Oregairu Light Novel and @comic Licensed by Yen Press


There goes my goal of translating all the novels by myself.

Sounds like they might not go the route of localizing all the random references, so that’s good to hear.

So what now? わからん.

What is this feeling of emptiness? Feels bad man.


293 thoughts on “Oregairu Light Novel and @comic Licensed by Yen Press

    • I can buy Chinese translations, and have already bought at least half of them so far but I’m still reading the english translations on this site because Spyro’s translations are that awesome :/ (quicker too). Legal publishers take too slow and usually don’t give two craps about fan feedback, since their targeted market is mostly people who have not begun reading (thus the reason why they are so slow).

    • Me too… I’m from Vietnam and it’s too expensive to buy it from Yenpress… And we’ve kept too long… I don’t like to wait again

    • I can feed a whole African village with the money need to buy 1 book from Amazon and make them ship it to Vietnam.

    • Yes, they are! Depending on the amount and if the customs catch .. furthermore may take 60-90 days to release for delivery and joining if taxed with the high dollar is unfeasible buy something …

    • Please continue. It doesn’t sell where I live and to order would be super expensive and a long wait. I believe that the series is nearly complete. With the next volume or 2.

    • If release like this will get yanpress licensed (dcma or whatever) can you tl them and publish it through email (pdf and pm)?

    • Ditto. I was going to buy Kagerou Kindle Edition and when I looked for it on Amazon, they REMOVED IT (not only that… ALL Kindle versions of all LNs got removed, wtf). So yeah, instead of being happy, I´m actually PISSED OFF about licensing.

  1. If you cant host it anymore, you can always just translate it, make a pdf/epub of it and throw it out there on the web for people to dl

  2. they release the Novel and @comic it will be next year and also they take like 2 to 3 months to release 1 volume.

  3. There’s the Qualidea light novel…although it must be a pain in the ass knowing that the end was coming soon and your goal would have been completed if it wasn’t for this…

  4. Hopefully some kind soul will preserve the already-translated volumes in PDF format. It would be a shame for all your hard work to just disappear.

    • well, we could do keep translating like the sword art online does, the translator has his small personal website that keeps translating until now, just make sure you’re untraceable

  5. Waiting at the very least 3 years for Yen Press to catch up? That’s a nightmare, I’ll never manage to keep myself from reading spoilers. Please don’t abandon us Spyro.

    Aside from that this is pretty happy news, lets hope they don’t fuck up with localization.

  6. So humanity once again faced their grim reminder
    If Yen press can make the novel come out regularly, I would not mind. I also like to buy it and collect it since its a good series, but only 4 volumes after 2 years while the original SAO already release 10++ volumes? It is too slow… By the time you got the the current volume, people already forget it. More, this series only about 2 more volumes before its end. Well F! ranting and swearing

    • Just like Spice and Wolf. It’s been finished in JP for years now, but Yen is taking their sweet time.

  7. Can’t you still translate the extra’s at least? And finish volume 11 (which won’t come out in years)

    6.25, 6.75…. there is a high chance that they won’t get translated…. and even if they do, it wouldn’t be much of a problem, since they have few chapters…

    That said, I do have no faith in Yen Press and their speed or if they will keep with this project. Plan the buy the stuff if it will come out, but just in case, to be on the safe side, does anyone have an Epub for Volumes 6.5 & 10.5? And I doubt they would explain as much… though SAO progressive did have more of the “-kun” and “-san” stuff….

  8. Please keep translating, who knows how long yenpress translating will take to reach the recent volume
    ( ; _ ; )

  9. Spyro-samaaa please don’t leave usss. I will follow you to the end of the underground as long as I could read your translationnnnn.

  10. Hey man, good luck with whatever you end up planning on doing. Do you know how other translators have dealt with the issue of their projects being licensed?

    • I was an active participant in scanlating Kami no Shizuku manga until Vertical Inc. contacted us and asked to stop scanlating and hosting ALL related materials, as a translator or scanlator that is something one should prepare for and eventually expect, specially with popular tittles.

      Now you only have to comply after you are explicitly asked by the right holders, however it is not smart to ignore their requests simply out of spite, because they have the right to do many not so nice things to the hosting site or it’s owner if things are pushed to their limits, although I have yet to hear about someone going that far, I’m sure you guys don’t want anything to happen to Spyro.

      I feel your pain about the trainwreck it can become by the nature of how publishers work, for example when we were working on Kami no Shizuku we had worked upt to Vol 4 Ch 33 in July 2012. Now let’s go forward to 2015 and guess what has happened?…….. They have finished up to Vol 4, which I can’t find in their online store for some reason, and jumped ahead up to Vol 22 of the Japanese edition at the author’s request in a move to gain more readers, that latest release dates Sept 2012, yet I haven’t seen anything else since then……

      Frankly it’s heartbreaking for me to see this happening to another work again, yet it’s part of life.
      My only wish and request is for Spyro to keep going strong and not sucumb to the potential disillusionment it can bring. Stay strong Spyro.

  11. sorry to ask, why is translating vol 11 a prob if yenpress license it?

    when yenpress licensed some light novels, yenpress is proclaiming ownership to the “title” or the vol they had translated?
    even so, translating it but not distributing it for the purpose of earning money is not wrong rite?
    in fact, copyright issue occur only when we actually copy something rite?

    anw, i wanted the translation for vol 11 and beyond
    but i dun wan to get spyro into trouble.

  12. @Spyro, could you please translate Drama CD volume 7? Since Yenpress probably not translate those Drama CD anyway but I already listen to that and find Drama CD vol 7 is very fun.

