Oh, boredom…

45293853_big_p3If you’re still following this blog (which I hope you aren’t), volume 11 was completed a few days ago, but not by me. It was finished by FatFluffyFish and I wanted to redirect people who aren’t up-to-date to go check his work out. You can find it on the Oregairu subreddit on le leddit or whoever wants to post the link in the comments.

Read further if you want to read my blogshit (but this is a blog!).

As for Kyakka’s future or mine, even…

I said I would keep going, but honestly, you might as well consider me dead. As Anzu would say, “If you work, you lose.”

I think this is what you call being burned out. I started the novel on June 15, 2013 and I think it hit me hard officially around the same time 2 years later. During that time frame, I think I spent 4-10+ hours everyday just trying to get up to speed, and that’s before I got a full-time job where my time to translate everyday was effectively reduced to about 1-3 hours a day starting around May 2014. I didn’t have a very active social life (not that I had one before I started the novel, but I digress), but I couldn’t do anything else without Oregairu being stuck in the back of my mind. Couldn’t play my vidya, watch anime, etc. I think I spent a couple months translating volume 10 operating on 3-5 hours of sleep, too. Then there was season 2, which I think kind of killed volume 11 for me. While the direction of the series did irk me a bit, I’d say the actual reason in the loss of motivation was the anime just running through the volume in two episodes. It’s like how I started off with volume 7 instead of volumes 1-6 because the anime had already covered them. I guess I just didn’t want to translate what’s more or less already been adapted in the anime (though I did eventually end up doing volume 5 and 6, so maybe this point is kind of hypocritical). But anyway, it’s similar to how I drop an anime adaption of manga after I catch up on the manga. I just lose interest.

Nowadays, I don’t find myself even watching anime all that much or even reading manga, though there are a few I’m still enjoying like Souma or World Trigger or comfy SoL shows like Non Non Biyori. I’ve been doing random translations here and there on /a/ (bonus points if you know what) to maybe rekindle the LN translating spirit, but it’s not working out too well. On an unrelated note, I’ve been hooked on watching the Colbert Report. That’s been a lot of fun. Bless the man. I’ve also been wasting a lot of money on buying unscanned doujins and scanning them, too. I feel pretty good about this, at least.

I don’t want to call this an official statement of dropping the series, but you shouldn’t expect anything from me anymore. My tentative, tentative, tentative plan is to finish volume 11 by December because volume 12 won’t be releasing in November, but absolutely no guarantee, and I mean it. In retrospect, I’m the kind of person who never keeps my word (something I’ve realized only this year).

My apologies to those who are still waiting or still are expecting something from me, I let you down. Perhaps getting a job was the worst thing to happen to my passion for weeb stuff (I’m all about those JRPGs in 2016, though) or maybe I’m getting old (but I’m still only 23!). Sometimes, I wonder how that js06 robot does it.

Thanks for the support and reading what I churned out. Maybe I’ll rise back up like a phoenix one day. One day. On another note, someone pass the info to FatFluffyFish that he can use the blog as a vehicle for his translations if he wants.

Yeah, so basically, sorry. I am kill. If only I won the lottery…

I’d totally do a Tobe spin-off where he tries to woo the Ebina, though. Side couples are always good.

TL;DR – The 40-hour work week standard (or even worse for other countries like Japan) is one of the worst concepts of human history ever.


188 thoughts on “Oh, boredom…

  1. Well, thanks for all your hard work :’)

    And Good Luck XD

    That said, if anyone has the link, please post it XD

    And for people making epubs of this series, give me a link for that too please XD

    Thanks 😛

  2. I miss you exorcism, because I like your translations more than the FatFluffyFish, I really hope you win the lottery, but many can donate, it’s your decision, I’ll be looking at your blog waiting for your return, good luck.

