Volume 10, Chapter 8

And so, their past and future become one and conclude in the present.

Once the sun had completely set, the temperatures plummeted and the winds grew fiercer. As we walked the path along the public park towards the station from school, the trees with shedding leaves shook from the northern winds.

I adjusted the collars of my coat and buried the lower half of my face into my scarf. Walking ahead of me was Yukinoshita, Yuigahama, and Miura. Today’s after-school club activities were suspended so we could make a report on the consultation we accepted from Miura and we accompanied her on the way to the after-party.

As Miura’s tartan scarf and proud curly hair fluttered with the wind, she muttered, “Oh… so Hayato’s picking the liberal arts.”

“Uh huh. That’s the feeling we got at least,” said Yuigahama, anxiously fiddling with the bun of her hair.

Well, it’s word of mouth information, so the reporter wasn’t exactly believable as a source, see. It’s fine to lack confidence, yep.

Even after hearing that, Miura kicked the ground with her slipped on loafers and indifferently looked up at the sky. “Okay, maybe I’ll just go with that, too.”

“Should you be choosing so easily like that?”

Yukinoshita’s voice, while soft, also sounded critical. Without turning towards Yukinoshita and still gazing up at the darkness, Miura walked on as if observing the stars.

“I mean, I don’t really have anything I want to do. I could just, you know, go to prep school if I really have to take the sciences, right?”

I think that’d only work out if you had Hayama’s level of academics, but what about Miura? Aren’t you being a little too optimistic? I wasn’t the only one with this thought. Yukinoshita had a sullen face as well. By the way, Yuigahama was nodding her head. The one who should be the most concerned with their academic level is you, you know…

But my concern was apparently needless.

“I can just take some time off for the exams… But I can’t really do that with this,” said Miura. She stopped, lifted her heels as if stretching her back and held her hands together at her back. I couldn’t see what expression she had from behind. However, I had the feeling her eyes were as transparent as the winter sky.

“Just so you know, you’ve got another thing coming if you’re going to stick with that.”

“Hikki, shush!” Yuigahama nudged me with her elbow as if chiding me.

Miura moved just her neck and glared at me. “Huh? I don’t need to hear that from you, Hikio.”


Waah… Miura-tan, you’re sooo scary… Miura glared at me for a moment, but eventually suppressed her sharp look and took another step. With a small voice as if making a rebuttal to me, she mumbled.

“It’s just… well… see, even including the annoying stuff,” said Miura, turning around as if making a spin. The hems of her coat and her glossy blonde hair lightly danced. Her body still turning in motion, she wore a slightly embarrassed grin. “I guess it’s okay, after all.”

I couldn’t help but be in awe when she said that with such a nice smile. To think you could state it so simply. It’s a pure aspiration exactly because it’s so simplistic, so concise and so straightforward.

For a short while, I watched that smile in a daze. When she noticed my gaze, Miura retracted her smile and briskly began walking in displeasure.

“Oh… with just that, it’s okay. So it was that simple…”

When I turned around to the muttering voice, Yuigahama was squeezing the bosom of her coat. Standing next to her, Yukinoshita was looking at Miura with a stunned expression.

However, it might not have been something to be surprised around. Even during the field trip, Miura had grasped Hayama and Ebina-san’s intentions. Perhaps, those soft emotions she had could even be called genuine… Don’t forget Miura-san was a holder of mother qualities, too!

Miura turned back noticing that we were at a stand-still.

“Yui, thanks.” She faced Yuigahama and lightly tapped her shoulders. Then, she rotated just her neck and gave me a look. “Ahh, Hikio, too.”

She doesn’t even care… I was being treated like a complete supplement, not to mention my name isn’t Hikio. Well, that’s fine too.

“Also… Yukinoshita-san? You… um, you know, it’s like…” Miura shifted her gaze from me to Yukinoshita. She chewed her words anxiously, but eventually looking determined, she glared at Yukinoshita directly and abruptly bowed her head. “Sorry.”

Yukinoshita blinked with a blank expression, but after breathing out with a small smile, she flicked away her hair at her shoulders with her mitten-covered hands.

“It doesn’t bother me. Rather, I’d like to praise your audacity for coming directly at me.”

“Tch, what’s with that ego? So irritating… I totally apologized for nothing.”

