Oregairu Zoku Episode 12


Dat blush.


Check ’em.

Overall Impression:

Interesting episode, what with getting new content that LN readers don’t know anything about.

Beginning starts off with chapter 9 from volume 10.

We get a lot of tip-toeing around each other from the the three in the Service Club. The whole get-together to make chocolate was a way to get Hayama to eat chocolate so the girls didn’t have to be turned down and also a way to teach the terrible cooks how to chocolate from Yukino. This kind of acts as a pretense for Yui and Yukino as well.

We also get Haruno who kind of ruins Yukino’s mood which does lead up to some awkward sexual tension between Hachiman and her, from a dropped bowl of all things. Turns out Hayama received chocolate from Yukino before, though the proceeding reactions were pretty interesting to note; Hachiman, Yui, Miura, etc. Same thing with everyone hearing Orimoto wondering if she had never given Hachiman chocolate before.

Tamanawa likes Orimoto apparently. It’s kind of nice that these two characters came back, makes me wonder if they’ll even take part in the finale.

Not exactly sure what Haruno’s deal is, it’s like she’s trying to incite something; either from Yukino or from Hachiman.

For the mom, I have no idea. She’s seems rather manipulative based on how she talked to Yukino.

Episode ends with Yui’s ballad and apparently a monologue from Yui, perhaps another memorandum in volume 11? It wasn’t very positive, to say the least.


The scene with Haruno blurting out Yukino giving chocolate to Hayama long ago followed by the huge spaghetti match between Yukino and Hachiman picking up that bowl really makes me curious what kind of thoughts ran through Hachiman’s mind. It’s great that we’re having some visibility regarding his feelings, finally. Very subtle, indeed.

Happy times don’t last forever.


370 thoughts on “Oregairu Zoku Episode 12

  1. So many questions to what kind of development is going to happen in this arc. The possible confession(s), the chocolate…head explodes

  2. I hope this doesn’t end like The World God Only Knows manga with that explanation. sigh. I still remember Tenri’s tears cries.

    • Wait… did Hikki just get closer to Haruno and ended up hurting Yui and Yukino? So he did some good and stupid at the same time…. so mixed.. Yui & Yukino look so cute 😛

    • If by any chance you still will read it, say, Just Some Guy, did you use to be Chinese one?

    • so.. the last episode would end on the light novel 11, does it?
      if so, im pretty much sure that the next episode would end with a dramatic scene about yukino’s problem
      or probably it would skip all details and end it as the light novel will.
      hope to see a good ending with yukino in the end (LOL) #yukinoteam

  3. Seems Hachiman complimented Yukino’s cooking skills and she blushed. Last pictures got me sad, it looks like they realised each other feelings to Hachiman (hope it’s not)

  4. the full cast is in this episode isn’t it……(hope komachi is also called to stir things up along with haruno )

    • Zaimokuza is the character of Watari Wataru, so he is important.
      You might have seen the parallels to him (being a light novel author, his appearance and that he will publish his stuff with the same publisher he publishes this one with)
      He often talks about his friends from school in his afterwords (those are the archetypes for Hachiman, his best friend from school, and his other aquaintances).
      Oregairu will most likely end there (the end of the school year) too because Watari choose another subject not unlike Hachiman and Zaimokuza and met far less regularly…
      Kind of a sad life story but awesome anyway.

  5. I just read Watari Wataru’s tweet in Twitter. He said that these next two episodes aren’t “anime original”… meaning, they’ll cover volume eleven for these last two episodes, or maybe, at least.


    Anyways… ugh. I saw the photos in Animate, and I can’t wait. Yukino and Hachiman, blushing. They’re on to the next level. But the last photo is bothering me. Yukinon and Gahama-chan, melancholic expressions, I JUST DON’T KNOW WHAT TO FEEL. Hachiman may just said something about this “genuine” thing on that part.

    We get to see our mother Yukinon cooking again, though.

  6. umm no “original stuff” from fell? ,novel 11 completely covered in 2 eps? well is good but third season will be imposible at this rate, with only 1 or 2 volumes more maybe film or oav’s to finish the history.

  7. Fetched from Watari Wataru’s Twitter.
    Maybe someone could translate it properly 🙂



    • TV Anime “still my youth romantic comedy is wrong. Continued “12 episodes tonight broadcast! Rather than the original anime, normally I do Ja story of that wound that reflected the magazine is seen in the now Gagaga channel. Because mono is another, if you can wait to look forward to while watching a little longer animation to release! Sorry!

      I’m sorry to have kept you waiting. Although it is released on the 24th, since a thing of the likely start sequence from the 22nd around in the early place …, thank you.

      google translate

  8. Fetched from Watari Wataru’s Twitter.
    Maybe someone could translate it properly 🙂



    • TV Anime ” still my youth romantic comedy is wrong . Continued ” 12 episodes tonight broadcast ! Rather than the original anime , normally I do Ja story of that wound that reflected the magazine is seen in the now Gagaga channel . Because mono is another , if you can wait to look forward to while watching a little longer animation to release! Sorry !

      I’m sorry to have kept you waiting . Although it is released on the 24th , since a thing of the likely start sequence from the 22nd around in the early place … , thank you .

    • TV Anime ” still my youth romantic comedy is wrong . Continued ” 12 episodes tonight broadcast ! Rather than the original anime , normally I do Ja story of that wound that reflected the magazine is seen in the now Gagaga channel . Because mono is another , if you can wait to look forward to while watching a little longer animation to release! Sorry !

      I’m sorry to have kept you waiting . Although it is released on the 24th , since a thing of the likely start sequence from the 22nd around in the early place … , thank you .

    • I can somehow read Japanese… so maybe I could translate the half of it. Haha.

      It was said that episode 12 isn’t an “anime original”. So meaning, they’re most likely adapting volume 11 for the last two episodes.

      He was also saying sorry for the late release of Oregairu’s volume 11. He said that volume 11 will get released around June 24, or the earlier than expected, around June 22.

      This a rough translate but I hope this helped.

    • Yes, that’s true. Anime isn’t going to have original ending, it sticks to the story. And also for some places the next volume is going on sale 2 days earlier. So, expect some leaks guys.

  9. Google-sensei’s and bing-chan’s tweet translations rarely make sense…..because japaneses twitter users are also using short forms of words to fit the tweet inside the word limit ….

  10. Episode 12 was SOO GOOD! Not knowing what’s going to happen was also a plus! But damn Haruno really want mess with their relationships. Iroha is so sly, Yukino is so cute, and for Yui, I feel for you D:

    • This episode is insane. Too many hints, awkward moments and depressed face.
      Haruno ruled the episode. Even she said Hachiman is boring……..
      Yukimom appeared again -> Yukino got rekt.
      But, Yui is the one who got rekt too damn hard.
      Dem it, that White Album 2 Flashback reference…..

    • IT WAS SO GOOD! but my heart breaks for yui bby ;'( i love haruno but she annoyed the hell out of me this episode -_- and i’m not sure about iroha tho, does she likes hachiman or nah? that foxy sly cute iroha chan. btw, why was yukinoshita blushing when she dropped the bowl?

    • If my memory serves right, before that, they were talking about who Yukino will make chocolates for and and she glimpsed at Hachiman during that time. Then, when she dropped the bowl, she kinda got embarrassed because people might think that she got flustered with that question. and well, she also made eye-contact with Hachiman after that. (Not sure if that actually came out right, but oh well) dere-dere Yukinon Saikou!

  11. Since it was “Yukino kara”, I’m assuming that it was instead Yukino (and Haruno) who gave chocolate to Hayama. That aside, the tension in this episode was crazy. I wonder if they’ll end the season with a cliffhanger confession. The fact that we don’t know what’s coming is pretty crazy. Can’t wait till episode 13!!

  12. just watched raw on gogoanime. it seems like haruno found her antithesis, which is yui. haruno tries to spoil the mood of yukino and hachiman while yui gets the mood back. it seems yui really is the bridge between those 2. im happy

  13. reality curses
    haruno yuknoshita – trapped by peoples ideals
    hayato hayam- trapped by peoples expectation

    both envy of yukino yukinoshita who was free from the burden and she can make her own choice in life and be herself

    yui might think she is nothing to hachiman, but shes wrong, she is known as hachimans FIRST friend

    • On Twitter WW says it’s a sample of Volume. I think they end season in the worst way – the cliffhanger. May be OVA several month later.

