Oregairu Zoku – Random Interview

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I think I saw a few people translate it already, but I figured I’d do my own version. Producer’s (not really sure what the reading for his name is) thoughts on how the story will wrap up in the anime; whether this is reflective of the story in the light novel is up for debate, however.


Q. This work depicts the wavering emotions of the protagonist and heroines wedged between the status quo and the development of love. In particular, Yuigahama Yui faces the dilemma of destroying the comfortable relationship in the Service Club should she decide to expose her feelings for Hachiman. Producer Ohama Shou, what is it that makes Yui so charming?

A. Yui’s love for Hachiman and her desire to cherish the Service Club’s relationship are her pure feelings and I feel that sweetness of hers is what makes her charming. In episode 13, she will take a single action, but where exactly this will take the “sweet Yui” due to those feelings is something you want to see.

Q. For the other heroine, Yukinoshita Yukino, her relationship with Hachiman is interesting as well. It’s clear that Yukino reacts sharply when she sees other girls approach Hachiman. But because she holds a special sympathy with Hachiman, that behavior clashes with her own expectations, leading to her disappointment. As a result, she derides herself for having expectations of Hachiman, a stranger to her.

A. I believe Yukino and Hachiman both had the mutual understanding that they were individuals who could stand on their own without the need to flock with others. They both empathized their value as individuals whereas the emotions of love were a separate matter. Starting from episode 11, the themes of love relationships and human relationships begin to intermingle.

Q. For Hachiman who tries to avoid love and for Yukino and Yui who have yet to do or grasp anything, will they obtain something important in the end?

A. The theme at the heart of the matter is what kind of relationship these three of the Service Club will form in the end. The “genuine thing” that Hachiman seeks for is no longer his own problem, and after moving Yukino and Yui’s heart, the both of them respectively face it as their own problem. And once they realize they are no longer able to maintain the status quo, they will give their own idea of “something like an answer.” The climax of the story will center on how the three of them will take that step forward.

Q. The finale will be something you can’t avoid feeling painful about, so look forward to it.


168 thoughts on “Oregairu Zoku – Random Interview

  1. Thanks for your hard work Excorcism.

    We ger confirmation that Yui will make some sort of move in the final episode and that “The finale will be something you can’t avoid feeling painful about, so look forward to it.”

    Ominous indeed.

    • I believe the move will be Yui sacrificing her desires and being one to lead Yukino to romantic relationship. Note not a confession, a “move”

  2. i knew it
    His teen romantic comedy is as wrong as we expected

    Guess maybe we’ll see the friend relationships in the end

  3. If I had known you were going to translate it, I never would have attempted it. Well, your translation is better than mine (then again, I am incompetent), and I can see where are the mistakes I made. Sigh.

    I feel so ashamed of myself for ever attempting it. Ouch.

    • if you feel so bad, then all you need to do is “practice hard till you die”.
      your feeling ashamed is simply a mistake as no one can reach perfection in one stroke.

    • by the way i recommend “montage” and “kindaichi” manga, if you ever feel like practicing.

  4. It seems like Yui will be rejected and heartbroken no wonder volume 11 cover looks so sad, so Yukino won’t pursue hachiman in consideration to her friend, leaving hachiman to be loveless in high school. Leaving hachiman to say: “my teen romantic comedy is wrong as expected……..”

    • Yukino already realise yuis feeling from the start yet she still pursue hachiman. So i doubt itll come to that

    • I doubt Yukino can handle and/or understand her own feelings very well. So she doesn’t know how to approach that subject.

  5. I don’t think yukinon is aware that Yui wants hachiman to be more than friends. Sure she’s normally logical but it seems like she is the dense type when it comes to matters of the heart. I bet she even considers her feelings for hachiman within the bounds of friendship and may not demand for more than that. Same for hachiman, I don’t think he is actually in love with anybody at the moment, but may allow himself to date someone just for the sake of his pursuit to something genuine, including the development of a love relationship.

  6. imaginations and assumptions gives me a headache so i dont wanna speculate what will happen, id rather just wait for ep to come. and just because the volume 11 cover is yui lookin sad doesnt mean the story will be as the cover, as the saying goes “dont judge the book by its cover” .

