PS: I recommend reading the Dandelion 4-koma, it’s cute. Kanade and Hana are best grills.


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  1. Btw, if you want to avoid getting attacked by Yen Press, you could always just translate it, put it in a pdf format, and host the pdf format on an IRC channel or somewhere else like that.

  2. I still recommend you to delete the previous volumes……. Anyway it’s your decision ^^

    PS: anyone have the PDF for vol 5-9?

    • More like fuck idiotic assholes like you. If the fan translations wanna keep going, well hey more power to them, that doesn’t mean we should suddenly be angry at YenPress. Why how DARE they officially license a series for an English release! Who so these assholes think they are for trying to expose more people to this series!? God it’s almost like this was a highly requested title or something!

      We should be happy they licensed the series so more people get to enjoy it, unless your one of the stupid “I liked it before it was cool” sorta people (in which case your a moron because it was already cool). I’ve got no problems with the fan translation ongoing but let’s not vilify YenPress for daring to bring over popular titles. A few years ago all this stuff seemed like an impossible dream and now it’s actually happening and people get angry about it

    • People don’t get mad because yenpress licensing oregairu, but because the probability of spyro-sama’s translation getting stopped, kyakka getting blocked, and yenpress super slow translation that will take quite a long time to reach recent volume

    • @ジュアン

      Saying “Fuck the company which takes risk to give the authors of light novels we enjoy a chance in the western markets!” is still silly. I was terrified that Spyro would stop translations and I’d have to wait about 10 years before the conclusion of the story was translated, but I will be buying Yen Press’ releases as they hit the shelves in support of Watari.

      Xmgaz’s comment, regardless of the feelings of relief I have over this announcement, is still incredibly ignorant.

    • anonymous please do not waste space whit your ignorant opinion, first FAN TRANS CAN NOT CONTINUE BECAUSE YP EVENTUALLY SUES THEM , SECOND THEY ARE NOT INCREASING THE NUMBER OF PEOPLE THAT CAN READ THE SERIES, THEY ARE LIMITING IT TO PEOPLE IN COUNTRIES THAT CANT BUY YP MERCHANDISE. third they do horrible things whit what they licensed SAO vl 1 and 2 where far to westernized and they changed the illustrations at first , they are killing no game no life whit awful and inaccurate
      translations . YP IS NOT HELPING OTAKU CULTURE when over 40% of the people that read LN come from third world countries that dont have access to YP merchandise. they limit it to mostle north america (america is a continent not a country, geography people) idiots like you who support things whit out proper knowledge are KILLING OTAKU CULTURE
      YP DOES : 1 extremely slow translations 2 they butcher the LN whit the horrible translations 3 they damage otaku culture by limiting it to a very small market 4 they take away all the effort that fan trans put into the work they do ( which by the way its mostly for free) 5 the % of what its earned for a trans of intellectual property its extremely small if there is any at all so even if you buy the trans you are not gonna support the author as much as you think 5 they in over all kill the possibilities of otaku culture becoming more known to the world and not to just some places . IT S TRUE TOUGH they have bought the rights to the LN but that does not mean you shoud support YP . so please stop being so stupid and dont ever post something so offensive as your opinon again
      por cierto en latinoamreica ( donde YP no llega ) no ahy un solo centro de ventas que no venda anime en dvd

      Sounds appealing to me. Too bad a publisher pay the writer so that she can continue to work. We poorfag should just read everything for free to spread this OTAKU CULTURE or whatever the fuck that is and leave authors breathing air and drinking piss to live. It’s piss, because they have to pay for water too.

    • not saying that should read for free, but that YP should not make the merchandise so exclusive to regions of north america(continent) and just some first world countries.also there were 4 other points. as well as the % earned through a translation of intellectual property is extremely small so even if you do buy from YP your not gonna support the author , it will not even be 30% of what the author gains from normal LN in Japanese
      all you are going to do if you buy YP is support YP whit all of its mistakes

    • Funny, I’m not from the regions of north america(continent). Not even anywhere in america. I’m getting YP releases for other novels just fine.

    • And my country is sure as hell not some first world country.

      See? It’s not as exclusive as you thought.

    • what country do you live in? cause im from peru an i cant buy YP, not even in lima (capital) and if i try using amazon the price is the double

    • I’m from Indonesia, considered Third World Country either by post-Cold War definition or economical criteria.

      There’s currently 3 different store/shop/organizations, 2 physical and one online, that provides access to LN in english format, with quite a reasonable price.