    They ‘re celebrating after School Festival ends and they (8MAN, YUKINO, YUI, SENSEI, HARUNO, KOMACHI & OTHERS) have a SUPER lot of fun.

    Sensei drunk fiercely

    Ou-sama game

    Cat&dog(&Rabbit) war

    Everyone interest in 8man’s hobbies (Komachi is the one who know that so she….)

    Mini concert for 8man only (since he can’t watch concert in festival.)

    ps. @Excorsism , you are my only hope so please accept this Drama CD vol 7 for consideration. (ToT)>

  13. No please… Continue what you do! ;-;

    Otherwise, I won’t be able to get my Oregairu fix! Unless I can find digital versions, which is probably unlikely?

  14. Damn Yen Press! I saw that coming…. I like reading Spyro’s translations. That’s really sad. I don’t live in the US and don’t have access to Yen Press plus I prefer fans translations cos I don’t think YP can get the references right anyways. They take ages to release 1 volume too. Can’t believe my oregairu read has come to an end. That’s really frustrating….. is there anyway we can still read Spyro’s translations? 😦

  15. Please stay with us Excorsism-sama you’re our only hope for a timely translation!

    Stay with us, don’t go.

    • Hey, I´m going to make a video where I explain how to open epub files, just wait for it ( because my english it´s very bad )

    • For the people who are saying that the files doesn’t work or something like that, I´m making a video to explain how to open the epub files, please wait 20 or 30 minutes more .

    • Thanks! Volume 7 doesn’t upload to Google Play Books due to an error. Validating the ePub, it says that the tag in Body.xhtml is not terminated. Upon further inspection into the file, there was a unnecessary right after the

      . After removing that , it uploaded fine.

    • ^Meant to say: unnecessary closing div tag right after the h1 prologue tag was the source of the error. Removing that closing div tag, I was able to upload to Google Books fine.

  16. It is a good thing but some people like me can’t buy it cuz they didn’t come to my country. So please keep the good work and thanks for everything 😊

  17. I’m really disappointed that Yen Press licensed this LN shortly before the final volume(s) are to be finished. It feels like a kick in the ball for us who have enjoyed the story and now have to probably wait a handful of years before it is fully translated. I really hope there is a way for Excorsism/Spyro to finish it without complications…… :/

  18. This is probably one of the worst titles to license, “essence wise”; Watari not only loves to includes zillion of references that need that extra attention, but he also pretty much doesn’t use anything other than subtleties to express his characters. Yen press has shown quite a few times that they don’t really care to grasp properly either of those…. I’m not even getting towards how hard is to get their releases outside the US (I have lost like 4 paid packages so far).

    For this blog, I don’t know? The Danmachi translation blog (Solitary translations) didn’t got taken down until someone started arguing that unique terms were better translated in the fan translation than in the official relese, heh. If anything, this blog that doesn’t have the initial volumes should be safe for a while. Time to switch to a chinese text site? heh

    Funny for this to happen when Exorcism motivation is at it’s bottom, heh. Just think about Yukino’s feelings for Hachiman, that gives me strength to get out of bed, every day.

    • well as hachiman says youth is a lie so well this move by yen press pretty much proves it .anyway Spyro please continue the translation for all those oregairu fans out there who like me have no access to yen press or the original if you dont want us to become loners and have a horiffying teenage like our beloved 8man due to atcroties of yen press(sorry for the emotional blackmail)

  19. Oh come on! I could never read the official releases cause they never bring such books in my country (heck, there are barely any english books here. Ever classics are rarly found in anything other than French) and i can’t purchase anything online because Algeria. And even if i could we’d have to wait years…
    Can’t you upload them on sites like library genesis and such? There are millions of licenced books there and i don’t see anyone getting trouble for that…

  20. Not all of us get access to Yen Press. That should be a motivation. I mean, Tap-Trans still translating SAO even after Yen Press license. Still hasn’t taken down.

  21. all these poorfags
    The real issue is that YP will take 3 years at best and 6 years at worst (or never) to catch up and by then Yahari will be long over, and summaries just won’t do.

  22. It’s slow enough just waiting for the Chinese publishers to keep up…. :/ Please keep translating dude, can’t imagine Yen press doing much better. I am also unwilling to wait so long for them to catch up.

  23. Well, I guess we are fucked. They are gonna like 4 years to get to volume 11. From what I read they are only gonna start releasing it in 2016. There goes any chance of finishing oregairu. First they ruined mahouka and now this. Dammit.

  24. Spyro, I understand you’re worried about the state that the licensing will leave Oregairu in, however, considering the huge delay between when volumes in Japanese are released compared to when volumes in english/or other translated languages, the difference is very high. And as someone above said, “would be forgotten about” by the time the translation comes through.

    I suspect that you will keep translating the volumes, even just for your own benefit in finishing the story, but you may not be able to publicly share the information as it is on kyakka (sadly). There would have to be roundabout ways. It’s actually kind of a shame considering just HOW much work and energy you put into this series and also how many people come here to this website everything to check up on the state of Oregairu and what you have to offer. So I speak for everyone, for thanks for all of the hard work.

    With that in mind, I urge you to consider finish volume 11. Though, more work may have to be put in for later volumes, such as full translations converted into pdf’s or chapter pdf’s and then released through a torrent or mediafire. I don’t think you want to just be forced to stop, but the law is the law and copyright can be dangerous. Those are the options I see, anyways.

    I just hope to see the end of this series in relative close proximity to the final volume release date (As i’m sure everyone else, this series is just too good.)

