Yahari Light Novel Volume 11 – Early Leaks/Spoilers (Chapter Titles, Illustrations, Color)

Yay for leaks. If only someone from Japan would hook me up with an early copy.

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The Kawasaki/Miura one might be from today’s episode. Apparently, these came from the GaGaGa Channel which I didn’t get to watch because sleep.

A small POV shift to Yui and Yukino this volume which is nice.

Chapter Titles


1 – Winter passes by long before you know it begins.
2 – And so, the battle of only women starts (there are men, too).
3 – Unexpectedly, the indiffferent thing Isshiki Iroha brings.
4 – And then, the men’s ride of joy and sadness starts (there are women, too).
5 – Suddenly, Hiratsuka Shizuka explains the progress present tense and the past tense.
6 – He still has yet to reach the answer he seeks and he continues to mistaken what’s genuine.
7 – Yukinoshita Yukino’s eyes helplessly become transparent.
8 – Yuigahama Yui’s gaze is kind and warm no matter when and where.
9 – Spring comes together under the piling snow and begins to bloom.

Subject to change because I slept at 1AM and woke up at 4AM to read spoilers all day until I had to go to work at 9AM all the way to 6PM.

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Bravo Ponkan8, didn’t think you could make Yukino look any more pretty. /innerYukinofag

Volume apparently ends with Yukino’s request (also the anime).

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Color illustrations and Sleepynon.

227 thoughts on “Yahari Light Novel Volume 11 – Early Leaks/Spoilers (Chapter Titles, Illustrations, Color)

    • what about the twitter post about episode 12 in the earlier blogs? it has saki with her sister with it.

    • I think they will appear, they wouldn’t have said it if there had been nothing.But it’s too bothersome to bring back a character that intentionally omitted from the beginning, voice actress and stuff…so 3 to 4 frames at most, like in ep 10. I guess.

    • Haha. You’ll be in for a treat. Saki and Keika are both guest starring in episode 12!

    • hachiman started to work?!?! lol
      did their uniforms have ties? (like they have to wear them for only a certain season…like how the girls have summer and winter uniform)

    • lol he always wears a tie in LN, u just noticed that? start from vol 7 there is an illustration of kawasaki n yui holding his blazer in the horror house, and vol 10 when he carries isshikis box.

    • @BleedingEdge my brother wears a tie at school, except during the hot months. I’m not sure if it also applies for school, but in the office there are what you call the warmbiz and the coolbiz periods. During coolbiz which is set from around May to Sept~Oct (hot months), we’re allowed to wear short-sleeved shirts and not wear tie, except when doing business meetings.

  1. 1St pic is when they ask 4 help. 2Ed pic is when iroha puts a spoon of chocolate in 8mans moth. 3ed is them talking in the room while everyone’s making chocolate.

  2. Spyro, this is getting dangerously scary to being a “no route ending” will you be leading the riot movement?

    • It’s to early to really tell tbh. episode 12 & 13 are just samples of volume 11, and the series isn’t ending this volume either so I wouldn’t freak out over that now.

  3. Irohasu…I know how Hikki feels 🙂
    Saki and Miura, wonder what are they fighting about.. 🙂 If it’s about Hikki and Hayama, I hope Saki wins the fight 🙂
    And Sensei..please get married 🙂 If by chance Hiratsuka sensei and Hikki end up together, I guess I can find it acceptable 🙂 However, I really don’t wish to see Yukinon’s painful expression.. 😦

    And Thank you Spyro-san for finding information about the LN and giving us short reviews(?) on the episodes.

    <– Have not watched ep 12 yet

    • then read the LN volume when it comes out lol. the anime isn’t going to cover the whole thing.

  4. are episode 13 declaration of yui feeling or yukino feeling or both toward hachiman ? still in anime ,what i saw is like hachiman didn’t care of the world of haruno word in the culture kitchen about chocolate or how do I say his in conflict with haruno words at the starting that he can’t move forward to grasp his own feeling or did i miss something ? what i mean is are he really care both of them ?

  5. You know, I really like Iroha. How mach times has she rejected Hachiman? But non the less they get along pretty darn well. No hate or uncomfortable atmosphere and despite all she has said, she like Hachiman. Every wonder why he’s the only one she doesn’t call by name and just simply refers to as ‘senpai’?

