Yahari Light Novel Volume 11 Cover


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    • Nah, a cover doesn’t represent a plot at all at most cases, and Yahari is not an exception, just compare the previous volumes’ cover and their story. The only preposition of a cover is to attract people’s eyes, so no worry. Watari-san has showed us that it’s a romance story between 8man and Yukino now. And thanks god he decided so! The characters are way too great and smart for a rom-com, think so?

    • I dunno, I mean, the series does have blue hair and white hair characters… just cause it isn’t fantasy doesn’t mean it isn’t a fictional world. Different hair colors just mean you get more character variety and it is easier to remember more characters….

      That said, she actually….. wait, you should be reading this LN… just read this LN and find the answer, in volume 1 (chapter 6)….

    • Wait…. I thought that the blonde girl who was mentioned in chapter 6 is Miura? Could anyone quote the paragraph about Yui being blonde for me? Thanks

    • Yui mutters to herself that she hadn’t dyed her hair during the morning of the accident when Hachiman says that the girl must be a normal girl because he doesn’t remember her, so her hair must be like that (not out of fantasy) because she dyed her

    • I hope not either… if she’s rejected, the series is closer to ending… plus I ship both girls with Hikki (and she fits as well with him as Yukinon, ya know :P).

    • Maybe, if the rejection happened, she will quit the club again and Hikki will miss her and think about her more or Hikki will “ignore” this, and become with Yukinon (and Iroha? And Saki?) although if Hikki rejected Yui very badly, Yukinon will be angry with him for hurting her friend. Ahhhhh, i can’t wait.
      Thanks for posting the pic sir spyro. 🙂 Yui is Life. XD (heck all the girls)

    • Course, even if he likes her, he’d probably reject her. I mean, he’s afraid of this kinda stuff cause of his trauma’s… a parta me thinks that he fell for her and Yukino, but at the same time, because of how great she is, he’s a bit afraid she might just be nice or he’s misunderstanding or she is making a mistake.

      I mean, while he is arrogant at times, he’s also able to look down on himself quite a bit too… ya know..

    • Nay, I think she finds out how much Yuki likes Hikki and becomes conflicted because of it.

    • hmmmm… maybe…. ha, starting a harem is so difficult, isn’t it Hikitani-kun… so far, he’s only properly got the imouto…

    • Well he got
      the Imouto,
      a mischievous Kouhai,
      a fluffy Senpai,
      a GTO-level female Teacher,
      a sadistic Onee-chan,
      a feminine Otoko,
      a tsundere Classmate,
      the school cool beauty,
      the school cutest beauty
      and a brooding Loli 🙂
      All with varying levels of ‘got’ ;p

    • Well the school cool beauty would be Yukino and the cutest (which we can basically gather from the novels) (or maybe hottest would be better?) is Yui

    • the tsundere one was probably kawa… kawa… it had something to do with automobiles i think

    • Wait… oh, you were talking about the super sexy onee-chan which is like combining both Yui and Yukino together… that one? With also an older charm and easily deals with Hikki?

  1. it may not be rejection.
    more like, she found out there is more ladies who r interested in hachiman. as a plain girl, she may not win his heart?

    but the cover look good…

    • Ummm, except she isn’t a plain girl, she’s actually noted to be super hot and one of the few people who have a shot at beating Yukinoshita in a popularity contest in the entire school. Her body is also considered one of the best.

      And she knows she’s hot. Heck, she’s a part of the popular group of girls which has the hottest girls in the school….

    • Agree,It’s noted in volume 8. I think Iroha is more plain than her. I think yui represent a normal gyarru(gal) in the series.

    • what i think is ,hikki refuses to take yui’s chocolate or hikki says something about valentines putting yui in a spot…………….that’s why the sad face……

  2. I wonder when Yui is going to have that date with Hachiman?

    Although I would love for some more information on the Yukinoshita family, I also want to know more about Yuigahama so its going to be interesting if the volume is going to be about her.

    • But that was more of a necessity than a date. Plus, when Hikigaya and Yuigahama had the honey toast, they agreed to go to somewhere together (when at first Hikigaya wanted to pay for part of the honey toast). Then there was at the Destinyland amusement park, where Yuigahama and Hikigaya were having small talk about the park and even suggesting that they could come again or go to the new one. That means they still haven’t gone on their date!