  3. “I am kill” Kyakka ga Kiru

    Anyways, appreciate the blog post but I’ll still stick around and read your posts here and there to see what you’re up to but I totally understand the burned out feeling that you have. Full time college does the same thing but nothing like 40+ hour work weeks then no time to relax (which would be translating?). Thank you for everything and I loved following your blog for the last year and a half.

    As a sidenote, where/how did you end up picking up japanese to translate? Self-taught? School?

  4. TBH, volume 11 really did kill the anime…. making female lead as some kinda person having a disorder…. well, good luck dude, you won’t get social life on web, dats fur sure.

    • It actually made sense that she had such a disorder though… and there were all sorts of signs.

      It just wasn’t apparent, but the girl never lived her own life.

    • Her problems were shown starting in season 1. People complain that she doesn’t follow the trope for her stereotypical archtype, yet Watari over time, since the comedic start, has been introducing real issues into the story that real people have. That’s what makes Oregairu better than the usual fluff anime

    • She doesn’t have a disorder. She doesn’t who she is which is understandable. She comes from upper class family which has expectations of her and she lives with two dominating characters ( her and her sister). So all her life, she’s been under pressure to act a certain way, she hasn’t felt the freedom to be herself, make mistakes. What she needs is to find herself. That’s why I don’t think its gonna or should end p with any romantic pairings. I think the 3 become close but in the end go their separate ways. I think for Yukinon, its best she goes to college away from her family. Where there isn’t a burden of expectations too be someone else.

  5. i’m one of the people that continue to follow this blog so good luck to you and thanks for your hard work 😛

  6. It’s a sad news, but I will always follow you sir. I feel like it’s not gonna be the same oregairu if it’s not from your translation.

    With that being said, I totally understand your reasons (especially how rushing the whole volume in 2 episodes would ruin any enthusiasm you had). I wish you good luck with your life, and hope you find the joy of oregairu translations once again. I will always wait for you!

  7. well not sure if its ok to say its a pity because you know you got a job and money means more anime manga an ln goods but its kinda sad that its over you know
    nevertheless id still want to say thank you
    for your hard effort
    for you allowing us to enjoy this great LN
    for all the time you put into this
    for the excellent quality
    for the extra effort decifring all the references whiting the LN
    for the flow and the feeling your trans give
    for having done so many volumnes
    for kyakka beeing there
    thank you very much

    truly thank you very much

    • aaaaaaaaaaaaaaa i thought i could take it but i cant im not mature enough
      please come back please dont end it
      im sorry
      but ill continue to wati for your come back for as long as a can

    • The anime adapts volumes 7-9 really well. Then like a switch, its all destroyed. Its the last 3 episodes – they are horrible. I marathoned the novels (vol 1-10) when S2E3 aired in four or five days. Havent read a single page afterwards. Just.. baka anime.

  8. As one who is late to know oregairu, i have experiebced a great ln translation from u. And i think u did a great job already, time to catch up on real life. Who knows, when vol 12 is out, u can find it in you to once again enjoy oregairu. Though i felt the same by zoki ending… Its too rushed. Thanks kyakka

  9. You should write a fanfiction for Oregairu, and right after you get Volume 12 release it and say that’s what happened. It’d be beautiful. Pretend that the twelfth volume is a spin-off side-story about Tobe chasing Ebina.

    On the more important note, thanks for the translations; they were great, but life always, always takes priority. A full time job can be pretty demanding, after all. I wish you the best of luck in your future endeavors.

  10. Hi Excor,

    All good things must come to an end. Even Hikki realised this.

    Thanks for staying with us through this time. Looking back, events like the whole skelly-filled ‘Waiting for Spyro’ thing during Season 2 was exasperating but kind of funny-sad (to me anyway), in the sense of how the collective consciousness of the Internet could come up with rather creative ways to troll someone.

    I don’t suppose you’d be keen to help FatFluffyFish edit his translation? I guess it is akward to read someone else’s writing, like reading someone else’s (programming) code, but that might be less taxing than doing everything yourself.

