Volume 10, Afterword

Good evening, Watari Wataru here.

It’s fall already! A fall for readers, a fall for sports, a fall for food, a fall for art, a fall for labor, a fall for commuting, a fall for corporate slaves, and so forth, but how is everyone spending their fall? I’m always working regardless of the seasons and as a matter of fact, I’d love it if the New Year’s would come by already!

But the long nights of fall are when you can make smooth progress as a reader and writer. It’s quiet, it’s cool, and the night is long… It’s a season where you’re able to make the most of your time alone. That being said, winter isn’t all that much different, but there are things you can only see during that period of time as well.

Things like “Why am I working so hard for these painful memories” or “The night’s long but my actual working hours don’t change nor am I getting more sleep”… or stuff like that. Of course, it’s not all just negative things, but also good and happy things, but it’s often that you see into a gloomy future when you look outside the window into the darkness. Although, it’s by looking into that darkness that you end up seeing a light.

In that time, you might end up reciting a monologue to someone, perhaps everyone.

In the middle of the never-ending winter night, you might end up finally discovering an answer on the path where the strong cold, headwind blows by. Putting aside whether his answer and her doubt is wrong or not… When you meet someone similar, is it a feeling of affinity that you hold, or is it a feeling of how completely different you two are? If you take a step forward, gain answers and questions, then, what choice will he make?

With that feeling, this was “Yahari Ore no Seishun Love Come ha Machigatteiru.” Volume 10.

Appreciation as follows:

To God Ponkan8. Whoopie! It’s the malicious older sister, Haruno-chan on the cover! I’m also enjoying SHIROBAKO every week, too! Wonderful! Thank you very much.

To Head Editor Hoshino-sama. Heh, no worries, next time will be a piece of cake, gahaha! I’ve been saying that for a while now… I apologize profusely every time… Thank you very much… heh, no worries, next will be a piece of cake, gahahaha!

To every single gentleman and lady of Mediamix, I’ve been a huge bother to you with my selfishness. I’m anticipating “Oregairu” to see an increase in new charms. Thank you very much.

Further, I had the fortune of using the books “No Longer Human” and “Run, Melos!” (Author: Dazai Ozamu of Shinchosha Bunko Publications).

To my readers, we’re finally at the final stage of this story and although we’re wandering off course like always, we’re steadily making progress towards the goal. I’ll be extremely happy to have your support until the very end. Thank you very much.

Now then, with my afterword space running low, I’ll be resting my pen here.

On a certain day of October, as I drink my waaaaarm “Yeah, when it gets cold, you gotta drink this!” MAX COFFEE,

Watari Wataru

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51 thoughts on “Volume 10, Afterword

    • Not really…
      seirei tsukai no blade dance for example which has 13 volume and seems to still continue…

    • It’s very understood it contantly wins awards. Iirc it won first in some ln awards thing in 2014 I forgot the name, and hikki won best male lead and yukinoshita won second best female

    • My Youth Romantic Comedy Is Wrong As I Expected.
      “My” is Hachiman.
      Hachiman expect lonely relationship.
      So maybe he will end with someone <(“)

  1. I don’t think it’s right to say that light novels usually have 12 or 13 volumes. Some are just short like 4 or 5, and then you have those like SAO or To Aru Majutsu no Index which span more than a few volumes.Regardless, I’m really looking forward to the next volume.

  2. it’s end now??? so in the end just yukinoshita haruno dan hachiman hikkigaya meet to talk about something “genuine”??? i think i want more….

  3. Thank you very much for translating throughout this volume, Spyro! 😀 You are as awesome as expected ^^ And Watari Wataru, too!
    In this volume, we can finally see some actual progress among the main characters, especially Yukino and Hachiman. However, including Hayama and Haruno with their past relationship problems, the next volume will be a “disaster” if it is going to be the last volume. (Hope “the final stage” does not mean that, please !!!)
    By the way, wish Spyro and all of you guys a Happy New Year!
    Author, wish a great new year with the greatest books, too!!!

  4. To my readers, we’re finally at the final stage of this story and although we’re wandering off course like always, we’re steadily making progress towards the goal

    What the author is saying is that the volume 11 will be the final but first they gonna release volume 10.5 on March(thats what the “wandering off mean”. Check on baka-tsuki in volumes list sector and u will see it

  5. Considering the fact that the author is releasing a volume 10.5 seemingly out of no where, I’m assuming Wataru could be introducing a new character perspective (maybe we might read events from hayama’s or yukino’s perspective, if the memorendums are to be taken seriously).

    Of course, this is just my speculation of what the next volume could be about, and why it is being released instead of a volume 11. There is always the possibility that the volume itself may just be a collection of interesting side stories compiled by hachiman, similar to volume 7.5. However, considering how volume 11 ‘could’ (key word) be the final instalment of the series, I’m doubtful.

  6. Plot Twist : Yukino is a boy, Totsuka is a girl and Hayama is in love with Zaimokuza Yoshiteru.

    Take a pick.

    The one fitting my name the most would be the first possible choise

    Reason being : “chest as flat as a wall”, didn’t throw tantrum when Hachiman saw her changing, didn’t mind stripping in UG clubroom.


  7. Did some more brainstorming, i am pretty sure oregairu zoku! will pretty much be the last installment of the anime since the timeline coincides with the last volume release of the light novel which is probably in another 3-4 months judging from previous releases. However it might be possible that the anime series will have a totally different conclusion compared to the light novel. Guess only the producers will know but given the nature of the latest volume I figure yukino x hikigaya will only be a miracle/illusion

  8. Spyro….
    Do you have the translated version of Volume 10.5 ? or volume 11?
    Can you please link it to me ?

  9. I have read that the author stated that he doesn’t going the end the series like other Rom/Coms. What does he mean by that?

    And btw who is gonna end up with 8Man most likely because Yukino had her moments the last 2 volumes but Yui still has her date right?

    • Really? The author said that? Well hopefully he’ll bring us a unique ending unlike other RomComs… It’s kind of cliché…

  10. “My Youth Romantic Comedy Is Wrong As I Expected” is the tittle right? But after 10th volume hachiman never feel romantic thing even when he date yukino and watch firework with yui. But that makes me wonder how the author bring the romantic part for hachiman in future

  11. The anime/novel is probably going to end up with Hikigaya x Kawasaki. Like it was mention in the novel that Hikigaya said he loves Kawasaki at towards the end of volume six where they were trying to find the President for the festival to get the poll result. Farther prove my point, in episode 8 where Hikigaya was talking to Hiratsuka about their club’s problem. He mention that he would had fallen “head overheel” for her if not the gap age. Which means that the Kawasaki has the same about of personality like the teacher. Has alot ot say but w/e. etc, etc, etc, etc, etc, etc, etc, etc, etc, and etc.

    In the end is Hikigaya x Kawasaki. However, it’s up to the author.

  12. So if watari says that the final it’s not going to be the tipical cliche in rom/com i can throw away the yukino x hachiman ending?…. This is dissapointing

  13. Years later. But please..tell me that I’m not the only one seeing this thing between Hachiman x Yukino as different and special. Please

  14. Oh gosh thank you!!! I honestly thought I was the only one. I mean I love the pair..but because it isn’t rushed and they both seem to be falling in love without even realizing it. Yukino seems to be realizing and accepting it but look how long it took her. I mean..i am not good at explaining..I apologize.. But gosh!! Haha, it’s meant to be

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