  7. Wow, thanks for the translation…

    That said, the anime doesn’t need to leave a clear end and should instead end similarly to the first season, everybody caring for each other, yet allowing us to see it off with a laugh.

  8. This reinforces the fact that it will be a loner ending without any romance between the characters. IMO, i was really hoping for a YukiHachi ending… Hopefully volume 12 is not the last volune and show us the true outcome of their romance story.

  9. “The finale will be something you can’t avoid feeling painful about, so look forward to it.”


    • I really don’t want it to have a drama tag. Oregairu is a romantic-comedy, now you can’t say that anymore.
      Now the anime becomes dramatic-not-really-comedy with sudden end and many things unsolved.

    • After re-watching the first season, I can relate to that. Damn, this season.. it’s like a twist in their story

    • After re-watching the first seasom, I can relate to that. Damn, this season… it’s like a twist in their story

  10. I thought Hayama liked Yui, and that Yui would be with him instead of Hachiman.
    Then Hachiman and Yukinoshita could be together forever. :l

  11. I had a bad feeling about this… Yui may perhaps get rejected by Hachiman or maybe, she asks what does Hachiman feel about Yukino. I don’t know… but Yui, going to do a single move at the last episode, is something painful; that something bad might happen.

    However, the anime will somehow end like they’ll stay as friends, a relationship that is something genuine. I don’t want a ending like that. I want Hachiman to choose a girl, or at least he realizes that he likes someone (between Yui or Yukino) but would still remains as friends. That’s some ending I want. It doesn’t matter if he doesn’t get a girlfriend, I just want his feelings!

    Well, I want him together with Yukino though. Haha. But, I just want his feelings clear. It seems like he has feelings for Yukino, based on what he was thinking through out volume ten whenever she’s with Yukino. Ah~ still, can’t wait for the next episodes.

  12. yahari na. all is hachiman fault for stalling his answer. its gonna bittersweet. damn i got q mixed feelings about this series…

  13. I like hachiman choose one of girls(Yui or Yukino). But, it will be little more painful to see heartbroken Yui than Yukino. So in the end of light novel, i hope Yui ends up with Hachiman.

    • In the LNs, When Hikki says something or thinking about something, the opposite of that happens.
      For example:
      1. Him always saying and being proud as a loner. (Not anymore because obviously whether he likes or not, he has friends now.)

      The infamous, “To work is to lose”… (If the service club has an ongoing request, Hikki is like workhorse)

      And for the third one, i hope the opposite of this comes true, “I hate nice girls”. 🙂
      So hoping for Hikki to fall in love & end up with Yui. 🙂
      ( Yukinon can have the anime ending, Iroha/Saki for the manga, Yui for the LN)

      XD (well Yui + trifecta, would be too awesome and my Kokoro might do a doki-doki burst!!!)

    • So, let’s drag Hachiman in the GUILTY TRIP ?
      This is SOOOOOOOOO romantic, ne -_______-””” ????

    • Yui being heart broken is the more logical choice. If Yukino gets rejected, it will be an inconsistency in Hachiman’s judgement. Yui is a collosal dunce, Hachiman never respected her intellect. If he had to choose between the perfect Yukino and the common brained big busted girl? Then we already know which choice is consistent with Hachiman’s reasoning. Dumping the best for the average is unfair and a huge lie. I will be utterly disappointed if the writer chooses Yui. He might as well just leave Hachiman without a gf and stay with his siscon tendencies.

  14. I love how this series never strays from real events, never goes for ideal results, all the while giving you an uneasy jarring feeling yet you cant force yourself to stop following it…

  15. Other than the romance aspects of the story, I would also like to see whether if Yuigahama will be able to disprove Haruno’s view that female friends of Yukino will eventually leave her due to ”reasons” from the matsuri in volume 5. I hope she does. Sorry for my bad english.

  16. So anime original ending? Interesting. Would this mean that Oregairu wouldn’t get a third season, because of continuity issues? Huh.