    Anyway, all the best. I’ve been trying to pick up Japanese on my own but it is extremely slow going.
    Would love to read your synopsis of Vol. 12 at least when the time comes.

  11. Good to know you’re alive 🙂
    As for taking a break, it’s your right and nobody can take that from you.
    I think it’s not that bad to have something that keeps you running everyday. You won’t be out of shape at least 😛 right?
    THANKS for making me and a lot of people, fall in love with this AMAZING LN. It’s my first and I don’t think I’m ready to read another one yet, just to keep its taste in my mouth, I guess.
    For a person who doesn’t have that much to do, I’ll definitely check the blog once a day, just to make sure.
    We’ll be waiting for your great comeback. Take your time and no pressure, OK.
    God bless you and good luck with your life.

  12. Spyro thanks for all the translation till now
    I sincierly pray that you come back and translate oregairu
    I don’t want to be ungrateful to fatfluffyfish but his translation are not enjoyable ,honestly they are boring and make me drowzy ,your translation use to make me want to read more and were super enjoyable,I am thinking of dropping the LN because of the translation quality,ofcourse I know beggars cant be choosers ,so I am planning to just wait for the anime s3 and watch it

  13. Well, thanks for these past 2 years, Spyro! :”D
    Goodluck for your new life, wish you all the best there.

    Though, we’re still hoping for you to be back on the translations. (Yes, yours is better than anyone else.)
    The door is always open for you, wherever and whenever you are.

  14. Seemed like you were busy lately, with how little you tended to say or come online for the last few months. You sound busy though, so it doesn’t seem like it can be all that bad.

    Come by IRC more often if you can. We can try to think of new shitty phone/PC games to play. ;_;

  15. Well, I will keep waiting anyway for anything you post, If you can, please sent us the link of that other translation page, You are awesome for doing 1-3 hours in translations; Not a lot of people have that kind of dedication anyway, Thank for all your hard work and hope your life might be good 😀

  16. Well, i’m still checking your blog sometimes, you really did great stuff here, and i’m sure everyone is grateful towards you for it.
    By the way where can i find the ePub files of your translations?, i think they aren’t here…

  17. Sad, I really like your style since Vol.9. Not sure if I can be satisfied with FFF. Still thanks for all hard work. Wish you find your mojo.

  18. Work and ‘real life’ undoubtedly come before our anime/manga adictions. And the last volume of Oregiaru took things in a direction that wasn’t enjoyable for many I’ve talked too.

    Thank you so much for your hard work throughout the years Spyro. We really appreciate it.

  19. Thanks for your hard work dude , I really appreciate all of your hard work so far and I’m sure many others do , whether you drop or continue translating both I say once again thank you and good luck in whatever you’re doing right now 🙂

  20. Thanks for all the hard work and good luck!
    And don’t worry – a few months or a year-two later, if it’s really a passion, it will burn again.

  21. really thanks for everything. we will wait for your next post.
    And good luck with your job, wish it will getting better. 🙂

  22. Eventually you lose everything, that was an absolute truth.
    But even so….
    The eventual loss of everything had beauty in it. -8man

  23. Thank you for the awesome work! Like yourself, I also hit a point where I didn’t like the stuff I use to like because of reasons. It takes time, but I sincerely hope you bounce back up.

  24. Whatever, you’re still awesome to me. You did great spyro ! Reallly great ! Thanks for all your translation so far. Spending that much time to tranlsate this for us isn’t something that everyone can do . So thanks a lot !

    P.s sorry for my bad english

  25. Get some rest, you mad man. No need to even explain yourself to us plebs. Thank you for all your sweat, snot, tears and long nights.

  26. I’ll join the gratitude train too, I think: thank you so much for your amazing work man. I would never have loved this series a tenth of the amount I do without your translations. The anime can go to hell for their treatment of the last couple of LNs but just wanted you to know that your efforts are what make oregairu one of my all time favourite series. In my opinion, your style of writing, dry humour and interactions with readers made a good story great.

