Yahari Light Novel Volume 11 – Chapter 1 (Part 2 of 3)


Part 2 of 3

Slowly, but surely.

Illustrations won’t be for another day or so. Also, sleepy. Short update just to let everyone know that I’m alive, haven’t gotten much sleep though, damn spoilers.

Also, it’s fun watching through Seitokai Yakuindomo again.

And my thoughts on the spoilers I’ve read so far… I think a non-romantic ending might happen, after all. I-I guess platonic love works, too!

That said, it’s kind of weird having to translate material that’s been adapted beforehand, also a bit of a drag.


105 thoughts on “Yahari Light Novel Volume 11 – Chapter 1 (Part 2 of 3)

    • Well rumor has it Vol. 12 is the final but to be honest nothing is said by any official source of how long this will run.

      To be honest this could run till Vol. 12 and the end of their current school year and then continue for their thrid year in a new serialization or something.

      So to be clear no one except Watari-Sensei and probably his editor knows…

    • This term is often mistaken. It’s referring to Socrates, but since he didn’t write anything, all we know about him we know thanks to his students (Plato in particular), and what should be called “Socratic (?) love” we know as “platonic love”. And so, originally term “platonic love” was describing stages of love from the lowest physical love between man and woman, a higher stage – a physical love between two men, to the highest stage of love which is an ideal (spiritual) love (Plato was creator of Idealism) between two men. This love isin’t physical based but as I said spiritual. It helps to find true beauty etc. If You want to say “this shit is so gay” than You are partly correct, since this concept of love is homosexual based and so it was reinterpreted by christian medieval philisophers (St. Augustine) and evolved into non-sexual love between man and woman.
      In short no kissing, no hand holding. The only tension would be “dat blush” we saw in the episode 12. That would suck, if You asked me. But still want to read it 😛

    • Pure love is the true love, I love this kind of romance and that is why I love this series

  1. Thanks alot Spyro..I never expected a chapter to be translated so soon…This raises my hopes alot now…I know its tough for you so I would like to give my appreciation to your hard wrk…otsukaresama deshita!

  2. Thank you Spyro for the fast work!

    About the ending – I’m a firm Yukinon believer, however if the ending is not that, I expect something like this:
    In the end Hachiman solves Yukino problem fixing her, they understand that it is not love, but relience and in the end what they really have is a truly geniune firendship. They disband the club, Yui is rejected by Hachiman, but stays friend with Yuikino, because none of them got to be intimate with Hachiman. From there on I imagine 2 possibilities:
    – Hachiman starts dating Iroha, solving Hyama “will not choose” problem, leaving him Yumiko as only possible suitor. Fast forward, Hachiman brakes with Iroha after he goes to college, true to his “restart of relationships” idea and in the end marries Hiratsuka sensei.
    – Alternatively Hachiman ends with Saki and they live happily ever after.

    I guess however there is an ultimate bad ending with how Yui is developing in the latest novels and if i believe some of the spoilers I read. As we don’t have an yandere in all the girls as they are now, imagine if in last volume Yui switches from selfish to full yandere mode when she understands that she cannot have Hachiman and that he will go to Yukino. She tries to kill them, Yukino dies protecting Hachiman, taking Yui with her and Hachiman, driven by insane guilt commits suicide…

    • bruh your ending is very inappropriate. im not expecting this kind of ending. just because yui yuigahama is rejected doesnt mean they have to be like enemies or something. like really now, hachiman cried in front of them bacause he doesnt want their friendship to fall apart.

  3. it’s not like i complaint or anything ok? in fact, i’m so glad that i can able to read part vol 11 so soon.
    but what happened with vol 6,5?

    also what’s with “I think a non-romantic ending might not happen, after all. I-I guess platonic love works, too!”
    just say that romantic ending will surely happen!

    • It will come eventually but it is apparently a bitch to translate with very long chapters and from the story side not very appealing…

  4. Brother-sister’s love can be considered as platonic love

    Well, komachi work to. Your siscon finally bear a result, don’t you 8man…


  5. I’ll partially fill those who are confused.

    Platonic means having no affection between two individuals; never will be together; impossible.


    -when you are in a group of friends and theres one of your opposite sex, you don’t imagine or fantasize you being with him/her even they’re really attractive. It just dont work.

