Oregairu Zoku Finale


And so the ride comes to a stop…


  • Volume 11 was adapted to the end as everyone had anticipated in episode 13. Goodbye Zoku!
  • I have yet to finish volume 11, so I don’t know the full extent of what was cut from the episode. It looks like they kept chapter 9 mostly intact save a few things.
  • Interesting developments (both positive and negative) for Yukino
    • We get confirmation that Yukino does have a dependency problem ranging from her almost accepting Yui’s proposal of a stagnating relationship to copying Hachiman’s suggestion, word for word, to Haruno.
    • Confirmation for her feelings for Hachiman but also that she knows Yui feels the same way towards him
    • Yukino leaving Yui and Hachiman alone after seeing the penguin board is pretty interesting. Basically, penguins stay with their partners or life until they die. There’s the surface romantic theme as well as underlying theme to it, that being, reliance. Pretty interesting to think about regarding the rut she’s stuck in.
    • Yukino acknowledging that she doesn’t know what to do (the fish talk with Hachiman in the aquarium).
    • Jealous of how well Yui and her mom gets along (deep desire to get along with her family, too?)
    • It’s been a pretty steep ride for Yukino’s character for the entire season (last 5 volumes), but it looks like we’re finally ascending up towards the light at the end of the episode/volume. I want to be excited, but I’m not sure if Watari can pull it off that will make the payoff worth the wait. Crossing my fingers, though.
  • Yui’s proposal and Hachiman’s rejection of it
    • Yui likely recognized Yukino’s dependency problem during her phone call with Haruno and also her feelings for Hachiman from her failed attempts to give him the chocolates/cookies.
    • It’s up to debate what the “everything” she wants is, but she wanted to keep their relationship in the form of stagnation, at least, with Yukino; solving her problem for her.
    • Hachiman tells Yui that Yukino should solve her own problem, so it looks like he doesn’t plan on directly involving himself with her. Side support, I imagine.
    • The whole forcing image thing that plagued volume 6 actually comes back in this episode from what I could understand, but in a more positive light. Yukino isn’t a weak, frail girl while Yui isn’t an unfair and cowardly/cruel girl. Hachiman wants the opposite; Yukino being strong while Yui being nice/kind.
  • Last three requests and the series should come to a close. Yui, Yukino, and then Hachiman’s.


Gahamamamama. All hail Sayaka Ohara for her perfect voice for moms! あらあら~


And so, a MAX COFFEE for a MAX COFFEE.


529 thoughts on “Oregairu Zoku Finale

  1. I read “Finale”, skipped the “Zoku” and was like “Are you kidding me!? Is this the last volume!?” After i calmed down a little I read the title again…

    • if u know , there an answer from watari that confirm this series from LN will be enden in october
      which mean there will be 2 volume iguess , which 2 month for 1 chapter
      so , i hope it will be released and more interesting :v

    • They won’t have enough source material (light novel) to make an entire third season (10-13 Episodes) but I think they could eventually produce 1-3 OVA’s where everything is wrapped up.

    • Tbh very honest with you, I think there might be a season 3 but in the distant future. Let’s say 2 years or so because I wouldn’t really be surprised if that’s how long it took to be released because season 2 (Zoku) was released 2 years after season 1 finished. But also it depends on whether these last two volumes that will end in October will have enough material to cover in a season 3..

  2. Actually i have read the spoiler about the last part of vol 11.
    So, yeah. Hope FEEL won’t cut too many stuff in this vol…..
    So many things important in the last part.

    • ^ In my country, i have a guy who buy the LN and translate it into our language. And i knew almost things will happen next in this episode ( If Feel won’t cut it off ).
      Spoil -> Its a CLIFFHANGER ENDING.

  3. Even though they skip many chapter; they make anime according to the light novel but in high school dxd the light novel and anime are almost entirely different

  4. Plot twist Yukino and Yui are in romantic interest with each other, hikki is heart broken by these lesbians

  5. What if?
    This is “what if?” scenario
    What if episode 12 was the entire of volume 11 and episode 13 was the entire of volume 12 does season 3 really exist?
    The answer is resounding no

  6. I’ve just finished reading the LN (the eleventh volume) today… and I’m not satisfied how things ended. I DON’T WANT TO WAIT FOR FOUR TO FIVE MONTHS FOR THE NEXT VOLUME!

    Many things will happen in the last episode. We might be able to see that new character (depends on Feel if they’re gonna include that person). Evil Harunon-san-senpai coming. We get to see WATER and things. And lastly, Yukinon’s request.

    For those who want to know Yui and Yukino’s interlude, here (and early teaser wink wink):

    [Yui’s room]

    Yui: Yukinon… are you still awake?

    Yukino: …Yeah.

    Yui: Hey Yukinon, what do you want to do?

    Yukino: I…

    Yui: You know, I have something that I want. I have finally decided.

    Yui: Can we have a date tomorrow?

    Yukino: …What?

    LOL, though Yui’s serious, I’m laughing so hard because of the Yuri feeling. Hope this made you feel more excited! wink wink

    Man, I can’t believe Oregairu Zoku’s gonna end today. I’m gonna be sad, seriously.

    • thought it was more or less of a happy ending, since yukino is makin a request means she finally opens up about herself to the people she cares, yui n hachiman

    • LOL.
      I want to see the WHITE DAY gift from…… and the reaction about it :3 HAHAHAHA

    • New character? You are kidding, right?
      I haven’t seen any new character in this volume yet.
      You mean the next volume or something else? Like the preview for Vol 12.???
      AHAH, I can’t wait, it will come few hours soon.

    • When you say new character, how do u know if there will be a new character? Or was it mention in LN or something

    • New charecter now?!?!? fffffff yeah!!!…… feel studio posted a pic ….which i have no idea of who….(posted below somewhere)

    • I’m the one who commented there above.

      Yes, we get to see a new character, and a new picture posted by Spyro here is the new character, which is Yui’s mom. You’ll know in the next episode why YuiMom is there…

      Another teaser:

      That Yui’s single move, QUITE UNEXPECTED. wink wink

    • Oh i forget it.
      Yukino and Yui sleep together in Yui’s house and the first time 8man come to girl room……

  7. hair style is yui….but something feels wrong about this pic…..or am i drunk?

    • YES!!! that’s it !!! ….man i was wondering where i saw her before…..lol….guess i’m just drunk

    • Yeah, makes sense who she is. Probably her mother since the interlude happens in the Yui Room!

    • This is not Yui. She’s saying “宜しくねぇ〜”, probably because first time meeting someone. Perhaps it’s Yui’s mom? Since Yukino’s at Yui’s room in the interlude.

    • There’s an old, yet fail-proof strategy that men have had at their disposal for 50,000 years. When you are considering longtime investment in a girl, have a look at her mom, that’s what she is going to look like in 15 years. Now between Yui-mom and Yukino-mom, we can clearly see that Yui-mom is vastly superior. Logical-thinking dictates that Yui is the correct girl.

      Until we see Totsuka-dad, we won’t know for sure though.

    • gahamamama if you want a lovely wife yukimom if you want a strict wife….
      depends on persons preference…..

  8. twitpic

  9. Hm … This may sound stupid but I think that not only Yukino but also Yui is very dependent on Hachiman until her love became an obsession and she understands the facts but not accept that her love is one-sided (it’s what looks)… Yukino she is confused since she has always lived basically relying on others, she doesn’t know what she feels is love or dependence but she still is divided by both …
    I think in the end the Hachiman will follow the club concept as “rather than catch a fish and give to man, teach him how to fish!” (I do not know why but this phrase depicts fine the dependence) and with this concept he will help Yukino be sure of their own choices and making her walk with its own legs. After all what will be left in it is the love making her realize about own feelings and so we enter that phrase “Once you’re able to live by yourself, for the very first time, you’d be able to walk alongside someone.” (Chapter 9 Vol. 9) with it’s already to realize what choices she can make.

    Just warning you that all what I said earlier was what do I feel about the request of Yui, I just know the spoiler and not the details but that’s how I felt! (it’s can change after I read the vol. 11)

    And beyond of the bet that the three are participating still have the request of Hiratsuka exclusively for Yukino that occurred at the beginning (At least I think that has not been redirected to others)

    Just my opinion!

    • No , because the Vol 11 ended in a tension just as a cliffhanger then I think that doens’t have Vol 11.5 unfortunately. (perhaps a 12.5 or 13.5)

  10. This Show don’t have the “Drama” genre and still have “drama” in the plot (It show how the life is dramatic even in a Romantic Comedy), Just this does the title make sense. (Maybe has something genuine in the title too?)

  11. I would ask why the Hachiman are looking for Yui in this image but it was when I realized the melancholy expression that her has

    • lol all ik is it ends with yukino making a request. thats more or less a happy ending coz she finally opens up about herself to the people she cares about yui n hachiman

    • That make me feel worse than normal.
      Their relationship will break soon.
      Even Yukino’s request and Her conversation with Haruno -> Some SHIT future is waiting for Yukino and she must put the final request….

    • @otakool how do u even know their relationship is breaking? all it ends with is yukino request and the reason for someone like her making a request is because she now trusts her friend to take it up.

    • If it ends with the three smiling or the viewers smiling while yukino requests the club then its more than enough for me….

    • the more bitter the situation now…..sweeter will be the satisfaction when the problem is solved….

    • Just imagine it.
      If they want something GENUINE, their current relationship must be broken. Its unavoidable.

  12. “still my youth romantic comedy is wrong”

    Now you know, that’s why the title “Romantic comedy is wrong”

    The No “Romantic Comedy”

    At the end Sad and Pain only

    • everything about is wrong. so they expect a sad ending because its reality but truth be told, their reality will be as wrong as expected like their title. what watari is trying to prove in the series that even a fairytale happy ending exist in such cruel world of reality. hopefully we will see it in the final LN

    • When you find something wrong you tend to correct it and is basically what is happening!

  13. So, Should I call this is the WORST ENDING of Oregairu? ( Anime )
    Tsk, That Ending really pissed me off.
    Why Feel? Why you must to adapt the latest volume?

  14. my god why are people assuming its a worse ending, to me its a satisfying ending a happy more or less. because for SOMEONE like yukino (who has a trust issue,ice queen and all that) to be making a request shows that she trusts her friends enough to take up her request. man really… in the end its about trust and friendship, i hope love too

  15. “Every beginning is an end and every end is a beginning” Relax and wait if you judge, judge the end of the whole series, these events are only the trigger.
    I’m sure the Hachiman will be rewarded for going through the gentle lies and cruel truths. After all we have a person who is still willing to comply with your request!
    (Even the reality have beautiful truths!)

  16. It seems Yui going to date with Hachiman and Yukino. And the ending of date, Yui confess 8man and 8man reject her. Man ı want 8man x Yukino but this ending is really worst ending of Oregairu.

    • but it does seem like yukino realize that she really has feeling for hachiman because shes been wondering why she flustered and all that and in the end she knows her feelings but nontheless, the ending ends with a smile thus a satisfying ending seeing those 3 smile

    • well,I woul’ve felt better,if Hachiman would’ve got the chocolates from Yukino ,too.Too bad!!!!!

  17. I’m too in touch with the anime that I just want it to finish, not the season but the whole story. Am I the only one?

    Volume 12 please!!

    Don’t get me wrong. I love the anime and I can’t wait for the upcoming episode.

  18. Episode 13 just aired in japan,watched the whole damn thing without knowing japanase, but i can tell that conversation at the end was huge, please someone explain what actually happened XD.

  19. I don’t have anything to say just waiting the English translation come… but it went so fast I blinked and the episode ended (Bravo I want more!)

  20. No, when Yui finally was trying to cut herself and Yukino was confessing her love. Hachiman say stop because he feels that is not real

  21. guys since the anime ends what happend to 8man and yukino contest way back in Vol 1/ Episode 1?? who wins?? and BTW what about the accident?? did Yukino finally tell 8man about it??

    • anime season 2 ends…..that’s all
      LN will continue (club contest is still active)
      about the accident….i suggest you watch season 1 again or read LN again….
      when he found out ,…hikki just accepted that yukino had no reason to tell about it…and didn’t question it again (that was the depth of their relationship at that time)

    • ohh. i remember it now.. he tell haruno he is not digging in the past and stuff..
      and man its really bad to end the anime like this since their still many unresolved issue.. i hope like everybody here that they covered the succeeding volume of the LN

  22. so what hachiman rejected yui because he feels that its an obsession than love and rejected yukino because its not genuine? how is that not genuine? yukino developes into something better than being an ice queen, her feeling are as real as she said. something is really wrong with hachiman thats for sure -_-

    • Cause his youth romantic comedy is wrong as everyone expected …. ^_^ you knew that right …,,,,

  23. LOL, WA 2 reference is too damn strong.
    Yukino – still weak in LOVE like Touma in WA 2
    -> Nearly got the NTR by Yui. hahahaha

  24. No, He don’t reject Yui
    on the contrary, He understood that love him but he don’t like that she sacrifice herself because she was not being honest with herself

    • still he didnt say yes, so yeah. plus he already rejected her a long time ago when they are walking home from a festival, yui trying to confess to him eventho the phone rang,she still continues but was stopped by hachiman and hachiman suggested her to pick up her call in other words “no i dont want to hear it”

    • Yui wanted to keep the current relationship – a superficial relationship.
      She mentioned the competitive from the first season. If she won, she will have everything and force yukino and 8man continue act normaly to keep their relationship. 8man knew it and refused, its not his GENUINE.
      That’s why i commented above, they should break this relationship right now.

    • ^ LOL, baiting.
      She revealing her trueself, her true wish. then you called it is baiting. ahhahaahha

    • @Otakool.95 that why she baiting or maybe you like “first move” to know what Yukino and Hachiman really want and feel. Of course she didnt give up Hachiman yet 😀

      “From what happen in in that scene.when Yui is pretty much saying she want everyone(8man and Yukino) living in lie together with her.
      She try to baiting 8man or Yukino to called out her bullshit.
      8man bit it and desperate do another genuine speech to convince both Yui and Yukino back on track to find genuine thing together with him instead stray to superficiality.
      After 8man speech done, when Yui saying it just like him and smiling.
      8man realises Yui intention and that he (and possibly Yukino too) was the one that almost stray to superficiality makes them cry.”

  25. Isn’t the same. in that time hachiman did not want misunderstood the yui’s feelings. I mean the man was rejected every time and he now feel fear to misunderstood again

    • awww it always and will always end with hachixyuki. i still wonder when hachiman said that she isnt the yukino he knows. but if yukino finds herself and her feelings for hachiman remains the same, will hachiman accept?

