Oregairu Zoku Episode 12 and 13 Synopses


Episode 12 – He still has yet to reach the answer he seeks and he continues to mistaken what’s genuine.
Valentine’s Day. Miura and Kawasaki visit the Service Club; former wants to give a present to Hayama and the latter wants to make chocolate for her little sister. Yukino teaches them how to cook and they invite said recipients to sample their food.

Episode 13 – Spring comes together under the piling snow and begins to bloom.
Haruno appears in front of the Service Club and states that she’ll be temporarily staying at Yukino’s apartment for a while.

Blub, blub, blub.


242 thoughts on “Oregairu Zoku Episode 12 and 13 Synopses

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    • this is not how i wanted it to be……. 😦 ….was expecting ova with this content before season 3……well season 3 wont be there….so …no probs…

    • Yumaol: There just would not be enough source material for a whole season 3. Maybe a movie but doubtful for season 3.

    • Pi_Lord: who knows? maybe the LN will go beyond volume 13 or 14, so in next 2-3 years there will be a lot of materials for Season 3 🙂

  1. … wait, so the anime staff is skipping 10 for now?

    And episodes, are these from volume 6.5 or the other shorts or are they originals?

    • Oregairu is lucky it got a second season….. if volume 12 is final…then this is the end…just like Sakrasou no pet or Haganai

    • yknow there are ridiculous anime that dont deserve a season 3. but why no to oregairu? i mean the show so far is okay, hell its been at the top of the charts plus LN sells is a success, so i dont see why theres no season 3

    • japan anime industry is ffffff’ed up dude…..all they think about is to make a season then keep selling different versions of it for 5-10 years …

    • better to say…the anime viewers of japan are messed up …they prefer that chibi/yuri/loli stuff compared to good anime….
      Light Novel adaptations are just used as promo for the LN….rather than a visual adaptation….

    • Volume 11 was released on 24th June 2015.

      So season 3 by this point will be 2-3 more years depending on how fast Watari came up with the story because there is no more source material left to adapt.

    • so this is volume 11……. no wonder they delayed it(LN release)…..did Feel hold Wataru-sensei hostage??
      FEEL-“Give us more content to make sure there will be no season 3”
      Wataru-sensei -“No”
      FEEL-“We’ll make filler bulshiit ending and make you adapt it like Oreimo…”
      Wataru-sensei -“Take this vol11 draft leave oregairu alone”

    • Not possible here. After all the rushing and cutting, Feel would need to be at least as much as an idiot as you to ask for more content.

      And that doesn’t necessarily mean no season 3 either.

  2. my impression about season 2:

    Zaimokuza Yoshiteru is the most pitiful character in the whole Light Unovels

  3. The worst would probably be that they made an bull-sheet ending (just like Akame ga kill) and be done with it. No longer Oregairu anime. You want to know more, buy the LN.

  4. Believing that Volume 11 on wards will be reserved for Season 3. (No Dreams Only Tears Now) . 😀 Well time to man up and get over these. I believe Watari Wataru has more in stored for us on the upcoming volumes to adopted for season 3. But I do wonder —- what explicit reason does Haruno has on staing with her lil’ sister Haruno for a while?
    [a] Something not good happened in the Yukinoshita Household forcing her to leaver for a while
    [b] She just misses her lil’ sister

    “We need LOGICAL THINKING when we LOGICAL THINK this stuff.”

  5. Why… just why? Won’t this hard-press Watari to either extend the story or face no season 3? Won’t that mean he’ll be forced to listen to bullshit publishers? Please… I don’t want another Haganai… or Oreimo…

    • the main reason there arent any good adpatation of LN is because the writers get no profit out of it….its just a promo for their LN from their point of view….but for us(non jap community) ..its LN adaptation to anime form

    • it might need more than 52 episodes (like famous many manga/LN).

      If they intend to do anime to cover whole of the LN, I’m super looking forward to that!!

  6. I’m so glad that I’m gonna be one of those “I’ve read the novel and it’s way better than the already awesome anime!” people… Hopefully, volume 11 gets translated without problems…

  7. Do not listen to this Vengence kid and his ridiculous theories on how there will be no season 3. No one has confirmed that volume 12 is the last and its pure speculation and premature to talk about if a new season is coming or not. It’s completely disrespectful and highly immature to presents assumptions as facts.

