Oregairu Zoku Episode 11


At all times, Hayama Hayato is answering expectations.

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Overall Impressions and etc:
Anime rushed harder than I could say rushed. RUSHED. It’s especially bad in the first half. Also, no Zaimokuza. Feel really hates our chuuni. Next episode might be an anime original or volume 11. Anime is simply an advertisement for the source material, Japan please. Anime is kill, but at least I got to see the scenes I’ve been wanting to see in motion.

I guess my biggest disappointment, aside from the rushed pacing, was the change to Yukino’s present scene. It was a lot more heartwarming in the novel especially since it shows how far they’ve gone as friends, Yukino in particular since she probably hasn’t received any meaningful presents from friends ever since whatever happened in the past. Plenty of nuances got ruined too, particularly in regards to the dynamic between Hachiman and Yukino versus Hayama and Miura; Hachiman -> Yukino and Miura -> Hayama. It plays into the infirmary scene where Hachiman asks Yukino something personal for the first time.

Intact Stuff:

  • Infirmary scene
  • Meganenon
  • Cheers from the girls
  • Rumor
  • Haruno meeting at the conference room and getting walked home
  • Iroha’s sly (or foxy in Commie’s terms) question to Hachiman about dating someone
  • Cat mittens and PC glasses presents to Yukino
  • Yukino wearing the mittens and handing Hachiman a can of MAX COFFEE
  • Totsuka helping with the marathon for Hachiman’s plan of isolating Hayama

Changed/Cut Stuff:

  • Hachiman irritated by the rumors
  • Iroha getting Hachiman to carry the boxes inciting jelly from the other two girls
  • Meguri, Zaimokuza, Saki
  • Yukino was supposed to receive her presents after meeting their mom at the cafe
  • Haruno waving from the Student Council room where Iroha occupied her time
  • Hiratsuka-sensei and her recommendation of Hachiman becoming a teacher since it might suit him
  • Miura’s confrontation with Yukino was radically changed to just conversation, the physical violent attempt was omitted

199 thoughts on “Oregairu Zoku Episode 11

  1. Can’t wait with yukino wear pc glasses birthday present from 8man, also this time 8man will save yukino from hayama rumour

  2. Have some appetizers while waiting for the anticipated Volume 11!

    Some of you should read fanfictions for once in a while. https://www.fanfiction.net/s/11044041/1/Even-Hikigaya-Hachiman-can-write-a-Love-Letter

    Can Yukinoshita Yukino even write a Love Letter?

    “Dear Hayama Hayato,

    Viewed from from an overall standpoint, the written medium is an inefficient method of communication.

    Thoughts must be etched onto paper, which must be made, using pencils or pens, which must also be made. Paper itself is relatively weak. Water, fire, storm, snow, and the ravages of time can in but a single instant wipe out memories of people and the legacy of civilizations. Even still, despite this, words can be misinterpreted and misunderstood and their meaning changed or lost to time.

    If there was a more clearer method to express my feelings for you I would use it, but for now, this shall suffice.

    When you entered my life, I thought nothing of you. But as time went on, we became…. closer, yet distant. It’s as if our relationship was a Schrodinger’s Cat, existing when you look one moment yet it would be dead the next moment.

    Our philosophies couldn’t be more different. What I want is a world where there is no poverty or malice or lies. You wanted a world that didn’t change, or perhaps… you yourself didn’t want to change. You… you wanted a world where everyone is happy.

    I think one of those things is a lie… but apart from that I know that one day, maybe, you’ll save me.

    You always desired an ideal. Please, let me part of it.

    Affectionately yours,

    Yukinoshita Yukino”

    P.S. Credits to “Author”-sensei

    • I’m not sure if the author changed it or not but when I last read it I remember the letter being addressed to H.H. Hence the ambiguity as to whether Yukino wrote to Hachiman or Yukino.

    • @AsheriteAbyss13


      Honestly, I feel lonely on the latter part because I feel this is a taboo for the series. Don’t you think so? Moreover, this is more likely a hype now that we talk about the sypnosis of volume 11. Excuse me.

    • Looks far more like it is written for Hachiman than Hayato to be honest, especially the latter part of it. You could interpret most of it either though.