  17. This is not a harem LN, So there won’t be an open ending. Sadly LN 11 will deal with the friendship b/w YUI and YUKINO. Probably LN 12 will be the last one, The way its going and i can sense there will be a marriage affair b/w hayama and yukino. And judging by the interview experience. we have to prepare for the worst

    • If that really happen, I feel so sad about muira yumiko, she is the girl who always close with hayama, its proved in episode 11 oregairu zoku, also if that really happen, that mean yukino is “sacrifice” of loyalty slave of hayama family’s, that would be sad either.

    • there is no love between hayama n yukino. they are just puppets of their family. their family wanted a long lasting relationship thats why those two are the candidates. both their parents have been controlling their future and life and thats where hachiman have to save them

    • yes she did, the reason for her request “help me someday okay?” is because she knew whats coming of her unavoidable future which is an arrange marriage between hayama and yukino probably. rich people usually do arrange marriage maintaining their status quo. all 3 haruno hayama and yukino are nothing but puppet by their parents and all hachiman has to do is cut those strings and set them free from it. he needs more than words to convince their parents

    • And 1 more thing in Oregairu zoku episode 9, When there buying a merch for komachi, Hachiman said to Yui well someday… i guess its about them going out

    • “Going out” I guess that mean thay plan to visit new other park than Destiny land, nothing big deal.

    • WHY ALL RICH GIRLS IN ANY ANIME MUST HAVE “THE ENGAGEMENT” EVENT, maaan that is so boring event now, they don’t have any new idea

    • For the same reasons royalty did it.
      Maintaining relationships is easier this way.
      Also you would want to avoid getting some nitwit village idiot or leech in the family because of your children fancies it which could threaten your financial wellbeing.

      The parents most likely don’t see it as using them either but to keep them from making mistakes.

  18. I will be pissed if Hikitani didn’t end up with anyone. IDRC if it’s Yui or Yukinon (though I very much preffer Yukinon). Just want to see further romantic development between Hikitani and whoever he chooses. This is a romantic film afterall. And I won’t buy the crap “It’s better if we all stay as we were ’cause I don’t wanna ruin our friendship” kind-of-thing. It would seem like maintaning the status quo. Which isn’t like Hikitani at all.

    • This anime despite it’s title is not about romantic developments actually but more about facing traumas and themselves.

  19. its LN unrelated i hope so my feelings are safe. and btw hachiman should really do choose, to want happiness is to be selfish. he has given everybody enough so isnt it about time he deserve some happiness? yes.

    • its not confirmed its not LN related……
      the sudden news episode 12 &13 will have vol11’ish content
      the sudden delay in LN vol11 release date
      this interview

      i FEEL something unexpected is going to happen

    • well there’s nothing such as wrong or right in the anime industry…
      episode 12 comes out this friday
      then LN on 24th
      then EP 13 on 26th

      so i guess it wont spoil much….(it may even enhance the reading experience of the LN)

    • Yes, and that’s Hachiman and Yukino. Frankly, I only read the LN, manga and watched the anime because of Yukino and Hachiman’s characters.

  20. this is how i want to go
    episode 13
    last 10 seconds of the Ep
    in clubroom only hikki and yui present
    Yui ready to confess
    Yui fidgeting in front of hachiman

    “I Lo-”
    Screen fades out to black
    sound of someone suddenly sliding open the clubroom door

    text appears
    “Read LN find out what happens next”

    • yes she does….the s2 anime yukino that is…
      in LN hikki has compared yuknio to totsuka once
      LN yukino (as you can see on your left ,doesn’t have anything great)

  21. What if Anime hikki ends up with Yui and LN hikki ends up with Yukino…..
    (something like this once happened in a manga to anime adaption where there were two girls ,one childhood friend who loves main character and another girl who had lots of romantic events the main character… )

    • That would be pretty cool but if I am not mistaken also has oregairu manga and he’s still at the beginning (I think) can enter in the Yui Route while the Anime and LN have more things to finish with Yukino or just friendship, Yui also has good chances but I think it would be strange break up with her I wish she gets up with the manga with its own history (correct me if I’m wrong).

    • Manga is just an adaptation of the LN…..
      as of May 16 2015
      manga has just reached the part where hikki tells yui she doesn’t need to worry about him(after the he finds out yui was the owner of the dog)
      so too soon to make any decisions about the manga…

    • The Vita has all kinds of routes, one of them with sensei 🙂

      So what I mean is…

      We really should consider Sensei as true ending since it is the only one with a marriage ending!