Their words seemed hostile, but both of their voices were soft.

Yuigahama looked at them with anxiety, but unable to hold it in any longer, jumped at Yukinoshita and Miura. “Okay! Then let’s all go to the after-party.”


Held by Yuigahama, Yukinoshita twisted her body as if trying to turn down the invitation. Miura, who was in Yuigahama’s arms as well, glanced at Yukinoshita and said, “Why don’t you come, too?”

“…I suppose so. Just for a little then.”

Her hesitation lasted for only a moment. Yukinoshita formed a small smile and answered. Miura averted her face.


The location for the after-party that we relocated to was a fancy and hip looking store, an English-styled pub. In there, the students revolving around Hayama’s group and Isshiki were frolicking noisily.

Judging from their liveliness, it looked more like Hayama’s victory celebration than an after-party. Including Hayama’s group, Isshiki, Totsuka and his group, and for some reason, Zaimokuza was in there.

Upon entering the store, Miura promptly went to Hayama. Yuigahama was perplexed at what to do, but when Yukinoshita nodded to her, she made a reluctant smile and went after Miura.

With the two of us remaining, Yukinoshita and I briefly ordered our drinks and leaned against the end of the bar counter.

“Thank you for your work.”

“Mm, yeah.”

Yukinoshita stood next to me and lifted her glass and I raised mine to a similar height. We weren’t accustomed to this kind of boisterous atmosphere, but it’s Yukinoshita and me. I’d say watching them from the corner was just about the perfect distance for all of us.

For a moment longer, we continued watching everyone silently, but as if noticing our gaze, Hayama who had went around made his way to us. Going through the formalities as the leading actor sure seems tough…

“Hey there… Thanks for coming.”

Yukinoshita shook her head indicating it’s not a big deal and I nodded in agreement. As I thought about whether it’d be better to congratulate him, Hayama quietly lowered his head.

“Sorry… for all the trouble I’ve caused you… Like that rumor… and other things.”

Yukinoshita choked on her voice in bewilderment. But that was only for an instant as she quickly assumed a firm attitude and reiterated what she had stated in the clubroom.

“It wasn’t that big of a deal. It’s a trivial matter compared to back then.”

“Back then, huh?” Hayama muttered with a shameful expression.

Seeing that, Yukinoshita’s expression grew cloudy as well.

“…I understand it somewhat now. I’m sure we could’ve handled the situation a lot better. That’s what I believe I caused you trouble as well… I’m sorry.” This time, Yukinoshita bowed her head. When she lifted her head, with eyes that looked nostalgically into the far past, she added, “But I’m grateful that you were looking out for me.”

Hayama’s expression was filled with surprise. Taken aback, he made a fixed gaze at Yukinoshita. “…You’ve changed a little.”

“I wonder about that. There are just a lot of things different now from back then,” said Yukinoshita, and she moved her gaze towards Yuigahama. Then, she glanced at me.

Feeling restless from having heard something I wasn’t supposed to, I instinctively averted my eyes.

Yukinoshita breathed out as if smiling and turned to Hayama. “You shouldn’t let the past tie you down anymore… There’s no need to force yourself to chase after someone.”

“…That clearly includes me too,” I said.

Hayama smiled, somehow triumphantly.

Walking up from behind Hayama was Yuigahama. A little further behind her was Totsuka following her. Intoxicated by the lively atmosphere in the store, Yuigahama wrapped herself around Yukinoshita’s arm.

“Yukinon, the food’s here! There’s, like, a lot of chicken! They’re all super whole roasted!”

“It’s really amazing! C’mon Hachiman, you should come over too!” Totsuka made a perky smile.

I appreciated his invitation since I was feeling awkward being there. “Yeah!” I replied twice energetically and just as I was about to head over with Totsuka, Hayama stopped me lightly with his hand.

“We’ll be over there in a bit… Right, Hikigaya?” said Hayama, and looked at Totsuka and Yuigahama with a meek smile.

Yuigahama nodded. “Okay, we’ll be waiting over there!”

She then forcibly dragged Yukinoshita along. Totsuka lightly waved his hand and returned to his seat. Ahh… I wanted to peck at chicken with Totsuka, too…

As I watched the three of them leave, Hayama shook his glass followed by the sound of clanging ice.