    -Platonic relationship: 8man x Hina/Yumiko/Ex-student council prez (sorry, i forgot her name).

    “I think a non-romantic ending might not happen, after all. I-I guess platonic love works, too!”

    non-romantic + might not happen = Romantic might happen!

    Im not sure but i think i’ve read something about hachiman saying that he will never be with yukino,
    like “Im not gonna fall for a girl like her” (if there’s none, enlighten me). Then this means “platonic love works” means 8man x yuki? haha

    tho. thanks spyro!

  6. platonic love, so it will be friendzone ending, or love ending without kissing or sexually thing, it’s better this way

    • Nahhh. when excor means by “non-romantic ending might not happen” its mean romantic ending might happen, dont misunderstood the grammar lol. plus platonic itself means that impossible i gues or 2 individuals cant be together. when excor says platonic LOVE might work too, excor also stuttered “i-i guess” means that hachixyuki possibility will be very high.imo

    • hachiman consider himself and yukino platonic, but when excor added “LOVE” well yknow it means that there will be a possibility of platonic can have love too

    • I see, i so baad~ in grammar teehee
      but~ platonic mean no sex or sexual thing.
      I hope so cus i don’t like H scene any way.

  7. “I think a non-romantic ending might happen, after all. I-I guess platonic love works, too!”- what is this supposed to mean? If you say a non-romantic ending might not happen you’re suggesting a romantic ending might indeed happen but then you contradict this understanding by implying the ending is going to be platonic-which is non-romantic. Are there spoilers somewhere in english? I’d love to read them and see what happens.

  8. I concur. Still have no idea what feel was thinking when they decided they wanted to adapt up to vol. 11 content. We got a rushed, half-assed vol. 10 and a bunch of spoilers for vol. 11. I know it’s petulant of me to complain about such a first-world problem, but yeah… the anime episodes spoiled all the good stuff in this volume and now we’re going to have to wait another 10 months for the next one to come out. Ahh

  9. Lol. Wouldn’t have ever guessed you watch SYD. I see that you like to… expand on all aspects of japanese vocabulary, I should phrase. For Education…!

  10. he is pragmatic so he will get a bad ending that wil be fair
    He know like All Pragmatic That There’s Nothing Named Love Just A LIe
    In Addition The Title Of LN Probably Honest He will Never Love Or Be Loved
    Like Heroic EMIYA Was Deceived By Ideals And Society But Afterward He realeze
    the Truth .

  11. An ending where Hikigaya ends up with neither Yukino nor Yui seems pretty realistic and if I dare say, acceptable. As we seen in this from volume 1 till 10, that would be quite alright. No?

    But still, if it has be someone which by the way, may/will cause a strain everyones relationship, then I say Iroha. I mean I was a YukinoXHikigaya fan and a part of me still is but Iroha, something about her just caught my attention and have me rooting for her. I haven’t felt this since Detective Conan with HaibaraXConan instead of ShinchiXRan ( ShinchiXRan BTW, NO!!!!!!!!!!).

    • But it was all about 8man and Yukino in the last ones. And look, in the whole series there were HIM and HER. And it’s a duh who’s them. And series’ main line is their relationships. I’m pretty sure they already meant to be together, also it would be quite japanise-fatish. Which is great.

    • Yeah but if its Hikigaya we’re talking about, he’s more than likely gonna go for a more realistic approach where “everyone” is happy to say and there’s no strain in the relationship so…. I think he would choice the neither route unless a third party intervene. As less that’s what I think.

  12. In Volume 11 Yukimom spoke with Hachiman or ignored him?
    Yuokino tells Haruno about all the events that occur in the school?

  13. This volume has taken a darker turn than we expected.
    Granted that what I’m going to say is conjecture at this point since we don’t have Vol. 11 translated yet, but based on the discussion of Ep. 13 Anime and what we know so far from Haruno:
    Warning: possible spoilers

    What if Yukinon’s dependency issues and bullying in her middle school years got so bad that she needed intervention. Plus living at home with a tiger mom made her so dependent that she couldn’t think for herself. Her family tried to help but it got worse, leading to Haruno’s comments that she needed to always rely on someone else to solve her problems.

