Yahari Ore no Seishun Love Come wa Machigatteiru Light Novel

Oregairu Light Novel FAQ

1. What volumes did the anime adapt up to?
Season 1 adapts volumes 1-6 while heavily omitting a lot of details, interactions, and important scenes. Volume 6.5, bonus track excluded, is condensed in episode 13. Presumably season 2 will adapt volumes 7-10.

2. Where are volumes 1-5?
NanoDesu has volumes 1-3 complete with volume 4 in the next month or so. Volume 5 will be completed by me in the next month or so as well, hopefully before volume 10.5.

3. Are your translations any good?
Better than MTL, at least.

4. Where are the PDFs?
I haven’t made any official ones. You’ll have to dig around for the PDFs made by other readers.

5. Where’s x chapter/volume or x afterword?
I’ll get around to them. Having a 9-6 job means you don’t have much time on the weekdays.

6. How do I get started?
See below.

Volume 6


Chapter 0: As expected, Ebina Hina‘s musical is rotten.
Chapter 1: Within the storm, Hikigaya Hachiman continues to slip.
Chapter 2: Sagami Minami strongly makes her appeal.
Chapter 3: As expected, Ebina Hina‘s musical is rotten. 2
Chapter 4: Yukinoshita Haruno makes a sudden offensive.
Chapter 5: Comfortably, Shiromeguri Meguri leads everyone by the nose.
Chapter 6: Unusually, Yuigahama Yui becomes indignant.
Chapter 7: This is the very moment Sobu High is festivaling at its best.
Chapter 8: Ahead is the person Yukinoshita Yukino is gazing at.
Chapter 9: And then, the curtains are drawn on every stage.
Chapter 10: At last, he and she find the correct answer.


21 thoughts on “Yahari Ore no Seishun Love Come wa Machigatteiru Light Novel

  1. Hi there,

    Just wanted to say good work on volume 7-9 and that I enjoyed them very much. Have you decided if you are going to work on Volume 10 or are you going to go back and do other volumes first?

    Either way, definitely bookmarking your blog and looking forward to your future translations!

  2. Is it possible to donate? A simple thank you is insufficient to express how appreciative I am for your translation/hard work.

  3. Hello!First, thank you for translating Oregairu, this is one of my favorite light novel.
    So i made an epub from Volume 10, do you mind if i upload it and post download link somewhere here?
    I don’t want to be rude, so if you want to make one yourself its perfect, i just thought offering some help so you can focus on translating or something along the lines…now i stop myself before i write a novel myself, back to lurking ~

  4. admin can you please tell me when vol. 11 is going to come ………………. only a rough estimate will be enough ……….. and i really love this novel

    • im not the admin but Light novels frequently come out on a 4-5 months basis so it’ll probably come out as early as April or May…

      additional info:. Index came out on October and the next volume is announced to come out at March so it is likely that OreGairu being also a Light novel will follow that pattern

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