“Yeah, she really did change a little… It doesn’t look like she’s chasing after Haruno-san’s shadow anymore.” Hayama’s gaze that followed Yukinoshita quietly narrowed and was sharp. His voice afterwards was somber. “…But that’s all there is to it.”

“Sounds fine to me,” I answered, not giving it any thought. For Yukinoshita, I’m sure it was a part of her growth. It’s likely that she had been constantly compared to the existence that surpassed her own. Continuing to chase after Haruno-san’s shadow and trying to grab ahold of something that was different from Haruno-san was a testimony of her struggle. In that case, I felt it was something to be proud of.

But Hayama looked at me in amazement. He painfully swallowed the content of his glass cup and asked solemnly, “…You haven’t noticed?”

“Notice what?”

“Well, if you don’t get it, then that’s fine too…”

“That’s an irritating thing to say.”

“I was told in the same way a lot back then, so it just naturally came out similarly.” Hayama wryly smiled.

That way of speaking certainly did resemble how that person would speak.

When Yuigahama and the others arrived at their seats, Miura and Isshiki waved their hands at Hayama. They were probably telling him to hurry on over. Hayama lightly waved back and just as he was about to head back, he went “ah” as if recalling something and resumed his original position and spoke to me.

“Right. I forgot to tell you something.”


“It’s a follow-up to your explanation. It’s about the reason why I didn’t tell anyone my decision between the sciences and the liberal arts. It wasn’t because I wanted to cut off my relationships. Relationships won’t reset from moving up a year or going on to college.”

“No, they definitely will.”

“That applies only to you, Hikigaya. I’m different from you.”

“…Yeah, that so. Well, what’s the reason then?”

When I asked Hayama who shrugged his shoulders with a mocking tone, he gulped down the content of his glass and breathed out. As if he was reciting in front of a grave with a slightly solitary face, he slowly opened his mouth.

“Picking the only possible option when there’s nothing else can’t be called my own decision.”

It’s when he explained that I finally understood. It wasn’t that Hayama didn’t say anything about his career path.

It’s that he couldn’t. Even not saying anything wasn’t his own volition.

After continuing to answer expectations and wishes for so long, he could only interpret those as conformist actions. He wasn’t allowed to hold onto anything but the most optimal solution. Although he had told Tobe that he’d regret not choosing for himself, the one who actually had regretted it was, without a doubt, Hayama. Repentance was exactly what that was.

In that way, Hayama would continue to answer people’s expectations. From this point on, he’d do so with his own will.

“That’s why, I’ll be the only one who doesn’t deny it.” “I need to show that there’s someone who isn’t forcing expectations.”

It’s because he felt that brazen rejection alone was what it meant to truly understand and that cold indifference itself was kindness. To him, the affirmation of those who didn’t understand him were nothing but shackles to him.

“I also forgot to tell you something… I hate you too,” I said as I turned my face away.

Hayama looked at me in wonder for a moment, but suddenly laughed.

“I see. That might be the first time I was told that face-to-face.” Hayama suppressed his laughter and stated in satisfaction. This time, however, he took a step forward from the bar counter. “But even so… I won’t choose anything. I want to believe that’s the best way.”

He added, “It’s just self-gratifcation for me” and smiled, going back to where he was originally.

But I couldn’t smile.

If the answer that Hayama Hayato gave was criticized as insincere, then surely, that individual would give a satisfying answer. He’d definitely give an answer that’s different from Hayama Hayato’s.

I gulped down the ginger ale I had in my hand and looked towards where everyone was sitting.

A prickling bitterness remained in the depths of my throat.

