Before you ask, I was kind of bed-stricken since I got hit by a fever, cold, and other weird sicknesses consecutively in the past few weeks. Not even fully recovered yet, either.

That said, taking a break from LN translations after a whole year of working without stops can be a terrible drug. I was also working on another wordpress blog on a host outside of the land of freedom to move my junk, but I haven’t made much progress there.

I said I’d continue with the translations, but I don’t plan on releasing them as fast as I used to, sorry to say. I did see translations for chapter 8 and 9, and if that person ever wants to take over the blog, I’m more than happy to pass on the torch; I’ve gotten pretty lazy, to say the least. in the meantime, I’ll translate very, very slowly. I do have an editor now though, so woohoo!

I also had the goal of scanning and cleaning every colored illustration, but I’m probably done with that. I’ll just upload the digital RAWs from honto when I feel like it. A shame since I wasted quite a bit of money buying multiple copies to scan them all. Oh well.

Also, I don’t plan on answering any questions/discussing Oregairu with anyone anymore, I more or less effectively removed myself from the fanbase altogether, occasionally opening a thread for 10 seconds max before closing them just to check up on things. I don’t think I’ll be making a post for every update either, so you’re stuck with refreshing the page indefinitely. I find myself being more mentally liberated after having done this though, feels kinda bueno, man.

Anyway, that’s that. I’d also like to sell off my extra copies of Oregairu for the manga/light novel so I’ll make a post about that eventually.

Here’s (part of) the chapter.

I’ve entertained the idea of doing another light novel when this series ends. It’s, of course, going to be something not harem-related. But that’s in the future and I’ll take my time picking something.

In other news…




176 thoughts on “REEEEEEEEEEEEEE

  1. Thanks for all the translations so far. I really hope someone can help you take over the translation of volume 11 to complete this project asap for the sake of us hopeful readers.

    • Yeah, but 11’th is not the last volume, so, even though we’re not the ones to say something, it’s sad that OurGreatTranslator™ slows down that much now. Guess I’ll have to learn Japanese, sigh. And all who wants to read the novel not through someone’s subjective retelling have to do it too. Damn, Man, in any case, god (or whatever is up there) bless you, you did a monumental and prodigious job so far. Be happy, Spyro.

  2. good night sweet prince

    the hero we dont deserve, but the one we needed and may need in the near future (VOLUME 12)

    rest well friend

  3. Get well soon, spyro!

    i know yahari thread become weird and land of waifu war.
    nothing usefull information either there.

    • That’s a thing of the present now. People are constantly debating on who is the best grill. And here I am just watching series, with my dakimakura. At least I don’t get the urge to flame up the war.

  4. I honestly don’t blame you for detaching yourselves from those threads they’re terrible. Sucks that your translations will be coming slowly.

  5. Sorry to here about the serial sickness bugs, you must have been run down. Sounds like you’re on the road to recovery though, best wishes. Thanks for the awesome work

  6. Sad about lack of translations, but I am grateful for your hard work. Once the fire goes down, it’s hard to bring it back up.

    Thanks for all that you did and I shall wait patiently for your translations XD

  7. Excor,

    Thanks for all your hard work. I’m grateful that you’ve stuck with us for all this time.

    Regardless, I’d still be interested in reading your take on Chapters 8 & 9. What I’ve read from the translations online suggests that it has some of the more poetic and ephemeral prose that Watari-san has written, on par with the Destinyland arc. The fragility and transience of the scene was just amazing.

  8. get well soon sir we only get one body our whole lives so we gotta take good care of it…

    it has been amazing what you have done so far, and I’ll wait patiently for your translations…^^

    • he still is a fan….but i honestly think that this was expected. It happened also with Golden Time . The translator did his job well( had a few discussions with him – nice guy). But then came the anime and overtook and finished the series before he even got to the half of the novels and now he slowed down because of this. These things take away the motivation for any translator. it is like they did the job for you and you don’t need to push hard anymore.

  9. Thank you for all of your work, I really appreciate about.
    but geez, you know almost all ln have harem in it.
    and what’s with those yussarin above? I don’t know what it mean?

