understood by others happiness?

  8. New year Started in New Zealand and Australia . You all can celebrate it now . 2015 .

    Yeah Good Indication is Isshiki iroha Chan gave the Genuine Thing information to Yukinoshita Haruno Chan but Hikigaya is not amazed or thinking of this . Monster of Logic with Monster of Reliance and whatever we have seen in all earlier volumes show that

    Hikigaya AND Haruno Chan are quite similar and so it is natural that Haruno Chan also think of GENUINE and since Haruno Chan has great eyes which see through everything this is why even if Iroha Chan said something about Genuine it was already almost known that Hikigaya wishes for Something GENUINE .

    VOLATILE PAST : The way Hikigaya speak about the past events of school makes you feel quite upset and i Think Hikigaya has gone through more than Yukino Chan and the way Hayama has accepted everyone’s expectations and answered them and the way Hayama wants to solve the past events and the way Hayama shows the other side makes it Hayama going though More than Yukino Chan

    Becoming Distant from others actually secure Yukino Chan and this is what we have seen in all earlier volumes . being Intelligent and perfect raises your confidence and hides all of your problems but problems still exist and waiting for their time to rise and shine again .

    USE : At times you feel Haruno Chan is advocating Hikigaya so that problems of Yukino Chan and Hayama could be solved but at this point
    Haruno Chan feels lot of time has passed but the results aren’t sufficient to be happy .

    HIKIGAYA HACHIMAN : You can feel Storm is coming at Hikigaya Way . Be Ready for Tissues . LOVE is genuine but can you really believe in Love when you see world and humans and feelings through the eyes of logic ?

    MRS. YUKINOSHITA : That Modest and Humble Political smile . Those eyes That from the start Measure your Social Status and we all know
    Haruno Chan listen to Mrs. Yukinoshita . the way Mrs. Yukinoshita handle the affairs of business makes it clear that
    Mrs. Yukionshita is quite capable and even maybe better than Yukino Chan

    HIKIGAYA AND HAYAMA : Hayama is now free from Past but does that change things much ? Hayama still cares of Yukino Chan
    Also Hayama has chosen this path with free will but does that make Hayama happy ?
    Hayama is there for Hikigaya in Volume 011 and now Hikigaya has to face everyone Hayama to Yui Chan to Yukino Chan . Haruno Chan is watching everything happening around .

    Human Sociology is forte of WATARI WATARU and Watari has taken sociology to new level in this volume and yet most discussion is around shipping . sigh .

    Characters dialogues have decreased . Hikigaya Dialogues and monologues increased . Sociology dialogues often put after every short dialogue of characters . you have to respect Watari Wataru attempt to educate you of Human World and to become a more considerate person and to acknowledge the feelings of other fellow humans

    • Um, I would just like to know, is it natural to think so positively about every character in the series?
      These are my thoughts:
      Dickheads- Hayama, Haruno, (Smug bastards) ,Sagami, Hachiman’s X-girlfriend, and totsukaXhachiman fan-base (faggets all of them)
      Average- Hiratsuka, iroha, miura, ebina, tobe and all other minor characters I don’t care about
      Awsome- Hachiman, Komachi,Yukinoshita, Zaimokuza, Hachiman’s Dad (don’t know him, but he sounds cool), Totsuka

      You know, even if I may lack sympathy, this is just a light novel, and if the characters don’t live up to my ideals, they’re on my hate list.

    • You don’t have to like every character. It’s when you start making baseless claims and try to denounce a character for no reason that’s the problem.

      I for one hate it when people generalize a character just because they exhibit x trait. For this series in particular, at least.

  9. Hachiman, you gotta help ’em all !!

    Jokes aside, I believe volume 10 can be considered as the prologue for this “last arc”. What a way to start it!
    Maybe Hachiman will open Haruno’s heart in the process… After all he likes the onee-san type, right?

  10. I cannot see an happy ending happening. Probably will have a bitter taste at the end, but I really hope Hachiman will find that something genuine… But what could it be ?

    • Unfortunelly I have to agreed with you… Especially after read this Afterword of Wataru. And overall, bitter ends are a part of japanese novelist culture… If the story don’t make you cry, it’s not considered good enough (lol).

    • I just can’t believe that we’re approaching the end of this story… After reading the afterword I kind of felt depressed XD, but well everything has an end. Even so, please Watari Wataru-sensei make Oregairu a little bit longer (more than 12 volumes in total would be supaa guretto)

    • Yep. This volume definitely gave a vibe of a looming sad ending. Hikki may have to use his vile methods on yukino to finally free or save her from whatever it is is plaguing her so much! As for haruno, the more I read her convo’s the more my head hurts. This girl really is a mystery! Overall this volume was the most thought provoking from the entire series, the memos were a brilliant touch and for a moment there I forgot this was supposed to be some kinda romantic novel…feels more like a light psychological thriller!!!

    • not only japan through out the world sad ending love stories or considered literatural example.romeo X Juliet , even today’s titanic’s tragedy endings

  11. I’m not sure that the main issue about Yukino is the “rellying” mania… Quite the opposite, Yukino has a lot of difficult to trust and relies stuff to the others. To understand that you have to look to all the trouble that Yuigahama passed to be counted as a friend by Yukino. And considering this, there’s a good possibility that Haruno (and also Hayama) is who are really guilty to be an unreliable person towards Yukino. After all, both of them have this “family arassment” circunstance (sorry, i don’t know if “arassment” is the best word to apply – my english is very limited).

  12. why is every one talking like someone died.the story is just hanging in middle with a thrill for the next volume
    there is a possibility all ends well besides hikigaya always finds away to solve problems

    • Their just sad perhaps this Chapter was pretty short to suit their content. Anyways, I am with you when you said that:

      There is a possibility all ends well besides hikigaya always finds away to solve problems.

      Hikki really does things you think he can’t do like what he did in the Student Council Elections, we saw his managerial skills and probably see more of his Humanitarian skills in the future. And more on the “Girls-Make-Their-Move-On-Him” kinda scenes. He really reminds me of Shiba Tatsuya from Mahouka Koukku no Rettosei LN series on how they do the dirty-job on things, the only difference is that he has no powers, lack of physical physique and have emotions (mainly on the negative emotion side though). But the main point on their personality is their love for their IMOUTO.. erm..I mean little sister. 🙂

  13. Well, the last three parts of the volume were definitely confusing and ominous. Some thoughts:

    1)So the evidence seems to point towards the fact that the memorandums were actually Haruno, but that gives me more cause for thought because it clearly shifts what I thought was going on in a different direction. At the beginning of this chapter I thought that Hayama was the one who was the most similar to Hikki. However, after the third Memorandum and this last chapter I realized that the one who is most similar to Hikki is Haruno.

    2)Hikki keeps asking the question of why Haruno keeps looking for him. During the previous volumes I got the impression that the reason for this was that she was looking to meddle in her sister’s life. But, this volume infers that her interest in Hikki is personal. She infers in the last chapter (to Hikki) that she believes that the friendship Yukino is delveloping with Hikki is not genuine. She also infers that Yukino telling Hikki about her career choice is not a sign of trust but of something else (dependence??). But, what I want to understand is her motives. Could she have motives that even she doesn’t fully understand?

    3)Both Hayama and Haruno seem to believe that they understand Yukino’s motivations better than HIkki. But do they really? Hikki himself doesn’t understand what he is actually looking for when he says that he wants something genuine and he isn’t actively trying to understand Yukino. He is actually just trying to let it develop on its own.

    4)I definitely get the impression that Haruno is going to try to instigate something to try and destroy whatever it is she thinks that Hikki and Yukino have with each other. I hope I am wrong.

    • We are thinking almost in the same lines, but i will go a bit further… I think that Haruno wants to know Yukino career choice to tell Hayama. He will for sure take the opposite. This will give Hayama the complement that the Yukinoshita mother wants. Yes… No matter how much Yukino are taking lightly these “family obligations”, I don’t think that Hayama and Haruno could be put on the same boat. Since that Hachiman already noticed the “changing” in Hayama, looks like he’s well aware of Haruno intentions too.

    • Well about (1) I’m not quite sure if all the memorandums are from the same person. I got the impression that at least the second it’s Hayama’s.

    • But I’m not denying that makes sense that all the memorandous are from Haruno.

      “Possibly, it’s no one’s monologue”: a obvious pun on the book “No Longer Human” but also, I think, that there isn’t no information about the author of the monologue.

      “Or, it can be anyone’s monologue”: we have more information about the personality of the author and his/her traits. We can easely put Haruno or Hayama here as the possibles authors.

      “If so, just whose monologue was it?”: this one reeks of Haruno to me more than Hayma.

      So to me there are too possibilities:
      (1) The author of all the monologues is Haruno.
      (2) Each monologue has its own author. In that case my bets are #1= Hikki; #2 = Hayama; #3 = Haruno.

  14. if wataru watari is the man that i expect him to be then i think i can see the ending of this one and i think it wont end well

  15. I reliance a bad thing?
    Is yukino using or leading on 8man?
    Don’t Haruno’s and Hayama’s views clash, Hayama indicates change while Haruno indicates yukino hasn’t change from being a kid?
    I’m scared whats going to happen, is yukino not the OTP we think she is. Is she disingenuous, I hope not. Damn Watari for mind and cat and mouse games. Could yui have told haruno about the ‘genuine’ thing after being made jealous after over hearing infirmary thing (although i most likley believe iroha told haruno). Thanks Spyro for translating, hope to see 6.5 translated.

    • Using/leading is a bit too harsh. Yukino isn’t the type of person to do that. Reliance isn’t always a bad thing, but you know what they say about excess of anything is bad for you.

    • Was that Haruno’s leading point (the reliance thing) about why 8man should be careful with yukino?

    • Here is my though yukino is totally relying on hikki ,from the first request till now both yui&hikki tried their best, but yukino only followed their shadow as a club member

      we cannot see much of her contribution in any request but general analysis (not any result yielding method)

      In volume 5 while gazing the stars she state that she wanted to help rumi tsurumi and that she is glad hikki was there with her as he was not planing on showing up till the last moment,when hikki asked her why,she again gazed the star and said goodnight the reason maybe she doesn’t know what to do

      When they were discussing how to solve the problem even yumiko&ebina gave their opinion but she didn’t.she only blame hayama for not helping her in the past

      girl relying on a man is always cute.but relying alone is horrible. This is what haruno says to hachiman ,this is defenitely not genuine (don’t get me wrong )

      once hayama couldn’t protect her ,she just gave-up on her childhood friend ,Won’t she give-up on hachiman once he fails.

    • Well i guess there are a lot of alternating view points in the comment section. But what should i understand in clear words were Haruno’s meaning and intent?

    • It’s not something you are meant to understand clearly at the moment. It’s just foreshadowing for events to come that we know nothing about and no one here have the answer.

  16. haruna scary
    1. she threaten hachiman that if she makes yukino cry she will never forgive him(yukinoXhikki first date)
    2.she glared and again threatens yuighama to stay away from hikki and that he belongs to yukino
    3.she set-up sagami in worst stage and made yukino face hardships and congrtulated hikki when he saved them both
    4. there is a possibility that she purposely set-up double date and ruining everything in the final,even provoking yukino to be president
    hayama clearly state that if she doesn’t like something she will go an extra mile to destroy it
    now she finally shown her true color to hachiman

  17. There is a key piece of information that we are clearly lacking. This is obvious because Hachiman’s hasn’t figured it all out either.

    I don’t get Haruno’s motivations at all, but I will speculate on it. She is most likely resentful of her situation, the obligations and responsibilities that come with it. But what does that have to do specifically about Yukino? Does she resent her sister’s freedom to choose her own life (even this is in question)? Did Yukino come to rely on her too much (particularly the mysterious incident that the three has been alluding to)? Is she doing this to force Yukino to reject the road that she herself was forced to take?

    The major theme of this volume seems to be choices (lack of, really). Haruno is oddly suspicious with her interest in Yukino. It makes me think that her coldness towards her sister is mostly an act to goad her in a certain direction. If we take the memorandum as Haruno (which this chapter pretty much confirms), she states that she herself is reliant on someone/something. She hates that the most, and who does she always attack for pretty much being the same way? It’s always Yukino.

    Hayama stands out in this chapter because he admits that he has no choices in the matter. Hayama and Yukino’s conversation is probably the most genuine one they have had. Yukino and Miura’s conversation as well. It pleases me very much.

    I suspect the genuine issue is that she is always so lonely. Being who she is, she has never found genuine companionship. People around her always has expectations and also see her with rose colored glasses, which in turn has created an image of her that is disconnected with who she genuinely is.

    I wonder if the person who really needs to be saved is Haruno and not Yukino. The Shepard? Haruno. Evil tyrant king is probably her mother.

    • Actually I just read the synopsis of “Run, Melos!” I still think the Shepard is Haruno, but she has been burned by those virtues that the Shepard had. Leading her to then sympathize with the Evil tyrant king. She ask if the King too had wanted to try to be like the Shepard and his friend once again. Lots to think about.

    • Really interesting opinion. I highly commend what you said that Haruno who really needs to be saved and being the shepherd. But On the Third Memorandum I highly speculate the Monster of Reliance being Haruno and the whispers of the devil she stated pertains to Yukino relying on her. It must be what she was saying on that memorandum (if it’s hers) and in this chapter that the one thing more horrible than TRUST itself is RELIANCE. Must be it. She was relied by her sister Yukinon in the past and thus to be a reliable person and to gain that expectation she needs to have characteristics she did not have to begin with.

      Lending my ears to those words that I thought to be the sweet whispers of a devil brought my gradual transformation into a monster of reliance.

      It’s when you came to realize your own evil that you become desperate to suppress it. In masking it away, others saw it as the truth, and eventually, it became something natural to you that it turned into the truth itself.

      I was thrown into an endless loop of doubt as to whether if that’s really all. I could no longer make the distinction on my own.

      It must be the masked personality Hachiman is talkin’ about. And that’s why she is interested in Hachiman ’cause she sees true her identity and that is what she longs as what is said in the Third Memorandum (if it’s hers).

      I am just on the doubt now if who is the Evil Tyrant King being talked about in the Third Memorandum (if it’s hers), was it Hachiman he does have a dark-ambiguous type of aura if you know what I mean. Her mother also gives a presence of being a Tyrant also. Such unanswered questions to be longed with. Well thanks anyways for that speculation, it did brighten some parts of my doubts but I need to read some of the Volumes and Chapters again to have a better grasp on things.

  18. Haruno is absolutely terrifying. Like everyone, I assume that she only has her sister’s best interests at heart, but her methods (much like Hikki’s ironically) might not always offer the best solution.

    This next arc might well dial the drama up to unseen levels in Oregairu.

  19. I feel as if the memorandums are ambiguous. Each one individually or all together explains attributes of some of the characters (specifically Hikigaya, Hayama, and Haruno). That’s why the owner name of the memorandum(s) is not given.
    I will say though that personally, I feel it’s Hikigaya’s, just because of how similar I am to him (I feel very empathetic and sympathetic towards Hikigaya).

  20. I had expectations, that’s why I hoped for something that couldn’t be grasped by gaining it, but by means of being built with the hands that wouldn’t shake under the pressure of myself..that’s why…like that, I could carry them with me too…to not let them behind..for achieving what we wanted…so she and him wouldn’t be uneasy, knowing that they would be ok, like us…that’s why.

  21. Happy New Year to every one..

    This chapter left me with an ominous feeling and people are commenting about the chances that Yukinoshita may be leading Hikigaya. But I think Hikigaya is quite sensitive to human malice intention. He was able to see behind Haruno’s facade & Sagami’s smile. If she was planning something like that, won’t he be able to see through Yukinoshita (spent half a year with her). Furthermore in Vol 3 Chapter 4 he said that he was never swindled and would never be deceived in the near future.

  22. what if yukino is reliance, it is not haruno’s problem. that is to be dealt between hikki and yukino. besides i don’t think any thing was forced onto hikki.
    he did everything on his own will many times .In ebina case he did things without even telling yukino causing problem and distance between them
    she even critics his methods and gave him cold shoulders till he opened up to her in Christmas joint event

    haruno may be thinking something else in mind
    if haruno is scary like this i can’t begin to imagine her mother the BIG BOSS waithing for next volumw

  23. Pretty sure something hard will fall onto Hachiman on the next part of the story. They are diving too deep now the past of our main heroine Yukinon now sadly a deep dive to Hachiman’s past is a long way to go. But I strongly insist that Yukinon truly have romantic feelings towards Hachiman the same us Yui on the level of love-at-true-sight (the scene of our HERO Batman..erm..I mean Hachiman saving a poor dog even if he sacrificed himself on that situation) but on Yukinon’s side it’s highly suppressed to the point that she is not even be aware herself. Also we indeed find out that it’s not TRUST that Yukinon has on Hachiman. So what is it? Like the translator of this series said:

    What could be more horrible than trust? Reliance? Dependence? Could this perhaps be hinting at something Haruno had been pressured with in the past? Trust was a big theme in the memorandum as well as in the past couple chapters.

    Well that is indeed a big question is TRUST that really a horrible thing as Haruno stated in this Chapter? I remember someone commenting:

    Great Minds Think Alike . Rather than identifying it with 1 character or the other it is best to identify it with 2 or more characters since all have gone though a lot in their life and trying to Move Forward.

    If my speculations are on the right track it COULD imply that Yukinon sees herself in Hachiman both having the same tempo of thoughts although different direction on how they approach things like what a mirror does, a reflection of oneself but faces different direction. I also speculate that from the way this Light Novel series is going it’s like Hachiman now is the one being followed or should I say the GOAL but each character pursuing him have different motives that I know many of the readers are fond of how it’s happening for example, Isshiki Iroha, you’ll always read her with lines like Senpai but she mainly states it to Hachiman as for she admires him both his intelligence and point of view to the extent she even makes excuses just to have her by her side, as for his physical appearance will know that soon enough 🙂 . And the mysterious Hayama Hayato, we just found out that he sees Hikigaya Hachiman as a rival. Must be because of their SUPERMAN and BATMAN heritage (well that’s made-up but still funny, though 🙂 ). He said that he does not want to lose to Hachiman and will try his best to catch-up. Both of these persons see Hachiman as a certain GOAL with them having different motives for it: Isshiki wanting him (ahem) and Hayama beating him ( Hayama X Hachiman Fan girls out there, dreams crushed YEAH). Well for the other characters in the story connected to Hachiman and how they see him for a GOAL I’ll leave that for your own speculations guys.. erm.. girls, too 🙂 .


  24. i’m curios how hachiman “slay” yukinoshita’s mother in later volume, she is the scariest human in yukinoshita family, pushing her expectation on other

  25. “I wonder if genuine things really exist…” Haruno-san looked overhead at the winter sky with suspended thick clouds and muttered. Where was her question that was tinged with a faint ring of loneliness directed at?

    Suddenly, I thought back. A certain individual said that it’s an enclosed happiness. A certain individual asked if I hadn’t noticed it. And from the very start, Yukinoshita Haruno in front of me was someone I had doubted entirely, that whether there was any truth or sincerity to her.

    I think Hikigaya starts to get an inkling of the true Haruno and experience a sick and cold feeling.

    • Oh well maybe Hayama needs his happiness to be enclosed so that it doesn’t get marred by the public or by people who amuses themselves by meddling in other people’s lives like Haruno. I have a feeling that Haruno is really the bad guy who is trying to destroy Yukino, therefore destroying her relationships the way 8man destroyed Rumi’s. She thinks of 8man as her probable ally since she knew of his methods. What Haruno does not know is that her and Hachiman may have the same methods, but their ends are very different. Hachiman will save Yukino from Haruno and her family. Hayama’s motive is still vague since he was always complacent. He may share Yukino’s ideals but did not have the courage to fight for said ideals, Hayama is a key character in finally destroying or saving Yukino, he is a tool and Hachiman will be the brain.

  26. It depends on how yukinon will deliver the “genuine thing ” to haruno and hikki j incoming vol 11just a speculation haha.

    • True… But I’m more curious about the reasoning of Haruno wanting to know Yukino career… Hayama asking? Mother asking? Really helping Yukino? Or maybe does she wants Yukino to substitute her position to be free herself from family obligations (selfish reasons)?

    • Yes, I was thinking about this Galvez… But maybe this secret turns out to be that both confessed each other they like Hikigaya and solved to act slowly and fairly towards him.

    • Boom. Nailed it. ( ง͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)ง Nice Dude Simone. IRight in the kokoro ❤ . I loved it when I thought they have confessed to each other that they like Hachi-mah-boy and solved to act slowly and fairly towards him. But I loved it even more when someone also thought of it. And the remaining is whom he'll end up? (^o^)/

  27. i think i could see the ending
    haruno has her own way of solving problem example cultural committee teaching sagami, double date teaching orimotto
    hayama has his own way of solving problem example marathon race of crushing the rumors , other attempts failed like chiba village etc
    hikigaya has his own way of solving problem example the full series
    but what about yukino? she never solved anything on her own so far just relying or following others lead. maybe even in elementary school she was just relying on hayama when he couldn’t solve bullying problem she fed-up with him without trying anything on her own

    maybe haruno was trying to see how yukino handle her problem on her own by coming and invoking new problems in cultural committee

    how can yukino prove herself ?


    simple the first request is still not done ,don’t think about yui’s but sensei’s request(episode 1 or volume 1) change hikigaya’s rotten eyes and personality. simple hikigaya have to lose the bet and change his personality does yukino wins.does she did it on her own without relying or following any one’s shadow, that is only she alone can do .
    think about it the first request was given only to yukino not to any other member,even if hikigaya changes his way on his own ,it will be credited only to yukino because it will be only considered as her influence.

