Happy Birthday Yui!


All that Yui merchandise… Feels bad when your flat-chested Ice Queen is lacking in comparison. Yes, I would buy a Yukino version of the mirror board for $250 (which is like one bitcoin!).

By the way, the above picture is totally from my secret stash of pictures.


11 thoughts on “Happy Birthday Yui!

  1. You have a secret stash of pictures? Were they extra’s from the Light novels… from the special/limited editions? Share more dammit!!! Maybe in an organized ZIP we could download and enjoy?

    Damn Yui is hot… she’s really just pure sexiness at times… cute at others… gotta love the girl XD

    Thanks for the information XD

    And anyone that finds the images found on the merchandise… please share the links or images with us poor souls who desire more of her cute-sexiness 😛

  2. Great pic. Happy birthday Yui!
    Hmm yeah seems like Yui gets more merch. Well.. At least Yukino finally will get a scale figure made by Kotobukiya. Still waiting for the prototype. Hope it will be good. Gonna preorder as soon as it is available 🙂

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