Current Status as of 6/2

CC-j3SoVAAArrG1Current Plans: Volume 6.5 until volume 11
Upcoming Plans: Volume 11, volume 6.5 or (a) depending on what the latter is about, volume 7 and its bonus track, @comic chapter 2 somewhere in between (probably)
Where’d you go? I’m either translating, editing, or playing Xenoblade X.



103 thoughts on “Current Status as of 6/2

    • Sorry my bad, I thought you’re talking about the latter picture, not the former. Maybe I just got hyped with Yukinoshita hugging a Pan-san doll.

    • considering hair style and bust size, it is Yukinon 🙂

      the comic strips that pop up nowadays are great 🙂

    • well, at first I think that hiratsuka sensei. but after I that the girl have flat chest It must be yukino.
      @fighting furball
      LOL I just see that pic while ago. that’s really hilarious. why their hand language communication go into another direction?

    • yep it’s great. When the first season rolled out and afterwards there was very little fanfic stuff but this time around it really rolls out 🙂

    • If Spyro is actually a guy (I really have no clue right now), my guess is that is Spyro’s drawing of Yukino.

  1. Awesome stuff. I know this will sound like nit-pick, but after comparing frog-kun’s and your translation back and forth I’ve noticed it’s hard to keep track of which character is saying what in yours translations. Mainly because there are no indication of which character it is after each dialogue, I could be reading a group conversation and some dialogues can either be said by komachi, hikigaya or yukino,etc. You get the idea, of course there are obvious hints like Zaimokuza….you get the idea.

    Then again this is coming from random reader from the internet, you have every right to disapprove of this. Again, I hope you can hear me out and great translations.

    • Yeah I had that problem too for a little while, but after a while you can get use to the pattern and distinction of the dialogue. Like you said, there are obvious hints that are easy to tell from who is speaking in that dialogue. But you can also use how a sentence that introduces a character into the conversation and so you’ll know who’s going to speak first. Then there is also the distinctions in their speech patterns so its fairly easy to tell who’s talking by how they talk and as a result you see the order in which they talk when you look at the little details and timing of the characters. I think Excorsism has enough dialogue tags that you can tell who’s speaking and after some practice it becomes second nature.

  2. For the curious :

    = Pan-san pan-san pan-san pan-san pan-san pan-san pan-san pan-san pan-san pan-san pan-san pan-san pan-san pan-san pan-san
    Source : Google Translate

    • It also appears that the illustrations for volume 8 (misclicked, I was trying to check something from the first chapter, but eh) link to another wordpress site that has been taken down.

    • To clarify on my first reply to myself (wow what am i doing with my life), the link from the home page of Volume 8 to illustrations is broken, as it redirects to kyakkaln or something similar.

  3. Guys if you need help in making the pdf then I will help, acctualy I was making it and is almost finished just needed the Afterword section.
    Putting that aside thanks for translating..

  4. tsk tsk tsk Spyro you are a slave to the internet and thus your only job is to scanlate oregairu novels forever. You will cut everything including food and sleep. Thus I expect you to do more work and just slave away in front of your computer.

    Also thanks for your hard work

    • Excorsism said he’s not going to translate it, Frog-kun is going to try to translate it instead.

  5. @Spyro, do you have translated editor for checking work or you do by yourself? because I don’t want you to be complain by other readers.

    I ask because I saw some complain and don’t want you to be depress, if you think you can’t checking work properly, maybe someone can?

  6. You should create a progress bar at the top of the page for whatever you are currently translating/editing etc.

    • Isn’t that kind of unnecessary work? Plus that’s just going to make some of us more impatient. I mean some translators will have progress bars, but I think its not really needed and all we have to do is just simply wait for translations.

  7. What we need are progress Power-Point presentations. Also a tutorial on how to knit our own Pan-sans.

  8. Been playing Xenoblade X myself, it’s SOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO much fun. I hope you enjoy it/are enjoying it too, Excorsism! You’ll probably enjoy it more than me since my Japanese is well… sub-par, to say the least, haha.

    Anyway, don’t work too hard! I appreciate everything you do for the fans of Oregairu~! 🙂

  9. hope when vol11 is out u will drop the rest of the other translation work and just focus on vol11 XD hahaa anyway, THANK YOU SO SO MUCH FOR TRANSLATING THIS!

  10. I just want to say that I am uncomfortable with Komachi staring straight at me. Can’t even shitpost without feeling guilty.

    Thank you.