  25. Firstly thank you for your hard work on translating this LN. Please keep it up even though it’s been licensed, you can still continue translating it cause there are two translators who are translating SAO even though it’s been licensed. And like everyone else I’m hoping you continue translating it.
    Please don’t leave us……….

    • Are they translating and then sharing publicly through a website, such as wordpress? Or are they sharing just the translated files, left to be downloaded by the curious reader?

  26. please don’t stop…..
    i can’t get my hands on any Yen Press releases because they not available on my country, so fan’s translation is my only salvation….. T_T


  27. We are all with you!
    Don’t give up!
    Think about your love for Yukino!
    Think about the love of Yukino!
    And run over any license on the way!

  28. Oh dangit! I came here to read part 3 of chapter 1 but instead I’m greeted by this news… I guess it is good for the people who haven’t started yet but for us it’s going to take ages for them to catchup…

    Since they plan on starting in 2016 do you think it’d be possible to translate the rest of volume 11, volume 7 bonus track and the rest of volume 6.5?? I don’t even know. I feel a huge void in me growing, and the thought of a new translation coming up was my motivation for living, but now I’m gonna have to wait a few years so I may end up dying. Welp.

  29. This is nightmare. So we need to wait the next anime to know the continuation of the cliffhanger… NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO

    I won’t suggest you to continue translating if it means breaking the law though. Thanks for your hard work.

    • Translations are a “derivative work” under copyright law, meaning only the copyright owner can authorize a translation. Fan translators thus run afoul of that. However a U.S. company is more likely to go after a fan translator in the USA than a Japanese one would.

      That said, I’m glad for fan translations and don’t have a moral problem with them, since I like many other support the original artists by buying the licensed works when they become available.

    • They can always do it anonymously, and post it to pastebin or /a/ or whatever, but as most seem to do it for e-peen this never seems to be an option. Only guy I recognize that does shit like that without drama is the guy that does WCW.

  30. Can we please at least keep up with japanese content?
    I’ll buy yen press stuff eventually, but waiting for them to catch up to vol 11, i’d say screw that

    Keep the distribution away from bakatsuki & keep it to this blog

    TLDR, please keep translating, i’ll donate if i have to (paypal where???)

  31. once Yen press takes over its the end….in 2-3 years vol1 will come out…in 10 years or so it’ll catch up to vol11 i guess….

    the price is also most of the time off the roof

    you cant find pirated version also

    If Excorsism continues this site’s content will be illegal (and will be taken down one way or the other)

    Baka-Tsuki instantly takes down the novels once yen press licenses it…..

    this is the END i guess….

  32. Well … it is your choice to continue or not Excorsism-san …
    But if you choose to stop at least you can make some lengthy summaries of future volumes?

    Well I still want to continue!
    I want to continue this long journey in search of “something genuine”! I want more Yukino, Yukinon, Sleepynon, Copy (paste) non, Yukinyan, Yukipedia, Ice-queen Yukino, Warm Ice-queen Yukino, Yukinon in love, …. I want to find the genuine herself of Yukino!

  33. if we can talk yen press about this one….like other publisher it would be great[but this one…so stubborn and delays makes the series to forget about]

    • that’s not good, buying the books means you’re supporting the author, it’s not like YP did something wrong
      Sorry for bad english.

    • that would be the ideal solution, if no one buys yen press trans then they eventually would discountinue (?) the project and it can be retaken (?) by fan translation, although you may no support the english version of the work that doesnt affect much the athours, the porcentage earned trhough a trans from intellectual proprety its pretty low at best. IF YOU DONT WANT LN TO BE LICESNSED (?) THEN NEVER BUY ANYTHING THAT YP TRANSLATES
      well that may be a bit inmature but i think its the best, if not only solution to this problem

  34. Time to git gud & learn japanese ourself

    Dat said, which volume has drama CD of oregairu?

    Also, how many “official” content does oregairu has? How many drama CD & other untranslated contents?

  35. What a terrible day this is. I feel like something very precious of mine has been taken away…….
    PLEASE don’t give up SPYRO, at least complete volume 11.
    (SORRY if I Am being selfish)

  36. Seriously, f*ck Yen Press. They did this to Mahouka too. Licensing light novels that are already past 10 volumes fan translated. Now we have to wait years before we can see the ending (unless you look for summaries/spoilers online). Honestly, Yen Press should be licensing novels that aren’t already being fan translated or at least novels that aren’t 10+ volumes fan translated. Asshole move Yen Press. Just screwed over the people who are up-to-date with fan translations.

    • Oh look, someone that feels the same way. How I see it is that all the time the small translation groups do all the work gathering the fans and then a business line Yen Press just comes in and forces or even extorts money from the fans. That’s how I see it anyway. It is something which I personally find disgusting.

  37. Yen Press does a great job with the Spice and Wolf manga, I’ve bought 10 volumes with real money! I’ve got some of the lite novels too but haven’t gotten around to em yet.


  39. I really think this is inappropriate but as long as it has the smallest chance, I’ll take it.
    I plan to plead to let Spyro finish his series because of the effort put into it. As in let him continue this site. I don’t think he himself can’t do much about it but I wonder if it’s a different story if the fans protest to. If it doesn’t work, at least we tried and also complained (had our say to the matter). Please don’t stop us from doing this.

    The Yen Press Editorial Email : yenpress@hbgusa.com

    • Sure? If someone is complaining about this could make the site more “Noticeable” for they close?or not?