    • when you’re in love with someone….even normal things become embarrassing
      maybe that’s why….
      It’s one of her sly tricks
      i’m expecting one day when she wants hikki attention from the yuiyuki she’ll call him “Hachiman-senpai”
      and leave yuiyuki with their mouth wide open ,again …

    • Well, I was half-expecting a confession or something, so I was pleasantly surprised. 100% not canon at all, which is a relief, but I can’t help but wonder what happened to Miura and Isshiki.

  6. how many illustrarions does each chapter have?…..if its one or two each then this covers 1-2 chapters(maybe even 3)….

    was this leak on purpose or something??….its exactly covers the contents of episode12…..
    lets see if we get more b4 ep13….

  7. The second one: is it short hair Yukino or Haruno? But she is wearing uniform… -> Yukino with short hair?

  8. anyone knows who is Misaki Cradle? ….i saw he does a lot of art for Saekano…..
    BUT he got his hands on…

  9. I want HachimanxYukino ending, just this. Also, Im very disappointed the LN ending after 2 or 3 volumes :/ There is a too much thing that must be explaining.

  10. It is a torture wait these two days until the release of Light Novel, and will be another torture to get Translation where Anime stopped (I’m not criticizing your work Excorsism-san 🙂 ) that according to the pics should have covered 2-3 chapters and the next who knows how far will go … (Everything is so slow … I’m dying…) but at least we’ll have the Pics of the volume before (maybe !?)

    Anyway, we are all counting on you this long journey in search of something genuine!
    Go Excorsism!!! 🙂

  11. one more day but i almost collapse from waiting vol 11… I’m so jealous for everyone who can read Japanese. 🙂

  12. I have a bad feeling about this Volume
    Probably because I think will end up leaving things as feelings of the three without solution and again without knowing the feelings of MC.

    • Begging for it probably doesn’t help. Spyro is clearly intending on translating it, so there’s no need to ask for it on a post about Volume 11, which id imagine takes precedence over a .5 volume. Just be patient dude, there isn’t a reader here who doesn’t eagerly await new chapters.

  13. Yui’s interlude:

    Yui: “Yukinon… are you still awake?

    Yukino: …Yeah.

    Yui: Hey Yukinon, what do you want to do?

    Yukino: I…

    Yui: You know, I want to―

    Wah! Can’t read the next one! OMG! Can’t wait for it to release~! I hope it gets released by now… because I can’t take it anymore!

  14. I would not comment on that but I’m the curious type (I will die agonizing anxiety!!!)

    That seems something interesting…

  15. I would not comment on that but I’m the curious type (I will die agonizing in anxiety!!!)

    (That seems something interesting…)

  16. I’m freaking out hard (lol), I wonder what will happen. I’m scared for their relationship though they aren’t friends they are close which is the same to me. Wonder what Yui really wants now. . . 2 more days!

  17. Hope Hachiman will break it up soon. The facace of Service Club really make me sick…
    No matter who will get hurt, he need to do it.

    • ^ So sorry, because girls in this show… I won’t believe them anymore.
      E.g : When the time 8man is finding the answer about his GENUINE, a connection between their relationship then Yui and Yukino are doing something for their own purpose…. I don’t want to say some HARSH things but when i look at the spoiler someone put above, i have a feeling, girls always got stuck with LOVE and FRIENDSHIP so let them solve this problem is impossbile.

    • Otakool, you are ignoring the.obvious. its pretty clear that Yui intends to resolve this. If you have lost faith in the female leads and have somehow retained your faith in Hachiman then I would like to ask why, considering they all recognized themselves to be equally guilty in keeping up facades.

    • In the end we get a 15 years later Hachiman who sit before his children closes a picture book and says “And this is how I met your mother”, the camera turns and you see Haruno standing behind the kids smiling.

    • Oh god, I have a better idea!

      The light novel and anime ends with them ending school and going all different ways. Then we get a reunion scene 5 or 10 years after they meet up greet each other and Yukino asks if Hachimans wife will come and he just comments off-handedly that Haruno has some stuff to attend and can’t make it.

