Status Update


Still reeling in from the shock and depression from volume 11 (no, not really).

Anyway, I finished the last part of chapter 1 yesterday, it’s just a matter of checking it over and bringing out my inner Carlos to get those puns right, and those random Kantai Collection references (STOP.jpg).

I was a bit busy with interviews for my current job (somebody save me from corporate slave life) and was stuck apartment hunting for a couple weeks. That and Anime Expo (Where’s Wal–Spyro?) is this week (maybe they’ll actually have decent Oregairu merchandise and fanart this time around), so I believe the earliest I’ll get the last part out is by Sunday night, maybe?

I’ll probably pick up the speed starting next week or so.

Unrelated but I have a lot of Oregairu stuff coming in, yus.

Also, remember when I used to translate super fast? Me neither.

I also hate flattening out the novel covers and folded illustrations, very annoying.


50 thoughts on “Status Update

    • I tried using Google translate to read the image, and it was nonsensical, so Google translate doesn’t really work.

    • First picture: …is that what it is, you know? (I don’t know what she’s talking about here)

      Second picture: That hurts, you knlow (know)?!

      Third picture: (first balloon on the right side) Don’t make me stupid, you know?! (second balloon on the left side) I know it as much as it is, you know?!

      Fifth picture: It’s common sense, you know?

      What funny here is, she kept using the word “dakeredo” at the end. Though the meaning of “dakeredo” is “though”, I think “you know” is the most suitable word to put here, at least, from what I think.

      This is just rough translate but I hope this helped. If something’s wrong with that “dakeredo” thingy, just tell me.

    • Thanks for the translation! Don’t know what or who she’s talking to, but Yukino is so kawaii (〃・ω・〃)

    • Wanted to have a go at translating too.
      The first panel isnt really translateable and is just how she ends her sentences
      The second panel says: don’t treat me like a fool! I know that much!!
      And fourth panel says that’s common sense though she says common sense in english rather than 常識
      I may have changed a bit to make it sound better like how yukino says I’d like you to not treat me like an idiot sounds a bit weird in english when you think that she is shouting it.
      I hope you enjoy my amateur skills, as shown by the fact that I’m on kyakka rather than reading the volume 11 on my bookshelf.

    • Who posted this goddamned adorably-cute-lovely masterpiece of work?! On what purpose?! Dang, it. Cuteness level: OVER 9999!!!

    • it hurts,
      please don’t think that i am stupid, i know that much at least.
      its common sense

      there you go. love how they put kereto in the end, so cute. 雪のちゃんはとても可愛い。

  1. Guess watari got tired of melting the ice armor of yukino that he used a fckng icepick instead. This explains the pain I felt watching yukino suffer like that in the last episode. Try listening to yanagi nagi-rinshimoku hyouhn might help with blues 🙂

  2. DUUUUUDE!!! I’ll be at the Expo too!!! I mean not that it really maters since I have no idea how you look like. But I guess I’ll just look for a guy buying an excess amount of Oregairu merchandise haha. Anyways, thanks for all your hard work! And good luck on your apartment hunting; those things can get pretty exhausting I had to do that last year.

  3. Great to have you out there-dam, man, also, good luck with job and place to sleep, etc. And maaaaaaaaaaaan, what the hell is so shocking and sorrow in the volume? Now I’m worried “~”

    • ^this

      they’re making anime out of everything now, might as well capitalize on this 😀

  4. Wow you’re fully loaded, why don’t you take a 1 day break? Take good care of yourself, physically and emotionally ^_^ you deserve it…..

  5. Does anyone know if the “date with Yui” has been fulfilled because I read somewhere that “date of three” gave the “date with Yui” as completed. This confirms? someone read Vol. 11?

    • Fan translation will be stopped. And we have to wait more than 2 years for yen press to catch up latest volume.

  6. Guys… I need help. Yes I’m years late and all.. I found this anime earlier this year and have been reading the light novel to get a good grip on it.. But please. My faith and hope in a Hachiman x Yukino ending is fading. He has feelings for Yukino and cares for Yui, we know that. But gosh.. Reading the light novels again just annoys me.. So my request is..

    Can anyone help reassure me of what Hachiman’s feelings are so far. Please and thank you

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