Oregairu Zoku Episode 9

Zoku09_72And Yukinoshita Yukino.

Zoku09_01 Zoku09_02

H-How awkward! Especially after that fiasco yesterday!

Zoku09_03 Zoku09_04

Whoa, Yui. it’s no time to snuggle with Yukino. Yet. Do it in the bath.

Zoku09_05 Zoku09_06

That look. Yukino makes the best faces.

Zoku09_07 Zoku09_08

D-Did you say Pan-san? Shucks, you got me.

Zoku09_09 Zoku09_10 Zoku09_11 Zoku09_12 Zoku09_13

It’s kind of crowded, but if it’s for the little sister, I’ll deal with it. Also, she has a year pass for Destiny Land, funny.

Zoku09_14 Zoku09_73Zoku09_15 Zoku09_16 Zoku09_17 Zoku09_18 Zoku09_19

To Destiny Land, the land of dreams! That’s a nice blue dress she’s wearing underneath that coat.

Zoku09_20 Zoku09_21

Thanks, Mommy Miura. Also, someone’s clearly bad with the rides.


I want off of Pan-san’s wild ride. Also, that initial look of anticipation.

Zoku09_24Zoku09_25 Zoku09_26 Zoku09_27

Ironic that Yukino finds the panda cuter than the cat character. Thanks Iroha for understanding the true worth of Pan-san. Supposedly.


Very much prefer Yui here than in season 1.

Zoku09_29 Zoku09_30 Zoku09_31

Check out all those colored Pan-sans.

Zoku09_32 Zoku09_33 Zoku09_34 Zoku09_35 Zoku09_36 Zoku09_37 Zoku09_38 Zoku09_39 Zoku09_40 Zoku09_41 Zoku09_42 Zoku09_43 Zoku09_44 Zoku09_45 Zoku09_46 Zoku09_47 Zoku09_48 Zoku09_49

I thought the scene was underwhelming initially, but then it’s growing on me after watching it a few more times. It might actuauully be better this way. It feels more natural and there’s really no need to emphasize what kind of dramatic face he’d make in return to her request. it just happens as the ride takes the fall.

Also, the bit about how Yukino was okay with the rides because Yui was her subtle way of saying the same thing about him. Some things just become more apparent when voiced and animated.

Also, that flash at the end. And the ice to water imagery was a nice touch for Yukino. Ice to water, if you know what I mean. I don’t recall it being like that in the novels since the ride was suppose to go through the opening of a vulture’s mouth to the zenith to see Destiny Land’s scenery, but this works. I shouldn’t have expected the kind of scenery porn you’d see from PA works though.

Zoku09_50 Zoku09_51

The ride is supposed to be a parody of Splash Mountain. That flash indicates the photos that get taken on your way down the fall. Guess what Yukino has in her hand?

Zoku09_52 Zoku09_53 Zoku09_54 Zoku09_55 Zoku09_56 Zoku09_57 Zoku09_58 Zoku09_59 Zoku09_60 Zoku09_61 Zoku09_62 Zoku09_63 Zoku09_64

Wasn’t expecting the crane game scene to be animated, thanks Feel. An insight into Yukino’s thoughts and behavior. Hachiman and Yukino’s old banter slowly coming back.

Zoku09_65 Zoku09_66 Zoku09_67

Pictures and fireworks.


How nostalgic! See volume 5.


Rejection. I want to ki–I’m not that guy.


And Yukinoshita Yukino–enjoys the fireworks while other stuff happens. Feel knows how their comedic timing. Probably the worst way to end the episode. They could’ve done the rejection after the ED or something.


I want to ki–I’m not that guy.


Rumi-Rumi, it’s time to become an idol!

Overall Impressions:

  • I liked the rollercoaster scene, though I wish it had more impact.
  • Derenon is out of this world, great to see her finally like this in motion.
  • I want to ki–I’m not that guy.
  • 90% Yukino, 10% everything else.
  • Happy Birthday Hayami.

162 thoughts on “Oregairu Zoku Episode 9

    • My body definitely isn’t. Too excited and too nervous to how the episode is going to play out. And those screenshots…. wow

  1. I can’t read japanese, but isn’t the last picture the scene where Hachiman brings her coffee after they ride Spride mountain? That would mean that the rollercoaster scene is in this episode… or is whitecastle something else entirely?