    Good luck with whatever you choose in the future, and rest assured that there’s at least one person out there who reads these posts, laughs at your jokes and feels for you when you’re down. Even if that person is a lonely 21-year-old man with no job and no life 😀

    PS you’re cool and all but I’m afraid Yui is the only girl for 8man and that’s the end of it

  27. ‘otskare'(is the spelling right?) its been fun Exorcism-sama…..I’ll be waiting for your great comeback ( if you will ever)

  28. just read FFF’s translation.Dropped it within a few paragraphs.It didn’t have the ‘Watari Wataru’ feel to it (or is it the ‘Exorcism’ feel? or is it just the empty feeling?….um…..)

  29. Thank you very much for your work in the past year! With your translations you made me a big fan of the Oregairu series. Sad that you would be eventually dropping the series but hope you’ll be back in the future. On the other hand, I tried to compile both Kyakka’s and FFF’s translation into a pdf. Anyone who wants to try reading it feel free to DL it. And lastly thank you very much again.

  30. Thanks alot for ur hard wrk and dedication…we will miss u and ur translations..we have been waiting for some kind of response from u..and i am glad we got this…no need to force urself to do something when ur mind is 100% focused…hopefully..but plz try to complete the translations by December as u said…oregairu ln translations without u is incomplete..would love to read ur translations again!
    So till then..wishing u all the very best…and do keep us updated on this blog..and word from u will be helpful!
    Thanks again!

  31. well, i don’t know spyro will read all comments but i’ll give him gratitude. i can’t read volumes anywhere because the translation is gigantic slow in my country and this site is the only one i can read LN perfectly. i don’t need to wait 10 years to read until latest volume anymore (although i will buy every volumes in my country for collection). and when i aware , i visit this site often more than baka-*****.

    i can say that if Spyro didn’t give his best for TL, I would not intend to buy all volumes either because I read his work (& found this novel is very interesting ) so I run to buy volume 1 at bookstore.

    i’m sure volume 12 and next will be more interested since Haruno started to break inside in volume 9-11, so i want to see her development and how trio will solve her problem.

    so i don’t mind if spyro will take long break. relax when you need it and work when you have burning spirit. this is just suggestion. Why do you not TL small work like small volumes (ex. volume a,n,o) or other products (ex. drama CD in SS2 (if there are)). I enjoy reading your work and everyone in r***t too , so….

    ps.sorry for my poor english.

  32. thank you for your hard work man…but I think real life should be your focal point right now. 23’s a pretty interesting age, I suggest you use it to figure out what to do with your life (if you havent already)..

    again, thank you for your hard work

  33. Hello,

    It’s been a good 2 years with you, I hope you make a 180 degree turn from the lack of motivation and return to Kyakka. Will read FatFluffyFish’s translations however I don’t think it would have the same quality as yours, but I guess will get used to it. Thank you for the translations, especially vol.9 ( best one of the series ).

    I will always be waiting at this website hoping for some updates, or so. This place has been the place that made me read light novels.

    Based Spyro forever!

  34. I’ve been following your translations for what feels like a very long time. Your sentence structure from Japanese to English is very good; I can’t say that I’ve seen any other fan translations that are of the same quality. Very deserving that my favourite title had the best translator.

    Thanks for the hard work. I wish you the best.

  35. please take my gratitude,
    thanks for the hard work ,,, rest well and keep healty,
    we will miss your translate man,,,

  36. thanks for everything
    all your tranlations were really good i just hope someone will translate the rest.
    btw who is going to translate the ANOTHER oregairu series?

  37. RIP but not RIP. Translations were awesome, I feel content after reading all your work. Not all things last forever. But they can have good endings, which your’s is, definitely. Maybe you might a get a new season when you find time but don’t push yourself. At least, you get a bit more time on your anime and manga or other stuff so rest well and easy. Honestly, I am sad, however, also extremely happy and satisfied how much you did for us. Guess I need to get off my lazy back and learn some Japanese. Thank you so much. “Love ya~”
    What online website provides good free tutorials or lessons for japanese?

