Yahari Light Novel Volume 11 – Chapter 1


 Monologue Yukino!

Chapter 1

So if you didn’t get the idea already from the last post, I’m still on board with translating the rest of the series. So the blog, or rather, the Yahari translations will be up for as long as it takes for Yen Press to send me a C&D. Either that, I can move to a different host, if you know what I mean. In any case, I suggest finding the nearest PDF if you want to save them.

This is also my first time dealing with a situation involving licensing, so I’ll probably take it cautiously once shit starts hitting the fan, if ever. For now, I’ll go with the policy that once they release their first volume, I’ll take down the translations for the volume that’s 3 volumes ahead of the release. So the release of volume 2 will be when I take down volume 5. Of course, this is under the assumption I don’t get a C&D by then.

I was kind of slow with this chapter since real life happened: Job (praying for HR to not suck and give me a higher salary), suddenly having to help a cousin find an apartment, cleaning up my room and changing the layout, and etc. Trying to get my groove back, though I do like slacking off and doing nothing when I get home.

@comic is dropped now, however since I didn’t really get far with that anyway. I wanted to get at least to volume 3 since that’s when Hachiman wins Yukino the Pan-san (and those chapters were cute), but what can you do? Wait for Yen Press. I’d like to thank the typesetter for helping me with chapter 2. Maybe I’ll continue with the 4koma or do the anthology, I don’t know. なんかめんどくさいだけど

It makes me tingle inside taking pictures of my stuff. Recent stuff that came in for the first picture and all of the alternative covers for the Monologue manga. I’ll get around to doing everything else…

Goodies_07-08 Monologue_Covers

Going off topic, I’m liking Dandelion and Umaru this season.


Going off topic again, I wish someone would build a BT alternative that looks nice and is functional. Just throwing it out there.


159 thoughts on “Yahari Light Novel Volume 11 – Chapter 1

  1. Thanks for the translations Excorsism.
    It kind of sucks that Yen Press licensed the series but with Oregairu’s popularity, oh well. . .its bittersweet development.

  2. Can you upload those pics. drool

    I liked the Iroha one, Yukino twintails pan-san, Yukino with Kamakura, Yui neko maid.

  3. Thank for u’re dedication,, i support u otherwish,,

    Going off topic, i watch non non biyori and working though,,

    • Ah Wagnaria! was really pretty good. Second season was much worse than the firat, though. Right now I’m watching Seitokai Yakuindomo, and I have no idea what the order is. I’m guessing SYD, SYD OVA, SYD*, then SYD OVA*, but I’m not sure.

  4. thanks spyro i’m rooting for u man and we understand that life can happen so keep up the great work 🙂

  5. Already downloaded everything. Hope you can continue to translate at least volume 11. Thanks anyway. And i really hope Yen Press will go bankruptcy. Because of them free translations are mostly removed from the sites like Baka-tsuki.

    • that is horrible, many people LOVE Physical copies, and yen press produce quality Manga and LN, how bout you support their great service.

    • @You’re Horrible…nope! If they got decent prices, MAYBE i would like to support them (even if i’m not an american citizen)…but did you see their prices? Totally out of the world for something that you’ll read one or two times in months. So no. It’s not great service…this is speculation! Better they leave the LN and concentrate themself on the manga.

  6. want to read more of oregairu thanks a lot
    oh and i want to listen more of oregairu radio hope the game brings more

  7. I want a PDF of your translations dude :/ I don’t think Yen press would really care about how fans would feel if your translations get pulled down, considering that we aren’t the majority of their audience.

  8. hi there! I’m a newby here, so I just wanted If there’d be a continuation of this lovely novel Since I think that the anime was ended as the 13ep being the last ep of the 2nd season.

  9. at the end of the anime when hikigaya said he knew he would lose everything does that mean he won’t romance with yukino or yui?

    • Yeah, i’m very curious bout this too… who’s gonna be hachiman’s lover… Totsuka san? lol
      there’s long way to know since we are waiting for further translation from spyro sensei…

    • Half of that I can see, I think he feels Yukino not burdened with expectations, disappointments, and plans of others would just go off on a very successful life path that wouldn’t have any room for someone like him. For Yui it’s harder to imagine what future he sees, maybe he thinks Yui only has the affection for Yukino and him because deep down she acts out of pity, and if Hachiman and Yukino both “healed” . I do believe a fully functioning and fixed Yukino might surprise him, however (See that awesome end card Gallant posted below)

  10. i just finished reading ch1 of vol11 and it is awesome as always! Thank you for your hard work Spyro-dono. i hope you can continue till the story finishes.

    waiting for chapter 2 wooooooo!