  3. my gues is yui will soon find out that yukinon have fallen in love with hachiman and shes must be in a lot and pain but at the same time think its the right choice to let hachiman go because he is the only one who can save yukinon and understands her more. i mean yui never has any problem to begin with but if she does, either hachiman or yukinon can help her but the only one who can help yukinon is hachiman. yui is basically the bridge between hachiman and yukinon. and maybe she will push hachiman and yukinon together

    • Yui issues was the focus in volume 2 and 3. She was “social coward” or more corect social submissive. Remenber she spend a complete year trying to thanks Hachiman, but she couldnt because he was a social simbol that “you should not speak wit him” plus her awkwarness and shyness didnt help

    • Hikki is not the only one that can save Yukinon, for sure. But everybody (Hayama, Haruno, Shizuka, the readers…) wants him to be the one that does it

    • Maybe she is draw with the perception that she is under a shade?

      Under a tree?? Maybe??

    • siriously stop!….if yen press takes this…then all fan translations will be stopped…..then after 1-2 years you’ll get volume 1…..then 10 years later it’ll be up to date…

  4. “My Yui Yuigahama’s Short Romantic Comedy was Violated as Unexpected”
    Me: Mr. Wataru Watari may I have a word with you, please?
    Wataru: Yes, why not?
    Me: Yui’s gonna be okay after this Volume, right?
    Wataru: Sure, why not?
    Me: You’ll end this with Hachiman finally accepting Yui’s overflowing feelings for him, right?
    Wataru: Okay, why not? crosses fingers

    ~A year later~

    We are here to report that the author of the number one selling Light Novel Series in Japan – Yahari Ore no Seishuun Love Comedy wa Machigatteiru / Oregairu or Hamachi for short, Wataru Watari has been found dead on his apartment. The police only have one clue of the murderer and it is the note he/she left on top of Wataru Watari’s cold dead body stating “You lied to me”. The police is on a man hunt already and will give necessary compensation for whom they can lead the whereabouts of the unknown suspect.

  5. Hmh, A beautiful cover.
    But something very very BAD is comming.
    Atleast after the vol 10. Hikki and Yukino are getting closer.

  6. Woot, called that cover. Yui is under-represented cover-wise compared to Yukino…. Not that you can ever have too much Yukino… But Yui should at least get the same amount, since she’s supposed to be a main character alongside Yukino.

  7. Yui look so sad, I wish that mean end of this story is 8man end up with yukino, couse if end with bitter ending, I doubt I can see 8man with his dream to become “full-time house husband”, or maybe not

  8. Oh oh. Valentine Arc is getting closer and Yui is in the cover with a sad face…? Reminds me of Volume 6 cover and that Volume wasn’t exactly pretty.

  9. i’m really excited like the next guy.. but Yui’s expression on the cover art. It’s giving me bad vibes man. Rooting for Yukinon but damn…

  10. man this cover just makes me sad…I mean I kinda like Yui more than Yukinon (sorry Yukinon fans) because of her innocence, and her genuine desire to help her friends…Yukinon’s kinda becoming like the typical damsel in distress so far, but until she finally finds that something that she is looking for, something that makes her unique im rooting for yui

  11. what;s with that sad face YUI…?!?!?! ……. siriously nothings out yet and i still have a bad feeling about this……. but hey ….novel covers until now never had much impact on the story…. but still….all covers until now had plain face or smiling face…

    • Blue wristband in pair to blue scrunchie. Melancholic face. Does it mean she is just a friend? Or may be 80k will sacrifice himself again to save Yukinon or girls friendship (choosing Iroha/Saki/nobody) . Not sure if my spirit ready for this.

  12. If vol.11 going to be yukinon focused…

    Im guessing that Yui would witness directly infront of her, Yukino’s feelings for Hachiman…
    Either a direct / indirect confession of her need for Hachiman which might be why her depressed look…

    Indecisive Yuigahama, stuck between Miura and her friends against Yukinon and the service club
    Though she manages to somehow balance out and maintain a close relationship on both sides, she bears witness to the feelings of her best friend, Yukinon towards the person she holds affection for, Hikki.

    She will then finally grow up from this ordeal, learning to make her own stand and finally go for the person she wants. Eliminating all other competitors and fulfilling the wish of her loved one by tying him down at their new home (Hikki’s dream is to be a household husband and not leave the house to work)

  13. Well, after read volume 10 in yukino nursing time, 8man and yukino surely being more close, I doubt yui can have a chance, moreover with that cover

  14. from what i can understand from past novel,it might be that yui have started to want “something genuine” too. 8man seem to acknowledge that yui feeling are real, and thus trying to to accept it. maybe this time yui will be the one who reject him as she know that 8man are afraid that he might lose what he want most..

    i began to like yui,so i hope i’m wrong……

    • maybe…..but seriously there’s lot of stuff left to cover up….lots of novel’s crossed 12 volumes….since oregairu is still on top in the charts i bet its gonna go over 12

  15. Oh c’mon you all sometimes cover had nothing to do with the content or plot. So don’t assume something like that. You’ll make me cry T^T.