    • hehehe…….. the person who would be most happy if the “vengence kid” is wrong is ME!!! lol
      just talking from experience
      children problem from another world
      all have just dried out …not a single news about them….

      though yeah….some light novels go beyond 12 vol…..mahouka,blade dance…..

    • also i think publishers sign contract for just 12 volumes….
      so the writers plan in such a way that the story concludes at the 12th volume….
      if Wataru -sensei has planned to end it at 12 or if he is going full time on “Kuzu to Kinka no Qualidea” …
      12 might be final….

    • Taking from “experience” doesn’t automatically mean it is applicable on every situation. I give you a good analogy.

      When season 1 was finished, some people on MAI asked “Will there be a new season?” and people all came up with theories as to why Oregairu is unpopular, it didn’t sell well or back-then the light novel was ending. All ridiculous claims based upon the letdown that the anime is rushing and therefore you gotta be as pessimistic as you need to be about the future of the series in general.

      Fan-popularity, as an result of the success of Hachiman character, made this series getting its second season and from (non-light novel) reader reactions, a lot of people tend to enjoy this anime a lot and find it distinctive as opposed to the dumb harem social dynamics and antics from main characters we get bombarded by nowadays (Absolute Duo, Madan no ou to Vanadis, Infinite Stratos).

      If a light novel and anime have potential and are unique in its own way, along with the rapid increase of popularity both in Japan and world-wide, this series is bound to continue because both consumer-wise and business-wise, that’s the best thing for both party’s. Therefore, don’t believe those damnable doomsayers and pessimists like Vengence.

    • If its not something like WIT-studio or SHAFT i doubt it ….i mean its japan we’re talking about where most anime are just focused on viewers of the source (manga,LN)….

  8. Ep 13 synopsis sounds more like a cliffhanger than a finale. Season 3 confirmed? Unless you trollin’, obv…

  9. So vol 11 will fix yukino-haruno relation and vol 12 will be the final boss fight? Just speculating here.

    I wonder if we see watari’s complain about the workload on the afterword.

  10. the hell, with that way, season 3 will not exist and season 2 will shift (maybe a little, maybe more) from LN. does something genuine really exist in light novel adaptations?

    • this is not filler……it maybe a promo for vol11….light novel adaptations=light novel Promotion not so genuine though

    • You, I like your “genuine” reference. Does it exist, or not? Hikki will bring the answer…

  11. Spyro, someone is using your name on “a certain magical imageboard” to give false informations about YuI being the end girl. Please see.

  12. Welp episode 12 is just a filler and episode 13 will either be a dumb cliffhanger or just more filler. Honestly, if you were just gonna have a filler episode for the 12th ep, you should’ve adapted volume 10 better. But meh, whatever fills your pockets.

  13. i’m reading the comments and i’m worried and confused as well 😥 i need some explanation and clarification on these 3 things:
    1.what’s with the there’ll be no season 3?
    2. are episode 12&13 a promo/sneak peek of volume 11?
    3. is volume 11 the last one or volume 12 or it’s not decided yet, pretty sure i read somewhere volume 11 is the last one.

    me no likey but thank god they adapted the infirmary scene!

    • Its all speculation!!!
      IF vol 12 is final there wont be season 3 as there will not be enough content
      season one adapted like 6 volumes & season two from vol7 to vol10 …..
      if there was a plan for season 3 they could have easily adapted vol10 properly to end at the infirmary scene or marathon after-party scene OR atleast adapt vol 10.5….

      final volume not confirmed but usually most LN end at vol12 (that’s due to the contract with the publisher i think)

    • As far as I know, there’s still no confirmation which volume will be the last.
      What’s confirmed is that Oregairu is nearly entering its final stages as stated on the afterword in volume 9.

      It’s nearing not already, and the supposed final stages can be as long as the author wants them to be.
      Heck, maybe it can extend to vol 13,14,15 and so on.
      Be a little positive man, we still need some genuine things in this novel! XD

    • People thinking negatively. It’s just a lot of people felt the probability of no S3 is high.
      Maybe since they rush volume 10 in one ep
      it is all speculation, if no proof is posted with it. For example, proof like from magazines etc. And also, if volume 11 is last, volume 10 author’s notes should hv hints. But i don’t think there is.