    • They won’t back down, many fans have tried petitions and emails, it doesn’t work. They have literally been doing the same scumbag tactic for years but they are “official” so they have the final laugh. Either pay up or shut up

  40. Please keep translating!! You gave this series the love and attention that it deserves and probably won’t get from Yen Press!! Well either way thanks for all your hard work and I hope you can still share with us by way of novel translations, analysis, summaries or whatever.

  41. Screw yen press please keep the TRANSLATION going I don’t want to be 30 in order to catch up where you lefft off.

  42. Forget them, it will take few years before they will publish English version of the current volume. Who knows if they will license all the volumes, they might stop midway.

  43. I’ve been following this LN for like, 4 years now? Man… I don’t know. I really would like to read this volume(11) and the next one… I can’t picture myself waiting another 4 years to finish this story… In the end, it’s up to you Spyro. I feel really sad though. I might end up reading spoilers in some forums or something. Damn… Fells bad man… Thanks for your effort though Spyro. I’ll remember you!

  44. please keep up your translation, there are only few volumes left before this series really ended (or even only one/two?)…
    screw with yen press,, they take ages to license all volumes of this series….

  45. I translate your novels in Spanish, and when I heard you were going to do a retranslation of the volumes 7 and 8, was very very discouraging since and was over, but I kept, because I love Oregairu and I know you also, even more . Very few people will do what you do in the same quality (references), dedication (updates, images of Yukino, etc.) Please, continue Exorcism.

    PS: Damn Yen Press

  46. First of all, thank you so much for all your work. Your translations are amazing. I love them.
    The licencing is very bad news. I won’t get the books where I live and even if I do manage to get a copy from some place, it’ll be years before they get up to date with the volumes. If there’s anyway to continue, please do

  47. I am one of your followers and i would like to thank you for your hard work on this series. If it isn’t too muuch please continue on this series. Please, we need you.

  48. I don’t know if you’ll read all the comments Spyro, but if you do my suggestion would be for you to continues translating unless told or requested not to. It’d be a shame to be stop so close from the end after all your efforts.

    To everyone else I’d beseech you to please buy the novels as they come out. Maybe their translations won’t be on the quality level of Spyro, but it’s the only way to support Watari-san (and keep him writing things we like, ok?).

  49. Excorsism, please continue translating this up to the latest volume, i can’t git gud in japan to save my life ;_;

  50. thanks , YP for take my black bullet away and now Yaha…. ytf

    my country got LC of Yaha.. but still VERY SLOW (1 VOL FOR MANY YEARS) like turtle.

    If YP can Translate novel very fast – good >> sell their work in my country and almost every bookstores , I would not complain but no way I can buy novel because they sell at my capital only.

    and right now I can’t read yaha.. vol 11-end + many volume .5? Wata** is afraid so much I will not buy his work because I read fan TL? no way, I intend to buy all volumes even after I read all volume from fan TL anyway. but Wata** still sell his work to YP for more money but will not care for all readers?

    I still admire Pirate… for was slay one site but increases many sites for counterattack. (nice job don’t give up)

    if Spyro will TL this , I will follow everywhere for reading (I like his TL work because even I can’t read English very well but still I can get characters are doing in novel). If I am not wrong, Mahouka still be translated after got LC. I hope Yaha.. will go on to that path too. We should leave Americ.. wait for YP works but we still be the same?

    even so i still don’t have any idea for continue Yaha.. TL but someone would have any good idea?

    • Honestly, a bit shameful to see someone, who loves oregairu, bash WW for selling his own novel. If you complain about that, try working for 100% free for some month. Everyone needs money for living (and more Ramen+Max Coffee in WW’s case)
      WW isn’t the only one you should blame for this license, both YP and Gagaga Bunko also took part in this. Mainly the license for a work is managed by the publishing company, which in this case Gagaga Bunko.

      I don’t think WW is afraid or something about fan translation. The decision to license Oregairu in US is probably because YP (and probably Gagaga) sees the opportunity to sell it. I can only laugh when you say that WW don’t care about readers, since (ironically) the decision to “officially” license stuff is because people’s demand (and profit, of course) regardless the quality of translation.
      I live very far from the my capital city which have Kinokuniya (who sells oregairu novels), but there is always digital release which you can buy anytime, but a bit expensive). If there is Kinokuniya in your country, you can try to email them to order oregairu’s novel and ask wheter they can ship them to your home or not. Another way is try amazon.jp
      Or learn Japanese, obviously.
      If you live outside US, you can’t really blame YP for not selling it in your country. Try to ask your local manga translation publisher to translate light novel in your language instead.

      I do support fan translation and I feel extremely grateful for what Spyro has done for us. And naturally I wish Spyro continue translate oregairu. My Japanese is not good enough to read it without turning dictionary all the time and some reference is hard to understand.
      But buying official translation (despite whatever quality of it) or Japanese one (alongside with anime and any other merch.) is the way to support WW.

    • for you @Anon who didn’t read my comment completely & properly , you’re the one who is a shame for me, you didn’t read I will buy every yahari LN volumes and you judge me as the one who will not pay anything to writer? and more thing, who beg you to teach how to order book, your method can let me have YP novel but if I do that, I need to pay more for other payments. Your 2 methods how to order books don’t make sense to me at all. In my country , Order from ama*** or others, I must pay double cost for import goods for some reason. so I don’t care.

      ps. before you will scold or complain to someone. @Anon, you should increase your concentrate & read properly (if you don’t get it completely, read again).

  51. Although I end up reading the novels myself before you can get releases out and end up only following for Oregairu updates, I’ve gotta say that you’re doing one hell of a favor for everyone reading. Keep on going with this project. I’d even throw donations your way if you accepted them.