    • I shouldn’t have watched the LIVE STREAMING of this Episode. White Album 2 using the Ending Song ( I don’t know about the OP song ,though cause I did not make it in time) of Oregairu Zoku made a confusing junction that it’s gonna end that way. Thank goodness it’s better than expected.

  26. so in the end im guesing that sinister thing that haruno mention was love? love changes you,love makes you lose your independency and starts relying on others,love makes you even more fragile.

  27. sinister thing was not love, its dependence, dependence to other people to solve your own problems. Hachiman in the end, understood that and that is the reason because he rejected to Yukino.

  28. I watched the last episode. And as I thought, this ending worst ending for Oregairu. To think it’ll end 1 or 2 volumes later… I hate the author to finish that beautieful series this way. Until the end ım always HachimanxYukino ship but it seems author doesnt do that. With this episode ı also hate Yuigahama Yui and Haruno. ALL HAİL YUKİNO!

  29. I have to say the Season Finale was FUN-tastic.
    [1] The SERVICE club’s closeness to each other.
    [2] Hachiman gaining a homebase to YUI’s home.
    [3] YUImom unleashing herself. (Yeah baby)
    [4] The Sleep over, although no Hachiman in sight? (bummer) And YUImom was adorable as f***.
    [5] The Aquarium date.
    [6] Hachiman likes fishes. Wait why am I not surprised? Oh well, but did I tell you guys that YUImom was adorable as f? Oh wait I just did. 🙂
    [7] YUI bridging HACHIMAN and YUKINO.
    [8] But you know what I really liked most? Yep, you guessed YUImom’s adorable as f

  30. but i feel for hachiman tho, seeing yukinon being more and more fragile and give into the suprerficial thing and let her rely doesnt sit right, it kinda makes me disgusted seeing a person like that. yui is somehow cruel, idk why but something is really wrong with her…

  31. I have to say this. “So Yui wanted to keep their relationship the same”. No, she dont. She say actually this: “If ı win, ı take all of it. I know it’s injustice but that’s the only way ı think” She says also about Hachi and Yukino’s contest but my english not very well so ı cant translate it.

    • Fix about contest thing: She talk about continuation of their contest and when Yukino say “yes” and say about “reward”; Yui say that message ı write above. (Sorry for my bad english)

    • Yes she wanted them to keep their relationship the same. It’s not right to think that way because how things are for them, they are in a awkward state. I actually thought I was wrong when I thought she was saying how injustice it was of her of taking everything. It’s sort of like a confession and request she was making which in the end was rejected. Yukino was on the verge of accepting it and 8-man stopped her. It showed how much he cares for her and wants her to do things for herself and not let anyone tell her what to do. It also gave light to how much she cares for him to by making a request of her own. still lacking common Japanese skills I believe it whoever actually makes Hachiman happy first is who he’ll be with because he didn’t entirely reject Yui either he did take the chocolates. Yukino spiraled out of control with that depressing feeling she had from all the stuff that happened in span of two days between mother and her onee. Episode was a tease throughout, you’d think it’ll be more. Lol

    • She wanted to keep her place in the club and gain Hachiman. She basically suggested to Yukino follow me and do what I tell you too, so you can be happy but for that I will take all (Hachiman).

      It to some degree solves Yukinos problem as she now has someone to depend on and can be a mindless doll again. But Hachiman went in and rejected it. Interestingly enough if Hachiman would be the same person he was at the beginning of Seaeson 1, he might have accepted that solution as agreeable solution.

  32. I must say too much blind Yukinofags in here like other forum
    They didnt know what the meaning of Haruno dan Yui attack ( i must say it is bait)

    • I dont think so. A little chance, perhaps Haruno’s doings a bait but Yui’s isn’t. She say directly, if ı win, ı take all of it. Are you okay with this?” And when Yukino say “if you say so, ı dont mind..” Hachiman cut it . Whatever, ı dont like that ending and probably ı dont like LN’s ending too. I just a little hope, they’re going to solve Yukino’s problem-do everything for her request and finally Hachiman x Yukino; just this.

    • that why I call it bait if the 2 of the stay off she will even harsh to Yukino look at scene dude not only the words

    • And how it will happen? Which part of it a bait? Actually, I dont think Yui that much of smart. She say that first season to Haruno ” ı dont- ı cant.” about hating Yukino.

    • Of course Yui not smart but she can read atmosphere very well and just because she not smart she cat not do anything
      Of course Yui and Haruno didnt hate Yukino because they love her they baiting her to change
      Okay I breakdown this Bait
      Haruno said sinister to Hachiman ( He didnt know what she mean about Yukino situation with him )->Sensei said expectation and betrayed ( the curent situation of Yukino and Service Club )
      Haruno know lovetriangle between member Service Club and they just dense each other ( maybe Haruno have seen this in past so she didnt want happen again [IMHO]) If this continue Yukino cant make up with her family ( especially her mom ) so she baiting with chocolate problem.
      Same case as Yui she know that. So why she invite Hachiman to date and give him chocolate (love) but she want just remaining friend with Him and Yukino and play villain like Haruno. Of course because she want to know how they really feel and change Yukino to be more open and maintain the balance between independence and dependence . that way I called it bait ( even though she know she will not win Hachiman in the end ) Maybe in this point Yui feeling is most genuine but if Yukino still like Hachiman in the end of request ( not because the request ) her feeling are genuine too.
      BTW I shipping Yukino but not fanatic as fags (so I can see from many POV). I dont want Yukino end up with Hachiman without change.

    • Hmm. If it is the case, ı mean “Yui’s baiting-playing villain is really” than its a little chance to romantic end for HachixYuki. But like ı said ı dont think Yui dont much smart to think like that. This two or theree episodes she’s notice the Yukino’s feelings to Hachiman and ı think she do it because of this. But whatever, LN is still going on, Oregairu Zoku end. We’re just waiting for the end (and hoping HACHİMAN X YUKİNO) IT MUST!

    • no dude Yui aware of that from StuCou Election arc and boom the infirmary scene make she sure of that.
      we know Yui not smart as Haruno or I must say manipulative (Haruno case) but she can do it very well this episode.
      But if HachixYuki in the end it is just confirm their feeling (maybe they not dating or anything like that).
      But dont put to much expectation in HachixYuki in the end. It is just for fun ( shipping war lol ).
      The main story is their change from experiencing RomCom SNAFU 😀

    • everybody has their opinions,pls do not put or force your opinion on others. opinions are opinions and not really truths. the only one who knows the truth is watari. just because we dont listen to ones opinion doesnt mean you have to be a jerk about it and trash talk indirectly. smh.

    • @qwerty

      I somewhat agree with you. I really root for Yukino, but let’s just not expect too much of it. After all, the series’s more about how Hachiman change slowly when faced with different social situations. Not about who ends up with him in the end. That’s kinda.. a side-thing? Like, a finishing touch that adds the satisfying factor but not needed.

      Anyways, Yukino-shippers assume that hachiyuki’ll be endgame because of many implications within the last few episodes. I understand that, it’s easy to be excited and expect a lot. But at this point, hoping much from a ship is not a very wise move, as Wataru could flip the table anytime soon.

    • @Mirza Mohammad that why I say too much blind Yukinofags in here like other forum
      I dont push my opinion to other
      even same ship Yukino are talking nosense if Yukino is attacked and hate the attacker
      So if the attacker is Hachiman how they will deal ? like this episode

      I dont know how old are you but I know your mental age. It seinin dude not shonen you must take many POV to understand not all the prontagonist is right like shonen 😀

      @noa I agree pairing in the is just finishing touch. but many of shipper or fags ( sadly especially Yukino fags and shipper because Yukino win many flags ) too immature take that shipping war is main story or too seriously.:D

    • yupp my mental age is definitely for you to explore, because its funny seeing you went wrong and wrong and wrong about me. i baited you in giving the answer i want and you did. its for me to know, and for you to find out ,fyi age or not, experience is experience so if you dont have anything then you will always be wrong XD

    • @qwerty no offense dude but some how i think you are in way over your head thinking like that. sorry but its true, like i said no offense.

    • @ Mirza I know you baited so I bite :p but who first bite the bite 😀
      I hope Yukino ship not sinking in the 😀
      Her fags is same as her
      have many advantages but very weak in realty

      @ Yukari Sorry dude for my smart a#s behavior because I am Yukino shipper 😀

    • Wow, you guys are so into fishing, I mean, look all these baits and catching talks. The last episode gave quite an impact to you guys, eh? Job well done, FEEL.

  33. Last three requests and the series should come to a close. Yui, Yukino, and then Hachiman’s.

    Wait, Yui’s one is already closed since it’s the proposal itself. Was there something more to it?

  34. I hope the old Yukino (with cold-hearted jokes and sharp tongue) come back, but improved to 3.0 with new features: “in love with the protagonist, sure of herself and of her own choices and without refuse all she learned during that time” Who knows with these characteristics maybe she steal a kiss from Hachiman! Ha Ha Ha this is awesome!!!

    • I hope so. It’s really be awesome and that is the Yukino ı want to see.

      But it seems author dont do it. They’re going to solve Yukino’s problem and pof! Nothing be happen Hachiman x Yukino and we’re all to say author this: WHAT THE … ARE YOU DOING?

    • Unfortunately I think that won’t happen, though I’d like it (Yukino version of Hitagi). The story so far is pretty realistic, IRL when you fix (some of) girls problems and rise her self esteem, she extremely rarely stays by you even as a friend. Source: “a friend of a friend”. Moreover Hachiman needs to man up for this, and it is still not something I see him doing. At best I see some kind of friendship ending for the club. Still we have at least 2(Iroha, Saki) more, if not even more (Orimoto, Ebina, Sensei, Haruno?) girls/women interested in him, so some romantic end of his personal twisted love comedy is not excluded.

    • The Hachiman is lacking mature a bit it is not yet in its “final stage” so I think he’ll have to decide some things in the future starting with the Yukino request in the next Vol.
      It really is true that this series is based on reality but few people are looking for true things and then change yourself and Hachiman still did not realize that those who choose change has its own genuine selves. after all, if he is planning a bad end he did not need to go through it all.
      The question is: he will develop by himself with a few hints he has (Hiratsuka’s way) or he will develop forcibly (Haruno’s way)

    • I hope so too.. plus, Yukino changed her way of solving things, copying hachiman’s way, which means she lost to hachiman regarding hiratsuka’s challenge to them and so she has to do anything hachiman says… ^^ plus, there’s hayama who said he won’t loose to hachiman and that the girl he likes is Y. ^^

    • Yeah, Yukino’s following Haruno’s footsteps no more, but turned her direction toward Hachiman. Hayama noticed it and warned Hachiman though.
      “It looks like she’s not chasing after Haruno anymore. But that’s all.”
      “I don’t see the problem.”
      “Haven’t you realized?”
      “Realized what?”
      “(She’s now chasing after you and relying on you, Goddamnit!) If you don’t get it, then I guess it’s fine.”
      Hayama basically have quite a watchful eyes I may say.

      Also, I’m interested in that Y as well.

  35. About the whole “Yukino regression/dependency problem”, as much as it pains me to say it, I think it is not just author forcing her in a drama, I think it is quite relatable and realistic turn, given what’s happened so far. What I think is most important is that at the beginning Yukino has nothing to lose, so she can play the image she has chosen. Later however there is something very precious to her to lose – her first friend(s) from a long time and probably her love. When you have something like this, you become concious not to hurt it. So she tries frantically to keep them. Moreover – though vol.6 is probably Yuki at her best ability, it is also her downfall. She tries her best, and really it is a LOT, to keep Festival event from falling apart, but she just couldn’t shoulder it alone. And I think it is when she breaks. From the beginning of the series she tries to do all things alone, so she don’t depend on anyone (and I think she understands her dependency problem even then), and not to trust anyone (after Hayama and probably Haruno betrayal, whatever it is), so she has only one person to depend to – herself. However she sees it is just not enough and that she herself is not sufficiently capable for that. Keep in mind also that by that time she is beaten in the competition by Hachiman by a fair amount (I think the 4 problems in the first book are a draw, but Hachiman then solves the 2 in vol.2. Yukino solves Yui leaving the club in Vol.3 and then in vol.4 it is again Hachiman with Rumi situation).

    So, seeing she couldn’t do it all alone she breaks (the not so “illness” illness). However then she is offered help, 2 people to depend to. And just after that Hachiman solves most important problem of the Festival in a single blow. So what is she left to? Broken, her certainty in her own power shattered, and the sweet devils words “at least depend on the two of us”. And she falls in the trap again. Mind you, she still tries to do what she can to protect her two friends, as seen in presidents election arc, but again is beaten by Hachiman. And what is more important – what she sees as mutual understanding doesn’t exist, she cannot communicate her feelings and thoughts to them. So she is again (hearth)broken.

    Almost to the point she is ready to give up on Hachiman just before his geniune speech. After the speech however she is confused, not knowing what to do, even more vulnerable. However I think that this Yukino, that vulnerable, confused and probably in love girl that we see in later half of volume 9 and 10, that girl I think is in fact closer to being geniune than the Yukino in the beginning. She is more open at least to Hachiman, more exposed. So my take this far is (at least until I see the translation of last episode) is that the treatment of Hachiman in the end is a little too harsh. He wants something geniune, however rejects current more geniune Yuki and it seems it fails to see that he too has a part in her problems.

    It seems to me now, that whatever positive development Hachiman and Yui got from service club it was at least in part at the expense of Yukino. I see some parallels to Hitagi and Nadeko situation from Monogatari series, and the words of Kaiki Deishu that love can make you strong, but love can make you weak too. However I fear that the ending will not be that good for the service club, even if they can “fix” Yukino. And I really, really will like a positive ending to that series. Because it really is terrific series as it can make you go back in the books and find new meanings of things that happen. Series that make you think in depth of it just can’t be bad.

    • Man, this is the best explanation for Yukino’s condition so far. The thing about Yukino’s downfall is, it is actually part of her development toward her new self, a genuine one perhaps. Snow needs to melt first, so then we can see the flowers bloom in spring.
      Somebody give this man a cookie please!

  36. Jealous of how well Yui and her mom gets along (deep desire to get along with her family, too?)
    Ain’t that deep. She just got another family to compare with her own and, seeing what a normal family looks like, she can’t help but feel robbed. At least that’s what I think.