      Lastly, Budget problems? Or encourage viewers to buy the LNs to read more on details about the story 🙂

  14. Haruno is staying at Yukino’s apartment..Hmmm I smell trouble. I doubt Yukino will be happy about this lol I can’t believe they are actually gonna animate vol 11 in the anime as well. Can’t wait for next week. Probably it will all rushed but oh well.. Can’t complain much.

    • this wont be rushed…as this is new content….it’ll be at the pace of episode 1,2,3..

  15. Oh man, they rushed things JUST FOR THIS. I swear, if this episode twelve and thirteen stories are related to the next volume, I’M GONNA BE SO DISAPPOINTED.

    • lol vengence if youre a fan of oregairu why are you easily not supporting for season 3? i mean no matter what facts, a fan will always support it and believes it no matter what

    • I’ll appologise !!! SORRY !!!!!Sheeeesh
      its not like i don’t want season 3 or anything……its just that my mind works that way……. and it has not yet failed me in terms of its logic…

    • vengence just doesn’t want to hold his hopes high as it may break his heart should what he feared turned out to be real…

  16. this season are rush too much, I’m not enjoy about this at all. If they’re not afraid novel will not sell well and do ss2 not rush but full time instead. I ‘m sure novel will make super profit anyway.

    do anime for LN promotion only is not fun at all, such depressed.

    • urusai Im the real oregairu GOD i can predict the future of oregairu and how wataru think! (. Y .)

  17. oh come on folks, the Haruno announcement could be teaser about spark that ignites the Higgi relationship gunpowder keg, could be epic romantic ending

  18. The topics doesn’t appear to be an end of Oregairu. basically it is an open ending,so season 3 is a must.maybe two years three years there gotta be season 3!!!!!!!!!. o well i just wanna know the end of it even through LN.

  19. No,no,no please, a totally invented end? Shit man, well the only thing that I hope is: yen press don´t take this novel untill the end, I wanna read the final in short time, no in a decade.

    • it’s possible 🙂
      to be honest I think Haruno really likes Hikki 🙂
      also I think she is lonely 😦

    • @Fightingfurball, I think so too. In her state right now, she would super be lonely because she alone face to the pressure from her family and right now no one willing to save her.

      I also think she expect certain person to see the real of her too (she mentioned this in ss2 ep 11).

    • I think it’s more than just temporary.
      She has even higher stats than Hayama and Yukino and is often surrounded by what Hikki called followers (in Yukinos case – temple visit – field trip). She doesn’t even has one friend (which is normally define as someone you are friendly with which is on an equal level to you). That is why Hikki normally meets her alone.
      She doesn’t like her mother (at least that’s what I take away from some of her dialogue), her sister actively avoids her and Hayama is normally also very reserved with her.
      So she is most likely even more isolated than Yukino and even Hayama.

      Then we had the Orimoto date where before Hikki met Haruno beforehand in the cafe, where she said she wouldn’t fuck with it because she already meddled too much so not to annoy him further. And Hikki actually told her that it is OK if she wants to do something. To that she reacted to put it lightly – surprised.
      So here we have a guy who knows how she really is and he actually told her that it’s OK to like she wants to. And let’s be honest here, most likely never has someone really told her this considering how she reacted to it.

    • @FightingFurball, I noticed that moment in cafe too. Haruno started seeing him as her equal (Hayama wants 8man to be his equal too but still need 8man’s determination).

      I think Haruno arranged that double date for 2 purposes (1. is to match Hayama with Orimoto or her another friend ) but I don’t know her another purpose since she seems said Hayama ruined her parade (ruined what then?).

      Haruno likes mentioning 8man whenever he is with some girl (such as Yui) that he have date?. I think this are small signs that shows Haruno would has some feeling to him. (eg. in firework festival, I think it’s weird that she pulls his ear because she saw he is dating with Yui. It’s not necessary to punish him because 8man should be dating with Yukino instead. So I point a question why she punishes him.)

      Could it be……. she is jealous to him?

