For what it’s worth…


Still waiting on something from Alter.



70 thoughts on “For what it’s worth…

    • My next project is to find a sustainable way to live the life of a NEET.

      Half-joking aside, wakarimasenlol.

  1. Ahh never thought this site was gonna get updated XD
    I looked at this figurine last day in the OreGairu subreddit the last and it really is gorgeous.

  2. Motivation somehow backs to u, huh? xD
    I’ve waited this “dream” for quite long and wonder what has such a power to bring u back to us :3
    …but still don’t know if this “dream” lasts long :3

  3. “Her prim profile bore a semblance with white porcelain, faintly tinged by the scarlet of the declining sun” -8man, volume 6.5

    Also, are the other chapters of 6.5 untranslated or something?

    • It was played in volume 3, don’t remember the chapter though 😜. But I’m perfectly sure that I was the chapter before the bonus track.

  4. Yes!yes!yes! Finally an update
    Are you going to translate hai translate ‘hai to gensou no grimgar’ next or are you just watching the anime.
    Whatever thanks for the update.I had decided to book mark this blog forever

  5. Yes!yes!yes! Finally an update
    Are you going to translate ‘hai to gensou no grimgar’ next or are you just watching the anime.
    Whatever thanks for the update.I had decided to book mark this blog forever

  6. Yo!!! How have you been doing? Have you read ANOTHER, the parallel timeline novel series of OreGairu? If so, what’s your opinion of it?

  7. I hope you translate some LN ,since ur works always turn out to be awe inspiring ,the writing is smooth and enlightening ,to say the least !!!

  8. Spyro, are you already read this LN Kuzu to Kinka no Qualidea, perhaps I wonder coz it’s watari also. and maybe you are interested to translating too, it would be great

  9. I came to this site when I was pretty dam young… 8th or 9th grade. Developed a false sense of independence through this book and your translations. As I got older… Found out that I was a silly freshman and started to live my life more properly. Only now as an 11th grader, I have my crap together… I’m going to move on ahead in age than the story characters of this book… haha… Knowing that I’m going to be older than them is pretty something. I’m… going to live my own future. Found myself slowly tearing myself apart from anime and manga. Ironically the only thing I’m doing now is reading translated chinese novels… (Doulou Dalu) I’m not sure if anyone really cares but the point is that your novels helped me grow as a person.
    I’m not exactly going the same liberal arts direction as the characters but more to a medical approach with kindness to people and meeting people that experienced hardship and helping them out.
    Thanks for everything.

    • In my own sense… I became a genuine person.

      (Same guy, thought I might add that. I just happened to drop by the site)

    • Well, I’m happy my translations had a positive influence on someone out there. Thanks for the share, champ.

  10. So are you still going to translate Yahari novels? If it’s yes, I am really delighted to hear that, as a fan for almost 2 years, I even binge-read the novels during my summer break. Hoping you continue the volume 10 translation even though someone already translated it. Also when volume 10 comes out!

  11. Hey guys can anyone tell me where to read Volume 6.75 ?
    Spyro stopped with Volume 6.25 chapter 1 while Fatfluffyfish stopped in Volume 6.5 leaving Volume 6.75 and some chapters of Volume 6.5 not translated
    If anyone knows or translated let us know the publish sites.

  12. Volume 6.75?????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????

    • Don’t. Its been more than enough time for him to forget. If it isn’t then more time will pass. To be honest. It’s better to forget but learn from it. People should just leave.

    • Yeah the OVA is coming out ,in end of July .isn’t the OVA based on iroha tricking hachiman on a date in one of the short story or something

    • Sadly the new PS Vita game with bundled OVA of volume 10.5 (Iroha date and newsletter project) has been postponed until October 27th. On the plus side Watari on June 5th has tweeted apology to OreGairu fans for delay in new material, with another tweet saying to wait just a little bit longer. Keep the faith…

  13. It has been one year right now since light novel 11 got released. Let’s hope we see more from it in the future.

    Also, I have spoken with dear Spyro about doing a sort of OVA impression (the one that is coming out on 28th October 2016) in the fashion he did for season 2 but he said he wasn’t really interested in doing so. If you do want to hear other;s talking about it, Reddit like MAL and Animesuki are the places to go for that.

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