    • Who the fuck do you think you are? You didn’t pay shit. You didn’t pay for the author. You didn’t pay for the translation. You enjoy the hard work of all these people without giving them a fucking dime. And you whine? This is exactly why Japanese authors don’t give a shit about the international market. They don’t give a fuck about us, because these morons are so busy spreading this retarded culture, they forgot to FUCKING PAY the exact people who created it.
      YP took the novel and I can’t read it anymore? Good. Thank you YP. You pay the author for her work. Even if you take it away from me I wouldn’t mind because I DIDN’t PAY SHIT. I’m in no position to criticize anyone.
      And thank you Spyro for all your work. Though clearly that risking yourself and continuing your work is going to benefit me, for I DIDN’T PAY SHIT, I will fully respect whatever your decision is.
      I can’t argue with you anymore because you can’t argue. To be able to argue one must have a basic level of reasoning, a bit of brainpower. Maybe the fact that you are born poor makes you stupid. I’m so sorry.

    • if you want to support the author then buy the original LN in Japanese, YP isn’t paying the author, YP pays the agreed price and possible percentage that gagaga bunko imposed. also if Indonesian is considered third world country what would peru ( who i dont think is even in the ONU be considered?) and in any way the fact that they dont reach parts of latinoamerica whit the exception of chile or argentina doesn’t change remember kid YP DOES NOT PAY THE AUTHOR THEY PAY A VERY SMALL % FOR THE SALES THAT GOES TO GAGAGA if you want to support buy directly from japan otherwise your just supporting YP whit all of its mistakes. and why are non of you touching any of the other points that were in the comments before? also are you perhaps a YP employee dokisame?

    • also becouse a was born poor im so stupid? ok im pretty sure that isnt biologically possible bu…. a well that as a side note im pretty sure economical well being has nothing to do whit the points in the coments above but?

    • Well, doesnt change the fact that indeed Indonesia is a third world country by any existing definition.

      And about how much it gives the original author? Of course it doesnt give him as much as the original JP LN. (This is gonna be poorly worded argument) Because what the author sell is not the literal script, but the copyright to distribute the content and the ‘brand name’ of the LN. THe author literally didnt need to do anything to receive the profit from the english release; the money was paid to 1) paying the translator and 2) giving the money to the author for copyrights. So what they pay is a fair amount, compared to the effort given by involved parties.

      In terms of your argument:

      1) extremely slow translations -> undeniable.

      2) they butcher the LN whit the horrible translations -> They dont. I bought most of their novel translation and comparing them with existing fantranslation, they are in fact, actually better in terms of quality. This is due to the large part that official licensing company like YP have intense QC for their releases, which is part of why it’s so slow.

      3) they damage otaku culture by limiting it to a very small market ->this I cannot agree for an ethical reason; no matter how you slice it, a culture where the fan wants free works continuously shoved up their mouth is not an upstanding culture. It shows no respect to the original author. Beggars simply cant be choosers.

      4) they take away all the effort that fan trans put into the work they do (which by the way its mostly for free) -> Yes. Of course. For various logical reason. No one is happy about it, but it’s the law.

      5) the % of what its earned for a trans of intellectual property its extremely small if there is any at all so even if you buy the trans you are not gonna support the author as much as you think -> I would like to keep this a calm, intelligent discussion, so I’d just say that this is BULL. Partly because of my argument above concerning money, and partly because some is better than none.

      Original authors got paid a fair, FAIR amount from english releases to what they provide, and a substantial amount at that. I know this for a fact; your argument that the % given to the original author is small to none does not stand, simply because it is not true.

      6) they in over all kill the possibilities of otaku culture becoming more known to the world and not to just some places . IT S TRUE TOUGH they have bought the rights to the LN but that does not mean you shoud support YP . -> I stand by my argument. A culture where the fans are lazy fans who want free things in front of them without any contribution from them continuously for granted is a bad, bad culture that I want no part of.

      Now, dont get me wrong, I am glad that Spyro is continuing on the fantranslation and we dont need to wait that long, and a whole fan translation is something I completely support. But I cannot agree with your attitude that bashes everything about YP, when by only counting on fantranslation you contributes exactly nothing to the author, while by buying the licensed official LN you actually gives something in return. And something is always better than nothing.