  52. へーおめでとうございます正規ライセンス取れたんですね。この作品は海外で販売することを前提に作られてないだろうし、普通に日本語勉強しただけじゃ俺ガイルの翻訳なんてできないからほんとにすごいと思う。

  53. I’ll be taking the progress here then. I have made a small group that takes all the translations that are licensed. Giving them out is still out of our knowledge on how though…..

  54. The place where i am i neither get any novels of japan or manga, so your’s translation is the only thing i enjoy and kept updated of the story since anime stops after covering few chapters and all.Some like me depends on you alone, please

  55. This thing happens when I’m starting to fall in love for this series…
    yeah, しょうがないね
    Life must go on guys..
    Mr. Exo will be continued his days as a corporate slave while enjoying his own translated works and it’s Exo’s choice..

  56. This sucks man, Yen Press at its best. Would be great if Excor could make some epubs or PDFs of his own before some DMCA complaints come in…

  57. Is there anyway to continue to translate the novels Spyro? Underground that is. Upload them somewhere? I am learning japanese but I follow this place religiously because of your work. I wouldn’t even mind to donate if that helps you. For all your fans Spyro please consider this. Thank you for all your work so far. Please Spyro

  58. Spyro is better than yen press 🙂 I don’t really want to force you but, I hope you would continue what you had started 🙂 Plus…yen press is too super slow that I may already become too busy to even know when is the release of LN…

  59. Oregairu and Mahouka without honorifics or references……..this is like a nightmare. Fan translations are much better than YP’s literal and soulless translations not to mention they are slow as hell.

    Hidan no Aria has resumed translation because there wasn’t any progress after it was licensed though. YP just likes to mess with us…….shouldn’t they focus on at least publishing some of the LNs they have licensed instead of this nonsense.

    Exorcism-san, thanks for all the translations until now and whatever decision you take, we fans will support you.

  60. Yen press translations are fucking horrible i have no idea what the references mean or the japanese play on words which they also translate to some shitty american play on words pissed me off so much

  61. then, how many years yen press must take to finishing volume 11? 5 years? 8 years? or forever? and how much it will cost to taxes it to Indonesia? do a student like me have enough money to do that?
    i hope you keep doing this project although i think that impossible.
    thank you for your hard work till now, i belive your translate is better then yen press

    sorry for my bad english

    • 2019-2020 is the best bet I think, it depends on the demands as usual. If you want to import it from US, it probably cost around 250k~ rupiah (with tax and shipping cost each volume) (I saw someone did import SAO LNs at that price) or you can get it on kinokuniya jakarta.
      Yes, but you must save your money asap. That’s what I did to buy the Japanese one (both digital and physical release).

      If you want indonesian publishing company to release it (which each book will cost less than 100k rupiah), try to request it to your local publisher (i.e: elex media, shining rose media, etc). FYI, licensing LN in Indonesia for famous title is infamously hard and the regulation is more complicated unless there is HUGE demand from readers. not to mention that licensing LN in Indonesia did fail in the past.

      anyway CMIIW, I don’t live in Indonesia anymore, so I don’t really know the latest situation about licensing in Indonesia

    • just import the japanese novel & tank it with dictionary
      the japanese maybe take something 100 or 200k, with drama CD version, it might be 300 (only 3 of them so far)
      at best, YP books will ask you around 150k or 200k rupiah

      what to do? buy both & see how bad YP edition did, if its really bad, DON’T BUY IT

      TLDR, whoever living in indonesia, i can buy & donate this project, i don’t have scanner & things to do releases, but i can at least gather up the articles, gather up & email me at hendrikheuwsunarto@yahoo.com
      wherever you live in indonesia, i can send the book to you if we agree

  62. Unless it turns out that Yen press totally butchers the translations (which I highly doubt they will) I will totally buy all the novels. I don’t know if you are gonna pull a baka tsuki and take down all your translations, or maybe just take down the ones with official releases. It is honestly a no win situation for you, which kinda sucks. Maybe once you see how far Yen press plans to go with the translations you should make your final decision.

  63. I don’t even get it. Why is Yen Press trying to pull down everything the moment they announce the acquisition? They haven’t even released the first volume and they want to pull down all 10 volumes with no further allowed continuation?

    • because, they are american corporate fucks, thats why
      nah, it probably because digital distribution & free domain will damage their sales in general, and not to mention their incompetencies

      are they so afraid they have to actually hunt down fan translation?

  64. Thank you so much for your hard work Excorsism. Please continue until YEN PRES specifically request to take down site content. In mean time It would be best to start blog in less flashy place.

    I am a grown up man and now feel like i am about to start crying. Reality SUCKS BIG TIME – first Mahouka and then Oregairu. If only they could publish licensed series in a way that they translate from the beginning and simultaneously from where fan translations ended. In that case I would gladly buy whole series with shipment to my country and everybody would be happy. I personally think that it would be appreciated by fans and get YEN PRESS good publicity. And instead they get so much hate because we have to wait 4 years for them to catch up or at least 3 years in best case. I wonder if it is possible to machine translate from digital copy, in a way that the result will be something readable, because if I try google translate, even for Japanese comments on this blog, it is usually hard to understand the meaning.

    Sorry for my creepy English.

  65. good thing i already made epubs (vol. 1 to 10.5). but still, volumes 6.25, 6.75, a, and 11, i’m still waiting for them. 😢

    spyro-sama and exor-sama, please don’t abandon us. we, who YP can’t accomodate due to country problems, depend only to you. kyakka is our only hope in finishing the novel.

    we are very grateful to you both for all the hard work. please stay with us.