    • Aww Sensei’s cutesy voice was really cute. Also, loved what they did with the space mountain equivalent. I’ve only seen the ep. once so far, but I think I’ll like the rollercoaster scene more upon the second viewing as well. I liked it enough the first time, but I was kind of sad that it wasn’t splash mountain themed, like it was implied to be in the novel. It does work better thematically this way… but I’m selfish and I just want to see the cast go to disneyland darn it.

      I thought the confession scene and the buildup to it played out pretty well. Isshiki pulling Tobe aside was short and subtle, but seemed really well done to me for whatever reason. Also, as they were showing the fireworks and Isshiki was about to confess, I thought to myself “what they should do is just show the silhouettes of Hayama and Isshiki’s moving mouths to represent the confession”, and they did! It’s a pretty obvious set up and a basic cinematographic technique, but the fact that FEEL did it this way made me pretty happy.

      Anyways, it was an enjoyable episode. Can’t wait for Yukinoshita to shut Tamanawa up in the next episode.

    • well, I want to see Yukino glaring Isshiki away so she can sit next to Hachiman 🙂

      Anyway give the goddamned conclusion of the whole community event at least some scenes, no need to rush now, considering how long the depressing part went on…

    • I think Luna0995 is talking about the scene after, the train.

      In that note, i feel the same. Why must i wait another week?

    • If i’m not wrong, the community event happens after this. They go to Destinyland to gather ideas for christmas decorations.

  2. still not watched it yet, but from comments looks like there is big loophole between eps 8 and this one.

    anyway, get ready to HHHNNNGGG….

  3. Can’t wait for this episode
    But can anyone tell me what will there be in episode 9
    Cant wait till it I subbed

    • If the picture is the content of episode 9 then it will be about christmas and the visit to destiny land (disney land) with Yukino, Yui and Hayamas group including Isshiki. And next up would be Hachiman meeting Yukinos mother.

    • I don’t think Hachiman meets Yukino’s mother until volume 10, right? The Iroha and Rumi issue was resolved by then.

    • The scene is of the christmas event (visit of destiny land) with other people which is at christmas. After that Hachiman and Yui meet up to buy presents for Yukinos birthday (which is on the second of january) shortly before the year ends. On that day they meet Haruno who takes Hachiman hostage to force Yukino come to meet them. After Yukino arrives her mother does so too and meets Hachiman and Yui for the first time.

      It’s really directly after that event, Yui asks Hikki to go shopping with her at the christmas event, if I recall correctly.

    • Ah yes, maybe I misread 🙂

      What is so aggravating is that: If this is the christmas event then the whole conclussion of the community event including the Rumi and Yukinoshita scenes will be either omitted or fast forwarded through. Those would be the end of volume 9. The christmas is a .5 Volume and 10 basically starts with that.

      It looks like they wanted to plow through to the infirmary scene in this season.

    • Damn it… I was wrong they went to Destiny Land because Sensei gave them tickets to see what christmas is really about and help them to deal with the event. Which means Volume 9 is still a go 🙂
      Well in my defense it was about 3 months or so when I read the volume…

    • No, i think they mean, Yukinon’s personal request to Hikki.

      Maybe episode 9 will go like this:
      “Brainstorming” then Yukino making her “i have a migraine pose”, Shizuka giving out the tickets to Hikki and co, brief scene of them enjoying destinyland with Hayato’s gang, Yui moment, Hikki and Yukinon getting separated from the others, Yukinon moment, regrouping, “search party” starting, Hayato scene, going home, then Iroha moment. I think.

  4. Not to be excessively pessimistic, but I’m not expecting much this episode. Last season completely skipped day 2 of the school festival, which focused on Yukino. Additionally, Yukino was completely removed from the scene after the festival where Harano and Sensei talk to Hachiman.

    I guess, I’m expecting the moments in this episode to be glossed over.

  5. I just hope they can relay the feelings well enough cuz it seems like they rushed most of the destinyland chapter…although I dont think they’re gonna include Iroha’s confession in yet

  6. Oh…i just noticed that 8man’s face is not bad at all and he looks like those dam riajuus.
    he was supposed to be an irresponsible slacker and uncooperative loner here.
    Source : Chuuni.

  7. Yukino make her request “on” the ride. Then, “after” the ride, she said she want something that both 8man and Haruno don’t have so that she can save “something”. I guess what he mean is that the episode doesn’t end when Yukino made the request but it end after Yukino had a conversation with 8man after the ride? If so, I think that was pretty good since the conversation itself is pretty important.

    • would/should have been in the last episode already…

      apparently the animation studio hates the Kawasaki household….