    I beginning to think that yukino started the club to prove herself

    she herself said in Disneyland that she want to find something that hikigaya and haruno has’nt ,so she can save something. the only thing they have in common is seeing the hidden and true nature of people and do what necessary to solve their problem . probably the saving part suggest hikigaya(because she said something girly) ,he is out of normal person’s track,don’t want girl friends or friends ,not trusting anyone, no scope for future, don’t want to work , want to be house husband ,not speaking to anyone,acting gross and disgusting in class and club ,rotten eyes to rotten heart etc.and mostly refuse to change

    then she can fulfill and give hikigaya’s personal request that will not be more horrible than trust

    For the record i am an hachimanXyukino shipper

    • But I really have to tell you mate… If you are right about Yukino be fully responsable by Hikkigaya change, than is hardly believable that we can call this “genuine” in a love conception. In this case, Yuigahama will be the only one with true feelings toward Hikkigaya (no matter if he changes or not). So… Maybe this changing is something spotted only by the people who feel the need to adjust anyone intto a certain innercircle (Yukino, Haruno and Hayama – family conception). In my opinion, since the beginning, it was a bit dim for Yukino to put the “change” condition in the first place. I mean… Do love really exists under conditions??? Do you love one person by what he was (including his deffects). or by what he can turns out to be? I think in this aspect, Yuigahama is light-years ahead Yukino.

    • Yukino wasn’t forcing Hikki to change she was just stating Hikki needs to change. I think the reason why Yukino put the “change” condition in the beginning is because she thinks Hikki needs to chance in order to be accepted by the society. I believe she was also forcing herself to change until school festival arc (in order to become like Haruna). But, watching Hikki’s way of solving problems while staying true to his nature (unlike Hayama) probably caused Yukino to change her mind. Hikki is the only person in the book who clearly objects when something is wrong (workload in the festival and the Tamawana issue in vol.9). It seems like in the recent volumes she is learning to accept herself. I think her initial personality was similar to Hikki’s. Her personality combined with the jealousy over Hayama caused her to be hated by most likely girls during her earlier school years.

      Somewhere in vol 9 Hikki briefly hints what “genuine” is. I think he wants to have a “genuine” relationship with someone who is not pressured by the society. He doesn’t want someone fake (like Hayama) or someone who would stay silent during a problem, because he/she is scared of being shunned, criticised or hated by the community. Hep pretty much doesn’t want someone who values her standing in the society more than their beliefs/personality (like Hayama). That is the reason why Hikki won’t end up with Yui. Even though Yui has a genuine personality, she prefers staying quiet to prevent conflicts that may end up in ruining the mood. I think vol 9 is particularly important, because we see Yukino is slowly becoming the person who Hikki wants/desires.

      Also we need to keep in mind that Hikki also wants to change. So Yukino and Hikki helping each other and developing mutual love perfectly makes sense.

    • Keep in mind that their positions are essentially reversed now. As opposed to Hachiman wanting to stay the same versus Yukino wanting to change at the beginning, it’s pretty much the other way around now.

      I don’t think it’s so much that she’s changing to what fits his needs, but her continuing to be who she is as he stated in volume 6. That’s not to say she’s not changing since she definitely is. Instead of trying to be someone she isn’t (ie. Haruno), she should just be straightforward, frank, bullheaded, but awkward like she always is. After all, being someone she isn’t would go against his definition of something “genuine”. Her abrasiveness at the beginning (though more toned down now that they’re a lot closer) including their banter are things he likes, even if he doesn’t state it explicitly.

    • Yes you’re right… Does make sense. But my presumption above took the basis of Anonymous comment. Like… If Yukino first conquer turned to be Hikkigaya changing. Got it? In this case we can’t call this real love. (That was my point there).

      In other hand I’m not that sure about this flexibility of Yukino (that you montioned). I mean… Yes she’s getting better in accepting stuffs, but I really doubt that she’s already accepting the actual Hikkigaya. I’m talking about this “family stuff” attached to hyper-competence of his members. Perhaps is this what is intriguing Haruno so much. Afterall Hikkigaya is far away for a standard student witch qualities anyone could relies on. Naturally, I’m now talking on Haruno perspective (suppost Yukino reliance – wich I don’t believe neither for a second).

    • Maybe you should stop assuming things until we get a closer look into her feelings. Besides, it’s your prerogative to call it not real love, but some others can consider it as such as well. And you also need to consider that Haruno isn’t someone you should take at face value. There’s a reason why trust and sincerity are prevalent themes in this volume. Though honestly, I have no clue what you’re saying about conquering or whatever.

    • I’m not assuming…. I’m just wondering (LOL!) And about the “real love”, I was just trying to put the “genuine” conception (wich the author still not elaborated) on the stage. (Again… Wondering). And when I motioned “conquering”, it was a allusion to what Anonymous said about Yukino first time that she will solve a problem by herself would be the Hikkigaya changing.

      Anyway… This LN have ambiguous conceptions since the beginning. We can’t do much more than wondering…

    • Yes, you are right. Yukino too spoke when hikigaya was criticising tamanawa. This shows that yukino is trying her bestto be hersel

    • YUI indeed the best girl. But YUKINON is probably the girl scoring the highest points for HACHI-mah-boy. From how he depicts her in his minds on a lot of scenes in the series, he really admires her from her elegance to her bluntness to him. If YUI is a wonderful flower on the field then YUKINON is a beautiful flower he does not watch to touch but only admired and glanced from a distance. Well we can’t be sad over that YUI-believers… we might find their befitting relationship in DOUJINSHIS someday. JAPAN will find a WAY.

    • you’re right, on his mind are 50% his musings 50% yukino. it pains me to say this,cause i do like yui, but hmm yui doesnt pop in his mind as frequent as yukino

    • I probably should bring up the Run, Melos! (Hashiri, Melos!) short story of Dazai. Their hardships are the same on the characters there. The only thing missing is who’s character in Oregeiru fits who in the Run, Melos! short story as the ending of that story could be a turning point on the last arc of this series.

      “Executioner! It is I! I am the one to be put to death. I am Melos. Melos, who left this man as surety, is standing before you!” Struggling to make his hoarse voice heard, Melos climbed upon the platform that supported the cross and flung his arms around the legs of his friend.

      A stir ran through the crowd. From all sides rose cries of “Praise be!” and “Free him!” Selinuntius was lowered to the platform and released from his bonds.

      “Selinuntius,” said Melos, his eyes brimming with tears. “Hit me. Strike me as hard as you can. For one moment, on my way here, a bad dream overcame me. If you won’t strike me, I haven’t the right to embrace you. Hit me, Selinuntius!”

      Selinuntius seemed to understand. He nodded, and dealt Melos’s right cheek such a blow that the sound of it echoed over the execution ground. Then he smiled gently.

      “Melos,” he said. “Hit me. Strike me as hard and as resoundingly as I’ve just struck you. Once during the past three days, I doubted you. Just once, but for the first time in my life. If you won’t strike me, I cannot embrace you.”

      Melos’s hand flew through the air and crashed against Selinuntius’s cheek.

      “Thank you, my friend!” Melos and Selinuntius spoke the words as one, embraced tightly, and sobbed aloud with joy.

      From the crowd, too, came sobs. The tyrant Dionysius, perched on his seat behind the crowd, stared intently at the two friends for some time. Then he walked quietly to where they stood. His face flushed as he spoke.

      “Your wish has been fulfilled. You have subdued my heart. Trust between men is not just an empty illusion. I, too, would be your friend. Say you will let the league of love be three.”

      Cheers and shouts of “Long live the king!” arose from the crowd. And out of the cheering throng, a young maiden stepped forward bearing a red cloak. When she held the cloak out to Melos, he could only look at it in bewilderment. His friend, true Selinuntius, was quick to explain.

      “Look at you, Melos – your clothes are gone. Put on the cloak. This pretty maiden can’t bear to have everyone see you that way.”

      A scarlet blush mantled the hero’s cheek.

      Let the MY YOUTH was FRIENDZONED as EXPECTED title Rawr!!!! ( ͠° ͟ʖ ͡°)ง
      Oh wait there’s still YUI, ISSHIKI and SASAKI. OK false alarm people, false alarm. ( ง͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)ง

    • From the start they’re really meant for one another. The two are just very oblivious to their blatant feelings to one another well at least there’s Yui to add that needed flavor for the shipping to strengthen and avoid more of the awkward moments by those two eccentric persons.
      Yep definitely YUI best girl for me. But Hikki ❤ Yukinon is the OTP (One True Pairing).

    • Gist:
      1st request: Shizuka sensei to Yukino, save Hachiman
      2nd request: Shizuka sensei to Hachiman, save Yukino
      3rd request: Yukino to Hachiman, help me i.e save Yukino
      4th request: Hachiman to Yukino (w/ Yui on the side), something genuine i.e save Hachiman
      As Hachiman said to himself before: I am the biggest liar of all.
      As Hachiman also assumed of Yukino: She never lies, that was why he was disappointed with Yukino denying that she initially knew him. He was fascinated by her truthfulness and realized that it was only his presumption because Yukino was not kind.
      Hachiman was easily deceived by kindness in the past, thinking that it was more, that was why he confessed to Kaori before. His naivete made him vulnerable. Vulnerable in a sense that it masked the truth from him. He expected that since Yukino was not kind to him, that she may have been real with him. So looking at the salient characters like kindess or rudeness is just face value, he realized that both were still lying. That was why he wanted something genuine. Being rude or kind does not matter anymore, only truth matters, only knowing, only understanding the other person wholy and mercilessly matters. That is why he made the first step in knowing Yukino, by asking her personal college choice. Yukino made that step by trusting Hachiman for help. Yukino is not really helpless, she can do a lot of things on her own, if people like Haruno does not add in salt to the injury, Yukino would not need help. But Yukino’s family is ruthless to the point that Hayama chose to repose instead of helping Yukino withstand their pressure. I do not think that Yukino gave up on anything, it was probably the other way around. Haruno and Hayama gave up on that ideal. What’s curious about Yukino’s character is that she represents ideals manifested as a person: dignity, courage, beauty, honesty and integrity. Once you gave up in those ideals, you give up on Yukino. Therefore, it was Haruno and Hayama who gave up on Yukino. That is why Hqruno.trying to meddle is either a follow through to make sure that Yukino does not obtain allies or some sort of repentance for giving up on her sister. But knowing Haruno’s proud resilience-since it is always more difficult to apologize when you’re in the wrong-it is likely the former that’s Haruno’s motive.

      *Also, I do not believe that Yukino lied to Hachiman when she said she really did not know him. She really did not, in the real sense of knowing. Considering the depth of her character, when she says that she knows: it just means she knows you genuinely. In explanation to Yukino’s question when Hachiman said he wanted something genuine: What do you mean when you said ‘genuine’? It was because she has been genuine all along, what else did Hachiman need? When Yukino has been truthful and really never lied to him. What was it that he wants from her, from life? – That is the big riddle.

  28. Why is he scared of her?

    I understand that she’s manipulative and very cold, but she’s essentially harmless.

    All she does is set things up. She doesn’t threaten anything.

    • like hayama said if she likes something she will meddle with it till it dies, yukino herself said it in roller coaster scene,the reason she feared it is her sister’s meddlesome

  29. i though of posting it in yukino birthday poster but it will be rude,excorsism i think yukino is putting a facde ,do you agree?
    she must have been sweet innocent girl in middle school unintentionally attracting all boys and hiding behind hayama which caused every girl to be jealous of her ,hayama may not able to help her because he cannot step down from his status

    the reason i believe yukino has facade of cold and harsh personality
    1.In the case of conflict between mizura and yui ,when ever there was slobbering sound ,she tries to look inside the room of being considerate of yui ,watching this hikigaya thinks to himself that yukino is not true to herself
    2.when ever she sees a cat she shows her girly side in the case of kawasaki, during yui’s birthday present purchase,even in yui’s birthday party in karayoke when the speech of hikigay’s cat arises
    3.in rumi case ,when they were about to intiate their plan, after hearing some sound in the bushes ,yukino quickly held to hikigaya’s blazer suprising both of themself
    4.In date (hikigaya X yukino) she showed her girly side when she saw the stuffed panda toy and at the end of their date she said ““Today was fun. See you later.”
    5.she was so upset with hikigaya’s doing in field trip refuse to see him
    6. she cried for the first time when he requeted for something genuine , a true girly side
    7. she brought him a present but pretend as nothing but a replacement
    8. even in the infirmary scene it is mentioned that she smiled like a girl looking forward to field trip

    • For one thing, her cold personality probably formed before she got into middle school. Both her sincerity and sweet moments along with her cold personality aren’t facades. They’re a part of her. But the cold personality trumps over the former due to having gone through a lot of bullying in elementary and middle school. Now that she has two friends she can rely on, she can actually loosen up without having to worry about other people screwing her over.

      Of all the characters in this series, Yukino is the most straightforward and frank when it comes to her personality. She’s not her older sister.

    • if she is true to herself, why does she want hikigaya to change his character to blend in with society?

    • I don’t see how that’s related.

      And that was at the beginning. By volume 6, she probably doesn’t really want him to change all that much aside from the whole self-sacrifice stuff and some other things. She probably likes him as he is now.

    • Exactly what I think, Anonymous… I was talking about this with Exorcism over there. Do you think possible that this “society blending” could be, in Yukino head, could turn Hikkigaya acceptable for her family view? (Specially to her mother)

    • I’m talking about the proper Yukino’s conception of acceptability. Let’s face it… She’s not that reliable in social understanding. Her parameters can be really different from normal.

    • So she can show him to her parentsc (like Simone said), then marry him and start a family with a lot of babies of course. one can dream
      A non-HikkiXYukino ending is unacceptable at this point.

    • Is it really needed if we talk about their (Yukinon ❤ Hachiman) marriage now or showing that "THING" (hehe) to Yukinon's parents? The Story title indeed says My Youth Romantic Comedy is Wrong as expected? I see a comedic ending in this. Well it'll really a smack in the face if a plot twist occurred that TOTSUKA WAS ACTUALLY A GIRL. But sadly that's for another genre T^T.

  30. hey guys i have another doubt as usual, every where they say hikki has good leadership quality and also they are passing chats like whether person like yukino,yuighama,hirauku sensei,orimoto,sagami,hayama know this,like stuff? does hikki really a good leader how do others know it ,please explain with example?and also does hikki himself know it?

    • Hikki possesses some leadership qualities, but I don’t think he is a leader. He is smart, can see through people and has vision. But he lacks 2 of the most fundamental leadership quality which is charisma and being able to read the mood. That is why I don’t think he is a leader. Haruna for example is potentially a great leader.

      Even though he is not a leader, he is an excellent manager. Other then Sagami, all the people you have listed above witnessed Hikki’s management skills. That is why they may think that he is a good leader.

      I think Hikki knows that he is not a leader, but an excellent manager. As a corporate slave myself, I think once Hikki starts working I think he will be extremely successful 🙂

    • if so why is everyone hating him,when he said the truth in the roof top incident ,even hayama smacked him against the wall? and also in slogam deciding section of committee?

    • I think the real problem is that nobody is able to see through Hikkigaya reasoning and resolving. He is also not polite, no matter how much effective he is.

    • I’m pretty sure most of the characters understand his reasons. Yukino, Hayama, to a certain extent Yui, sensei, Haruno, etc.

    • A little correction if you allow me Exorcism… Yes, they do understand Hikigaya reasons. But just aftermath the events. It’s not like they understand Hikigaya “thinking process”. Because of this that I mentioned “reasoning” and “resolving”. So… Naturally everybody became pissed off with Hikigaya in first instance. (Again. it’s just a pointview)

    • Sure… I’m just saying that all the answers given by Hikigaya come to surprise the others. The way of Hikigaya thinking is “twisted” (according the author), or even unatural to common sense (in the others characters perspective). And this “abnormality” turned Hikigaya incompreended that much.

    • so you’re saying his a misunderstood person, misunderstood good guy and misunderstood protagonist?That’s why the reader’s love him, the main characters questions him and the supporting characters pissed or dissapointed in him. Gonna love that Dark Past-Incarnate personality (if there is one) 🙂

    • Everyone hates him because he tells the truth. When Hikigaya criticises people, he doesn’t sugarcoat his words. Because people hate being criticised, they end up hating Hikigaya when he criticises them. Hikigaya is the kind of guy who is not scared of getting his hands dirty. He is being hated because he is the only dirty guy in a group of clean fellows.

      Also the reason Hayama smacked Hikigaya against the was because Hikigaya created a situation where Hayama needed to be the good cop. He just played along with Hikigaya.

      You should read the 6th novel. You will understand the culture festival events better especially the rooftop event.

    • hey friend while we are at it, why did yui,yukino angry with hikki’s fake confession?, and did tobe know that the confession was fake?

      Excorsism please do create a new tab so guys like me can clear quries

    • Well… Just think about it… Someone that you really like, suddenly make a confession to other person. Imagine your frustration followed almost imediatelly by the disapointment when you also discover that this person are coldhearted enough to don’t take the importance of a confession seriously. Yui and Yukino probably thought: “Is this the guy that I want to be asked???”

    • yeah Im also having a hard time understanding why they gave hachiman such a hard time back then so ill just have to agree with Simone Avila. Or maybe you have a better asnwer for it Excorsism?

    • They were scared of Ebina saying yes :D. Never mind the jokes, but they were right to be angry, because Hachiman pulled a social kamikaze. Remember Yukino, Yui and Hiratsuka-sensei don’t want Hachiman to pull stunts like that anymore.

      As to why fake confessing is a social kamikaze, it is because students like to gossip. I think the next chapter after his confession, he listens to rumours and to see if his confession became public knowledge. He also mentions Orimoto in the same part. If you read that part again, you will understand why what he did was extremely risky and why Yukino and Yui are right to be angry.

      Also imagine the boy/girl you like asks someone out even as a joke would you like it? I certainly would not.

    • @kain i know i get that but think through this every one of Hachiman’s methods for solving problems were like that you know. For example in volume 6 he mentally assaulted (forgot her name) in volume one he was on the verge of doing a Dogeza in front of a lot of people if you still remember… and lastly well this one is something i only saw in the anime (that volume is not yet translated) remember the Ruri incident. Its fine if every one of this incidents were done covertly but no! they were done with the majority of the characters knowing and on some cases especially on the cultural festival arc the whole school knows if not for Hayama’s intervention, Hachiman would still be the talk of their class.

      Also this is one thing I’m weirded out by the series, how come Hayama’s group always got Hikigaya’s name wrong are they only teasing him? I mean they have the gall to do those things after the crap he did to help them.

    • he doesn’t standout much, he always act as a ninja in dark,so no one can remember his name,he never talked to anyone ,so no one knows he even exsist, that is why they get his name wrong some they recollect his name which is something close like hikitani instead of hikigaya
      miura think his name is hikio because yuighama calls him hikki

    • Well you can’t actually be discreet when you are dealing with social problems. Anyways, in the novels if I am not mistaken nobody realises Hachiman was going to do a dogeza. He attempted to perform one, but Yukino came right on time. As for the Ruri incident, the only idea the group had was Hachiman’s and Hayama sort of agreed to go along with Hachiman’s idea.

      None of the problems before novel 6 really involved a social kamikaze. So I assume both Yui and Yukino still didn’t realise what Hachiman is capable of until this point. Also both the slogan decision and the roof top incidents were done without Yukino’s consent. All Yukino knew that Hachiman was going to bring Sagami. She didn’t know what he will do to bring her back. If Hachiman told Yukino that he will mess with Sagami’s head and manipulate her, I am sure she wouldn’t agree (he never intended to mess with Sagami’s head in the first place, but had to because circumstances). To sum up, Yui and Yukino give Hachiman a hard time because they realise what he is capable of and don’t want him to risk himself for the sake of others. They are pissed becasue of Hachiman’s selflessness.

      As for the wrong name issue; Tobe is an idiot so it is understandable for him to get the name wrong. Ebina probably realised her mistake by the end of novel 7, but continued to play along because it was fun. Hayama is the first to realise Hachiman’s name is not Hikitani, but he never corrects his friends and deliberately calls him Hikitani. The name issue is the main reason which led me to believe Hayama is an extremely “nice guy” (sarcasm intended). Also the name issue has been going on for some time, so it would awkward to correct at this point.

    • wrong name issue is okay for others but what about Isshiki Iroha,she only calls him senpai ,while for others she calls by their name followed by senpai, , what is the reason for her?