    • When we arrived at my house, Yukinoshita helped me through the door. Again I could feel her chest, or lack thereof, rubbing against my arm. Now that I thought about it, maybe
      Yukinoshita wasn’t related to Haruno­san. One had a chest that could hit like Muhammad Ali with each poke, like Jab! Jab! Jab! The other felt like sandpaper.
      There was no reaction at all as she helped me up the stairs and into my room before setting me down on my bed.
      Then she began unbuttoning my shirt.
      “H­hey!” I said, turning around. “I’m not that helpless.” The thought of Yukinoshita unbuttoning my shirt unsettled me. When did she get so comfortable around male bodies?
      Doesn’t she have any shame?
      “Now is not the time to worry about petty perceptions on cultural expectations of gender. You’re ill and staying in sweaty clothes will not help.”
      “I can undress myself,” I said nervously.
      Sheesh woman. You take a guy home and you’re in his room trying to undress him. If this were some sort of romantic comedy, my little sister would barge in here and misunderstandings would be had.

      This writer piqued my interest all of a sudden 🙂

    • “There’s something very important I forgot to tell you.”
      “Don’t cross the streams.”
      “Try to imagine all life as you know it stopping instantaneously and Canon and Fanfic exploding into a gazillion memes.”
      “Right. That’s bad. Okay. All right. Important safety tip. Thanks.”

      Sorry, couldn’t resist :-P.

    • @Anony-mouse

      True to that. I was feeling very sad and worried about the present situation.

    • I dont know who wrote the fanfiction, but, god forbid, if anything bad ever happens to wataru watari this person should take over and continue the light novel.
      I really hope it doesnt happen though, im rooting for yui, and if you read this fanfiction to the end you will know that this person is NOT ROOTING FOR YUI.

    • I really dislike this fanfic. The writing style is relatively close to the source material, but the characters all act so out of character that it’s painful to read. Like yukinoshita letting Hachiman stay over night in her apartment then trying to take care of him when he’s sick? Hachiman deliberately hurting Yuigahama like that when in the past he’s been shown to lead her on instead of outright rejecting her (as to spare her feelings)? Then there’s all of Hachiman’s dialogue… just painfully out of character and he’s way too talkative. Last chapter didn’t make sense at all either.

  3. Can’t wait to watch the episode. 🙂

    On a side note:
    I would like to see a spin-off where they just change Hachimans gender to female but everything else stays more or less the same.
    And so it focuses on the relationship/love of Hikki and Hayama 🙂
    Slight changes should be made like Ebina becomes a fervent yuri-enthusiast always pairing Hikki x Yukinoshita or Hikki x Yui or even Kawasaki 🙂
    Maybe have Totsuka as rival ;p

    • i was expecting a female character just like hikki to be introduced……the girl who made hikki what he is today…..and YukinoYui and this new person fight for hikki in the final season/volume…

  4. Wait, if ep11 is about miura’s request, ep12 about the run and infirmary scene, then what about ep13?

  5. Well this certainly eased my soul slightly. I thought that this episode could of been a whole lot worse. But judging from these pictures the key scenes are to be included.

  6. I don’t know but I’m a little bit disappointed. This episode was totally rushed compared to the previous episode.

  7. Indeed rushed. SO RUSHED. Just watched it now, and I pity those people who don’t read the light novel.

    Oh well, they did well on the infirmary scene though. I’m just trying stop myself from screaming. GOSH, LIKE, THAT WAS THE BEST SCENE I’VE EVER SEEN IN OREGAIRU. Or as of now… the best scene. Haha.

    BUT MAN, SERIOUSLY, CAN’T GET OVER WITH THAT SCENE. I want to replay it a million times, I wish I recorded it~ UGH.

    Oh, again, RUSHED, RUSHED, RUSHED.

  8. Well, things happen in vol 10 probably not so many comparing to the previous vols but they at least could do 2 ep instead of 1.5 ep. If the next 2 ep would end up the whole story and create an anime-origin ending, that would totally be a remarkable SHAME.
    Are they going to make a historical disappointment or what? The series even has a lot of potential.

  9. no Kawasaki??????????? again?!
    why didn’t they made vol 10 up to final episode? well since it’s mostly about hayama, i’m good with it. lol
    hoping for 10.5 next epi

    • do you really think that they rushed through vol. 10 for the sake of adapting an extra novel vol. 10.5? (and the title for next ep is not from 10.5). even komachi is more popular than iroha in japan.