  16. None of the previous volume cover isn’t about it’s content so nothing will be like all your assumptions

  17. I had a feeling that Yui will confront to Hikki (or Yukinon) about what feelings does he hold to Yukinon and is somehow this Yui on the cover is related after talking about those feelings. Or maybe I’m just thinking too much…? Haha, after all, the volume covers itself doesn’t even affect the story. Anyway, I was expecting for Yukinon cover but it turned out to be Yui.

    Well, can’t wait for the next volume. Somehow, it felt like either Yui or Yukino (I highly doubt that but I’m really hoping) will confess to Hachiman. Or maybe Hachiman going to the next level and gonna dig deeper to know more about Yukino’s (and Hayama) past. Seriously, I’m expecting that big (and bad) is gonna happen and I can’t wait for it no matter what kind of outcome it’ll be.

  18. I don’t know about you guys but I’m expecting heat attack or a nervous breakdown from hachiman. 😀

    • up-till now yes…but also all covers uptil now had the plain face(except haruno….cuz she crazy)…..
      but they wont just put a sad face without any reason would they?

    • If you look at the way the story from volume 8 onwards went I think it’s a bit safer to say that the cover art has something to do with the story…volume 8 depicted a melancholic yukinon, volume 9 hiratsuka – sensei (who was the key to Hikki finally getting his answer) and volume 10 Haruno who was the source of dissonance althroughout the volume…

  19. Man what happened to Ponkan8’s style… the nose and mouth just looks awkward. Volume 6’s illustrations was something I preferred.

    • I know anime art these days must be like that but sometimes watching the episode (which Feel did) I got this annoying feeling of that too much pointy chin of the characters, especially Yukino. I like how they draw ep 10 the most.

  20. I read a lot about Yui, Yukino, but what’s wrong with you, plebs? Iroha is best grill, you better start writing about her.

  21. is this on purpose? release date of vol 11. is Yui’s birthday and the cover is also Yui
    can’t wait for the valentine event 🙂

    • Really looks like it’s not a coincidence. It is on purpose. Maybe Yui is the focus of the story?

  22. ok no i don’t like this expression, please don’t break her heart, i love her, well i ship yukinon and hachiman but stilllllll

  23. That’s not good.
    That’s not good.
    That’s not good.

    This is the first time we’ve had a cover that so blatantly implies sadness and a farewell. That’s not good.
    That’s not good.
    That’s not good.

  24. I have a feeling that in the end hikigaya won’t end up with anybody from his school and he will only find his love later during college or after when he becomes more mature. The title of the series indicates that he won’t find his love in his youth. Also if he goes out with yui, it will hurt yukino and vice versa. In the end, to become a house husband, the girl would have to be super rich. Lol

  25. what the hell are you talking????????
    if he needs to find genuine things then he needs to choose…..for someone to find happiness means other one will be hurt ,it is the rule of world…..and in LN i think yukino is facing a bigger problem and suffering alone…hikigaya only can help him no one else can because he understands her..
    those who are rooting for yui
    i want to say something…… for yui she has friends,family everyone else to support her but for yukino there was really no one…even if so , she tried hard to stand on her own..
    if she wishes for something now why won’t she get it??????????is not it wrong that life is always be full of sadness for her????
    it is not like option to choose it is because there is no option…….
    and also other pairings are pointless no matter how you look??

    even if so really i am getting bad feeling with this LN

    • So just because Yukino loneliness she can end up with Hachiman ? Your way of thinking is too narraow dude
      okay if Yukino end up with Hachiman, will she do not feel the loneliness ?
      The problem is how to break Yukino shell and make good relationship with her family ? not keeping her for Hachiman alone dude.
      I know even without those thing Yukino has highest chance end up with Hachiman so why Yukinonfags so afraid with the story ?
      Stop shipping sh#t battle the story not for Yukino end up with Hachiman alone.
      PS sorry for my english

    • Although I agree that yukino doesn’t open up with people easily, but it doesn’t mean she has to end up with hikigaya. That wouldn’t be breaking out of her shell since she’s already recognized hikigaya and yuigahama as her important people. Choosing hikigaya as a boyfriend will be mostly due to convenience since she can’t open up to other people. Hikigaya also has his own problems such as his inability to see the positive on people and mostly doubt their intentions. Yukino is a bad choice since both of them are too negative and will only let the other act the way they are now. What hikigaya needs is someone like komachi who is both lively like yuigahama and at the same time able to be logical and see through people like yukino. Maybe when rumi grows up and become more social, she is the best match for hikigaya.