    • Two words. Deep Respect. She’s the only actual girl on the series that looks up to him. And we got to admit she sees Hachiman indeed a reliable person in every aspect. (something’s fishy here and I smell it 🙂 )

    • mmm that’s true… why didnt i realize this until now…
      although i believe that yukino and yuigahama became aware of hachiman’s deeds at the cultural festival ,only afterwards though. But then again they’re type of people especially yukino that dont take rumors seriously.

      about the naming issue… actually i dont care anymore but i believe there are times where hayama mentions hachiman’s name…

    • About the wrong name issue, i think they all purposely calling him that
      hayama hayato wrote his name correctly for the work place visit in episode 4 ,in light novel volume 2 chapter 3
      hina ebina wrote his name correctly for the cultural play of class 2F in episode 10, in light novel volume 6 chapter 3
      but yet they call him orally as hikitani-kun, probably because it is fun
      but tobe is an idiot so no consideration

    • Indeed. But I think Sagami understood now what Hachiman is telling him. She was never told on the story her having a grudge to him. Probably hinted too in the series that Sagami has respect on Hachiman;s point of view but not romantical respect as she is not part of his HAREM.

    • Everyone hates him because he tells the truth. When Hikigaya criticises people, he doesn’t sugarcoat his words. Because people hate being criticised, they end up hating Hikigaya when he criticises them. Hikigaya is the kind of guy who is not scared of getting his hands dirty. He is being hated because he is the only dirty guy in a group of clean fellows.

      Also the reason Hayama smacked Hikigaya against the was because Hikigaya created a situation where Hayama needed to be the good cop. He just played along with Hikigaya.

      You should read the 6th novel. You will understand the culture festival events better especially the roof top incident.

    • Indeed. But I think Sagami understood now what Hachiman is telling him. She was never told on the story her having a grudge to him. Probably hinted too in the series that Sagami has respect on Hachiman;s point of view but not romantical respect as she is not part of his HAREM.

    • Perfect! I totally agreed with you! And it’s important to point that neither Hayama, Yukino, or Yui, knows that Ebina has gone to Hikigaya to thanks his interference.

    • Even though many misunderstand him ,many girls likes him. The results might scare you but because of those result that’s why many girls have distinct unsorted feelings for him. Yukinon has a thing on him if you will read their many eccentric interactions. Yui loves him although she’s blatant on her actions about it she does not say it to anyone. Kawasaki being flusterred always when Hikki’s around, yep that Thanks anyways,Lova Yah! scee of Hikki to her on Vol.6 really hit THAT spot. Ebina is now also listed as the person’s who likes him, sort of.. Isshiki very blatant on her actions with Hikki on their Senpai-Kouhai relationship that to Yukinon’s chagrin is irritating :). Haruno adores him as a special factor in SOMEONE-we-know’s life. And who could forget are UNMARRIED Hiratsuka-sensei. Yup a good teacher giving love PHYSICALLY.

    • LOL! True… It’s a bit funny this harem mania in japanese LN’s and mangas… But I tell you, if I was Hikigaya my target would be for sure the foot-grounded, romantic clumsy, pseudo-tsundere Kawasaki Saki.

    • Got to admit there dude that they are both anti-social and have deep love to their siblings. She does not admit it but she loves it when Hachi-mah-boy pay attention or have short glances to her. If I would be put in Hachi-mah-boy’s shoes and choose from —— Yuukinon (Kuudere), Yui (Deredere) and Kawasaki (Tsundere). I’ll go with the tsundere because of more romantic moments it could be become. But sadly we may only see it in DOUJINSHIS someday. Nevertheless JAPAN will find a WAY, 🙂

  31. hey Excorsism, i like Isshiki Iroha character and looking forward in anime, but in relationship colum in wikia ,
    1.it is said she is fond of hachiman ,is it true?
    2.why is she showing her true color to hachiman,while acting cute to others?
    3.some speculate(a) she is just using hachiman?, while other (b) she loves hachiman without knowing it ? which is correct?
    4.why is she calling hachiman uniquely “senpai” alone ?
    5.is she relying to much on hachiman or using him to get hayama?

    • Could I answer this ,too?

      2.She acts cute to Hachiman, too. She’s the third girl to ever hold Hachiman’s sleeves when they are talking or wants to talk. First is KOMACHI (his sister of course) and second is YUI (a wonderful girl on Hachiman’s perspective). And also do cute and awkward faces to HAchiman,too that YUI and YUKINON find very disturbing (ahem).If you’re pointing out why she acts on her true self to Hachiman is because she’s fond with him and have this comfortable feeling when he’s around so that she can relax a bit.

      3.BOTH. She is using him to achieve his expectations to her that Hachiman and to the point that she did not know that she is building up feelings for him an example is the incident on when Hachiman will voluntarily gonna carry Isshiki’s plastic bag of foods on their way to the Christmas Party Meeting (I think that’s what it;s called, correct me if I’m wrong) and to her shock blushed in front of Hachiman that Hachiman found it weird. Isshiki’s blusinh at that point could be that she’s started generating romantic feelings for him.

      4.It’s a NOTICE ME SENPAI thing. If he calls him by her first name there’ll be rumors but if she calls him by his last name her SENPAI-KOUHAI relationship would not build up for it is a facade she’s using to get close to him.

      5.BOTH. But in the using him to get Hayama. Well at first that’s her goal but it’s probably again another of her facade to have him by her side. It does not mean that when she cried when Hayama rejected her that she’s lonely. It could be crocodile tears,too (just speculations). And Hayama indeed implied to Hachiman (that Hachiman did not understand,YET) was that the real reason Isshiki is going for HAYAMA is she was just using HAYAMA as much as she can as said on Volume 9 Chapter 4.

      Sorry FOR THE LONG ANSWERS and for intruding on a question for EXORCISM that I’m just excited to answer because it’s about ISSHIKI

    • hey thanks , well the first question was meant to be ,why is she fond of hachiman ,(he is not good as hayama)?
      2.yumiko is shown to be quiet an observant from field trip, is she think hachiman great and thank full to him or just as an supplement?

    • 1.First let’s identify their differences first. The difference really is charisma and point of view although, no one of them is too perfect nor too bad. Maybe because of their SUPERMAN and BATMAN heritage (joke). If you put it that way, though SUPERMAN does have the charisma and you can see him as the HERO of the people possessing prowess and acts “for the people by the people” like HAYAMA does always doing his best for the expectations of others and lightens people hearts with his so called “THE ZONE” by HACHIMAN. .

      While BATMAN does things, too for the people but not by the people, he acts on his own JUSTICE and belief, doing dirty jobs that some SUPERHEROES (like HAYAMA) don’t do or is willing to do (pfft this turning into DC Universe now) and works up his lack of charisma and prowess on the field with STRATEGY and LOGIC like HACHIMAN who really helps people not for reward nor praise but he really wants it, and to help those he could be as bad as he can get like a VIGILANTE merciless on words but truly just you to realize the wrongness of your doings. Hachiman has managerial skills, too like Bruce Wayne as seen on the STUDENT COUNCIL ELECTION arc of this series on how he managed to get supporters for ISSHIKI.

      So on my crazy explanation I therefore conclude HACHIMAN is as good as HAYAMA. If Hayama is the Right Hand of God then Hachiman is the Left Hand of the Devil. (well scratch that last part pretty much madeup)

      On the question why is ISSHIKI fond about him is because number 1 he is INTELLIGENT. Number 2 and 3 he became her SAVIOR and SUPPORTER. I think you could read the lines why she is fond on him when reading Vol.8-10. Oh yeah quickly forgot, Hachiman is a magnet to IMOUTO-Type materials (i.e. KOMACHI, RUMI, SASAKI’s little sister [sigh got tired to search for her name] and also ISSHIKI)

      2.They know Hachiman is great on certain things. But the reason they don’t really blurt it out to him because of his misunderstood negative personality. Admit it if you have someone like that you know sometimes it gets on your nerves.


  32. Re-posting this here since I posted it on the wrong page:

    The second Memorandum comes after Chapter 6 where Hikki and Haruno have their talk on the way to the train station. Based on what is revealed in Chapter 9 it’s obvious that Isshiki spilled the beans to Haruno about Hikki’s conversation with Yui and Yukino in Volume 9.
    Immediately after that talk, in the second memorandum Haruno then goes on to talk about how disappointed she is that the person she thought was just like her and understood her (Hikki) had turned out to be totally different.

    For the other party to have addressed you, to have sympathized with you, be something entirely different was nothing more than despair itself. Similarities and commonalities were exactly why discrepancies became apparent. They became distinct. Being so identical meant those differences wouldn’t be forgiven. I couldn’t forgive myself for having expectations, for thinking I had understood, for thinking I was understood.

    If you accept that Haruno is the one speaking in the memorandums, then the scene in Chapter 2 where Hikki meets Yukino’s Mother seems to hint at something more. In that scene, Yukino’s Mother is introduced to Hikki and Yui, but she is shocked when she finds out that they are actually Yukino’s friends and not Haruno’s. The Mother explains her shock by saying that she thought they were older. I always wondered why the author pointed that out specifically by having Hikki comment on it being disturbing to him that she would say that.

    Could it be that Haruno has mentioned Hikki to her mother before?

    Finally, we get to the third memorandum which turns really ominous. In it Haruno talks about the evil Tyrant King, but she is obviously alluding to Hikki. The monologue seems to hint that the Tyrant King has for some reason incomprehensible to Haruno turned his back on his beliefs and needs to be punished.

    I can’t wait for Volume 11.

    • I think you are wrong about the memoranduns… By the proper titles the author hints that they belong to three different persons. And about Haruno tell her mother about Hikki, it’s a bit unlikeble to happens by two main reasons. First, Yukinoshita mother don’t pass an impression of a close confident relationship with her daughters. And second, I think that she was more surprised for Yukino, her “little precious daughter” (the way some parents always treat their sons as little kids), having friends than any other reason.

      I’m noticed that a lot of people are pointing Haruno in some kind of romance towards Hikigaya. I’m not telling that people are wrong to point this, but I really think her paper will be more close to a nasty obstacle beteen Hikki and Yukino.

    • Yeah, I am not saying there is anything romantic between them. They barely know each after all. But Haruno is definitely interested in Hikki for some reason and it’s not just because of his friendship with Yukino. I am just not sure what is her motivation. We probably won’t know until a future Volume for sure.

      As far as the Memorandums go it is pretty clear that it is the same person in all three and the final chapter pretty much shows that it is Haruno.

    • I agreed that the last one belongs to Haruno, but the second probably belongs to Hayama and the first one to Hikigaya (sometimes I think that could be Yukino too).

    • Agree. First, Melos-like role – save Yukino from Evil Tyrant Mother. Second, Haruno falled to sweet devil talks and became another Evil Tyrant King. So Yukino in position of hostage while 8man-Melos trying to save her?

    • I think you’re on to something. If the story of Melos is being used to reflect the situation, then we’re looking at a complex situation where Hachiman has to be active in trying to get Yukino out of the situation.

  33. If it isn’t trust… what else could it be?” “Who knows? But at the very least…” Haruno-san overtly shrugged her shoulders, making a smile for just an instant, and focused on me. “You can’t call it something genuine… Those were your words, right?”

    Where is this conversation heading to? Why did Haruno say it isn’t something genuine?

    • It’s expectations, not trust. Yukino told 8man her career choice because she expects something from 8man. I was told that if you want someone to do things for you, place expectations on them. Have them move on their own accord while keeping them mentally satisfied working for you. From what I can infer from 8man’s conversation with haruno, it seems like yukino did this a lot to her when they were young making her hate this aspect of yukino.

      The summary from volume 5 during the fireworks festival said that yuki-mama was scary to the point that both siblings can’t say no to her orders and only compromise at best. Yukino was not very good at that so maybe this became haruno’s job. She became yukino’s shield from their mother. Haruno got tired of that, they had a fight, mother interfered then yukino ran away by asking her rich dad to buy her that expensive condo unit (dad dotes on her so he did).

      Present time, this person was now the 8man. The “someday, help me” scene was probably the start of this. It did not help that yukino likened him to her sister. Haruno knows all this (“yukino-chan, that’s no good) so she warned 8man in this conversation.

    • In response to Yukino having expectations, it was Yui who implored her to do so because friends are always thete for each other. You always expect a friend to have your back.It is Yukino’s way of opening up to Hachiman’s offer of ‘friendship’. Just because a person expects you to do things does not mean you do them, this just means that Yukino’s reasoning is correct in thinking that Hachiman will someday do what is RIGHT. Then again, if a person expects you to do what is right would be a great honor…and also a great responsibility. Hachiman knows this, that was why he refrained from asking and knowing, because when he starts, it will take a lot of courage to withstand the pressure-he will end up to be another Hayama or Haruno-definitely something not genuine.


    i have seen this trend in wikipedia every light novel is released after 4 month from previous one —-

    so i think it is possible that it will be released in march —

    if the schedule of wataru watari remains same as previous ones ….. so thats it for the news —

    but i hope he will release it next weak —-

    and if you dont want to believe me then check the trend in wiki yourself …………. until then


  35. so the memorandums are not hayama’s huh…this last chapter gave more questions again… what is Haruno thinking, now im starting to mdoubt yukino as well… For now the memorandum’s ownership is strongly tied to Haruno… cant w8 for the next volume to come out wahahaha

  36. In cultural committee scene, when hayama asks for hikki’s job, he replies assistant historian for which hayama says “suits you” which makes hikki annoyed, Was there any inside-joke?, i didn’t get it? please explain friends

    • Assistant historian job apparently requires minimal to no social interaction and suits Hikki, because he lacks presence. So in that instance Hayama pretty much insults Hikki. You need to empathise with characters in order to understand them better, especially Hikigaya, Yukino, Hayama and Haruno (Haruno is hard to read though). I listed all the important characters, but they are the most complex ones.

  37. Haruno seems like a person who’d break and reconcile relationships..pretty much as someone who’d disassemble and assemble a mechanical pencil out of boredom.

  38. In cultural committee ,when hayama asked for hikki’s job in the committee ,he replied “assistant historian” for which hayama says “suits you”, which annoyed hikki , was there any inside-joke? i don’t get it? please someone explain

  39. In cultural committee ,when hayama asked for hikki’s job in the committee ,he replied “assistant historian” for which hayama says “suits you”, which annoyed hikki , was there any inside-joke? i don’t get it? please someone explain

    • LOL! It’s just that assistant historian is a boring job (write reports, register timetables, documents, etc). Hayama just hints that Hikigaya is a boring person (to take a boring job).

  40. I remember Yukino had asked Hachiman for help in volume 9 and in chapter 1 of this volume she again said “I’ll be in your care this year as well”. Maybe she is aware of what she’s doing, I think.

  41. yes, if the “whisper of devil’ refer to yukino.. then many thing kinda make sense,example argument of hachiman and yukino in vol 1 (yukino said about changing-self to saving something (maybe haruno?) in culture festival arc (when yukino asking help to haruno and plan to repay the debt, haruno confused at yukino personality) and in vol 9 when hachiman met yukino at the mall (yukino said “I just always acted like I could do it… that I understood it all” this maybe hinting that yukino actually a dependent people before)

    i think maybe haruno actually hate yukino OR a siscon(lol) that hate to see yukino depend on hachiman more than her OR still a siscon that wants to teach yukino to become independent or have personality(maybe like hachiman) and if the tyrant king refer to hachiman of course haruno will be confused when hachiman search for genuine thing or sincerity, it’s something that maybe haruno despise and she didn’t like yukino take part of it.

    AHHH can’t wait to see volume 11 really curious

    • how she is dependent if she live alone in apartement at her ages, for sure u cant be a dependent people if u live alone at that age…..i think she never dependent to haruno or hayam, firts of all yukinon said it isnt worse than before about hayama’s fan who attack her cos they think yukinon is his gf???? so she become far away from him, and second why she doesnt close to her sister bcos she hates it that she always be compared with haruno by people,,,,,it obviously, she doesnt wanna be leader in school festival like haruno did and she doesnt want come to formal ceremony that relate to his parents , that always be haruno who attend to that ceremony like in firework that haruno meet hachiman and yui

    • hmm sory for my english, what i meant was yukino is dependent people in the past, maybe in midde school or before that…,hahaha

  42. after read 10 chapter and anime also, i guess iam undertsand what it is,,,,,hachiman and yukinon never think they would have fall in love in high school at firts place, cos we know that they really pesimistic about romantism in high school cos they experienced…..

    i think it doesnt mean yukinon rely on hachiman, but yukinon can trust someone after she was dissapointed by her parents , sister and hayama

    it obviously, when yui told yukinon to rely on yui and hachiman in schoold festival, yukinon said she need time, that mean yukinon need time to trust someone again????

  43. OK, Just going to put a theory here, feel free to pick apart:

    1. Haruno, Hayama and Yukino grow up together. Haruno is the leader as the eldest. All three children grow up understanding the concept of having an outward, presentation version of oneself, as opposed to your true inner self. Their families place high importance on having an excellent presentation.
    2. Haruno is the “perfect” daughter. She naturally plays and masters the game of meeting, even exceeding expectations. She has the looks and the smarts, and she knows it. Internally she develops a cynical attitude about those that can’t play the game, and even worse, those that don’t even realize the game exists.
    3. Hayama and Yukino admire Haruno’s “perfection”, they know it’s not her entire true self since she behaved differently when bossing them around as a child, but having similar expectations placed on them, they can appreciate how well she plays the game. Hayama’s admiration probably grows into a romantic crush for the beautiful, older Haruno. Yukino probably develops a romantic crush on Hayama since as her oldest (only?) friend he is the only one she feels close to, having not inherited the same natural social gifts as her sister. It’s basically classic childhood love triangle – Younger sibling crushes on same age non-sibling, non-sibling crushes on older sibling unaware of younger siblings crush, older sibling is pre-occupied with more mature issues and assumes younger sibling and non-sibling are couple.
    4. The “incident” implied multiple times in this volume occurs. It seems likely that similar to this time, rumors of Hayama and Yukino being a couple began spreading among their classmates/social circles. Hayama, in an attempt to clear things up, publicly rejects Yukino as being someone he is romantically interested in. Yukino may have already suspected Hayama liked Haruno, or at this time he might privately informed her of this fact in an attempt to “preserve” their friendship. Hayama doesn’t realize until too late that his actions rejected Yukino’s actual crush on him and having been hurt she pulls back from their original close friendship into a more distanced “acquaintance” level. It is possible at this time Hayama might have confessed to Haruno and been soundly rejected by her. I wouldn’t be surprised if Haruno actively tells Hayama to pursue Yukino instead.
    5. We enter the present time at the beginning of the novels. Yukino is withdrawn socially and rebellious towards her family. She feels conflicted about her sister, equally admiring her abilities and skills while feeling superfluous as a child to her family, with her inferior social skills. Yukino wants to surpass her sister, while at the same time being different and not conforming to family desires. She simultaneously wants to surpass her family’s expectations, while not actually meeting them. Achieving success, but in her own way. She decides that rather than mimicking her sister’s social graces to be liked and admired, Yukino intends to earn admiration and respect from others through sheer logical and moral superiority, regardless of whether it gets her liked. Also, if it is true that their parents intend the families to join, by rebelling Yukino is putting them in a position to have Haruno and Hayama marry while leaving her free. It might also be possible that Yukino is being granted the freedoms she currently has under the expectation that marrying Hayama is the ONE thing she can’t escape from.
    6. Hayama has in a lot of ways given up. His actions that hurt Yukino have scared him off of rejecting anyone or anything if he can avoid it. He still harbors some feelings for Haruno, and will let her control him to a certain extent, but he knows she does not view him as an equal and as such doesn’t reciprocate her feelings. He might have regrets over not choosing Yukino, but is so mortified of having hurt her that he believes keeping his distance is the best kindness he can offer. Meanwhile, he is resigned to following his family’s expectations of him, which may very well include him marrying one of the sisters, most likely Yukino. So he expects that eventually he will be forced to marry a girl who once wanted him, but will always view herself as his consolation prize.
    7. Haruno is the most mysterious of the three, as we have little idea what she actually holds as important. She seems to be the family favorite, yet when talking with Hachiman she doesn’t seem to display any true concern about familial expectations. Does she resent her role? Does she play it because she sees it as a small cost for the luxuries she enjoys as a result of her family? Does she have a particular goal in mind, and if so does it require Yukino to adopt certain responsibilities in her stead? Is she just bored? She likes goading Hachiman, and it seems she might be one of the only characters that can match him for cynicism. We don’t know if she wants something good for him, or she just views him as the most interesting piece on the chessboard. When not acting sweet and sisterly towards Hayama, Haruno belittles him as boring and predictable compared to Hachiman. To Haruno, Hayama is so well trained he holds no interest to her aside from when she can use his obedience to her purposes. it seems doubtful Haruno would concent to marrying Hayama even for family reasons, but her actions in the novels don’t seem to be trying to force a Yukino/Hayama coupling either. Perhaps the family merger isn’t really an issue, and her meddling is her own way of trying to force Hayama and Yukino to get over what happened in the past. Perhaps the feelings we read as nefarious on her part are just the leaked frustrations she feels from having to deal with the emotional hang ups from these two teenagers every time the families want to get together.
    • It’s really a good theory! I agreed 90% to your guess… But the last issue about Haruno I’m seeing different… Contrary to your believes I’m inclinated to think that Haruno is totally guiding Hayama toward Yukino as much she’s trying to put Hikigaya away from her sister. The reason, in my suposition, is that Haruno want to free herself from her family burdens and leaves Yukino to take her place. So yes… She’s been selfish, but no, she’s not an evil character.

