Oregairu Zoku Episode 10

Zoku10_00What the lights in each of their hands illuminate.


Dummy. Nincompoop. Hachiman.


As everyone feared, the episode was rushed pretty hard. They pretty much adapted all the key scenes, but they didn’t spend too much time on any single scene.

Volume 9 was finished off in the first half before the commercial break. They did pretty good with the Iroha train scene, Tamanawa getting told off, and the Pan-san mug present at the end. We also managed to get a shot of Keika with Saki. Other than the, the entire event went by in a montage with the first season’s opening as a song insert.

Second half jumps straight into volume 10, adapting the first two chapters. We kinda skip over the whole point of why they go to the shrine and they changed how Miura meets up with Yui. Komachi giving alone time to Hachiman and Yukino and the train scene were adapted almost faithfully, just missing some dialogue. After that, Yui’s present shopping date with Hachiman gets done with a montage and we don’t get to see him with glasses going Persona.

The scene with Yukino’s mom got cut pretty short, too. We miss some nuances regarding the mom’s attitude towards Yukino’s friends which is a shame. Buut we do see the dependence Yukino has on Hachiman here along with Hayama and Haruno’s observation of this.

I should also mention all three memorandums were integrated into the PV spoken indiscriminately by Hachiman, Yukino, Haruno, and Hayama.

Next episode might finish up volume 10 and we might even get something from volume 11. Possibly. No idea if the infirmary scene will be kept or not.


262 thoughts on “Oregairu Zoku Episode 10

    • It’s done as a bonus track, and I don’t think there will be any redundancy when they’re adapting the LN.

    • agree…… but one thing….whille tobe was fixing the heater when iroha joined he was complainting about how he had a part time job for christmas……OVA tease??

    • Considering the title, maybe they end up as friends go different ways after school, Yui gets a boyfriend from her Hayama group, Yukino finds someone other than Hachiman who understands her as Sensei predicted, Hachiman attends college and becomes a teacher as Sensei mentioned and gets the class of Rumi, who carried a crush of him for years and after she finishes they actually get together.

      And this whole story is just about how Hachiman met Rumi and why she fell in love with him 🙂

    • @Fightingfurball : if they make every route in ova like clannad that will be amazing 😎👌

    • @Fightingfurball

      Yeah, after the way volume 10 ended, I really don’t think there’s going to be a romantic resolution to the series. “We’ll always be friends! The End.” seems most likely, maybe with a distant finale like you describe. Of course, the ending I want is Yukino pointing out that, unlike Haruno, she’s chasing Hachiman because she wants to, and no one can tell her to stop (and Yui is sad, but steps out of the way), and the distant finale is them with a few very genuine kids. But I’m not counting on it.

    • @insane:
      yeah, I kind of fear that we might get ‘one of those endings’.

      well, to be honest we might even get a Totsuka one 🙂
      (I actually have the notion/suspicion that Totsuka is actually gay)

      The title of the series itself is what makes me unsure how everything develops in the end.

  1. I think now they will compete vol 10 by end of season,they r running through major scenes pretty fast

  2. So there is no Saki again huh. As expected.
    It should be a good thing that we can watch Vol 10 so soon, right?

  3. Are you sure that RumiRumi is not Yukino’s daughter?? Well..Looking forward to the insult and Iroha’s conversation in train…!!!!!!!!!!!

  4. Wonder if there will be a Season 3 and more volumes…
    A volume 12 or 13 being the end seems like it won’t be enough. :l

  5. If three more episodes for volume ten, they just have to make sure that they won’t skip the memorandums and those Yukinon and Hachiman scenes because if they ever do, I’m gonna recruit some soldiers and declare a war against Feel studio.

    Or just do some cliff hanger on Hayama and Yukinon rumor. That’ll be better so that there’s a chance to have third season. If still not, I might as well take suicide as a third option.

    • bruhh its a possibility the whole volume 10 would be on the last 3 episode. itll be a cliffhanger with hachiman having a meeting with haruno thats what i think. but since chapter 1 of volume 10 will be in the end of episode 10 my gues episode 11 will be chapter 2 3 episode 12 chapter 4 6 and episode 13 7 8 9

    • out of curiousity how do you think they’ll do the memorandums? maybe just text on the screen? since we only have a speculation of the owners of the memorandums, if they DO decide to use the voices of the characters who give them (Hikki for the first, Hayama(?) for the second, Haruno(?) for the third) at least that’ll confirm our guesses…

    • I feel the memorandums is going to be voiced by their characters… Like in every start of the anime season, Hachiman is the first to say a monologue. Or maybe only Hachiman’s memorandum is going to be shown…

    • i like memorandums to put remain episodes but they will not have space for story instead so i don’t think feel will insert those. (Feel rush and cut story in ep 1-9 more than enough).

      ps. how can oregairu will not be release 3rd season since novel & anime are in top and sell well?