  37. Just like what I’ve thought since last week “A Cliffhanger Episode”. It seems like the writer was saying for anime fans that “You want more details about it go read the novel(for those who havent read it/re-read it) or buy it!”. I just hope for an OVA for upcoming volume 12(if there is) of this series.

    • It sure was an interesting way to end the series. I expected them to at least make a montage or slideshow similar to how season 1 did it with their final episode but it was a great season in overall, still my favorite for the season.

      I would actually hope they animate volume 10.5 since it had a nice ending and hilarious bits like the picture that Isshiki used to threaten Hachiman.

    • Said exactly what Hachiman said to Haruno, which Haruno probably figured and asked to talk to Hachiman.

  38. The op song told us “im dont need a replica like this, im actually satisfied from something called genuine” :3 CMIIW wekawekaweka….

  39. If Hachiman doesn’t end up with Yukinoshita, Isshiki, or nobody, I don’t think any other ending will be as good or feely.

    Pls pls plssssss

    Also, spoilers. ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

  40. Wait, confirmed? Feelings are confirmed? I’m not fluent (or even proficient), but I took classes and understand how the grammar is structured, so google was my friend today. However, you’re saying it’s officially been confirmed?

    • Err, I typed that wrong. I meant how Yukino feels is out in the open now? It’s no longer a white elephant?

    • Hey buddy, you certainly do sound fluent! But I think it’s heavily implied that they all know about each others’ feelings after that final discussion, despite the fact that nothing has been said out loud. Correct me if I’m wrong, but I don’t think at any point did Yukinoshita make her feelings completely, and explicitly known–otherwise we would’ve at least seen a Hachiman blush or something.

  41. That was a solid ending, definitely didn’t resolve everything–of course it couldn’t and I didn’t expect it to–but… I dunno. It’s ok for now. It could have been worse and left us on a worse note, I guess.

    Very sad and emotional show overall and so… relatable. It’s just tough to watch these characters and share their pain and other things. Even though they’re fictional, just colored drawings and such with some recorded voices, they feel so real at times I have a hard time distinguishing them from real people and not caring about them in the same way. Which I think says a lot about the quality of the show and the base content.

    Glad that they didn’t try to force an actual ending to everything and instead just wrapped up volume 11 or whatever. I mean, it was probably rushed like volume 10, sure, but eh.

    I guess I’ll leave it at that for now.

  42. still tho, i dont mind hearing opinions. i want to know why did yui tried to play the villain and act like haruno? did she want yukino to become more and more broken (more dependent)? or does she wants to ship yuki and hachiman together? PLS STATE YOUR OPINION PEOPLE. My curiosity is killing me

    • Nope, She just revealing her TRUESELF, her TRUE FEELINGS toward Hachiman and Yukino. She really loves Hachiman. She admitted she is a cruel, unfair girl. -> LOVE can make human being more selfish, its normal.

  43. Dear Lord, may I ask you a question?

    Sometimes, when I read your translation, I found Gahama-san instead of Yuigahama-san. Is this just a typo or your purpose? And why?

  44. So, cliffhanger Ending, huh,… I hope they make a special (4)episode like “Kokoroco” did if the material isn’t enough for a new season(season3),…

  45. Oh my God, this is really hurt. no matter how hard I try it’s still hurt. the way where story will go, the character development, everything. geez, for some reason I really afraid of the ending of this series now.

  46. AHAH, I don’t care about GIRLS in this show. But when i saw that Yukino’s face at the time Yui confessed. Its really make me feel pity for her. Hope she can solve her problem by her own.
    But, I still rooting on #Lonerfags.
    LonerEnding is the only way he can choose. Get the f**k out of those girls with LOVE.
    p/s: Hachiman X Fishes is stronger than i thought. HAHAHAHA. Poor GIRLs.

  47. OVA will come out along with game like last time…..i hope its adaptation 10.5
    they could also do specials…..(since vol1 of BD came out …..there’s no hope for specials)

  48. may just be my imagination but this ending chart she’s holding the MAXCoffee with one hand and the other is hidden behind her, maybe she wanted give something besides coffee and it just shows a little more suspicious considering the previous chart where she gives “cookies” to Yuigahama

  49. I don’t understand, why did the put an ending like this ?
    Unsolved problem, unfinished requests, and no romantic ending

    • I dont think so. Probably author dont make romantic ending. They’re just solve the Yukino’s problem and boom. It’s over. Whatever they’re say: ı dont like that episode and ı dont like the where LN is going. It seems this beautiful serie join the “starting a great but finishing just a sh..t” group.

  50. I hate the fact that skiddiks, the main translator for yahari zoku in commiesubs is playing around with his fire emblem waifu… But he does deserve that freedom. More to, he gets to do what he wants anyway.

  51. the three final request …Yui’s yukino’s and hikki’s…..so clubs are stopped in third year….?
    then oregairu is coming to an end in vol 12 or 13……
    wanted to see komachi along with the club mates attending the same school (with or without the club)

    • Clubs aren’t stopped at 3rd year. It’s just that 3rd years stop going to club to prepare for University exams. Though I don’t think they even need to stop it, they mostly do nothing well that is if Iroha stops bothering them.

      A safe bet would be 13 or 14. I don’t think it’ll end at 12.

    • oh…..so i think they’ll stop the club……following epi13’s dialogue….but some other measure to be in contact will be taken i guess

  52. Yeah, Yukino’s codependent. In my opinion, it can’t really be cured. It’s difficult to fix.

    The fish talk was interesting. “Without someone to depend on, it can’t find the place where it belongs, hiding and being washed away, following something, it hits an invisible wall.”

    I would say yeah, she has a deep desire to get along with her family. At least, that’s how I feel about other people who have good relationships with their parents. I say this as someone who has a lot of the same problems.

    The stagnation is definitely something we can agree on. But I feel that Yui wants more than just that.

    I actually have to agree with Hachiman rejecting Yui’s proposal. You can’t fix codependency like that, because that’s the whole problem. At least that’s how I see it from someone who has the same problem.

    Yeah, up until now, forced images were construed as a bad thing, but now it’s definitely portrayed as a positive thing. It sort of shows what a person wants to be, like Yui wants to be nice and Yukino wants to be strong.

    • I think bringing back the whole forcing image on others theme is a nice callback to volume 6 from Watari. Because this time around, Hachiman knows and understands well how capable Yukino can be as well as how kind Yui really is. They’re pretty much out of touch with themselves because they’re getting bogged down by all these problems outside their relationship. I’m glad Yukino will finally be able to get out of her rut soon… I hope.

    • Im really starting to hate commie and the bs they do…I mean if they only used the time it took to make those troll posts to actually translate the episode, it’d be more productive, no?



    SAME WITH SEASON 3!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    OREGAIRU SEASON 3 PLEASE COME TO THE WORLD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  54. It’s been a pretty steep ride for Yukino’s character for the entire season (last 5 volumes), but it looks like we’re finally ascending up towards the light at the end of the episode/volume.

    At the very least we’re definitely moving to a new stage now.
    Symbolism, yeah.

  55. There will be no season 3 but there will be “Oregairu 2016” and it gonna adapt volume 1 to 13 or 14

    It would be hella fun to watch xD

    • nice job for yui drawing out both yukino and hachiman out of their comfort zone to confront the problem between them…
      when yui cried i thought its hachiman kokuhaku lines.

  56. Something for Yui-shippers, if the LN’s going down the romantic way.

    I have this feeling that, with how the LN is going, series’ll end with the three of them finally being honest (because they’re reaching for the genuine thing). Idk why though, I feel it’s leaning towards Yui and Yukinon is just a red-herring. I mean, the writer’s obviously building the sweet moments that’ll happen between them, if it ends well. The date, Hachiman almost-asking sth but stopped, the choco, penguin watching (my, that hurts a lot), and goodness that Yui song when Hikki remembers the firework scene. That’s like, a huge give off. And you know, usually love triangle’s all like, the chosen girl (in this case, Yui) gets hurt first. Ofc as someone who roots for Yukinon this doesn’t sit well in my heart at all. But hey, if they’re leaning towards Yukino-end, then what do we get out of all of it? Hikki helps her (which he doesn’t intend to do much to begin with, don’t blame him tho) then what? So they’re mutual then what- what about Yui? Only moving on? Her glaringly obvious crush to Hikki since early on MUST be for something other than so she’ll be hurt in the end. C’mon, that’s.. that’s bad writing. Her role isn’t just the girl who ties them together.

    Yeah or so I hope.

    However, it’s kinda more satisfactory if Yukinon’ll fix her dependency issue, they’ll lay down the truth, in which actually Hikki reciprocate Yui’s crush, Yukino either slowly trails away from them and finds her own path, or stays as friends. But because of Hikki’s desperate pursue for sth genuine, won’t Yukinon still staying be counter-genuine? Ofc she WOULD be hurt. Ofc she’ll be dejected and lonely. And not just her, Yui’ll feel guilty. But genuine hurts, so it’s kinda like an equivalent exchange (lol). And then came the question: why should Yukinon stay? In what reason do we need her to see her crush and her friend everyday, holding in emotions?

    Oh, and holding in emotions’s not genuine too. Hikki you complicated fish, you.

    Well, except we’re that cruel people who enjoy angst and pain as guilty pleasures 😉

    (Well, I’d like to see Yukinon get hurt HAHAHA. I’m angsty like that)

    But one final question to this assumption: will it end just like that? That’s real and believable, but what about the ‘if our relationship’ll strain just like that, maybe our bonds aren’t that tight in the first place.’

    In the end, all I want is for a satisfying ending that ties everything together. Maybe a lil angst. But the story’s about life, and life’s not all sweet. So that’ll do. Oh, and angst. Did I say angst.

    Brace yourself, Yukinon. May cat-videos’ll always be by your side.

    • there are signs of they (hachiyuki) will end up together in the end or so i hope are the developement from strangers to something closer while yui she loves hikki from the start and yukino it took how many volume until her relationship with hikki starts to develop .usually the girl who loves a boy in the very beginning will always end up not getting the boy, eg. kokoro connect, white album 2

    • Yukino – She is the main Heroine…, she got the power of it.
      So its obiviously ( I thought )
      1. YukinoEnding. -> At least she has more chance than Yui.
      2. LonerEnding ( I’m a #Lonerfags and I rooting on this so hard )

    • yukari- I’m aware of that. I didn’t say this in my previous post because it’s too long already, but yeah- give and take, Yukinon-route does somehow look possible. But that’s the thing: I’m suspicious as if the signs are supposed to deceive us, to lead us to think that Yukinon will end up with Hikki, when in fact she’s not. Your argument there is valid, though. I understand why Yukinon develops so slowly that it’s almost nonexistent if you don’t squint. She’s not Yui. She was brought up in that kind of household since day one. Look at how she’s envious of Yui and Gahamama<3 ! They grew up in different situations and social conditions, so of course their ways of ‘approaching’ is gonna be different! I don’t understand people who say that she doesn’t deserve Hikki because she’s not as ‘eager’ as Yui. Sure, maybe they have a point; but that certain argument is pointless and wrong. It’s not Yukinon if she starts chasing Hikki lmao.

      Never watched Kokoro Connect, but in relation to White Album 2, we can compare two things.

      Yui & Setsuna; like you said, she developed a crush earlier than Yukinon. And idk, feels kinda similar, no? First it’s only solely Yukinon and Hikki, but Yui came along. I don’t really remember much about WA 2, but it sounds similar when Setsuna joins the club (or something).
      Yui & Touma (is that even her name?)

      Loosely speaking, without any real evidence, Yui and Touma both were kinda third-wheeled at first. At least, the anime did. We haven’t read the newest LN, but maybe it’s a different case there? Anyways, Touma got the boy in the end.

      But hey, Oregairu isn’t your everyday story. Who knows what kind of ending it’ll get! 😀 I know I’m excited.

    • Otakool.95- I’m not so sure about that. Not every main heroine won the MC in the end. And that’s certainly not the case here, because we’ve got Hikki. So nothing is certain yet.

      Loner Ending might make lots of reader confused. Then what is the whole point of all that fuss love-war-pain-losing-winning thing? But alas, if our MC is happy with that, then so be it.. I guess. If he’ll end up being a loner, I want him to get closer to that genuine thing. Not gonna be satisfied if he regress to square one. Nope.

      At least change, dang it.

    • @another its not necessarily how they meet my god, but yet similar yet different. so pls try not to be sooo over with it, but the theme is nearly the same like this 2 heroines after one guy. the happy cheery herione falls in love first with the hero first while the gloomy cold with problems (family as such) heroine took a while for her feelings with the hero develop and in the end the gloomy cold heroine gets the hero. just like that, THE THEME. not how they met how they blablabla but the theme of 2 heroine with similar trait as yui and yukino going after one guy

    • Hmh,
      1.When the Family Arc comes, Yukino will ask 8man for help
      -> I dare say, It will be a freaking huge DEVELOPMENT for them, Even something like 8man will pretend to be her boyfriend again ( From pretend -> True … Shit just got real – I hope not ).
      2.Then how about Yui? She had nothing to do with 8man…… oops, 8man’s promise to go out with Yui. Well, even in this episode, she directly confessed to 8man but you know the result……
      -> He will never accept her LOVE.
      3. But, Only Loner Ending is the fittest way for him. I mean he won’t have any girlfriend but normal friends.
      Btw, maybe Iroha will strike him harder than you guys think ❤

    • yukari- Hey, relax man. I just stated the possibilities and some resemblances. I didn’t force it down your throat or anything, plus, this is a discussion anyways. So if you think that I’m over/obsessed about this, nope, I don’t. I just break down the resemblances (Oregairu and WA2) in DETAIL. Plus, I only stated that I understand why Yukinon develops slower than Yui. So just.. calm down a bit, would you?

      Sigh, I’m worried too, and I can see that you like hachiyuki, so we’re on the same boat! But Watari isn’t writing your everyday slice of life, so we also don’t know how it will end. So the best thing to do now’s to wait, enjoy, and speculate. 🙂

    • yukari- Ah, sorry. It’s just a casual pronounce. Doesn’t mean much.

      Yeah, so don’t get worked up, is all I want to say. I get your point and you got mine, so there’s nothing to argue anymore haha.

      insert Tamanawa hand movements

    • These comments are good, and funny at the same time. I can only say: Preach it! Sore aru!

  57. Every girls in this series is beautiful in my eyes including the one you’re going to mention, they’re all lively and cute and beautiful and what not. So any girl ending other than Yukinon should not be okay.

  58. why Hachiman went after Yukino after the penguin scene someone read this part of the LN and can explain the exact reason? and what was he thinking?