      The thing is,,, Haruno probably feels that Yukino want her place and not be a substitute anymore. So even selfish, she thinks be acting for Yukino sake. And in this case Hikigaya comes to be a nuiance to her plans. Specially because he’s able to see through her. Notice that Haruno, in “third memo”, doesn’t understand the genuine question, but she still tries to force Hikigaya to think that Yukino’s dependence is ungenuine.

      At the end, I think that what is creeping Hikigaya is not Yukino reliance told by Haruno, but the fact that he now fully understand Haruno intentions. I think that he knows that Haruno is an enemy, or a provisory enemy in fact. Afterall Hikigaya will probably save both sisters (and Hayama) from their parents wrath.

    • I agree with Anonymous Theory #7. Maybe this is what Yukinon wants Hachi-mah-boy to help her someday. She is not being forced now to subjugate into marriage but what if that time comes. Will Yukinon have the will to disagree on it? Will Hayama respect Yukinon’s feelings? Or will he just subjugate himself to the expectations of others specially his family like what SUPERMAN does (for the people and by the people)? We really need BATMAN-like maneuvers here go for the goal and save Yukinon on that worries. Is this Volume Hachi-mah-boy’s Turning point #2 in his life to straighten up and man himself? Hiratsuka-sensei indeed said that he can;t save someone if he found someone needed to be saved by him in his current state. As the curtain rises for the continuation of the story the question lingers ——-

      How will Hikigaya Hachiman act?

    • She just can’t believe how Hikigaya have changed. If you ,too have a friend who’s very introverted then one day you saw him/her again but now he/she is very sociable then you might find it funny on how the gap of change happened and as well shocked and amazed how he/she changed. The thing is he is not regretting for rejecting Hikigaya, yet. As her interest in him risen when they met again in the shopping district for how he changed a lot. Admit it, when some people got curious on somebody they likely puts their interest in him/her. Well we should see how will that interest of her to Hachi-mah-boy end. ❤ Not gonna speculate her. Let's live that for the thrills in your minds.

    • About that… my bad… did not double check where was I commenting. Yup it’s for the Orimoto Kaori question below. Thanks for seeing and reminding me of it, though. 🙂

  44. Does Rumi Tsurumi hates hachiman ? after that test of courage incident, she never spoke to him after camp fire,
    however in Christmas joint conference,she called him by his first name(hachiman) and asked him to call her by her first name,even though their conversation was not friendly?

    • She does not hate him, cause he’s one of the few person’s who actually was concerned to her well being as shown at the camp. It is Hachiman who wants to keep his distance to her for he thinks his actions might have incurred bad social effects on her part after the Camping incident. Eccentric girls like Rumi and Yukinon likes a personality Hachiman has, though. And Hachiman on his part admires this kinds of girls an example to Rumi’s part is when he was overjoyed because of how good Rumi was on the Chrismas Party Drama Play she did. On the part that their following conversations at the Christmas join was not friendly, care to remember how does Yukinon converse with him, pretty much the same way—-harsh but no negativity on her intent. She is like a Little Version of Yukinon, though and that’s why she is always bullied by her classmates, because of jealousy, no?

    • if that so, why didn’t she said anything to him after seeing him after long time in Christmas celebration,nor did she said anything after campfire incident?

    • It is really hard for introverted people to initiate a conversation. That’s probably the reason why she did not approach Hachiman in the Christmas event thing. As for the camp event, she probably didn’t feel like talking to Hachiman after going though all that. There is no hate between them. If there was, Ruri probably wouldn’t talk to Hachiman on first name basis and demand him to do the same in return.

    • Completely agreed with Kain here. The main reason is her introvertness (if there’s a word like that) towards other people. But like Yukinon she will open to others someday (hope that someday is not outside the story in the series). Waiting for right person to come to their life and show their sweet side. Hachiman indeed said that she’s a sweet girl. This guy really has a thing on QUIET girls, huh? (ahem Yukinon ahem). Some people should re-read the Volume on where Rumi met Haciman again in the Christmas Party Event. She clearly gave signs of trust and companionship to Hachiman there that Hachiman is very wary about because he has guilt that the actions he did on their Chiba Village Camp to help Rumi might had bad social effects on her (poor Hachiman, his logic is one of his great weaknesses 😦 ).

  45. why does orimoto kaori thinks hikigaya is very hilarious throughout Christmas joint conference ,nothing seems to be funny at all? and is she regretting for rejecting hikigaya? ,even their last conversation with him seems to be hilarious to her why?

    • She just can’t believe how Hikigaya have changed. If you ,too have a friend who’s very introverted then one day you saw him/her again but now he/she is very sociable then you might find it funny on how the gap of change happened and as well shocked and amazed how he/she changed. The thing is he is not regretting for rejecting Hikigaya, yet. As her interest in him risen when they met again in the shopping district for how he changed a lot. Admit it, when some people got curious on somebody they likely puts their interest in him/her. Well we should see how will that interest of her to Hachi-mah-boy end. ❤ Not gonna speculate her. Let's live that for the thrills in your minds.

    • friend ,you explained my last part of the question,but not the first part, what is so funny in their conversation throughout the Christmas conference, it is said she holds her stomach and says hilarious,everytime they talk, but nothing seems to be funny to me?

    • Well, there may be couple of reasons. Orimoto is an extremely shallow character, so she may actually find those instances “hilarious”. The other reason is most likely similar to the use of “YOLO”. When people say s**t like “I am going to cheat on my gf; (lol) #YOLO”, they just use YOLO to use it. Even though YOLO doesn’t make any sense and sounds stupid, but it is used all the same because it is SWAG (another stupid word). I guess this example is kind of outdated but you get the point.

      To sum up, the use of “hilarious” for this case is similar to a conversation filler. The same is done for the use of “creepy” and “disgusting” through out the book. For example; even though Hachiman is not being creepy most of the time, girls still call him creepy.

    • i agreed most part, then why is it mentioned,that she holds her stomach while sneering as if to control her laugh?

    • I think the whole “Hilarious” thing is kind of a conversational crutch. She wants to express herself, but is scared of confronting her past with Hachiman head on, probably aware that objectively speaking she was unnecessarily unkind to him. When they reunited after much time she assumed lingering attachments on his part would keep him in check and he’d play his traditional submissive role in going along with what she wanted. After getting called out by Hayato she’s had a little time for self reflection, and to her eyes it seems like he’s involved with and to some degree relied upon by no less than 3 girls of above average attractiveness (and she probably assume Hayato’s comments imply some sort of fondness on Hayato’s part towards Hachiman as well) she’s wrestling with the feeling the the guy she once rejected and jokingly humiliated has somehow become a hot property with her social peers and betters. She’s feeling resentful, partly of her past actions but also of the situation. Her “hilarious” is kind of like saying “you’ve gotta be kidding me” when something has given you an unpleasant surprise. She’s not in love with Hachiman or anything, but she’s feeling like she made a choice she can’t take back without knowing what all these other girls seem to know.

    • i agree as well , It is as mentioned by others a way to cover up her mistake and to know more about hachiman.
      1.hayama of superior society supports and gets angry at orimoto for insulting hachiman ( to her eyes hayama’s friend)
      she herself said in christmas conference “you seems to get along fine with hayama”, when they first met in cafe shop she laugh saying hayama and hachiman don’t fit together

      2.Two beautiful girls glaring at hachiman in their date , to which orimoto says “i see”. But remember when first she saw him with haruno, she laughed and said no way he would have a girlfriend, now look at it from her point of view, two girls were angry for going out on a date with another girl
      Even in Christmas conference she said to hachiman how she believed that he might be dating one of those girls.

      3.And more horrible thing is that she saw the beautiful student council president Isshiki Iroha relying completely on hachiman , hachiman also completely solved the conference problem single-handed

      Defiantly her action is resentful, even in the past and current situation , she may not develop feelings but resent of how poorly she treated and underestimated him . she even ask him to come to reunion of middle-school but to which she already know the answer to, how could he come to a place which constantly mocked and looked down upon

      Many may debate the above mentioned point is only in orimoto kaori eye’s, but is it really?,
      1.hayama do care about hachiman’s well being
      2.yukino and yui has some sort of feelings
      3. isshiki respects and relying only on hachiman

    • Yoh bro. Nice comment. But a correction there if you must. Hachiman did not single handedly solved the conference case. Yukinoshita played a big part there as the many of people in the conference there admits Hachiman is right but his intensity to move them is not enough and that’s where Yukinon comes in. Her intensity on her speech really put the hammer on the nail there to pierce those clouded thoughts of people there supporting Tamanawa (the student council president at Kaori’s school).
      And yah I support yah bro. Hachiman has some high quality harem.
      1.Yukinon (Kuudere)
      2. Yui (Dandere)
      3. Sasaki (Tsundere)
      4. Haruno (Onee-san-type)
      5. Sai-GAY..erm I mean Saika (Trap)
      6. Orimoto (the past-crush / self-proclaimed FRIENDZONED)
      7. Rumi (Loli)— Parental Guidance is adviced.
      8. Isshiki (the-notice-me-senpai-type-of-girl)
      8. HOMOyama…erm I mean HAYAMA (the RIVAL?! lol)

      I did not put Hiratsuka-sensei cause age does matter. 🙂

    • Maybe you should, you know, stop to read over your comment before pressing the post comment button.

  46. is it possible that yukino’s classmate knows about hikki,
    1. In field trip incident yukino did mention about her classmate talking about something and tells hikki is the cause of it, when hikki question about it she abruptly changed the topic.
    2.And also while walking back to the hotel room ,she cover her face with embarrassment of others noticing them together

  47. i think hachiman doesn’t get credits for what he has done so far,not even from his club-mates,sensei,sister,he does the impossible.and gets the desired result,why is he not acknowledged or liked,he did give everyone what they want?

    • I think there is a lesson here. How can he be acknowledged if he himself does not acknowledge himself. But if you read closely on the conversations now in the series he’s being acknowledged now and the Student-Council Candidacy arc with Isshiki really made a big debut to that. He is beginning now to be likeable person not just in the inside but also on the outside as well. Isn’t a good thing? Isn’t it what we the reader wants? For Hikigaya Hachiman to be a better person. DANG IT this series gonna have a FEELER ending and amma gonna CRY.

    • Just trash about what I said above of him needed to be acknowledged by himself before being acknowledged by others. I just re-read the first volumes and found out I used the wrong interpretation on that. Still need answers for me for that clarification. Sorry for the misinterpretation. Will fill in my comment sometime soon if you could wait for it or you can find the answer on your own while re-reading the first volumes.

  48. why hayama says ,he and hikigaya cannot be in good terms?,he did know hikigaya is a good person, was there any deep meaning behind it?

    • They’re polar opposite. There’s always kind of person whom you know he’s a good guy but you still can’t get along with him. However, they understand each other better than most pals around them though.

  49. First of all, thank you Kyakka-sama for wonderful translation. I enjoyed this volume and comments in this forum a lot. There’re bits of things I love such as:

    1. Yui decided to give out presents before actual day to cheer Yukinon up. She did took it hard on her birthday before and didn’t want her to misunderstand the situation for worse. They sure are really good friends and good rivals.
    2. How Miura’s maiden side comes to light. I’ve known since elementary school camp that she’s quite good girl deep down and glad than she eventually be on good terms with Yukino as I hoped for so long.
    3. How Hayato expected Hachiman to reach him out but it’s all about work instead and never see eye to eye. He somehow helped Hayato in some unexpected ways though.
    4. Iroha is still adorable as ever using Hayato as pretext to continue teasing her senpai.
    5. I’ve been eagerly waiting for Saa-chan scene. It was short but good to see how she mistook Hachiman accidently addressing her with very close terms.
    6. Hachiman’s monologues are hilarious as ever. I’m starting to see my life in better light now.
    7. My favorite scene would Yukino telling Hachiman her selected course. Gosh. She must be super dandy happy. I noticed foreshadowing from Yui’s uneasiness though. Hope their secrets will last a bit longer.

    I also read comments and see some people have few questions in certain areas. I’d like help trying to answer them here.

    1. What’s the girl secret is all about?
      Well, it’s about girl problems. It’s indirectly implied in animation how they both used to have hard time together with keyword ‘Hikigaya’ and how Yui told Hikki she’ll wait. Translating girl power lingo…..They both fall in love with Hachiman and they’re aware of each other’s love interests. They decided to talk things out in manshion that night and come into terms afterward like keeping good time in club and wait for time Hachiman finding his lost love. Their best friend falling for the same guy…..it may sound cliche but I found a few of supportive materials to be convinced.
    2. Suspicion of Yukino’s using Hachiman.
      I don’t know where this should come from. It’s obviously stated before that Yukino requested Hachiman to save her some days. She’s that much dependent to him. To her, ‘Hikigaya’ is existence that Haruno can use to make her comply about family meetings. The one who’s actually using Hachiman is Haruno not Yukino.

    3. How Hayato developing his inferiority complex to Hachiman?
      He has good looks, good grades, good sportsmanship and everyone loves him. Hachiman has nothing of sort and guess what. Hachiman solves Hayato’s problems that he couldn’t find a way out using bizzare methods without a care to the world, taming Yukino, getting good mask-free relationship, got Haruno’s interests, and even inspiring Iroha who has a crush on him to be more magnificent person. And he thought Hachiman was his kindred spirit saving others hoping to be saved some days but Hachiman just casually dash out self-sacrifice without expecting anything in return. Well, it’s long enough to feel one now, right?

    4. “If it isn’t trust… what else could it be?”
      Let us assert the situation again. Hachiman felt like asking Yukino suddenly and he asked (not that Haruno requested it though). Yukino looks bewildered and told Hachiman that it’s the first time asking something like this. She looks surprised to see her acquaintance(?) taking approach to know her better and she seem to be happy telling him that while Gahama-san getting terribly shocked to hear it. What else it could be should be obvious at this point. And that’s not very genuine since Hachiman probably wants genuine friendship and it was wrong as he expected it.

    5. Hayato and Haruno seem to make the same statement about Yukino’s changes but that’s all there is to it.
      In my opinion, they’re referring to different things. In Hayato’s point of view, he noticed Yukino’s affection towards Hachiman and she didn’t make effort advance her feelings…probably like before or something. While Haruno may expect things differently. She sees Yukino being clingy to Hachiman being no good. Hachiman could become Yukino’s shackles for her growth like some sort of ojou-sama with protective butler. I hope she won’t plan to shatter those non-genuine stuff in upcoming volume. My kidney isn’t ready to face it yet. Well, Yukino relying on Hachiman isn’t a bad thing though. She probably just doesn’t want her sister to become such weak girl.

    • answer mine also, maybe you haven’t notice this question

      is it possible that yukino’s classmate knows about hikki,
      1. In field trip incident yukino did mention about her classmate talking about something and tells hikki is the cause of it, when hikki question about it she abruptly changed the topic.
      2.And also while walking back to the hotel room ,she cover her face with embarrassment of others noticing them together

      1. Yukino and Hachiman both attend the same club. I’d be more surprised if there’s no gossiping about ice queen beauty attending after school club with male everyday. Of course her classmates would know about Hikki,
      2. You should get the rough idea why girls getting shy when people spotting them with some boy 😛

      You may not noticed it but Hachiman left quite strong impressions on both Yukino and Yui. A man dashing to save a puppy and got car accident. It may not be love at first sight but they sure got a thing or two with Hachiman.

    • Absolutely. Correcto Amigo’. That FACT APPROVED. Give this guy some credits for that detail. His heroic deed was indeed enough for those TWO WONDERFUL GIRLS to harbor concerns for him and thus grow to intimacy on some point. I’d be lying if I said that those TWO WONDERFUL GIRLS does not harbor romantic feelings to him. It’s MAGIC and I don’t wanna explain SH*T.

    • 1.yes i do think they know about hikki , yukino tried to brush off the topic of something her class mates talking about cultural committee and hikki as the root of the talk
      2.if my above reasoning is correct, than she didn’t want the rumors of them to spread

      and also when the gossip about hayama and yukino did spread throughout the school, the classmates of yukino(class J) didn’t accept it, it was mentioned by one of the gossipers before yumiko strikes the table hard.

    • i don’t understand 1st question’s answer some thing you mention about ” mansion that night”, what mansion and which volume was it mentioned, what are you talking about?

    • and also i didn’t understand the third point ,stating something about hayama expecting hachiman to help?

    • Dang. I don’t know why facebook login not working. In anime ep 11, Yui had hard time bringing Hikki out to subject and that made Yukino cut topic abruptly. Yui stayed in Yukiko’s place after Hachiman left. They sure talk bunch of things out after that.

    • It’s not the only time in the series YUI got to stay overnight at YUKINON’s home as stated in the Light Novel and it’s kinda a couple of times now. In the Anime she indeed said that she’ll be waiting for YUKINON to open up to YUI and talk about it so they couldn’t have talked about about it yet . They’ve got all the time from Volume 7-9, though and might’ve talked about it before “The HACHIMAN requesting help to them scene” that’s why they could tease HIKKI now on their secret. 🙂

    • Your comment about the two-girl’s secret to him. Yep I completely accept that fact and that those two girls are always teasing him about it. Both of them are gunning for him from the start although Yui is the most expressive and to Hachiman’s chagrin still in-denial of other’s feelings to him. Every freakin’ time, his obliviousness on the same level now of being DENSE but he got a reason why he’s like that. His just being rational on the possibilities and not the impossible things that could happen to him. Those two girls TRULY CARE to him to the extent the extent that they wanna share with Hachiman’s hardships with them. They’re pretty concerned on how he’s selflessness ends sometimes in his SOCIAL SUICIDE but as the series goes on he’s beginning to change his ways and learned to rely and share hardships with others (that Christmas Festival arc was very amusing on him throwing away his TWISTED and LONER attitude even making Orimoto Kaori friendzone herself to him) even Hiratsuka-sensei said to him that being hurt with others now is better than only him getting hurt.Yep the GENUINE thing he is searching for is within in his grasp now and his been given many hints by now, not that he crosses the lines to over think it (Dang that TRAUMA I wanna kill so badly). Yukinon even teased Hachiman in the Destiny Land arc that she wanna save something—-the something could be HACHIMAN desu? Yui’s many blushing moments with him. So many many hints. Yes we know his gonna end with one of them if not by the end of the series, maybe in our hearts. But that’s only an added flavor to it’s real goal —— and it’s HIKIGAYA HACHIMAN road to become a better person. That feeling though when he monologues again * “My Youth Romantic Comedy is Wrong as Expected?” * with a BIG QUESTION MARK

    • -Yukino, Hachiman is probably the first male after childhood incident that Yukino opened up to. She even made a friend.
      -Isshiki, she even went to confess Hayama and turning out to be better person thanks to Hachiman’s influence.

    • Don’t forget Yui. She indeed said that LOVE changes a person. Hachiman’s dashing deed to save her DOG (that Dawg great wingman second to Shizuka-sensei, though) from an accident. She must’ve seen something on Hachiman that time that could’ve triggered her to change for something good, too. And who can forget Hayama his concerned also in Hachiman’s well-being and feelings of inferiority to him must be making him to muster some courage not to always abide with other peoples expectations (His for-the-people-by-the-people mind set is good but not always good). Hachiman and Hayama has a mutual-relationship on some perspective, when Hachiman gave advices sometimes to Hayama, Hayama does not really reject it and also keeps those in mind and also Hayama relays advices, too to Hachiman’s well-being that sometimes he got pissed but reflected on it on some point, and also gives hints on Hachiman’s Harem-progress (not that Hachiman knows 🙂 ).

  50. HEY guys i have also have doubt, In Disney land incident, did hayato group purposely left hikki and yukino?

    (not in a bad manner) they know very well if they split there is no way they can regroup till the end .beside they split just before their last schedule , so that hikki and yukino can resolve their issue between them alone.

    yui is not the type to leave anyone, she knows the strain between the two better than anyone.when hikki phoned her, she sound as if it is not of big deal of leaving them behind

    hayama is a type of guy with motto “everyone get along guy”,so he might definitely wait for at-least yukino but didn’t ,possibly he might be the source of the plan

    ebina also took a photo of the service club members at first ,so she might have known them missing,but didn’t make a big deal of it, besides she is also one of the main reason for their conflict

    Isshiki Iroha also knows their conflict from her first day in service club to the day when hikki asks for something genuine. so she may also have been apart of the plan.

    the above is my speculation, i am asking if my theory may be correct?
    please do reply your thoughts

    • Maybe I didn’t get the wording right. What I meant by Yui purposely left is Hikki telling her to go on ahead and she acknowledged it. By doing so, they have time to talk in personal. She didn’t leave them two behind without knowing. It’s not like Yui planned for this to happen though,

    • if that’s so why didn’t they wait for them at the entrance of the raid , surely hayama is not guy to let anyone left behind, surely he will wait for atleast for yukino. after all he is a guy with a motto “everyone get along”

    • You do realize Hayama’s group was invited only because of Iroha? They’re just there to hang out, they’re not there under some grand scheme Yui concocted so Yukino and Hachiman could make up. There’s absolutely no evidence of that. Also, they made up when Hachiman made his request to them.