    The solution was for her to study abroad to get away from the bad situation in Japan and make a fresh start. Shizuka sensei, made aware of her past by Haruno, created the Service Club when she entered her first year of high school to give her a place to make decisions on her own by helping others with their problems (hence her “Noblesse Oblige” speech in Vol. 1).
    Staying alone in an apartment was also part of her rehabilitation process, for her to prove that she has indeed overcome her issues.

    Haruno was responsible for keeping tabs on her, hence her constant meddling and popping in to the school events.

    However, the time for Yukonon to prove herself is coming to a close, as she will be competing her high school in another year, and her mother couldn’t see any improvement according to Haruno’s observations and panicked, leading to the current situation at the end of Vol. 11 where Haruno will intervene directly to ‘bring her back to the right path’.

    In actual fact, Yukinon was making progress, but the recent incidences with the Student council elections and her growing awareness of Hikki made her waver and doubt herself, coming out as a relapse.

    Hopefully Vol. 12, when it comes out will give us a better picture of how ‘strong’ a person Yukinon really is. If her previous condition was as bad as I’ve described then I feel that a friendship end or a Yui end would be more realistic. A Yukinon end would be a really forced development unless Watari San has some magical plot twist to resolve it convincingly.

    • agree with you but I don’t think the series is going to have some type of dark ending where they are sad or something is forced, wouldn’t be such a good idea to do that, this is as far as I see it going in terms of “dark”

    • @HXNTVR:

      When I mentioned “darker turn” I meant “Oh sh*t, I know Hikki has issues, but Yukinon has ISSSUES.”

      The pain we’ve been experiencing so far probably won’t compare with the gut wrenching that we’ll go through in Vol. 12.

    • To elaborate further on why I feel it won’t be easily lead to a Yukino end, it is not normal for anyone to knowingly enter into a romantic relationship with someone who has a dependency issue. In the worst case it becomes a codependent relationship and at best it will be emotionally draining. Given the available plot timeline and expected ending in one or two volumes, it is not likely that such issues would be resolved completely barring some magical plot twist.

      As a comparison , in the Monogatari series Senjogahara was a strong character who overcome her issues over time, while Nadeko didn’t. Nadeko was an extremely dependent person. I don’t believe Yukinon is anywhere near that level, but it surprised me how weak Vol. 11 potrayed her to be.

    • Yeah, agreed. Yukino has too many issues she needs to solve before even thinking about romantic relationships. I just started reading the LN from vol 1 and realized that Yukino began to go downhill at the beginning of the student council arc. The last meaningful act she did to Service Club was fixing 8man and Yui’s relationship (the reset button), after that she goes astray. The service club internal dynamic was becoming pretty much like this:

      Yui -> takes care of Yukino and 8man, often asking 8man to help Yukino. Can’t solve problems herself but on the other side never cause problem anymore
      8man -> the problem solver, but need someone to give him purpose to act (Yui on StuCo, Komachi on Election, Sensei on Christmas). Sometimes he’s the source of problem (School Trip)
      Yukino -> the source of problem, almost all internal problems were caused by or related to her. She never tries to fix the problem anymore: acting stubborn on StuCo and Election, totally gives up on Christmas, becomes disoriented on recent arc

    • The dynamic becomes 1 more reason I support Yui because they have been acting like the mother and father figure to the problematic child Yukino. It just doesn’t feel right if 8man ends up with Yukino instead.

  14. Can’t wait to see the date chapter translated. I’m hoping to read more insight about their last conversation and the context of 8man’s flashbacks with Yui.

  15. I can see an ending of 8man x Yui with Yukino staying as their friends, but I can’t see an ending of 8man x Yukino with Yui as their friends. It will be too awkward and the club will most likely break up. Yui may keep being friend with Yukino, but not with 8man. I don’t think Yui ever consider 8man as a friend, but a love target.

  16. Taking 8man taste in consideration he will probably end with Totsuka XD. Anda Hayato will end up with Tobe. (Would be Ebina dream! XD)

  17. まぁあの小説の終わり方を見れば、八幡が雪乃の依頼を解決して二人の前から姿を消せば少なくとも雪乃と結衣の友情は続くだろうね。まぁそれは八幡が望む本物とは程遠いものだけど。大事に思うからこそ選ばないって選択は自分的にはありだと思います。

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