Chapter 7 Top Third Memorandum

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    2. Miura tsun-tsun for Yukino. Yukino’s smile has an effect on the Queen of Hell too, it seems. They could probably make good friends.
    3. Yukino and Hayama’s reconciliation. Yukino making an honest apology and her apparent “change” to Hayama. But it’s nice to know she cherishes Yui and Hachiman for being there for her.
    4. Hayama’s statement about Yukino not chasing Haruno’s shadow anymore but that there’s nothing else. Hahciman’s immediate reply without giving it any thought and Hayama asking if he hadn’t noticed anything. Someone who had been with Yukino for half a year versus someone who had known her since they were children, who do we believe here? If Hayama is to be believed, then what does that say about Hachiman and his feelings regarding Yukino? Perhaps Hayama had gone through something like this before judging by the irritating way he spoke to Hachiman after Hachiman’s question about noticing what.
    5. If all Yukino did was stop chasing after Haruno-san’s shadow, could it be she’s chasing the shadow of another person? Hachiman?
    6. Hayama’s real reason as to why he didn’t say anything about his career choice. Guy’s a real complicated fellow, in a good and bad meaning. That said, Hachiman telling Hayama that he hates him too is great. Makes you wonder if their rivalry is going to get more intense in the next volume (possibly regarding Yukino or her family).
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    • Given Haruno’s comments about Yukinon not getting picked again when Haruno met Yui and 8man at the fireworks thing, it seems likely that Yukinon used to have a crush on Hayama a long time ago that he never noticed at the time. I think that Hayama was implingy that she likes 8man now and he was imitating what Haruno said to him .

    • Specifically, I think Hayama had a crush on Haruno (and still does). That’d explain the “my crush’s name begins with a Y” thing, and the fact that we usually see him around Haruno when he’s not with his friends, and a large amount of Yukino’s complex regarding her sister. After all, if your sister stole your crush from you, there’s pretty much no way to avoid having some sort of complex afterwards.

    • Hey can someone tell me why Hayama didn’t tell anyone his Career path? I understand Hayama can’t make his own choice But why can’t he make his own decision? Why is it he is continuing to follow expectations? Why

    • Point 4. I think Yukino indeed fell for Hayama before but he didn’t notice and chose to chase Haruno’s shadow (same goes for Yukino btw). Most likely it was Haruno who asked him in the past: you didn’t notice? (Haha complicated people) Btw, when Hayama said that ‘but that’s all there is to it’, I think he’s still holding on to a tiny nip that Yukino may still have feelings for him. It was Hayama who said that what was broken could not be repaired any longer but I think meeting 8man kinda gave him a spark of hope re. His chances with Yukino-if we take into consideration what he said after the double date with Kaori and her friend.

  2. “…That clearly includes me too,” I said.
    Hayama smiled, somehow triumphantly.

    Just to clarify, “I” refers to Hayama right?

    • But wasn’t the subject of yukino’s statement right before that exchange addressing Hayama? Just seems odd to me Hachiman would end off an exchange he didn’t had any part in.

    • “I wonder about that. It’s just a lot of things are different from back then,” said Yukinoshita, and she moved her gaze towards Yuigahama. Then, she glanced at me.

      She includes Hachiman in the conversation at this point

    • He’s a subject, not a active participant. Besides, how would Hachiman figure into the statement of chasing someone else’s shadow? He’s already way past this point if you include vol 4’s conclusion.

    • To be honest, I’m not sure but the whole forcibly chase after someone’s back was probably a light jab to Hachiman when he was trying to keep up with Hayama during the race. I could probably use confirmation with another Japanese reader though .

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    • this line is made by Hachiman but it makes sense in which direction?

      >>>> Yukinoshita breathed out as if smiling and turned to Hayama. “I believe you also don’t need to let the past tie you down… There’s no need to force yourself to run after someone’s back.” <<<<>>> Yukino Chan has already moved forward . Now is the turn of Hayama to Move Forward . This Line can also refer to Hikigaya with all the bad things happened so far and we the readers came to know about all the bad events through Hikigaya >>>>volume after Volume . Still it doesn’t make much of sense
      next line >>>>> clearly goes well with Hayama and Yukino Chan

    • I wonder what did yukinon and hayama do in their past rumor-problem. Oh, and also how big the ‘different factor’ (probably hachiman and the service club) influence to yukinon is..

  3. A complex chapter. A lot of Hayama’s lines create more questions than they answer.

    Miura getting rebooted from alpha bitch to cute girl… I’m not sure I’m happy about that, but at least it doesn’t seem she’s joining Hikigaya’s harem any time soon. I have to wonder if Sagami is going to get the same treatment. It seems to be the regular character arc for the girls in this series.