    • A pair of penguins has been revealed as among the most faithful of couples in the animal kingdom.

    • no he means why did hachiman left yui to go after yukino to the aquarium? yes yukino did left those 2 alone but later hachiman went after yukino.

  59. still hoping for Yukino-Hachiman pairing since they are the ones who really get each other among everybody. Yui and Hayama can pair up. Totsuka and Komachi can end up pairing together too. really wished the anime won’t end yet…

    • Nope, Hayama is engaged to Haruno. If they weren’t and he was engaged to Yukino, then why does Yukino so unimportant to the family? So it was with Haruno.

    • The feelings that Yukino has for Hachiman, you can’t really consider that to be genuine since it is wrapped around her mental problems. If she can be fixed, maybe. So far Yui is the only one that is genuinely in love with him.

      Not to say that Hachiman doesn’t have genuine feelings for Yukino, but all this time he’s thought that she’s “fine the way she is” while never really noticing her real problems.

      But on the other hand, codependency can lead to sex addiction, so fucking go for it 8man!

  60. I’ll be happy as long as hachiman ends up with someone Haruno Yui Yukino Hiratsuka Saki Ebina Iroha Rumi Orimoto Meguri Yui’sMOM Miura. But HARUNO if at all. A lot of women in this LN so do not friend zone plzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz.My Top 2 Haruno and Hiratsuka.

  61. HOLY SHIT!!! I’m only 5 minutes in already so many bomb shells have been dropped. I haven’t read any of the spoilers yet so I’m honestly so scared for what’s going to happen. Shame this episode’s spoiling the LN content, but this feeling of not knowing what’s going to happen at all is a nice one either way.

  62. Yukinon’s parents should realize the greatest mistake most prestigious families make: when you bring a child into this world, you should give them the chance to discover who they really are. You are not breeding a child just to continue your legacy…your child is another person entirely different from you.

  63. So I don’t know if I’m stupid but i couldn’t follow any of what happened towards the end of the episode. I understood the basic things in their interactions in the aquarium, but I didn’t understand what Yui was saying at all. What was Yukino’s “problem” that Yuigahama’s proposal would’ve fixed? Her reliance on Hachiman? Does Yukinoshita actually realize that she has this problem? There’s a bunch of other stuff that I still don’t get, but I’ve only seen the ep. once so far so maybe i’ll understand it more when I rewatch it. This is pretty frustrating.. anyone care to enlighten me and maybe outline what happened/the implications of everyone’s actions during the last 5 minutes of the episode?

    • did you remember what hikigaya said before yukino was making a phone call to her sister? and did you remeber what yukino said to her sister through the phone? thats her problem

    • WE know that’s her problem, and Yui and Hikigaya know that’s her problem, but does she know that she has a problem? chances are she doesn’t, because people who have deep-seated issues like that don’t tend to acknowledge them, lest they would do something to fix it. But the thing I’m confused about is what Yuigahama was proposing and how that proposal would’ve helped Yukinoshita fix her problem… I want to say more and specify my concerns, but I’m pretty lost here so I’m going to need to read a breakdown or something before I can explain myself clearly.

    • This is just my opinion but since Yukino is being strong armed by her mother to do something she probably doesnt want to is her “problem” (hope this will finally be made cleared in the next volume, and SERIOUSLY not wishing for an arranged marriage). What Yui proposed was to remain as they are, maintain their current status quo, so that she and Hikki can still be relied upon.

      But that is just fake stability, that’s prolly why I think when Yui said that “when I win, Ill take it all” she’s referring that once Yukino’s problem will be dealt with by all of them, she’ll then make a move on Hikki…

      But Hikki knows that is very,very wrong. As they say, a diamond is just carbon that faced extreme pressure and came out beautiful, right? (I may have that phrase wrong I cant remember it word for word). That’s what makes Hikki so interesting as he is now, his desire to pursue the real thing regardless of whatever problems come his way…that’s what a true man should be.

    • @yahallo Ahhh, I think that’s the essential part of the puzzle that I was missing. I thought that the “problem” that kept getting mentioned was exclusively* Yukinoshita’s reliance on others, but based on what you said, it sounds like the problem that she’s dealing with is something that her mom wants her to do that hasn’t been mentioned yet on screen/in-text? If that’s the case then I think I understand everything a lot more. Thanks a lot.

    • @Hikigaya Holden

      no prob, although sorry for the slightly incoherent explanation….

      as an side, well played commie subs. What you did to the opening sequence kinda made up for it being late… >.<

    • I don’t think “I’ll take it all” means she’ll take Hikki. Maybe I’m wrong, but I get the feeling what she’ll take is “the person who wins gets to tell the other what to do.” So What she’ll win is the ability to do this to Yukino for the rest of her life, making it so Yukino has a permanent person she can “depend” on (https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Codependency#Enmeshed_romantic_relationship) for the rest of her life. And as a result, she’s decided she’ll never try to advance her relationship with Hachiman so that they can maintain their support group for Yukino forever.

      “These are just a token of my gratitude”

      She says it twice even. She can’t tell Hachiman they were a token of love.

      “These are JUST a token of my gratitude”

      She’s already made a decision that she’s not going to change their group by telling him her feelings. Because then Yukino would lose the place she belongs.

      Or maybe not. Maybe we’re heading towards threesome end! The Supreme Court decision in America yesterday destroyed all arguments against polygamy at the same time they approved same-sex marriage after all.

    • ahh as for me, i think when yui mentioned yukino problem will be fixed with stagnant relationship..it was just a trap..so yukino faced headfront with what she wanted to do and make hachiman blurted out what he really feels to yukino.

      as for yui..while i having not read the LN yet…there’s two probabilty first she don’t want to make a headstart chasing hachiman while yukino still have a problem or she give up on hachiman.

  64. so uhh why did yukinos mother told haruno to stay at her place? all she said was “you know why” as if something is important . can anybody explain please

    • Kinda hard to answer this question – Haruno always gave us a big riddle, a mystery aura.
      My thinks:
      1. It’s her dependency then Haruno come to her apartment to fix it.
      2. Yukimom feels disappointed about her daughter now has been rely too much of other people. She hoped Yukino can walk on her own but its not happened. -> So she won’t let the situation happened anymore by sent Haruno come to her daughter place to control, pretend Yukino did it one more time.

    • i think right now she has 2 problems. one she needs to find who she really is, her true self. two, her relationship with her family, its proven when she said shes envious of how close yui and her mom is. thats probably it

  65. “The whole forcing image thing that plagued volume 6 actually comes back in this episode from what I could understand, but in a more positive light. Yukino isn’t a weak, frail girl while Yui isn’t an unfair and cowardly/cruel girl. Hachiman wants the opposite; Yukino being strong while Yui being nice/kind.”

    … huh? Isn’t that the opposite of what Hachiman just said? He just admitted that Yukino being a strong girl and Yui being a kind girl was an image he forced upon them. It’s not true at all.

    • Yeah, I noticed this too. I’m not sure what to say in particular, but that’s very interesting. Though I’d want to hear the book’s version of how that monologue of the scene happened. Though yeah, according to the subs, you’re correct.

    • What about this?
      – Both of them just be influenced by the GENUINE thing of 8man -> Make them act like THAT.
      8man knew it and he blamed himself. He knew its his fault. But he still wanted to finding that GENUINE. ( You can see it obiviously )

    • Tbh it’s sort of like something being bittersweet.

      Yui can be nice and can be cowardly.
      Yukino can be strong and can be weak.

      True. He decided it on his own that Yui was a nice girl. He pushed his ideals deciding that Yukino was a strong girl. While at times they’ve been cowardly/weak, they’ve also shown they can be nice/strong.

  66. Probability of Hachiman ending with Yukino is VERY HIGH (poor Yui) but if you reread v01, Yukino doesn’t know Hachi nor have any romantic interest in him… more like, DISGUST. The author really did a 360 with her. Hmmm.

    • Just one thing. The Family Arc – when the time she ask 8man for help -> A huge development between them will be created. -> So what will happen? HHAAH.
      See you next vol.

    • she ask hachiman to pretend to be her boyfriend? im assuming thats what youre thinking lol. but i dont think soo coz yukino yukinoshita doesnt lie, esp from her parents

  67. Somehow I’m getting the feeling that Yui may end up as Haruno best friend/rival although I’m probably wrong. Hope we get vol 12 in Yukino point of view and vol 13 as the epilogue.

  68. Oh my god that opening! That was one of the greatest things ive seen in a while. Had me laughing for a solid thirty minutes.

  69. Ahh I’m still a bit confused. What exactly was Yui’s method and what did she want from the contest? Some parts don’t really match up with me.

    • Yui’s method, She didn’t have it. Just baited 8man and Yukino.
      She wanted everything, its true, its her abomination. LOVE with Hachiman, Friendship with Yukino.

    • No, I think i came up with a conclusion. Yui wanted to leave Yukino alone to fix her codependency. After all it is a method to fix such a problem. And the end result would be Yui taking Hikigaya. Yukino didn’t exactly get what she was after and just leaned on relying on Yui. The reason why Yui would be considered cruel was that the request itself. Once accepted, Yukino will be left alone.

    • (Btw, im the same guy that posted the main post in these replies and the reply before.)
      I think its a bit inconsiderate to think that Yui made a bluff. If you ever been a deep conversation and thinking, as such to these situations, there are no such things as bluffs. When Yui said she had a feeling Hikigaya would have said that is because she sort of understands his personality as a person. People are really trying to understand Yui and her plans but it seems they aren’t understanding her words and actions.
      “I’m not the nice person you think I am” are severely important. Do you even know how its like admitting and saying that to another person? At the very least, its definitely not a bluff at all.
      (Of course there is more but they are not able to be said with confidence.)

    • The “I’m not the nice person you think I am” line has 100% similarity to what Hayama have said to Hachiman. Maybe Yui’s like that because she’s in Hayama’s group?! Hayama’s always been talking about self-gratification. And Yui also talks something about “saying things out loud so others will get it” that made Hachiman said that thing is regarded as self-gratification on the speaker, so here we assume she holds dear that self-gratification principal. Coincidence? I think not! So Hayama and Yui are at the very least, similar.


  70. I was very confused by those last few scenes……..how was yui suggesting a stagnating relationship going to solve yukino’s problem? And why does yui see herself as a ‘cowardly/cruel girl’?

    And they kinda scattershot yukino’s problem into this super-general issue. Yukino’s mom seems to have an issue with her not choosing the sciences (ie. not doing what’s expected of her), while Haruno’s problem with yukino is the dependency issue? They kinda seem to contradict each other. And I keep reading about an arranged marriage? When did they ever mention this in the LN?

    • well at least this was i get from watching it, i think yui suggesting stagnant relationship was not her way to solve yukino pronlem…it was a bait to make either hachiman or yukino blur out what they really want and also to put at end the triangle love….

      a matter about cowardly and cruel girl was yui wanted everything…love relationship with hachiman and keep their friendship too..this is her genuine feeling at that time…but in the end she decided to fold down and make a bridge for yukino and hachiman

    • 1.I’m pretty sure Yui lied in that case. She couldn’t find a way to solve Yukino’s problem. She just baited 8man to said his true feelings.
      2. Easily, both of the issues are the samething. Yukinomom let Yukino live outside their family and hope she can walk on her way but she didn’t do it. By the career path, Yukimom knew her daughter choice was rely on someone else choice. ( Haruno said Yukino only told the result for one of her friend ).
      3. Yukimom already wanted a LAST LONG RELATIONSHIP with HAYAMA’s Family. So everything can works. Maybe it will be mentioned in her request . We will know it when the vol 12 come out.

    • yeaaa now that u mention it, why did people assume arrange marriage? most importantly why yukino?lol shes not the only daughter yknow. and if u say hayama age, haruno is a possibility. right now hayama is a second year and meguri who happens to know haruno could probably be her senior by a year. so age diff is not that wide. so i think arrange marriage isnt the issue. probably the relationship between yukino and her family and also why yukino lives alone

    • Everything can works. How the f**k we know what will happen next.
      – About Arrange Marriage, Haruno X Hayama? ahah
      Someone told me, Yukinoshita family has higher place in social than Hayama’s then how the heck they will sent her Elder Daughter – The future Leader of Family to the lower family? Yukino is fitter than Haruno.
      – Even in people eyes, they always considered Yukino < Haruno for everything. She is a toy to serving their ambitious.

    • Yui wants to protect the status quo aka their current frienedship. It wouldn’t actually fix Yukino’s codependency, but she could remain dependent on Yui and Hachiman. Because she is cowardly/cruel sometimes? Remember Hachiman’s confession/request? Yui acted like nothing was wrong but called Yukino out on acting like nothing was wrong. That was cowardly. Also the fact that she’s going to take everything if she wins the battle royale is cowardly. “Things will go my way.”

      Their mom is not Haruno. They have different desires. Haruno wants Yukino to stand on her own two feet. Their mom just wants her to do what’s expected.

  71. yeah so after this drama filled episode. I’m left with a feeling of an ending none of us might expect. Just based on how to hold the trio’s relationship together. I doubt it’d happen in this way (I’m being vague on purpose)…

    But anyways the main reason I’m commenting on here…watching this episode and then thinking how it ties in with the rest of the story, then going back and reading the very first opening monologue for the series (cuz you know writer’s love to set the theme for a series in the beginning) and my jaw just dropped. That monologue could basically summarize everything that’s happened so far in the story, and maybe slightly foreshadows the ending of the plot.

    I encourage you guys to just take a look.

    • hikigaya changed. its up to the writer plus hes unpredictable. right now, he wants something genuine and thats first priority now, hikigayas character doesnt regress easily as yukino

    • so whatever ending you expect, the possibility of it is less. hikigaya isnt willingly giving up on that genuine as seen what he did in the end of the episode, otherwise he wouldve give in to superficialities

    • The foreshadowing you are saying….. does it have something to do with people blowing themselves up?

    • yukari, I understand that and that’s what I was saying. The ending is most likely going to be something much different than we all expected.

      I would rather no one blow themselves up 😦

  72. Season 3 synopsis:

    8man & Totsuka run away to America and become husband and wife. Yui and Yukino end up consoling each other and end up falling in love. After graduating from high school they move in together causing Yukino’s family to disown’s her.

    Moved by 8man and Totsuka’s forbidden love, Haruna is inspired to pursue her own happiness and is also disowned by her family…at first Hiratsuka sensei is shocked, but after having some time to think about it, finally understands why she hasn’t been able to find a husband. She was in love with Haruna all this time.