    • I think Harunos set up Orimotos date for another reason. She saw how Hikki reacted to her and she knew that he had some sort of emotional trauma regarding relationships. So she most likely forced him to confront that trauma to eventually overcome it. Because only then would he be fit to engage in a relationship with anyone.

  20. i think Haruno escapes from big problem at her home (maybe arranged marriage with Hayama) and it would be the first time she will show her sadness and weakness in front of Yukino. After that, Yukino started show her determination to help her sister with all her might this time. Yukino might consult 8man & Yui to form a big plan for saving Haruno.

    Hayama who be tied with arranged marriage don’t want adult to force them like that & this time he will do anything to save Haruno (via 8man’s plan).

    ํYukino & Hayama confront their family with everything they get to stop this marriage. After this, the problem is solved , Yukino & Hayama can save Haruno and they become good friends again. Yukino shows “genuine” that Haruno & 8man don’t have.

    8man & yui (who cheer on them all the time) are super happy with their success. Yukino wants 8man to be her “friend”.


    how about this?

    • its Karage’s preffered ending……so i wont change anything…..
      for me yukixhachi all the way…

    • bruh really? worst ending ever. to me yui is the bridge of hachiman and yukinon. besides dont normally girls who are in love at the very beginning dont get the boys in the end? eventhough yuis heart might break but shell understand plus yukinon was alone always and yui wnts hachiman to be the one to save her from that loneliness because the only one who cn understand yukinons complex mind is the monster logic himself, hachiman. the ending will probably take around when theyre third years, hachiman and yukinon retired from service club because theyre a couple now and all their problem solved…hachimans successful in changing himself to a better man and yukinon breaking out of her shell, yuigahama yet still friends with the couple and three of them are in the same third year class also she will be president of the service club and stay because she wants to help people that are having the same experience like yukinon and hachiman had, and trying her best to continue understand people like them with a smile 🙂 what yall think?


    • I hope you are talking about the ending of anime not the story. The only thing that makes me feel that marriage is possible is the Haruno’s ring on volume 10.

    • @Karage That makes sense… But if they are going to stop Haruno’s engagement to Hayama(Haruno wore a ring in the cover of Volume 10 as possible proof) then who will be engaged to Hayama? Yukino? Maybe or surely, the two families want to connect through engagement and marriage of their children. Unless they pick other engagement partner from another rich business family.

    • What if the deal was yukino can live on her own till her day of marriage…..?(maybe hayama or not yet decided)
      i still cant see how her strict mother allowed her to stay on her own…and vol 11 looks into this

    • The Dad allowed her to stay on her own. The Mom tried to order otherwise and get her way like she usually does, but on this one thing the Dad would not change his mind. He probably took his daughter’s feelings into consideration, all Dads want to spoil their daughters, and he probably didn’t like the bad things that the social circles they were in were saying about her.

    • @Lucius Fox:
      There is something else.
      Yukino spend some time studying overseas and I don’t think that is something normal for a middle school girl.
      So I assume they send her away because of the shit that went down in the past in relation to Hayama. The shit most have gotten pretty serious… remember when Miura ‘attacked’ her in the club room and how hard her reaction was. This wasn’t something rare for her.

  21. I am so pissed right now… Volume 10 in one episode?! damn, I’m not hoping for a 3rd season. hell I might just stick to the LNs from now on.

  22. This is a weird turn of events. Instead of having side volumes taking up the space, we’re getting possible spoilers into volume 11. Not sure how to respond to this since we’re now entering the frontier of the Oregairu story.

    • Well it’s most likely Vol 11 which considering the production schedule should already be finished and edited as printing and distribution takes time. So fears of Watari forced to adapt the anime setting is pretty much Nil.

    • But that’s not the problem though. Its the fact that we’re getting spoilers of volume 11, and if its rushed, I’m going to have a different attitude when I read those scenes again but in more detail. Its like watching a movie before you read the original source material, and you get mixed reactions depending on which one you follow first.

      Plus Watari is the author so there’s no chance of him ever doing that.

    • Well, most people here most likely started reading the series because of the Season 1 anime, I would recon.
      So it shouldn’t be to far from that situation.

  23. Hmm..well maybe that a spoiler for vol 11, so season 3 can start at vol 11 event. even some absurd anime get another season why not oregairu? unless there was problem with watari and the studio.