    • @marquis, although Iroha has many fun and semi romantic moments with hikigaya, I don’t think she is best suited for him either because she’s always wearing a facade to look good in front of people. She might be cheerful but is no where as sincere to her actions as yuigahama, nor she is as smart or logical as yukinon. Although she’s similar to komachi, I think komachi is actually a level higher in terms of sincerity and intelligence. A grown up rumi will be the perfect combination of yukinon and Yui since she actually wants to get close with her classmates, so her human relations skills will definitely improve, and she’s already plenty smart. Unless Iroha matures, she will only be good as a friend who’s always playfully teasing hikigaya.

  26. Remembered the car crash that happened to hikigaya in the first season, no one talking about it now.

    And what if yukino’s mom was with yukino when the car hitted hikigaya, and yukino’s mom ignored him and ordered the driver to complete his way, because of that yukino feel angry and can’t hold any more so she left her parents home to that building. AND that’s why their relationship bad😃.
    is this amazing 👌😐

  27. i think this novel will end with a vague conclusion regarding the romance between the main characters. hikigaya hardly show any sign of interest(romance) between yui and yukino. the only clear ending i could predict is the genuine friendship between them. the author will probably let the reader guess or choose between the two.

  28. Guys, talking about scrunchie, have you read the special chapter in LN?
    It’s about x’mas present that Hachiman bought for Yukino & Yui. Yukino get the red/pink and yui get the blue.

    • Nah, actually yui has a chance. Hikigaya might actually go out with her since it’s been implied that he’s finally ready to give an answer to yui’s feelings which he chose to dodge time and time again. Since hikigaya has no reason to reject her and he actually wanted a genuine relationship, he might start focusing on his romantic affairs. Out of all the girls, yui is the one he knows who have feelings for him and is actually close to him, so he’ll definitely chose her as his first girlfriend. As for whether it will last, only the author can decide, but she’s actually not a bad choice, if only she’s able to match hikigaya and yukino level of intelect, but I guess that is asking too much. She’s at least a good wife material and she might actually cure hikigaya antisocial behavior with her positive and friendly personality.

    • Will after watching naruto and digimon “Taichi” ending…….. Everything are possible 🙆 🙊

  29. All ya’ll are wrong. Everyone will leave high school as friends. He will then go to college to become a teacher, and then go back to his old high school. There he will reconnect with the one true person that understands him and soon after they get married. Shizuka will finally be happy with her Hachiman….. until one day she decides to surprises him during a after school tutoring session. A crack in the classroom door revealed Tsurumi Rumi….. being porked… by Hachiman

                                                                                                                    spoiler alert:  He has to use Yukinon's family lawyer to help him keep his job which happens to be Hayato!
    • waoo thats some vision you got there! I can’t even imagine something like that I just go with flow in story an imagine yui or yukinon wil end up with 8man XD …. Overall nice fanfic there. 🙂

    • Hikigaya will date Yui but breaks up after being caught to have had an affair with yukinon and Iroha. Goes to college while dating Saki who gave him a chance, while occasionally fooling around with haruno and shizuka and they eventually broke up after learning that hikigaya never learned his lesson. Everyone meets up again during a class reunion and were reconciled. While walking home from school, he bumps into Rumi who’s already a senior in high school, they reconnected (in bed). Few days after rumi graduation, she founds out that she is pregnant with hikigaya baby and they got married. Everyone attended their wedding with scornful and disdainful look at hikigaya, whom they thought was a changed man and is now doubting themselves why they had to reconcile with such a person. Rumi actually became the loving housewife, and hikigaya dream of becoming a house husband never happened, but since he got a kid, he never fooled around with women anymore and though he’s reluctant to admit, he’s actually head over heels in love with Rumi. The end…………………….

  30. Yui can get sad for Yukinon too, you know. If the cover pic of yui is sad, then that can mean that she is sad for yukinon and not because hikki rejected her.

  31. I found this thing on the Honto site:



    Things are…. foreboding.

  32. I only have one question , is it the final? From what i learn from watari wataru style , the story can’t be ended at least for 2 more volume. So will it be the 12th volume?

  33. Nooo, Why Yui looks so sad? I hope she isn’t become more sadder. I think if she got rejected, 8man will give a good reason. And it is not because he love Yukino more

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