  14. Dear Spyro,

    Are you sure you got that finale Yui’s line in the right way? You keep changing it for some reasons, and…well

    hontou wa usodemo ii noni
    seems more close to something on the lines of “Perhaps, even if it’s a lie, it would/could be actually better” for me.

    Thank you.

    • So like, if I get this right, what she desires could break the three’s relationship. And that’s not what she/they hoped for either. Because of that, Yui said something about what she wants and what they hope for is similar, yet very different. “They” in this context are the club members, though. It’s slightly different if what she meant by “they” are Yukinon and Hikki. Could you clear this up?

      And that means, in order to avoid the pain, she said that maybe the lies would be better than the harsh truth. But as Hiratsuka (or so I think) said, you couldn’t find the genuine thing if there’s no pain/suffering.

  15. Can someone explain what happened when Haruno came in and said something to Yui Yukino and Hachiman’s relationships ? What did she said ?

    • She said that the way Hachiman, Yukinon and Yui NOW were boring. She mentioned that she preferred the way Yukinon was BEFORE.

      She also said that, “Eh~ is this what you call genuine, Hikigaya-kun?”, when Hachiman ate Yui and Yukinon’s chocolate.

      Haruno is the star of this (twelfth) episode, really. HAHA. Perhaps, she’s trying to incite something, and she’s telling it in a negative way.

  16. Haruno wonders the genuine thing is exist or not? She is observing on Yukino/8man/Yui about genuine when they’re working in kitchen at school. The moment Yui’s depressed when seeing 8man & Yukino happy together caught by Haruno’s eyes.

    I saw Haruno started being upset while watching them. the question is why she’s upset? She remember something unpleasant in the past?

    Maybe Haruno sees
    Yui as Yukino(past version)
    Yukino & 8man as Haruno & Hayama (past version).

    Haruno would know that Yui would leave from both of them (just like Yukino left from Haruno & Hayama in the past) because she doesn’t want to ruin their relationship so she will close her feeling. If that happens, 8man & Yukino will end up separate because both of them will know later they hurt Yui.

    Haruno saw this reminisce scenes and very upset so she will wear villain mask again to stop the worst ending not happen in the future. After she decided she does immediately. She walks to trio and starts what she will do as usual (cold mode but straight). Trio froze after Haruno did.

    8man is batman but I think Haruno is super batwoman. This woman has goodwill and don’t mind people will sad bad to her or not, she just do it.

    Are there someone who will notice about her doing or not? For me, Haruno has genuine thing for a long time.

    Yes , and this is just my opinion so I want readers’s feedback too. 🙂

    • Everything is okay but you should not compare hikigaya and hayama.
      Dude hayama really sucks, he is nothing like hikigaya.

    • Nice point you got there. The all-can-do-hero-disguised-as-villain, Haruno. Still, she’s not the truest of all of them. None of them are true. Is there really something that can be called “true”? I wonder.

    • hmm i don’t think haruno do that because of goodwill,it’s just like she see hayama as a boring person…., i only see there haruno trying to spice things up by firstly saying yukino have giving a chocolate to hayama..but hayama countered it by saying “giving to both of us” not giving up then haruno follow up again by forcing yukino to spill out who will she give her chocolate to…but then once again countered by yui…

      and at the end i guess haruno giving a “death glare”(when haruno eye closed up hahaha) to yui..that’s why yui shivered at the end.(remembering that haruno actually not really fond of yui)

    • Shh, just let her be. She’s just doing her job as a good Onee-san, she wants her sister to be happy. The only guy who can bring happiness to her is Hachiman, this facade-less guy is the replacement for the masked heir Hayato, who likes to live within people’s expectation and then regret it in the future and say he’s got no choice.

  17. While waiting for subs… could anyone translate Hiratsuka sensei’s speech to Hikki?
    Seems like there’s something important in that conversation that we should be aware of.

  18. Yukino had her solo sad song at the end of episode 7, now Yui gets a solo sad song 5 episodes later. Will we not get a Hachiman solo?!

  19. truth—— harunos threat of having her plan spoiled is non other than yui yuigahama

    yui has a talent of smooth things over and get the mood back, just like how she did during the conference meeting, and during the rooftop scene.

    shes probably the only one who could counter harunos plan just like she did in this episode but unintentionally tho

  20. After watching episode 11 and 12 I felt that both episode where rushed. After I read LN #10 there where some parts of the novel I felt that should of been include in episode 11but since the sires consists of 13 episode. As for episode 12 am not sure because the LN isn’t out yet.
    After reading the afterwork of LN #10 the author stated that his series was almost finished. But I hope that their will be enough material for a season three or some thing close to the Gundam Unicorn OVAs.

  21. Does yukino-chan really had feelings for hayama in past ?
    I watched this episode in raw version.
    I can’t understand japanese and I am really confused about this episode.

    can any-one explain what happened in yukino’s past, please………..

    • well in the past ofc, but due to hayamas action of not doing anything of yukino being bullied and harrased due to hayama wanted or rather was forced to maintain his image and his family name as the perfect son. yukino lost all feelings for him and hate him thus why yukino hates facades than anything else

    • ^ Correct explanation there dude, Hayama was not able to help her because he is expected to be perfect and going beyond boundaries to help Yukino (a method where someone gets hurt) would sully the reputation of the Hayama family…

  22. Haruno is at it again. Just kinda wonder what is she trying to achieve. Next episode will still be about her. Maybe her staying at Yukino’s is due to her mom’s order… Ughh..I hope I can get my hands on Vol 11 asap >.<

    • I think Haruno really likes (not loves) Hachiman, she also likes her syster though I’m not to sure of her thoughts on Hayato.

      There are some problems.

      Firstly she knows Yukino better than Hachiman and knows it is not trust she has for him but something different. In my opinion it is dependence. She most likely clings to something and even emulates it. Which is why she tried to act a lot like Haruno but her focus now shifted. And the focus most likely shifted to Hachiman. She already is doing things like him, like in the discussion for the christmas event where she openly attack the Tamaguy. Also when she choose Hachimans school subject.

      Secondly Haruno knows he looks for something genuine and the relationship between Yukino, Yui and Hachiman isn’t, because to put it quite simply everyone especially Yui and Yukino hides truths from each other. They are trying to not hurt each other but this will not resolve things and quite surely end in some sort of facade.
      Yui especially is at fault for that in my opinion. I read a lot of comments saying she keeps them together and alike. This is correct but she does it by smoothing things over, any form of resolution will be blocked by her. She is in that matter a lot like Hayato.

      Thirdly I’m somewhat convinced from all the talks by Haruno regarding her mother, that she doesn’t like her all that much. So I doubt it’s simply because her mother told her too but because she has her own goals. Though I think her mother is most likely somehow involved but the Yukinoshita household looks more like something where they use each other to achieve their desirables. My best guess is that Haruno wants Yukino to stand on her own 2 feet without her clingy to someone or something and I highly doubt she is jealous of her ‘freedom’.

  23. The dynamics are really changing without the cast really wanting it to. Seishu da ne.

    Yui being the most interesting thing this episode, which sort of implies that she will be the first one “to move” on whatever new direction the club will be going.

    Yui getting depressed at being called “that’s Yui-like” by Irohasu when discerning X thing… that’s signs of her quietly being discontent at herself when it matters?
    Orimoto promising chocolate to Hikki, Yukinon and YuiYui are the first ones to react -> Hauno notes this. Haruno adds fuel to the fire by mentioning Yukino’s chocolate to Hayama -> Yukino stealing proving glances at Hikki and Hikki awkwardly trying to remain unperturbed as usual -> >>>Yui notices this<<<
    Yukinon blushing at Hikki, Hikki feeling awkward -> Yukinon ‘blushing’ more at Hikki, Hikki ‘blushing’ at Yukinon -> Yui walks in and breaks their atmosphere (totally uncharacteristic of her), changing the subject -> >>>Harunon doesn’t like this<<<
    Yui trembling at Harunon’s final provocation “you lot are now pretty boring” + “I liked better the Yukino-chan from before”.

