Yahari Light Novel Volume a – Prologue 1


So a beginning excerpt (pseudo-memorandums) from volume a which comes with the first Blu-Ray disc. Some of the lines here are in episode 12’s preview. So this is Yui’s and the next one is supposedly Yukino’s. I was supposed to get that done, but my brain isn’t functioning well today (or for the past month, for that matter…). Anyway, it’s short. Will try to get the next one done tomorrow, hopefully.

The timeline of this novel is supposedly during winter break? Not sure. I feel these memorandums are relevant to volume 11 that I’m doing them ahead of time.

…I think I’m suffering from post-anime depression. Fuck, that and the thought of being stuck translating for the rest of the year scares me.


Prologue 1


18 thoughts on “Yahari Light Novel Volume a – Prologue 1

  1. thank you excor!! keep calm and keep your spirit high! dont let anime get you down! hachiman did an awesome performance in the end not giving into superficiality and he starts open himself more and more! good luck! 😀

  2. i know that feel sir…anyway thanks for translating yahari, this Blog help me to appreciate the series more because anime love to cut things up haha…

  3. lol isnt max coffee bitter? maybe the message is like the previous picture panel in every end of the episode they were exchanging on what they want like hayama wants his mountain water so he exchange the max coffee for it to iroha. so maybe in the last ep, yukino got the max coffee and i think she wants hikkis love in return but instead hikki with a “umm how bout max coffee for max coffee?” lol hes a novice to feeling thats probably why yukino threw the can which is kinda cute 😛

  4. Thanks a lot for your hard work. I know translating is a pain but you still have done so many novels. I hate that the anime has come to an end for another (2 years?), but thanks to you I can enjoy reading the novels until the next season!

  5. Sounds like it’s time to backlog it up to soothe those post anime blues Spyro

    In any case, keep up the good work and take your time. We’ll all need volume 11 to sustain us over the long wait to the conclusion (?) after all, and I’ll be interested to see what scenes and moments didn’t make it into the final two episodes.

    Ending on a cliffhanger of course makes this all the more painful, but I thought they did a pretty bang-up job on the last episode, my problems with the last few aside, and it’s satisfying to see these characters continuing to make imperfect progress towards achieving something real as the endgame grows nearer

    • but i got this initiation that oregairu isn’t finished yet neither the light novel nor the anime. well just hope FEEL got some ideas make a best new story, get load of fans and get improve from gagaga.co on new season even it isn’t oregairu.

    • And Spyro , Thank you for translat for the best loner novel i ever read. absolutely appreciat it.

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