    • It is from new anime ‘Charlotte’ but honesty how is it related to ‘my teen romcom snafu’ no idea

    • Sorry I didn’t notice earlier but the ‘other news’ from spyro shows a PIC of ‘yusarin’ from ‘Charlotte’

  10. Hmm, Hmm… now I must leave this site for a while becoz excor will rarely post the next chapter and back few month later to see the progress…

    I hope you always in good health after this sickness..

  11. That neko-yukino is kawai
    On to the main topic ,thank you for saving the helpless like us ,I enjoyed 8mans thought process and will check everyday for any updates on the service club trio
    And get well soon

  12. Thank you so much for your hard work so far.
    I can understand why you’re easing out on Oregairu. The licensing deal and what it entails; A whole new fanbase came aboard with the continuation of the tv series and a number of them (not all of course) care more about the shipping wars than the story presented to them.
    I can also imagined that you must be somewhat underwhelmed by the way the author decided to develop Yukino. I know I am.

    Take it easy and do what you feel you must.

  13. Thank you for your work so far, Spyro!
    I really enjoyed your translations and appreciate your effort.
    Sad to hear you will be easing out now, but I guess with things as it is, it’s the best for you.
    Do take care and maybe hoping for a translation for Vol 12 in the future? 😉

    Anyhow, been searching for the mentioned translation for chapters 8 & 9, but I only manage to find chapter 8. Going to share the link here.

    Anyone has the Chapter 9 link? I was unable to find it…

  14. Thank god you’re still alive, well, at least.

    I’ll be waiting for the next translation no matter how long will it takes, but if you take it too long, I’ll understand nihongo and buy the LN instead! So make sure to keep the translation run on the track. 🙂

  15. get well soon & thank you for all your hard work on this translation.
    i’m little bit surprised with this , but i understand .
    i really love this series, i’ll wait for your next translation . ty man!

  16. As long as you’re healthy, I don’t mind waiting for the translations. I just kinda hope they aren’t frog-kun sized gaps between updates tho. Thanks for your hard work and hope you find your health soon!

  17. Spyro, thanks for everything bro. I hope you get well soon man. Also, your translations for this light novel are pretty good. well, I can’t wait for the next part of this chapter 🙂

  18. Yay hope you get better.
    Thanks for all the translations thus far. Looking forward for the rest importantly vol 12.

    Does someone have PDFs or epubs for those chp 8 & 9 translations?

  19. don’t know if this useful for you or not but don’t doubt us, i mean we’re all care about you even if it’s not all of us but at least we did and sorry for going out of topic 🙂 we’re all hope you get well soon 😀

  20. Thank you for everything you’ve done.

    I’ll miss your insight, discussions and explanations of what’s going on.

  21. Anyazon?! Lmfao that’s Malik’s, I work at Anazon, I would love to ship a Yukinyaa, would go straight to my house doe.

  22. i know that feeling, when you are working on something and someone is doing it. you will feel less motivated

    • yeah and still i want spyro to do chapter 8 and 9. it feels kinda different when you are reading translation from different person. the term use and sentence construction etc.

  23. Good you alive and free. I had my worries.)
    I still hope for your translantion, not someone from reddit. Talk about trust.

    • spyro’s translation are the best. i havent seen the chapter 8 and 9. i dont want other translator for yahari. they tend to use many difficult phrases which i have to ask google for the meaning

    • Ya. Same here.
      Spyro’s translation is really good, I catch the meaning without the need to re-read it over and over again…

      So, I hope spyro will continue for the rest of the chapter and the rest of the series till the end
      I dun mind the speed…

      Once again, really thankz spyro for all the translation he had done.

  24. Yeah, not surprised you’re out. Oregairu fanbase seriously tanked during S2. Thanks for the golden period between S1 and S2. Those threads were great. Death to general threads and good luck with whatever you’re doing.

  25. Some other fans, please do translate complete volume 6.5 and update some where in pdf, the mediafire is not opening in my country.
    I am dying know what happens after chapter 1 in volume 6.5

    • what time line of the story is it from?, it was mentioned to be in the middle of the conferance headed by sagami as chair woman. Isn’t that means it is in the middle of cultural festival time?