    That, and Yui having a little bit of a depressing monologue about “what she wants” and “being unfair” clearly shows many things are to come. Oh, and Yui also mentioned that “it was unfair” when Hikki proposed to walk her home after the Yukimom face off, hmmm

    • I dont get how the sentence “you lot are so boring” could effect that much on those 3. I really dont get it

    • Haruno doesn’t like what they are doing, being dishonest with their feelings. Hikki said he wanted ‘something genuine’, but with this love triangle it’s impossible to remain status quo as their feelings for each other constantly develops. She said they were boring now because they aren’t being genuine with each other and hiding their feelings behind their smiles and acting like nothing is wrong. She wants them to step forward in a cynical way.

    • That guy above me really just summarize the whole episode 12. Nice job man!
      But seriously? Can Yui just f*ck off? I mean I would like to have a pretty good ending from this series but,I understand that they are trying to spice things up by making Haruno do some things. But in this kind of situation,I think I will see Hachiman being lonely all over again at the end of the series…

    • haruno says “you lot are so boring” cause they are really boring.
      the entire purpose of the event was a to create a pretext to get things done.
      iroha and yumiko want to give choco to hayama while yui and yukino want to give choco to hachiman.
      but even though yui and yukino make and give chocolate to 8man, they do nothing more. 8man too notices their feelings( and blushes) but makes no progress.

    • Hahaha not trying to summarize anything but just explaining Haruno’s actions. So many people don’t get her actions and are angry at her but I actually like it if she gives them more nudges. It’s also annoying me really seeing them walk around in circles like what Komachi said, “What’s with this backward development!”

    • @Mirza She meant the ice queen yukino cuz at that time, the 3 of them were more genuine with each other because they know what they want and 8man is constantly arguing with Yukino vice versa. Just imagine Haruno as an audience like us, the anime isn’t funny anymore.

    • Same thing goes for Hachiman and Yui. The more they get along the more they move past their past selves.

    • But what about Yukino’s feelings? ;c If she cares for her sister then maybe Haruno should acknowledge Yukino’s feelings and try not to interfere

    • She does acknowledge it that’s why she does it in a negative way but to make sure Yukino and 8man realizes their feelings and be honest with each other. Cuz those 2 really can’t handle this kind of thing when they just only improved their people’s relations.

  24. That Yui ballade at the end, though. At least Hachiman got a chocolate from the both of them. What I don’t understand however, is the unnecessary emphasis on being “genuine” with the chocolate by Haruno, near the end. It’s pretty obvious that there is a conflict of interest for both Yukino and Yui, so they try to be considerate of each others feelings for Hachiman. I wouldn’t call this “sinister” or anything, though. I just wonder what Hachiman’s plan is for handling this, and what he wanted from Yui at the beginning. I honestly hope the ending of this anime isn’t too dramatic or has a cliff hanger, as it seems likely to be the final season…

    • maybe because haruno wants to see already who will make the move, yukino or yui. but all three of them still run around circles an unending loop. 3 of them arent true to their feelings of each other. maybe just maybe i get the feeling that yui will give up on hachiman and move on and in the end she ll cry. maybe thats the “unavoidable pain”

  25. It’s basically a repeat of what happened in Volume 9. If they don’t talk about their feelings they will no longer have that genuine thing they want

    • yeaaa that is true, but still hayama group is still the same tho. those 3 should really talk about it if they want whats genuine. but i get the feeling that yui will be first to talk about her feelings, and eventually give up on chasing hachiman. dont know if shes still in the club or not

    • I hope both will tell Hachiman their feelings for him that way at least they won’t have to wear fake smiles, pretending not to notice the others feelings and get it out the way. The result may(most probably) won’t have all of them happy but at least they can be honest and go from there to gwt their something genuine

    • The club’s search for something genuine is being averted. Either they keep mistaking what’s genuine for what they have in the moment. Or they disband the club, continue their own search for something genuine themselves, growing up.

  26. Damn! I’ve had that stupid grin on my face until around the 19-th minute. Then all came crashing over. Well, Yukimom final boss confirmed, and I get the the strong feeling of Toradora-like ending with Yui sacrificing herself (she just rejected Hachimans date offer). Or worse yet – everything falls apart and everyone is again lost and alone. Still if we judge from the name of the next episode at least it will not be that horrible ending.
    Can’t wait for next week. And can’t wait for the book to fill all the blanks.

  27. I scared my cat when laughed very loud in scene Miura-Kawasomething “Ha?-Ha?” Kawasaki is love. Clearly mother material, just need more cooking experience. Why, god, why they cut her scenes from Vol.5, 6, 10?
    Haruno acting evil tyrant king all the way. No true friends, no love interest — just useful persons and preys for fun. She is like poison itself. Pitiful.Genuine? There are more than one truth. Each one have his/her own truth.

  28. What I don’t like to mention is the opening song. The first variation of zoku has 8man alone with Yukino and Yui disappear from his side, which happened in episode 2 then proceeds to the following awkwardness between them. Then the second one has Yukino and Yui walking away from each other, which brings sadness and also shows us that they really walked their own paths with 8man in the center of their problems(looking up in the sky). Hopefully there will be a season 3 cuz there’s too many unaddressed spots, please don’t end like Haganai like someone mentioned 🙂

    • Please accept the hard truth, my friend. This serie puts gentle hints everywhere, even in OP theme and ED theme. They just like to tease, the audience. Or rather, play with the FEEL…

    • I still think the most likely ending is that Hachiman pushes away and alienates Yui while never managing to connect with Yukino (which might not even be possible). Yui ends up with some random jerk (who makes even Hachiman look like a prince), Yukino marries Hayama out of a sense of duty, and Hachiman never finds anyone (he never really tries).

      Based on the way things are going, anything else will feel like a tacked-on happy ending, unless there’s an almost last-episode-of-Madoka level turnaround.

  29. We now know why Haruno is going to live with Yukino the next episode. And damn, i really, really, really hate her! No mater if her intentions are truly good or just of spite and malice, I just hate her! Leave them be you damn tyrant!

    • Why what? Why will she live with Yukinon? Obviously because Yukimom doesn’t approve Yukinos late night strolls with her friends, and most likely doesn’t approve her friends also. Why I hate Haruno? Just pisses me off always meddling with them, not loosing an opportunity to take a jab at theme, spoil the mood and so on. If it is for the forced growth – it is rarely for the best to force someone in this way. If it is for malice and just to have fun from their pain – then double my hate.

    • LOL, Are you a typical Haruno hater?
      So i dont say anything about it. Only people who can understand her method, only them can like her.
      Im sure you are not.

    • OH, forgot one more thing.
      In this SHOW. TRUTH is cruel, LIE is kindness. All the words Haruno say are TRUTH, so i can understand why so many people can’t accepted it. Cuz is HARSH as F*** but for 8man that is the thing he need MOST.
      TRUTH and GENUINE. They are kinda simlliar at some points….

    • If that’s the case, sorry, I’m not your typical Haruno hater, because I understand her motives, but you know, that doesn’t mean that I approve her methods. And more – I really despise those just about adolescent brats that think they know all, can do all and know more of what is good for you then yourself. For whats worth in that show you should have understood for now that the one you hate is the one you understand but not approve.
      And it is not only in the show that truth is sometimes cruel and lie is sometimes a kindness. And genuine things rarely exist.

    • Well, your sound make me remind PAIN from Nagato.
      His way to reach the PEACE.
      Yep, if you said that then i won’t compain anymore. Good Day!
      Btw, RIP YUI’sTEAM.

  30. Yukino told Hachiman that she was taking Humanitarian studies with him and Yui, so that they could stay together. Before that, she said that she was in International studies or something, so I think she was being pretty considerate and sincere. Just because Yukino also likes Hachiman and chooses to be with him in the class, is not what I’d call being “sinister” for trying to play it cool… Since the anime was rushed, was this episode canon? Really hope there will be more volumes.