  8. Oh my god those cat ears, it’s even better than the LN illustrations, my heart.

    Feel always be’ delivering.

  9. I really wished they would have ended on the Yukino plea for help one day instead of the Iroha confession. The Destinyland piece seemed a little too rushed for me to get too emotionally involved from what occurred in Chapter 7/8. I really enjoyed the small things of Chapter 7/8 like the whole issue on who 8man was going to ride with on the Pan-san ride. It’s too bad we didn’t get to hear the “Ebina-san lied” internal monologue either. I also wished they made a little bigger scene of the bag handoff between Iroha and 8man… I wanna see more jealousy darnit!

  10. Yukino coughing so hnggggh >M<. LOL Isshiki being so natural when give the bag to hachiman. My expression somewhat like hachiman when yukino said something like “someday, help me okay”. That ending, I don’t know that hachiman watch the confession even though not hearing it. it’s really good ride for this episode.

  11. Good episode, though the Spride Mountain ride felt anti-climatic. The conversations between Yukinon and Hikki were well done. However, I felt that the flashback scene where Hikki gave Yukinon the crane-game Pan-san would be confusing to Anime-only folks: she looked like she was rejecting the gift from Hikki, or else fighting over it with him!

    • Yep, the author has never once disguised just how more “central” Yukinon is compared to Yui, let alone hiding that she has the most influence on Hikki as well.

      As Exorcism pointed out, the scenes that feel “kinda plain” really do feel better when one re-watches the episode and notice how quietly and naturally events are flowing between the cast, all of them feels in this episode.

    • It was subtle since we only knew she put something away in her bag before Hachiman came back with drinks.

    • OMG OMG ….i totally missed that….i was like ….what did she hide…then 4got all about it…..didn’t see the flash during the ride….. They are holding hands aren’t they?!(maybe the sleve)

  12. Oh, and I immediately noticed that Splash mountain. Was there a month and a half ago and had to que for an hour wanting to use the toilet the whole way.

  13. No, I prefer Yui from episode 11 more than Railgun here. That was da best Yui face in all series except for episode 1 face while he was saying her cookies look kinda off to Yukino’s.

  14. Wait wait. Where is iroha and hikki scene in the train. I mean that was the best part of this chapter, well that and yukino saying she wanted to ‘save something’ (and im putting this only because Im hoping the anime will elucidate jus wat exactly it is she’s trying to save)

    • The Iroha and HIkki scene in the train comes after the rejection so it might be in the next episode.

  15. just a warning to anyone who’ll download from commie’s official website…the classy gentlemen that we rely on for subs have set up an elaborate surprise…-_-

  16. Every time there is an important scene with Yukino the atmosphere is always color blue or feels blue… They did a good job portraying it! XD Yeah, I also love how Yui looks right now…

  17. I want to ki–I’m not that guy
    What is it means, I don’t remember reading it in light novel?
    What is the Ki was about to be?
    who said to whom?
    Will there be no Take responsibility senpai scene?

    • Spyro’s trying to say “I want to kill” and as for who he wants to kill, take a look at the person the lines appear at…and they’re definitely going to include the “take responsibility scene”, that’ll strengthen the connection between Irohas and Hikki…seriously am bummed they ended the episode with Irohas’ rejection tho, seriously ruined the good buzz I had althroughout the episode -_-

    • New 4chan meme. Since we’re all courteous and polite, it’s impossible to reproduce this here.

  18. Is there an episode title list for eps 11-13. I still wonder how they’re going to adapt volume 10, if at all.

    • hmmm i think there’s still room to adapt vol 10 until they meet yukino mom and miura request as a sign for ending and start of season 3 hahaha

  19. No train….
    So that means another week..

    But the spride mountain scene is great. It looks and feels really natural, rather than made overly dramatic. I guess there’s not enough build up, considering how fast the episode is going, but the expression is making me melt.

  20. I really loved the episode. The beginning was awesome. The way 8Man is embarrsed after saying those things, the awkward ccoughing of Yukinon when asking 8Man about the time of the meeting…. and specially the scene when they meet and the girls see how natural are Iroha and 8Man around each other. I really loved the detail with the bag. (Don’t worry girls, it’s the brotherly feels)

    I’m waiting to finish the anime to read the LN so I had no idea what I was going to see in DisneyLand, I mean, DestinyLand, but I knew it as going to be important… and clearl it was. I ws hoping he got someting for the girl as a Xmas gift but I guess that’s expecting too much. The Yui moment is really tender, as always with her, and the ride was not intense in a sense, but very powerful. I didn’t get that the thing Yukinon was hiding was a photograph until someone pointed it out here.