      Is chapter 1 and chapter 2 are of different time line. and also when will chapter 3 will be released ?

    • I dunno either, I’m somewhat kind just enjoy the story you know.. regardless of the timeline, I don’t really care since there’ll be people who are very curious will reveal that lol… I just only need to check it out yo..

    • The pastebin link is actually chapter two of the the BD vol 6.5, closer to the second half of the actual chapter 5 from the 6.5 compilation volume.

    • @abdul spyro is a translator not an editor. Why would he edit translation of others. A little respect will be appreciated

    • Ah sorry for my mistake anon… speak for the originality of works huh…
      No problem, since spyro will translate it all in the future…
      I’ll wait for the day…

  26. Thank you for continuing translating, English nor is my native language, but I can still read the LN thanks to his work, without it would be very difficult to achieve the translation in my country ..

  27. Thanks for everything so far. I mean from volume 5-10.5, thank you. Its a shame tho like you said. I mean to invest so much to this series only to stop near the end……but lets not focus on that too much.

    Anyway, focus on getting better and hopefully you’ll find someone to continue and finish your work. And we the fan get to read the final volume in our lifetime or more realistically, before we forget about this series making it a distant memory.

  28. Not a big deal because the series is nearly over. So someone would pick it up. I don’t mind the changes because I got a machine translator method that works pretty good. A few rewording and editing and the story flows.

  29. I guess it can’t be helped :c
    thanks for all you’ve done, good luck on future endeavors
    come back with a new chapter everyonceinawhile c;

  30. I may or may not know what you’re going through, haha. After working super hard on various projects myself (often pushing myself for the sake of “fans” while telling myself that I did it out of joy, but knowing just how much work it was/how much I was pushing myself such that it practically became unenjoyable), I can kind of relate to how once you take a break… you kinda don’t want to return. >_> Idk.

    Anyway, you’re a human being, so with that in mind, I hope you can take care of yourself/do whatever you feel like. Oregairu is just a light novel with an anime adaptation or what have you, I like it a ton, it means a LOT to me, but it’s really not that important in the grand scheme of things and I’d be much happier knowing you’re enjoying yourself (or at least, not making yourself suffer through translating stuff as fast as you can) rather than getting the next volume of the light novel out ASAP. If I really wanna know what happens, the proper thing to do would be to read the Japanese light novel or wait for an official English release… but I’m not entitled to a free fan translation! So I won’t act like I am.



  31. Oh well, it was awesome while it lasted. Thanks for all the great reads based spyro! Im glad there’s still someone translating though, the paste bin guys translations are actually quite good as well soooo not alls lost!

  32. You know, this is may be a bit random but, I always imagine that if there’s an English Dub, I really want Liara (ME3) to voice as Yukinoshita

  33. just can’t wait with this suspense of the story, especally in volume 6.5, I don’t know japanese neither my region is were the LN novels are issued, so please anyother fans translate volume 6.5 fully or atleast pdf it

  34. Hey thanks Buy the way what are the titles of chaptersin Volume 6.5 in english ?
    what are volume 6.25, volume 6.5 and voljume 6.75 ? what chapter does each covers?

  35. Umm kyakka is the next victim of yen press, Well is a shame because in other countries is almost impossible get the original stuff. Please continue with this untill the end a lot of people waiting for your translations spyro sama jejeje.

  36. So long, and thanks for all the fish.

    The feeling of liberation is normal, and expected. It’s a great feeling you get when you’re finally able to relinquish a position of responsibility after something triggers a complete loss of willpower. Won’t last long though. You’ll be back. They all come back. When the feeling of freedom evaporates, and your memories age, you reminisce of the years you travelled and the time lived vicariously, laughing and crying, through our own 8man, in his journey through his all too human high-school life…

  37. Well, you know what? Screw the Yen Press, I prefer Spyro’s translation, I’m stick with that! You hear Spyro? People don’t care about some guys “sometime in the future” translating it, we want to get the story through yours words! Really, man, we need you, you’re just too great in it! Those fuckers aren’t fans, they don’t know the subject, fuck ’em! But you-you’re the Man here, and we all look up at you. We need you, man.