    • Don’t forget how they started. Both 8man and Yukino weren’t in good terms and Yukino doesn’t regard Yui as a member of the club. But after some time like Hiratsuka sensei said, their understanding and feelings for each other will grow. Now at this point Yukino takes the same course for 2 reasons, to be with Hachiman, and to be the 3 stooges together.

    • Yukino won’t be in the class with Hachiman, since she’s an international class student, and Hachiman’s a regular one. Maybe Yukino like it that way. Maintain the group, so the three of them can be together, and she can also get close to Hachiman, no?

    • Yeah that’s what I meant cuz Yui and 8man are the closest people yukino have that she trusts for a while now. She wants to be with them, basically all 3 of them want it to be that flowery friendship that they had where they could be themselves.

    • Yukino is an international course student.
      She had the choice between Science and Humanities.
      She was choosing sciences before (because Haruno did so and she was following her)
      Now she changed it to hue manatees.
      Now guess why… is she choosing for herself or is she following someone else…
      Also who could it be…

  31. Anyone ever watched Kokoro Connect? I feel like its plot is really similar to Oregairu. Especially where Taichi likes Nagase at first and then Inaba. Nagase sets up a facade for other people so that they expect things from her. So just like Nagase has expectations, so does Yui understand how people expect Hayama to act. Being real and sincere ftw though. Yukino and Inaba ftw though!

    • ^^
      recomendded reference
      – Kimagure Orange☆Road
      – Onanie Master Kurosawa
      – Melo Holic
      – White Album 2

      I hope Oregairu will choose
      Ending route like
      Chikan Otoko / Molester Man

    • wow kokoro connect kinda nostalgic, funny thing is haruno just like the ghost/alien thing on kokoro connect will leave you when you are boring hahha

    • Love that anime love inaba from the start she was best girl p.s. one of the only animes Mc gets with the girl I like p.s. harem anime sucks best girl never wins and I know this anime was not a harem

  32. shit.. !!!
    if next week Yui confess
    Setsuna = Yui
    White Album 2 Route opened (+_+)

    hope MC in this series don’t scruw like that
    be gentle man..

  33. Yukinoshita Haruno = Snow beneath the spring?

    Somehow it explains her too… She had a cold personality(Snow) beneath her kind façade(Spring). Probably reference to the next episode entitled “Spring Always Comes to Life Buried Underneath a Pile of Snow” shown after Yui’s ballade. And in the next episode Haruno will live with Yukino… I can’t wait for the next episode!

    • Yukino = The Snow
      Shita = Underneath
      Haruno = The Spring

      Yukino = The Snow
      Shita = Underneath
      Yukino = The Snow

      Hmm… I wonder what’s the full name of Yukimom? Yukinoshita _______….?

    • how about this?

      ” Yukinoshta Tenki ” ……. tenki=weather
      ” Yukinoshta Kisetsu ” …..Kisetsu=seasons


  34. Haruno does make sense but she seriously needs to change her uproach…
    yukimom …now’s not the time for her to take responsibility…..she ruined her chance….now its hiki’s turn to take responsibilty

    • Yukino is still a child and still the responsibility of her parents (also parent will most likely feel responsible for their children, all their life)

    • they seriously messed up their oppertunity to be good parents….seeing how yukino turned out….lol

    • yeah totally bad parents…

      extremely good student
      no health issues
      no drugs or similar
      not a spoilt brat
      gets basically everything she wants (apparently also unlimited allowance)
      extreme trust (they let their 17 year old daughter live alone because she wishes too)

      they might have flaws but by god they are not bad parents…

    • Are you from the Hikkigaya household?!
      You know the father is a parent too. It’s not like only the mother counts…

    • no health issues
      no drugs or similar
      not a spoilt brat

      i could say that about you too……being a normal person is not an achievement….
      haruno did say yukimom was against yukino staying alone….so dad allowed freedom until now….
      now that yukimom has seen what a naughty child yukino has become…things are gonna get more troublesome for yukino

    • Having a ‘normal’ child is somewhat of an achievement believe me. I know to many who aren’t.

    • naaaaa……if you take the whole population into account…its no big deal….its only that the problem children make it into the news…

  35. “Rather than the truth, please give the gentle lie.” said Yuigahama.
    “The future that seemed like the past.” said Yukinoshita.
    “It’s okay that way, right?” said both Yuigahama and Yukinoshita.

  36. So, what is that something far more sinister than trust?
    Yukino’s dependency with 8man, or her “love” for him?
    Note that 8man thinks about his conversation w/ Haruno about that “trust”, it was something he doesn’t want to think about.
    Doesn’t that mean he already aware of the love triangle situation?

    • for “not trust but maybe something far more horrible”, I was guessing blind faith or dependency without two-way relationship

  37. also Haruno mentioning there’s something more sinister……if it was love i doubt she would use such harsh words….(rather she would have spread the news like wildfire)
    i think what she means (also taking into account hayama’s ep11 end dialogue ) is that yukino has started to see hikki as her idol/inspiration…and is turning away from her family and the society(reason why yukimom came to take responsibility and also may be the reason haruno tries to stay at yuki appartment)
    also haruno’s questioning “who will you be giving choco?” is because she knows yukino just cares about Hikiki (and Yui…) and she doesn’t give a damn about the rest….

  38. Thanks god the people in here are really sensible when gave comments about every episode. When I read the comments in MAL, every god damn week, they just ran their mouth and bitching every single characters that they hate without even try to give an explanation. It’s like a bitching thread war.

    I guess Haruno has a secret agenda behind her annoying and meddlesome attitude. I remember in Volume 6 Chap 6, she said

    “…. They won’t grow if the enemy doesn’t keep it together, ….”

    So personally, I don’t think she’s stupid enough just for bitching around without any purpose.

    • I have hope that 8man Will do something of old then end up with Haruno or like the vn and he gets with Hiratsuka

    • yeah I also stopped joining on MAL forums. seems like that place was flooded with know-it-all brats who knows nothing but to rant and trolls.

  39. Hmm.. Kawasaki also reacts when orimoto ask hachi so she’s also part of the harem : >

    I dont think yui’s giving up on hachi he’s just trying to be fair. maybe in the future a battle will unfold.

    if hiratsuka sensei always pull the strings to get the 3 closer harunos the opposite. I wonder whys shes doing that?

    Yukino’s true self? Itai nani mo nanda?

  40. This is really getting exciting,and I guess that is the reason for the popularity of Oregairu. I mean,It hits you like a lightning by giving the truthful logic and shts. But,the main question for the next episodes are,Who will make fhe first move and ofcourse Hachiman’s decisions. *But I still freaking hate Haruno,from the very first time I saw Haruno in Oregairu,I know she’ll be someone who’ll do something for the group of 3 to have troubles,yet she seem to make the bonds of them stronger
    So,next week will be the last episode,AND I WILL ALWAYS ROOT FOR YUKINO AND HIKKI TILL THE END!

  41. Volume 10 chapter 2 Haruno said Hayato and Yukino to be boring and Hachiman is interesting, what could have happened back then?
    now haruno feels that the service club members to be boring? and also feels the old Yukino is better than now? what is behind the words of Yukino’s mom?

  42. ok i just watched episode 12 and it seems like hachiman knew about the love triangle situation that’s looming around them, hmmmmmmmmm, watch it and please let me know what you think guys

  43. So basically this episode contains LN spoilers? Darn it. But, the episode was very nice. I loved how most of my favorite characters were in it(Sagami-san, what happened to you?). I am a bit disappointed Hachiman didn’t formally receive chocolates, though. And Yukino’s family is still a mystery.

    “Rice kispies sounds like kittens”. You’re leaking, Yukinyan.

    • No, the only thing that’s confirmed is that this story is getting closer toward its end. And now, get back to work you Maou-sama!

  44. Sigh, it’s a painful ride 😦
    I saw some comments playing on names, which reminds me: Haru = Spring, Yuki = Snow
    Anyways, Haruno is treating the situation as a game, typical 🙂 And her default character she always like to play would be the villain..
    And…I don’t like Hikki compared to Hayama and Hayama x Yukino past, other than that, I can accept Hayama’s existence.