  38. Well, it sucks, but it’s fine. I just hope you find in yourself to at least finish up volume 11, because even if FatFluffyFish did a remarkable job, his translation is kinda plagued with grammar gibberish and strange sentence constuctions and a bit of a overuse of japanese terms, like “un”, “ara” and whatnot. It just doesn’t have your high quality. But if you don’t, it’s fine as well. You still rock ;D

  39. “My tentative, tentative, tentative plan is to finish volume 11 by December because volume 12 won’t be releasing in November”

    Volume 12 won’t be released in November? Where can we read this?

  40. I don´t want to say goodbye Spyro and thank you for every novel that you have translated until now, I prefer to say that I hope, that one day you retake the novel translation

  41. it sure is a bad news to hear, but somehow I could understand your reason being,,
    thanks to your and froggy-kun great work, we could read this great (or even masterpiece) LN from the very beginning till the current volume.

    I don’t know for sure if there will be another fan translator who would continue this LN translation progress till the end, but I believe I will miss your translation style..

    I wish you good luck, and thank you very much for your great work

  42. Man i know what you feel about dropping the translation, episode 11,12&13 burn every thing in the vol 😧 thank God i didn’t watch episode 13.. Any way thank you for your great job we will mess you and this was my first light novel i read. And you make a good decision about your full time job so don’t feel guilt.

    Bye bye exorsism…

  43. Sorry to hear that… I love your translate, but you reach people from all over the world with your translate like me( I’m from Turkey) I’m a preparatory student and you helped me to improve my vocabulary. I’m bad at english but I read your translate with great pleasure. Thanks for everthing… I hope see you soon…

  44. Thanks man. Hard work like that… After all, they even pay people to translate.

    My desire to get a job just decreased even further. I can barely keep up with stuff that comes out of Japan’s shitty asshole and I’m only consuming! And I also play videogames. I wish I could find easy 30 or 20 h/w job. Don’t care about salary too much.

  45. Hey I’m turning 25 next week and I don’t feel that old yet you whipper snapper! Seriously though it’s understandable, it really hits home how little time there is when you first hit the work force after 20+ years of school/doing nothing.

    While I’m probably not some wise old man I do have a tip for you and you can take it from someone who works 8.5 hours + 1.5 hours commute a day. Timebox all your activities, and only do whatever on Fridays and Saturdays. Instead of “I’m finishing x” go “I’ll work on x for 2 hours”. This has allowed me to literally keep being a weeb, play games and still sleep 7+ hours a day. Granted I can’t finish as many games this way but it’s a lot better.

    I’m not going to ask you to keep going as something like this should be up to you to decide, I will ask this though, keep up this blog. It doesn’t need to be about Oregairu but after a so long of you translating for the fandom … I think I speak for a lot of us we just enjoy interacting with you now. Keeping in touch by occasional blog posts and comment responses shouldn’t be too hard right :P?

  46. I know this could sound a little “asshole-ish” after you said you wanted a break from Oregairu but I (and probably most of us) would still be really happy if you could make a short commentary/impressions on volume 12 once you’ve read it.
    Maybe you don’t realize it but you mean really a lot to this community (Oregairu fandom? I’m not sure how we should call ourselves) and you’ve done really a lot for us. I’m not saying that you don’t deserve a break (you totally do!) but say that we should consider you dead, it’s just too sad 😥
    Leave a comment every once in a while if you ever wanna say something about Oregairu 😉

  47. Citing a phrase from my soccer region:
    (in spanish) “gracias por tanto, perdón por tan poco”
    I think the English translation would be something like:
    thanks for all and sorry for my poor (or none) help

    Thank you so much for your translations.

