Kotobukiya Yukino &Yui


Putting aside the Yen Press commotion… time to preorder both figures.

Yukino rubber strap if you preorder her from Kotobukiya or Animaru directly. I missed the timing for Animaru, unfortunately.



34 thoughts on “Kotobukiya Yukino &Yui

  1. At least they aren’t inherently sexualised like other figures; that would be a disservice to the series.

    • Yeah you are right. Max Factory did make a sexy 1/7 scale of Yui but she is too sexy for my taste lol Overall I am happy Kotobukiya did a good job with Yukino and Yui.

    • I really agree. I like thisthis series because of the relationships and thoughts of it. Making anything sexualized makes me think it’s an insult to their character. Yukinoshita and Yui would not do something like that. (In my thoughts)

  2. Aww man, and i actually think they stopped at yui, now i want both of them

    Lets hope alter or kotobukiya actually add Hachiman to this roster

  3. About Yen Press… At least say you still will translate the Drama CDs and side volumes. I don’t think Yen Press will doing this at all…

  4. The total will be more than hundred bucks…
    ah, if only my country can spare this plastic model like this…
    the hobby shop always sell only mainstream anime models like naruto, gundam, one piece and rarely sell like this one

  5. I.. I want the Yukino one… But damn that’s expensive T_T let me see if my wallet can forgive me..

  6. I’m going to work freakin hard today and this weekend so that I can pre-order them. This post gave me motivation to work!

  7. They look nice, but the way Yukinoshita is sitting looks very uncharacteristic of how she actually is. Yuigahama looks exactly as I can imagine her, though.

  8. Yukino pre-ordered, will be the first and last figure I buy because Yukino is my first and last Waifu. 😀

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