Oregairu Zoku Future Episodes

2015-05-29_19-18-23We volume 10 in the next episode now. Potentially up to Yukino’s mom, even. FEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEL


86 thoughts on “Oregairu Zoku Future Episodes

    • the finale would probably be the resolution of miura’s request, right around the part where the service club and hayama’s gang go into a sort of get together after that marathon event. i dont think it would be a good idea to go beyond that point if they would do vol 10, since that would leave a massive cliffhanger at the end of the season, which would prolly be frustrating imo.

    • Volume 9 and 10 made me root for yukino more. I really want to see the infirmary scene just like the coaster ride scene :3

  1. Wait what do you mean volume 10 in the next episode? I thought the next episode was going to wrap up volume 9. Or do you mean after that episode?

  2. god dammit feel, you have one job
    on a serious note a good point to end the season can be seeing how the rumors start after the yukimom scene, gonna be one hell of cliffhanger, but there is no other way, is impossible to adapt volume 10 in three episodes, right feel?…..feel?

    • ok i made my searching, so episode 10 will have the end of volume 9 and the beginning of volume 10 until the appearance of yukimom……ok……i feel like crying in a corner right now…

    • If they do include the Memoranda, I’m wondering if the choice of the narrator would give clues as to who was the person implied in each memo. However, if Feel were smart they’d use a VA other than the actual character VA to narrate it.

    • the person implied in each memorandum was clearly 8man because he is the only narrator in all previous novels. it is hard ot think that narration will shift to another at such time.

  3. It is good and sad at the same time 😦
    It is good that they will cover part of Vol.10, but I really feel sad when i think about the parts that are going to be skipped in order to reach to Yukinon’s mom 😦

    • dammit…what will they even adapt in season 3…..(or are they planning to end the anime forever….like they did for Sakurasou or Haganai)

  4. they are cutting a lot of scenes….
    even the kawasaki imouto scene is cut….i wanted to see that….she’s not in the end credits where all the characters are shown…
    they better choose a good ending point…..no cliffhanger pls….

    at this adaption rate there wont be a season 3…..as they wont have enough content if LN volume 12 is final

    • I dont surprise that they cut kawasaki imouto scene cuz the reaction of kawasaki to hachiman in novel and anime r not the same

    • at the cafe scene its lightly hinted kawasaki is falling for hachiman ..even the ghost house scene…..kawasaki had very little part this season…

      she is a sweet tsundere i wished to see her more in the anime….

  5. the ending will probably end as a cliffhanger with the elevator doors opened and screen goes black. then next season which i HOPE! starts with hikki in school watches his classmate greets happy new year and then……

    • they probably don’t and if ever it may be announced for a very long time due to the lack of sources they needed to adapt

  6. I hope they will cover the first 2 chapters. Everything will be OK.
    Next time on Season 3, we will continue by the Service Club accept Miura’ Request.

  7. With them going straight to volume 10 in this episode, I guess we will see Vol. 9’s Ch. 9 and 10 rushed. Gonna feel a bit weird after they slowed down a bit for the earlier chapters in vol. 9. Wish they just ended the episode with the final scene in vol. 9 to give a better conclusion with the episode and start vol. 10 with episode 11. Well, we’ve been complaining every time but studio Feel still does a good job with it so I’ll give them the benefit of doubt for this.

  8. They need one of the episodes to cut into the ED and have an “after credits” scene. Either way, gonna be interesting to see what they are planning.

  9. Finally, 8man would introducing himself to be future husband of yukino, just kidding I already knew what happen on LN

    • nothing much happens…lots of stares…. yukinon was forced to attend her birthday dinner….i didnt like how her mom ignored hiki…. hope she isn’t miura type ….

  10. now i figure it out, this LN is about hachiman and yukino, bcos hachiman is main actor ofc and all family member of yunikon were introduced, i guess in volume 11, her father will be intoduced also, so it is about hachiman and yukino

    • it’s just the bonus track that spyro translated. it’s not the entire volume. If you don’t see it here, there’s no way it’ll be there since Spyro’s the only one translating this at the moment (and rightly so, since he’s pretty good at it).

  11. i think they are planning to end this season at the infirmary scene….episode 10 will be Christmas event…11 will be yukinon’s mom and career path choosing and 12 will be miura’s request and marathon and ending at infirmary scene…..if its 13 episodes then 10 will be christmas event preparations and 11 will be the event and so on…..

  12. Episode 10, “of each, what terrace lights in the palm.”

    Nothing against Tamanawa who can not be determined, Yukino and Hachiman to point out the irresponsibility and emptiness from the front. Well that go with a black-and-white things, Hachiman leading to somehow successful Christmas event along with the ABCs, Yukino, Yui. And mild air visit to service part after a long time. Also opened year, Yui and Hachiman is to go out to buy a birthday gift of Yukino two people. So by chance, it encounters a Hi乃 and Hayama ….

  13. I hope they include the memorandum… I don’t mind if they just include them as text without narrators…

    • cooool …… wonder if iroha’s name is ilohas lol ……japan dosen’t have english “L” anyways…all L are pronounced as R ….

      MAX cofee ….i would like to try that….

    • U know what the pictures tell us? i get it. And mixing water and coffee like that . . . Anyway I against it.

  14. Cool. We would get to see Hachiman and Yui shopping for Yukino’s birthday present. Even though I do think it’s kinda rush. Not sure how they gonna wrap up vol 9 and get to vol 10 but still excited to see how they gonna animate it. Definitely will get to see dere Yukino 😉

    • i have no idea how they are going to squeeze all this in…..
      the Christmas event (which could have been made as grand as the school event) and the shopping with lots of YuiService will be severely cut down

  15. wait what?! vol 10 next epi?? @.@ what happen to the xmas party? so they would be showing 8man giving the xmas present too?

  16. heres my theory ehem….
    episode 10- vol 9 chap 8 ending , 9 and 10
    episode 11- vol 10 chap 1 2 3-intro (yukino and hayama rumour starts and goes credit)
    episode 12- vol 10 chap 3(service club scene) 4, 6 (chap 5 totsuka waiting is not all that important so maybe theyll cut it).
    episode 13- vol 10 chap 7 8 9
    OVA- christmas party

    what do u guys think? since feel skipped most part, i have to think like feel and this is my gues on how theyre gonna do.

  17. Eeehhhhhhh and here I am expecting feel. to take it little bit more slowly because rivalry between Haya-Hachi wouldn’t be able reach the audience in 3-4 episodes if they picture it with this pace. Buuuttttt…..

    • i know right…..for the people who read the LN they’ll get it but for others it’ll be a bit rushy rushy…but they’ll still love it though….everyone loves oregairu

    • Can’t wait for Hachiman and Hayama’s rivalry… Hope it will be there in Volume 11!!!

  18. I dunno about you guys but Im kinda disappointed that both seasons never animated Hachiman calling Yukinon Yukipedia-san… -_-

  19. i heard some rumors that this is the last season?? is this rumor true? saw it on a comment on some webby…

    • Maybe, because if this ends at episode 13. That day is around where Volume 11 is released. Or perhaps they will give us season 3. With a lot of details on how it ends, unlike these episodes that are totally rushed.

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