      I am really glad that Spyro is continuing translation, I really do. And when YP releases Oregairu officially, I would buy them too. Beacuse I want to contribute. WHen the only thing we can do to enjoy LNs is by counting on fantranslation, so be it. But when there’s an option to support the author, one that I can actually do, no matter how small it is, we still chooses to contribute exactly nothing?

      Nope. I’m more grateful than that.

      And, uh, DOkisame, chill. You’re not going to convince anyone if you swear out of anger and only insult instead of providing argument.

    • ok its a bit log but here we go
      1)undeniable yes however would like to point out that this isnt an argument made from frustration of being unable to read the LN quickly but that no ever fan is a dedicated fan ( there are casual fans) that will get bored or forget if the LN takes 6-12 months to be read again and a dont think that benefits any one
      2)there should be a link here if not you can search where there is a review where its shown and pointed out where and how they are doing a bad job whit the No game no life trans. abaout other trans i obtained the early edition of SAO ( whit the help of a contact because i cant buy from my country) and it was horrible : -they changed the illustrations witch i think its unforgivable no matter what, the refrences, honorifics, naming , some of them where taken out and of course they weren’t explaind like in the fan trans
      if you say wether it was accurate or not it was up to a 90 something % but if you say enjoyment the fan tran from SAO was twice more enjoyable ( that may be my own biased opinion but the mistakes within the translation remain)
      3) not saing it shoud be free, saying that if they want to make it a market outside of japan they should make it a wide and accessible market
      SIDE NOTE: OTAKU CULTURE does not refer to the fans but to LN MANGA ANIME FIGURES ETC
      4) they dont have to take down the whole site whit all the trans they could just take down the vol they are selling and 3 vol ahead that would leave the 5 on forward volumes safe
      5) if what you want to do is show gratitude ( witch its outstanding from a moral point of view) you should buy the LN in japanese and enjoy it in english from fan trans whit out having to support YP
      if some is better than none than more its better than some
      6) i think this is explaing betwen SIDE NOTE and 3)
      to contribute it would be a lot better to buy the LN in Japanese
      again to be gratefull to the author you should buy from gagaga
      if you buy from YP you are only gratefull to YP for all of its mistakes
      and its not really a problem of insulting or the like but of supporting a company whit out demanding a certain amount of quality and accessibility
      not saying it should be free, but that it should be accessible , enjoyable and if possible fast
      im not saying they should not buy license to LN s but that before taking it away they should fix the points above
      and although indoneesia is perhaps a third wolrd country indeed , the fact that they dont reach latinoamerica does not change

    • I cannot say anything about NGNL (since I dont read it), but I vehemently disagree with your opinion in terms of SAO. It is a very very good translation, so maybe it’s indeed a matter of personal preference from your side. I dont buy the early edition, and mine is still the same with the jap illustration, so maybe… uh, you’re unlucky for this one? >.< Anyway, all those things you said change is a must, as YP does not simply do translation, they do LOCALIZATIONS. Subjects to change is an unavoidable things, especially in a legal and official localization. And even some fantranslation do that as well, so as to keep stuffs makes sense in English language. ANd besides NGNL, YP has always maintained high quality translation, better than fan translation, and this is testimonies coming from several fantranslator with high quality works.

      OTAKU CULTURE does not refer to the fans but to LN MANGA ANIME FIGURES ETC

      Does not change any fact I’ve been saying. Fans who are enjoying a culture and keep asking for those culture to be shoved up their mouth continuously without any contribution is not what the kind of fans I want to be.

      they dont have to take down the whole site whit all the trans

      Okay, subjectively speaking the inner fans in me also agree on this one, though I understand YP’s stand as well from business point fo view.

      if what you want to do is show gratitude ( witch its outstanding from a moral point of view) you should buy the LN in japanese and enjoy it in english from fan trans whit out having to support YP

      Now, this is an interesting one: According to your argument, it’s the accessibility issues that makes it hard right? Well, to put it the simple way, it’s even HARDER for me and those outside of Japan (several testimonies from my friend in several country) to get an ORIGINAL LN compared to getting the english localization. So going by YOUR argument in terms of accessibility, supporting the author should be done by buying the English Localization as opposed to buying the original JP LN, because it’s easier.

      supporting a company whit out demanding a certain amount of quality and accessibility not saying it should be free, but that it should be accessible , enjoyable and if possible fast im not saying they should not buy license to LN s but that before taking it away they should fix the points above

      I agree that YP does have some point they could fix, (but do remember that the slowness is due to multiple QC and maintaining high quality; in fact, I think the butchering of NGNL happened BECAUSE they were demanded to release faster and have to forego several QC), enjoyable is not a problem as long as the quality meetts the requirement, which YP has always fulfilled so far with few exceptions, and if you want for YP to make it more accessible, well, you should support them! A company is not a magician, they need the support from users so they can expand and further makes it more accessible around the world.