  6. also i can’t wait to see yukino with her birthday present “pc glasses” from 8man, all present from 8man always be so suit for yukino, pan-san doll from date, apron from date either, and pc glasses. that mean something….

  7. That was really digested episode. Everything was happening so fast that if you never read the novel you would think to yourself “how the heck this certain situation happened”. Nevertheless, it was fun seeing each character’s reaction animated like Yukino and Yukino and Yukino and Yukino and Yukino and Yukino, and lastly Iroha 😀

  8. Splendid. Fucking splendid. There are many issues I could point out: animation problems, cuts, low emphasis on certain lines, but still. That preview did it for me. The Memorandum narrated by the four characters together. That was amazing.

  9. I watched the raws. And it wasn’t as bad as some of you guys make it out to be. Next episodes title is the7th chapter of vol 10.

  10. I too am appalled by the lack of Totsuka. All the slightly less important parts made it in though. Yukino’s mom being a bitch was great. Hayama didn’t get many of his lines, but he definitely seems like a meeker version of himself when he’s around the Yukinoshitas.

  11. If they adapted 6 volumes on the novel in Season 1, then they can clearly do a good adaptation of 4 volus in season 2.

    • Maybe they’ll do an “Episode of Saki” ova after the series ends,. The way they did with a couple of the other heroines in Clannad. Though that was a visual novel with alternate routes and Oregairu is only a lite novel with just the single Totsuka route.

    • Just a couple seconds of Saki putting costume on little sister. Awwwwww. I’m rooting for the Saki as underdog. IS THERE A PROBLEM WITH THAT? (squinting eyes)

  12. Rushed, rushed, rushed. They even needed a montage to get things done. It wasn’t a complete disaster, but I feel disappointed by how they handled this episode.

    • not me, eventho its rushed but im actually impress how they manage it so perfectly . overall its good, feels has done it again. just hope for another season

    • It is — where as the voices were Yukino, Hayama, Hachiman and Haruno saying “do genuine things really exist at the same time in the end?” Ok so the memorandums on Volume 10 was for all of them?…What the FUDGE?! #MINDBLOWNED boom ..

    • Yes, the preview was the Memorandum, where four possible candidates were narrating it. Now I am a bit confused regarding who the memoranda refer to?

      My take after reading Vol. 10:
      1st Memorandum: Hachiman
      2nd Memorandum: Hayama
      3rd Memorandum: Haruno

      This was based on what the next chapter immediately following each memorandum focused on.
      So which could’ve been Yukinon’s?

    • We can confirm the memorandum owner is:

      2nd hayama
      3rd haruno

      1st not sure yet hachiman or yukino or all four of them

      Hope the memorandum get fully animated.

    • I though I heard Rumi-Rumi’s voice for one of those lines. Well it’s not like any of the memorandums need to belong to one person. As far as the novels go, the entire thing has been from Hachiman’s point of view, which is too bad we don’t get to see a Yui and Yukino shopping date or any of their slumber parties.

  13. Why the heck they adpeted Iroha train scene so good but Yukino train scene was so rushed? Why they focus so much in Iroha insted the tesolution of the problem? I’m the one who think Feel is overshipping Hikki x Iroha? I’m the one who thinks Iroha is best character to Feel?

    • Well, for Iroha we didn’t know her feelings in the matter, and the audience needed to know she overheard the genuine speech, and for Hikki to take responsibility.

      Whereas for Yukinon, the act of tugging on Hikki’s sleeves would’ve been understood as a progression. I liked the way it was animated, in any case.

  14. I SWEAR, IF THEY SKIPPED THE INFIRMARY SCENE, I’m gonna kill myself. They’re rushing things. And I don’t like it.

  15. in my opinion, the way season 2 was animated is better than season 1. on season 1 they almost alter the light novel,removing most of the exciting parts. whereas for s2 they manage to include most of the scenes even though its pretty rushed. well thats how the animation works.