      I’d also suggest reading volumes 7-9 again since you don’t seem to understand Hayama very well.

    • …Are you sure we’re reading the same series? It should’ve been clear in volume 6 (volume 4 when that gets translated) that he isn’t what he appears to be on the surface. It should’ve been even more obvious in volumes 7-9 and ESPECIALLY volume 10.

      I wholeheartedly suggest you reread again.

    • sorry, i am not good in reading between the lines, thanks for your explanation.
      appreciate and expect more of your work

    • hey Excorsism I have one more doubt, if hachiman can see through people (example haruno at the very first instant.) why can’t he see hayama’s facade?
      with whom he studied in the same class.Hayama’s facade was only revealed in Chiba village wright?

    • Hayama’s facade began to break to my knowledge in Volume 7. As far as I remember, that was the time when Hachiman thought to himself, “he was not just a nice guy.” The push for Hayama’s break was: spoiler if you haven’t read that volume yet for some reason the social dynamic of Hayama’s clique changing because of asking out and rejection happening. Hayama is wanting things to stay the same and everyone to be happy and was upset. With Hachiman sacrficing himself in that volume, Hayama took it to himself to hold that guilt of making the Service club awkward. Volume 8 was when we first notice Hayama reaching out for Hachiman and Volume 9 was the showcase of the stress of Hayama undergoes when he rejects Isshiki.

    • Hey Excorsism, since it will take a while for volume 6.5 translation.
      please do tell what will happen to sagami,will she change?or same as before?.
      Is she respecting hachiman or not?Because in volume 7 and 8 it was mentioned her grouplooked down on him

  51. is the rotten eyes is figure of speech of hikki’s attitude or his eyes truly or like death fish ? his sister’s(komachi) eyes are pretty normal?

    • You’re absolutely right. It’s his attitude. You’re facial features are tended to be messed up because of a negative attitude. But his eyes are beginning to be brighter now as well as his attitude on how mellow now is his relationship with others now especially towards Yukinon and Yui. Yup the guy just needed to change his attitude to make those PLEBS…I mean girls dig her more. Even Orimoto Kaori is interested on Hachiman’s aspects now because of the great change that happened to him and even said to him that if being a relationship with him is not possible maybe as friends—-BOOM. The Girl just got friendzoned by herself.

    • Why is everyone say hachiman is rotten?,
      He is just being realistic,pragmatic,Someone longing for GENUINE,An advance thinker,reliable person.A person who didn’t want anything out of pity(yui’s kindness was rejected after he knows she was dog owner),Doesn’t depend on anyone,didn’t lie until field trip ,he lied only to save everyone,forgiving(Yukino),kind,exact criticist(sagami’s case) ,perfect evaluator,Doesn’t expect anyones help,Didn’t like the idea of help for an help(if you help and expect them to help you than that is not favor or help it is trade)

      All the above qualities are of a Noble.

      the only negative quality of his is pessimistic and choosing household husband as future

  52. My speculation is that
    hayama and yukino cannot go against their parents expectations
    they may be forced into engagement,Where haruno refuse to interfere
    Both hayama and yukino expect someone to save them from their circumstance ,which might annoys haruno ,In her eyes they constantly rely on her
    Hayama himself said that he expect things of hachiman in their double date
    yukino looks towards hachiman ,when her mother called her to home ,probably expecting him to help her out of it.

    May be her middle schoolmate knows about this arrangement leading to bullying of yukino.

    Haruno herself said when hikigaya walks her to station that maybe yukino and hayama may be expecting something which will find him.
    Haruno may not like their attitude to rely on someone, and wants yukino to stand on her own

    • Marriage… Engagement… Is it a thing now in Oregairu? I thought the title was My Youth Romantic Comedy is Wrong as Expected—– I think marriage nor engagement is not in-lined to the YOUTH this series is explaining to us. Indeed it could be possible but that’s just cliche’ on the stories nowadays and Oregairu is not one of those cliche’d sterotyped stories. Well I highly appreciate the assumptions of reader’s on the romantic-side of the series although the romance here is just an added flavor for Hikigaya Hachiman’s change to a better person. But unlikely it will end or have a scenario on something like “Hachiman stop Yukinon from being engaged to Hayama, you’re the one she truly loves” kind of drama. 🙂

    • Marriage is not out of the question. While it may not be youthful, marriage can bring up a lot of questions that the novel can answer or interpret throughout future volumes. Hiratsuka Sensei’s marriage dilemma is a joke but she is a reflection of Hachiman or Yukino in the past- a loner. The novels are coming closer to the “genuine thing” that Hachiman seeks and Yukino may answer with so I’m not throwing marriage out until the end.

    • Remember OVA about marriage&brides. No specific reaction from Yukinon. Ya, may be WW implemented it after but… no. It’s just wish of Yukonoshita-mother not more.

  53. hey one more question, hayama said he won’t choose any options in-order to answer everyone expectations.If that so why did he take sagami’s side and not hikki’s side during the roof top scene.Taking side itself goes against hayama’s principle.

    • I think you’re wrong here mate! At the roof top scene Hayama thought that Hikigaya was acting just to bring Sagami back to the stage (which happens to be true according to Hikigaya). He didn’t noticed that he and Hikigaya were incidentally saving Sagami reputation as well. So… What are the “everyone expectations” in Hayama pointview at that moment? The answer: A bunch of girls seeing Hikigaya turning down one of their fellows.

    • 1.Hey i want to know something, Once Hiratsuka sensei says that hikki cannot save anyone with his method,why?

      2.It seems hayama is one who cannot save anyone without choosing any side,what do you guys think?

      3.Can we say hikki and hayama are friends without themselves knowing about it?, and talk freely to him about thinks which he never spoke to yumiko and his other clique members

      what do you guys think?

    • Hiratsuka sensei was saying that because she can see how Hikki is ultimately result oriented but not actually fixing the problem. Efficient but flawed, the methods he had considered emotions but not the aftermath or feelings.
      Yeah I agree that he’s trapped in his own greatness.
      I wouldn’t call them friends. They acknowledge each other. Hayama recognizes Hachiman not through kindness but by seeing that he sees what Hayama also sees. Hayama and Hachiman are actually very both socially aware and are aware of each other’s perception now so now it’s just established there’s another social animal in the vicinity for Hachiman.

    • and also hayama did choose not to be hikki’s friend ,is it a way of choosing which is against hayama principle?
      Why is hayama showing his true color to hikki , is it because he didn’t want him to have expectations on him?

    • Hayama chose to not be Hikki’s friend because he knows Hachiman sees beyond the facade that Hayama puts up. That type of friendship would develop into something deeper, (real friendship) and that would mean Hayama is being exclusive with Hachiman. That is choosing someone.

      Hayama can afford to show his true colors to Hikki because Hikki is not phased by it. With Hikki being blunt most of the time, Hayama can be blunt too. Other people like girls and male companions that Hayama has would react negatively.

  54. How did hayama knows that yukino is not chasing her sister’s shadow anymore?.
    hachiman might have known since she told him that she took humanitarian and not science in the infirmary ?

    • We can assume this from the way Hayama observes how Yukino treats Hachiman differently is what I’m guessing. Yukino asking Hachiman what to do and such. Hayama may sense a sense of dependency on Hachiman from Yukino during Volume 9’s Disneyland trip

  55. I was reading volume 6 and hit me, won’t student start a rumors about hachiman and yukino, In the intercom scene before sagami’s opening speech.Their talk was over-heard by all committee members.Why did hayamaX yukino rumors spread throughout the school and not that?

    • That situation was a little talking between people that work together at school during a busy time with multiple doing their own job. Hayama, unlike Hachiman is more popular when it comes to the topic of love so it’s to be expected. And also, they were seen outside of school and Hayama has rejected multiple women before.

    • Their conversation over intercom was so hilarious like jabbing each-other,I am surprised no other member in the cultural committee saw that as romance?
      Beside hachiman even made yukino laugh at the committee meeting with his kanji knowledge of teasing sagami, didn’t no one noticed that?

    • Yeah I’m surprised the author didn’t work with that little scene more but hey, everybody probably just thought it was Yukino being cold as always.

    • There are things people can’t believe even by seeing it in first person and things they believe without any proofs.

  56. If hayama didn’t want tobe to confess, than why did he take tobe and the others to the service club? does he want his clique same at the extent of others

    • Hayama took Tobe to the service club for advice because it was the right thing to do. He himself was in a dilemma because he didn’t expect Tobe to serious about this. He had to keep up appearances so he took Tobe to a club that may be able to help with the dilemma. He has to act like he wants the confession to go well but is aware of the shift of the social group if he asks her out and gets rejected. Knowing the club is special and that not too many people know about the club, it was the best choice than just watching Tobe fail.

    • Does that mean everyone of tobe’s friend betrayed him.Miura,hayama,ebina etc?.Is that the wright thing to do?

    • No fellow… They did not betrayed Tobe. It’s just that they want to keep the mood as it was… You have to understand that Hayama, Miura, and even Ebina had already realized Tobe intentions (and Ebina response) even before Tobe asks for help at the Service Club.

    • Right on. That was the dilemma that volume 8 discussed. The facade of interactions and not discovering each others’ intentions. Once again, it was shown that while Hachiman did manage to keep the Hayama’s group together like always and did honor Tobe’s request (help confess to Ebina), he did it in a way that pushed the group into fake interactions. The fake interactions are reflected in volume 8 and 9 where things staying the same because you decide to not say anything and not try to reach out was what the dilemma the groups saw.

  57. And also why didn’t hina give a direct request to the club?
    Is hina also show her true colors to hachiman?, if so why is she showing her true color?

    • To the second part of the question, it was obvious that she showed her true colors to Hachiman only. The reason being that Hachiman’s bluntness and sharpness, plus the fact that he wouldn’t tell others about it allowed her to open up. When they’re alone, she reveals her bad personality and Hachiman does not shame her but understands that she just doesn’t wanna change.

    • 1.Well what about the first question,if she had directly said her request of stopping tobe, hachiman wouldn’t be in a bad status in the club after that?
      2.And also is ebina aware of hachiman’s social suicide in Chiba village,Cultural festival etc?
      3. when ebina thanked him ,she said she and hachiman might go out on a date without any problem, was that a joke?or serious?

    • First… Ebina never knew that Tobe have made a request… So she doesn’t even thought necessary to stop Tobe. She appeared there because she (crazy as ever about BL) wanted Hikigaya to go softly through the boys inviting everyone. Meaning… She feel the change in the mood between Tobe, Hayama, and the others thanks to Hikki service, but she did not understood what was really happening (Tobe wanting confess to her).
      She could be aware, but don’t look like she have any interest in both situations. So…
      Any guess is possible. In my suspicion all that Ebina’s self-depreciation have nothing to do with her BL taste. I think that here Hikigaya misunderstood the situation. My guesses include Ebina knowing something about Hayama that she did not tell to Miura, and that is the resaon she fells so bad about herself.

  58. I don’t get one thing,After the roof top incident,why is the whole school hating hachiman?,Sagami was the one who abandoned her duties, will any harsh words cause the scolding person a scape goat.?
    In light novel meguri says to hachiman that she is disappointed in him,doesn’t she know anything about the incident?

    • First… Nobody appart from the Commitee knews that she failed on her duties, and in the school pointview the Festival was a complete sucess (according Meguri). But… Even in the Commitee, if you remember, nobody wanted the job! Probably most of that people knows that was a onerous job. So… Considering that the problems were being solved, nobody gave a damn!
      Second… Considering this you have to see through the eyes of all these students. They saw Hikigaya making a ruccus around that “phrase” choice and complaining about been overcharged. Got it?
      Then… At the same students pointview, a few minutes before the President’s end speech, Hikigaya have a row with Sagami, putting her in right state. Did you understand?
      Very few people knew that Sagami was hidding and that Hikigaya was trying to bring her back.
      About Meguri… She knows that Hikigaya, incapable to convince Sagami to come back, turned nasty and argued with her. Just Hayato understood that Hikigaya was doing it on purpose (and of course he didn’t like it even). Obviously, after the events, Yukino, Yui, Saki, Totsuka, Zaimokuza, Tobe, Miura, Ebina, Haruno and Hiratsuka-sensei knew all about it (and they did not like either – afterall Hikigaya really put that girl down).

  59. It is sad that Hachiman from elementary school didn’t get what is basic thing for relationship.
    Because of this harsh experience till middle school, he began to view the world different from others
    He was never invited to anything by anyone, even in the last chapter,he was not invited to the party by anyone but just accompanied yukino and yui who was invited by yumiko herself.
    He did everything but never was commended or thanked by anyone,he was not liked by anyone(other than yui and yukino)
    Even Yukino’s relationship with hachiman is said to be “not GENUINE” which will be clearly known in the next volume.
    How much of a pain can one guy take?


    • My guess… Cause Hachiman is able to act in a way that Hayama can’t. Afterall Hachiman never worries about others expectations.

  60. There are lot of controversial things i found while reading this story
    1.In Volume 3 Chapter 4 ,Yukino said that she never received any present from friends, but in the same chapter when hachiman won pan-san doll for her , she said the reason for her to be into pan-san was because she received it as a birth day present. And also in volume 10 chapter 2 It was mentioned that hayama gave present to yukino long time ago?

    2.Iam not sure in which volume i read but hachiman said to himself that once he confessed to orimotto in an empty class. But controversially He explained to tobe that ,he texted his feelings to her mobile

    How come this controversies exsist?

    • I think you meant contradictions instead of controversies. Anyways….
      So from Volume 3 Chapter 4 thing, I inferred that it was from a family member rather than a person outside of the family.

      And for the second thing, I am not sure yet but I have to find the scene where he talked to Tobe about that.

    • In my opinion, about Yukino present, the author simply commited a mistake. Because unless Yukino was lying there’s no other reason.

      But about Hikigaya confession… Looks like Hikigaya was trying to confess to many girls (do you remember what he said to Yui when she tooks his cel phone?). So that textual confession referred to other girl (or girls), different than Orimoto whose he confessed face to face. And that girl that he mentioned during Yui biscuits request, is probably other girl too. I think that it was through all those failings that he developed a trauma.

    • Stop making things up, please. The only person we know whocare about when it comes to confessions is Orimoto. I have no idea where you’re pulling the trauma thing from because the confessions aren’t the sole factor in his “trauma”.

      Also, there is no mistake. She received a present, but we don’t know who it’s from. Just because she received a present doesn’t mean it was from a friend.

      Sorry, forget it. I probably shouldn’t respond when I’m not having a good day.

    • sorry i don’t remember which volume ,but i am seaming through all volumes during my leisure hours, I do remember of hachiman saying to himself about how he confessed to kaori in an empty class and next day it become a public knowledge, something like that( he used orimoto’s first name so many may not know it)

      In volume 10 chapter 2 there was something about hayama brought yukino’s present long time ago

    • Yes, apparently he gave her something a long time ago. I don’t really understand why you’re so hung up on this.

    • if you agree to that ,then doesn’t that means yukino received present from a friend(Hayama)? then yukino is lying

    • It could be that hayama might have given the pan-san toy which is with her ,before the one hachiman gave
      Or the pan san original scrip which she read using dictionary

    • And why would she lie? I don’t recall her ever saying she received the present from a friend. All she said was she received a present, not “I received this present from a friend”. She has no reason to lie.

      Receiving present != getting something from a friend. It’s not that hard.

    • She clearly said in that volume that “she never received any presents from a friend”
      Unless she never considered hayama hayato as a friend just like hachiman ,the fact cannot be overlooked

    • And your point is…? Also, where’s the quote located? The only thing I see is her receiving the Pan-san manuscript as a birthday gift.

      Sounds like you’re trying to nitpick for no reason.

    • Fellow that’s the reason why I said that could be just a slightest mistake from the author. As you said… Is irrelevant. It’s notorious that this stuff don’t play any important issue on the plot. So… Back there, when Yukino told she never received a present, either was just to show her lack of friends, either the author meant that she just received presents inside family relationship (like Hikigaya), and the author mispelled the words.

      And about me making the things up… Well i know that it’s not right use the anime as reference, but there are both flashback scenes (when Hikigaya confesses, and when he asked the girl about who she likes) with two different girls. And considering also the girl who he did by texting, I think it’s alright to suppose that Hikigaya have bitters recolection of his past. Maybe not really a trauma but whatever…

    • you are wrong in the part where you said the ” the only person who he actually confessed”. Actually there are many times where hachiman said the topic of confession.
      1.Remember when hachiman asked “which guy he likes” to a girl for which she says the guys name begin with”H”. the next day it became a Joke
      2.the next is orimoto in mobile confession
      3.there is another girl whom he confessed when a girl said to him”Lets be friends”, but never spoke to him.
      the rest of time was girls giving him wrong mail id and doesn’t attend his call., and refuses to hold his hand in folk dance
      4.In audio cd birthday song for you,It was mentioned that hachiman gave a present to Yamashita-san as confession on her birthday.which is again made public knowledge.
      5.in volume 6 hachiman advice zaimokusan about not to put the girl he liked in the play as heroine and himself as the lead,which will become a laughable jokes for other .which he says from experience

    • Right, fine, I probably should have stated it differently, but ultimately, the only actual confession we really care about is Orimoto’s.

      I still don’t understand why there’s a need to analyze things that are irrelevant to the current events of the story. There hasn’t been any “contradictions” as far as I know.

  61. I read this in animesuki , about yukino&hayama feeling inferior to hachiman, How is that possible? and also hachiman realize their feelings of inferior complex.?Haruno is also fond of him because of their thinking alike?

  62. Yukinoshita’s present character as someone self-reliant, iron willed and outspoken would be a SHAM and OOC assuming the ‘not genuine thing:worst case scenario’ is true.
    #idont believe it.
    I/everyone don’t see her as being manipulative nor a two faced liker her sister. At the least, its as someone claimed, her reliance to hachiman might have stimulated by feelings of admiration or attachment (?) However, Haruno forsees this as not genuine. The reason for Haruno to assume so is because maybe:
    (Just putting this theory out there)

    Hayama and Yukinoshita both shared a past together. Perhaps their friendship ran deep mingled with their aspiration for Haruno. She may/may not have been a frail girl yet what she shared with hayato friend might have involved dependency or reliance. After stuff happened (not interested), She had all her ties with Hayama cut off due to his inability to fend off the rumours and the wrath of the entire girl body (OK..she’s sounding like a bad girl now). Bear with me but maybe the past Yukinoshita ended whatever relationship she had with Hayato, when the walls of reliance or dependency came crumbling down implying that her friendship with hayato existed for her own self-satisfaction. Haruno thus sees that as something horrible and a ‘not genuine’ friendship.

    Haruno still sees Yukinoshita as the selfish girl she was back then. She thinks Her attachment to Hachiman might be a Deja vu of the long chain of events that occured.
    But Haruno may be wrong..
    Yukinoshita has really grown over the series. Her outlook on relationships have changed(assuming my speculation is true). She herself stated to yuigahama and hikigaya that it would take time for her to rely on someone again to but would rely on them eventually albeit a genuine relationship. When Hayama and Yukinoshita held the conversation in ch 8, he noticed and stated that she had changed. She then give credits to Yui and Hachiman over that remark.

    Tears and smiles are the mark of genuinty. The acquantanship(?) she shares with Hachiman does include tears and smiles-Hachiman stated the smile she gave off in the infirmary was different to her usual logical self but like a little girl who looked forward to a field trip. Not to mention the emotional outburst she had in vol 9.
    However, Hayama is skeptic of her personal growth.
    Hayama(assuming second memorandum is his) and haruno including Hachiman questions the validity of genuine things. So,
    It would all work out beautifully if she finally make her point across them that her relationship with Yuigahama and Hikigaya(8man particularly) is centred on reliance and dependency because it’s a GENUINE one. and also finally solve the issue regarding 8man personal request.

  63. Hayato hate\resentment to Hachiman is probably the very fact that he is hachiman antithesis.Hayama’s ideal of answering everyone’s expectation differ from Hikigaya pessimistic but realistic mindset. But the way Hikigaya solves a problem using his method brings out the most effective result. Since solving people’s problem by using their own perspective on it just shows how right and legit they are in their thinking, Hayama grew conscious of how dreamy and utopian his ideals are. (TSURUMI RUMI incident, double Date).
    A fake confession, social suicide and being a scapegoat to save someone are things Hayama could never do. His thinking/ideal follows a conventional/ conformist rule. In other words whatever he does, he do it personally for his own self-interest where he could retain both the image and reputation as the good guy by only telling what that particular person wants to hear. He feels inferior to Hikigaya, who spit out the harsh truths to solve problems at the cost of 8man social image. You could also say hayama is frustrated at how often he is proved wrong and his dream world where every1 got along and where no one got hurt gets crushed at the reminder of a certain individual …..