      All in all, I understand your point of view. I still dont agree with you, but I do understand where you’re coming from.

    • well regarding the matter of opnions that will change from person to person but i dont think that a company that delivers quality based on luck should be supported right?
      also localization is not needed there are plenty of trans whit out localization that are more enjoyable like for example OREGAIRU
      i think its admirable wanting to contribute however in that case you should contribute to the people who make it by buying the Japanese versions and not the people who alter or translate them such as YP
      im sure it would be great if they didn’t take all trans down
      yea you are right its illogical to buy at that price, but if YP takes down the LN i and other people in latinoamerica have no choice but to buy at that high price from YP, also if you buy a digital copy of the japanese versoin its a lot cheaper and you still support the author around 3 to 4 times more than if you buy from YP
      and even if i wanted to support them its no possible economically speaking at least for me so of course im going to ask and comment for people to not support YP, if YP continues it only causes pain after all
      I REALLY APPRECIATE THE WAY YOU ARGUED it was interesting and polite. usually when you post something all you get is people repeating fuck every 3 words while your arguments where easy to understand and non offensive. however i have been trying to understand your point of view but i cant im sorry
      seeing as YP doesnt offer what i think should be offered if you are going to take down trans from other people i dont really want to support them , however this does not mean that i think in any way that you are doing something wrong , i d like to point that out

  3. Thanks alot spyro…I can finally rest easy now…Big news!
    We will support you all the way..do let us know if you need any help from ur side..we will help you!

  4. Yen Press probably will leave you alone if you keep volumes which are 3-4 ahead of their current release. Hence, you should be fine. I am sure if they contact you, you can appease them by removing the volumes till around 9. Be careful, but please do translate the rest of the volumes. 😀
    Thanks a lot for all you do, it means a lot to me. This is my first comment, but I have been a fan for a while!

  5. Thank you, sir spyro..!!!

    You have made it possible for us fans to enjoy oregairu LN…you truly are our hero..!!!

  6. First time in a year that something out the internet as made me laugh out loud! ^^ so heartwarming 😉

  7. All hail to the KING

    All hail SPYRO

    Thaaaaaaank you soooo much. We will never forget your hard work

    Now I can rest in peace 🙂

    • And that comic story seems similar to a 3D animation short I saw once. that was cute…

  8. If that post means u will continue ur translation, here is big THANKS….
    🙂 🙂 🙂
    I now feel full again (with joys).

  9. And that concludes today’s lesson on why Spyro’s so based. Seriously, thank you. I know Yen Press meant well by delivering what fans wanted, but waiting for 3+ years to get to Volume 11 would have drained all the hype away.

    • R u seriously they meant well?

      All businesses out there hav only one purpose, to earn profit.

    • @errojust I frequently read the comments posted on Yen Press’ website, and one of the most asked LN localizations is Yahari. A company that’s only concerned about money would not bother with something as risky as LNs like Index and Baccano. When no other western publisher had the balls to go all in with light novels, they did, and they’ve managed to establish a market for it in the west. What’s happening now just comes with the territory of licensing.

    • what u said is legit to some extent.

      sorry abt the questioning.
      i am still pissed on yenpress as they licensed 2 LN i judt picked up this yr:
      1. mahouka
      2. Yahari

      oh well. i still prefer spyro’s translation for yahari. spyro really did a great job and i thank him for his effort.

    • @errojust Don’t be sorry, not everyone follows a company closely. If I didn’t know Yen Press any better, I’d question them too. I do understand the disappointment though. I’m a fan of Baccano, and it’ll take Yen Press around 8 years to catch up to where it is now. I’ll probably be married and have a family by then!

  10. Thank you Spyro! Thank you from the bottom of my heart! Thank you for hearing your fans!
    Like someone above said, it’s been a long road and we will be here following your work until the very end.

  11. I have to say it was a epic and funny way to announce things.

    Keep up the good work Spyro and good luck.