    Lastly, I still cannot figure out who is monster of reliance, and just what kind of person is Yukinon’s mother? Something more sinister than trust, love..is that what’s genuine? I believe each one of the characters’ have different definition of “genuine” though 🙂

  45. A super weird episode filled with emotion. For me, it was extremely depressing and extremely painful to watch.

    First of all, I need to get this out of my system a little: Haruno is just such a ***** and needs to let people live their lives without constantly trying to intervene with her own screwed up mentality and ideas.

    Moving on to serious stuff though, it’s obvious that Yukino is starting to see Hachiman as more than just a friend and this is making things awkward since Yui can tell and it’s seriously causing her grief: and since she’s usually the cheery and bright girl, it really, really hurts for me to see her sad. It’s about on par with Yukino’s false smile with me. That aside, the episode felt a bit rushed; they created and resolved a conflict in an episode, I feel like there was probably more to the Hachiman and Hayato talk, and a lot of missed lines and insight into Hachiman’s thinking… like the previous episode, I was a bit overwhelmed by everything that happened.

    And I guess without the LN, it’s difficult to decipher a lot of the things said here: mostly what Haruno means exactly, what’s up with Yukino’s mom, and Yui’s lines at the end (which felt like someone had just stabbed my heart). Yukino is suffering thanks to her family and such and Yui is suffering with her feelings for Hachiman and looking on to Yukino and everyone is suffering due to the problems/pressure this puts on the relationship and Haruno stirring stuff up… ugh.

    Haruno… she’s pretty much the antagonist here. I’m not going to call her mean names anymore, but she has to constantly question people, flip things on their head, bring things up that people don’t want to talk. Perhaps she has a point, but at the same time, I feel like she needs to give these characters more time to figure out what they want: what THEY find to be genuine, because really it’s their lives and their problems and aside from being Yukino’s sister, she really doesn’t have much of a right to intervene. So what if Yukino, Yui’s, and Hachiman’s relationship is as simple as being in the service club and enjoying each other’s company? Is it simple? Yes. Is it, in a way, fleeting? Yes. But… is that so wrong? She said herself, is there anything truly genuine? What exactly does she expect from these people? They are being sincere with each other, and presumably they’re doing their best to be honest with each other, learn about each other, and understand each other. There are going to be some hiccups, but a genuine relationship isn’t perfect; like Hiratsuka said, in a way it’s not genuine if it doesn’t hurt, if you don’t risk things. I think that they’re doing fine and that they’ll figure things out without her constantly butting in and causing problems and causing everyone grief.

    Bah, just going to leave it at that. Sorry for the rant, not that I expect anyone to read it… just needed to get that out a bit. This show is just too real, too emotional (…and depressing), and too… what’s the word? It really makes me think. It’s insightful. Psychological. It’s a lot and just 20-25 minutes really throws my head for a spin.

    Obviously one of the conflicts is going to be both Yui and Yukino having feels for Hachiman (it’s already kind of one), and I’m curious to see how that is resolved; not in that “who gets who” because I’m not obsessed with shipping people—they’re just anime characters and in reality, there would be almost definitely be another love interest in the future, so it’s not like whoever doesn’t get Hikki is going to be forever alone, but rather I want to see how they manage to stabilize their relationship without things being awkward. It’s tough and I feel like there’s no real solution to it. I don’t think the next (final, IIRC) episode will have any real conclusion to anything, but we can hope that at least the anime doesn’t end on a totally somber note, and perhaps resolves a little bit of the immediate problems/things weighing on their minds. /rant

  46. Blazer, I understand you, man!

    Come to think of it, what really pisses me of with Haruno, is that she probably means them good (or at least to Yukino), however she wants to force the change. And not only that, she wants to force it on her (Harunos) terms. And she just doesn’t give them breathing room. Some things like that, you just need to live and think through it, to come to your own understanding of the situation and act according to it. Forcing decisions on you will most likely do you just harm if it is too early. Moreover – after the talk with Hiratsuka I’m convinced that Hachiman is aware of the situation, but as he says he himself has not experienced this and doesn’t know what to do. Give him enough time and guidance, and he’ll probably figure it. He probably just started acting, trying to come clean to Yui about the ill fate date promise. The obviously is aware too and she herself trying to protect Yukino, giving him really vague answer, almost like rejecting him. So given time they will figure it out. But no, Haruno wants change, and wants it NOW! That’s what really pisses me!

    Contrast that with Hiratsuka-sensei and her soft guidance for them and how it really helps them get to their own answers and evolve, instead of just forcing them to act, to change for the sake of change itself.

    • About Sensei’s method. Its will take a long time to solve this problem. BUT how long and how can you know it will work or not? Yeah, someone said if they are pretending then oneday they will feel tired of this and want to break it. Then when that day will come?
      Sensei’s method and Haruno’s method have a flaw.
      But in this time, Haruno’s way is the fittest method to solve this problem. She could just not bother and let the time goes by right because sooner or later they will resolve it theirselves. But what if there is something happening in the YUKINOSHITA household that may hinder it and they are running out of time? As seen in the final minutes of Episode 12 on the Service Club’s 2nd confrontation with YUKINO and HARUNO’s mom, her mother may not give YUKINO a freedom of her choice for the future and this in turn might damage the the Service Club member’s feelings and will still be unresolved.

    • well about sensei or haruno method of course there will be some difference…practically hiratsuka is their teacher and have some line that can’t be crossed, the only thing she can do just giving advice but haruno is yukino family…just like komachi to hachiman and it’s understandable if they are more meddlesome….

      the problem now was haruno can’t be honest and doing things in roundabout way for yukino…example in cultural festival she trying to crush sagamin.rather than guiding yukino

      really hachiman so blessed with a high-spec sister hahaha

    • A situation in their household that will deny time for growth! That’s a plenty sensible reason why Haruno is forcing change on Yukino.

  47. I’m interested with the early part of this episode (the conversation between Hachiman and Haruno). Somehow Hachiman kinda piss off for with Haruno when she telling him that she’s hate the part about Yukono well being.

    I was wandering rather he just didn’t like for what Haruno just said or he just want the true meaning behind her answer.

    Anyway looking forward for the next episode.

  48. Like Otakool was saying before, I think Haruno is like an evil Sensei. She understands the Service’s Club feelings, but instead of kind and firm guidance, we get cynical criticism, just like Hachiman used to be before.

    • But he’s not used to be in that condition. That limits his movements for the time being.

  49. What an episode. Being one that we the LN readers don’t know about, it was very interesting. Every moment. Every second right till the end of the preview. We can now see why on the cover of volume 11 Yui looks the way she does (sad).

    Well every story needs someone to play the villain, the bad guy per-say and make the story interesting and move it along. Haruno in this case is that someone and she does her job well as required.

    Well i’m just a simple fan so in my opinion, this episode was great. It had a lot of flares, development and “wow, didn’t expect that” moments. So to me, this episode was one of the better one for this season. A shame it had to happen so late in the series. Eagerly anticipating the next episode.

    • i get the feeling that yui will force herself to move on from hachiman for the sake of yukino. i mean after she realize yukinos feeling for hachiman, shes been from “YES for a date” to “ill think about it for a date” with hachiman. so theres a possibility she will sadly give up on hachiman

    • She needs to do that. She is the one who facilitates Yukino and Hachiman relationship from the start (the day Hachiman got hit by Yukino’s car, we can say that’s the beginning of their relationship). She’s the connection, when things get rough, when arguments get tense, when there’s nothing to say. She’s always there. So by her being the facilitator, she can’t just turn her role and chooses to play with Hachiman. That’s unfair, playing dirty…

  50. I’m starting to wonder if Haruno constant messing with the service club is for herself to make a decision what she will become in the future; an absolutely cold and logical person like her mother or to continue being a troll like her current self. She hopes that the service club can prove that there is something genuine so that she will not go down the same path as her mother and her time to make a decision is running out so she is constantly pushing the service club in hopes of seeing something different. There may possibly be an arranged marriage for Haruno and there is also a chance Haruno doesn’t want to succeed the family at all.