    • There were signs that Miura was kinder than she seemed early on, but Sagami hasn’t shown much (if at all) to indicate she’s anything besides a self-centered bitch. Hachiman has pointed out Miura’s motherly qualities since at least the summer camp arc, and she’s been looking out for Ebina in her own way. I’d say Orimoto is more likely to get development than Sagami, though I don’t think either really will, or needs to be, for that matter.

    • Orimito already had her (sort of half-assed) unbitchifying, last volume. She was originally a completely vapid girl, who only approached Hikigaya (and Haruno) to mock him and then extorted an introduction to Hayama. Her behavior on the date was horrible as well. When they meet again at the Christmas planning thing, she’s friendly and polite to him, interested in his relationship with Yukinoshita, Yoigahama and Iroha, etc.

      Iroha had a similar arc, where she’s initially interested only in Hayama (and seemingly plays around with Tobe) and only uses Hikigaya to get out of the Presidency. Now she’s cheering for him at the marathon, etc.

      Kawasaki is a nerfed version of this, she’s just antisocial at the start instead of actively being mean. In this case it’s more like it’s Hikigaya (accidentally) stringing her along now, from “I love you” back in vol. 6 to “Saa-chan” this volume, etc.

      The “named” girls I can think of who haven’t gone through this process are Ebina (unless the whole Haya-Hachi thing is spitefully intended, which it doesn’t seem to be), Sagami (still a bitch), Hiratsuka-sensei (but can you still call her a girl?), Shiromeguri (nice from the start) and Haruno (Queen of All Bitches… or is she?). I’m not saying it’ll necessarily happen in every case, just that it’s been really common so far.

      It’s not just the girls, either. Hayama and Tobe have become much more likeable characters, where Hayama was initially just the “nice guy” and generally the opposite of Hikigaya and Tobe is becoming friendly with Hikigaya, despite -still- not remembering his name.

      Obviously the author can do whatever he wants with his characters but I think Miura was more valuable as the one girl in school who would throw down with Yukinoshita than as an honorary member of the Hikki Appreciation Club. Just sayin’.

    • I think the whole HayaxHachi thing is just a character in the story (Ebina) recognizing what the readers should already recognize: that while the world sees Hayama and Hachiman as opposites, they are in many ways quite similar.

      Similarities and commonalities were exactly why discrepancies became apparent. They became distinct. Being so identical meant those differences wouldn’t be forgiven.

      Perhaps Hayama hates Hachiman precisely because they are so similar–the degree of similarity only serving to magnify the few differences. Perhaps you could also read this as an observation on Japanese society itself. The high degree of cultural homogeneity serves to magnify the reactions to even the slightest contravention of societal norms.

    • it was in volume 6 ,when sagami in roof top, he asked help from zaimokusan for advice and said i love ya. then he asked sai-chan for direction to roof and said love ya thanks

    • Sagami’s character arc is resolved in 6.5. She doesn’t get along with Hachiman but she acknowledges what he does.

    • The closing comments make it simple: Hayama doesn’t want his friends to have their paths set by other people’s expectations like how he has to live his life doing what everyone else expects out of him. That’s why a non-answer (for the career choice) is the only thing he is adamant about.

      Hachiman is not happy with Hayama’s “answer” that isn’t really an answer, so he swears that he will make an actual choice different from Hayama’s – one that he can be satisfied with.

    • Is it possible hayama did the same thing hachiman did by pushing the problem to the dark like in field trip case ?
      what do you mean bythe following ?

    • i meant to ask what do you mean by “Hachiman is not happy with Hayama’s “answer” that isn’t really an answer, so he swears that he will make an actual choice different from Hayama’s – one that he can be satisfied with.” ,please explain?

  4. After continuing to answer expectations and wishes for so long, he could only interpret those as conformist actions. He wasn’t allowed to hold onto anything but the most optimal solution. Although he had told Tobe that he’d regret not choosing for himself, the one who actually had regretted it was, without a doubt, Hayama. Repentance was exactly what that was.

    In that way, Hayama would continue to answer people’s expectations. From this point on, he’d do so with his own will.

    Wait, he used Hachiman to let others have expectations on him going to liberal arts so that he can answer those expectations? Isn’t it some kind of mental disorder?

    “That’s why, I’ll be the only one who doesn’t deny it.” “I need to show that there’s someone who isn’t forcing expectations.”

    Whose are these?