    • found the title for 12, it seems it’s about hachiman.
      also found a title for 13, not sure if it’s official but it’s about yukinoshita

  10. Spyro-sama, you forgot to include Kawasaki in the cut stuff/scene.

    I was hoping to see how FEEL would animate hachiman’s irritation about the rumor. -.-

  11. poor yui,looks like she feels left out. from the pc glasses scene, while waiting hayama scene and the infirmary scene. she keeps looking at hikki n yukinon. i smell jealousy….

  12. While I am disappointed that a few of my favorite scenes(especially Hiratsuka’s talk with Hachiman about the career thing and her recommendation for teacher), I am still very satisfied with the sweet scenes of HikkixYuki. As you can see, I am a hard HikkixYuki shipper, so I am at least happy most of their scenes were animated(I am starting to believe the Feel is in fact a HikkixYuki shipper studio XD). I believe the reason why Kawasaki was cutoff again was because of consistency. Given that in none of the past episodes she was present, it is probably best not to introduce her again and give her some development in the final epis. Like some said, I would have loved seeing Hachiman’s irritation towards the rumors, that would have been cool to see. The infirmary scene, OMG!!!!! I just can’t believe how good it came out(though I would have loved Hachiman’s inside monologue describing how beautiful Yukino is lol). Not sure what next epi will bring, but I just hope it is something entertaining and, to some degree(if it is not taken from the novel), true to the story. And Please, at least give us some Zaimokusa, that dude is hilarious XD

  13. LOL, what if, “IF”, Watari’s planning for a Kawasaki end does that mean FEEL fuck it up….
    btw good episode imo…

  14. Meh, really disappointed in the pacing, but whatever… nothing I can do about it. just going to be bitter/sad that we’re only getting half the awesomeness we could be getting, then get over it eventually, lol.

    The anime was spectacular until after the genuine scene IMO, now it feels like there’s no chance to absorb anything or let it sink in, so my brain can’t handle it lol. but nothing is perfect so it’s ok and I’ll just look forward to something else XP.

    and for the record I only read the first part of volume 10 but even without knowing what exactly they skipped I can still tell how rushed it is, it’s just fast-paced in general, it doesn’t take the LN to see that.

    I’ma go and read up on volume 10 and hopefully that’ll help slow things down enough that I can sort of comprehend what’s even going on…

    • Just be glad they did not ruined it like they did on Denpa Kyoushi. That is one of my most favorite mangas, but the anime was an absolute disaster. Not only did they completely change important scenes from the original story(and when I say change, I do mean like they wrote their own episode instead of following the manga), but the animation, art, and just overall impression of the anime is just not that good. At the very least, Feel is putting very good effort into this anime, and it is actually true to the story, even if a few scenes were changed a bit. I am actually very satisfied with the anime, regardless of the fast pacing.

    • I feel the same way Blazer, the studio did ok with the beginning and they executed the genuine scene perfectly, but now its like they’re rushing towards the finish line. They don’t give enough time to grasp the atmosphere or the development so its like we’re shown clips instead of following one whole story. And Studio Feel has shown that with the right people they can create the right expressions and setting for an anime, its the pacing (and maybe the integrity of adaptating the material) that is their main problem in Oregairu.

      I even cringed at certain parts of the episode because volume ten did a great job displaying Haruno, Yumiko, and Hayama in terms of character development, but in this episode its so squeezed together, it really loses the momentum for the story that they could have had if they took their time from the start.

      Well at least they kept the infirmary scene and megane Yukino. And this anime is still kind of my favorite show in the spring season so I guess we have to take it for what it is.

    • @Dualash

      Quite so. Creating a good adaptation and maximizing the scant 24 minutes one has available is always a formidable task and even in these last few episodes they’ve landed most of the ‘big’ scenes with flying colors, so on whole I’m still quite pleased (though I wasn’t super keen on the changes made to the Yukino/Miura confrontation), but the mad rush to finish is definitely squeezing out a lot of the little nuances that fill out the characters and world and give them texture, and more broadly is just not giving the story or the viewer much time to just breathe a bit and take in all these interactions and their consequences.

      At the end of the day I completely understand why a lot of side-characters like Zamikouza and Saki (;_____;) get the shaft, with so much material to cover and so little time one often just can’t afford to devote much coverage to characters that just aren’t important to the narrative regardless of how much I might like them.