  11. Drama CD Volume 7 is very fun. I like how 8man, yui, yukino, haruno, sensei & others are having fun after school festival. (how pity I can’t listen to Japanese) , so I recommend this to you, @spyro.

    little special service from haruno to 8man (yui & yukino almost can’t stop that)
    darkening of sensei
    neko , inu , usagi war
    play game
    replay of live concert in school festival for 8man (since he’s very busy & can’t watch their live)

    • Well Dragonball Z was actually to end with the destruction of Namek and the defeat of Freezer. And we all know how that ended. 🙂
      If this makes enough money… ;p

    • worst case scenario…..yuki accepts hikki’s friendship before going to separate universities
      best case scenario…..hikki breaks through yuki’s shell ……but yuki wins sensei’s challenge and force hikki to be her slave/bf/husband

    • Hell, actually Yuki could also finally snap, yudo throw Hikki on a bed and make him hers. 🙂

  12. when will volume 11 translation be out???????
    after seeing the anime and reading LN i think hikigaya will end with yui not yukino….
    in LN it is mentioned that hayama waiting for some one to find him…is it yukino???///
    further observing yukino’s character there is less chance that she will confess to hikigaya in volume11…..
    yui might confess…..
    seeing other aspects of LN there is less chance that hikigaya will end with yukino
    1st is family reason even if he solves the family problem the status in society will be problem…
    2nd is yui’s feelings towards hikigaya…she shows her emotions openly whereas yukino not…
    3rd is even if yukino confesses there is chance if hikigaya will accept or not..considering yui’s feeling…

    but i honestly think hachiman[hikigaya] should end with yukino…….that will be a great ending.
    and also i hate yui yuigahama , because she shows too much emotion…….iroha,sagami,orimoto definitely are a bitches…
    Komachi is really a wonderful girl and as a little sister she is really mind blowing…….

  13. I do not know if it’s just me or if everyone else experiencing problems with your
    site. It seems like some of the written text in your posts are running off the screen. Can somebody else please provide feedback and let me know if this is happening to them too?
    This may be a issue with my web browser because I’ve had this happen before.

  14. If you can’t get enough of Saori Hayami’s voice, she’s also voicing Urara Shiraishi in Yamada and the 7 Witches. That show has some cheap animation at times, but it is kinda funny, and Shiraishi sounds nearly identical to Yukino, but with fewer opportunities to speak..

  15. Wait spyro, are you planing to translate Volume 6.5 first ( You did mentioned it in current plan, If so please do it before Volume 11 release.Pretty please

    • While I want to read 6.5 too. Spyro should definitively do 11 first as this conatains crucial data AKA valentines day! (well, at least hopefully)

  16. thanks spyro!!! can’t wait to read 6.5,
    I would like you to prioritize 6.5 before 11 and could you throw away your Xenoblade X for awhile? just hurry up and do your job translator!! #JK

  17. Please make volume 11 as the main priority when it get released. It seems like the romance is finally taking a step forward and I can’t wait who will be the one to finally move the heart of Hachiman. Betting on hiratsuka sense, iroha, or haruno (joke).

    • please don’t tell Spyro what to do, it’s kind of annoying. let Spyro do what s/he wants, you aren’t paying them for it, are you? and it’s obvious people are going to want volume 11 first over the rest without anyone asking for it, lol.

  18. i agree….please do volume 11 1st……
    it will be better if the author don’t add any more girls…..otherwise it will turn it harem,,,,,,,
    if anyone finished reading 1-4 you can see yui’s bitchness is of top level…….
    considering yui’s feelings for hikigaya…..think of a situation where someone other saves her dog and after that she meets hikigaya in club……then she should have never fallen in love with him in 1st place….her care for others is genuine but not love…
    i think the only thing genuine is relaion between hikigaya and yukino …….and for the LN i think the only one needs saving is yukino, because she suffered too much in her life so i think it will be best if author goes with hikigaya-yukino….otherwise it will not be good..seeing the anime and LN i got the vibe it will be bad ending..
    the biggest problem is yui’s feelings and yukino’s family………
    if hikigaya-yukino is not going to end i will stop reading it

    i think LN will go for 3-4 volume more
    in 2015 ranking top LN- Yahari Ore no Seishun Love Comedy [rank-1]
    best male char- Hikigaya Hachiman [rank-1]
    best female char- Yukinoshita Yukino [rank-1]
    for LN only…..

    • I’m inclined to agree

      also begging for the obvious (volume 11) to someone who does very hard work for free is kinda lame, just let them do what they want at their own pace, that way they don’t potentially feel stressed out or annoyed and maybe it’ll even come out faster than you asking for it 🙂

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