    • Then he comments about Yui and Yukino ‘living’ together and calls Yui, Yurigahama, to which Yui blushes and Yukino starts an embarassed tirade. 🙂

  18. So does this mean that the spoilers on 4chan’s fake? So basically people are spouting nonsense at each other. Typical. These kinda fans who only cares about best girl bug me out so much.

    Oh, and while I’m at it, seems like these people also are blinded to the fact that their ‘best girl’ doesn’t have a chance. Glad people here, at least, could decently think and act logical.

  19. When Haruno talked with Hachiman she said that her sister doesn’t love to Hachiman (really they said trust, but for the case is the same), She think it is something more terrorific (dependence, maybe?). Then, that will not be a “genuine thing”. I think in the end, Hachiman will try to help Yukino to resolve her family problems by herself.
    By the other hand, Yui really loves Hachiman, but she thinks that this will can destroy the Service Club.

    • agree……. lot of people thought haruno was mentioning about love……..but i doubt that….like you said
      the club members are starting to isolate themselves from society for their own comfort….

      if it was love, haruno would be one deadly cupid…..(remember first encounter)
      Yui wants love & her own status
      hikki wants a genuine relationship like he has with komachi
      Yukino is giving up & blindly relying on hikki and yui mistaking it as friendship or trust (before the club she did everything on her own)

    • bruh she never said anything just something sinister or more exactly she doesnt want to tell hachiman and wants him to figure out himself. it could be love or something, i mean this is all new to him so he doesnt know anything much about which emotion is.

  20. 12th episode is already at chapter 6, and the last episode will end this volume?! (based on chapter’s title)

    Rushed again, feeeel….

    • They are leaving it as a cliffhanger so we can enjoy another season (or OVA), which is good, right?

  21. It’s fine if hachiman pics a girl in this 11 volume because that does not end the story we have yukinos family 4 the 12th

  22. Wow, Yukino looks stunning in the picture. I don’t know if it’ll still be Yukino he ends up with or anyone entirely, but hey. This might be for the best have a feeling Hachiman will just help Yukino solve her family problems and that’s it, I don’t see them drifting apart as a group either. Unless either or Yui helps them realize that fact I doubt they’ll ever bring it up.

  23. Just a reminder to those who wish for a particular ending:

    “If you want a happy ending, that depends, of course, on where you stop your story.”
    ―Orson Welles

  24. in the color illus yui is holding a choco box…..and yuki is confused …. looking forward to that…..
    hope its for hikki…
    i hope yui and yuki dont decide to make a common chocolate for hikki….
    their reactions while giving it to him will be gold….. 🙂

  25. I’d say finally Ponka8 decided to make Yukino like I’ve always imagined her. Sorry, not sorry, Yukino ❤

  26. So we are going to be left in a massive cliffhanger? Or it will be 2 very big and long chapters that resolve everything? Damn.

  27. So this vol talk about love battles :

    Hayate vs Hachiman.

    Yui vs Yukino.

    Iroha will discover her true feeling toward Hikki.

    Haruha and sensei will play the judge or the person who gave them a hint.

    Hope its endings a happy one 😢

    • Me too. Well, their youth problems won’t end even after they move to the 3rd year of school, probably won’t do till they go to college. But at least, seeing them graduating, taking on their own paths to the future, ending their youthful high school years after all that problems and shtload of rom-com melodrama. That’d be great I think.

    • he does realize it, but he hesitated on how to act because it was all new to him. surely he is the monster of logic and once stated “the opposite of logic is emotion” so yeah

  28. I saw posts here and there about Hayama liking Haruno but are there hints in the LN that support that theory aside from Hayama’s mystery “Y” girl that he likes? Because it seems to me that both Hayama and Yukino HAD mutual feelings for each other. Can somebody enlighten me about those three?

    • probably hayama only currently because as for yukino she long forgets about him and feeling nothing about him anymore the moment he puts up that mr perfect act aka his facade. but somehow i believe that he loves haruno more than yukino

    • In the episode 4 where hikki and hayama go on double date…..
      hayama did say “In the end,we both never truly fell in love”……

    • He wanted say this about he and hachiman or some hint about his past?
      (I really forgot it!)