  48. Thank you so much exorcism for translating pretty almost everything up till now. Oreigaru is pretty much the only LN I’ve read till now, probably the only one I’ll ever read. Hope everything’s well and stays well in RL! I’ll keep coming back every once in a while to see if u post anything anymore.
    PS: cant believe u spent that long translating oreigaru. I can barely even focus on one thing (other than gaming, anime and Oreigaru) for more than 1 hour. Thanks so much for all the hard work 🙂

  49. Thanks for all of your hard work over the years..but you know, i still want you to come back, when volume 12 is out….

  50. I haven’t commented here before, but I just wanted to thank you very much for all of your hard work translating OreGairu. I saw the first season of the anime back in 2013 and loved it, but always put the idea of reading the LNs in the back of my mind. With season 2 out now, I have read all the way up to halfway through volume 10 in a matter of 2-3 months in preparation to watch the anime. I love your translations and find Hikigaya’s inner monologues to be hilarious, something I know the anime can’t really show, so I’m glad I got to understand the series better through your translation. Hopefully all is well for you whatever you decide to do from here on.

  51. After 2nd season ended, I stopped caring about this anime and subsconsciously stopped visiting here, so yea i feel the same, also ashamed because I used to spend all ny time here.

    The thing that brought me back was realizing my way of thinking was like hikigaya-kun’s by googling “finally someone who doesnt need to have a conversation during a meal.” Which i came across in my own head at my college buffett/cafeteria.

  52. Spyro, thanks for everything. When you decide to translate again, and I know you will, we will be here waiting for you.

    We know that like the phoenix, you will rise again. Maybe even better than before.

    Until we meet again.

  53. Pls spyro come back because I totally enjoyed your translation, fatfluffyfish no offense ,but his translation are not enjoyable would be an understatement, even 8man’s monologue which were hilarious now have become boring,its like food ,if you start eating tasty food you can’t eat something less tasty than it

  54. Thank you for the translations, though. This blog site really helped us a lot in getting up-to-date with the Oregairu series this years when baka-tsuki and nanodesu discontinued their translations for the series. At least there is someone who took the torch for you and continued that remaining chapters from Volumes 6.25, 6.5 and 11. We wish you good luck on the things you will be doing as of now. This might be a slight hindrance to the fans’ side in getting updated in the series but we know there is always SOMEONE who will give that aid to others. Again thank you and God bless!

  55. Thanks for your service. My thirst for new OreGairu volumes were all satisfied Cause of you. We’ll remember you and Thanks again

  56. Thank you bro! I really enjoyed your translations. Take care, I hope one day you will be back! I am from Bolivia.

  57. Thank You for your translation. Before i could get my hands on the actual copy of Oregairu i have been using your blog which have kept me up to date.

  58. Thank you so much, hope you have fun regardless of what you do in your future, because you certainly entertained me 🙂

  59. Thank you so much for your hard work up until now! I always enjoy reading your translations and find very much inspiration in them. Now that you’ve left, it is really regretful. However, it is your decision. And determination as expected. I hope that you will do well in your life; wish you the best luck and happiness from now on. 🙂
    Of course, there is always hope here. And look forward to seeing you again. One day.

  60. Thanks for your hard work… I have read the oregairu LN translations for 3 times (and still plan re-read them when I have the time) and greatly enjoyed them. All this would be impossible without your effort.
    If you ever decide to pick it up again I definitely will read your translations !

  61. I never really liked FFF’s translations. I stopped reading his/her translation after reading 6.5 so I will wait for you to finish Vol 11. December doesn’t seem that long. I have waited long enough. Another 1 or 2 months is nothing for me.

    Thank you for your hard work. I enjoyed reading your translations. It was exciting to wait for your blog updates, refreshing the page, hoping to read the new Oregairu chapters. This might means nothing for you but I can’t thank you enough. It’s like you are the bridge to Oregairu world. With your help of translating the LN, I get to read and know more about Oregairu. If you decided to quit translating Oregairu, I wish you all the best but if you ever decide to pick it up again, I’ll be waiting for your translations. Really thank you Spyro. I do hope you would come back to translate Vol 12.

