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If you have any questions (anything not Oregairu related, those can go on the discussion pages) below, feel free to ask them in the comments below. You can also follow me on Twitter but I don’t really tweet, I just retweet a bunch of Oregairu related stuff, illustrations, doujins from artists, etc. In other words, NSFW.


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  1. Spyro, I was wondering where you got that oregairu artbook. The one who’s cover pic is your signature on animesuki.
    I’ve been looking everywhere for it, but can’t find it.

    Thanks for your translation btw.

  2. Hello Excorsism, just a suggestion- in your page if I click on Manga or Light Novel section under the Oregairu menu it takes me to a blank page or to a page with an image. Can you put the link of the next sub-heading in those pages. For eg. on clicking the Light novel sub-menu it will open up the page with the links of vol 6,7,8,9,…, or clicking the sub-menu of vol 8 will redirect to the page having the links of the chapters or any goodies related to the vol.

    And as usual Thank You for your translation.

  3. Hi, Excorcism! This is Frog-kun from Nano Desu. I’m interested in discussing the Oregairu translation. As you know, there are only two untranslated volumes left, so we’ll be catching up to each other soon. Over at Nano Desu, we’re predicting that volume 4 will be finished by the end of February, while you’ve mentioned that you want to translate volume 5 in time for the second season of the anime. I don’t want to waste time and effort retranslating stuff you’ve already done, so I’ll probably quit translating Oregairu after volume 4. I’m just letting you know. You’re free to retranslate the earlier volumes yourself, of course.

    If you’re interested, I can help you out with editing your translation. Since I’m familiar with the Japanese text, I can spot accuracy mistakes and whatnot. I don’t think my translations would be a significant improvement over yours, so this will probably be more efficient for both of us. Shoot me an email if you’re interested in discussing this further. (It’s attached to this comment.)

    Also, a heads up: I have tentative plans to translate Quoridia, but if you’re planning to translate it yourself, I won’t do it. Just let me know your plans in advance so we can avoid doubling up.

    In any case, thanks for your work on Oregairu. You’ve done great and I like your translations! I really admire your dedication towards this series. Good luck with your future endeavours!

    • Hi Frog-kun, just wondering if this does work out then can you make the epub files for volumes 4-6? thanks! I dont know how to generate them myself and I would much rather read it in the form of an epub file

  4. Hello..
    This is quite out of topic, but just wondering:
    How you get rid the in-archive from the wordpress main page?
    I tried googling and just able to get rid of it from other pages except front page..

  5. Where can we just express our gratitudes for translating this LN ? I really enjoy this story a lot, but unfortunately, there are no sell in my country ( France ) so I’m really glad I found your website on the internet. You’re the best !

    • There are PDFs made by other readers. Somewhere… My plan is to make PDFs myself, but I don’t know when since I need to go through all the volumes again.

  6. Just outta curiosity, but are the chapters posted on Baka Tsuki actually translated by you? If so, why is volume 7 on Baka Tsuki and not on this site? Also, are you gonna translate the authors notes and Bonus track?

    And do you plan on translating volumes 6.25, 6.5 and 6.75? Just curious about what to hope for, that’s all.

    Super grateful for your translations XD

    • Yay!!! I love you (no homo)!!! Thank You thank you thank you!!!! I can’t wait for your work XD

      Honestly, this is my favorite series to read at the moment. And when you give out your own ePub, it’d be awesome XD

  7. WTH man! Don’t use Hikigaya’s photo when you’ve got a 9-6 job! Only full-time house husbands and those aiming to be one are allowed to use it. Got it?
    You being a corporate slave is no excuse here.

  8. Thank u very much for taking time to translate this. I cannot imagine how tiring it must be to translate and while I cannot properly express my gratitude through typing alone please know that I am so grateful for this that I bow at my computer screen towards u

  9. Exorcism-sensei, i know that is so hard to translate and edit text, but i only wanna know when you will finish the volume 7?
    I’m sorry, if i make a mistake is because the english is not my natal language

  10. Not sure where this mumbling should be puted now, so I’lI leave it here.
    It hit me just only now, but there’s one feature about your translaitions which is fabulous. It’s how the lines getting serious and strenuous when so do the circumstances, and vice versa. Whether original has the same, or it’s rather thanks to you alone, but even with my language I coud get the tone of what’s going on just by the first lines of your wording. That’s to say, you doing really great job in conveying what supposed to be conveyed.
    Sorry about inappropriate topic.

  11. exorcism sensei, when will u start translating volume 10.5? eagerly waiting for irohasu-centric chapters :3

  12. Hello, i’m loving the background that you’ve set for this site. Do you mind sharing a copy of the image with me? Would certainly love it on my desktop page.

  13. I think it’s been asked before…but can you please have a donate option available? 😦 Even twitch streamers have optional donations…I really want to show my appreciation for your hard work, even if it’s not much.