    • Our best guess in that direction is his reaction in the light novel when he visits the community center for the carrer day or something like that.
      At that time he meets Haruno together with his clique and Miura asks if they are close and he reacts visibly startled by it. A reaction he hasn’t shown in context with any other girl.

    • and another scene, if you read LN vol 8 ch 3 (when after Orimoto & friend met Hayama and trio still be in donut shop). Hayama kinda down so much when Haruno throw Sobu girls to him for dating. It’s very clear for me that Haruno is sitting in Hayama’s heart but she is not interested about him (but another certain person in the shop).

    • I don’t think Hayama likes Haruno, though. Maybe Hayama just respects Haruno highly; someone he looks and maybe, he wanted to be like Haruno, hm? Just a guess, though. And, maybe, there’s something that really happened in the past between the three so Hayama got startled when he was asked if he and Haruno were close. Also, maybe he gets down whenever Haruno schemes something; like for example Haruno saying that go on a date with Orimoto with her friend.

      I really think Hayama likes Yukino. We may not have the possible clues, but I really have a feeling that it’s Yukino who Hayama likes. Remember the rumors? Hachiman kept thinking who is the “Y” Hayama is talking about. When he was thinking about it, it was all Y’s first names that are mentioned: Yumiko and Yoshiteru (this is joke by Hachiman xD).

      So, who is the closest (okay, closest, BEFORE. In the PAST) girl to Hayama, besides to Miura? It’s Yukino, right?

      I had a feeling, too that they really HAD a mutual understanding before. And maybe their relationship has been torn into pieces because of Hayama, not helping Yukino (because she was bullied, right?).

  29. You guys are forgetting something…. If Kawasaki was given that much screentime in episode 12, can you imagine the scenes of Hikki x Saki in volume 11? XD
    This is gonna be a delight! 🙂

  30. I think yui will support HachixYukino, like the pink girl in toradora when ryuji come to her to confess she didn’t let him complete it and act like she didn’t care or something cus she know he is the only one who can help taiga, even so she like him. 😢.

    Please make yui noble like her😇

    • not that its a spoiler, but in your opinion of the ending in this volume, will it be a sad ending or happy ending? is anything fixed or things become more worse?

    • this is page 312 … It’s really look like the ending (I think translating it the spoiler will be unavoidable) xD

    • As usual it will continue to stray into round and round going around in circles the same place at the wrong more, finally 11 volumes.
      This story too, has finally come to reach the climax, I think.
      In conjunction with the anime and manga, and a happy if we had you cheering until the very end. Thank you.
      Well, this time because the paper width also arrived at such we will put the brush in this area.
      Next, let’s see you in “Yahari Ore no Seishun Love Come ha Machigatteiru” 12th volume. May, certain day(TBA). No matter what while drinking MAX coffee

    • It’s Wataru Watari showing some gratitude for all the support for the LN, anime, and manga. Because there’s some space left, he just needs to do that to fill the blank… Just a “see you in volume 12”, and don’t forget to drink your MAX coffee

  31. I think yui will support HachixYukino.

    Like the pink girl in toradora when ryuji come to her to confess she didn’t let him complete it and act like she didn’t care or something cus she know he is the only one who can help taiga.

    Please let yui be so noble like her. 😇

    • Yui: If we happen to understand what we think about each other, there’s no way we’ll be able to stay like this anymore… That’s why I think this is our last consultation. Our last request is about us.”

      I want everything. I want everything now and I want everything in the future. I’m unfair and I’m a cruel girl.

      Yui: If I win, I’ll take everything. It might be unfair of me, but… that’s the only thing I can come up with. I want us to keep staying like this forever.

  32. @mirza um but like how can you say he loves Haruno? Because for me, it seems like he’s just following her around…but nothing romantic about that. Altho I’m not so sure because I haven’t read all the novels.

    On another note, I have this nagging feeling that Yukino and Hayama are engaged or sumthing. Haruno’s comment about the boy who’s like a little brother = hayama and her future brother in law = hachiman sounds fishy. Like it could be reversed because that’s just how hachiman interpreted haruno’s comment anyway.