  38. I have a question Exo and it might be a dumb question so sorry for asking. Since Yen Press licensed the series and pretty much the majority of the novels have been translated by you and Frog-kun, would it be possible for them to hire you or name you as an official translator? Then you could take down you translations on here and just use them for the official release of the novels? I don’t know anything about the process of licensing and so forth that goes into the official releases and I may be asking the wrong person but I just thought it would be amazing if Yen Press could hire you or something and use your translations as the official version. I really love the way you localize parts of the novel and keep the many anime/manga/novel references intact, it feels very natural in my opinion. Anyways I would love to hear some feed back about this but I know your busy with your own stuff so I just wanted to throw my thoughts out there.

  39. You did your best. Your work is out there. I think you know what you have to do to not cause more stress to your fans constantly visiting your site for more updates only for false hope. Everything comes to a close in the end. I loved your work and made me extremely happy ever since 2 years ago (just about). Thanks for everything… Thanks…

  40. i never thought that this time would come Spyro abondened us, we who don’t get japanse novel or couldn’t understand them

  41. Maybe it’s time for Wataru to start wrapping things up quick.
    Hachiman clearly lost his edge. In Volume 10.5 even Hayama is rightfully mocking him for doing everything Isshiki or whoever asks of him. Haruno-san called him boring a couple of times, and yes, our protagonist have become less entertaining to read. Now Isshiki is always in the clubroom because author probably felt that interaction between trio is becoming repetitive without advancing romance so he threw in a new character. So Isshiki is Oregairu’s Poochie.
    What can be interesting besides romance in new volumes: Hayama or turning heel, Hachiman anxiety about becoming “normal”, Haruno watching the world burn.

  42. By all means we have eternal gratitude to you translating this series so far (not an exaggeration of some sorts) for we depended on your translations on following the series. Credits also to Volumes 1-4 from Nanodesu. May you be well on the secular things you are focused doing in your life (especially your work). Well at least this is not a goodbye to you translating (yet) so many of us will continue to follow your translations until you find someone to pass the torch which is this series’ translation itself.
    Thank you and God Bless!

    • read between his lines, he is bored and doesn’t want to continue either due to his work or anything else. He also asked some one to take up the role as translator.
      He already abondend us, he turned his back on us, he failed to keep up his words of the past.
      Someone else take up the role already
      No offence Saiko gave his all in the past, now time for all to move to the future

    • Well he certainly isn’t going to want to continue when the people who are “supporting his work” are being dicks. Unless you have not noticed the light novel was licensed, which means that if Spyro continues to translate it YenPress can take him to court/sue him. Or are you implying with your comment that you are willing to pay for the aftermath so he can keep translating?
      Spyro hasn’t abandoned anyone since this is something that is clearly out of his control. If YenPress hadn’t licensed the novel I’m almost 100% sure that this would still be getting periodic updates. I know it sucks to not be able to continue the story (this is quite common with light novels) but hard work was put into this translation and nothing was ever asked for in return, so it seems like your just stepping all over it.
      I’m sorry if it seems harsh but I’m not trying to offend you, just asking you to not to take it on Spyro and consider it from his point of view as well, cause it’s not his fault.

  43. I’m grateful for you to be translating the series. Is there any way to support YOU? Is it possible to donate. I really want to pay you back for your hard work. Thank you for you’re work so far. I don’t care if you quit or on other lines.

  44. I saw this post awhile ago, but I felt the urge to re-read it.

    Then I decided to click on, and as a result enlarge the picture of Yukino. They used “Anyazon”. I think that was a wasted opportunity; they could have used “Nyanzon”, but y’know.

    • Ahahaha, no, man, you just aren’t able to confuse me with such shit anymore. After the thing SEO did in Fuuka, such things looks too eeeasy =)

  45. hi, i want to know how many volume does this oregairu orginally have ?
    and when the part 3 of volume 11 out ?

    sorry i think i getting curious about it.

  46. Read a fan fiction of volume 12 the other day it was very well done similar style from spyro and very believable events in it. Aside from typos and some grammar issues it’s pretty well done. It wasn’t a conclusion but the ending made me want to punch a wall that’s how strong it was.