    With regards to the mother, I think she may actually be the one that is the victim of arranged marriage and due to this forced marriage, she doesn’t believe that there is something genuine in the world. She doesn’t love her family at all and does not believe that the affection her family show her is real at all just obligations of the Asian culture. She may possibly be a Yukino that gave up on her ideals and does everything in a cold and logical manner. The person Yukino want to save may very well be her mother and I feel that Yukino is generally quite ‘Tsun’ towards her family.

    All these are just speculations and sorry for the long post and bad english.

    • true, if we remembering the memorandum from vol 10, i think each one of them(haruno,yukino,hachiman,hayama) still confused about their trueself(heck everybody does,it’s just not many people think much about it) and the way haruno said someone was boring maybe she already tried that once or experience it once..

    • being from a rich family is really a curse for a child. having to keep an image, answering people expectations and be a ideal to the people. you cant make your own choice in life, always have to listen to your families choice when it comes to your future. you are nothing but a mere puppet to them who will succedeed their family name by their expectations. have to be the perfect child and all for the sake of their family name

    • Yui sadly giving up on Hachiman. Is that for the best? I know that most of here are Yukino fan but still Don’t you feel a thing for Yui?

      Everyone can’t be happy. For just as much person you make happy, you also make sad more or less and visa versa. There is no such thing as ‘happy ever after’ on in this world.

      Now Haruno using the service club to make some kind of important decision is a possibility but honestly I think that she’s just looking out for her sister in her own way. That and she just like things that’s interesting to her.

      In regards to the mother, I think that’s it’s because of their social status that causes her to be so manipulative. She lets Yukino do what she wants to do as long as she adheres the ‘rules’ that she lay down. I believe the mother does what she does in regard to the public’s eyes. But to know if our claims are accurate or not, we would need to know more about Yukino’s family life and circumstances. Especially between parents and children in relation their social status.

      No worries Yui, your not forgotten. We still remember about you.

  51. Really enjoyable episode for me, but I can’t help but somehow feel that they skipped a bunch of the LN content–I say this without having read vol. 11 obviously but it’s a pretty strong gut feeling. The Haruno scenes didn’t feel as impactful as I would’ve liked them to be, but it’s always fun seeing her in episodes so eh. I liked Kawasaki’s little spurts of dialogue and also, I don’t know why but the fact that Orimoto puts her tie in her pocket strikes me as oddly cute. I sort of laughed out loud a little bit when Yukinoshita dropped the bowl and a cliched rom-com moment broke out… I have a feeling that it’ll be played off a lot more naturally and less rushed in vol. 11.

  52. I think im kinda getting why haruno is being like that to hachiman, yukino and yui. Being blunt to the point that she’ll hurt the feelings of others was a natural to her, but i think she’s doing that on purpose to unleash their true feelings they’ve been holding back. Also im having the feeling that, Yui is in the process of knowing that 8man and Yukinon were being close way better than before, thus making her feel like 8man’s going out of her reach. Yui doesnt know what to do since she cherished them, same as hayama’s not being able to choose for himself, and maybe she might not be able to step up and reveal his true feelings for 8man, at the same time that she doesnt want to hurt yukinon’s feelings. God dammnit, Is it Love triangle? Yes it is Love Triangle or maybe Harem .Man i hate to say this being with two girls ending up liking you and you “THE MAN” The 8MAN, Hachiman will either have to pick one with that being said a damage will be done

    • its not necessary up to hachiman to decide. its whether who will have to decide first, hachiman, yukino or yui. imo, yui will decide first, i have a feeling that she decides to give up on her feelings for hachiman and move on from him. hence the cover of volume 11 is yui looking sad. plus there has been hint from episode 12 that she will indeed give up on hachiman

    • It’s very likely Yukino and Hachiman don’t realise they like each other, but Hachiman knows Yui likes him so by default he may be more aware of his feelings for Yui, That would resolve the love triangle.

  53. ^^
    in my opinion Hachiman don’t deserve love from anyone
    if until the last volume he stil thinking like fucking coward..

    life is bla.. bla..
    we know life is hard..
    u already have normal family, normal imouto

    Yukino need someone like Gintoki
    this guy make yukino life more cherfull,more happy,
    help her instead without thinking bullshit like MC in this series
    nice girl like her need good guy like Totsuka

    just because u got rejected from one or another girl
    all the time just thinking like shit..
    look Kurosawa he much..much better than you Hachiman
    if until the last volume
    u can’t do anything and pretending to be fucking pussy

    • Gin is like this 😂👍, and hikki…..like this one 😞. So i don’t think it is fair to compare them

    • i don’t hate him in Light Novel..
      different story in anime..
      he get blush so easy in every girls
      i want him be gentle and move on from shitty past

      im campare him..
      because I wanted my Yukinoooo get happy life
      if in the end MC destroying everything
      like he used do

      idk why but i’m starting get the vibe

  54. Yeah i think your right, damn reality is cruel isn’t, but if nobody decides, then they will continue what they have in a moment but will still end up in a conclusion, Even though i ship hachiXyuki , i can’t help to feel sorry for Yui. (anyway im playing Yui’s version of everyday world).

  55. that’s haruno and sensei are trying to ……….make them take a decision before everything becomes a facade for their own comfort

    • Dang, never noticed that before. Probably because it’s removed in the translated ver. It must be taken from RAW version. And, yeah, MAX is Hikki’s life. He’s probably getting it back from someone he deserved. But as I remember, in eps 11 it’s Yukino who gave him while he’s doing his job.

      Anyway, what’s whit those girls who has Hachiman’s face inside their baloon? Even Komachi do have.

  56. I wonder where they got the fact that Yuigahama was observing the Hachiman reaction when found out about the chocolates who Yukino gave to Hayato since Hachiman is the narrator of the story and the way he was he couldn’t realize Yuigahama observing him, but had some other reactions as pissed off Haruno after the rom-com of Yukino and Hachiman atmosphere but for that I can find a logical answer, but for Yuigahama not exactly. I think maybe the Hachiman reactions observed by Yuigahama can be used by her to point something in the future.

    (Maybe I’m thinking so much about it!)

    • Yep, because the LN’s point of view is Hachiman’s.
      It’d be awkward if he observes all the reactions though…

      But since this is anime, maybe we got special third person’s point of view for these 2 episodes (and maybe Yui’s monologue in the end is anime-only, perhaps?)

  57. while yukino unconciously trying to make hachiman close to her, yui subtlely? try to get hachiman acknowledge her.

    both of them want hachiman for their own.they’re not being honest with themselves.

    haruno is right.its really sinister.

  58. Hachiman is the most sinister of all… he knows whats happening, he knows the bad ending, he can’t do a thing (not right now… we need more intervetions from sensei) and that’s so scary (it’s awesome how that’s a drop of sweat everything sh*t gets real, come on man, do something already, stop thinking). I loved the way he sees that haruno also can reads between the lines and that’s what makes haruno so complex and wonderful (also a bitch). But i get the feeling that will be a happy ending for him… he will choose or just take some steps foward with all of them… coz he’s the best worst MC.

  59. So haruna didn’t like the “friendzone” or “harem” path, will i don’t blame her cus it is so boring.

    She want from him to move and pick a girlfriend or not ignoring their feeling.

    BUT i love yukino and yui they are having a good personality, not annoying and not hateful that make me wish them die.

    So i don’t like the idea that one of them will be hurt. 💔😑


    P. S 2 : BAD ENGLISH,,,, SORRY 🙏

  60. swear to god if they just spoiled the juicy bits from volume 11 and left behind some fillers for the LN, I’m going to be angry. maybe it’s because I already read up to volume 10 in the LN, but none of the episodes other than 9 hit me as hard as this one.

    Haruno’s a cold realist, living the world of black and whites. You can tell why she used to be a pupil of hiratska sensei’s, it’s because she doesn’t have very meaningful relationships of her own. No doubt a person with so many facades is tired and is looking for something genuine herself/ or is very cynical (jaded) such that she doesn’t believe in any genuine relationships.

    I think it’s ironic for her to say that the 3 have become ‘boring’, because their apprehension/ambivalence towards breaking their friendship vs. their love triangle is what is most interesting about them in the first place. I don’t know if that’s what you would call ‘boring’, more like ‘disappointing’ considering that they were all about cutting through the BS in the first place and now they’re tip toeing around each other, avoiding the obvious elephant in the room.