    • We can pray for OVA’s and specials. There really are plenty of important arcs of character development in LN they skipped. Saki OVA! Judo club recruiting event OVA!

  16. Rushed but i like this episode. For me, an Iroha shipper. I ❤ the train scene so much.
    But i wonder about the memorandums. How can they do it? Full of text in the black screen?

  17. urgh Feel has an inconsistency with Yukino’s art while on the train. And did anyone else notice that Yui and Yukino were both wearing the aprons bought in season 1? 🙂

    Anyways, thought it was kind of a face paced episode but I hope it pulls together. I still liked all of the details being included but it worries me how they’ll end it. I don’t want this to be some Hyakka Ryouran season 2 BS.

    • if your not liking how feel does then how bout stop watching before you get even more upset. like rally, i know its rush and all but how they manage to compile alot of volume is one episode impresses me eventho theres a cut it is still a satisfaction so yeah.

    • Compressing the end of volume nine and part of ten doesn’t really impress me though, it felt sloppy and it really plows through a lot of the necessary timing for the scenes (Like the Iroha train scene, you barely get a moment to sympathize or try to interpret her development before you go into the opening sequence, and Hayama’s scene just comes and goes). The episode wasn’t bad, but the pacing was odd because it doesn’t really leave the audience enough time to get into the scenes. Heck, we were barely into the plan to stop Tamanawa when we’re going through the end of the Christmas event and confronted with volume ten’s arc like it had to hurry.

      All the scenes are great, but they need time and proper placement to play out, otherwise they’re overshadowed or lose the ambience in those intended scene.

      Plus Mirza, we’re already too invested into the show, it would be a waste to stop on a great show (even if this episode kind of fell short). They still do a great job at the facial expressions and the tone in general, and Feel has done a great job with the adaptation for the most part, its just the pacing that’s weird.

    • Dualash said exactly what my response would have been. I just think that Feel could have approached the timing for the final chapters of vol. 9 better, shown more drama and really made us feel (pun intended) for the relationships, just like in the novels.

      I’m not just going to quit cold turkey on a series that I absolutely love. I’ll probably be heartbroken when the final volume comes out though

  18. sigh…for those who are waiting for commie to release their subbed version, dont download the latest oregairu [post they have, it’s season 1’s episode 10 (though on hindsight I downloaded it without looking at the title, didnt have zoku on it so sue me im excited -_-)

    • Hey she’s still shy and not fully out of her shell yet. The next logical step would be for her to fall asleep on train while sitting next to Hachiman, and her head coming to rest on his shoulder, while grabbing his arm and mumbling something about Pan-San.

  19. Yeah, pretty rushed. But I think they are rushing because they will put more attention on the rest of the volume.I don’t know if I am the only one… but this chapter gave me a sensation of “Original final”. Also, I dont understand what happened with that face that hachiman made to Hayama before Yukino’s mom appeared.I don’t remenber that in the LN.

    Volume 11 coooome pleasee!!

  20. wow, the transition vol 9 scene to vol 10, incredibly rushed and orimoto scene modified too haha…too bad they not animated vol 6,5 bonus track but that memorandum monolouge at the end was so cool, never think the possibility that four people make a same monolouge.

    • they should have atleast added a hachiman monologue telling viewers its new year and how they met up……so random and out of nowhere

    • memorandum is a dialogue from a certain characters viewpoint (like 8man thinking in his mind but its not 8man) without revealing who it is……it was nice i guess…

  21. So apparently volume 10 ends next chapter. So maybe:
    EP11: Marathon and Celebration (Volume 10 end)
    EP12: Iroha Date (Chapter 1&5, Volume 10.5)
    EP13: Newspaper Deadline (Chapter 3&4, Volume 10.5 end)
    Komachi and 8man have a sibling moment and season ends
    Thais looks like a nice way to ends things. At least its better that the ending of volume 10 (cliffhanger)

    PS: I have read in other forums that a new Oregairu VN is on the works, does anyone know if this is true?

    • plus i have my gueses already, the volume 10 is a critical for yukinon the main character so they would just finished it in one episode so my gueses is

      ep 11- vol 10 chapter 3 4 6
      ep 12-vol 10 chapter 7 8 9
      ep 13- vol 10.5 chapter 3

    • Animesuki and I believe in one of Oreigaru’s thread in Reddit.

      The post on top is mine, btw.

    • Wow if that is true……….
      If the series has an open end, I hope the VN is a sequel…..