    • i think i’ve read that one, i’m currently reading its continuation volume 13. if we’re talking about the same fanfic with the same author that is.

    • Yup i’ve read that as well. even though arrange marriage is predictable and cliche but still the approach on the story is absolute stunning and beautiful

    • I don’t get it? Why is this thing so liked? At best it just brushes only the surface of the characters, it demotes Hachiman to branded retard, and uses his mother as Deus Ex Machina to save the plot. I don’t feel it touches the soul of the series. Oh, and that arranged marriage thing, so boring. The writhing is not particularly good, never mind the simple typos or grammar mistakes, it is full of long, boring description of something that should be character thoughts, but it’s just there navigation algorithm working. It’s not totally without redeeming points (for example authors version of Yukino family situation), but I feel bad points outweigh the good. There are a number of better fics there, though for some one should look past the first page of results.

    • @DB i don’t get you. If you reread the LN over and over, the fanfic is pretty spot on. Plus this fanfic is pretty well known on reddit and 4-chan forums. If planning a career on being a judge, i just hope you wouldn’t get fired on first day because your judgement is poorly pathetic. Take my advice, re read the LN again. I bet you forgot what Oregairu is anyway. True arrange marriage is cliche, but the approach on the story of how what makes it interesting. Despite the errors, the storyline is good so far, hell it might even be as good as the real thing but I’m not going to go with that so far, so yeah. And what the guy said above, clearly its just you

    • I’ve read the fanfic, I don’t understand how do you not like it but that’s just up to you anyway. Still, what do you mean by demoting Hachiman? I understood your reference deus ex machina, means your saying that the author made Hachiman helpless, is that what you’re implying? Bro go read volume 9 again. Hachiman may seem indestructible most times but he’s not really, during the christmas event, he got way over his head thinking he could handle things all by himself but eventually he realized he couldn’t. So what’s wrong with being helpless? we are after all, a human and we need help. The human population isn’t 1 but billion. A company won’t be so much of a company with only one worker and CEO won’t have a good business without his talented intellectual employees. Back to the subject at hand, Hachiman asked Yui and Yukino for help eventually and things turned out well because of it. You should already realized and even Hachiman said it himself, there are things he couldn’t understand, YET. He can’t solve everything. *sighhh…..

    • Umm yeahh, as far as how much people following his story yeah (<_<) chill and read some LN. I feel the hate from you @DB so take a chill pill

    • So I’m not allowed to have an opinion different from the masses, is that right? I Don’t get the butt hurt reaction, are you friends of the author or something? I’ve read the books, reread the books, watched the anime 2 times all that in the past half year or something, so I think I have a pretty good grasp of the story and characters. Obviously my understanding is somewhat different from the most popular interpretations. And from what I’ve seen I’m not the only one that doesn’t like that fic, though we are a minority at the moment.

      @Zeroexist, if you are the same one, I, for example, like your stuff a lot more than that Vol.12/13. And there are, as I said, other fics that I think grasp the characters way better.

      Anyway I’ve seen that stuff advertised on a few sites I lurk in these days, is there a bounty for advertising or something?

      @Ettapa – you can google it, but demote is the opposite of promote. Downgraded, if you want, from Monster of Logic to braindead retard.

    • @DB now you’re just being a jerk there buddy, obviously the guy knows demote and promote. True everyone can have their own opinions especially the readers. So there’s no need to forcefully change it. If you hate the story then hate it and move on. There’s no need to make a scene in here, just keep the hate to yourself and don’t cause any problems, why bother stating it here? Lol

    • Oh and by the way, you’re lurking now? That sounded definitely personal. Do you have a personal grudge or something? My god, what’s with people on the internet these days. Like I said, keep the hate to yourself, do not cause a problem over it -__- seriously….

    • Tbh, I was actually inspired by his story. Truthfully, we never know how the character will be so one does not fully grasp it yet. Before volume 9, we didn’t expect the monster of logic to blurted out something nonsensical such as “I want something genuine.” Right?

      We didn’t expect Yukino to fall in love with Hachiman, we never thought the shipping would be real.

