Yahari Light Novel Volume 6.5 – Chapter 1


54 thoughts on “Yahari Light Novel Volume 6.5 – Chapter 1

  1. How many chapters are there in this vol because I will read them all together and thank you for your hard work for all the fans including me

  2. Guys no one answered my question in Episode 10, What is the boyfriend material did Hachiman Lagged which makes kaori reject him again,If that material was within might Kaori accepted him?

    • hahaha……maybe Akame ga kill was yukino’s fanfiction in high school….
      the lead guy with the incrsuio was hayama who failed her….

  3. Excor,

    There seems to be something wrong with the links to Vol. 6.5 Chapter 1.

    The link on this page goes to Vol. 9, as does the link from the Vol. 6.5 Illustration page. Only the direct link from the menu gets to the correct chapter.

  4. How much does it usually take for the next chapter to come out? And after volume 11 is released, will Excorcism start working on it right away or wait to translate volume 6.5 completely?

  5. Next chapter please, want to know what the girls going to do to sagami, the suspense is killing me every day I wait

  6. maybe excor should make a release day of the next chapter like a manga. for example evrery saturday is a new chapter, that way people will know when to expect the next chapter 🙂

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