    • you talking about the Jung system? Not that I believe any of that but maybe Yukino is mixture of the ISTP, introverted and seeming to have no energy until something of interest comes along and she launches herself into it, and the ISTJ “judging inspector” type, rigid and locked into procedure expected of a situation. Hachiman seems more pure ISTP to me.

    • After searching from google (I only focused with INTP and INTJ personality before), i completely agree with you for hikkigaya being an ISTP, but for yukinoshita, i prefer her being an ISTJ, because her trait and problem much more similar with an ISTJ personality than an ISTP persnality.

      anyway, thanks for helping me.

  11. How did the people from anime knew about the story from the volume that has not been released yet ?

    Iam talking about last episode here.

  12. Came straight here after finishing episode 13 of the second season so many things I want to know. Volume 11 won’t have the answers I need seeing as episode 13 ends with volume 11’s last chapter seeing as they have the same title. I hope everything is ok because I would very much love to continue reading Volume 11 and 12 when it comes out.

  13. Hi! If you are looking for the Properly formatted PDF Version of Volumes 5 to 10, you can get it here:
    Currently, only Volume 5 is available. I am planning to create a PDF version for all available volumes
    here in Kyakka. Check back as the files in the link provided will be updated regularly. Cheers… =)

    • This line from the summary somehow boosted my interest level by 10000…x …
      “The first appearance of two hugely popular authors in Dash X Bunko! The masters who took the doujin world by storm enter the light novel world with a vengeance!!”

    • I understand this helps the sales and eventually we’ll support WW sensei, I think. But I don’t understand why do they need to sell it like this. Don’t get me wrong, I love the Yukino shirt, but not the other things. I mean, you fell in love with the character, not her body. I honestly see Yukino as someone to look up to, as a role model. That’s why I hate seeing people I like in things like these.
      You probably guessed correctly, I am middle eastern. And you might be thinking ( what a retarded person). But if caring about someone ( even though it’s a fictional character) is considered being retarded, then I’m proud to be one.

      PS. I did not say that you guys don’t care about our beloved characters. But we show our care in different ways, that’s all. 🙂

    • I know how you feel, now I’m becoming A Sad Fan too because of this dakimakura 😦

  14. Hey friends what was going through Kaori’s head when Hayama scolded her and also what was she thinking when she said ” i see” after glancing Yukino and Yui

    • Orimoto was the kind of girl who would say anything to get along with anyone, so basically he use Hachiman’s loner status as a conversation topic for her and Hayama. She probably didn’t know any other topic since she barely knew Hayama, and Hachiman was the only connecting point between them. So after Hayama scolded her not knowing that she only meant it to keep the conversation up, she left the scene. Afterwards, she stopped using/making fun of Hachiman as a conversation topic.

      When she was about to leave and took a side glance towards the girls, she thought that Hachiman was going out with one of them.

      You should be able to figure this out if you watch the later episode.

    • one more question my friend, When Kaori handed Hachiman a tinned drink, she says that she cannot be in a romantic relation with Hachiman,
      1. why did she think like that, Hachiman didn’t ask her out this time?
      2.Kaori already assumed Hachiman to be dating why did she say something like that?
      3.What does Kaori think of the two girls now and what do they think of her?
      4. In episode 12, Hayama and Kaori seems to meet again in valentine chocolate making what will they think of each other now?

    • It’s rather “I think you’re good but not good enough as a lover, thus we might just be “real” friends.” She starts to see Hachiman as someone worthy to befriend with, rather than just some acquaintence for being in the same class. At least that’s what I get from the translation.