    • …..He answered your question why Hayato hated him. Please stop asking the same thing over and over again.

    • i can understand hayama’s failure in TSURUMI RUMI incident. But how come hayama’s method failed in double date? Hayama was the hero there

    • Hayama confronted Orimoto at the double date by showing that Hachiman is capable of making friends and the friends are girls. His method did not fail, his method made Orimoto and her friend shut up. This showed another side of Hayama that is cruel to Orimoto compared to how he acted earlier. This method is a reflection of Hachiman’s “truth” in a sense but it was done to defend Hachiman’s image and hurting Hayama’s own.

    • No fellow I don’t agree with you… If was Hayato intention to help or “give a lesson” to Hikigaya he could done this earlier on that dating. You are forgeting two important things… 1) Hayato was acting under Haruno order; 2) He wait to the right moment exactly when Yukino and Yuigahama aproached their table.

      So… I don’t think that Haruno plot really was directed to Hikigaya, but to cause a impression over Yukino. Because Hayato was doing exactly what Hikigaya usually does. Maybe Haruno doesn’t have any intention to leave Yukino and Hikigaya enjoying each other. There’s a possibility that she’s guiding Hayato through her sister for family purposes, or just because she is liking Hikigaya. (I bet family purposes).

    • No. Giving a lesson to Hikigaya was extremely effective in it’s delivery because of the appearance of Yukino and Yui at the end of the date. Hayama did have personal intentions to include Hkigaya in the date and you can tell how serious he was by the bowing of the head during school before the date. Hayata may have been in Haruno’s control but we don’t know how much of that was really was in Haruno’s hands. Haruno’s intentions was to use Hayama and Hikigaya to point something out to Yukino but Haruno herself was surprised how much Hayama wants to go on the date with Hiki.

      We already know Haruno is targeting Yukino and has some kind of animosity towards her so it could be argued that Haruno is interested in seeing how Hiki could be used to influence Yukino when Haruno made fun of Yukino. Why did Hayato do exactly what Hikigaya does? Why did Hayato tell Orimoto “I don’t like that.” right in front of Hikigaya before Yukino arrived if the impression was supposed to be directed at Yukino?

    • Your argumment is valid… I just disagree around Hayato/Haruno interaction. Just think about… Hayato invites Hikigaya to a date and even bows his head. Immediatly after that… Haruno knows about it, Don’t you found it a bit weird?

  64. Well it does…
    His initial reaction when he talked with Hachiman was subtle and feigned with ignorance until Hikigaya listed out the pros for Hayama if he took the sciences. HAYAMA listened with rapt attention implying that he was momentarily charmed by the advantages in his favour. But imagine this scenario, the only person you’ve ever felt inferior to approaches you and gives you the perfect solution to a matter you’ve been working on solving to prove yourself to him, how would be your reaction? The realistic answer to this is acknowledging the other person’s worth by praising him or ranting out shit about him if you are a sore loser. Clearly this was the case for Hayama Hayato.

    • The meaning of this words are like as if hayaman looking hachiman as inferior .looking down is the correct word
      “the only person you’ve ever felt inferior to approaches you and gives you the perfect solution to a matter you’ve been working on solving to prove yourself to him, how would be your reaction? “

    • Because he contrary to the simple role that’s painted on him, he’s aware that he has a lot of responsibility and expectations he must meet and cannot afford to fail. With that being said, We can get from this volume the constriction of his choices and that he often has to pick the choice that saves everyone, but there will be losses in this thinking. He also says it Hikki because Hikki is often observant and Hayama recognizes that Hikki is picking up on Hayama’s thinking that it is a pain carrying the burden of being the center of attention.

  65. @bacha what i meant to convey about the double date was that Hayama did solve the problem but used the methodogy of 8man to do so. Isn’t giving up his actual method as a compromise equivalent to defeat or failure?

  66. Nope.Thats not what i meant. Its the opposite. Pardon me for my wrong choice of words with no subjects. Think about it reversely like how hachiman intimidates Hayama.
    Then it does make sense as to how Hayama bluntly states the words ‘I HATE YOU’.

  67. Hayama,after his confrontation with orimoto and whatshername, stated
    to Hachiman that he would’nt like doing the same act again. He made this point which implies that clearly he did’nt do what he did with his will.
    Yeah. Definetly sounds like a third party pulling the string behind his action.
    Assuming your words as true, then Isn’t Hayato allowing himself to be manipulated by Haruno to accomplish what she desires without his saying in the matter? Because to me, it sounds like he’s an obedient and trained pet existing only as doormat for Haruno.

    • Maybe ithis comment was for me… And Yes! I totally agree with you. The thing is bothering me is why Haruno ask that to Hayato? Was it to make Hikigaya act in some way in front Yukino? Was to make Hayato looks interesting in Yukino pointview (once that Haruno knows that Yukino found this stuff about Hikigaya noticiable)? Or any other reason? Does she (Haruno) have been supportive to Hikki-Yukino development, or does she have been a disguised foe?

    • lets just say this
      1.To teach orimoto and her friend a lesson , about to value other person not by look.
      2.To defend hachiman’s honor in the eyes of orimoto
      3.To get hachiman and hayama understand each-other better
      4.To push the student council candidacy from hayama to yukino
      5.To make yukino to realize her wrong ways of pushing others to do her work
      6.To make hachiman realize his own worth and to make him understand the pain he cause to people close to him
      7.To make yukino and yui jealous of the double date
      8.The main reason is to meddle with three favorite people and to enjoy their reactions.

      Just one incident is not going to make hayama a hero or hachiman a villan..

    • and also to help hayama to break him from going to dates with those girls again. He is the guy who doen’t choose anything

    • All of the listed reasons seems probable.
      though #6’s way out of line for a an explanation regarding Haruno’s action towards the protaganists.

    • well if you want to show some one what they are doing is wrong, Show their method in-front of them . and thus we can show the effect or the result of the method

    • I totally disagree with you mate. Running through your items…
      1.There’s no reason to Haruno teaches Orimoto any lesson… Cause what Orimoto said about her middle school relation with Hikigaya happened to be the truth.
      2.Haruno is not a fortune telling character. How she could possibly guessed that Orimoto would make a fun with Hikigaya through the date.
      3.Haruno GUIDED Hayama actions. He’s not like he was being hiself. And of course… Their reltionship turned even worst after that dating.
      4.Yes… And this turned to be a problem! Would directly interfer in Service Club members relationship.
      5.It was not Yukino work! It was Iroha work… And quite frankly, what this do have to trouble Haruno in first inspection? She was clearly provoking Yukino to act wrong! And she got it! Yukino took the bait and ended in disagreement with Yui and Hikigaya.
      6.Here I understand… But why did Hayama have to wait Yukino and Yui presence to speak up? (Do you see my point?)
      7.Yes… But look at the Yukino and Gahama pointview… Hikigaya was having a date! They did not know about the circumstances… And this could turn down Hikigaya in their pointview.
      8.Sorry… I really don’t believe it! Haruno may look as she just meddling, but I think she’s really have other purpose.

      You talk about “just one incident”, but this is not like that. There were several incidents where Haruno meddle… And come to think… She meddle every moment since she meet them at the first time. So… I don’t think it’s impossible either Haruno be guiding Hayama to Yukino, either be guiding Yukino to fullfill her family position, or even acting focused on Hikigaya (and taking Yukino out of her way). Anyway… The only thing clear in my pointview is that Haruno’s meddling are more a nuiance than a helping hand in Yukino-Hikki relationship.

    • Dude
      you totally refuted every single sound reasoning circling around for the possible explanation to Haruno’s meddling and inteferences (ignoring #8).
      Eliminating them all surely mean you already have a more convincing spec structured in mind to your own thread by now, dont you? If you do have one, kindly state so. Considering Haruno’s enigmatic behaviour and my craving for the next volume, Any convincing theory would like put my mind at ease right now (-_-) .

    • Wow! Take it easy mate! I’m just especulating about the weird stuffs about Haruno actions. Naturally I’m not sure… It’s just guessing work… About a convincing theory… Well… Let’s suppose that I’m right… That Haruno is trying to put Hayama toward Yukino (one of my suppositions). This would explain why she’s trying to discover Yukino career path, and why Hayama said that “he have nothing to choose” about it. Have you wonder the possibility that Haruno is trying to discover Yukino path career to guide Hayama?

      When do I started to think this possibility? I put in item 6 of my previous… (But it’s alright we will see if I’m right or wrong… Don’t bother, this is just, you know, ideas…)

    • Haruno never tried to know to find yukino’s career path, she just want to know whether yukino would tell hachiman or not,the thing she refuse to tell her own sister and mother
      Yukino choose her path in volume 6, remember the final chapter.Hayama chose it before volume 10. they both have absolutely no idea of each others choice

    • Sorry… It’s not career path what I meant to say… It’s about science or liberal arts. In this case YES Haruno ask to Hikigaya to discover what path Yukino will follow. And it was in this volume (10) that Hikigaya asked Yukino about it, as much he asked Hayama. And Hayama told that he has “nothing to choose”. Please people… It’s only me that read it between the lines… That Hayama will do whatever his family order for him to do??? Are there nobody here who can spot such possibility?

    • Sorry for my poor english

      1.Teaching doesn’t necessarily means for the past but for the future action.in their final encounter of hachiman and orimotto ,she said

      “Hikigaya, you sure have changed. Like back then, I thought you were super boring too.But to think someone’s boring might’ve been a problem with the person who thought so, huh?” Implying she didn’t know him well in middle school and assumed him to be like that .

      2.Orimotto humiliated or insulted hachiman in-front of haruno . how haruno cannot be hachiman’s girlfriend and all , she laughed at him. Even you and I can guess what she would do the same on a date

      3.She just provided a platform to understand each-other,You can’t blame her for their misunderstandings.Hayama and hachiman tried to talk after the incident. but only futile

      4.It seems the service club asked hayama to be a candidate ,He is a guy who can’t says yes or no.which is clearly stated in the same chapter of the double date.He already had football club responsibility, how can he manage both.

      5.You definitely misunderstand here.From haruno’s point of view yukino always relied on someone-else for everything.Every request is fulfilled by hachiman. Now the Iroha request is being dumped on hayama, which made haruno unhappy,yukino is not able to do anything on her own,Yukino accept her flaws to hachiman in Disneyland incident

      Besides friendship cannot reset ,just like that you know. The problem itself started because.yukino and yui didn’t want hachiman to be hurt by others word. he is always being a scape goat is the root cause of their conflict

      If he had done that earlier than that means Game over.He just want to show hachiman’s acquaintance in-front of orimotto. He already showed his harsh side in the roof top remember.Yukino definitely heard about it. so she knows he is capable of being harsh. But not capable of losing his image
      besides harno shows up in the end and provokes yukino.

      Yukino gave a cold stare to both haruno and hayama implementing that she realize that they teamed up against her.

      7.com on. Every one including yukino and yui knows, how hachiman has bad luck with the ladies, He rejected yui’s kindness when he came to know that she was the owner of the dog.he didn’t want anything from pity,The problem was later discussed in front of yukino.He told number of stories of his bad luck with the girls to both yukino and yui throughout the series, they themselves say his behaviors are disgusting and gross,
      Do you really thing they would believe hachiman to be on a date on his own.even if they do they will only get jealous and possessive over hachiman.They very well know how hayama and hachiman have difficulty in getting together .They surely knows that the girls came there for hayama only.

      8.Hayama in previous chapter said that
      “She’ll meddle so much with what she likes to the point of killing it. For the things she hates, she’d go the extra mile to crush them.”
      Yukino also mentioned how haruno always meddle with her during her childhood days leading to her fear for rides in the amusement park.

      In volume 6 she present herself as an enemy for the growth of yukino.Yes all her meddlesome has an hidden objective.But purely for the welfare of all.remember how she meddle in the cultural conference and thus teaching everyone the importance of their job.she taught lesson for sagami as well. it was her meddlesome that show hachiman’s kind nature and brought yukino and hachiman closer. Kanji of human, roof top incident.

      In volume 4 she clearly threatened yui ,when she interrupted haruno teasing hachiman to be in a date with yukino.she told yui to stay awy from hachiman that he belonged to yukino with smile and a cold stare.
      in the same volume she showed her lament of how yukino is not chosen when she saw yui with hachiman during fire work festival.

      Please do read volume 8 again, you will definitely get a clear idea than my explanation.

    • Fellow… I understand and agree with almost all your points (these are the general idea around 90% of the readers), but not your conclusion about these points. We are seeing the same action but understanding in different ways. For example… This “relying” stuff about Yukino just appeared recently in Haruno and (maybe) Hayama thoughts. You are putting this like a definitive truth, when this could be just Haruno and Hayama pointview. So… Does Yukino have a “relying” mania? Mate… She just started to trust Yuigahama at the end of that Festival! Maybe… This stuff happened years ago… Then I ask you: Could not this be just Haruno and Hayama impression? Relacted to Yukino past more than present?

      Plus… Everybody is relying too much in Hayama words and Haruno shepherd pie. And also putting too much brain power in Haruno actions. Till now it’s like she knows everything! Even the reaction of people in the future! You are all saying that she predicted all Hikigaya action through the Cultural Faestival! So… She also predicted Sagami turned down… Her sister suffering (and falling ill)… Yuigahama support… Oh my God! This Haruno is really something!!!

      I don’t believe it fellows… I don’t believe it… In my suspicions Haruno can have rejected Hikigaya since their first meet. Maybe, in her pointview, Hikigaya never been on the “league” of Yukinoshita family. So… She could be acting to turn down Hikigaya as much to re-inforce Hayama towards her sister.

      I know there are plenty of possibilities around these stufff, but “What if….?” (LOL) What if is Haruno who have a engagement with Hayama, and she wants to pass “the ball” to Yukino in hope to free herself?

      Anyway… It’s just thoughts about it… Not a real and well based contradiction about what you’re thinking. You can be right too…

    • The relying thing was brought up since volume 6. It’s not a totally new thing that’s just brought up. She has developed a relying or chasing after someone’s shadow habit since the beginning of the series. In fact, it’s almost like the author wrote it this way. It’s not a past problem because it was never solved. The tension and pressure of being in Haruno’s shadow is observed in volume 4-6 and Haruno commented on this subject in those volumes too.

      Why do you hold so much disregard for Hayama’s and Haruno’s opinions and observations? They hold weight. They have known for years in the past and they offer insight on what goes on in Yukino’s mind.

      I seriously do not see any actions by Haruno that could lead Yukino to Haruno. Haruno keeps bringing up Yukino around HIki, keeps meeting up with Hiki outside of school to talk about Yukino.

    • Well… I’m seeing different of your pointview… First, be in Haruno shadow and relies in Haruno are two different things (in my pointview). So… For me this “relying” subject just appeared this last volume. Naturally I understand that your pointview can be right if we look at the fact that Hikigaya is always the person who solve the problems (Service Club). But I still have some doubts if these can be called “rely”. How can I put this? Hmmm… I’m not seeing Yukino dependence at this matter…
      And about why I’m desregarding Hayama and Haruno opinions… It’s just that they told this stuff to Hikkigaya by some reason. And this reason its not clear (at least… not clear to me). For example… Hayama told in camp travel that he likes someone which name start with “Y”. But in the double dating he tolds Hikigaya he never liked any woman. Got it what I mean? I don’t know if they are being honest to Hikigaya.
      And about that hypothesis that I wrote… Well… It’s just a hypothesis, but to understand in that way you have to consider that Yukino really felt in love for Hikigaya (since the beginning) and Haruno could be trying to “stamping” this out of her sister showing, for example, how much unreliable Hikigaya is. Nobody is commenting this here, but remains the fact that Yukinoshita family have a status too much superior than Hikigaya, and that first meeting with Haruno, and the way she “meddled” to both (Yukino and Hikigaya)… I don’t know fellow…

  68. In the end, theories are just theories. While in certain cases they might be true, more often than not, they are just whole based self-assumptions obviously wrong in general. (sounds familiar,does’nt it? XD )
    You could pretty much imagine the author himself, in a ‘what if’ scenario, giggling like a little girl after rummaging through our thesis as most of them would contradict to what he have actually planned to write regarding the next volume.

    • A good majority of these “theories” aren’t exactly correct in the first place. A lot of guesswork that don’t make sense at all.

    • This hurts me! LOL! But it’s true… I usually raving too much about LN’s. I hope not being a hindrance in your forum Excorsism.

  69. Frog -kun translated the first chapter of 4th volume. I was wondering 4th volume covers the chiba village summer camp incident. volume 6 covers sagami and the cultural festival incident, What does volume 5 covers?

  70. Volume 5 Possibly covers the summer vacations of 8man and the activities going around him in a detailed manner which the anime didn’t highlight and the Firework festival arc. This is the volume where Hachiman,for the first time, states that he hates himself.

  71. HARUNO SAN is far better than Yukino Chan in any way . FACT .

    Comment System here is too messed up . Really . 1 simple free plugin bbpress would do a far better job of ordering everything here

    As i said earlier in my comment Hikigaya and Haruno San are the Only one shining in this whole Light Novel . A fact is readers/viewers are more engaged with characters and their life than what Wataru Wataru says in all chapters . Human Sociology is the Art perfected by Watari Wataru and you can see Hikigaya speak about society and the general humans interaction process in good detail . It is kind of funny that how much efforts Wataru Wataru put in describing all the Social Actions and Reactions and yet readers/viewers mostly concentrate on what characters do and what characters say .

    I just Read Chapter 004 Yesterday Translated by Frog-Kun and Chapter 001 is quite interesting . It has 1 very beautiful long dialogue

    I like to read the way Watari Wataru mentions society and talk about things that happens to humans .

    I have also seen People giving less credit to Yukino Chan by putting all efforts >>>>> is the results of following Haruno San

    If you are a human and you have capabilities or Talent then surely you want to do many things . AMBITIONS . Surely Haruno San is an
    encouragement to Yukino Chan but saying Yukino Chan do this and that so that Yukino Chan can compete with Haruno San feels quite wrong. So Going for a SPORT is way to compete with Haruno San but it also means Yukino Chan believes that a person should utilise their time to the maximum and optimally and learning different things make capable people happy .

    So Learning Tennis >>>> This feeling naturally comes to Yukino Chan than being completely coming from the feeling to compete with Haruno San .

    Yukino Chan admires Haruno San . Fact . But saying Yukino chan do this and that because of Haruno San is wrong .

    Student Council president Election : someone can brought this up but i have a different view regarding this matter

    REALISTIC CHARACTES : Yukino Chan and Hayama seem far away from Realistic . Just take a look at those having High IQ and you find they are rarely best or perfect well no human in this world is perfect but the kind of Attitude to Actions Yukino Chan and Hayama Show appears unrealistic .

    Hikigaya Hachiman : You all can relate to Hikigaya Hachiman because Hikigaya is a simple human but is Hikigaya Hachiman Realistic
    All things happened with Hikigaya actually do happen in human world but as said by Yuigahama Yui Chan at the fireworks festival so many things has happened with Hikigaya that it is quite unusual .

    What Hikigaya Say and What happened with Hikigaya not necessirly happen with Humans . I HATE NICE GIRLS happened with many similarly this thing never happened with others many . So What Watari Wataru does is try to capture Audience or Customers by Telling all these
    Actions that have so far happened . Similarly Wataru Wataru Bring and introduce Zaimoukuza and Totuka Saika and Ebina Chan
    again targeting the audience and customers .

    Why Hikigaya appear realistic and relatable is because of all these actions that have occurred so far and Every Action is Relatable to Humans at one point of time or other . BUT This put Hikigaya Just few steps ahead of Yukino Chan and Hayama

    so where are the Realistic Characters >>>>> Sagami Chan . YES . Sagami Chan . Miura Yumiko Chan . YES
    Yuigahama Yui Chan . YES .
    I have yet to see someone like Tobe but loud mouth people you can find easily . You can see girls and boys like Sagami Chan friends

    I have yet to see someone having High IQ being perfect or really shinning . They have capabilities and they use their time skillfully
    But Being BEST AT EVERYTHING >>>>> is too much .

    HARUNO SAN what can i say . if we look at the way Haruno San act then surely It shows Haruno Chan also few steps ahead of Yukino Chan and Hayama .

    I am not against Capabilities but the way they are shown in manga and specially in Light Novels it just make the characters look Unrealistic.

    So far i haven’t seen any person like Hikigaya Hachiman or Yukino Chan or Hayama . High IQ . High academic people i and many others regularly see in their life . But being best at everything is too much

    Hard work + Smart work go together : Having talent and still you have to work hard to remain at top >>>>> Hayama Studying at mobile and Yukino Chan attending Summer Vacation Classes >>>>> SEE This is realistic .