  66. aww that sucks to hear 😦 But on another note, ever think of picking up another project? Your translations are seriously the best

  67. You work, you lose to the system. Way to go Hikki… lol
    But seriously, a part of me will die if this site disappears. On the other hand, I don’t want anything bad happening to Spyro. I think the community that you created is something irreplaceable. Never in my life have I imagined that I get to share my feelings and thoughts about a story to all the wonderful people here. And it is something I cannot get to experience by just buying a translated version from yenpress. And it is definitely not something yenpress would understand. Best of luck to whatever your decision will be.
    PS: underground here we come. lol

  68. This series is NTR’d by Yen Press

    Screw you, YenPress. You don’t sell ‘takoyaki’ for me to suck at my country.

    • Thank you 8man for teaching me the ways of becoming a loner. Treat as low as Zaimokuza then I’m grateful. Who gives a crap about me. Anyway, thank you, I knew this would be coming.

  69. Damn man…i dont have any problems with the license thing…its will be good for the author…but they shouldnt force to tke down the fan translations…we r dependent on them…i cant wait for them to release volume 11…wat the hell will we do till den…i am debt to spyro for the continued hard wrk and many liked the anime becoz they read the translations…so credit must go to these people too.

  70. Please keep on going Spyro-san. I shall follow you to the bottom of the underworld if that what it takes and I promise to drag as many people who have been enjoying your translation as I can with me.

    It is that desperate I am going to be if I’m unable to read Oregairu to the end. I definitely won’t know how to move on from this emptiness.

    Please stay with us ’til the end. Please.

  71. Yen Press sucks. Too localized. Too un-fanned. Too slow. I live in Belarus so I can tell that the one way to read the novel for me is fan sites. Or I can purchase the novel (if I could take my hands on credit card to use Amazon) in Japanese, learn Japanese and blame everyone for my unableisness to understand slang and references. So tsuzukete-kudasai. Hide somewhere. And do your holy job.

  72. only problem on yenpress translation their suckage to translate that no game no life yen press wtf edition, even important names from danmachi sheesh..so problematic licensed translator…. i wish someone would make a reviewers for this novels to be released on US[like games….that SAO issue make]

  73. I’m willing to buy the licensed version IF the translations will not be butchered. But I fear that because of the slow releases, I’ll just completely forget about it and a few years later, I wouldn’t be as enthusiastic to buy the volumes like I do right now. I hope Spyro will continue to translate until the official releases catch up which will probably be never.

    So yeah, no problem buying quality licensed versions but not willing to wait too long. Because most likely I’ll just move on to the next best thing. I’m sure many other good LNs will pop up someday and Oregairu will just be “that LN that I liked but never got to finish” which is kinda sad. Same thing happened with Spice and Wolf. I used to like it before but now I just don’t care enough anymore.

  74. can you just translate and then host the latest 2-5 chapters at a time and they probably won’t come after you? or probably it’s time for me to learn to read japanese T_T

  75. Hope that you will continue translating the LN spyro. Some things need to be done now or else it lost its meaning.

  76. Licenses are supposed to be a good thing.
    And scanlation was supposed to be an alternative for the west.
    Now that YP has licensed it, there’s no longer a need for an alternative.
    Stop whining about slow release paces. English literature also needs time, but you aren’t whining about that, either.
    Nevertheless, good job so far.

    • You know, not everyone is a lucky bastard blessed by being born in a country where these releases are available and/or where online shopping is possible. So the whining should be understandable. It’s not my fucking fault for living here. I have no choice but to pirate books, movies and games since the official ones aren’t even brought here and credit cards are still not used…

    • May I know what do u mean by “alternative”?

      yenpress’s translation seem more of an alternative as its work will be sub-par compared to spyro.

      License may not necessary be a good thing.
      To put it bluntly, isnt license a way to protect oneself from copyright issue
      If no one copy their work, there is no copyright issue.
      What r license-holder trying to protect themselves from?

      And seriously, I will whine not because its take time.
      I whine when it takes too much time.

      Spyro did it without profit, at his own pace n leisure. He can finish what they may take 5-6 mth to translate in 1-2 mth (I guess)

      If u r talking abt fresh piece of eng literature, it can take all the time like the upcoming vol 12 of oregairu.
      But vol 11 is out there waiting to be translated…

      Hav u try reading yenpress translation.
      Hav u read other’s comment abt yenpress translation.
      You shld seriously look it up…

    • @i am a poor girl

      i think you have your own distributor (reseller) for anime goods pretty much anywhere in this day & age
      if you are in philipine, anime goods are easy to come by, so learning japanese is what matter, i believe you can also order books from amazon USA on foreign book stores, they definitely take your order & deliver it in a month

      singapore, indonesia & malaysia is filled to brim with japanese goods & alot of tax evaders make these things affordable (its basically japanese price + delivery & no tax)
      thailand & vietnam seem thriving
      burma, myanmar, and god know southeast asia, well, get downloading,

      saudi arabia, plenty of people there have luxuries of owning japanese goods, hell, some even open a very nice store (which i forgot the name)

      africa, i hope you are in south africa, be glad you have internet

      wth do you live anyway?

  77. I don’t mind buy from YP but the biggest issue is 2-3 years waiting to get to the point where we were left hanging…..
    So plz continue with your work Spyro-sama…..
    I really like this series…
    The official licensing ruined the HnA LN too….