    • I don’t think the game will be a sequel. I think it’s going to be more akin to the first game which had:

      Original story(elements). For example, in game Haruno has a fiancee and supposedly her fiancee was Yukino first love. This to knowledge has not been stated in the LN, so i guessing is original to the game.

      New scenes that weren’t on the anime or LN, at least to my knowledge. Also had endings like 8-man marrying Sensei.

    • @indef37
      I read the comment “Next eps title is Vol.10 Ch.7, so I’d guess Ep 12 is gonna end Vol.10 with a message saying ‘VOL. 11 OUT IN A FEW HOURS, GO GET IT'” the comment above are the reply ( stupid network )

  22. I didn’t expected Iroha to cry (Was she crying in the LN I did’t recall as much) but it’s was really good scene. She was shining.

  23. The monologue at the end has Haruno, Yukino, Hachiman and Hayato… But there were only 3 memorandums… Confusing o.0

  24. No fist pump and hachi glasses makes me sad. Well at least the Tamanawa meeting is done right with both hachiman and yukino reflecting on their past mistakes.

    Hope we get megane yukino next week,

    • from LN [SPOILER] Also no argument with Yukino and Hachiman in front of Iroha, which Yukino saying Hikki is too soft on her and Hachiman telling Yukino not to be too cold and harsh. Then Iroha complains about their bickering over her, “it’s like being scolded by my parents!” 8D

    • @vengence: Yukino did a fist pump after she answer hachiman ”quiz” correctly during the meeting with irohas student council.

    • i think that is better, isn’t? what is worse than sitting tight for a next season announcement that you are not even sure will ever come.

    • Original endings mostly don’t get next season….they’ll stick to LN material …the location and dialogue may be changed but it leads to the same path

    • she used to think hikki was a sore loser…(revealing he had proposed to her to a stranger(haruno) as joke )
      she kept insulting him during the date
      her impression changed after the meeting and how he looked experienced compared to old days
      next time when she met iroha-chan she didn’t reveal he had proposed to him even after Isshiki asking…(respect for him increased)
      after this episode’s meeting she changed her opinion….
      who she thought was a stupid shut-in ,shook the meaningless meeting like a boss!
      she now respects him and wants to be friends
      he is clearly not boyfriend material though……

    • what boy friend material is Hachiman lagging ?,What is it that makes her again rejecting him, eventhough he didn’t ask her out again? If it that boy friend material is with him would she ask Hachiman out?

  25. So, they’ll rush Vol. 10 in 1.5 episodes, what next, some mix of vol 10,5, 11 and probably 12 for last 2 episodes? Or original ending (seems like it’ll be Yuikino path)?

  26. I think Yukino said those harsh words at commitee to prevent hachiman from solving the problem with his nasty ways.

    Tsk maybe they shouldve skipped the opening song so that they couldve add more detail to the scenes specially the shrine visit.

    im sure those who havent read the light novel have their hard time lols

    • lol…true that….
      also hiratsuka’s sensei’s line was cut “It dosent hurt if both of you are hurt together”….that line was needed….quite nice…… 8man now has his team back…

    • Well I thought it looked more like Hachiman and Yukino were tag teaming the beating up of the committee, with Yui to bandage them up afterward so they at least felt like continuing and not walking away. Wow, Hachiman grown so much, from an ignored loner to trusted advisor of the student council, who totally OWNED a meeting between two student councils. Eat your heart out Orimoto!

  27. you know what if hachiman doesn’t get any of the girls (yukinon/yui/irohasu or even saki saki) he can just wait for rumi to grow up. hahahahahah

  28. roflmao trololol hahaha Studio FEEL’s trying to pull some pranks after letting YUKINO rode the train bottomless. at first i didnt notice that one haha. obviously its not accidental error since the skin was colored. honesly i hate how this episode was animated but because of that scene DOUBLE TUMBS UP!!

  29. Well, just because the title of the next ep is chapter 7’s title, doesn’t mean they’re gonna adapt that chapter yet. I mean the next few chapters had already shows that Hayama’s answering everyone’s expectations and for the anime to use that title as the episode title is a good choice. The might use the Haruno-ish title for later episode too. Rushing through vol 10 is kinda unthinkable…

  30. Uhh….in my opinion, what seriously scary in this episode is the Preview for next episode. I’m sure I am not the only one who noticed that the memorandums are read by THOSE 3 people, right?

    By the way, pretty frustated about how feel. hasten the pace, though.