  62. Man, I’m in the same boat where I don’t have time to watch anime, play VNs or Rpgs, or do any weeb shit because of my career. I’m trying to do stuff in my spare time but it’s daunting looking at my backlog that I don’t feel motivated to do anything. I’m afraid that I’m reaching the point where I no longer miss it. Fucking 23, man. Thanks for all the hard work you’ve given and while I do hope you come back, I understand if you don’t. Hope you stay in good health.

  63. Thx man youve done enough!! This blog site help us catch up in oregairu and it all thanks to your hardwork . If you comeback at some point ill be sure to follow your translation works. Thanks for every thing men good luck on your work men

  64. Hey man take it easy you did a great job and I really appreciate everything you have done for us the fans of oregairu and takeit easy ,Maybe you can do turn this blog in a anime review blog so we can come and know your opinion for the latest season and anime series and take care =).

  65. Thanks so much for everything! This book really changed the way I see things! Good luck on everything else you do. This shows you’ve got the tenacity and skill to do whatever the fuck you want.

  66. Thank you for all your hard work!!! It has been extremely enjoyable reading the LN. Hopefully you will be back one day!!!

  67. If you were translating that many hours a day, you DESERVE a break. Life is hard man. Let the burnout take over for awhile. Persistence can only keep you going for so long. The fact that you managed 2 years amazes me. How the heck did you do that?

    But since you’re either retiring or taking a temporary hiatus.




    Here. Haruhi will dance for you: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=c5G5bD2Do-k

  68. Request please! When the next vol is released Please! Very much please give us a short short short short sumary/Spoil on the volume I AM BEEEEEEEEEEGGIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIING….T_T. ASDKjasDKJijKDHkfdgSFJHSAF
    Anyways Thanks for the many HARD works sir.Spyro/Exorcism you have many fans including me and i downloaded the full series save it in a folder written yoouur name on the title.
    I will WAIT for the next update ENDURING the pain of MOVING ON!

  69. I’m really grateful for all the work you have done so far, I am Brazilian and so consequently I translate to Portuguese in order to read, and I know how much work can be translating something, I do it individually just to own reading, without the need to review and correct, so without their translations do not know how I could keep up with the one that has been my favorite LN

    Surely there are many people in different places and countries which follow their work, and are extremely grateful for that, I leave just a message thanking you for all you have done so far and saying that they do not feel pressured to translate, and also do what you like, until the next ..

  70. Damn, your translations were the bomb. Though I, and I assume everyone here is grateful for FatFluffyFish even translating Volume 11, the quality of it makes me a little sad. Lots of grammar and sentence issues along with the inclusion of Japanese words where they shouldn’t be ie. “ara” that take away from the funny, thoughtful, and otherwise entertaining writing that Oregairu offers. Actually, seeing that made me appreciate your translations even more than I did. Nevertheless, thanks so much for all of your hard work all this time and I’ll cross my fingers for you to “rise back up” one day.

  71. Thanks for all your translation. Hopefully you can adapt to your life soon and maybe appreciate Hikgaya’s dream of being a house husband :).

    Enjoy life.

    Until next time

  72. this is what you will get when someone do the work ahead of you, you will get bored , lost interest and forget about it.
    i dont know why someone translate the other chapter when we know someone is translating the volume.

  73. The 40 hour a week standard is only what’s on paper in Japan. My friend tells me that if the boss tells everyone that they’re working late that night, you don’t get paid extra or anything and the work day ends at 8pm. Then, the boss will sometimes invite you to go drinking and you can’t decline so you end up going home at midnight on the last train where everyone is drunk / sleeping and everyone amazingly wakes up exactly on time at their stop.