  12. …Our search for “something genuine” continues, no matter what mistakes we made we still look for a fairy tale truth in this world of cold and cruel truths…

    Well…I don’t know why I write this but Thank You for continue the translation! (if what you mean is really it) good work Excorsism! 🙂

  13. If you ever contested in an election, you’d definitely have my vote for president.
    Thank you :’)

  14. Thanks for continuing with this LN. But just know, if you do by chance happen to stop before the light novel is finished (without at least spoiling for me the ending), im gonna cry.

  15. Thanks for your continuing the translation for this great literature, Spyro-sama.

    And by the way, anyone have a pdf link for volume 2-6..?

  16. WHOOOOOO HOOO u go spyro ur the best man hopefully yen press will realize how awesome u are and will back off

  17. Thank you so much, Spyro! There’s a lot of people like me who doesnt live in the US. Also, the series are coming to end. Thank you so much again, and good luck!

    • I thought we didn’t have the permission to use other languages, but if you did it I’ll do it too
      شكرا جزيلا لك 🙂
      And yes, we are expressing our gratitude in every possible language

  18. I was feeling down all this time
    Thanks a lot for making it possible to read them with your amazing translations

  19. if i ever meet you in real life i’ll buy you a drink or whatever

    you made me a happier man

  20. this is the best news in this year for me, @Spyro , thank you so much. After got License, I gave it up for reading remain future volumes already but you bring best news immediately. if you give us via irc channel, it’s time for me to bring old program to my PC again. I just want to read ending and all stories in volume .5 , after this I will buy all volumes to repay hard work for writer back.

  21. KYAKKAAAAAAA ↖(^▽^)↗


    Terima kasih banyak…
    Tuerima kuasih buanyaak, oukey

  22. I’m really glad you have decided to continue your translation efforts. I have long since fallen in love with this series and its characters and this is some of the best news I’ve heard in a long time. We all truly appreciate your work. Thank you ❤

  23. Kyaaaa Spyroooo~-samaaaa~ thanks so much for keeping this up, I really don’t know what I would have done if I was left hanging without being able to finish this series! So seriously、 本当にありがとうございますスパイロ!By the way for people asking I made a pdf for vol 6. I can’t say anything about the quality since it’s my first one but I think its readable enough though, you can get it here.

  24. Okay, i already know this Yen Press for some time, but why Fans Translation must Abandoned when they licensed something? I know there are market factors, but didn’t Fans Translation engage in commercial? if Fans translating a works for others without money included, why is it forbidden? anyone can enlighten me?

    • Because selling a book which is available for free online is difficult, particularly when you’re dealing with a market that is filled to the brim with customers who rely on the internet to get access to most of the products they use. Additionally, if I put a fandubbed movie up online it is STILL the authors content I have used and is therefore susceptible to copyright. Due to the fact these books/anime/manga are not under the Creative Commons copyright the mere act of putting them up online for free is piracy. Fan Translations are tolerated/ignored until licensing as they are the only way the markets outside of Japan can get access to the products, but once they are licensed the expectation is that those who wish to read it will support the author and buy up.

      I’m damn glad Spyro is continuing translations considering how long it will take Yen Press to catch up, but considering he has previously mentioned that supporting the author by buying the books would be a good thing to do I suggest you buy the Yen Press releases to help Watari. The more interest the English speaking market shows the more official translations will be risked and the more this niche market will expand, and the only way to show interest commercially speaking is to put down some money.

    • when there is no rights or ownership here …it dosen’t matter …translate as much as you want….
      no one cares

      but when someone has the rights to that LN and is selling it for cash…translating for free will be loss for them and will be treated as criminal activity

      in simple words its same as piracy….

  25. i just want to come here to cry you know..
    after watching the second season.. it felt like my whole life just passed without me even noticing it..
    heart breaking really T.T

  26. Thank You So Much…!!! BANZAI…BANZAI…!!! now that a Super Ultimate Good News have anounced…
    got to do Obon dance right away… BANZAI… BANZAI…!!!

  27. Thanks a lot for all the translations!
    If it weren’t for guys like you, people like me might never get the chance to enjoy LNs.
    So once again, thank you and good luck for all you future projects!!!

  28. thx spyro..I can’t express my gratitude enough..
    I guess your feelings to oregairu is truly genuine…

  29. OOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOH. (0v0)/ THANK YOU… Push till the day of the official release then after that, take evasive action. Don’t get caught of that hateful notice. You know, the one the ceases, desist then terminate.

  30. Hell no! keep struggling sir. Netizens should not be affected by this release just gives us a link for you post the PDF sir and make an FB page.

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