    But maybe they’d just rather be friends for now, rather than deal with ugly fallout if they were all to own up to their feelings. What if yui confesses and yukino holds back to let yui have him, and 8man rejects yui, and they all fall apart? This to me is the most likely scenario. For yui, she gets along with alot friends already, but for 8man and yukino, the club members are the only people they can even call ‘friends’

  61. Remember that Hachiman said he won’t get trapped in rom-com trap (Oregairu 1st eps)? So, I think the ending where Yukino and Yui walk away from each other is because: Yui had given up, letting Yukino go for Hachiman; but Hachiman can’t be in a lovey-dovey condition, he only wanted to befriend Yukino (in 1st season he tried twice but failed); both heartbroken Yui and Yukino walk away bearing one’s pain. So that’s it! Everyone’s getting far away, and the bear-wannabe Hachiman finally gets his solitude back, free from rom-com trap! Long live Hachiman!

    (sorry for bad English)

  62. I am sorry i am not bright, What is more sinister that Haruno mentions? , Why did she brings out the old valentine chocolate between Hayato and Yukino.?, why did she informs Yukino’s future plans to her mom?Is Haruno enemy of Hachiman?.What is the hidden meaning of this episode? i watched 4 times but still can’t graspe this meanings

    • about the chocolate …..she just wants them to stop letting the past take control over their actions …(also counter orimoto’s dialouge and importantly ….to tease yukino [elder siblings right!?] )
      she also wants them to stop using each other for their own comfort…(i know its kinda vague & contradicting……but for now it’s enough…vol11 will reveal more i guess )
      yukimom and haruno think yukino is changing herself to be with the hikki and yui (since they’re her only friends)
      yukimom was expecting yuki to take sciences i guess when she came consult about this….& when she saw yukino roaming at night with her friends she feels that she gone the wrong path…([parents right!?])
      Haruno sees that hikki,yui and pan-san are the only thing that makes yukino happy she wants to change that

    • @kon ill try to answer based on what I grasped about this episode

      Since both Haruno and Hachiman have kinda complicated pasts, they kinda have perverse views on things. Thus such people see dependence, and maybe attraction as sinister things not because of their positive ideals, but because of the pain they might bring (IMO).

      She brought out the old valentine chocolate between Hayato and Yukino I think because Orimoto said she might give Hachiman chocolate because she wanted to incite Hachiman and Yukino’s reaction

      She informed their mother of Yukino’s future plans because it might interfere with their mom’s plans for Yukino’s future (kinda get the feeling she’s letting Yukino run free for now cuz and I REALLY hope this isnt the case, an arranged marriage with Hayato is on the ropes

      Haruno’s kinda like what Hachiman wouldve been if not for the service club, bitter and friendless…Haruno’s a really complicated chick…I kinda get the feeling Haruno wants to test Hachiman and Yukino’s feelings for each other, she’s not really his enemy, much like a puppetmaster

      This episode highlights the new problem that has presented itself: Since Hachiman has touched Yukino and Yui’s hearts, what must he do to solve the problem all the while being true to themselves?

      Well that’s about it I guess

    • Okay i get you guys, but why is Haruno claiming the service club to be lame ? and also why are all them shocked?

    • 1.That more sinister is DEPENDENT or RELIANCE. Yukino in the past chased after Haruno’s shadow -> Now, she are chasing after 8man’s shadow. even worse when she thought its fine. Hmh, you should reread chapter 9 of vol 10. Spyro already answered it.
      2. She want to check 8man’s, Yukino’s and Yui’s reactions. Did you see that time? 8man, Yui, Yukino actually have the same reaction. And yep, Haruno knew the awkward between them when she mentioned something related to LOVE feelings or smt like that.
      3. For me, from the beginning, Yukimom told Haruno to ask Yukino’s career path. And its make sense when she asked 8man and got the answer. She cameback and reported it to her mother. It’s a Yukimom’s demand and she can’t decline it.
      4. Not yet, we still don’t know what is her true meaning behind all of her actions. Ally or Foe. None of us knew that. I’m just assuming, she always play the bad person role to help Hachiman but somewhere in her mind, she did it for her own purpose ( not revealed yet ).
      5. Maybe the personality image of each person?

    • sometimes if you really want to prtoect someone thats really dear to you, you are willing to stack on anything and do whats necessary to the point of willing to be seen as a villain. maybe she was trying to protect her sister from becoming a puppet like her and hayama.

    • Perceptive as she is, but i still don’t think Haruno is right about the “more sinister” thing. If we accept that she means reliance or dependance. I still think that Yukino is in love with Hachiman at that point, but she probably does not fully understand it. But when one is in love it is only natural to rely on the other and to expect to be relied upon. That’s probably the lonely and cynical soul that Haruno is does not understand. Though probably the overreliance of the young Yukino is the reason Haruno can’t get herself to trust and rely on others, and that’s why she is really friendless, though she has many acquaintances. I think that a big hint about that is perpetual comments in the last books by Hachiman about Haruno’s free time.

    • that’s what the LN is for….i bet she purposely brought up that choco topic so that hayama would see that she wasn’t the same judgmental prick like before

    • Not so sure about your point. I think Hayama might not really be on her radar anymore. But neither is Hachiman. It’s more like she sometimes says to him that he is funny, at least in her eyes.

      You must understand that she has a widely different picture of Hachiman than the rest of the cast. And that causes a gap moe, so to speak.

    • @FightingFurball, kaori once mentioned in LN that it might be difficult for her to see Hayato again after the date, but there doesn’t seems to be any reaction of neither Hayama or Kaori in the anime

    • Yes, I know but she most likely doesn’t consider him an romantic interest anymore. It’s more like they went from each other in anger and it is awkward to get together and act like everything is fine.

  63. Where I can watch the broadcast of Oregairu there any site or something? And what day and time it happens?

    (Since I never had time to watch the broadcast maybe this week I have time to watch!)

    • Now i get it, that’s why Yuigahama likes Hachiman, and that Y. initial Hayama likes…

      And maybe the next vol. is about Yuigaham story about her past, and why she likes Hachiman.
      The only thing that missing in here is Yuigahama past, i mean a story of her

      Maybe some of you will ask why i said that….
      Watch the season 1 you will find something about Rumi scene, and why Hayama force to solve that proplem

      And maybe some of you maybe think that was Yukinoshita past.

    • Animeultma….if you want the subbed version…. raw broadcast…you get via torrents i think…

    • Well, if this show ( LN too ) based on Real Life then 100% no happy ending for them.
      The world where no one get hurt nonexist.

    • um but for me, i think 2 girls will confess to 8man at the same time and the scene will stop just that. (about 8man’s answer will be revealed in …….

      ah, but LN will be released before anime last episode, right? so we would….wait!!

    • @Shira
      Wataru Watari, I believe, stated that there wouldn’t be an anime original ending. If there is a volume 12, this means that the next episode is most likely going to be a cliffhanger. Not a happy ending, exactly, but not miserable either.

      There are happy endings for people in real life, just not for everyone. Yukinoshita and Hachiman accepting the fact they have feelings for each-other and Yui making the choice to step to the sidelines would still be a realistic ending. I think there are plenty of users on here who can vouch for the fact that despite the odds, not everyone’s life is set to the course of a tragic, lonely hikikomori. Hachiman, Yukinoshita, and Yui are three genuinely kind and within the context of anime, attractive individuals. The former two also happen to be pretty damn smart, while the third is easily one of the most socially aware characters in anime. If anything, it’d be 100% unrealistic if this turned out to be a bad end for all of them.

  64. I think that confession will be in the middle of the episode or more later, and the episode will end with something more impactant giving a start to a sequel with something dramatic. Or maybe not.