    Heart broken, Hayama jumps off the school roof, professing his unrequited love for Haruna before he falls to his death. Miura, devastated by Hayama’s suicide, follows his lead after losing her battle with depression.

    Isshiki was caught embezzling money from the student council budget and was expelled; after getting grossly fat from going to the chocolate shop to much (The one that 8man took her to). After 8man ran away and Hayama’s death, she realized that 8man was the one that got away…so she turned to gorging on chocolate treats to ease her loneliness.

    Distraught from 8man’s abandonment, Komachi drops out of school and becomes a N.E.E.T and is eventually thrown out of the house by her parents. Zaimokuza finds her living in the street while he’s peddling his self published manga that no one buys. He sees Komachi dumpster diving for food and takes her to his cardboard box shelter. His parents have also thrown him out, since they realized that he’s an otaku who won’t amount to anything. Komachi evenutally becomes a teen mom. That bastard Zaimokuza just couldn’t keep his hands off of her…

    Rumi is adopted by Haruna and sensei after her parents were tragically killed under suspicious circumstances…


    • slightly off topic: how weird it is that the sole authority that decides if gay marriage is acceptable or not lies at the hands of the law, and not of the Church itself…

      what is the world coming to…

  73. It wasn’t really the law, because laws are on the books in separate states that state one way or another. The Supreme Court decision reinterpreted the 14th amendment of the constitution to mean that marriage was one of the rights that was protected, in doing so invalidated all 50 (+D.C. and American Territories) ability to self govern on the issue. For good or ill.

    The Good news, polygamy now is legal through a liberal interpretation of the ruling. The Judges even said so in their opinions. Harem time!

    • @yukari er he wasnt talking about forced arrange marriages mate, he was talking bout gay marriages…

    • If there is no consent, the marriage is not legal, even in Japan. The realities though is a daughter or son can be seriously pressured into a marriage, because they lack the ability to support themselves if the family decides to disown them for disobedience.

      In some moslum countries, a woman is forced to marry her rapist so as not to bring shame on her family.

    • @Lucius Fox may I ask you, where did you get that information (about Muslim countries) from?
      It is not true. Because (and if you’re talking about the religion) then that’s wrong.
      Our religion is not there to force us to do things we don’t want to do. Some Muslims minds are so rotten that they think that doing things like these is from Islam. And it’s totally not. I as an ( Oregairu fan, just like you) advice you to try reading about the rights of Muslim women, just check these 2 websites and after that you can think whatever you want.
      I’m sorry I worte too much but I don’t want you to believe wrong things and let me tell you, I also read a lot of these issues happened to people from other religions.

    • Well, wikipedia is not always foolproof, but I think it’s still a good resource for general knowledge. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Sharia#Legal_and_court_proceedings If you are a woman in Saudi Arabia and prefer not to be raped, make sure you have 6 male witnesses that are not associated with yourself or the accused criminal and are willing to testify on your behalf. And no, DNA evidence is not admissible. Throughout history, many religions have been used to treat women as second class citizens, but as times change, so have those practices. Islam seems to be permanently stuck in the dark ages.

      Any predominantly Muslim country that bans Shariah law is probably a decent place for a woman to live. So far the only Muslim majority country to ban Shariah law has been Turkey, they want to be part of the EU after all.


    • @Lucius Fox like I told you before, this is a work of a person who cares about nothing but their false tradition and about not accepting forensic evidence, that dose happen but only in situations where the testimony is enough and that was like 1400 years ago. But nowadays FE are used in all the cases in the country I live in ( which applies full Sharia).
      About Turkey that bans Sharia, even they had a share of problems like these but sadly I can’t find the article about this topic.
      I’m just repeating that these people don’t act like Humans because they have no religion.
      Ruling on the crime of rape in Islam ( please do read it)
      ( Except a few states which waive the punishment if the rapist marries his victim! This is indicative of a distorted mind let alone a lack of religious commitment on the part of those who challenge Allah in making laws. We do not know of any love or compassion that could exist between the aggressor and his victim, especially since the pain of rape cannot be erased with the passage of time)

  74. Season 2 of the anime is made differently from the first season. I observed Hachiman has less monologue in it (which as source of COM) compared to the LN…

  75. Thoughts on the Finale:
    1. Solid Ending. It did not satisfy me to leave a smile on my face. But it did not leave a bad taste in the mouth either. Gotta feel for those who watch the anime only.
    2. In regards to #1, that is exactly why they ended it that way. It will leave the viewer wanting for more, thus, compelling them to either buy a copy/read the LN. This is a business after all and what a way to drive your LN sales up.
    3. What Yui did was more of a provocation that what others are calling it. You know, that one friend you need to give you that push to go over the edge? She does not have a high IQ but that doesn’t mean she is stupid when it comes to feelings and emotions. That is why she gets what Yukinon is going through right now. That is why she gave those cookies. That is why she requested something like that. That is why she also expected Hachiman to say those things. That is also why she says she is playing unfair. She wanted them to get out of their comfort zone. She wanted them to be more honest with what they feel because she knows it is something very hard for them to do most especially for Yukinon who is so used to keeping everything to herself which now includes what she feels for Hachiman.
    4. Hachiman puts it beautifully regarding the title, My Teenage RomCom is wrong as expected. You don’t always end up with what you expect in life. In their case, it always ends up wrong. But it does not stop them from finding the right answers. The author is a genius.
    5. For those shipping too hard for one or the other to end up with Hachiman are kind of missing the point of this. Hiratsuka-sensei did not band the three of them together so that they would fall in love with each other. It is for them to help each other grow up. Falling in love, struggling with personal problems, facing challenges that come along their way, all these are stepping stones in growing up. This would have been impossible if a.) Yukinon stayed alone and kept being in the shadow of her sister, b.) Yui stayed alone and went with the flow with everything around her, c.) Hachiman stayed alone (yes plain alone).
    6. For the “I want a romantic ending or else” type of people here. Anime and LN serve as a form of escapism. But when a story gets too real or close to reality like this one, they get bitter or angry, blaming the author, blaming the studio, blaming anybody. Deep down they fear that this won’t end with a happy ending because it is really possible in this story. You read and watch this stuff to be satisfied or to get away with reality, but when it gets too real, you are left with an uneasy feeling.
    7. TL;DR. I am suffering from PADS (Post Anime Depression Syndrome) thus the long commentary… 😥 lol :’)

    • how do you get an identity. the thing you can call “self”? when can you be truly genuine? who can give a person that?
      that is why she is codependent. she couldn’t stand on her own two feet. that is why she was projecting an image that she is responsible/capable but in actuality just a front. like a mask.
      that is basically yukino’s problems.

    • Welcome to the club, bro! Please bear the solidarity yourself and take a seat in the corner just like everyone else. And also, this crab-guy deserves a cookie, guys please bring it to him!

    • lmao at your comment. thanks for the compliment. i’ve been lurking for quite some time here but only recently have i been voicing my inner hachiman. lol how i wish this would go on for 6 more volumes so that there would be enough material for a season 3… PADS is real…

    • At the end of the day, business still wins…damn cliffs making me read the LNs again

  76. First, from what I’ve seen as spoilers till now I was about to blurt an angry rant about needles drama and so on. End then the fire nation… the subtitles went out. After that I can say that I want to read the novel even more, because certainly a lot of things will get clearer. So, sorry Spyro, for burdening you with expectations.

    And then a few thoughts about the episode. For me Haruno is now a confirmed envious b**ch. Talk about tough love for personal growth what you want, but that scene prove is to me that most of all she is envious of all the freedom Yukino has. And probably mad about the way she uses it, but still…

    Then, I see all around thrown “Yukino has dependency issues” as much as that “geniune thing” stuff. No, what she has is identity crisis. I’ve talked about it here I think, but her problem now is that she has something to lose now, her self-confidence is destroyed and she’s fallen in love with the guy her best friend likes. If that’s not enough drama, the said guy wants all in the open and she has family issues. She even took 3 critical hits for 2 days form her sister and mother. No wonder she is in reset mode, her brain doesn’t work. And she’s aware she is drifting in the wind and falling apart as she said to Hachiman. She is just a sweet, fragile girl not knowing what to do.

    As for Yui, I think she just exposed her some of her selfish desires at last. But in the end and she really is withdrawing form the competition for Hachiman’s hearth. I think she really wants to be Yukino’s pillar of comfort and to help her friend the way she sees fit, even in expense of her feelings for Hachiman.

    As for forcing images on the others – the only positive thing I see this time is that probably Hachiman finally understands that the girls give him their geniune selves this time. And I think it is also some kind of meta-jab at the readers from WW for forcing our stereotypes on them.

    In the end however what really bothers me is will what Hachiman said (that he knows how this will end and that he will lose everything) become a self-fulfilling prophecy. I really hope not. I really need some positive ending on this. And I really think that WW must wrap it up soon. Like in the next volume soon.

    • Haruno’s behaviour could be better, but it’s perfectly understandable. She probably has to deal with more crap from their mom than Yukino, but Yukino doesn’t appreciate how much freedom she has, and doesn’t use it to become her own person, when Haruno had to fight to be herself. She did say she hates that about Yukino. And well, when you start talking to a person in a certain way, it’s difficult to break out of it, so maybe that’s why Haruno constantly disparages/derides/taunts Yukino. Also, Haruno isn’t that much older. She’s an adult, but not independent. How do i put it? It’s not that wrong that she’s behaving like a kid at times, playing with Yukino and baiting her. (I do that to my friends sometimes too, it’s not meant malicoiusly.) It’s her way of provoking a true response from Yukino, to make her react instead of acting along pre-determined lines, to break out of her shell and stop relying on Haruno for cues. It’s like when you’re afraid to do something (strike your own path etc), anger can motivate you to act in spite of fear. Haruno probably doesn’t know of any other way to push Yukino to becoming more self-confident/to construct or find her own “self”.

      I don’t think Yui is withdrawing from the competition yet, it feels more like she’s postponing it. It’s not a fair competition if one party is incapacitated after all. In her current state, Yukino can’t exactly pursue romance – she’s still learning to understand/value her own feelings (a bit like Hikigaya). And she’s still learning about friendship. Yui wants all of them to be happy, but none of them are happy when one of them is unhappy (volume 8 attests to that). They all know, even if they tiptoe around it. So she wants this situation to be resolved first, for all of them to not be held-down by other issues first. Kind of like achieving personal and group stability before adding romance into the mix. That’s the only way their friendship can survive. Not sure if romance is part of what Yui meant by the “everything” she wanted.

    • It’s not that I can’t understand Haruno’s feelings, I mostly agree with what you say. Still, the main thing in that episode is that Haruno showed her true spiteful self, so she can no longer hide behind the mask of inducing growth. And more – she might not agree with how Yukino uses her freedom, but that doesn’t give her the right to berate her in that way. If anything – Haruno’s behaviour is part of Yukino’s problems, so she must “take responsibility” and not continue to push her down. And in the end it is not Yukino, who is guilty of getting so much freedom, the one responsible, if Haruno is so burdened with obligations, is most likely her mother. So Yukino is the wrong target for her anger. But we know that Haruno won’t go against her mother. However there is one “if” in the situation – if Haruno willingly burdened herself with family responsibility, so Yukino can be free, she might have some point. Still, even if that’s the case, I think her rudeness is becoming excessive.

      As for Yui – her request was definitely about keeping the things static. It was seen in vol.8, where she decided to run for student president, so she can keep the club, which is part of the reasons for Hachiman decision there. That’s why in previous episode she said that she understands Hayama now. She possibly is quite influenced by her other group static relations (Hayama clique) and she so much likes the time they spent together, that she is willing to risk others feelings to keep it. So she is selfish and unfair, as she said. However she is probably aware now that that can’t happen, after the depressing state in the beginning in Vol.9, probably that’s even a try to get affirmation form Yukino about her past actions. So that was I think her last attempt. I think in the end she is ready to resign at least from the race for Hachiman’s hearth. Probably her attempt to be the nice girl yet again.

    • Yeah, strongly agree with you that more than dependency issues, there’s some identity crisis going on with Yukino. That’s why she’s always been asked what she wants to do. And she can’t decide for herself on her own because she herself doesn’t know what she wants to do. She almost even went along with Yui’s decision even though the look on her face tells otherwise. Her sense of self is probably lost being under Haruno’s shadow for too long that when she tried to diverge from it, she unconsciously attached herself to Hikki and Yui hence the dependency issues.

      In Haruno’s defense though, she has the right to be envious since Yukino’s got the chance to live freely but is wasted because she’s trying hard to be someone like Haruno. And we know Haruno’s got the heavier load and she’s the one who’s being pulled here and there by their parents’ decisions and expectations. Not saying that they don’t expect anything from Yukino but yeah. If I were Haruno’s shoes, I’d probably be disappointed too.

    • I think it is probably not that Yukino doesn’t know what to do, but she is afraid to do it. She is in love, or at least thinks so (prepared chocolate and so on). However she is aware of Yui’s feelings and she is desperately afraid that going for Hachiman means that she will lose her only friend. The look at Yui in front of the school, her concern after she sees description of the penguins (all those Yui’s hugs…), and almost succumbing to her proposition in the end. She has something to lose this time. And Yui thinks she herself is unfair, brobably because she knows that for Yuki, and exploits it that time.

    • DB, your take on this, I think is actually a much more accurate limelight on what is happening. I agree especially with the comments about Yukino and not that she is codependent (if felt like that wasn’t the correct word) but that she is in an identity crisis for the exact reasons that you said. I think you hit the nail on the head.

    • So harsh, yet so true. Hachiman said that he’s undergoing some identity crisis. While in fact, it’s Yukino who’s suffering from that condition.

    • I don’t think Haruno will be gentle to Yukino like someone expected (therefore she too, has all pressures from her family more than enough) , if I am Haruno , I would be twisted person who has bad personality and will do mean things to people around me. so Haruno has enough pretty good personality in my opinion.

    • @ Karage

      It’s not needed Haruno to be the gentle one. The gentle nurturing will be administered by Hachiman and/or Yui. The only needed thing from Haruno is to not be so antagonistic to her little sister.

      “if I am Haruno , I would be twisted person who has bad personality and will do mean things to people around me.” – and that’s exactly what she’s doing the whole series, isn’t it? Hayama’s words – if she doesn’t like someone, she destroys him. If you don’t think that applies to Yukino, then think about Sagami in the Cultural Festival arc, think about Orimoto and so on. Even with the pretense that she’s helping Yukino grow, does she really do something good to her and her little circle, except the support for the song performance in the end of Cultural Festival arc? She might not be the Wicked Witch of the West, she probably does care for her sister in some way, but she is twisted, manipulative person with not-so-good personality.