  5. I thought Hayama was just going to be a “social conventions and good manners” counterpoint to Hachiman in this series, but it seems that the bitterness in him is real and I worry about what he has in store for Yukino and Hachiman in the future. Watari, please don’t NTR us (or at least for no longer than needed). If the Yukinon and Hachiman ship doesn’t float, then leave it a ship free zone. No Hayama and Yukinon, please!!

    Thank you for your efforts Excorsism. You’re the man.

    • Not sure about you guys. But I do think Yui and Yukino are both in the same standing in term of % chance being with Hikki by the end of the story. As long as Hikigaya Hachiman calls them using their last names (Yuigahama and Yukinoshita), it will be still really really really long to know for sure. As far as I see, Hachiman himself are not really “taken”. Heck even Iroha, Orimoto, Saki, and Miura have chance here.

  6. I just noticed something, but I have no idea when it actually started. And that is… Hayama got Hikigaya’s name right. I can’t believe I haven’t noticed until now, since I’m betting he’s been doing it right since the ‘serious’ stuff back in volumes 7-9.

    • Didn’t he first use Hikki’s name properly back at the end of the summer camp? That corresponds to vol 4 in the novels.

    • I’m sorry, I’m blind. ;_;
      Or maybe I never remembered that Hayama had (consistently) gotten Hikigaya’s name wrong until rewatching the anime (again), then reading this, where I just noticed the change, despite it probably already having occurred without me realizing.

    • Even in the volume two, Hayama wrote HIKIGAYA HACHIMAN correctly when joining his workshop visit group.

    • Basically from day one. He calls him hikkitanni with his friends, but he changed to hikkigaya whenever they’re conversing alone.

      I remember hikki even making a big deal out of it.

    • well he always calls by his correct name only when they are alone ,but this is first time to call it in public

  7. If Yukino will take Liberal Arts, Hayama will take Science… If Yukino took Science, Hayama for sure would choose Liberal Arts. That’s the reason of Haruno research Yukino career over Hikigaya. Maybe you would asking: For what? To give the complement that Yukinoshita mother wants. Simple like that. Like Hayama said, he don’t have any choice.

    Now… If these means marriage or just work partnership, we don’t know. But clearly, this is something that Hachiman will have to break to save the “THREE” of them. Yukino, Haruno, and Hayama.

    • I’m talking about what Haruno told about the work relationship between the two families (I think it was in that New Year Day – if i’m not mistaken) considering Hayato father and Yukinoshita mother. Like different but complementary career pathes (lawyer and administrator). It’s no really unusual read about this stuff in LN’s. If i’m not mistaked, the serie “kotenbu” (Hyouka) the two protagonists confront the very same dilema.

  8. I like how the story is progressing, especially with Hikki progressing a bit with his relationships, I hope he will end up dating Yukinoshita ^^

    And thank you Spyro for the translation, if only every translator could be as good and efficient as you … I’d be awesome :p

  9. Original line:


    It’s because he felt that brazen rejection alone was what it meant to truly understand and that cold indifference itself was kindness. To him, acknowledging those who lacked sympathy would do nothing but hold him down.

    Is this meant to be: To Hayama, the (careless) affirmations from people who don’t truly understand (his situation, feelings, capabilities, etc) are nothing more than shackles that hold him down.

    Could definitely be wrong though, I’m a newbie at japanese. It’s just that this interpretation makes more sense to me since I’m not sure how acknowledging others who lack sympathy will hold him down.

  10. it seems to me that hayama was lack in option to choose ,may be that’s the reason he didn’t want to influence others. clearly he is looking for help just like mentioned in the memorandum before .he may be expecting hikigaya to save him and possibly yukino

  11. Yukino is following Hikki’ shadow because she isn’t able to solve problems by herself. It’s so what hayama and Haruno meant to say? Is there a real need to speak in riddles for just saying such a simple thing? So annoying. I hate them.

  12. Hikki and Yukino standing at the corner of the bar counter and raising their glasses in unison is the underrated ‘cute’ scene of this volume.

    • I’ve been reading Susan Cain’s Quiet, and Yukino and Hikki’s personalities are quintessentially Introvert behaviors.

      Although being a Loner is considered a negative trait in society, in some sense it is just a normal preference of Introverts.
      Being at the side of a large crowd of noisy people is typical Introverted behavior.