  22. I just don’t know what’s think about it! Only waiting the Vol. 11 and Ep 12 and 13 releases is already painful 😦
    I wish the end of the anime is just a preview and if it is an original end I would like him to stay with Yukino after all I am Hikki x Yukinon ship
    (I have nothing against Yuigahama and I appreciate what she does and she was the bond that united the two basically and I really do not want her to become a wall between the two) <- Just my opinion!

    But this action of Yui in the end I wonder what this could be! I already thought to the possibility of this anime still be a preview who end up to the confession of Yui and there shows she being rejected x2 in the anime as in Vol. 11 would be shocking or funny (not exactly this last)
    I want a couple but not ruin their friendship but if they want to know the genuine feelings of each other this can be possible without ruining the friendship and I don’t want the reason for Yui had entered the club only because he found a way to get closer with the person who saved your dog (I don’t even like to think of this possibility!)

  23. Well, i Think 8man will do something that keep the relationship between him, yukino and yui unchanged…… after all the volume 11 synopsis said
    “If you avert your eyes from what’s genuine, maybe this time could go on forever”, or something like that, and i don’t think yahari LN will end on vol11, so their relationship will be settled on later volume……, i think

  24. So sad, 2 more episodes and you could no longer see them in action anymore. They probably stop making anymore oregairu anime.

  25. What if we are reading a bit too much in that last sentence? What if the actual meaning is that it is painful to end a good film or book and not that the ending will be painful? It is still a comedy, right? It must not have a painful ending!

    • hhhhmmmmm….you have taken a positive outlook on this situation……
      but yeah….it wont be a bad ending i guess…it maybe sad though

      FEEL studio has abandoned the comedy element quite a lot….most of which were hikki’s mind dialogues ….
      this will be serious

    • “The only thing that’s positive is your positive thoughts. Too positive.” said Hachiman. But I can’t agree to disagree to you! Still nice point, lol

  26. I wonder if they’ll announce something about the end be original or a preview (with initials chapters) of Vol.11 when the episode 12 be released. Since we cannot compare the events.

  27. やっぱりヒッキーは最終的に誰とも付き合わないって推測してる人が多いね。いつか壊れてしまう関係については何度か小説のなかで言及されてるからそうなってもおかしくはないけど。そして何年後かに奉仕部のメンバーで再会・・・物凄くほろ苦い終わり方で個人的には嫌だけどありえそうかな。

  28. A harem ending where he dates all the girl he likes wouldn’t be bad either, unfortunately the setting of oregairu is modern day Japan where multiple wives is not permitted. I don’t want Yui or Yukino to be sad when one of them ends up losing the love war.

  29. it makes sense if it was a happy ending. they already did the climax on like 5 episodes til hachi says the genuine thing, so yeah, if its a sad ending tho, they should atleast go for a season 3 or ill go there and torture them 😡

    • ikr. after everything hes done for the people, he deserves a happiness for himself too. plus after what he said to the two about genuine, surely hes friendship with them should grow instead of being break so easily which is very non sense that if it would break so easily. just because its title is my youth is blablabla (yknow) doesnt mean it has to live up to it. yukino starting to open up to hachiman. id expect what they meant by painful is for the hachiyui fans, hachiman ends up sayin no but they are still on good terms and yui be like “oh well, atleast i got that off my back” .

    • hachiman deserves that much, idk why everyone expects a loner ending after everything whats happened. they should name the title, “my assumption about this anime is wrong unxpectedly” lol. why does everyone think, their relationship could be broken so easily like a toothpick after everything that has happened between those 3? as the connection between those 3 grows, when theres pain, there should be understandings if it just breaks like that, theres nothing genuine about those 3 relationships at all from the start. hachiman even well almost cried because he doesnt want it to end because those 2 are the tiny beacons of light in his dark life.

    • If the anime have an original end with a Loner ending they can continue with the LN instead, because it is the same thing!!