  78. If you decide to continue ….
    when they realize at least try to continue with Kyakka even without the LN content but with lengthy summaries and reviews and their topics, etc …

    Kyakka is a big family even if some have their differences (Ship or etc.) we’re all united in search of “something genuine!” we are all united in the most difficult moments!

    If there is any method against this huge problem… we’re in favor of using it!

  79. Here’s a sneaky plan:

    Step 1. Translate licensed Volume into English
    Step 2. Pick a language from a country where license is not valid, in this case fx: French
    Step 3. Google Translate English to chosen Language
    Step 4. Post as a (in this case) French Fan Translation
    Step.5 Use google translate to read
    step.6 “Can’t touch my tra(ns)la(tion)lalala”

    • Theoretically this would work, but when you use google translate w/french it tends to screw up grammar and sentence structure. There are, of course, a ton of different ways to translate a single word. For example, if you want to say stupid, french has a different way of saying it depending on your noun, so it’d either be stupide, stupids, or stupides. Actually, that’s a bad example, but here’s an example. Say you plug in “love”. According to google translate, you can get these: amour (love), charité (charity), poulet (chicken), cocotte (some dish/bowl thing), and poulette (female chicken). Of course, the automatic default is amour, but this basically just shows you that although you may have one intended meaning, the machine could alternatively use the others.
      Here’s another example.
      Let’s say I want to say Il est froussard (he is chicken, chicken in the sense that he’s weak-minded/easily-scared).
      So I type in He is chicken. into the translator. It’d give me Il est le poulet, meaning HE IS THE CHICKEN (the animal) rather than HE IS CHICKEN.

      As for reading on google translate, I’m pretty sure they have point at which it stops translating. Translating through multiple languages just capitalizes on the problems that the machine may have in deciphering which intended meaning you’re using. Slang/proverbs/cultural stuff might also get screwed over.

    • GT is work for word translation but if use for translating novel , it doesn’t work well (i don’t get what GT translated).

  80. We all want to read and waiting for your translation alone, I can’t read japanese and in my country there are no LN both english or japanese available.Please translate the volumes especially Volume 6.5

  81. you could ask yen press for NO stoppage order from them but removal those light novel that gonna release from them(with their link as you support them for their release of these LN…..men i wish YP could friendly customer company but these one……its really matter for readers who want read faster + its a huge blow for fans of these series like what happened on Mahouka[fans now hiding on underground for translations and other novels that been licensed)……this way it could save the series[delays are bad it can changed anything even there is anime or manga on it…fans dont want to wait a novel to be read on 1 year or 6 months delays + its internet nowadays…you cannot stop the wave of spoilers/summaries that could massive hate on YP due their delays

  82. Aw shite. Here I was thinking it could not get any worse. How naive of me… I suspect that given YP quality of work overall, their translation not worth paying for. That assuming theyd sell it where i live and they get to vol 11 while Im still alive and all. All this copyright crap is such a pain in the ass, so much human effort and kindness wasted whenever big money gets involved.
    Either way that was awfully nice of you Spyro, sharing your work for free with us lazy asshats.
    Guess Osamu Dazai`s No longer human is my next stop…

  83. There are still options, Excor. I have a few ideas, but only if you’re interested. You know where to find me. I really hope you do. I loved/love your translations, and will continue them. You always find a perfect way to convey the message to the reader, despite gaps in culture. Please don’t quit. Give it a shoot.

  84. Yen Press literally translates at a volume a year, this is BS. I’ve been waiting for Accel World Translations up to volume 6, they licensed it 2 years ago and it’s only on volume 4 about to be 5, ridiculous.

  85. I think what about publish your translation but using spanish ’cause it’s really easy to find someone that can help you with the translations and spanish it really a lenguage that a lot of people use worldwide.

    • I just read frog-kun twitter and frog-kun says this “Ah, volume 11 of Oregairu got some very mixed reviews. Readers are complaining that the series is starting to drag.”

      Is that bad or good news?

  86. How about remove the previous volumes and continue translating the latest one only? Let’s see if it will work…

  87. this just may be coming from nowhere but… tho I’m not really to big on crunchy roll they’re approach to the anime industry kinda got me thinking can’t something like that be a good bussiness market like gather translators, crowd resourcing that kinda thing, like kikstart it or something . translating novels soon after theyre release + fans going into the page would also produce revenue for the creators , THAT might change the way LN’s are handled ….wonder if something like that will come around one day heh maybe lol

    wish I had what i takes to be that kinda person ….idea go into the wild

    • he might have been taken by the FBI already, dragged into a special cell for talented translators, where he will spend the rest of his days translating oregairu by pen and paper alone, by the light of a single candle, while there are at least 10 marines standing guard over his cell waiting to get his translations to be used by the evil corporations that live to suck the happiness out of oregairu’s fans….

  88. In order to avoid certain types of copyright infringements, you might want to get rid of pre volume 11 translations on this website. Continuing the translation is a question you should ask after that.

  89. Hi Spyro. This is my first time addressing you directly. Chances are that you wont be reading this but still ill write, because thats everything I can do right now. I have known Oregairu for little less than a year now and I have to say, it changed me. You see, im a loner. I have always been a loner. I used to think that it was because something was wrong with me and I tried to change myself many times, but it never worked. I used to sit and think of other ways to make people like me, but one good day, I discovered Oregairu. It was great. I loved to see how the story was unfolding. I spent whole nights reading the volumes. Man I even spent whole nights reading just the comments other people made. I loved to see how everyone had their own opinions and theories. How everyone would ship the protagonist with their favorite girls. But more importantly, this light novel showed me that being a loner is not a bad thing. It showed me that being a loner is not a sin, as everyone made me believe. All thanks to a fictional character known as Hachiman Hikigaya, that I only know because of you Spyro. Now I look back when I tried to make others like me and I feel like a fool….