    I’m probably in the minority who wants more Haruno-Yukino-Hayama action than Yui-Hachiman-Yukino for the latest novel.

    • yknow with rich peoples. arrange marriage and all, so its forcing their child without them having any saying. somehow yukino is free from the burden of that arrange marriage so if yukino is free, where does that burden fall to next? non other than haruno whether she likes it or not. i get the feeling that haruno cares about her sister and she desperately doesnt want her to have that burden anymore even if it means letting herself seeing as a villain. thats probably imo. everytime i hear or see hayamaxyukino is kinda disgusting. remember those 3 yui yukino and hachiman have an enemy and that is reality (facades and such)

    • i think there’s not a single pre planned engagement…(if there was, its cancelled)
      on haruno’s first encounter with hikki she teased yukino for having a bf….
      if she’s engaged,yuki roaming with another boy,staying alone,not even talking to hayama….gives very bad impression….
      also vol10 with the rumor incident, yukino clearly said its all in the past….
      so i think its dead end for yuki x hayama ship & we’ll see Yui-Haruno-Hachiman-Yukino action this volume….(unless yukimom drags hayama back into this)

    • Ahh I see. Fortunately I’m in the Yuki-Hachi ship so I can’t say I’m sad that Yuki-Haya ship is dead. It’s just that I want to know the trio’s history soo bad. Like I can’t move on until I know lol.

    • mind you……..yukimom may bring the yuki x haya ship back into sailing waters…..
      our hope is that haruno will help it sink again….(haruno decideing to stay over at yukino’s place may be a hint she’s helping yukimom from taking drastic decisions)

    • to me, haruno never reallu supported her mom. shes just a victim like hayama. answering expectation, put up a facade and be a perfect child. thats why in reality, rich child are always having difficulty in living the life they wanted, and can never be their true self because of their family reputation. its a curse, hence yukino once said to hachiman if she has that something, she could do the saving. saving hayama and haruno and break the curse.

    • i think yukimom had come up with a very bad decision…
      so haruno is trying to make her avoid this decision by taking responsibility herself by staying at & watching over yukino

      about the sibling relationship….only hikki knows haruno is playing the anti-hero for yukino
      judging from haruno’s and yukino’s stubborn attitude, they’ll never patch up….i hope hikki finds a different/more interesting way to fix the relationship

      anyway LN is from hikki’s POV so its certain that hikki will be involved if a “sibling relationship fix” mission is there

    • I hope that Vol has more about Yukino’s past!! not just about the problem with the amorous triangle and friendship but I want some solution about it in this Volume that will decide what path the three will follow!

    • i don’t expect (after read some spoiler) that Yukino escapes to Yui’s home immediately when she knows Haruno will stay with her. What makes her so scared enough to run to sleep other place? She thinks only herself and doesn’t look at another person who has so much problems too but was abandon by her asap?

  33. 11巻もう手に入れたんですね?自分も今日買いにいきます。

  34. Really love the art from ponkan8, why can’t feel use ponkan8 design for the anime
    。゚(゚>Д< )゚。

  35. I ‘m not sure Yuifags (received heavy damage from LN vol 11) will have courage to watch this last episode of Zoku or not. I mean I’m not Yuifag and I want to listen Yui’s speech for sure since she is an interesting character. but what about other watchers?

  36. Owh god, now im realized it, something more horrible than trust is expectation….. lolz, maybe im just sleeping already all the time :3

  37. 9- Spring comes together under the piling of snow and begins to bloom. Hmmmm so spring is time 4 love piles of snow is yukino hmmmm so love comes 4 yukino 😻

    • Or is snow and spring Haruno ❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤💍💍💍💍💍💍💍💍💍💍💍💍💑💑👰👰👪 hope it’s with 8man

    • its haruno(spring) and yukino(snow) ending their rivalry i think…..& yeah ofcourse hikki will be involved ….

  38. I think it won’t end in the Vol 12 (Has many things to explain and solve) it will end in Vol 13 (or after)
    For example: that LN need some amorous development since it started to appear more clearly in recent volumes I don’t think it will be stuck and no develop. One Vol is not enough for all the problems just vanish.