  74. Just a random comment but i just noticed how oregairu’s story parallel that of the catcher in the rye. The main char Hachiman is a cynic, pessimist, loner who considered everyone as phony, superficcal. He used his facade to alienate himself from others, he’s been keeping a naive belief. His characteristic is a blend of superiority complex and inferiority complex .Further more he has a sister who expresses her affection toward her bro in a way that can be misunderstood as borderline incest, plus a boy who looks like a girl which sometime make Hachiman confuse about his sexuality and feelings. Oregairu perfectly mirrors the themes which The Catcher in the rye tried to convey: the overall themes of growing up, alienation, phoniness, sexuality… I know some of you guys may have noticed, but aside from Ghost in the shell: stand alone complex, this is the second piece of Japanese anime that reference this work, and it’s an unexpected revelation for me.

  75. Can someone provide me 6.75(Sports Festival arc) chapters, please.
    Right, I’m talking about this 6.75 chapter that I want to read so much.

  76. God bless this man– Nay, hero– For bringing to the world (my world anyway) the wonderful story of Oregairu. I watched the anime because of reading your translations. May you live a good life!!

    Gosh, I’m so thankful I forgot to say Thank You. bows to the monitor, like an idiot

  77. Your blog had been a fun hangout for me. It had a lot of interesting contents aside from the novels. Until another time.

  78. Does anyone here know where I can get the news about the upcoming Volume i.e. volume 12, now that the admin of this website is not gonna post about it anymore? It’s already half a year past the previous volume and it’s usually around this time the next volume comes out, but it hasn’t. So, where can i get the updates about the upcoming volume and the info about who is going to translate it.

  79. tfw came back here after all those times to reminiscence about the past
    My interest in Yahari dropped around season 2 too, after the fanbase got filled with cancerous animefag and it devolved into an endless general. Nowadays I don’t even set foot into one of those threads anymore and I avoid them like plague. Despite that, I will still hold dear in my heart the memories of those comfy LN threads.
    You were the fucking man spyro and I love ya (no homo). It’s a shame that not only your interest in Yahari but also anime and manga as a whole is dying (though I knew this day would came eventually), if you want to rekindle your flame I think you should go back and watch some good ol’ classics, get yourself into sakuga and maybe make watching anime your obligation, not just a hobby anymore, if you truly want to stick with it until the end. I hope you will continue to enjoy japan stuffs at least (j-games, music, manga, novels, etc)
    Wish you a good 2016 if you are still sticking around and read this reply.

    • Gosh… Same man, I hate those who are just so blind and make presumptuous statements. I really enjoyed the high depth view the people had here including Spyro. Geez, its been so long, fan since like volume 9 or 8… It’s really too bad.

  80. You took a break and the author himself did too. Are you itching to kick ass again when volume 12 pops out? Watari that lazy bum, hope you have a good year man.

    • i dont think he will post something about vol.12, he didnt even finish vol.11, just look for fluffysomething-kun and ask about some updates,i think he is now in charge of translating

  81. I rally wish Spyro finished volume 6.75.
    most of the translation is thanks to him. But cloffhanger of volume 6.5 still remains, fatfluffyfish too stopped translating
    Some one please finish translating volume 6.75………………………………… and publish it?…

  82. Watari-kun, pls give us release date of vol 12, next year or not, just tell us.
    don’t tell us in April , please this month.

    if vol 12 was released next year, i might admit to hospital.

  83. A little late to the party but I really appreciate all the work you’ve done for this series. Even though it’s being translated from a different language, the work is done so well that this is one of best literature I’ve read.

  84. Dont know if you will read this but thank you for the translations. Your work brought me joy and comfyness in a hard part of my life. Youre kind of a faggot, but I wish you the best of luck

  85. Thanks for all of your hard-work! I think we all appreciated what you’ve done these past years! Go live your life and if by any chance you drop by in the Philippines (especially in Manila), contact me, it will be my honor to give you a tour on our country! 😉

  86. Happy Late Birthday yukinoshita yukino! Finished the series today, glad I held off for a year on it. God this better get more volumes soon.

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