      Nonetheless Introverts still need to learn to deal with society and social situations, so this series charts their growth (more so Hikki) in this regard.

      By the way, Yui is the typical Extrovert.

    • Hikigaya = Introvert/Beta
      Yukino = Introvert/Alpha
      Yui = Extrovert/Beta
      Hayama/Miura = Extrovert/Alpha

    • No, he is talking about the “two Hayamas”. The one who always acted inside everybody expectations, and the other one (probably the real Hayama) who is stuborn and selfish. Here Hikigaya noticed that the answer he gave to Miura could be the wrong one.

  13. the series is progressing finely………If the Yukinon and Hachiman ship doesn’t float, then leave it a ship free zone. No Hayama and Yukinon…. .
    ALSO NO HIKIGAYA AND YUIGAHAMA ……..I agree with my friend completely…………

  14. Might seem like an idiot for asking this, but what did Hayama mean by his reason? Ambiguous as heck tho, I interpreted it as his parents chose the path for him so he had no say in it.

    • Being forced to choose something because it’s the only thing you can choose isn’t your own choice.

    • That strategy is a bit odd. Neglecting the most of the comments after post publishing burst, including a decent ones, but then providing answers to almost any, including dumb and shallow ones. Also, any mentioning of Yukino’s name greatly increases the possibility of you commenting it. Even if it’s not a question.
      About the subject, does that means that he is just forced by some relatives or we should go deeper with him desiring to be forced by others through having expectations, relatives aside?

    • I don’t see your point. if I feel like commenting on something, I will. Aside from being the translator, I’m like everyone else here. Passive aggressive much? I’m not obligated to answer every comment that shows up. You’re trying too hard to see something that isn’t there.

  15. Is hayama (the nice guy) looking down on hikki, hayama did say he want to rise hikki to the same level as he is so he can satisfied in losing to him?and why suddenly now he refuse his opinion and take him as rival?

    • It’s a bit hard to define Hayama real intentions. Do you remember that Hayama once asked to Hikkigaya if his self-sacrifice has the intent to be helped or acknowledged in return? I think that the real Hayama really think this way: act for compensation and repayment. That’s the reason that he don’t understand or accept Hikigaya actions I think.

    • No… I’m just saying that maybe Hayama did not understand the meaning of sacrifice and so… He don’t understand Hikigaya as well. I think that both, Hayama and Haruno, have problems to understand Hikigaya. I know that I’m just guessing. but I wonder if this is not related to their families problems (lack or excess of atention and stuffs like those).

  16. I just noticed this now but i think 8man is envious of the straightforwardness of Hayama and the other characters… they have an ”answer” a concrete and solid answer unlike him who can only make vague statements on what he truly wants

    • at least he has an answer which he firmly believes on… He knows for a fact what he’s doing and yet still does it. This could only be self destruction or knowing one’s self completely

    • I will disagree with you here, fellow… The only one who always had a straightfoward answer to give is Hikigaya. Look at the career path for example. His objectivity is also what marks him as an evil character (in the others pointview of course).

    • Yes. Now i understand a little bit after thinking it through and changing my perspective…
      Hachiman also stands by his beliefs that is why his change in the future is nonexistent… he will be and always be a dignified and proud loner. As to why he always have a negative thing to say about the other characters (this is one thing i always notice), hayama for example. This is because of their clashing beliefs…
      Hayama whose stand is to “lets all get along”. While hachiman, i think if we sum it up Hachiman believes that not everyone can be happy but everyone can be made to live with their current situation. Ie. Preserving the status quo and being able to be content with what they have…
      In the previous volumes hachiman did not disliked hayamas methods but probably because he figure out hayama’s real nature of being always made to meet people expectations regardless of anything. Hachiman found this to be insincere ergo “not genuine”. This is also why he sees miura in a brighter light now because he is now aware that even though she is a bitch sometimes, the time which she shows her motherly qualities and care for her friends are sincere feelings.

    • Perfect! I could not put better… But I really hope that things turns to favour our hero, otherwise he will definitively becomes a brand new Hiratsuka-sensei. LOL.

