Yahari Light Novel Volume 11 Illustrations (Digital Scans)



Guess I don’t have to rip out my book in its entirety anymore! I will rescan the color images again though. Gotta love the money I waste every volume buying 3+ copies (1 digital, the rest physical).

Above image is actually stitched together without those dialogue pages in between.


45 thoughts on “Yahari Light Novel Volume 11 Illustrations (Digital Scans)

  1. I was wondering how you scanned the actual illustrations. I guess you did actually rip them out lol. I don’t have the balls to do that so I still have no way of scanning anything other than covers 😦

    • I think some manga scanlators melt the glue and debind the collection volume, then rebind them when they’re done.

  2. 11巻のあの終わり方だと、12巻もしくは13巻で終わりだろうね。この容量だとアニメ3期は厳しいかな

  3. someone could faithfully translate for this?


    • From the website that you have provided, it seems to me that yukino has finally opened up to the group and her feelings. 雪ノ下が笑みを収めて、すっと綺麗な面差しを俺と由比ヶ浜に向けた。
      「……私の依頼、聞いてもらえるかしら). Yukino finally made a request to hikki, and yui(yeah). in addressing your above question, i think that translation simply means that yukino has finally taken her step to express her feeling and problems to the group just like hikki did when he said he wants something genuine. i don’t know if this is right or wrong.since my Japanese interpretation is not that great to begin with, but i hope this help.

  4. i thinks the image quality is slightly worse than your scan. well i compared it with previous volume illustration

    thanks for the translation!

  5. まだBD買ってないんだけど。ちょろっと買った人の感想を見る限り「異なる時の流れ」ってことは特典小説は結衣ルートって事何ですかね?まぁどうせ買うけど

  6. Yahari threads are circlejerking echochamber trash. Reddit is for plebs. Animesuki hasn’t been good in years. Is it finally time to learn moon and switch to 2ch?

    • Yeah every Yahari thread has been nothing but waifuwars or constant shitting on the drama (especially MAL and 4chan, but the latter shouldn’t be surprising though).

  7. I think Yukino would be in the same situation as in primary school. Eventually Yui betray her, because she uses it. Haruna festival was right. Sorry for my English.

  8. Waiting for the 3 OVA Oregairu zoku in 2016
    It is not official however it is possible !
    In my opinion on the possibility of 3 OVA :
    Ova 1 : Volume 6.5 and 10.5 ( Kawasaki route saki and issiki route Iroha )
    2nd Ova : Volume 12 ( Arc Arranged Marriage, Hachiman advances )
    3. Ova : Volume 13 (My Romantic comedy Youth in may not be as dramatic as well )

    • OVAs are usually a short stories but not a main story, so it should be a volume of 10.5 or 6.5 christmas party imo. while movies or a special episodes are the continuation of the main story if they dont have enough content to make a 13 episode anime. so if volume 12, its either making it into a special episode or a movie.

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