    • @Anonymous

      You know the words Hachiman said in the last episode. “It’s okay to be mistaken, because we will keep asking it again.” Basically it’s about renewing answers, images, impressions, etc.
      So here Orimoto’s impression on Hachiman had been renewed, making her to re-evaluate him all the way up to his confession. She said it was impossible because of the serious talk Hachiman did during the meeting (before Yukino break the mood with what she said, this was explained in the light novel), since only Yui and Yukino who could understand the meaning behind it, basically Orimoto was creeped out because she doesn’t know Hachiman very well, thus her conclusion.
      In this arc Orimoto had already confront Hachiman asking him “You broke up with your girlfriend? You seem to be chasing Ishiki” Which Hachiman replied by denying he was ever going out with either of the girls, but leaving the Ishiki part out (neither affirming nor denying, which probably what caused Orimoto from making fun of Hachiman in front of Ishiki on episode 7). She asked Haciman this question on episode 6, while she said it was impossible to go out with him on episode 10.
      Basically nothing, they only notice each other by face, I don’t even recall that they knew each other’s name. It also seems that they’re not interested in knowing each other either so they keep their distances (showed in episode 12 when Orimoto nonchalantly telling Hachiman that she’ll give a chocolate, and Yukino and Yui could only frown from the distance).
      Orimoto does conscious about her relationship with Hayama, which she believes it would be awkward if she were to meet him again. But since I haven’t read volume 11, I could only make assumptions, I believe they are in the same train of thought with Yukino and Yui, just keeping their distances away unless required to do otherwise.

      Note that this was my own interpretation, you may find different answers from different people.

    • Hm, it seems my post automatically removed the numbers I had wrote to answer your questions.
      Well just imagine a number 1,2,3,4 for every paragraph starting from the second and there you’ll have it, hope it helps.

  15. I don’t have any worry about licensed oregairu.. since i will watch the anime for fill a gap of licensed LN
    but, behold!! i just secure all translated volume from oregairu!! in PDF!!
    well, at least my fight over this payed well

  16. YAAHHHALLOO…. モシモシ。。。
    Spyro-さんがありますか? お元気ですか? 大丈夫ですか? 何かあったのか?ないよね?ね。。。

  17. I was worried about him, but thank God he retweeted something few hours ago.
    I think he just needs a breather. The fact that this was his breather a while ago and is not so much now is a sad fact

  18. I’m not sure what to think, but maybe he is taking a small break in order to rejuvenate himself. Or maybe he wants to just post it all at once instead of incremental updates…hard to say, just speculating. As long as he continues on, safely of course, I’m happy. Keep it up Excorsism, we’re all cheering for ya!

  19. TL- kun we miss you! Thank you for everything you’ve done. If you’re getting crap from Yen Press, its not worth fighting. You don’t want your life to be ruined because of something like this 😦

    • I agree with you
      But are you trying to insult the hard work put into translating this beautiful LN
      you should understand how hard core fan he is to go through all this trouble
      And he is doing this for all the fans especially ones who can’t read Japanese
      There must some Degree of self satisfaction as a hardcore fan
      ‘It is not worth the trouble’ my ass it is
      So atleast show some gratitude

  20. Maybe Spyro suffered a shock after he knew that Yukino is really a weak girl.
    I mean in the first season we were totally confused about her. And now We know the cruel and totally not genuine true.

    • yeah Yukinon’s not a weak girl, just a confused one. The reason for that is because even though she has what it takes to have a fulfilling life, ironically life bombarded her with really heavy shit…controlling parents, a twisted sister, bullyings, and all that…but she’s still managed to find an answer to make it all the way up till now. But the answer she had for the first time failed her, thus she is unsure as to how to confront the new problems that face her.

      Dont confuse weakness with confusion mate, she’s a fierce smart and physically endowed girl. She’s got what it takes to succeed in life. It’s only a matter of time before she shows us how she’ll rise and find a new answer…and also Spyro sama’s translations….WHERE THE HELL ARE U MAN?!

    • @halloya I like yukinon but not to the level of yukifag-ness, I kinda like Yui more…Im just stating what I see, and I really cant blame Yukinon for any of the decisions she made, life gave her shit, she retaliated, I got nothing but respect for that…

      and seriously what can you blame her for? I highly doubt anyone who’ll go through what she did would turn out differently

      lastly, I gotta say Im kinda disgusted by people who hate you for what you have. seriously.

  21. At least please let us know if you’re not doing it again Spyro-san..I’m really appreciate all of your work until now 🙂

    • So you really think he’s gone? I would like to think that this was his way of circumventing Yen Press; to upload all the chapters at once, but normally it takes Spyro about a month to translate a volume, and its been much longer. if that was his intention like a lot of people are speculating, he should have uploaded everything just about now… 😦

    • Come on you guys let’s give him the benefit of doubt. He said he takes a month and a half to fully translate a Vol. We still have some time.
      If you’re reading this Exco, I’m really sorry for writing about your Twitter activity few days ago. Because after my comment you didn’t retweet so, it feels like my mistake. SORRY.
      Good luck with your life and God bless you 🙂
      And remember, even if you hate us, we really love you.

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