      We never expected Yui is capable of being selfish and cold in volume 11.

      The characters are currently developing, rather than saying they’re promoting or demoting.

      Yukino is trying to be more open from her ice exterior.

      Hachiman is currently trying to understand things through emotion aside from logic.

      And Yuigahama, well trying to be more honest to her feelings.

      And please, whatever grudge your holding which is very obvious since you’re making a scene here, let the author be. Tbh, he’s doing a fine job. My opinion of course. You have yours so let’s all just drop it.

    • Sorry. I’m not holding a grudge or something, I was just really curious why is it this fic that popular, instead of others. And I was also curious of the strong reaction to my personal opinion, as I’ve seen in the reviews that I’m not the only one. Oh, by the way funny things happen if you hover over Jackieee and Zaaackz avatars. Is it a bug, or something…

      @ Zeroexist – well you are not entirely right, nor you are entirely wrong there. You might have been surprised, but it was not that unexpected development for me. I mean not that I expected the exact things happening, but something of the kind to happen. What I find interesting is how Wataru Watari takes popular tropes, he then twists them even deconstructs them, but in the end plays it somewhat straight, with a twist. You say “we” didn’t expect Yukino to fall for Hachiman, I say it was obvious at least from the end of book 5 and book 6 if not from earlier that it was bound to happen/was happening. “Defrosting the ice queen” trope. Hachiman and Yukino’s “monster of logic” personas were bound to crash in emotions and so on. So, it is character development on one side, it is deconstructing tropes and playing with reader expectation on other, and you can find at least 1-2 more layers in it (for example social critique). Or at least it is my grasp of the books and that’s why I find them great, that you can extract layer after layer meaning in it if you look deep enough.

      First 5-6 books were laying the foundation, setting characters as popular tropes/archetypes (Hachiman the loser/loner, Yuikino the “ice queen/strong girl”, Yumiko the “popular bitch”, Hayato the “popular good guy”, Yui the “kind hearted airhead”, Tobe the “anoying loudmouth” and so on). Then in volumes 7 to 11 he goes to deconstruct them all, displaying the depths under the surface, shuttering readers expectations of them – Hachiman in fact has a bunch of friends and is really caring, Yukino is in fact kind and fragile, Yumiko is a maiden in love and very caring for her friends, Hayato is not so good of a guy, jealous and indecisive, Yui is a selfish one (that one is not only from Vol.11, you can see it in Vol.8, and there are a few remarks from Hachiman about the “slightly unhealthy” relationship between Yui and Yuikino), Tobe is a good guy and so on.

      So again expectations are set and it’s funny how fast fandom forgets the old images and replaces them with the new ones, as if they’ve magically changed and shed all their previous skin. So think about it – why book 5-6 and book 10-11 are so much about the images of the others that we set for ourselves? Character development for Hachiman and in-universe, but then I think there might be a second layer of meaning – the images that reader set for themselves for the characters in the books. They were set, they were shattered, they were set again and we again have a monologue in the book 11 about setting images of the other and how it is wrong. So are we bound to be surprised again with the development in next book? Will the tropes be played straight again?

      In the end, though the title says “My teen romantic comedy is wrong as expected”, I feel that the romcom trope is played straight, despite all the obfuscation and red herrings in it. It is just not played shallow as most of the anime/LN school romcoms (damn, how can you trip and fall on your crushes breasts, or kiss her that way 🙂 ). And on a sidenote – I’ve rewatched “Toradora!” these days and it strikes me how many parallels one can find between the development in it and in Oregairu. I should probably read the LN too to see if there is more.

    • So your curiosity affected you that much huh (-_-) everyone has their taste in fanfic so just live with it. For now, the only one who knows everything behind Oregairu is watari himself, Japanese(cos they have way more sources to access) and God of course. I can explain my set of opinions on the character but I’m too much of a sloth to type very long essay on my phone.

  47. Always waiting anxiously for your translations of oregairu and willing to read, translations of other novels that you may post in the future.

  48. I hope this site can be as merrier as before.. Well it is not my place to say this. But i really hope spyro can be as dilligent as before..

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