      Buut, given the dual role of many anime as advertisements for their source material as Spyro talks about above, I imagine there was/is a lot of pressure to get the show’s story up to the point of the coming volume 11 so that new buyers can jump directly into these final two volumes, unfortunately with somewhat predictable results as far as pacing is concerned and then you lose a lot of small, enjoyable moments. It’ll be very interesting to see where episode 12 and the extra 13(?) leave things.

  15. Wow did they just marathon the entire vol 10 ??? (no pun intended)

    I mean, it’s even more rushed than vol 7.

    Also, the possibility of anime original ending doesn’t sit well with me…

  16. What’s the name of the next episode? Because I don’t know if they are going to animate vol 10.5 or maybe original content 😦

  17. this might be too optimistic a thought, but what if they are just using season 2 as an advert for the light novel, then with the money they rake in from that, they will make season 3 (if they are planning one) a lot better? I get the feeling vol. 11 onwards will be alot more dramatic than the genuine scene (based on the fact that the characters are being developed well, and the setting is pretty much almost established) so they’re focusing their efforts to do justice to season 3…?

    • Actually, that sounds more realistic to me. I think that Wataru Watari or maybe the team around him knows the potential of Oregairu (I mean, TOP 1 LN in Japan) so maybe their plans changed (All we expected that Oregairu will be finish in volume 12).

      But that can’t explain why they rushed so hard volume 10. For me the answer is that EP 12 and 13 will be important content, i can’t find another explanation. 😦

  18. Everyone knows, the anime is only a promocional of the main stuff, in this case the LN, it clearly says: if you want to know better how this history is, please buy the novel, that is all.

    • I wouldn’t say “clearly” though, its just that certain studios are implying that they’re not going to faithfully adapt the source material due to numerous factors like time constraints or in some cases just to promote the source material. And there has been numerous times when a studio has done a great job adapting a light novel or manga (even a game) from start to finish, and Studio Feel did a good job for the most part, but they bit off more than they could chew, thinking rushing volume ten would be okay. (RIP side characters and their development)

  19. I only have one question , is the 11th volume the final? From what i learn from watari wataru style , the story can’t be ended at least for 2 more volume. So will it be the 12th volume?

  20. Ah, losing some things were too painful….
    – Like, Hikki not holding Yukinon’ hand to “reset her to normality” (thought, it’s understandable since there it wasn’t a fight).Oh, let’s hope he does that some more in the future, heh.
    – Hikki complementing Irohasu internally for racking him up, heh.
    – Hayato teasing Hachiman with the rumor.
    – Hikki internally commenting that Yukinon’s ribbon bandaging was cute (I wuol have liked a little bit of “the sun is setting” while they were looking at each other, btw).

  21. in light novel v9 afterword watari-san stated that LN is reaching its final stage…may be volume 11 will be the last.
    but we don’t know yet.so we have to wait.

  22. Well. it’s just too damn RUSHED. It feels like only dedicated toward everyone whose already read the novel (since there’s too much part missing), e,g: on novel there’s two main issues (rumor and carrier path), but on anime it’s just mainly mentioned the rumor part issue, but they progresses using carrier path issue. And there’s no monologue nor conversation to connect those issue on anime, and many more.

    but, well since i watch it in RAW so I don’t particulary know how much I’ve got it.

  23. I don’t think that this episode is extremely rushed. It sure is rushed, but not to an extreme degree, but most of what is important to the story is preserved. What was rushed was previous episode – i think the first 2 chapters of Vol.10 needed a bit more time, as well as the last of vol.9. I’m grateful that FEEL spend so much time on Vol.9 up until Destinyland, as i think it was the most emotional volume of all, but probably they dragged first 2 episodes of that arc a little bit too much. And it seems that last 2 episodes of the season will get a condensed version of Vol.11, which probably means it is the last of the series. What a shame, i want more Oregairu!

    On a side note – don’t you think that Haruno representation in this season doesn’t pose as so menacing as the LN suggests? To me in the anime she seems more of a concerned big sister, then the monster that likes to toy with people? Or is it probably because in LN it’s Hachiman’s interpretation, but in the anime Haruno is, i don’t know, probably more “real world”?

    • volume 1-4 is on Nanodesu….. rest you’ll have to search the comments(not sure on which page)….someone had made

  24. took me days to read up to the latest light novel almost hours to finish the latest volume and just this single episode took 20mins of that time so many cut scenes

  25. Even though a lot of content was just straight up cut out, I do feel that in terms of editing and dialogue the pacing was alright. It wasn’t nearly as bad as the earlier episodes but I guess that’s only comparatively.