  31. Dear Spyro,

    I was wondering why did you stop giving us your vision of the story and what’s your opinion about this..ugh..Guy’s insights. Unlike ANN’s writer he haven’t read LN, but, as you can see, he is certainly something else with he’s animeonly view.
    And for me, it’s quite a deconstruction of the series with what characters are actually might be thinking of, and what they are aiming for, and what genuine is. The angle from which he sees some (sometimes minor and yet) unclear to the entire LN fanbase moments might is marvelous. To think some matters could be seen trough with such a straightforward way, revealing its actual simplicity even, scary.

    Thank you.

    • agreed a bit. I know people (like us) who read the LN can be considered biased elitists etc., and it’s true in that we’ll think “they didn’t include this” or “I didn’t expect it to be quite like that” but I feel like they compromised a bit more in this episode compared to normal, and that it’s just not worth it >_<

      in general though they’ve done good, it was pretty much just the last two episodes that turned me off a bit (the voice acting and animation quality are still above part though)

  32. Pretty much feeling what a lot of people are. Actually, my initial impression was that I was just overwhelmed by all the things that happened and couldn’t handle it. But I think the real reason why I felt that way, at least partially, was that it was just so RUSHED OVER. Like it feels like it was just recently that the “genuine” scene happened and so much has happened since then. I would have liked it if they had drawn out the entire season 2 to just end on volume 9 (or mid-way volume 10, maybe), because that would have given them WAY more time to do things and really flesh it out, making it much more enjoyable in the long-term.

    In the short-term, it’s nice to have more content adapted, but in the long-term, we probably won’t ever get another chance at this, meaning we likely won’t get to see Oregairu be at its best. Granted, it’s already freaking amazing as-is, but knowing all the content/scenes/dialog/inner-thoughts that were cut out, I can’t help but feel but it could even be better with just a bit more (so long as it didn’t become so slow that it was drawing it out too long and not actually progressing, but I doubt that would happen… and this show is super interesting anyway, so it’s not the kind of show where they need to “rush” to the good parts; almost all of the character development is nice in its own way, IMO).

    Well, whatever, I’ll just read the light novel and get over it, I guess. Like I said, things are still fantastic, I’m just a bit let-down and overwhelmed by the fast pacing, because I didn’t have enough time to let everything sink in: Hachiman confronting Hayato instead chasing after Isshiki at first (leaving that to Miura), Isshiki’s words to Hachiman (and the unsaid tease of Yukino to Hachiman, though I guess that wasn’t necessary XP), the meeting and getting things done and the event and all that stuff (I mean using the old opening or whatever was cool, but it did feel like it was resolved almost too fast, given how troublesome it was before –-), the shrine visit/why they were there and everything, the shopping scene with Yui (I’m personally salty about this because Yui is like, my favorite character, but that’s just personal bias), the train scene with Yukino and Hachiman and Yukino just being way kinder without really giving up her personality and such (like both Yui and Yukino still sort of tease Hachiman, but in a way this is good because it feels more real than them trying too hard not to hurt him and in turn making Hachiman suspicious that they’re being too nice, lol), Yukino joining Hachiman and the others and meeting Yukino’s mom, etc. ><

    ughhh I need to find someone who actually cares about Oregairu like me (but I’m crazy so that won’t happen XD) and is willing to have stupidly long discussions about it so I don’t need to leave long walls of text on sites like this to feel a bit of relief loooool

    • Join the Facebook group “Service Club ( Yahari Ore no Seishun Love come wa Machigatteiru )”..People present there are crazy as you..and they discuss Oregairu whole day.

    • 🙂 Yukino is awesome, the more she breaks out of her shell and trusts her friends the more I can see she is actually a very kind person ._.

  33. awww when u look at it the difference in the conversation of hikki n yukinon between season 1 and 2 , yukinon smiles alot than usual towards hachiman now and shes actin more girlish towards him during in the train. im liking this.

  34. Yeh they skipped too much >.< . But its good on how they manage to end this. And I really like the preview one and train scene of Hachiman and Yukinon ❤ Hoping that they will not skip the infirmary scene, then world war III will begin T_T

    *and gladly Im reading this LN 😀 HAHA

  35. after seeing that episode i realized hayama has no balls…..
    and his smile is really disgusting……..but the episode was really good..