      Anyway, I think that Yukino’s request will be to help her patch things up with Haruno and her mother, so that will be dealt with. And after the snow melts the flowers will bloom. Or at least I hope that will be in Vol.12.

  77. i really hate yukinos mom. let the child have her own choice,her own future,her own life. shes not some kind of vessel that you can orochimaru into

  78. A beautiful series should have a beautiful ending. Things have been so beautiful so far, please let it be until the end. A bittersweet aftertaste just won’t do, I don’t know the correct word but it must be the feeling you have when seeing something beautiful and satisfying has just come to the end.
    Looking forward to Vol 12 (or more) with that ending awaits.

  79. Yuigahama yui scared me when she told them about her desire and forcing yukino to accept it.
    well some guys say that she was actually trying to bring out yukino and hachiman’s real feelings( which I want to believe but can’t ) . If she had made a cheerful smile like her usual self it would be easy for me to believe it ( When she was saying that she expected hachiman to refuse her proposal ). But her serious smile made me think that she would be fine with the superficial relationship.( IF WHAT YUI SAID WAS A LIE THEN CAN ANYONE EXPLAIN WHAT DECISION YUI MADE IN HER MIND PLEASE??????). And this kind of thing really doesn’t suit her.

    well none of that matters anymore since her request was refused. can’t really wait to find what happens next and I really want to read the LN volume 11 too since it would be easier to understand. we will also have to wait for next volume. I really want a happy ending like he ends up with yukino or finds the genuine relationship or some thing else other than loner ending.

    looking forward to volume 11 translation,well since it was spyro-san we are talking about we won’t have to wait for long.

    • I thought.
      In that case, Yui couldn’t find a way to solve Yukino’s problem. She just LIED about it.

    • I think actually yui serious about it…she feels like a coward and unfair person because that is what she really wanted…a way to get hachiman but also still be friends with yukino…but she also know that hachiman will not pick her..so she force it all in the open..so who like who solved right there…and when hachiman talked about struggle,with you etc it was like a nail in the coffin for yui.

      and i think what yui do was really noble..think about it this way..if she trully wanted to follow her selfish desire she can just be silent and act like nothing happen while the other two still confused or she can talk with yukino alone and trap her to say yes to her proposal.

  80. how do you get an identity. the thing you can call “self”? when can you be truly genuine? who can give a person that?
    that is why she is codependent. she couldn’t stand on her own two feet. that is why she was projecting an image that she is responsible/capable but in actuality just a front. like a mask.
    that is basically yukino’s problems.

    • Are you sure you are using the right term? From Wikipedia:

      Codependent relationships are a type of dysfunctional helping relationship where one person supports or enables another person’s addiction, poor mental health, immaturity, irresponsibility, or under-achievement.

      If anything Yukino is certainly not in that kind of relationship with the service club members. In fact they help her grow, be more open and so on. Current problems are just a phase of life that can happen to everyone. And who can you turn to when you struggle and can’t find the way if not to your closest friends. That’s why her request in the end is so important. You know – a friend in need is a friend indeed. That’s why I’m so vehemently opposed to the notion that Yukino has dependency problems. Someone living for about 2 years alone cannot have dependency problems. He can be lonely, misunderstanding, depressed and and longing human contact, but is definitely not dependant.

    • oh i stand corrected. maybe ur ryt. she is not dependent but i can’t seem to reconcile copying hachiman’s word for word when she called haruno. it seemed to me she couldnt make her own decision or she is not confident and depended on her friend for support.

      anyway thanks po DB!

    • That phone call is clearly a sign that she is greatly distressed. So much she doesn’t even try to think by herself at the moment. Or probably willing to get any escape road offered to stay away form Haruno at the moment. I think it is excusable, given everything that happened last few days. But losing herself? No, at least from just that.
      I’d like to read the book though, I might get different understanding from there.

  81. I just recently found out about this mastserpiece and needless to say, I want more. I think there will be a Season 3 for the anime because this didn’t feel like an ending at all to me. Too bad it won’t be anytime soon. I started learning Japanese 9 months ago so at one point I will be able to read the light novels lol but this won’t be anytime soon either :(. I might be able to reach a strong N3 level around this time next year though. Even if I get the grammar as far as I know LNs are not furiganad so I’d still have problems with lots of kanji hm. Whatever, gonna read it one day in all its glory.

    • Even memorizing N5 vocabs take some time for me! Man, maybe after the novel’s finished, I’ll get to read it properly. For the meantime, studying hard is all I can do. Ganbarimasu. And, you do too! For the glory of reading it raw! Ganbarimashou!

    • LOL of all the episodes being discussed the finale was able to hit 300 comments so far, so yeah! Let’s hit 400 comments!!! XD

  82. so, basically Yui proposed to leave everything as it is and to help Yukino express her feelings and Hikki rejected that proposal saying that Yukino must find what she wants by herself without involving someone else?? :/ And what was all of that Hikki said about “by thinking, agonizing, struggling….I” and both Yukino and Yui were surprised and Yui was moved and said that she expected that answer from him??

  83. I read volume a- prologue 1.
    yuigahama yui after thinking that hard came up with an answer “The truth is, I’d be fine with a lie.”
    while hachiman wants some thing genuine. Both of them wants the exact opposite things.
    So does that mean yui has no chance with hachiman??? ( truth is I am little happy about that-> just personal opinion though).

    So yui is fine as long as they remain together even its fake and hachiman wants something genuine ( go for it hachiman we will support you forever). yukino doesn’t know what to do and she finally made up her mind at the end and asks them to listen to her request ( What an interesting way to end the anime.now we have to wait for next volume).

    So what kind of ending do you think will happen? ( I want hachi x yuki even though he ending up with one of the girls has less probability, don’t you think it would be better than anime ending. I think friend ship or something like three of them becoming more closer kind of ending has more probability though)

    share your endings guys and point out if I have made any mistakes..

    This LN was one of its kind, so I hope its ending is too…..

  84. Haruno really is twisted, but I get the feeling her end goal is beneficial for Yukino. Everytime she ever made a sneer comment, a cold statement, a provocative thought it was almost always at a point where the characters will challenge their comfort zones and push towards something better…although she’s really, really twisted -_-

    but can you blame her for what she is? I imagine having a mask put on for the sake of your family’s a pretty big task, more so since she apparently had to shoulder that burden at a young age. She never had the chance to find out who she is underneath her mask (I think, although this opinion is challenged by Hikki’s apparent bad feeling of her). She’s bitter towards Yukino because she’s the pampered one, the one who had freedom…

    • One thing with Haruno tho, she has tooooo much time on her hands. Is this how rich people are? Loads of free time?
      Also, she really doesn’t seem like a rich girl. If you didn’t know, you would never know.

  85. starting from that scene:
    -yui said “what are we gonna do now?” she means about their romantic relationship ( yui, yukinon, 8man )
    -yui give 8man her homemade cookies as a gratitude for all the things up until now
    -“i’m coward, i’m dirty” regarding to her request about “battle” by sensei
    -8man monologue “she didn’t specify a thing….” shows that 8man already know about yui’s feeling and to let yukinon know this
    -Yui propose that she will use the “battle” from sensei as a “solution” for their relationship problem. If she won that battle, she will take “everything”. the “everything” here I assume that she will take 8man but yukinon must stay at the club as their friend without hard feelings
    -monologue from 8man tell us that he agree with yui request for being correct and efficient, but of course it is not fair for one side ( lose )
    -Yui ask Yukinon whether she agreed or not, 8man waiting for yukinon’s answer. She agrees, but we can tell it is not from her heart ( she relied the problem to other, again )
    -8man disapprove this because he knows that yukino is lying, and believe yukinon must solve the problem by herself, and he doesn’t want a superficial thing
    -8man monologue “yeah, i’m being stupid. I know that it’s out of question. I know how this will end. I’ll be left with nothing” refers to Yui. Yui already know that 8man didn’t have any romantic feeling to her, but still waiting for his “impossible” answer.
    -8man monologue “even so, I want us to think, writhe, struggle” refers to sensei quote from episode 8. Her action in episode 8 is grabbing 8man’s shoulder indirectly says “Don’t worry, I’m besides you”. This refer to 8man indirectly says it too ( i think ). “you” refers to yukinon, for being not genuine to her feelings.
    -from here, by disapproving Yui’s proposal, 8man saves Yukinon, and also indirectly says that he chooses her. “I had a feeling you’d say that”, Yui already know this.
    -“Don’t you tell me how i feel” Yukinon realized Yui’s “trap” to solve their relationship and now their relationship is clear
    -Yukinon ask 8man for his request about his genuine thing. Here I assume genuine “relationship”. But 8man afraid if he continued it, he will hurts Yui’s feeling. But Yui agrees. Here Yui gave up on him for the sake Yukino x 8man.
    -The next 8man monologue also from sensei’s from episode 8 ( IIRC )
    -Problem solved, Yukinon’s request lead for the next arc

    -End of this arc

    Credits to user reabc123 from MAL.
    What do you think about it? To me it’s pretty legit explenation, maybe to much Hachixyuki (sail sail grand ship) but still fine, I guess.

    • yeah man like you said it has too much hachixyuki but I am also on the same ship as you man.So I will believe you ( HACHI X YUKI TILL THE END AND BEYOND ). After all the reason I started reading LN was because of hachiman and yukino.To me hachiman and yukino are the most interesting characters in this LN although haruno and hiratsuka-sensei were pretty interesting.

    • Forget I said those things…
      I said some stupid things out of obsession on hachi x yuki….

    • I am with you man,there is nothing wrong with a Grandiose sail for HachixYuki.I hope,that Haruno and Hayama get spurned by Yukino for their contemptible ways towards her.I don’t give a damn about whether Hayama thinks he is a good guy or bad guy,but for his corny attitude,he deserves some snubbing.(and on the side either a punch from Hachiman on the face or a slap from Yukino,I am not too optimistic ,so I am not hoping for them both :D.).

    • I don’t think Hachiman meams he chooses Yukino at this point; rather that he’s not going to accept Yui not making a confession just implying it, and not going to accept Yukino just going along with letting club continue as if nothings happening and a future in which Yui “takes it all” meaning having Hachiman with no conflict.

      Instead, Hachiman rejects that and wants the hard way, real communication, real Yukino to stand up for herself. Hachiman even thinks he’ll probably get nothing in that future; yet Yukino’s words of his request for something genuine not yet being answered gives me hope that he will wind up with somebody.

    • @ sup
      I agree with what you said about hayama, who gives a damn about what he thinks. whenever he talks about yukino or when he talks about his past relationship with yukino it really pisses me off. I don’t want an arrange marriage between him and yukino (which I think is not going to happen). I don’t know who hayama likes but haruno and yukino are way out of his league.But I do like hayama a little when he is not acting like a good and considerate guy.

  86. Nobody finds it odd Anime finish with Volume 11 complete and the Vol 12 may be the last, I’m thinking maybe the Vol 12 end with Yukino, but the anime can have 2 ends one for each girl perhaps written by Wataru Watari himself. maybe I’m dreaming but I think it’s a bit strange the way things are going.

  87. Ok there’s a few things that can be said here but first and foremost, this: “Yui likely recognized Yukino’s dependency problem during her phone call with Haruno”, was this in episode 13? I didn’t see this. I read something similar to it but I thought it was just fan fiction. https://www.fanfiction.net/s/11247859/3/One-Year
    You mean something like that actually happened?!

    OK OK, moving on, Did you guys notice that opening animation? Why is that Hachiman wearing a mask with 8 as the symbol on it? Black mask and pointy horns, trying to make him look like batman I see.I had a good laugh with that one. Batman, the embodiment of solitude and justice.

    Well for the episode progress, as most of what I want to express has already been said but I will be saying that for the ending, CLIFF HANGER. One false move and down I go. SCARY STUFF. Well with that kind of ending, I’m are expecting some kind of continuation in some form. Honesty, I don’t see we getting a third season as for the novel, about 2-3 more volumes to wrap it up is what I’m expecting…. So ovas( 30 minutes each please) to pull me over that cliff is what I’m thinking will happen but it would be a great surprise if i’m wrong and the LN gets enough volumes for a third anime season then we do get that 3rd season like we hope.
    This is a possibility but GOD forbid, they keep us hanging on that cliff for an indefinite time or worst (what I DON’T want to happen) They rush the conclusion and give us a real crappy ending. You know, A real WTF kind of ending totally out of character making you question if that’s what you hung on to that cliff all that time for.

    • Yeah. I totally agree with you, man. Apparently the LN should be ending on October so I see at least 2 more volumes coming from the LN. It’s a matter of which route the LN will take. I noticed that you said we might be getting a 3rd season which I also fully understand why you said so but tbh possibilities are still there because season 2 was released 2 years after season 1 finished so IF a third season is possible…we’ll have to wait an extremely long time. As for OVAs, well…I don’t really see an anime like Oregairu to get OVAs (maybe because I just think of it as way too mature, that might not make sense..) and even if it did get an OVA(s) then I don’t see what the plot would be because I thought OVAs aren’t related to the actual story but are just some random episodes. That’s why I still have hope for a 3rd season, it doesn’t even have to be 12/13 episodes long..around 10 episodes is probably fine.

    • True to that and plus, they can’t just have a fairly popular series like this ending on such a cliff hanger, can they? Well I think they will use the side volumes, you no, the .5 them to build up the anime when they make the third season and this time spend time on each upcoming volumes. 3-4 episodes per volume.
      I’m thinking early next year like say Spring again it will release if the LN finish this year.