  26. Feeeel the ruusshhh!!!!

    Almost a whole volume in one ep..haha… I cant help but laugh out of disappointment. But I guess it can get worse. Like maybe stuffing two volumes in half the episode.

  27. Wow… what a disappointment. Volume 10 is probably my favorite volume and to see it butchered and glossed over like this honestly hurts a little bit. If done right, these episodes could’ve been absolutely masterful and easily would’ve been some of the most dramatic and fun to watch. The part where Hayama tells Hikigaya that he hates him actually made me say “Whoa” when I was reading it, and their interactions in this novel is what finally cemented oregairu as one of my favorite works of fiction. The anime just… destroyed that scene. There were none of the necessary, dramatic pauses and Hayama seemed so completely unemotional there. In the LN’s, it’s strongly hinted that he’s trying to hold back from blowing up at Hikigaya’s taunts and is only barely* able to do so. The “I hate you” was supposed to come out incredibly bitter in my mind, and the follow up “I hate when I feel inferior to you”, should’ve come after a pause. The way they did it, and the way Hayama’s actor perfomed it (highly doubt it was his fault though–probably the fault of the director), was completely off from what I expected and wanted. Obviously interpretations of words are just that, and it’s kind of unfair for me to be projecting my fantasies onto the anime but in my honest opinion…they goofed. hard. Also, them doing vol. 11 isn’t even good news to me. It just means they’re going to spoil what happens while cutting everything down so it fits in 1-2 episodes again. Darn it FEEL, just when you’d proved to everyone you were capable, you slice apart our expectations again.

    • The way it came across (the marathon scene and the pub scene) in the Anime sounded like the start of a beautiful bromance.

      Oh well.

    • I think the problem is that oregairu story expanding to the point that is hard to be portrayed in 12-13 anime eps, in LN vol 7-10 the story the story begin to cover other secondary character more, like the dynamic between yukinoshita family, hachiman’s relation with any other characters, the dynamic between hayato’s gang etc and its unfortunate that many of them cant be shown in anime, i’m fine with studio feel decided to focus only on the dynamic between 3 main characters and cast aside most details besides that (its hachi-yui-yuki story afterall), but i have to admitt that they could’ve done better job at managing number of eps for each LN volume,…

  28. I’m genuinely(see what I did there) curious about the next two episodes. I would have been happier if they adapted episode 11 and 12 as volume 10 and leave the last episode for Volume 10.5 with the last two chapters.

  29. Personally, I think the rushing was inevitable. If the producers aren’t giving Feel enough money for 24 episodes there’s nothing to be done. I still think its a great improvement over last season.
    Also, surprised about the Yukino and Hachiman infirmary scene and the blushes. I tend to forget that they’re just teenagers with hormones like everyone else- they’re so mature and introspective.

  30. Well not gonna repeat what everyone else is saying about the obvious stuff (you know what i’m talking about. But I will mention that in this episode, Yukino and Hikigaya has gotten closer. Yuigahama got her work cut out for her eh?

    P.S. How you post pictures/images in the comment section?

  31. finally finished watching the episode
    well im not gonna complain about anything. the infirmary scene was well done. actually the tried to include all the key scenes as much as possible so anybody shouldnt complain whether its rushed or something just read the light novel if you want to know the whole detail.

  32. Hachiman didn’t ask yuki about her career path for himself. It is just because haruno asked him to do so. He actually doesn’t care. Any thought?

    • He actually didn’t care before….but after haruno asked him to do so …..he felt like asking(curiosity)…
      if hikki didn’t want to know for himself …there’s no way he’ll ask as a favor for haruno
      It also signifies hikki’s social growth…..

      anyway in the LN when he meets up with haruno later he didn’t reveal what course yuki took (not sure if haruno forced it out of him behind the scenes)

  33. HayaxHachi confirmed? (Ebina’s nose bleeds)

    anyway, is this the start of their friendship….or is this foreshadowing they will be enemies….??

  34. Aside from Yukino moments, I hated this episode. It feels like the problem wasn’t fleshed out properly. Haya/Hachi rivalry feels shallow. Haruno isn’t as awesome(menacing). I’ve felt something ominous after reading vol. 10, in here not so much.

    Damn you Feel for toying with my feelings.