    Really sad for Iroha, but that’s what you get for being involved with Hayato 😛 I don’t like the guy but I really love the character if you know what I mean.

    Looking forward for next episode. I really hope they do some of the “side stories” so we can have one last season in a couple of years 🙂

  21. Vol9-ch7-part3 and 4.
    “…So there’re things you don’t understand too.”

    I want to watch it😢

  22. I really like yui’s ability to create such a spontaneous feeling….seriously girls like her are kinda one of the rarest out there…(from where Im from anyhow)

  23. Oh man they cut the Queen taking her throne and her realization that hachiman can’t solve everything. I seriously feel that there is a serious lack of good Yukino close-up compared to Yui (Sorry Yukino fan here). They should consider selling the photo for the rollercoaster scene, I know I buy it.

    Isn’t the preview a parody of the christmas party drama cd 🙂

    • Well, that is how it was in the novel. Like Hachiman, Yukino is not good with crowd and prefer to be alone.

      Lol @ half-8man on the picture.

  24. I don’t think yukino’s mother will come this season as a season generally ends in 12 episodes and they have half of Christmas event and new year temple visit, so as much I hate to say this they won’t have the infirmary seen or yukinos birthday gift this year or school news paper(vol 10.5)

    • How about the will END the SHOW in vol 10 chap 2. After met YUKIMON and they can make a VERY BIG CLIFFHANGER TO ALL OF OREGAIRU FANS ( non LN readers )

    • i think it’s the original manuscript something yukinoshita was talking about back in volume 3. since the crane game was also brought up this episode

  25. Oh, so it is “Happy birthday Hayami”, huh Spyro? 😀 Great to know that. Thank you for the review with beautiful pictures and information 🙂
    And yeah, “90% Yukino, 10% everything else” :)) And you can say that with RumiRumi if you want to :))
    Hooray episode 9 ^^

  26. The pacing of this series is getting slower and I’m not really sure I like that. I’m glad that Feel put more episodes in this volume but stretching it out like this is too much. 4 episodes should be good enough but with this pace it might take up to 6 episodes to finish everything. I’m also disappointed at how they handled the “Help me someday” scene. They’ve done a pretty good job so far but this episode is their worse one.
    Did you enjoy your quota of Yukinon this episode Spyro? You liking the “Help me someday” scene actually make me feel better about it, a little. I just wish they could have drawn her face better, like in episode 7, that one is perfect. Also the drop after that made the scene feels like a joke to me, which is a bad thing since it should be a more serious. Gotta love that 8man expression though.

  27. rofl the first scene was too freakin hilarious. he’s back with his typical antidrama character.

    though the flashback about the crane game was a bit off. seems like their fighting over for the panda

  28. Great episode if I do say so myself. Even though I have my thoughts on wishing on having a longer Destiny land-based episodes, I still think that studio Feel did a good job on it. Regarding the roller coaster ride scene, I think they played it perfectly. I don’t see how could you make a really dramatic scene when Yukino is only starting to open up to Hachiman. That scene felt natural and I think that match their characters. Looking forward to the next episode

  29. lol i think hikki didnt really mean when he said “present for her sister”. he kinda uses that as an excuse for yukonishita to say yes to go to destinyland because hikki realize the 3 of them needed this to be closer again after days of depression. hikki finally understand peoples feelings hence why hiratsuka sensei is smiling when hikki said that coz she understand his intention for saying he wants to get a present for komachi

  30. ” Waiting for my answer, Yukinoshita looked at me with slightly excited eyes.
    When I answered, Yukinoshita did a fist pump under the table.”

    What the hell? I forgot this happened. That’s so friggin cute. Feel better animate this.

    • I should probably watch the episode again but I don’t think so… at least not the fist pump part… When does this happen exactly?

  31. Holy crap. I finally realized that genuine thing Hachiman desires! He want YuixYukino! That smile he gets when they get close. Forget pairing up Hachiman. We got two girls. Oh and Hachiman has a picture of both of them with panda ears. Looks like he got his next fap picture.

    • She says “きもい” (kimoi). It’s slang for “気持ちわるい” (kimochi warui), which means “creepy” or “gross.” It’s rude, so I don’t recommend you actually use that to a native speaker if you ever encounter one.

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