  14. Hello, Spyro. I have something to ask you about Yahari volume 1 that Nanodesu translated already.

    I don’t ask in Nanodesu website since translator told that there will not be anymore update there anymore so I choose to ask you instead. in https://oregairuthetranslation.wordpress.com/volume-1/chapter-8-and-then-hikigaya-hachiman-thinks/chapter-8-2/ , I found some speech that bug me a bit in Volume 1 chapter 8.

    This speech >>>> “I’m sure there is some insect somewhere who will, one day, come to like Hikigaya-kun.”

    I wonder “insect” word because I read volume 1 (that bought at my country) and translator of book that I bought use the word “monster” not “insect” so I don’t know which is correct. If you can help me, please find the correct word.

    PS. Thanks in advance. (and thanks for anyone who will help me find this correct word too.) Bye

  15. wooohh…. i just finished reading volume 10… and.. its really awesome…….. … this might be rude to say on this page(gomenasai ..T.T ) but… does anyone here willing to share an epub version for 10.5(if anyone has or knew…im totally so hyped.)….. buy the way….i saw some people asking for PDF/EPUB….. for 1-4 can be found on ND… while 7.5-9 can be found on Baka-tsuki(also with epub)……

    and.. THANK you very much for the translation…… youre really so AWESOME.. :3

  16. New look is great, especially Komachi, but it’s not as convenient as the old one any the font might be too large, I think.

  17. I just want to say thank you for undertaking this project. I’m so appreciative of all your hard work and I think your translations are excellent as well as prompt. The anime is great and all, but the light novel truly captures the true intent behind each scenario and I think your translations portray the events in the way they were intended. I feel like if I hadn’t found this blog, I wouldn’t have understood how complex this series is and come to love it as I do now, so thank you. I hope you keep this up and I look forward to future releases.

  18. This is an appriciation comment for your team, thank you very much for your hard work, keep fighting! :3

  19. Are you feeling frustrated over the emptiness of “discussions” on your blog and swarms of very much alike fiddling comments in one post after another?

    Not trying to be offensive or anything here.

    • I don’t really read discussions all that much anymore, both here and the BTB threads, so I don’t really care. The vitriol towards Yukino is pretty painful, but there’s nothing you can do about opinions, no matter how backwards they are. I still check up on the threads, though.

      If there’s anything to be frustrated about, it’s what the fanbase deteriorated into which I feel partly responsible for even if only indirectly. I just want the series to end already.

    • I don’t think it’s erstwhile fanbase deterioration that is to blame though, rather its expansion. So it’s kinda… natural? As sad as it seems.
      But still, it’s truly a joy to see how some far from average people engaged with the show. Somehow makes you feel that what you’re immersed in has some particular value for real.

      I just want the series to end already.

      Make sure you won’t become another monster of reliance here.

  20. I just want to ask one single thing.
    Did you buy the Premium package or the Business package of wordpress?

  21. Do you have a link to where/when Watari said volume 6 was the halfway mark for the story? I remember something being said about that, but I don’t remember where.

  22. heey really great for translating it man!!
    really greatfull!!!!!
    i was wondering if there was any means of subscriptions or stuff like that wud let u know about the updates on chapters and other stuff here via mail…
    due to circumstances i cannot visit this site often it its a little troublesome looking through updates aat the home page…
    id ya dont, its completely fine…i mean i cudnt possibly ask for more than all the perfect LN translations but…
    even if there is remote chance that u cud start a subscription setup than it wud be really helpfull!!
    once again im realllllyyy gratefull for ur work!!!
    arigato gozaimassu!!

  23. I just want to know where can I find all oregairu’s audio commentary that comes with the blu-ray box online. Thanks.

  24. Just gonna give my words of appreciation here,

    Thank you very much for continuing the translation even after the licensing, i’m hoping that you could do it all the way ’till the series’ end.

    • They used to be available on Nanodesu but I believe they were taken down.
      I was able to find someone who has all the volumes in pdf here. Its a google drive page so you can download them and read them if you want to.

  25. Hi, I really want to buy the original novel to both, read the original work and to support the author; where can I buy an original copy? I tried amazon but they wouldnt deliver it outside Japan unfortunately

    • so far none. Season 2 covers novels 7 through 11 and from what we know so far, volume a. So volume 12 (which may be the final volume) is after season 2.

  26. No no nothing…just wondering WHEN THE FUCK WILL CHAPTER 3 of VOLUME 11 be released….what is the writer doing!!! Is he fucking dead?!?! He should die already!!!!!

  27. Hey there! May I ask that if there is more volumes or not? Actually is it true that volume 12 will be the final of this series? I did some research but I didn’t find the source that volume 12 will be the final. Thank you.

    • Volume 12 will not be the final volume of the series. Volumes 13 & 14 are going to be released at the same time, sometime in 2018. My lord and savior exorcism will hopefully translate them all<3.

  28. Came here looking for an update on the series. Glad to hear it’s still ongoing. Big fan of the show and collecting the English versions of the manga and novels. I’m excited to see what happens next. It would be great to see the final volumes made into an OVA if there isn’t enough there for a season, along with that side story episode.

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