  24. That episode 13 sounds like possibilities for a continuation in some form. But still, the entire volume 10 in 1 episode. Isn’t that the cruel and unusual?

  25. prolly an upside to this: we wont know if the anime will be rushed or not until we read vol.11…then again an entire volume in 2 episodes is almost certainly rushed…>.>

    • maybe its not entire vol 11 ?….maybe its just a cliffhanger or promo to make everyone who watches it to buy the LN..(they delayed the LN so people won t read it firsthand…)

  26. I don’t think that these episodes will be from volume 11, they might as well be fillers. Would it be really a smart idea to spoil the book for the sake of the last two episodes of the anime? But if thats the case, I’m not complaining since I’ll still read the book for more detailed content.

  27. nothing’s been confirmed yet. why the hell are people keep telling this is the end and no season 3. Im really annoyed.

    • not possible…….. they didnt add the Keika scene …..that was one of the main Saki scene…so ..it will most likely be just tsundere saki

    • no, i think he meant the ship teasing of sachi(sakixhachi) that can be only found in the novels will take flight in the anime, but on a different area since it’s an “anime original”.

  28. I think Yuigahama will step up on the entire volume 11. Most of the content of volume 11 would probably be valentines day, white day and end of semester(spring). From what I observed on the previous volumes, Yuigahama seems starting to sense a development between HikixYukino so she might probably make some action toward hachiman. Im even sure that Yui saw or heard the whole infirmary scene since on anime she has a worried expression when hiki suddenly opened the door.

    • or more likely jealousy since hikigaya start to ask yukino personal question on the other hand hiki never tried to ask yui anything about herself

    • Yui’s face on the cover tells some sad thing are about to happen

      which year is hikki & team in?
      and how many years course are they doing?

    • I think they’re in 2nd year of high school and that said, after the 3rd they will probably be graduated from the school and go to universities. or become hikkikomori 😛

  29. Wild Haruno decides to disturb yukino 🙂 We can’t predict what Watari sensei plans to do, but we can see what he is doing here. Anyways, I have respect for him, being able to let readers continue to guess what is going to happen. Thanks Spyro-sama for translating and updating of news 🙂 My chinese is bad so I prefer reading your translated works before buying the chinese version LNs 🙂 Continue to live out your life 🙂

    • hahaha……
      its in japanese dude
      Korean and Japanese share a similar grammar structure that is completely different from Chinese. There are a lot of common words in the three languages, although they can be pronounced very differently. But then German and Portuguese have a lot of common words and they are very different languages.

    • Nope, I mean Chinese alright 🙂 Singapore kinokuniya store ships in Chinese and Japanese versions. However, my Japanese language are not that good so i buy chinese versions instead 🙂 So far i only buy till volume 9 though ._.

  30. In order for Hikki to save Haruno, he’ll have to ruin her for marriage. Or is that the plot of some doujin somewhere?

    • i doubt it’ll be that simple…….
      -changing their mothers mind-………now that’s a challenge hiikki can take

    • It would be in tone with the animes title, if the series actually ended with Hikki marrying Haruno and I guess no one really saw it coming 😀

  31. i think the main problem of yukino, haruno and hayama is adult arrangement. because many parents view their child as nothing but their pawns or to be more precise themselves and lead the same future as them. so its like a puppeteer and the puppet. thats why hachiman has to cut those strings and let those 3 make their own future instead of their parents controlling their life and their future

    • agree…
      hayama and haruno are ready to become puppets…..(as seen from their actions)
      while yukino dont want no part of it…

  32. Hey admin, just want to ask some advices on studying Kanjis. Because I need to learn and memorize 2000+ kanjis in less than 2 years. Memorizing the shape of each kanjis and meaning is not that hard but what makes it hard is remembering the readings
    (kun-yomi and on-yomi). So, i would love to hear to hear some advices how you study kanjis. Thanks in advance.

    • Yeah, man, 2000+. Even that’s only “regular” ones tho. If you’re going to university there’s more to it.

    • Yep, and I also don’t have any Japanese basic so it’s kinda tough plus calculations in science subject without a calculator, and the lecturers are all Japanese, speaking broken english in first year makes it even hardcore.

