Oregairu @comic – Chapter 2


Before volume 11 hits, let’s look back on how much our two main characters changed since then.

It only took me more than half a year to get this out! If you’re an experienced redrawer, feel free to email me, could use some help on that front.

Get the chapter here or read at Batoto.


38 thoughts on “Oregairu @comic – Chapter 2

    • Hachiman and Yukino. Not entirely sure how you got the idea that Yukino and Yui were the main characters and the narrator in a first person narrative wasn’t.

    • 2 more day until vol 11 release. but wondered the Final episode will going to be cliffhanger ending.

    • nah, for me the main character here just hachiman and the other just supporting. (it’s just my opinion, so don’t rant on me)

  1. NIce ……feels good to be reading this…..
    what about the one done by Kazuki Rechi ……is it stopped or something?
    @comic is by IoNaomachi…

    • issue resolved…..@comic is the real manga…
      Monologue manga was made to make a bit more money with a manga with same anime content

  2. 2 more day until vol 11 release. but wondered the Final episode will going to be cliffhanger ending. @comic is interesting to read.

  3. Worst possible ending of the anime might be a cliffhanger that can only be fully resolved if you read the Light Novel Volume 11. This would be great for sales, and if I was fluent in Japanese I’d pick up a volume without any hesitation to get my fix. That said, we all rely on Excorcism for the translations, so we’d have to wait for the translations to discover what happens past whatever point the anime reaches. As he’s/she’s a human being and not a robot designed for the sole purpose of releasing translations to a mildly retarded fanbase(hurr Yukino a bitch because she teases Hachiman durr) this could take a reasonable amount of time, despite the speed of the previous translations. Then again, a cliffhanger would probably be preferable over an extremely rushed ending.

    I think this has been stated before, but thank you for your translations. Reading the @comic and diving into one of the earliest parts of the story again makes me question the sanity of anyone who claims that “nothing happens” in Yahari Ore. Sure, there aren’t explosions, but this is one of the best Light Novels I’ve come across as far as character development goes, particularly in the rom-com genre. Thank you for bringing the written form of this story to the English speaking fans, and although I read a comment from you claiming that you felt the community had degraded and you just wanted the series to end, I want to thank you for getting of BT and creating this community on a separate website. Reading some people’s interpretations of the story as the volumes has gone on has left me utterly stupefied, but I really appreciate the fact that you wrote down your thoughts on this chapter. There are nuances that you grabbed which I missed by miles, and it added a lot of depth to this story for me, and, I’m sure, thousands of other readers. This is an incredibly long-winded message and perhaps this is a somewhat random post to comment this on but basically thank you for translating and for creating a community for this Light Novel. We all eagerly await the release of volume 11.

    • Not sure why I wrote “this chapter”. I meant the thoughts you wrote down chapter by chapter throughout a few of the volumes. My bad.

  4. Well, I love the first time they met together.
    I love this series so much ❤
    So, Its very hard for me but i must to say it. They are the real OTP.

  5. Anyone notice that the 12th episode from the 1st season and the 11th episode is a lot look alike. For example, after a certain event, Hachiman and Yukinoshita ended up in the same room in the evening, and ended up invited by Yuigahama to join after event party. The difference is just the 1st season they reject it, but the 2nd season they accept it.

    • 30?? I’ve only seen 2… ^^u and 11 of the other one. Weren’t there one with just strips or something?

    • there’s 30 chaps of @comic!!….found out….
      monologue is at 7 and its stopped i think….
      and the other one 4-koma has only 2 or 3

    • And where can I found them? Because I can’t find them (at least translated, I meant that) anywhere…

    • not translated(spyro/excorsisim is the only person doing) …even raws are available till 6 or 7 ,…….. hard to find…..

  6. redrawing is quite troublesome in this ..no??….lots of transparent bubbles
    if it was simple as using spot healing & clone tool i could’ve helped out (vacation right now)

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