    • I guess that what Im trying to say is, thanks for taking all of us in this ride with you, thanks for making my life a little better. If you really have to stop translating, this will be the last time a post a comment, and I will have to find something different that Oregairu to keep me going, for difficult that it might be. I wish you the best Spyro. Goodbye

  90. Some translators continue to translate even with Yen Press knowing. What they do is that they delete all their translations that are getting licensed and continue translating the rest, as the translators (Yen Press) haven’t caught up. Good examples are like tap-trans http://www.taptaptaptaptap.net/ who translates the licensed novel Sword Art Online or the other sao translator, defan, https://defan752.wordpress.com. Who has some sort of license agreement called, Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike 4.0 International License, you can see this in post: https://defan752.wordpress.com/2015/02/03/regarding-the-recent-licensingcopyright-issue/. Hopefull you continue translating 🙂

  91. Hello Spyro

    What option that you’ll choose, I ready for it… Genuinely

    But, look here Spyro. Your work really do amazing and, I’m complimenting genuinely


    May force be with you…

  92. nooooo, please spyro-sama continue with the work, in latin american countries, editorials dont know what a LN are jaja.

  93. Thanks for all your efforts to now. I have really enjoyed the series. Yen press could learn a thing or two from your excellent translations efforts. I have really been captivated by the delicate way the relationships have been handled and I hope i don’t have to wait to long for the conclusion.

    Thanks again.

  94. well no matter what happen.. i really2 want to see this LN ending..
    we will give our support to you and please keep translating
    i know it selfish but, i believe you will find a satisfaction from it..
    so please keep translating!!

  95. Well… Regardless of where this treasure of a project goes from here, I want to thank you from the bottom of my heart Excorsism. What you’ve done here isn’t just simple translating. What you’ve done is bringing to the rest of us the great joy and wisdom of reading this wonderful story.

    Just as much as it is Watari’s work, it is also thanks to you that our hearts and minds have the honor of experiencing and being moved by Oregairu. Thank you Excorsism. So much.

  96. To Spyro,
    I would like to thank you for your dedication in presenting this treasure to us all. This novel has a very special place in my heart, after all, it is the only thing that keeps me going sometimes. I will admit, I had became complacent in my naive believe that this piece of work would remain here always, to be read at my leisure. Of course, I was wrong. Yet again, a certain company strikes again and this time, the most precious piece of literature to me has been taken away. Life is harsh and cruel, many of us know this for a fact, the author, the protaganist and the many readers here. Yet again, this notion stands true, unwavering even throughout time. Life for this unrecognisable, insignificant person amongst the masses of plebeians has always been cold, dark and filled with the stench of rottenness, when all I wanted was a place, an existence I could long for. I knew it did not exist, nor will it ever, but when this novel came to my attention, I was enticed yet again, like a beast catching the faintest scent of the honey-coated trap. Like the protaganist, I knew that what I searched for, what I longed for, does not exist for people like us. It is impossible, it is ridiculous and utterly inconceivable for us to have it. And yet, I want it. There are no other words to phrase it better. I. Want. It.
    Whatever ‘it’ is, be it poison or something unattainable, my believe held firm. Ever since I came to know this novel, this has remained my one and only desire. The world for this nameless person is extremely hard to live in. Breathing is a metaphorical pain, moving about, working, enduring, tolerating, living with a fake persona- everything, is a pain. This novel, this fictional world a fellow special loner had created from Japan that was brought to us by a special translator is something that had given me a glimpse of light for what my life could have been were I ever so lucky. Indeed, Yukinoshita Yukino does not exist, she probably never will. But all this impossibilities that I had peeked upon has given me the strength to challenge each new day. Now, even this has been taken away. Ah, what emptiness. So I plead you, to find a way for this to continue. Until I can finally, finally read this series that I so love to the end. What, I am requesting for personnaly is closure and if no one else is going to be selfish enough to give you a reason for continuing, than let it be this tiresome person that you have absolutely no connection to, to do so. Even though you have provided me so much arbitrarily without any return, I am sorry that I can only repay the rice bowl you gave me with a selfish request, truly thank you. You may not have been doing all of this for me personnaly, but thank you.

  97. Mr. Exorcism, i really enjoyed the translations, i watched the anime, get stuck into the plot and its characters, and start reading the light novles, i’m in volumen 7 right now, your translations are the best, please continue, i’m very thankful! 😀

  98. man.. with world war 3 about to come..
    i just really want this story to end before i die you know..
    i really want to know what is that “genuine” they desire..

    whatever happens we are on this altogether..

  99. I plan to buy the light novel when it comes out but I still want to read volume 11 within my lifetime considering the rate at which yen press releases their official translations.

  100. Maybe by time Yen Press reach volume 11, we all will be too old or busy or even maybe don’t even remember that this series existed. Please, for all our sake, continue. Don’t let that future come true as we all know, all things are forgotten and lost to time (given enough).

  101. Please continue translating this light novel. Man, your translations are the best. Keep it up man! We’ll back you up!

  102. “The license does not understand. It is not the real thing. Please continue translating the real thing Spyro-sama.

  103. NOOOOOOOOOOOOOO~~!!!!!!!!! Don’t let them take our happy away!!! To license it just when the end was near… Yen Press is the reincarnation of the Demon King!! I’m very upset. >.<

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