    • Man, that’s really tough going through all the kanjis and formulas at the same time 😛
      I can’t even move to number 100+th kanjis in RTK without forgetting what I’ve learned before.

    • Well, my way is to use the kanji instantly after you learned it. So, it’s hard to forget the common ones. But if you stopped using it for like 3 days, you might forget a stroke and it sucks. And I’m going to try refresh the kanjis I learned every weekend. Just to make sure didn’t forget about them.

    • Flashcards. Kanji on one side and readings on the other side. start with a handful and expand as you’re able to perfect them.

      And you’ll have to do them a few hours everyday if you intend on learning everything in 2 years.

    • totally depends on if volume 12 is final……if it continues like highschool DxD …then look forward to more seasons….

      i think it’ll continue ……i mean yukino has just started to appreciate hikki….its too early to end….but also they are going to be in final year of college….hope it doesn’t end once they graduate

    • dont get so annoyed easily bro……learn the ways of hikki….
      its just speculation that there wont be enough content for season 3 to adapt
      since FEEL studio is going out of their way to adapt an unreleased volume
      which would have normally been season 3 episode 1 content……
      why would they do this?!?
      maybe they know LN end is near so they’re adapting as much as possible
      maybe they want to increase LN vol11 sales…

  33. Another crappy LN adaptation(it was good at first but they just have to ruin it near the end.). Whatever… If this boosted sales for the LN, I can’t really complain I’d even praise them. Until then this is a crappy adaptation. 1/3rd crappy…

  34. I’ve been looking around and I found it!
    It seems some kind of interview … but I don’t understand Japanese 😦

    I found this in a japanese site

    • One more thing..(Or various)
      They cut some very important parts of the light novel that will leave a hole from episode 11
      for example:
      Yukino commenting that the Hayama would choose which way to go (liberal arts or sciences) based on her choice.
      Yukino commenting that her family wants a lasting relationship between the families(Hayama and Yukinoshita).

      This somehow reinforces the theory that the anime will end with “Anime Original ending”
      (There are some Japanese websites says that the end will be “Anime original ending” some of them have even published posts saying this.)

      For me, I want a Season 3 or a Movie but with these holes in the story is difficult but not impossible to cover.:)

    • @kamikuro still, its feels first time animating oregairu. i dont want it to end 😦 perhaps, episode 13 when haruno is staying with yukino, maybe those holes will be filled in the last ep. i still believe and hope for season 3 🙂

    • Wait, wrong assumption. I guess they’re talking about episode 11 and 13. Not the volumes

    • This work displays the realistic development of the love and their shaky feelings/emotions between the protagonist and the heroines as well as their attempts to maintain the current situation. Despite this, Yuigahama Yui wishes to convey her feelings to Hikigaya Hachiman, but she is caught in a dilemma because she doesn’t want to destroy the current relationship of the Service Club. Producer Obama Takumi, what’s appealing about Yui?

      “Yui treasures both her love toward Hachiman and the relationship of the Service Club, and these thoughts are pure, and her attempts to maintain that is what I think makes her attractive. Yui will undertake a single action in the 13th episode, and because of this, we will see where this takes the ‘Yui who wants to maintain right now’ to.”

      The other heroine, Yukinoshita Yukino, has an interesting relationship with Hachiman. It is getting clear that Yukino is getting conscious of Hachiman, and she reacts sharply whenever she sees other girls getting close to him. But because she holds special sympathy for him, she is disappointed that her own expectations is different from that action. In the end, having expectations of someone else like Hachiman results in her being self-derisive.

      “I think Yukino and Hachiman mutually recognize each other as people who do not group together and stand alone on their own. Firstly, apart from romantic relationships, the value of humans lie in their empathy for each other. I think Episode 11 and thereafter shows that human relationships and romantic relationships are things that go with each other.”

      Hachiman, who avoids romantic relationships, and Yukino and Yui who do nothing or takes nothing. Will they obtain anything important?

      “We will be wrapping up and focusing at the very end on what kind of relationship was borne between the 3 people of the Service Club. The ‘real thing’ that Hachiman seeks and requests for, is no longer a problem solely of his concern, but has begun to move Yui and Yukino, who each respectively faces the same question in their own way. And when the time comes when the 3 people realize that there is no longer a need to maintain the current situation, each of them will think on their own and come out with ‘something resembling an answer’. The 3 of them will take their own step forward, and this will become the climax.”