  30. Just thinking but a loner ending just for not ruin the friendship with each others sounds like a superficial thing! (It just make me remember the Hayama Group who wants to keep the current harmonious atmosphere of the group!) if they want something like a genuine friendship and how they think about each other they have to be able to accept the feelings of each other but it is not necessary to answer them .. cough Yui cough…
    It seems that the Hachiman is aware of anyone but his mind is so confused when it comes to feelings that he did not know how to act (Since he can not use logic to solve these problems) and this ends up confusing some readers
    But Watarin is making a great mystery about it when this LN be ended I’ll turn a new Sherlock Holmes

    • Well it’s not that their friendship is superficial, it’s just that for the girls its awkward to see your best friend dating the guy they like. They will surely drift apart to avoid the atmosphere and the club won’t exist anymore. Maybe in the future they can all move on, but their last days of High school will surely be bittersweet.

    • This is still Japan, so Harem End can’t be ruled out. I think we’re safe enough to not get a Komachi ending, because of the Oreimo backlash. If Hachiman makes Totsuka cry, then he would be better off getting stabbed. Also, holy fuck, they’re just in High school, not like they gotta figure out the rest of their lives before they graduate.

    • @animesquad7 again your letting word and title such as “bittersweet” and “youth romcom wrong as expected” manipulating the ending. non of these titles have to do with its ending. dont be so obsessive with titles and reality. reality maybe cruel and we assume that its doesnt end well, but this show is trying to prove that there is a bit of fairytales and happy endings even in reality.

    • Well it can be a “Toradora” ending – Yui sacrifices her feelings to Hachiman so both he and Yukinon can be happy with each other… and starts to date Totsuka for Hachimans horror.

  31. 平塚先生が八幡にいった言葉「お互いがお互いのことを思うからこそ、手に入らないものもある。けれど それは悲しむべきことじゃない たぶん誇るべきことなんだろうな」これってこの先の展開を暗示していると思うけど。

    • いいんじゃない?主人公もヘロインも物語りの展開ももう正統派外れてるし、最後はベタに終わるのを個人的に好きかな。まぁ、テーマとしては誰かが傷つくというのは仕方ないと思う。平塚先生の言葉にも筋が通るしな。

  32. What this really confirms is: we are gonna drop something crazy in the last episode, and the light novel is doing really well, so we think we can reach season 3.

  33. so, is it original ending? i mean, i don’t remember having yui making move in latest LN so far.
    well, no matter how will this season end, i’ll still cry because my number 1 show will end.

  34. So basically Houshibu members are undergoing the same state that Hayama’s group have been through(Tobecchi’s case). They ended up crushing their own club for laying their hands on it. And as for now, they need to solve the same problem, but rather than anyone’s, it’s their own right now! Well, it’s easy to help others, but helping yourself? We’ll see to that, Service Club.

  35. Hey maybe is the title is only the first hafe of a sentene or thought

    For ex:
    “My youth romantic comedy is wrong as expected….but my future does not have to be.”

    Which could imply he confess in the future and not in highschool during his youth.

    P.s there are alot of good yahari fanfiction you can read at fanfiction.com while ur waiting

  36. Guys. Notice the anime opening when Yui and Yukinon walks away with snow falling and all that? Could it be that’s what the ending would be? That Yui, Yukinon, and Hikki all have decided their paths? Looks like it won’t be pretty.

    • Yes i notice that. Even in a cruel reality word, there has to a fairytale happy endings. And they want to search for that fairytale in a reality word

    • No, I mean, the opening may imply something to the climax of the anime. If not, what’s the purpose of showing that scene?

    • Well said. Because that scene doesn’t look like it has nothing to do with the serie.
      And it’s been said in the OP that, something genuine is like a well-made fairy tail. Chances are far from possible

    • Part of 6.5 was the sports festival bonus episode. Part of 7.5 was the Marriage contest bonus episode. Most of the other bonus stories in those volumes have not been animated. The 6.5 Bonus track is the Christmas party, that might get animated, but it might be one of those bluray only episodes.

  37. What I read:
    “The finale will be something you can’t avoid feeling painful about, so look forward to it.”

    First thing in my mind:
    Love is a Beautiful Pain!