  88. I found an interesting explanation on MAL by reabc123 (http://myanimelist.net/forum/?topicid=1398663&show=450). Here’s the explanation :

    my personal opinion ( with my friends :/ ) regarding last 5 minutes ( the most important part ):
    ( oh yeah, english is not my first language)

    starting from that scene:
    -yui said “what are we gonna do now?” she means about their romantic relationship ( yui, yukinon, 8man )
    -yui give 8man her homemade cookies as a gratitude for all the things up until now
    -“i’m coward, i’m dirty” regarding to her request about “battle” by sensei
    -8man monologue “she didn’t specify a thing….” shows that 8man already know about yui’s feeling and to let yukinon know this
    -Yui propose that she will use the “battle” from sensei as a “solution” for their relationship problem. If she won that battle, she will take “everything”. the “everything” here I assume that she will take 8man but yukinon must stay at the club as their friend without hard feelings
    -monologue from 8man tell us that he agree with yui request for being correct and efficient, but of course it is not fair for one side ( lose )
    -Yui ask Yukinon whether she agreed or not, 8man waiting for yukinon’s answer. She agrees, but we can tell it is not from her heart ( she relied the problem to other, again )
    -8man disapprove this because he knows that yukino is lying, and believe yukinon must solve the problem by herself, and he doesn’t want a superficial thing
    -8man monologue “yeah, i’m being stupid. I know that it’s out of question. I know how this will end. I’ll be left with nothing” refers to Yui. Yui already know that 8man didn’t have any romantic feeling to her, but still waiting for his “impossible” answer.
    -8man monologue “even so, I want us to think, writhe, struggle” refers to sensei quote from episode 8. Her action in episode 8 is grabbing 8man’s shoulder indirectly says “Don’t worry, I’m besides you”. This refer to 8man indirectly says it too ( i think ). “you” refers to yukinon, for being not genuine to her feelings.
    -from here, by disapproving Yui’s proposal, 8man saves Yukinon, and also indirectly says that he chooses her. “I had a feeling you’d say that”, Yui already know this.
    -“Don’t you tell me how i feel” Yukinon realized Yui’s “trap” to solve their relationship and now their relationship is clear
    -Yukinon ask 8man for his request about his genuine thing. Here I assume genuine “relationship”. But 8man afraid if he continued it, he will hurts Yui’s feeling. But Yui agrees. Here Yui gave up on him for the sake Yukino x 8man.
    -The next 8man monologue also from sensei’s from episode 8 ( IIRC )
    -Problem solved, Yukinon’s request lead for the next arc

    -End of this arc

    So, i think it is not a really big cliffhanger. at least for me.

    again, sorry for my english.
    Modified by reabc123, 2 hours ago

    • I think you and your friends too focus on the romantic factor. Indeed it’s true that Yuigahama and Yukinoshita have a thing for 8man, but I don’t think the problems of Service Club laid on this matter. Well, from vol 1 to vol 10, there’re many times that we thought the problems are related to love, but as we can see, most of things are non-love issues.

    • well, its a good explaination on everything, esp when yui says “i had a feeling youd say that” which refers to him choosing yukinon maybe thats why she cries a bit yet smiling. shes proud that hachiman finally is moving on and made his choice. tbh hachiman never has a romantic feeling with yui in the first place, but he once stated that hes lucky to have an aquitance like her. nice one man

    • Yui doesn’t uses logic like Yukino and Hachiman, she can read very well the atmosphere and these past two episodes she began to observe the movements of Yukino and Hachiman and she kind of already knew that Hachiman would say something when Yukino was under pressure (as he did with Haruno) but she probably wondered how it would be if she were to do that.
      she is not as smart as she said but she is guided by feelings and so she used the feelings of Yukino to take out Hachiman of your comfort zone is one of the reasons it is being unfair then it is likely that she knew what would happen but her wanted to prove it

    • Now I get it….. So.. that’s why the background song was Yui, and Yukino tell her that “Don’t tell me how i feel”

      And when Hikki say, in anime “I’ll be left with nothing” the background image was Yui

      Then it’s not a bad ending after all,if you understand it well.

      HikixYuki ❤

      Thanks A lot dude!! I understand the FINAL EPISODE NOW… 🙂

    • It’s just my opinion but I believe you forget the principal problem: yukino dependence.
      Yukino has a very important problem: dependence. Haruna said that Yukino don’t love Hachiman I mean, she confuses love with dependence.

      In reality Yui confirms that Hachiman was the “cookie man” of the first season. I mean You try to remember: when she wanted to cook special cookies to a guy. This guy was Hachiman all time. In other words She herself confess to Hachiman.
      Her speech in reality was a trap. She just was trying to confirm yukino’s dependence problems. Her speech was necessary to force to Hachiman to say “only Yukino can resolve her personal problems”.

      In that moment Hachiman understood that he always tried to force a wrong idea from his friends: Yui like a nice girl and yukino like a strong girl.

      He said that he don’t need a false friendship like that. He prefer err, learn that accept a lie.

      When yui says “i had a feeling youd say that”, she was happy to Hachiman understood her speech. Now they will be able to help Yukino. Yukino finally accepted her problem and she asked to their help.

      Hachiman rejects yukino’s dependece, for that reason she was crying but she understood that is the best to her.

    • If you really pay attention that may be true but then she says they still have the request of Hachiman and if you think well Yui said that if she wins she will take all this includes the Dependence of Yukino, Hachiman’s Love, Yukino’s friendship and Guilt and that was why she stepped back she did not want to be dependent and not lose the love of Hachiman, even after he said that will only support it and not acting, she still remembered her request and she is willing to fulfill it,
      You forgot another point: Haruno never said it was love she felt for Hachiman, she said it was not confidence, but something more sinister …

      Yukino when he was under pressure would choose the proposal of Yui but she was not being honest with her feelings, she did not want to be dependent and not want to lose the love of Hachiman to Yui. If she wished only know whether the Yukino want to be or not dependent she didn’t add the “If I win I’ll take all”

      She began to cry while she was in pressure by Yuigahama

      She later said not decide her feelings implying that she doesn’t want others to do decision for her.
      Then comes her first confident step that is her request…

    • dependence… yeah… i know that, but did anyone remember this…


      Q. For the other heroine, Yukinoshita Yukino, her relationship with Hachiman is interesting as well. It’s clear that Yukino reacts sharply when she sees other girls approach Hachiman. But because she holds a special sympathy with Hachiman, that behavior clashes with her own expectations, leading to her disappointment. As a result, she derides herself for having expectations of Hachiman, a stranger to her.

      A. I believe Yukino and Hachiman both had the mutual understanding that they were individuals who could stand on their own without the need to flock with others. They both empathized their value as individuals whereas the emotions of love were a separate matter. Starting from episode 11, the themes of love relationships and human relationships begin to intermingle.

      I’m still not sure,there still so many confusing in there emotion…

      Maybe lots of us is still depressed, because what we expect in our mind didn’t become realty.

      I want to believe in Watari wataru, The future of both Yukino and Hachiman for getting there relationship closer and for Yui as well.

      In Vol.6 to Vol.11 So much progress to there relationship

  89. Why do they show main character’s mothers only, what about their dads?
    I mean seriously what did they do? give them some screen time.

  90. So I’ve finally been able to watch the episode, and holy shit what an ending. I sincerely hope the LN doesn’t leave off there, and maybe another season of the anime.

    Isshiki, where are you? <\3

    Still, awesome episode, but what is Yukinoshita’s request?!

  91. I have a little bad feeling on the request by Yukino, I don’t think she will say something like: Help me get along with my family or help me get rid of the arranged marriage (if any) or free me of clutches of my family … I think it will not happen.

    • Don’t worry, not to get along with them, but having to do with a means to be rid of their control over her, and to live for no one but herself. I think she has a glimmer of a PLAN; the Yukinoshita family lives with veneer of societies expectations after all, if someone who was free from any such restraints with extreme intelligence and ability to excel at anything suddenly decided they would take over….well I think Haruno and Yukimom and Yuki-politician-dad would be steamrolled over

  92. LOL the fuck is with the 8MAN?
    Anyway my heart just broke in this episode maybe it will shatter in the later volumes T_T

  93. i wonder why did yui give chocolate in front of yukinon? is it like trial that win win solution for her? if hachiman didint say anything, i bet yukinon already accepted that she “lost” from yui,, but thx god hachiman being himself when yukinon wasnt. i think yui was playing dirty, bcos there will be other way to solve their problem , but why she choosed that way?????

  94. Really Commie? You made us wait for that? It’s a good one though.

    Worst ending for anime-only viewers. A pretty good advertisement though. Hope the sales get boosted. I just hated that I’d have to wait 3-4 months to know what happens next.

    I feel conflicted about Yui. Others are saying she’s just baiting. There are reasons for me to believe that, number one being Hachiman’s request. But after reading volume a, I started to think otherwise. She probably doesn’t mind either way but I feel she’s leaning more towards that stagnation.

  95. Kinda worried about Hachiman’s monologue about losing everything.

    If you can’t be with Yui or Yukino I think Iroha is a nice substitute, there’s also Totsuka. If he really wants his dream pick Sensei.

    • There’s nothing to worry about 8man, even if he lose Yui or Yukinon, he still has all the other girls/mom/sensei/totsuka. He’s not lonely anymore. In fact, that would even be the best ending.

  96. It’s been a lazy Saturday today, unfortunately because of that I’ve had plenty of time to go over this a hundred times in my head already. After reading through the comments here I thought I’d write something in hopes I can move on to something else. I’m in awe of this piece of work. All the clichés you’d expect from a high school anime are here, the school festival, the school trip, the valentine’s day episode, etc… yet with such a unique take. The person who made the comment regarding anime getting too real being able to make people uncomfortable is right on. I was able to empathize with all the situations the group goes through, and even felt like I would make the same decisions and behave the same way the characters did, under the circumstances. It might sound obvious but in relationships, at least in my experience, most people are scared of being direct. It’s easier to be elusive, to say things without really saying them, because then you are not committing yourself or exposing your vulnerable side to someone else, which would leave you open to being hurt. I’d never seen that translated to anime so faithfully. Considering we’re yet to see the ending I’m excited, but I wonder, what kind of ending can a series like this have? I mean, at this point, wouldn’t a happy ending cheapen all the depth the series has developed? After all a happily ever after ending is very much unrealistic, and if there’s anything this series has avoided is that. I’m still hopeful we’ll get some resolution though. Wish you all well while we wait for volume 12!

    • Yes, we can now say this serie’s genre has moved from Slice of Life to Whole Life. I think that would fit better. lol

  97. so hikkis request is he wants to find something genuine and yukinos request i guess is probably help her find who she is.its basically like sleeping beauty

  98. All the drama between hachiman , yui and yukino is the worse part of this series, half of the LN is trying to show a bland love triangle between them filled with forced drama, while the other half of the LN is all about hachiman solving problems and getting a harem with a bunch of girls falling for him, so what is the big deal if yui and yukino leave hachiman? there are at least 5 more girls and 1 trap interested in him that will take him any time, and I hope they do it because yui and yukino aren’t even particularly interesting they are low tier in hachiman’s harem, he should fully friendzone those 2 forever and get any of the other better girls that will give him something genuine for sure.

    • But 4 real I love Haruno love love love but if I had 2 put money on it and from my heart I think Hachiman Will end up with Hiratsuka she haves the genuine he is looking 4 she is the 1 who has been there and if we go by anime the 1st girl you see is the 1 the Mc gets with it was Hiratsuka

    • Wow surprised nobody is still biting. Probably buried too deep already. It’s actually tiring just getting on this part.

  99. Whoa, I’m finally here. After all those horde of comments. Now, let me continue my journey if I may please. I need to experience more solitude until I see another light that will guide me to the next arc…

  100. I really hope Hachiman ends up with Yui’s mom, and then the finale would be a showmen battle between 8man and Yui’s dad.

  101. What I learned from episode 13: The problem that Yukino currently has is her dependence on others. Haruno told 8man that what Yukino didn’t trust him but something much more cruel. I’m not exactly sure what she was eluding to when she said that but maybe she was talking about Yukino dependence problem. Shes most likely confuse about her own feeling, questioning if what she feels for 8man is her dependent problem or love. But people shouldn’t forget that when you love someone, you depend on them. The ones you love is there when you needed most. So maybe Yukino dependency on 8man isn’t exactly a problem. Maybe her “problem” isn’t much of one when it comes to 8man.

    • Why is almost everyone so trusting on Haruno’s words? As part of Yukino’s problems is she really a reliable narrator? Should we really trust everything she says/implies for her sister?

    • @DB , because she witnesses that dependency of Yukino directly and I don’t see Haruno will trick 8man and LN readers since Haruno takes all pressure and give freedom to her sister. However Yukino doesn’t have courage enough to confront her parents and she think to be alone like this is super okay for her so she comforts her like that. This will be loss to Haruno who tries to invest all of her might but it’ll be useless so Haruno will pretend to be Yukino’s enemy.

      Strong enemy will force people grow up and Haruno doesn’t want to pamper her at all.
      In my opinion, from drama CD vol 7 , Haruno dotes for Yukino so much (after she witnesses Yukino confront her successfully) so I guess Haruno pamper Yukino very much in the past and she’s perfect daughter. These reasons made Yukino has dependency issue so maybe Haruno thinks this is her fault her sister became like this so Haruno determined to help her sister for atonement (why I say “atonement”, I mean if I am Haruno, I might give up for Yukino for a long time but Haruno still continue to help Yukino even it’ll be hopeless already or not).

      So in my conclusion, I never think Haruno is villain at all. She just trying something that kinda hopeless for her but if she gives up, she would meet despair because can’t save her sister. (just like Homura tries to save Madoka from dying). I read manga version and I saw Haruno is twisted person who struggle to help her sister and she knows it’s hopeless already but she still continue.

      Yukino-chan should stop be queen bee and confront her family or else her sister will break first.

    • @Karage – sorry but I don’t buy it. First it is mostly speculations of what happened before. Secondly – that completely ignores what is Yukino’s view for what happened (Destinyland conversations and the meeting in vol.10, chapter 2). There is even Hayama’s testimony that not all was flowers and roses back then. So to me Haruno seems like she was just as meddlesome back then. Let’s not forget what Sensei told Hachiman about Haruno’s history at school – she was a brilliant mind, but quite troublesome student.

      So somehow I don’t see that doting and caring Haruno in the past. To me her viewpoint is flawed by her subjective view of things. So she is unreliable narrator. Yukino is too in that respect, though as it is something that concerns her feelings, I’m more inclined to trust her. And it seems that Hayam’s at least partially agrees with it.

      Haruno might in fact been trying to help her in her own way. However I’m pretty certain it is not how some people see her as the martyr of Yukinoshita family. There is certainly a jaded streak in all her action, it is at least partially to have fun herself meddling with clueless highschoolers. To ascertain herself that she is really more insightful, more intelligent, more manipulative even, than them and that she can make them dance to her tune. And to me her malicious intent is visible in her latest interactions, it is just too derogatory to them. Cruelty is never good. And also there is definitely envy in her part for Yukino’s supposed freedom, though it is that freedom that led to her loneliness that is part of the problem presently. And most of the time Haruno is just playing with their (SC members) insecurities and that is really not helping. Instead of making them stronger it only makes them more unsure of themselves, makes them question their decisions even more and ultimately more afraid of changing.

