[Manga] Gi(a)rlish Number – Chapter 02


The bitter reality indeed. Anyway, chapter 2 done. Yes, there are redraws that weren’t done, because they were too hard. This is coming from the guy who does all the redraws, so I’m definitely not disputing that. And he’s damn good, I should add.

As usual, if you’re good at typesetting, or even redrawing to help the lessen the burden on my current redrawer, feel free to send an e-mail to kyakkadesu@gmail.com or stop by the Discord server.. Could always use more help. A typesetter would be the biggest help right now, though.

As for the LN, there hasn’t been any progress on that front. I’ve actually been just sitting around, kinda, waiting for the other translator to do chapter 1, but I haven’t heard all that much from him. So if the year ends and no chapter 1, I guess I’ll go ahead and take over.

And yes, anime Chitose is super cute.

Now on with the chapters. I’ll include chapter 1’s link here as well.

Chapter 1 – Batoto, Mediafire
Chapter 2 – Batoto, Mediafire

Feel free to point out any mistakes/errors. Will correct them in the volume release.


17 thoughts on “[Manga] Gi(a)rlish Number – Chapter 02

  1. how i love the people who visited this site . despite your lack of updates , the people here really appreciate your work. well i’m one of them of course . well take it easy mate . we will be waiting.

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