    I hope that the feelings of Yuigahama be clarified in this volume and finished in the same.
    I just think it would be strange if they did not show a response to her feelings at the end after the release of LN. (If has a confession)

    I’ll have fun seeing people in the forum saying: accepted or declined soon after the episode had finished! (according with the answer)

  65. Haruno is my fav I hope she ends up with 8man but I think yukino needs 8man a lot and in a lot of ways but after the last episode yui yui yui yui yui yui yui my heart so in 😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍

  66. I believe there will not be any confession of love by yui and yukino, because vol 11,5 chapter 2-3 take place after vol 11

    • I think you meant say vol.10.5
      No, it was already confirmed that the vol.10.5 happened before vol.11

  67. This is just my theory about what I expect to happen in the last episode,
    When Hachiman is aware that both Yukino and Yui has feelings for him and because of that they are not being honest with themselves, he will be the one to solve the problem or he will not be able to find the ‘genuine’ thing that he seek if they are not being true to themselves. So it got me thinking that in order to solve this problem, he will end up sacrificing himself like what he usually did in the past (using his old methods) because both Yukino and Yui are a lot closer to each other compare to him so both of them can survive as long they have each other. He may do something that will make both of them hate him ONLY (misunderstand him through his methods) w/o damaging the relationship between Yui and Yukino, and thus back to his old life (being a loner). This is because he already knew that all these things will end one day and he just speed up the process. And maybe through the suffering, he will achieve what he called as genuine; as long as people close to him are happy, then he will also be happy even though they might end up hating him. (refer to what Hiratsuka sensei said to Hachiman; he can’t find the ‘genuine’ thing if there is no pain/suffering) I know some of you guys might be wondering if that was the case, then he has long got the genuine things through his old methods, but the different is that this time he is doing it for the sake of people close to him.
    Well, the sad Yui’s face might imply that she will be the only person who knew about Hachiman’s methods but can’t do anything at that time, thus ending the vol 11. (back in vol. 8, she was the only one who knew Hachiman’s methods of making Isshiki the president even though she was not involved in the plan). And then, if vol. 12 is the last vol. (hopefully not), everything will be resolved; this time Yukinoshita and Yui will be the one to save him and in the process, they will get the ‘genuine’ thing, their bonds become deeper, Hachiman will freed both Yukino and Haruno from their family circumstances and BAM! the harem party expanded and he will choose all of them, muehehehe.. (please forget the last part)
    This is just me ranting out of nowhere because I’m really excited to watch the last episode. Please go easy on me and sorry for the long post. And also sorry for the bad English.

    • nahh, its not always about hachiman making choices. plus when it comes to emotion hachiman cant up with any solutuion because its all new to him, plus these are 2 people thats close to him so theyll know if hachiman is using his method or not, and he already changed into something better and seeks genuine so if he goes back to the way he was using old methods and all, that genuine will be further and further from his reach. right now hes closer. just so yknow theres another person beside hachiman and haruno who notice the love triangle. that is yui. imo, yui will be the one thats making the choice and decide to move on from hachiman. she is the bridge of both loners yukino and hachiman. Yui always have friends around her while yukino and hachiman have non. She wants them to feel happiness for the first time in their lonely life so maybe just maybe she will give up on hachiman and just be his clubmate and a friend.

    • As @Mirza said, I don’t this will end in a traditional trope like fashion where the “hero” has to choose at the end. It’s been pretty clear these last few episodes that Yui is well aware of how Yukino and Hachiman are interacting, particularly because she was witness to their moment in the infirmary(her reaction in the Light Novel makes this all the more obvious. Volume 10, chapter 8 I believe). It is heavily implied that Yui will give up on Hachiman for the sake of Yukino, and even if she doesn’t, she will have serious misgivings on her actions.

      With no hate or rudeness intended, I think Hachiman resorting to his old methods to solve this “problem” would throw 10 volumes of development right into the gutter. The whole point of volume 7-9 was to address the idea of honesty and “genuine” approaches to friendship and relationships. Taking on this trouble alone and making himself a “sacrifice” of sorts would be the ultimate betrayal to the request he made to them, and thus, to himself. It would be a lie, a facade, and above all else the worst possible solution to the problem.

      I think you misinterpreted what Hiratsuka when she told Hikigaya that for something genuine to come into existence, there had to be pain/suffering. This doesn’t mean that Hikigaya will have to go through the pain of making up excuses, lying, and ultimately running from the true nature of the issue. The pain, if anything, will come from watching two people he care for struggling due to his existence. For a genuine relationship to occur between him and Yukinoshita, Yui must be hurt. And vice versa. In that process, Hachiman will be hurt as well. Under my interpretation, THAT would be the pain she spoke of, not the pain of lies, deception, and falacious logic that he’s been using as a crutch for so long.

    • @K lol thats what i said, instead of the hero hachiman always making the choices, it will be yui the one who makes the choice and give up on her feelings for hachiman and move on. hence cover of volume 11 yui looking back with a sad expression maybe before she face forward and move on

    • Ha, you got it right. Well it is just a theory, thanks for being considerate, much appreciated.
      If Yuigahama decided to give up on pursuing Hachiman in the next episode, I will be a bit disappointed. I’m kind of hoping she will pursue Hachiman and not try to be too considerate because it is quite depressing seeing her making that sad face when she try to smooth things over between Hachiman and Yukinoshita. Being a ‘bridge’ that connects Hachiman and Yukinoshita is not her only role. I really wish that she just go all out; taking that date offer, not the “Let me think about it”, accept Hachiman’s offer to walk her home and not the “I feel like that’d be unfair of me”, after that, confess to him and see how it turns out. If she still ends up being rejected by him, at the very least, she can be satisfied, though heartbroken, because she have tried her best. Not just give up on him because she is being considerate and one day, when she reminisced about the event, she will regret her actions of not taking up the offers/chances.. at least, she can be like “Oh well, I already tried my best, he just preferred Yukino over me and losing to my best friend is not that bad either.” (if this is what happened)
      And if it happened to be that Hachiman also has special feelings towards her (quite unlikely, only her chest part was being emphasized), and if she still wants to be considerate, she can just tell him that “I’m happy that you feel that way about me, but I’m not the one deserves that feeling.”
      But with that being said, whoever he choose to be with at the end (if the author decided to make it this way), I will still be satisfied since most of the characters in this LN are likeable.
      P/s: Did you guys remember the winner of the competition in the Service Club can demand anything from the loser? I hope this is not the key event that will affect the whole story at the end.
      *Girls really are complicated, be it either it is in this LN or in real life.

    • If Yuigahama were to keep going for Hachiman, then the game would change. Confession as such could bring quite an impact in friendship like that, if Hikigaya wishes to maintain their friendship though. It becomes a “whoever goes first wins” confession game. But whoever does it first, it matters to Hikigaya’s feelings toward their friendship and could possibly affect his decisions.Then again, it’s mere thoughts that crossed my mind, couldn’t say it any better. Guess I’ve been taken by this assumption-making trend, which is something that’s interesting about the serie. Well, I only wish to know what’s this “genuine” thing.

    • how I wish that to be true but the chance of that happening’s prolly 30-40% only…T.T

  68. I always felt that haruno is like the joker,…probably she really do care about yukino in general but in the end what she want is to having fun,..probably she has bad personal experience before (maybe love related) due to his family conditions, thus she likes to mess w/ anybody psychologically as a way to laugh at the reality she live in,…honestly hachiman and yukino have zero chance againts her without yui’s help,…because unlike the two, she has the least traumatic experience and she is the one who most capable to have faith in someone,…you can say that haruno herself is very cautious towards yui,…

    • After Volume 6, when during the Planning Committee Hikigaya put two and two together as Haruno was talking about “the presence of a mutual enemy bringing a group together” and Haruno stated that she “didn’t like when boys caught on”, I was pleased. In the back of my mind, Haruno’s actions thus far, one way or another and despite how she may feel about Yukino, have been to move her little sister towards growth.

      Until this episode. I’m going to see how it was handled in the Light Novel, but what she said this episode came straight out as bitchy and I can’t find meaning in it. I did noooot like her part in this episode.

  69. I still have doubts which love triangle he is aware if is Yukino –> Hachiman Hachiman –> Yukino
    C’mon, he’s kind of hard-headed when it comes to the feelings of others!

  70. lol so maybe that’s why Tamanawa was acting like such a self aggrandizing ass…

    at any rate it’s been an awesome second season…sure will miss waiting every week for a new episode of Oregairu…

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