    • I think so too. YukinoshitaSisters’s problem is very BIG problem & the last one. I know 8man is very smart but even Haruno & Yukino can’t solve this, so this is ultimate challenge for him, he needs time to concentrate in his thought process very hard & carefully. Just one mistake & their lives will never redo back. so the story should be very long and i don’t think only vol 12 will hold all of this. => vol 13 is possible.

      8man likes using logic to solve problems but this time needs emotion to add in his thought process too so I bet he will find it’s very hard because he never do that before. I think Yukimom is the source of Yukisisters’s problem since she’s monster of manipulation, it’s so scary. However I bet 8man needs to understand her and the reason why she likes to manipulate everyone like that’s her natural.

      = Maybe, just maybe she too is under heavy pressure & responsibilities for a long time (more than her daughters)
      = So she can’t bear those anymore and the self-defense mode(save yourself & sacrifice others) is activate.
      = She throw those negative energy to everyone including her daughters (Haruno is the first & the most since she is holding responsibilities more than Yukino).
      = She found this method can relieve her pressure so she continue to do this nonstop.
      = Haruno & Yukino are receiving negative energy and it’s increasing all the time.
      = I bet again that Haruno & Yukino ‘s hearts are beautiful (maybe I should count Yukimom in too) but with darkness energy that increases because her mom.
      = Haruno started to be twisted person little by little (8man saw her tried to do something to Yukino as if she was tearing out her arteries and as if she was gradually strangling her neck.) source: LN vol 8 chapter 5
      = Yukino started to be Yukimom (version 1.0).

      If 8man can’t solve this… (Monster of Manipulation x2) + Monster of reliance ….are at the same place!! I don’t think Yukisisters can hold negative energies forever, It can’t help but throw to other people and it will be endless.

    • if LN wants to end at hikki’s love relationship….
      yeah ….12 wont be last……may go on til16 or 17 or more volumes
      If LN wants to end at ‘all problems of the members’ solved (friendship ending) 13 may be final…or not

    • No, Until the Vol 13 will be fine for the MC develop something… (He only needs detonate the bomb!)
      And I have some feeling that “genuine thing” will be necessary for him in the future to resolve the Last Challenge…
      (but we knoooow how Hachiman is!!)
      And about what I read about the Vol.11 I felt that alone ending just vanished (I only need confirm this feeling)

      We need translation!!!

  39. @Karage
    It’s definitely going to be a challenge. I don’t know what kind of plan would work to fix this, but if it’s him he can make something happen. I agree if he just find out why she’s being so manipulative than it’s possible to get to the bottom of things. I also think it’s something to do with their social standings and how people look at them knowing that their public figures. I don’t know how he’ll get it through Yukinoshita Sisters’ thick headed mom, but it can happen with a strong resolve to correct the problems around them. It will either be a happy end or a bad end and they’ll continuously be in that cycle not believing anything is genuine. Wish for the best on 8-man’s plans’.

  40. And again no mention for the car accident story 😐, hmmm i think yukino’s mom was in the car with yukino,

    • Yup, and that’s why the car ignored hachiman, lead this to make yukino angry and leaving her parents home to that building…… That’s what i believe it

    • That could be. It’s not like Yukinoshita wouldn’t do anything when that happened, I bet she couldn’t. I hope Wataru-sensei tells us more about that as that event would probably what makes them them right now and the future that they’re undergoing now.

  41. Iroha, is extremely hard to know what she is thinking, she still loves hayato or not? she fells somthing for hachi or only has been manipulating him the entire time?, well done for the writter, all the fandom have their heads full with these questions I guess

    • she loved hayato ….but after listening to hikki’s genuine speech…..she questioned her existence…..
      she loves/idolises hikki now…but knows she wont be able to get him…thus just to satisfy her thirst for love…she acts all foxy around hikki and blames it on hayama when the moment arises

    • it’s hard for me understanding her too. maybe she sees 8man as her brother & sees Hayama as BF-to-be.

    • I think she is like any shoujo manga heroine, who love her perfect “senpai” in beginning of the manga and in the end she discovere her true feeling toward her childhood friend who support her feeling for senpai……. And she didn’t like senpai that much. 😑😐

    • もちろんですよね。俺ガイルはこのラノベがすごいの勝者だもんね。

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