[Manga] Girlish Number – Chapter 01


Surprise, I’m alive!

First things first, T/N: Voice actor means seiyuu. And I’m not entirely sure what that (a) in the title is supposed to represent. Moving along…

Before you ask, no, I’m not translating Oregairu anymore, and yes, I plan on doing the LN for Girlish Number. I guess I can’t get away from Watari.

Anyway, Girlish Number is a story about a college girl named Karasuma Chitose and her work as a voice actor (T/N: Voice actor means seiyuu), starting first as a nobody.

Add a little Watari spice to it and it becomes some form of satire on the voice acting industry as a whole (I would bet his BFF Eguchi had some form of influence on this series). Aside from the MC being insanely cute, the main appeal for me is the fun relationship the MC has with her brother, Karasuma Gojo, who also happens to be her manager. I will add that Gojo’s probably the only relevant male, so this could blow up to be a generic harem, but who knows. Also, art is C U T E in both the manga and the light novel, see below for cute.

The anime is coming up in October, so I’m hoping to get the manga and LN volumes done by then, but that’s just wishful thinking. We’ll see.

Special thanks to the greatest redrawer in the world, mycropen, and sj for doing miscellaneous grunt work such as proofreading and stuff. It’s like I’m a real scanlation group now.

Without further ado, enjoy. Feel free to jump on Discord if you’re bored. You can find the link in the About page.





60 thoughts on “[Manga] Girlish Number – Chapter 01

  1. Glad to see you’re still alive XD.

    I had my eyes on this light novel aswell and I’m glad you also like it.

    Anyway I can’t wait for the translations.

    Thanks in advance!

    • I think I saw Frog-kun or someone else mention that one of the reasons why Volume 12 was pushed back was because of the number of other projects WW has taken up in recent times, one example being Qualidea Code, which recently got an anime. Not only is he writing that series alongside Oregairu (and apparently this series as well), he also has to write scripts for Qualidea Code’s anime.

      All in all, he’s pretty damn busy. Which is good, because that means his career has shot off into the sky.

  2. And the (a) in the title is probably wordplay? If you add in the ‘a’, it becomes giarl, which sounds like ‘Gyaru’ in Japanese. And Chitose is arguably a gyaru.

  3. @Kyakka or anyone. If you don’t mind, could you please translate Oregairu @Comic too. This manga is too good to hold it to be Jap only.

    ps. Oregairu -Monologue too. I know hot chocolate scan doing this, but its progress is saaaaaalooooow I want to know what happened in vol 7 and up.

  4. Glad to see you’re alive and breathing! What would you describe this LN as? A straightforward comedy primarily or is it really heavily focused on satire? I’ll be reading it either way but a heads up is always nice.

  5. Welcome back 🙂 I’m not entirely sure why you completely cut yourself off from oregairu. Can you explain? In your previous posts, you’re were very vague about it. Or in my opinion, you were. You stated a couple reasons, but to completely cut yourself off from the fanbase all together, seems a bit extreme for those reasons. You only gave reasons to for losing motivation for translating vol. 11, but you never gave a reason as to why you dropped the entire series. In most cases, people would still be fans. So what exactly is it?

    • I burned out from a mixture of having a full-time job, getting about 2-4 hours of sleep a night to get translations done, and the anime just blowing through volume 11 like it’s nobody’s business (this was a real motivation killer, don’t ask why). I’ll also add that the direction of the story was kind of off-putting (getting too melodramatic, I suppose) and I was getting too sucked into the series as a whole that it was kind of affecting me mentally. And that’s a bad thing since I want to enjoy my Chinese cartoons without getting salty about things like waifu wars. Th-Thanks /a/, but don’t get me wrong, it’s not like I hate you or anything.

      Overall, it just wasn’t healthy for me to continue what I was doing, so I took a step back to recharge.

      I may have been fast at putting stuff out, but what people don’t realize is that I was literally killing myself while being able to go at the speed I was going. My peak speed was actually when I was still in college, before I got a job in May 2014. Volume 10 came in November of the same year, so you should see why things happened the way it did.

      I can only pray I don’t fall into the same trap this time. I will admit that I have problems sticking to things long-term, something I’d like to fix about myself.