    • You have no idea what you’re talking about.

      No one’s here to discuss realism in anime, Einstein. If you want to discuss meta elements, do it somewhere else. This is your only warning. Any more comments like this will be deleted though I’m tempted to delete it right now since you’ve been on my blacklist for a while.

      Also, putting FACT after every statement doesn’t make them one, genius.

    • you can do anything as you are admin : did i irked some idiot waifu creature ? u can have any1 in blacklist like anyone care what u bark.
      realism n anime : better try to get the idea what you wish to talk about .
      truth is truth : comment system is messed up : even a 5 year kid have used bbpress at least once. how much a webhost cost? how much a domain cost ? i can point 5 more shortcomings which are FACT AND TRUTH hurr durr I’m a retard
      The 1st line FACT is quite delicious isn’t it ? . ohh poor soul spare some money on site too: posting fanfic pics and adding background pic which is not even visible to anyone not makes any site 5star .
      keep your arrogance and fake pride to yourself . FACT

    • Good job on proving how much of an idiot you are. Go learn some actual English before actually trying to argue something.

      I’m guessing you’re the same ESL retard trying to discuss irrelevant shit in the 4chan threads. No one cares about the pretentious bullshit you spout, so fuck off. Not here, not on Animesuki, nor on 4chan.

      By the way, opinion != fact, go look up a dictionary. Time to exercise WordPress’s blacklist/filter setting to see if it works.

    • Ignore him Excorsism it’s a waste of time, banning him or anyone else is also a waste of time.
      Though I lol’ed at the pic. Hey, having a good laugh once in a while is good!

      I shouldn’t give this guy more attention than he deserves

      There you got it !
      Anyways, Happy CNY for those who celebrates. Take care !

    • Here, here fellow… You’re mixing up reality with novel characters stereotypes.(LOL) If you noticed there is a pattern of stereotypes in novels, mangas and animes… Stuffs like, the brain, the beauty, the popular, the badass, the coolest, mixed up with moe, tsundere, alienated, and other characters conceptions are found in any work. Human being is more complex than that.

    • He’s just presenting arguments from a regular novel reader’s perspective. Basically, this guy has no idea how Light novels are supposed to be -_- .

    • hmm… you know, at one point, your argument is valid, if viewed from your own life experience and perspective.

      But from someone like me who is pretty much rejected by society (they always see me like a weird, disgusting, creepy, or whatever person), have bad personality (not delinquent way, just very interverted, and lazy), and just some friends (can be counted by fingers), i can feel related to Hikigaya’s life. And since i have two friends that can do everything right, smart, well known, but one is pretty distanced from others (pretty weird on some way or another), i can relate them like Yukino and Hayato (both are my rivals if the test session coming, and i always placed third in the end 😥 ). So, being smart and can do everything is up to the person in question experience, brain, and hard work in the past, and this LN not showing their past or background too deep.

      And if you talking about Realistic Character, then your argument is also valid. Because they’re what “Normal” students are like. But i think this LN is about Slice of Life story of us, what you (self proclaimed) “Normal” called “Weirdos”, “Genius”, “Society Trash”, “Weird Beings”, “Failures” or whatever not “Normal”, living our life, helping you “Normal Fags” to the point sacrificing ourself, and get criticized if we fail to meet your “self served” Expectations (seriously, ask for permission before placing your expectations) or did it on the weird way.

      Well, in the end, what you people call “Reality” or “Facts” or “Normal” or whatever are just based on your own Perspective, Knowledge or Standard, there’s nothing absolute. And no offence, just sharing what i think from my view point. And sorry for it to turn into something disturbing and long.

    • Majority of the oregairu readers agree with you as we can all relate to the MC. I Feel you bro….
      (Though not many of us have strikingly familiar friends as the LN. Wait, did you act ually place 3rd in your tests? Or is that a joke? XD )

    • lol, thanks bro, and yeah, i placed 3rd on final exam of my junior high (3rd throughout my school XD ). But on high school, well, i just didn’t care anymore about studying (i got my first laptop, and started obsessed on Anime and Manga XD )

    • LOL! If you notice fellow, you can see yourself (or part of yourself) in any anime, manga, or LN character. This is a part of the public “cool reading” made by producers. And naturally, the authors follow this system. This is well studied in psychology (Barnum effect and Forer’s demonstration), and can be used to create this “mirrows characteristics” with the readers. Anyway… This is far away from this discussion…

    • Ha… Who the heck do you think you are?
      Are you seriously going to walk into a domain to judge how people read books?
      Are you one of those people in English class that says, green is a foreshadowing that one day it will end red while it clearly only means go?
      People are aware of Wateru’s Human Sociology writing is amazing and that is the reason they can feel the way about the book as they can now.

      Now to the realistic people.
      Did you always go to low level schools or something?
      Have you really never seen high level IQ people seeming to be great in everything they do?

      If you didn’t, you can’t ever judge the world in any perspective. You think you are all high on knowing how the world goes and lives. Absolutely no one can understand. The people at my school are national level, good at soccer, state level orchestra in cello, good enough in games, (as of all Asians) knows martial arts (lol…) and also very social. That is the domain of a private high school like Sobu High. I can’t say you are dumb cause of the level of pretentious intellect you have mustered to write the comment but judging people and pretending to know their life is the worst thing you can do. I can only imagine how such a private school will have even greater people.
      You can say hard work and smart work come together and I can not deny that is correct, but Wateru is making this light novel a novel to enjoy not someone constantly at their desk studying.

      Seriously, who would want to hear about calculating standard reduction potentials of a galvanic cell or see someone intensively reading “War and Peace”?

      Wateru is writing through Hikigaya’s eyes who says what he sees which seems like they are good at everything, in which they are not. To easily believe a person based on what they seem to be marks you shallow.
      Wateru is pushing all the limits to realistic situations by creating unlikely scenarios and from reading it, you can relate and it’s great!~
      This is for readers, the only unreal thing is the nature of anime and light novels. People usually do not voice their actions or say exaggerated things in reality. Please stop declaring out half-assed views and declare them true, its bothersome.

      By the way, its hilarious on how you are always trying to look good by saying:
      “I just Read Chapter 004 Yesterday Translated by Frog-Kun and Chapter 001 is quite interesting . It has 1 very beautiful long dialogue”
      Yes.. yes.. it does…
      And also: “What Hikigaya Say and What happened with Hikigaya not necessarily happen with Humans”
      Very good punctuation and grammar for both. Its another stereotypical post of someone that does not know what they are talking about.

    • Usually high iq people are still not perfect in their own way.Exp: smart and athlete but no freedom(private schools are the obvious ones) people who usually gets ingored (he probably never see the people around him) or extremely smart(usually in awkward conversation)

  72. Sidenote: Yukinoshita did attend tuition classes back in their vacations. Since we’re talking about the top student taking extra classes despite her academic excellence, the same could be said for Hayama Hayato too, who’s the second central popular/nerd student of Sobu high.

  73. damnnn, i thought this LN was about love like any other rom com novels, i did not expect it to be this complicated, and i dont know confusing at times?haha. trying to decipher the meanings behind things, reading between the lines,although my brain hurts trying to do all that, its great! watari is a genius really. btw, haruno is a very complex and complicated character! i got goosebumps tbh.

  74. Your benevolence is seriously great. It must be pretty hard translating all this and yet you do it without any cost. You are seriously great . I didn’t read LN but you see, this LN hooked me up. I don’t like people who disregard LN. But keeping all talks aside, you seriously are great. How do you get so much time(wondering, are you a higher being??)

  75. Many speculate that orimoto did those horrible things without her intention or knowledge,

    1.If so why didn’t she send an email to Hachiman inviting him to the double date like Hayama?
    2.Did she think lowly of Hayama at the end of double date?
    3.If she is feeling resentful of her past action,Why didn’t she ask apologies?
    4.And she seems to avoid any meeting with hayama, But doesn’t bother to talk to hachiman,Whom she hurted?
    5.Why does she shows interest to see Yukino and Yui?
    6.How come she casually talk to hachiman after the double date and after all the horrible thing she said?
    7.She herself realized that Hachiman is trying to avoid her,But why didn’t she care about it?
    8.How come she didn’t make Hachiman confession as a joke,when explaining her relationship with Hachiman to Isshiki,While she casually told the story to Haruno?
    9.What does Nakawachi ,friend of orimoto take that incident to be?and what’s her opinion of hayama and hachiman before and after double date?
    10.What is the opinion of Yukino and yui about orimoto? did they know that she is the girl whom hachiman confessed in the past?
    11.What is orimoto opinion of yui and yuino? and what does she mean by “i see” after seeing them?
    12.Will orimoto or any other hachiman’s old school mate appear again?
    13.What is the meaning of the bellow lines

    “But to think someone’s boring might’ve been a problem with the person who thought so, huh?”

    • What I speculated from my POV:
      1. Can’t argue about that.
      2. No, she was probably more confused what happened at the end of the date.
      3. It’s weird to go out with a guy after she talks to him for 2/3 times. Specially in case of Orimoto who tries to get involved in others’ business, she may spew jokes but they don’t have any ill intent.
      4. Yes, it would be awkward meeting both of them, but in case of Hikigaya she just wanted to know what changed him from his middle school days.
      5. What is the thing that they could see in Hikigaya which she can’t.
      6. Same as 3rd point, she might be trying to find out what kind of guy he is and trying to figure out did she go in the wrong route or was there any other possible future.
      7. It was the bicycle scene isn’t it. Here she came to make a final conclusion of what she had found out till now and was resolute to settle it.
      8. A lot of things might be going on in her mind after the double date. So she might be just being cautious and not taking lightly of Hikigaya’s confession.
      9. Nakawachi barely spoke anything relevant in the volume so we can’t put proper lights to it.
      10.Nothing, these two never spoke to Orimoto, so they don’t have any opinion on her. Also they don’t know about the confession.
      11.The looks they were giving to Hikigaya and herself might have made her realize something, which she misunderstood that he was dating either of them. ‘I see’ can deciphered as ‘there are girls who take Hikigaya seriously.’
      12.Can’t say.
      13.It can be said as, ‘a person who thinks that another guy is boring may himself be a troubled guy to see another person as boring.’ Here, when she mentioned that she thought Hikigaya to be a boring guy in middle school, it might have been her fault/problem to think likewise.
      14.She may have the mail ID, as Hikigaya mentioned it in volume 2 ch 1. In volume 8 ch 5 he might be trying to find an excuse why they might have failed to send a mail.
      Hope these answers can satisfy and clear your doubts in my crude English. Otherwise you may seek help from admin(Excorsism).

    • Please do again explain your answer for my 6th question mentioned above,What do you mean by possible future ?

      Thanks a few more questions by the way
      1.What is orimoto opinion of Haruno and especially haruno’s view and opinion of orimoto and hachiman individually after haruno met orimoto?
      2.Is orimoto a bad person?
      3.Orimoto said that hachiman and orimoto never talked in middle school,If that so how come she judge him to be something?
      4.Why did nakawashi gave an apathetic eyes,When hachiman gave his suggestion of food in double date? Did nakawashi also looked down on him?Did orimoto looked down on Hachiman?
      5.Did yukino and yui see that as a double date?
      6.In earlier volume orimoto didn’t reply his mail like MAILER DAEMON case,Why didn’t see had a conversation when Hachiman himself tried his best to talk to her?
      7.What did orimoto learned about Hachiman after Christmas collaboration event?Was there anything Hilarious in their conversation as she state to be like”HILARIOUS”?
      8.Was she having guilty conscious about her poor treatment of hachiman?
      9.Yukino still seems to glare at orimoto at the Committee why?
      10.Is orimoto trying to mend her relationship with hachiman?
      11.Is hachiman regret confessing to a person name orimoto ,If so why? he didn’t bother to fake a confession
      12.Why is hayama think it is funny ,when he learn’t orimoto to be the type of girl Hachiman liked?
      13.So did Hachiman really changed?I don’t think hachiman changed much from middle school,The only change is , back then he tried to talk to girls and confessed his feeling to few , is that a bad thing? or something need to be changed ?,If hayama did that they won’t mind and might have gone out with him?
      14.What is Hayama’s opinion of orimoto and her friend?
      15.Is it really the problem of orimoto to think Hachiman lowly?
      16.Similarly what does she means by the following lines

      <“Like today, didn’t you say something out of nowhere? Normally if your boyfriend was like that, you totally wouldn’t be able to stand it, you know. Totally don’t get what you meant either.”

      When I asked, Orimoto spoke as she cackled seemingly laughing while reminiscing of something. But she suddenly withdrew her laugh and looked down the road. In the direction she was looking was where our middle school was supposed to be.

      “But as a friend, it might work out. You’re hilarious after all… Well, whatever though.” >

      What does it means I can’t read between the lines?

      Thank you so much for clearing all my questions friend

    • again i forgot one thing
      17.You said that It’s weird to go out with a guy after she(orimoto) talks to him(Hachiman) for 2/3 times.But She was ready to go out with Hayama who she never met till then?

    • Answer for previous post: 6. Possible future may be- she accepted his proposal and are dating now, going to the same school or anything else like be in contact with each other even after going to different schools, etc.
      1. Haruno-san has an atmosphere where normal people used to take a liking to her, Orimoto is also one of them. Orimoto was just fascinated by her. In case of Haruno-san she thought Orimoto as another being to amuse herself. Put it simply just a scapegoat for her fun(teasing Hikigaya).
      2. No Orimoto is a good person with a meddling onee-san type personality.
      3. ‘Judge him’ here are u referring to Hachiman being a boring guy in POV of Orimoto is it? Then it’s just a prejudice or stereotyping that, a person who doesn’t talk too much and is socially inept is always regarded as a boring guy.
      4. Well I’m not familiar with what kind of service or food is provided in Saizeriya . So, can’t say.
      5. [Just speculation]At that moment they might have been confused by what he was doing with Hayama & 2 girls, but later they might have given it a thought. Or they might have grasped the situation as Hikigaya got caught to even out the numbers with Hayama-fan-girls, since he doesn’t have that many friends.
      6. MAILER DAEMON is more of a program which notifies you that-your mail was not delivered due to some reasons, this implies he was blocked by a lot of people. Now to your question, in Japan(mainly in light novel/mangas) people generally text each other after they become quite close. In vol 2 it is implied that she did get mail from Hikigaya, but to Orimoto it was more creepy since she was not close to him(similar to attached girlfriend, source: YouTube).
      7. She might have realized that Hikigaya looked at things in more of a realistic manner, and won’t stand down even against the tide. He always kept on raising question when there was no one to put a brake in their discussion. She might have thought of him as a funny guy by the way he was acting in the conference, but got a proper understanding when Yukinoshita put bluntly the problem of the committee. Every answer he gave mainly made fun of himself may that’s why she felt it funny.
      8. Rather than guilt more of reflecting on her actions, if you feel guilty you generally tend to avoid the guy.
      9. Yukino always glares every-other person except few. There is no special meaning to it, it’s more like examining her or trying to remember her since she always forget about people who are not significant to her for e.g, Zaimokuza or Tobe.
      10.Yes, it is seen in the ch 9 she treated Hikigaya with a tea meaning- ‘well lets forget about the past, with this it is plus minus zero. From here on lets be friends.’ Similar to how Hikigaya gave Yuigahama a gift to call it even.
      11.Hikigaya has a lot things in his past to regret, but he doesn’t regret on any, since regretting means rejecting your current-self, and living a fake life.
      12.Hikigaya was a type of guy who tries to keep people at bay, buy Orimoto tries to overcome the wall to become closer to other people. They are total opposite.
      13.No, he didn’t change rather he just started over again, studied hard to leave his middle school life behind by going to a reputed school far from his locality and trying to learn from his past mistake. He was quite excited to have a new school life but the unfortunate incident happened[But in my POV he was lucky to get involved in that accident(shipment snickers), hey is there anyone judging me?]. Now to your second part if you are invited for a coffee by a celebrity and by another Tom-Dick&Harry who would you prefer.
      14.From Hayama POV every people are good, he doesn’t think them to be bad person rather those who are treating people from their first impession(as they say first impression lasts long). He was basically acting out Hikigaya’s Cultural-Fest performance on these girls to prove Hikigaya’s worth.
      15.Most of the Slytherins thought lowly of Hermione, since she is a muggle. It’s obvious that the fault/problem lies with these people to think like that even if she was a top ranking student in the school. The example was more on the violent side compared to this novel.16.There are no hidden meaning behind the lines. Basically she won’t be able to date such outrageous person as him. But they can continue as friends, while remembering the past between them.
      17.Basically 2nd half of (13).

    • Is orimoto (after the christmas conference) believes that Hachiman have a thing forone of the two girls and the girls to have a same for him?

    • Former don’t think so, he flat out rejected that he was dating any of them, they were just his club mates, and told her- he will not involve them in this event. Moreover she did not witness any scene where it might have shown he deeply cares for them. Later case hhhmmmm…. may be, the way they were looking each other after the date might have hinted her something.

    • Final question what does orimoto means by this lines

      “Like today, didn’t you say something out of nowhere? Normally if your boyfriend was like that, you totally wouldn’t be able to stand it, you know. Totally don’t get what you meant either.”

    • I took the face value of what was written. My first language is not English so I don’t know if there was any hidden meaning to it. Also translating a line from one language to other might lose it’s nuance. I myself know 6 different languages, while retelling a joke from one language loses it’s value in other[maybe I’m not good at telling jokes, but lot of respect for excorsism to able to do that].
      What I understood is instead of working together for the event Hikigaya started to lecture Tamanawa[if that was his name] about what he was doing, which could have created a rift between these two schools if not for Yukinoshita and Yuigahama’s interference. The second sentence said that Orimoto will never be able to date a person like him.

    • Reading these lines over really make me want to go back and edit these volumes. Anyway, the point was “There’s no way I’d date a guy who’d do stuff like that (as in blurt out stuff like that). I mean, that’s totally embarrassing. What were you even trying to say, anyway?”

      From what I can remember at least. She’s basically evaluating him as a potential boyfriend after actually getting to know Hachiman a bit more.

    • She’s not “rejecting” anyone. She’s just re-evaluating him in light of what she learned about him. What’s done is done.

    • Hey Excorsism from your answer to Kon, i to doubt something
      Orimoto also do the same (blurt out stuff like that) ,we can see that in Hachiman case in cafe shop with Haruno to double date ,She kept on blurting out things about Hachiman.So why can she accept Hachiman for the same character?

    • Sorry friend i can’t agree with you
      If you are saying that Orimoto is not a bad person ,then please do explain this
      In volume 1 states that when hachiman confessed to Kaori orimoto she says that lets be friends , but never spote to him again.Later she comes and meet him with haruno she used his confession as a joke.
      2.She used him to lure Hayama and never invited hachiman to outing
      3.Even in outing she never once consulted hachiman and flirted with only Hayama.
      4.The only time she talked to hachiman is to move the conversation as a joke and to laugh at him.
      5. Even her friend Chika Nakawhachi laughed at Hachiman and busted laughing at the last moment of outing.

    • Can’t argue if you put it that way. But lets see.
      1. First she approached Hikigaya from her side, which shows a level of acknowledgement. In middle school she was just confused from his sudden confession. She did made a joke out of his confession, maybe because she thought it was a long time ago and they are over it. But she didn’t had any ill intent nor did she try to look down on him.
      2. While in the movie she said that it was hard to believe that he was out watching a movie with them. She might have assumed that he was an indoor type guy. But still it doesn’t justify why she didn’t invite him.
      3. She did ask Hikigaya what to eat, and tried to bring up past topics which unluckily was not a good memory of him.
      4. Maybe she was trying to be considerate by bringing him into their gossip/discussion, so that he was not left out. But the topics she brought up just worsened his situation. Due her meddling onee-san personality she just casually said what ever she had in her mind unlike a certain other onee-san.

      My answers even to me feels like I’m giving out excuses to prove Orimoto was a good person. But I still want to think her as one.
      Unlike Sagami who tried to avoid Hikigaya while passing him after the fest(based upon vol 6, have not read 6.5), Orimoto actually came and talked to him even after what happened.

    • No seriously, why can’t I just write the authors name like this and say whatever I want.

      I could probably say a lot of really BS things too. People would probably believe it, that’s the sad part.

      You know, I reckon all you need to do is study the comments posted on the yahare ore no seishun facebook page, and you could make a pretty convincing author.


    • I think that hachiman doesn’t mind getting plucking holes from orimoto but if involved with yui and yukinoshita he gets pretty emotional.(the fake confession in chapter 7 he did got the girls emotional instead)

    • Combination of pity that he didn’t need and being seen in a situation by the two girls he didn’t want to be seen by the most.

    • Why seen by those two girls is making him angry, i know he is angry because of that but why?what is it had to do with them?