  36. Dear Spyro,

    I was wondering why did you stop giving us your vision of the story and what’s your opinion about this..ugh..Guy’s insights. Unlike ANN’s writer he haven’t read LN, but, as you can see, he is certainly something else with he’s anime-only view.
    And for me, it’s quite a deconstruction of the series with what characters are actually might be thinking of, and what they are aiming for, and what genuine is. The angle from which he sees some (sometimes minor and yet) unclear to the entire LN fanbase moments might is marvelous. To think some matters could be seen trough with such a straightforward way, revealing its actual simplicity even, scary.

    Thank you.

    • Nick Creamer, who does the ANN episodics for OreGairu also hasn’t read the Light Novels.

      I still haven’t replied to that comment this week which said those things, but perhaps it’s not my sight that’s clear, but that of the staff adapting the show. And so, why do LN readers often “miss” those things (assuming they do and it’s not an equally valid read)? Because they already come with notions based on reading the LNs, and might overlook or fill in with material that’s not there. And when you think things are going in a certain way, you look for more data that’d supplement that read, and overlook data that’d contradict it. I do the same.

    • He said that himself once, and keeps pointing out how second season has got rid of most LN gags.
      And yes, his write-ups (not only Oregairu ones) are awesome, it’s just we’ve already discussed it somewhere around ep. 2.

      Yep, that’s what I’m saying aboout.
      Anime-only wachers are kinda even more wretched here, since they are trying to get an explanation from those who have read the novel or either just badmouthing the second season.

    • Anonymous, it’s a bit hard to understand what you’re talking about, but Nick and I do say that the anime got rid of most LN-/style/ gags. Nick is referring to Fujoshi Ebina, Trap Totsuka, and Unmarried Sensei, as “LN jokes”.

      So I’m not clear if you’re saying he did read the LNs, or didn’t. But I know for a fact Nick Creamer didn’t read the LNs. He and I talk quite a bit over twitter.

    • I was sure I saw how someone asked him about it on his blog (or somewhere else, I don’t even know anymore), and the answer was he did. I even thought about actually making a screenshot. How does it work…


    • I think even without reading the LN, it’s obvious it was rushed a bit: there was no intro to the new year’s shrine visit, it wasn’t really clear what Kawasaki and the “little girl” were doing there, and in general there were a lot of scenes, but yeah, Nick/the guy from ANN seems to have a pretty straightforward reaction to the last couple episodes, which I think is fine.

      It really is just perspective a lot of the time. There are benefits to both a narrow and wide perspective. Nick has done a good job sometimes at analyzing things, but it felt like his review this week was more of a this-is-what-happened-and-it-was-mostly-enjoyable thing. The last scene, for instance, what with the glances between people at the table and such, didn’t feel very significant in the anime, so it’s hard to decipher what everyone is thinking from that limited material, even though it’s kind of the start of something important (actually getting into Yukino’s relationship with her family).


  37. lets just be glad that the only fault they have so far is that they’re rushing things, and not the other way around…I mean can you imagine if they had 24 episodes to show this season but the quality was down?

    • It’s not fan manga, it’s official art.
      2.You don’t. Unless you go to Chiba and ride this particular train

  38. Episode 11,
    “at any time, Hayama Hayato is to meet the expectations.”

    Embarrassed Yukino us rumor flows that “under the snow and Hayama is dating” in the school. Meanwhile, Miura hit the door of the service part. The contents of the request that the course of Hayama. “But because …… it is only you want to know.” For Hayama you do not issue the answer, Hachiman to work out a plan to use the Marathon. Hachiman and Hayama, and that two people were told?

    thanks google senpai

  39. Dear Anonymous,

    i also read the LN.but the difference is how we perceive things.generally our perception varies. My perception will obviously vary from your after reading something
    anyway thanks for giving me your honest comment.

  40. then this is it ! Yukino and Hachiman are similar , both had bad experiences in the past. Happy ending Yukino and Hachiman together

  41. At the very least do not skip the infirmary scene and the scene where Miura stood against Yukino… Please…

  42. 😥 waahh! Please any body tell me where I can watch episode-10.. I can’t find it anywhere.. Please Crunchyroll is not avaible in my reagion. I tried animeshow.tv , animegrab.tv, and even youtube… but i am getting season 1 episode link… Please some help me…. 😥

  43. hey I know that the official number of episodes for oregairu zoku will be 13, but do you guys think there will be an OVA? any sources…?

    • ofcourse…….that’s tradition…..lots of side chapters left for OVA …..but most probably it will adapt vol11.5……when it comes……

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