      Hopefully, that clears up any doubts. If not, just look to the TL;DR.

      TL;DR: I lost interest and burned out. In translating, Oregairu, shitposting, waifu wars, and [insert other excuses here].

    • That’s understandable. It can’t be helped. Though it’s great that you’re back. I look forward to reading your translations for Girlish Number. Just don’t push yourself like you did last time. By all means, take your time.

    • @kyakka Jus a bit curious, will u still be reading oregairu if someone posted a translation for the continuation, vol. 12 and vol. 13 etc.

  6. Yoo!!!
    Well I didn’t know about this, but I guess I’ll give it a shot, then read some of your translations man.
    You probably have the Oregairu crew watching over you. Anyway, congrats for your goals.

  7. Congrats on being alive again
    It’s really good news u are active again(well for us, I guess it will be quite cubersome for u) I hope it has good story like Oregairu not like some random ecchi harem LN

  8. Can anyone just answer me why Wateri stopped Oregairu? It was because of Qualidea Code? Or because Gi(a)rlish Number? Like, seriously, what he was doing all this time? He know he has a lot of fans waiting for Oregairu and still make new things like this? Can’t he just finish something first? Anyone has any idea of what is happening? What that man is probably thinking? Someone? Help!

    • Ever considered from the author pov…how hard it is to make a great finishing that fits the quality of previous 1-7 and not some half assed job
      Do the easy work first~i guess cause the hard part is too freaking hard for author and be advised for a long que time!!

  9. Many thanks for your sweat, tears and hell lot of time translating these great works
    Good to see you got your fire back and hopes to see your work again. Some of the best translating work I have seen. Not just quality but also the passion of it can be felt when reading. Not slacking off when the hard parts of Japanese quotes and hard to get wording games…you took your time and did it. And it came out great!

    This piece of art changed many a people, for better or worse. Many learned a bit how to cope with others and a few caught the 中二病 dont know the english of it sry. And it all wouldn’t be possible without you sir ! So once again good to see you back and a great many thanks from me。。

  10. I’m glad that you’re okay and with a new novel, what a pity that you’re not translating Oreigaru anymore.
    I just want ask you a few things that are killing me!!
    First: How do you make digital scans?
    Second: In volumen 10 is “That’s how it was long ago,” she said. “Nothing changed and things stayed the same”, she said.
    Of which volume that is?
    And who is the person that said this?

    • Digital scans are basically from the digital copies of the books sold by various online book stores like honto.

      And I don’t remember much at all, so I’m not sure if I can help you with that second question.

  11. Hello Excorsism!
    I Wonder who do you like the most in Oregairu between Hachiman or Yukino who do you prefer and why?
    I like Yukino too but i think she despises too easily other people.
    She likes to feel above people and i dislike that part about her.
    On contrary Hachiman helps people without asking anything even respect in return.

    Best regards

  12. glad to see you again Excorsism…
    I’m glad that I’m keeping the bookmark for this site…
    1st question: are you going to release this manga regularly or when you feel like to?
    2nd question: have you ever reconsider to translate oregairu vol 12 when the real thing comes out?

  13. yeaah! your alive, welcome back i hope you have fun working on this project and also dont overdo yoursefl like last time.
    As for my expectations to girlish number i hope it will be interesting and dont go the harem route again, first chapter was good, thanks for the translation

  14. Spyro, you ARE alive after all!.
    Too bad for dropping Oregairu but well, at least you’re OK and not dying in this lackluster society. I hope to see you again in /a/.

  15. Hello Excorcism, nice to hear from you again. Hope this comment finds you.

    I sincerely hope that one day you’d find your motivation to continue Oregairu again. It’s a good story, really find it a pity that you dropped it.
    Anyways, I really appreciate all the time and effort you that you spent translating till vol 11.


  16. hi spyro
    i know that you’re busy with your RL stuff but do visit here sometimes and try to update us with something

    best regards spyro!~

  17. You’re alive is the best news I can hope for ;_;
    Long gone are the days of glorious Yahari LN threads. As of now I can only hope you glorious bastards are living well and enjoying life. It would be nice too if you keep up on watching anime, reading LN and manga instead of giving up altogether due to burnout.
    This season has a pretty good start and some really decent shows.

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