    • You really need to think harder on this. Hachiman acts like he doesn’t care if he gets hurt, but that’s not entirely true. At least, that only applies with people he doesn’t care about. But Yukino and Yui are different, they’re not “other people” to him at this point in the story. Couple with the fact that he isn’t proud of his past, do you think he’d find it perfectly fine for the two people he’s closest with outside of his family to see all the shame he wanted to keep tucked away? Obviously this isn’t the only (maybe not even main) reason as to why he’s angry, but it’s part of it.

      People aren’t robots, events happen, people are affected in one form or other.

    • I can understand your answer to his question ,But didn’t Hachiman already told his past shame to the the Club members time to time ,Even in Tobe’s request ,he told the aftermath of his confession to Orimoto Kaori

    • He was angry because Hayama was trying to lecture him about self sacrifice. Hayama was acting like Hikigaya when he told off the girls… It was a plot (probably made by Haruno) to take Hikigaya in consideration. And once Hikigaya noticed the paralelism with his own attitude (in Rumi, Sagami, and Tobi situation), he got angry.

  76. Hey guys ,I was wondering whether the car accident was hit and run?,

    because both hachiman and yui doesn’t know that it was yukino’s car until the fireworks
    Nothing was mentioned in light novel either,If yukino did take hachiman to the hospital at-least one of the two victims might have known yukino’s involvement.

    • Yeah ,How did Hachiman end up in hospital and how didn’t he know yui who was there as well?

    • yes The author didn’t explain this also
      1.yes ,How did Haruno know that it was Hachiman who was hit by car?She was not in the car
      2.How come Hachiman couldn’t remember Yui from that incident? it did seems that yukino recognize both sable and yui from that incident
      3.Does the yukinoshita family (yukino’s mom & dad ) also know about Hachiman?
      4.Is the same driver Suziki mentioned by haruno in the in the final of the episode, is responsible for the accident?
      5.If the car owner did take him to the hospital at-least they would have mentioned Yukinoshita ,the family name?

    • These should be pretty clear:

      1. The Yukinoshita family is a high profile family, and Haruno’s the oldest daughter. She’s obviously going to be informed of the situation when their driver/relative gets into an accident.
      2. Hachiman was focused only on Sabure when he saved him and apparently Yui visited with get-well gifts, but they probably missed each other (due to him being out cold or sleeping or something else).
      3. It’s very likely the parents or even the entire family know about him, hence that bizarre treatment his mother gave him in volume 10.
      4. They’re a wealthy family so it’s possible they have multiple drivers, if not, then yes. Why wouldn’t the driver be responsible?
      5. He was hit by a car, do you honestly think he’d be conscious? And it’s likely Komachi kept quiet about it and I can think of several reasons why she would do that given Hachiman’s personality.

      It’s likely Yukino did want to talk about the incident at the end of volume 5, but was interrupted by Hachiman. At that point, he was upset with himself, so he didn’t really want to hear anymore and Yukino pretty much lost the timing to say what she wanted to say. It should be clear to the readers that as perfect Yukino may seem to be, she’s awkward and has issues when it comes to communicating (with people she’s close to).

    • Well… People normally don’t meet the uppercase version of themselves all that often as far as I know.

      Anyway, if you mean Yukino, I’m pretty sure she did know about her. But given Yukino’s reputation and ice personality, Yui really didn’t have a reason to try to meet her (she’d probably be too scared anyway). It’s also possible Yukino never got out of the car when the accident happened, so Yui may never have gotten to see who it was. It’s only after the summer camp trip that the pieces started coming together.

    • My guess… Yukino was alone in the back seat, and the driver (an employee) given the responsability over Yukinoshita’s younger daughter, did not stopped to give assistence to Hikigaya. Probably Yukinoshita family paid the hospital bills (and Hikigaya don’t even know or cares about it), or they (Yukinoshita family) were waiting to be charged and this end up not happening… Which could explains Yukino mother cold attitude towards Hikigaya. But… It’s just guesses…

  77. I have one question, Was Yukino planing to be the president of student council,At first she state it as a reason for helping Isshiki, but later shows sign of lamenting of not being able to be the president ? which of it? and Why?

    • Short answer: Yes.

      Why? I personally have to go back and reread but I’m going to make a guess for now.

      So from what I remember, since this is the volume after volume 7 where Hiki did something that upset Yukino, the service club was kind of in an uncomfortable situation. With Yukino and Yui willing to run for president, that would mean the club would either have less meeting times and/or eventually be disbanded. So for Yukino, this could be a sign of eventually wanting to get away from the club because of the awkwardness of the club.

      Another reason is because her sister was a president I believe.

      Another is because she wanted to prove that Hiki’s methods are not the way to so it was sort of a clash of ideologies/methods. Not the competitive type of clash, but the desperate type. To at least validate herself that what Hiki was doing was wrong and blah blah blah.

  78. Excorsism I was wondering with all the talk of something genuine what do you believe Hachiman is getting at. Im just getting slightly worried that this possiblly can end focusing more on (genuine) friendships than his relationship. Which is fine by me cause his friendships in the story are huge but I wont lie and say that I wont be a little disheartened if he doesn’t end up with someone.

  79. Excorsism Just a quick question. Do you think the genuine thing that Hachiman is looking for is friendship or a relationship? I just cant shake the feeling that its possible it could be more focused on friendship which is fine by me but I wont deny that I wont be a little salty there wont be a romantic ending.

  80. If I were to come up with a certain theory with all that’s been talked about up to now, these would be my thoughts:

    Yukino and Haruno are both “relying” on something. IMO, they are both totally under their family/mother/parents’ thumbs as they both seem to be unable to stand for their own choices when faced with their family’s “influence” thus are “totally reliant on their parents’ will”. As seen merely on Yukino’s reactions alone whenever her parents are involved, she appears to not like doing things they tell her to do, but still does it in the end. Haruno, as mentioned before is like a person with a perfect mask. Because in all that time she spent abiding by her parents’ wishes like a tool, she learned to be “happy” even though she really isn’t. This leads to her conclusion that “there is nothing genuine”, because she herself convinced her own mind that she is “happy” when in actuality she’s just pretending to be. It’s a case of “she pretended too much that pretense became real without any true feelings”. This also supports that one time Hiratsuka mentioned Haruno was once her student (seemingly hinting that unlike Hachiman and the girls, she’s her student no more because she’s changed/too far gone for her to help), and may also hint that Yukino is on the same boat as Haruno was once on.
    Haruno is inquiring about Yukino’s course selection because their parents probably have a course they prefer her to take. If the course she told Hachiman she’ll take is that course their parents want, then she’s practically lying to him in that she’s trying to give him something genuine (in this case trust and friendship/companionship). This is what I think would point out to her “relying/using” Hachiman, because he doesn’t know which course her parents want her to take. It’s like she’s feeding her need to be “free/disobedient of her parents’ control” by making Hachiman believe she chose a course she wanted, when in truth it was just a lie and that she will actually take a course she was just told to take (tragedy would come if Hachiman finds this out too late, probably with a study abroad twist or something like that.). Again, Yukino is a prisoner to her family’s influence.
    Hachiman wants a genuine relationship/companionship. But do remember that up to now, he and Yukino still haven’t really told each other anything outright “true” regarding their own feelings (other than that, he wants something genuine). It’s obvious he likes Yukino, but he has never
    even once admitted it to himself (even at least in monologue). Yukino herself is probably the same but is bound by her reliance on following her parents’ will. It is arguable whether Yukino’s parents prefer Hayama to be her romantic partner (thus the “expectations” he’s fulfilling) or not. Regardless, should Hachiman and Yukino openly truly admit to each other that they feel “love” for each other, something big is bound to happen and Hachiman is bound to take big actions again (this time against Yukino’s parents).
    Regarding Haruno’s personality, Hachiman is certainly afraid of her because if my thoughts #1&2 are correct, then it’s like he’s seeing what Yukino will become in the future (pretending to be someone perfect and happy and believing that itself is the truth). It’s the total opposite of his request for something genuine because it’s like he’s talking to a person who’s relying on that illusion and in truth is just a big fat liar lying to herself. Haruno buried her own heart so deep in that “pretense personality” that her actions tend to go both ways in providing hints that Yukino needs help, while at the same time acting as a sort of hindrance to the protagonists. If you observe her actions across all volumes, you see her actions are really skewed with both feelings of helping her sister and following her perfect daughter of the family personality.
    In conclusion, it’s probably hinted by Hachiman in that he doesn’t want to continue reading the book and know the ending, because the hints are already present. It’s like a one-two package, Haruno is what Yukino will become and that course she told him will be a lie because inevitably she fails to muster the courage to oppose her parents’ wishes. Remember, as Hiratsuka mentioned Yukino is the same as Hachiman in that they are both contrary people. Yukino says people need to be saved and people need to change, but the truth might be that she’s afraid herself and is hiding behind that enclosed happiness. Haruno dislikes Yukino’s position because she remembers herself before she became who she is now, and if someone doesn’t save her (Yukino) she will become like Haruno. I think this is also one reason why Haruno seems to be personally interested in Hachiman. If he can save Yukino from becoming like her sister, then Haruno herself will feel saved a little. On the other hand, if Hachiman fails and is caught in the ploy, he will suffer his greatest heartbreak at the hands of Yukino and will probably never be the same again.

    The situation in my opinion, is a three-way fork in the road. Will Hachiman fail to save both sisters and lose Yukino as well as his heart in the process? Or will Yukino herself do something about it (Hachiman-style)? Maybe this time Hayama will choose to do something that only Hachiman would do and save them both at the sacrifice of himself (he’s trying to change, right?)? The status quo is dire and everything seems to hint at something big happening. That pose of Haruno on the Vol. 10 cover (if it IS Haruno and I’m not mistaken) sure hints on her being somewhat loony.

    An interesting note though with the anime S2 adaptation’s first episode now out… During the field trip where Hachiman and Yukino caught Hiratsuka sneaking out and was invited for ramen in the process, the teacher noted that “they should make all the mistakes they can while someone is still looking over them”. My deductive instincts tell me this hints to the story’s ending and why the title is “My Youth Romantic Comedy Is Wrong As Expected”.

    A fair note I would like to make is that sometimes “Comedy” is the word used in works of literature (Dante and the Divine Comedy for example) and yet there really isn’t anything comedic at all in the end, but instead is about all the facts being laid bare for the characters and the resolution of the conflict. As my closing word, I actually prefer that the protagonists realize they’re being silly for complicating their lives with burdens they can actually just overcome by being true to each other and to themselves. This is the comedy IMO and I would really like to see the main pair actually happy together in the end.

  81. I loved your explanation about the word “Comedy” —– but the series is already Comedic as it is, although the part where you said

    protagonists realize they’re being silly for complicating their lives with burdens they can actually just overcome by being true to each other and to themselves

    got my interest —— on the point-of-view of the viewers we always see the mishaps of the trio because of those dishonest feelings 🙂
    I also find amazing on how the story progresses because of that concept ——- what are the two (Yukinon and Yui) hiding from Hachiman? Why was the Service Club really created? Why is Hachiman always the last to know of things 🙂 ,specially things concerning about him? etc.

  82. Thanks for translating this series

    Well made volume By watari
    And i really to read comments section a lot of analysis and theory which actually make sense.

    I’ve my own opinion though
    i dont think hachiman can take love oriented relationship soon (next vol) there is huge wall in his heart to not cross the line namely “love”. Maybe he love yukino and not realize it yet but when he realize can he be stubborn with his feeling? I dont think so. He know where he stand in society. He will not reach yukino but otherwise still posible

    And He is not necessarily have to end up with one of girls in the end of series.

    Remember this series is based on reality. And in reality heartbreak can(not always) heal over time plus hachiman have immune to certain extend with heartbreak.

    except yukino actually evil

  83. I don’t think we can assume Haruno’s ‘Genuine’, and Hachiman’s ‘Genuine’ are the same thing. For starters, Hachiman doesn’t even understand what he means we he uses the word ‘Genuine’. And if Haruno somehow managed to uncover that Hachiman was the one who said it, how can we possibly assume that she’s thinking of the same thing? It’s likely that Haruno’s denial of Yukino’s trust being genuine is also false.

    On the otherhand, there is the chance that Haruno is psychic, or that what is genuine is the same to all. In that case: waiting for Volume 11, 12, & 13- if it is indeed true that this series will end at 13- and #Cannot w8.

  84. Haruno gave up on genuine things. Hachiman wants something genuine. Yukinoshita accepts Hachiman’s request. Yukinoshita wants something neither Haruno nor Hachiman have attained, to save something important.

    Ultimately, I think the next arc could be our final one, and Volume 11 quite possibly our closer, or part of a two-volume conclusion, focusing on Yukino, her family, Hachiman, and that something genuine.

    Throughout the novel, we’ve seen each character go to the Neighbor’s Club with their requests, starting with Hiratsuka’s request for Yukinoshita to effectively heal Hachiman, to Hachiman’s unwitting request for something genuine. We’re left with, fittingly, Yukinoshita as the only student who hasn’t requested anything yet. On this note, something that has to be considered is the Neighbor’s Club’s absoluteness in fulfilling requests, regardless of the consequences that has for their relationships. It would be fittingly poetic for Yukino to request something so painfully heartwrenching for Hachiman that he instead, in an act of pure selfishness, refuses to accept the request, or breaks his agreement to fulfill it.

    This would fit well with an undercurrent that’s been going on since possibly the introduction of Haruno, the concept of selfishness, which ties well to authenticity. From one point of view one could argue that Haruno truly loves her sister; she takes upon herself the role of the Yukinoshita daughter, and does so perfectly. She chose to give up her freedom so that Yukino may have it instead; each of her apparent ‘bullying’ and ‘goading’ incidents may indeed be that: goading Yukino to do what Yukino herself wants, to be selfish, to be genuine.

    In chapter 5 of volume 8, she hints as much, stating that “You’re exactly like mom in the way you push someone to do things for you… …After all, it’s fine if you don’t do anything. I mean, someone’s always going to do it for you, right?” Yukinoshita, just like pre-vol8 Hachiman, is selfless, unable or unwilling to take the initiative for her own sake. Her actions are validated by the fulfillment of those ‘requests’ that come to the Neighbor’s Club. Her sister may be trying to get her to choose her own fate.

    Ultimately, the author’s done an excellent job in keeping his options open while providing enough foreshadowing for us to possibly come to the correct conclusion with our stabs in the dark. Hachiman’s request, the Absolute Order from Hiratsuka’s request, and the marriage issue are undoubtedly going to reappear, with Hayama taking the initiative and Haruno being saved being possible also. One thing is pretty much certain though, unless Watari pulls a greatly undeserved tragedy card (considering the general tone of the series and the sheer heights to which he’s built the climax), we’re gonna get an amazing, real, YukinoxHachiman cathartic conclusion.

    I could rant (probably incorrectly) for hours about Oregairu. It’s some good stuff.

    And of course, a big thank you to Spyro for making this accessible to us not familiar with the decryption of the moon-runes (blasted kanji!)

    Get hyped for June?

  85. I have different conclusion.There were 2 possibly plot,the bad and the good one.
    I think Yukinon really use 8man for her own sake,several factor that I have been thought is…
    1.Hayaman consider 8man as rival.Why Hayaton said that?Because Hayaton thought 8man is on the same level in point of view Harunon and Yukinon,that simply mean Hayaman and 8man is candidate that will support Yukinoshita family.And that’s why Hayaman choose Liberal Arts that same department with 8man so he could competing with 8man.
    2.As Harunon said,Yukinon just like her mother that used other people for her own sake(Including Haruno herself).
    3.And why Harunon keep giving clue of what Yukinon true nature?It was simply because,as she said “Was it because he had lost all his trust after trying them and he became unable to rely on them despite their obvious transparency that he thought he wanted to try again by being a part of them, that he wanted to try destroying them?”,she wan’t to destroy someone that like her mother,that’s right,it was Yukinon that tend to use 8man the same as her mother use Harunon.

    There is another possible plot,”Was it because he had lost all his trust after trying them and he became unable to rely on them despite their obvious transparency that he thought he wanted to try again by being a part of them, that he wanted to try destroying them?”.”He”,”Devil tyrant-san” is Yukinon and “them” is simply her mother and the transparency maybe “Justice, sincerity, and love”,yeshh…to put it simply,she tend to use 8man to “destroy” her own “Mother”.That’s why Harunon mention “Long ago, I felt I had a connection with the shepherd of the village”.Yeshh…it was connection between Harunon and her mother.
    Okay,the cloud slowly fade away~,I could see the patern,can’t wait for the final chapter muahaha~~…..

    • Good points you brought up. I feel this could bring into shape what Yukino mean when she says “Help me someday,” and that this could give us another side of what she really is.

  86. back in vol 8 haruno and 8man talk about genuine thing

    “Oh, come on. Don’t you think it’s so romantic going on a date with a girl you used to like a long time ago?”

    She teasingly laughed as she said that.

    “I wouldn’t call that love.”

    “What would you call love then, hmm?”

    When I answered promptly, she returned back with a question. I didn’t need to think twice about it. From middle school to now, it was something I had already thought through. The words slipped out smoothly.

    “It was just a one-sided interest, or, well, a misunderstanding, so it’s not genuine.”

    • Wow this is very close to what Haruno said to Hachiman about Yukino’s trust not being genuine. Is she hinting that it’s a one-sided interest? Was she trying to confirm Hachiman’s true feelings for Yukino?

  87. Isn’t her dark history something like a fake relationship with Hayato because of their family situation (Yuki) and the expectation of their classmates(Haya) then actually fell in love with him but Hayato already likes Haruno. Then stuff happened

  88. How did Haruno know about Hachiman’s wish for something genuine? I can’t believe Yukino would blab about what he said to her older sister.

  89. What’s more horible than trust? Blind love of course, but I do not think Yukino is blind. I think that is what Haruno hates the most, Yukino’s capacity to love. While Haruno on the other hand could not love because she keeps on believing that words as trust and being genuine does not exist.

    • Yukino’s capacity to love and get hurt, such courage is commendable and yes, very likely for Haruno to hate her for. That was very insighful of you. 🙂

  90. Although for me, what’s worse that trust is ‘faith’. Yukino is logical, calculating and methodical. It is impossible for her to rely just on faith. Therefore, during the tennis match against Hayama in ep1, when she said that ‘This man will finish the game, be prepared to lose”, it only meant that she trusts her own judgment and that she wasn’t wrong to trust Hachiman. I think this was where the first Haya-Hachi rivalry was formed. It was Yukino who gave Hayama a rival (unconsciously or otherwise) by acknowledging Hachiman’s skills to be superior than Hayama’s right in front of that crowd of people.

    Also, let’s not forget Yukino’s effect on Hachiman. When Yui and Hachiman were losing at the tennis match, Hachiman already ran out of options and was prepared to humiliate himself. But when Yukino came into the match dazzling him with ‘fairy-like’ moves, he must have thought that he must secure the win and not let everything (all that beauty and hardwork) go to waste. He then came up with the ideas to win. Hmm, it’s like, you know what they say: Behind a great man is a great woman..they just compliment each other so much that it’s enough for Haruno or Hayama to be riled about.

  91. So mathematically speaking:

    Yui + Hachiman = nothing

    Yukino + Hachiman = everything

    I say ‘everything’ because the philosophical dynamics of the story revolves around those two.

    This also means that:

    Yui + Hachiman = Hachiman becomes a nobody
    Yukino + Hachiman = Hachiman becomes a great man

    In the tennis match example again, when Yukino said that Hachiman will win, Hachiman’s method in winning was uniquely an idea that will be formulated by Hachiman alone. That means Yukino saw through him, not in a negative mode the way Hachiman would perceive people but in the positive. This means that Hachiman and Yukino’s core are the same. They are both two sides of one coin. Meaning, though inseparable in thought – they are also parallel, never to touch each other. Taking that step will be excrutiating. It will twist the coin. 🙂

  92. We can liken Yukino Yukinoshita to Hyouka’s Fuyumi Irisu. They manipulated people by placing expectations upon them, with the former subconsciously doing it. I think the story has a lot of something to do with being yourself. Hayama Hayata and Haruno Yukinoshita are the people who are way past the Rubicon, they’re not themselves anymore as they became people who always meets the expectations of others (Haruno commenting on Hayato, “There’s no thrill in guys always meeting people’s expectations.”); thus hinting that they’re no longer genuine. Yukino and Hachiman are people who’re still themselves, the former is yet to compromise with her mother’s expectations, the latter failing to fulfill anyone’s expectations (And not wanting to either). Yui on the other hand, no one expects anything from her, so she isn’t pressured like anybody else.

    In my understanding, Hayama and Haruno are disappointed with Yukino’s change. While she stopped expecting from her onee-san, she shifted that towards Hikigaya. Hayama also commented on this, “You haven’t noticed it yet?” Haruno is saying that they have become boring as Hachiman had been fulfilling Yui and Yukino’s expectations. As far as I understand, Yukino is subconsciously using people, as people want to meet her expectations.

    Well, Hachiman has stated that he will change and find something genuine, the problem here is, he may not find it and become like Hayama and Haruno instead, fulfilling people’s expectations. Anyway, I spy with my eye, a love quadrangle! Hayama->Yukino->Hachiman->Totsuka.

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