    • Him being an educator is major possibility but him not having a relationship afterwards? Hmmm. Let’s think of this again. Yukino has a thing for him. Yui has romantic interests for him and may even burst to a confession if a chance is given. Isshiki is on the NOTICE-ME-SENPAI right so she has this safe tile and ambush things ready or something like that. Unlikely he will not be in a Single-type of life forever. Let it sink in to him the hints given to him on others feelings for him. The only thing holding him back and becoming a single forever now is on his DENIAL on things.

  17. In volume 6 ,in cultural committee scene, when hayama ask about hikki’s job there in the committee. hikki answers him as assistant historian, to which hayama quickly says “suits you” ,which annoys hikki
    was there any inside joke there ? i don’t get it?please some one explain

    • It was the reason he choose the job… But the job turned to be onerous. So… I think Hayama comment is much more related to the fact that is a boring desk job (make reports, registers, petitions, communications, etc..). And that’s the reason that Hayama comment annoyed Hikigaya.

  18. So after Hachimans sensie eliminates Hachimans best choice of going FULL TIME HOUSEHUSBAND… He then choose to go after Liberal Arts hehe… I see. Hehe just kidding

  19. Hello guys, There are many things I could not understand :

    “Oh… with just that, it’s okay. So it would’ve been okay had it been much simpler…”
    In that way, Hayama would continue to answer people’s expectations. From this point on, he’d do so with his own will.
    “That’s why, I’ll be the only one who doesn’t deny it.” “I need to show that there’s someone who isn’t forcing expectations.”
    “But even so… I won’t choose anything. I want to believe that’s the best way.”
    If the answer that Hayama Hayato gave was criticized as insincere, then surely, that individual would give a satisfying answer. He’d definitely give an answer that’s different from Hayama Hayato’s.

    Can sumone please explain me these quotes. I am very sorry for asking this, but I tried reading the sentences many times. I couldn’t understand the meaning behind them.

    Any help is very much appreciated.

    • I think he has a different kind of way in things. Instead of choosing he will go with expectations, because he thinkks thats the best way.

    • Yes that’s strange. Seems like Yukino is under the impression that Hayama looks out for her and if Yukino thinks this, the probability of it being true is high.

      I remember the first time Hachiman acknowledged Hayama as his rival, it was on vol 4,5-3. He was watching Yukino sing under the moonlight then they talked, he thought: “so the pretty boy also had a beautiful girl as his childhood friend? But I wasn’t about to roll over for him.” Hachiman instinctively became defensive and terriorial of his image of Yukino in that context, it was an unconscious thing for him. But I guess the underlying idea that pushed him to be competitive was his assumption that Hayama may have feelings for Yukino just like himself, though again-it was an unconscious reaction-That made my musings a little more feasible if not accurate.

    • My bad, what does hayama meant to hikigaya “havent you noticed?” Is it about hachiman not noticing that yukinoshita is in love with hachiman?

  20. I doubt that Yukino is following any shadow. She admired her sister and wanted to be as good or even greater than her, but her methods are different and she is more frank and blunt i.e honest. She is not following Hachiman’s shadow, just because she finally depended on him does not mean she’s under his shadow. Hey she already counted on Yui before she counted on Hachiman, that does not mean she’s chasing Yui’s shadow as well. It was more of Hayama noticing that Yukino is starting to open her heart again, letting people in, having found the courage to actually care and accept possibly getting hurt in the process-something Hayama thought she will never be able to do again. Thanks to Hachiman the cycle begins yet again.

  21. Wataru has woven a beautiful web. But there is only one truth and when you seep through the superficialities, only one girl fits his ideal ‘genuine’ heroine-that’s Yukino.

  22. And so miura yumiko, the last female left in oregairu to recogonize hachiman, has now finally recognized and acknowledged him for who he is…
    that is of course leaving out haruno… she is one freaking unpredictable female!!! and god knows what she sees in hachiman…
    but she is my favourite character in this!! i absolutely love her!!

    nyway, now that there are no more females left, maybe now watari wataru san might go on with hachimans romance and yukino’s past and stuff like that…
    i can have a piece of mind!!

  23. I can sort of relate to Hayama when living up to expextations. As a freshman in highschool I played football and by the time the season ended I realized I only did it because the rest of family did as well. But unlike Hayama I said f#$% this and I stopped playing ever since.

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