      The last will be inevitable agony. By all means, please look forward to it.

    • Wow … That’s amazing. Anyway, thank you for translating this, but it only makes me more curious about the end!
      (I’d like read opinions of others about this!) 🙂

  35. i know reality most of yall think itll end season 2 but i still have hopew for season 3. just when hikki and yuki relationship just shine in this season they decided to end it just like that. plus most of the important reference are cut like hayama hayato, maybe ep 12 or 13 might fill that hole so season 3 would be a go. if they dont, ill go there and torture everyone 😡

    • I dont think so, on the afterword he said something like going to saize with his ”FRIENDS”.

    • @Faggot Universe

      Oh my… I thought I was the only one to think about this… I’m like how could Watari write something so brilliant without experience???

    • So is he married?
      Wait, is he actually a woman?!
      Good god, is he Yukino, Yui or Komachi?
      Bloody maybe he is Ebina!

    • the story is a epic blend of real world and anime world….

      if he is not married I’m expecting a bad(non romantic) ending….

    • You fools! He is Zaimokuza!
      Everything fits now!
      Z. wanted to be a light novel author!
      It’s about his friends!
      It is actually about his best friend!
      And how he met his wife!
      Or for that matter husband!
      Who is judging?
      Not him obviously!

    • i dont think at all that this is based on the writers life….(he just had those one in a million epic ideas )
      if chunni zaimo was based on wataru he wouldn’t have been treated ignorantly in the LN
      zaimo is pretty much a filler character to show time is passing by in the LN

      (to all who are reading these weird comments….we are just joking don’t take any of this seriously )

    • Oh come on!
      Just look at the picture!
      He is the spitting image of Zaimokuza!
      Just with a glance you can see the chuuni shining through! 😀

    • i saw the anime first then read the LN….. it just makes it easier to imagine the location and settings and in no way feels like a ruined experience…so better to watch

  36. I hope there is more of yukino x hachiman in the next two episodes. Especially if there is no season 3 there gotta be yukino x hachiman T_T

    • LN will bring Yukino x hachiman……..well atleast we can hope…

      EP 12 and 13 are sure to have some yukihikki moments…..
      11 is about valentine chocolate and yukino is good at cooking anything…so i expect hikki to get a taste of yuki’s choco (because of the request)
      EP 13 has Haruno …so yuki x hikki x haruno love triangle fight is sure to be expected


  37. I’ve found this looking around (again…) for Vol. 11 cover post and did some research to confirm. this is a product description provided by one of the shopping site. It is like the synopsis but with more things.


    Provided by Honto
    and Source:”@Like Sailing Through the Drake Passage” post in the Cover Vol.11
    (Just posting again…)

    • Oh… I saw now the description in Vol. 11 Synopsis post just forget about it

      But this description I still hope that the anime will just give a preview of the Vol. 11 or full volume and I hope about the season 3 or a movie

      (Kawasaki is my hope that the anime will still follow the LN since it does not appear in the anime and appear out of nowhere without them cut her.)

  38. Just passing by but anyway… I see two of the unknown number of possibilities for episode 13.

    Haruno states that she’ll be temporarily at Yukinon’s apartment because

    1) She wants to stop being a puppet

    2) …… She is there because Yukinoshita Mother told Haruno to watch and maybe report Yukinon’s actions. (I only thought of this because of Yukinoshita Mother’s appearance at episode 12)

  39. i don’t know Haruno will come to Yukino’s place because her mom commands or it’s her will but at least she will be distant from her family for a while and I think that’s great time for her to decrease big stress from her responsibility of her family. (maybe)

    “Spring comes together under the piling snow and begins to bloom.”

    begins to bloom? What exactly does it mean? Could it be a certain person’s life (is closed for a long time and) right now will start to get sunshine?

  40. I wouldn’t be surprised if the title means that Yukinoshita is finally going to drop her façade- maybe for good, maybe not, I don’t know.

  41. Your style is so unique compared to other folks I’ve read stuff from. Many thanks for posting when you’ve got the opportunity, Guess I will just bookmark this web site.

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