    • That wouldn’t make sense though since Hayama was annoyed how inferior he felt compared to Hachiman and he didn’t want him to pry into his problems. Its not like a tsundere hate, but more like a competitive “hate”; Hayama hating Hachiman’s ability to help people, his ideals, and the genuineness of his relationships that he can achieve are what piss him off the most.

  35. Hayama cautioning Hikki that Yukino isn’t chasing Haruna anymore but…….sounds like a good plot end for the 2nd season. Could be instigating us to follow the LN for the last “Boss Fight”.

  36. thats a big cut ! ouch !
    i even consider it hacking !
    it cant get the same deep nuance as hachiman in light novel as well as hayama problem.
    hachiman action as opposed as his monologue that he isnt bothered by the rumor make us catch the rough idea of how he changed the way he see yukino as well as hayama as a person and his personal connection to him.

  37. who do you think yukino is chasing now?? (not hikki since she said she wanted something both haruno and hikki didn’t have)

    hayama says ‘haven’t you realized?’
    and hikki asks ‘realized what?’…..

    realized what dammit?!?!?
    what does hayama see that hikki and the viewers dont

    (even after reading LN its still a mystery)

    • F*ck it. If they’re going Hayama x Yukino, then I will… Ah, not sure man. That’s quite a turn down for me.

    • for people who have not read the LN its like the whole episode was just a lead up to the infirmary scene….that’s why they liked it….if it weren’t for that scene i guess we would have seen alot more complaints………

    • There’s no way yukino chasing Hayama Hayato right now,…they used to have a good relationship in the past, which is broken at some point and hasnt been fully reconcile ( i bet one of the reason Yuino being bullied in the past probably related to hayato) the way you said that she wanted something which hachiman dont have is just her ekspression of her want to be herself, in fact hachiman is the only male character to whom she ever shown any sign of care (infirmary scene), fragility (service club conflict and rooftop scene) and dependence (mother scene),…and also the fact that Hayato realized something has changed in Yukino is another proof Hachiman’s influence in Yukino’s life (the way she smile more and more relaxed than she ever before),…

  38. Like no context for any scene.
    Suddenly Hikigaya is waiting for Hayama, suddenly totsuka has a scene at a completely different time of day, suddenly they’re doing a marathon. If I hadnt read the ln i would’ve been very lost

    • the whole episode was just a lead up to the infirmary scene….that’s why people liked it….if it weren’t for that scene i guess we would have seen alot of angry tweets

  39. Did anyone expect the infirmary scene to be this romantic? Or episode 8 to be this emotional?

    Things you can never get by only reading LN. I mean it is definitely nice we got season 2.

  40. I am surprised of how rushed eps 11 is,…i thought since they adapt LN vol 9 into 4-5 eps, they will adapt vol 10 into atleast 2 eps, but i was wrong,…but i have no actual complain here because the infirmary scene is briliant (otherwise i’d feel really mad),…

  41. i know this episode is a bit (or a lot?) rushed, but in my opinion there’s 3 good scene that has been largely overlooked and the first 2 of those (as far as i’m concerned) didnt appear on the LN (or maybe its appear but its portrayed better on the anime) :
    1. when hachiman told yukino to calm when she was arguing with yumiko, and yukino replied that she is calm (i dont know why but i feel they were cute like couple on that scene),…
    2. when yukino was looking to hachiman while saying that as long as people closest to her understand (about the gossip) she is fine,…
    3. the ribbon on the bandages (people always talk about the starring scene and it is brilliant, but the ribbon part is the icing on the cake for infirmary scene, and the fact they made starring and ribbon scene subtle is a lot better in my opinion rather than some self talking),…

    i guess there’s always dissatisfaction everytime we talking about novel / light novel adaptation to a movie/serial especially about duration and some cut/modified scene, but i’m still gratefull that for everything that i dont get from LN, i get something else from the anime,…

    • they stared at each other for about 18 pure seconds……..
      even totsuka didn’t have that kind of a scene….

    • It would’ve been better should they include Hachiman’s monologue about Yukino when they were staring at each other

    • yes ….i laughed so hard when hikki thought
      ” what the hell is that a bow knot?! where’s that pin we usually use?!?!?”
      then he was like
      ‘it looks cute though’

      LN has its great moments

  42. how i should put this….. this episode as expected, rushed a lot, but there are a lot Yukino’s Sweet Ice moment.

    so maybe in short, this episode is HHHHNNNNGGGG….. in a lot of different ways. (almost cried at infirmary scene, FEEL)

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