      In the end growth by enemy does not always lead to positive results. As it is connected by darker emotions it can make you more twisted. And if the enemy is too strong, as is the case of Haruno against Yukino, it might not induce growth, but can brake you even further. As I’ve written a few post down, I believe that what Yukino now needs is not an enemy and most definitely not her family as enemy. What she need is some gentle nurturing to make her again sure of herself. If you lose one time too many you might think you are supposed to always lose. But a win here and there might really elevate your spirit so you can fight again.

      Still i don’t think Haruno is entirely malicious entity in the series, but she is definitely not a martyr or an self-sacrificing angel. In fact she might have been helpful, but to Hachiman. So there might be a two-pronged approach in her possible quest to help her sister. Haruno might in in fact recognize that Hachiman is the only one that can really help Yukino grow, because they are connected on many more levels than they recognize. So helping Hachiman in the end will help Yukino too. But again – it is only speculation. As a force of chaos, Haruno is someone to be reckoned with.

    • It’s not confirmed that it’s gonna be 2 volumes left. Maybe there’s only 1 or 3 more. Have you counted how many episodes volume 9 take?

  102. Well since the series ended i hope for some disussion( I hope it’s okay with u SPYRO)
    Okay fist most important questions for discussion
    !) According to Hiratsuka sensei their relationship has moved forward they just can’t see it cause they are still moving but according to Haruno their relationship is not genuine, who do u believe?
    2) Yui at last episode said that se will take it all, what is it and how will it help Yukino? And why 8MAN denied that?
    Other topics:-
    3) When 8MAN asked Yui is she free? Why did she changed the question, she was waiting for this moment, right?
    4) Why 8Man asked Yui above question?
    5) Haruno said she liked old Yukino more what is the difference?
    6) Why does 8Man said haruno and yukino to take their rambling to home?
    Okay now that’s the questions for discussion please keep kepp troll level low u know i will read the comments after 24 hours and large no. of comments will make me depressed and also I hv got very little time so the answers will be reviewed by most knowledgeable men here Aj san and Neil san.
    Okay now my answers:-
    1) I will go with sensei as she knows them more that haruno. Also sensei is more observant we get the glimpse at volume 5 and 9 . also sensei sometime gime me feel that she had gone through all of this. I guess she was like Hikigaya in past. so I will go with sensei
    2)I am clueless on this one my bro said it is hikigaya but i don’t know I mean how will it help Yukino problem?
    3) She is just like Hayama wanting a world where no one is hurt, I guess it answers the question
    4) Cause of the promise he maid during school festival it’s not like he like yui, right? she loves Yukinon right? Hey tell me I am right
    5) maybe the diff is yukino earlier used to say what was her mind instead of taking consideration of other but now it’s different
    6) Well I think the reason is that he felt unable to protect her and hence felt powerless and u know what they say ignorence is bliss so if it won’t happen in front of him it won’t matter, but I guess my answer is biased to this one because i am #Yukinofag
    This concludes it thanks for reading
    – Just a #Yukinofag

  103. Someone read the Light Novel Vol 11 and can write what Hachiman was thinking when he remembered of the fireworks? and what he thought after that?

    (I’m dying to know what he was thinking and what he thought after that!)

    • Like you said it sure is an interesting view point.

      I liked his viewpoint at the start but I think he is overly focusing on yui ( she sure is important in this episode but seriously its a little too much ). I think he is right about what yui wants, but everything else about yui was like he was obsessed with her. He is trying to make some kind of superhero out of yui ( she knows it all……she risks it all……she understood it all…..-and I was like who is this person?…..when did she appear?…..did I missed to see her or something?). if what he said about yui was completely true then she is more awesome than hachiman.

      I agree with most of the things he said ( except our superhero yui’s part of course. please don’t misunderstand that I hate yui, I like every character on this series). His interpretation skill was good, so it sure is worth checking out.

    • I think that too, but it is really focused much on Yui but I do not think she won this basically she lost something to gain something and for me there is no winner in this discussion. And about some references he made it’s incomplete, reading the LN can have more sense than the Anime

    • I found Yui the most interesting character to discuss this episode, and she’s the only one this episode, and well, most of the show, who’s actually moving the group forward.

      I never said she “won”, and you guys should stop reading everything, from the show to people discussing it, in terms of shipping 😉

    • interesting review, anyone tired of yukino-fanatic’s thoughts and opinions should read this 🙂

  104. 花火のシーンならここの管理人さんがいずれ翻訳してくれるでしょう。


  105. “Spring, Bound Beneath the Thick Snow, Begins to Sprout” is apparently the English title of this episode.
    Considering Yukino’s name translates roughly to “the snow beneath the snow”, that’s a pretty damn interesting episode/chapter title.

  106. Belongingness is the human emotional need to be an accepted member of a group. Whether it is family, friends, co-workers, or a sports team, humans have an inherent desire to belong and be an important part of something greater than themselves. This implies a relationship that is greater than simple acquaintance or familiarity. The need to belong is the need to give and receive affection from others.

    Belonging is a strong and inevitable feeling that exists in human nature and can be the result of one’s own choices, or the choices of others. Because not everyone has the same life and interests, not everyone belongs to the same thing or person. “Without belonging, one cannot identify oneself as clearly”, thus having difficulties communicating with and relating to one’s surroundings.

    I think its somewhat related to yukino…. what do you guys think.

    • If someone thinks he belongs to nothing, does this mean that he still has that belongingness? Don’t know, just random thought lol

  107. As already mentioned by a few other people, I think this episode is all about Yukino. I watched it again with this in mind and I felt like I understood things better. So after doing this and reading through some of the comments here, this is what I believe happens:
    – You can see Yukino is in a downward spiral many times during the episode, the first key moment being when the group is about to split after school and Yukino is having trouble giving Hachiman the cookies. When Yui makes an attempt to leave, Yukino’s face shows how completely lost she is, almost as if she is terrified of Yui leaving, as if she would have no idea what to do. Yui is conscious of this, which is why she makes the comment regarding what should they do afterwards.
    – The second key moment, and I think the key moment of the entire episode, is when Yukino repeats word by word the excuse given to her by Hachiman to stay at Yui’s home. The fact that Hachiman and Yui clearly realize what she did, I consider is very important to understand the ending scene too.
    – The third key moment, which is a rare moment, because things are actually spelled out by Yukino herself, is after they’ve watched the penguins and Hachiman walks up to her while she is watching the fish. Unable to find answers for herself, always doing what other people expect her to do, without any convictions of her own. More important than what she says though, is the fact that she is clearly aware of her problem, which is another important point.
    – When you consider all this, in the end scene, when Yui says she has the answer to Yukino’s problems and she is willing to give it to her, you understand why she says she is not as nice as they think she is. She is offering a person that desperately needs to gain control of her own life, the very opposite, fully aware of what she is doing. Regardless of whether Yui actually has the answer to solve her surface issues or not, this would not be solving Yukino’s real problem, on the contrary, it enforces Yukino’s need to depend on other people to know how to go about her life, which is a very selfish thing for Yui to do. When Yui says she takes it all, I think she means she will get to keep the club together, even when she knows Yukino’s deep-seated issues wouldn’t be resolved. The fact that she emphasized the cookies she gave to Hachiman are only meant to convey gratitude would seem to indicate she is giving up on a deeper relationship with him as well, in order to keep the group as it is now. Things would remain the same, even when all of them, not only Yukino, clearly have issues they should face and overcome. Yukino’s face when she is expected to answer is so telling, she understands that accepting means she will continue to sink further, doing the same thing she has always done, but still can’t bring herself to say no, as she does not know any better. Hachiman interrupting before Yukino could answer was natural as what Yui is proposing is to maintain a superficial relationship. That may work for Hayama’s group, but not here, as that is exactly the opposite of what Hachiman wants, something real, even if it means they will all struggle and may eventually end up changing themselves, and their relationship.
    If I had to guess on Yukino’s request, is that she would want them both by her side as she solves her issues on her own. Yukino doesn’t need to be given answers, she needs to be reassured that if she is wrong, there will be people behind her to help her get back up, which is something she has never had. Hard to say if this is right though, but it’s the only way I found to make sense of all that happened.

    • There, I think it is related to Yukino’s line about “what you(Hachiman) and my sister don’t have” after the icy ride at the park. What they don’t have is “people who reassures them if they are wrong”. Haruno said in an episode preview that she only wanted to be told what’s wrong and shown the right path. As for Hachiman, he always solve his problem himself, finds his way himself, thus need not to be reassured(though he sometimes does need). Yukino is always relying on others, and is now on confusion, so that’s what Yukino wants. Should she had it, she would’ve been able to do “the saving”.

  108. @ baj8 : “Yukino doesn’t need to be given answers, she needs to be reassured that if she is wrong, there will be people behind her to help her get back up, which is something she has never had. ”

    Exactly! What Yukino now needs, and what I think she always needed is her “pillar of comfort”, a shoulder to lean on in hard times. Right now she is lost in the mist of her problems and she needs a starting point, that “pillar of comfort” from where she can push upwards. Some gentle nurturing from the person that is her pillar, and she can solve her problems and she will bloom again. And in the end of the episode it seem that she found that. Is it Hachiman, Yui, or the club as a whole, but she is finally ready to trust them fully, so she can grow and be confident again.

    @ vandsar – “What they don’t have is “people who reassures them if they are wrong”. ”

    I cannot be sure for Haruno, but it is clearly not the issue for Hachiman. At the very least he will always have Komachi. And as seen in the books, he has also Sensei to give him advice, and even Zaimokuza in a time of grave need. Essentially at one time Hachiman’s loner act starts to be just a hypocrisy, after the first 1-2 books he really is never alone. In fact the loneliest person in the series is Yukino – she doesn’t have friends until the Service Club, she can’t lean on her family as she is in awkward terms with her mother and sister, and we don’t know if Sensei has ever given her advice (though i think it is likely). So it’s no wonder she is so lost when she is overwhelmed by problems. It sometimes helps to just tell someone about the problem, and she has none to turn to. At least until the last book(s).

  109. Imo, i think yui gave up on chasing hachiman the moment she gave the cookie to him. She said token of gratitude twice .

  110. ok well, could anyone tell me in short what the three of them were talking about on the last scene? i didn’t understand a thing, really. what’s the topic???

  111. lol lots of boys chased after yukino and got rejected now yukino is chashing hachiman. kinda makes you think that hachiman is the most good looking in school XD

  112. Wrong.She was looking for unpretentious person/persons as she usually encountered only masked people including Haruno and Hayama.

  113. What is that particular Hikki’s request often Yukino mentions but Hikki was not able comprehend or recall? (Which Yui also confirms)

  114. Guys, guys…! We all know it’s a netorare ending!

    When you dwell on the past
    While he pounds her sweet ass
    When you fuck her in bed
    It’s his face in her head

    When she’s taking his cock
    When you’re out on the clock
    When she’s fucked by four guys
    And you’re still none the wise

    When she’s on the school roof
    Making out with some doof
    When she blows some old man
    With your ring on her hand

    When there’s tears in your eyes
    When she laughs at your size
    When you’re home all alone
    Her hips move on their own

  115. The LN is written from hachiman’s point of view. The narrator is never omniscient? I’m only English and have no insight into Japanese literature and how various points of view are presented, but it seems to me that this work rightly deals with hachiman’s growth. Perhaps the question of Yukinon’s salvation doesn’t lie with this story, as alluded to by Hiratsuka’s monologue on the bridge, but rather Hachiman’s bittersweet recollection of high school regrets. Has anyone considered that Yukinon’s real trouble may be that she is bound for study overseas (the third option for final year although not in the anime) and that she has always known this and has been living on her own in preparation, but is unable to bear the loss of her friends and family–and now her love for Hachiman? Now how would that be for anime turning into real life?

  116. is there still any chance of a yukino and hachiman ending based on after the events of the last episode and v11?

    • From my understanding after watching, the answer is: no.

      Because from what I understand from this episode, reasons are:
      – All three recognize each other’s feelings (Yui to 8man, Yukino to 8man, and 8man to Yukino).
      – Yui gave up on 8man for Yukino, as Yui said she knows the answer to Yukino’s problem, which is 8man. And this is emphasized by saying the cookies that she gave to 8man is only as an expression of gratitude. Realizing this causing the surprised expression on 8man’s face (You giving up on me!!?).
      – Then Yui would claim to be the Battle Royale’s winner, if Yukino accepts her suggestion. Wanting the three to stay together even if it’s superficial. Superficial being Yui putting up appearance in the club after letting go of 8man, knowing full well their relationship won’t go “genuine”, even though it’s against 8man’s wish which she had accepted, thus the unfairness in Yui’s part.
      – 8man interrupts Yukino before she could accept, saying that Yukino should solve her personal problem on her own, not by leaving it in his care, whilst hinting to the girls so they remember about what he really wants. (I salute 8man for saying this, on the assumption that he has feelings for Yukino, he rejected the idea of them getting together, he’d still chose for what he believed in, for something genuine, even though he knew he could lose everything.)
      – Yui said to 8man “I know Hikki would say that.” Smiling with a gentle tear falling, I believe she is relieved that 8man live up to her expectation, not agreeing to her suggestion for superficiality.
      – Yukino made up her mind after noticing this, “Don’t decide how I feel for me.” Putting the probably mistaken feeling each of them had aside to make way for their true relationship to surface.

      By the end of the episode, the service club had been broken to pieces and been forged anew. Replacing the mistaken feelings that they had with something new (“It’s okay to be mistaken, when it happen, we will just ask again and keep on asking.”), and the three of them continue to be genuine.

      So I believe you shouldn’t expect any “love” relationship pairing between the three, not for now at least, or it’s possible it would end with them having it three ways, yep that could totally work.

    • ^ First one, Did 8man had any form of LOVE or LIKE toward Yukino? I didn’t see that.
      From my POV, there is no romantic feelings to both the girls from 8man. By how the way he KEEP the image of HIS Yukino and HIS Yui.
      The thing I saw in the end of this episode is the CONTRADICTION of 8man.
      – He want something GENUINE which could be considered as TELL THE TRUE FEELINGS to eachother.
      – But at the same way, he still couldn’t accept the TRUTH about the those girls. HIS Yukino and Yui still remaining inside his mind. So, at least if you want the genuine first you need to open up yourself to the others. Sadly, He didn’t do it.

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