  38. It’s gonna be a painful ride. However, I wonder will Iroha and Saki add in the the spice for climax? 🙂 The anxiety…… 😦

    Bet Haruno will “play around”..sigh

    I’m more concern with LN ending though, if the anime is going to have original ending

  39. I find it weird that people are still expecting for Yui and Hachiman to be more than friends. I can be friends with the likes of Tobe and find him cute, call him dumb and stupid but I will never fall for him, someone whose mind I do not respect as equal or even better than mine is a no-go. To put it simply, it will be an insult to Hachiman’s intellect if he settles for the dumb booby girl.

    • I find it weirder for those who expect Hachiman to end up with any other besides the two. Okay, maybe Iroha. But even she got less spotlight than Yui and Yukinon.

      About Yui, though. I’m kinda rooting for Yuki, but there’s still a chance for Yui. Some of Hikki & Yui’s interactions pushed more development than Hikki & Yukinon’s. Mainly because Yui’s more physical (patting his hair, teasing with that dog puppet), while Yukinon’s all subtle.

      And people may prefer the opposites attract thing.

  40. ”In episode 13, she will take a single action, but where exactly this will take the «sweet Yui» due to those feelings is something you want to see.” The <> ?? Finally she is going to make a move! I don’t like Yukino for some reason.. :/

  41. “Q. The finale will be something you can’t avoid feeling painful about, so look forward to it.”

    This being regarded as a “Q.” aside. I… I don’t think I can handle this. I’m already dying inside as-is. I can’t avoid feeling painful about it? And I should look forward to being hurt? WHAT DO YOU TAKE ME FOR, A MASOCHIST?! T_T

    man, this final episode is probably going to be the end of me. I think I’ll just crawl into a hole and cry from PAD, lol. I know, I have problems. I need help.

  42. You will not regret reading!!! contains no spoilers, something to think about.

    Heart hurts for Yui as it seems like we know what the anime is doing Hikki + Yukino

    Yui’s demenour is always, and Hikki, all about hikki.

    I fell Yui is better in every way, personality, loyalty, commitment, effort in relationship, more innocent and honest, equal looks Yukino may be a slight bit better looking.

    Cant believe because the anime creates more heart warming moments for Yukinon which seems to be a setup for the bad news i think will be revealed which would normally let the 50/50 Yui/Yukino groups all fall to Yui, now however it will be all Yukino and her tragedy as is set up to make Yukino basically take the cake and whatever bad news may occur will just now be a “i hope it work out for hikki and Yuki instead” of seeing Yui as the better option she was all long.

    You can sense desperation from Yui, which is there because she can see she is sort of losing, its been a while and only saw latest eps but Yui has had hikki’s back more if i remember,she certainly has stronger feelings for him.

    As i myself wrote at times i learned that, most writers tend to forget that their characters sometimes take on a role of their own unintended by the writer, unfortunately a writer can do whatever they want , LOL if only the story could write itself.

    Maybe we will be surprised though, Poor Yui probably use to second place and now feels powerless against the girl with that “superior aura”, smarter, more cold towards hikki, and all the other wrong things, finally found something she wants to win and is desperately watching herself lose.

    Ihop are other people that see things deeper like myself, as in above episode, it was iconic that Yui was there with hikki watching the penguins but we see that hikki goes after Yukino, and then the fireworks where hikki and Yui standing there almost like a farewell flash back, damn not cool.

    Iwonder will little miss “on a pedestal” win as expected or miss knows it but dives fighting towards that “heart suicide”. I may re watch previous episodes to refresh but i think i caught everything pretty well.

    Or maybe im mistaken, hey its all possible. But id like hikki to stop being the doormat please stop making me want to not watch because of that lol that false confession to save some other group was a real loss of respect for the hikki.. but ill probably watch anyway.

  43. oh i forgot the other obvious thing that would be better than hikki not choosing Yui, is that he doesnt choose either, i know but for me those are the two preferred options because if Yui simply loses, i think ill erase the anime from my head.

  44. i apologize for multi posting but forgot to clarify as i have posted on more than 1 website, hikki doormat thing i understand these self sacrifices to achieve thing is part of hikki’s personality, but then there’s going to far, losing respect for the mc like that false confession, well at-least that how it made me feel. Thaught hikki was actually smart and calculating then that happened and i was thinking maybe hes stupid and is just one to take action imitating intelligence because that was too much.

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