New Layout

CFCZw39UMAAITrXThoughts? Kind of screwing around with the blog layout. I should be translating instead but I’m not feeling it.


94 thoughts on “New Layout

  1. Looks pretty good to me! I’ll miss seeing Yukino… but Komachi is a cute enough! I like the 却下 title banner too!

  2. The new way of accessing the LNs feels a lot simpler than the drop down menu. Reading is, I’d argue, better on this layout.
    My only gripe is that I feel like I can read far less comments at once.

  3. Kinda hard to read comments on a large screen because everything’s spread out bigger. Reading in white on a dark grey background might also be a bit tiring… But otherwise, not much to complain about 😀 Thanks for all your hard work!

  4. White on black is certainly a lot more pleasing to the eye and the layout is better. Much easier to read the LN now. Only problem I see is that some of the text is harder to see because of the dark background. Like the posts on the home page don’t stand out enough imo.
    Other than that I like it!

  5. Kinda better, but at the same time, just feels too bIg… wasn’t a fan of the drop down menu….. but I’m diggin the black…


  6. I over all preferred the older version, but I think the black back ground and white text is nicer… and it’s always nice to have more Komachi…. XD

    Just ma humble opinion….

  7. Not sure if it’s just my computer but everything is off center and angled towards the left. Also, the black makes it a bit hard to read and the font is a lot larger than I’m used to. I personally prefer the old layout for its simplicity and cleanliness, but it’s your call obviously. I do like the Komachi picture though.

  8. look very good on mobile IMHO. but in desktop, everything just so big and it’s so……unpleasant IMHO. thanks for komachi anyway

  9. Also changing the color of the text on some titles of posts might be smart. The dark blue/green color blends a bit too much with the background.

  10. Hm. I find that the banner is a bit odd, it look as if I’m highlighting it when I’m not. It looks a bit… off. I’m not sure if that’s intended though. Here’s a screenshot LINK that I’ll probably take down in a few days.
    Aside from that, I almost miss the old background, and there’s a lot of overlapping stuff. On the chapter pages, I see bits of Komachi around the edges. One personal preference is that i’m not fond of the black base, but eh, that’s just me. You might want to tweak a few things.
    As for improvements, I used to have a 150% zoom or so to comfortably read the text, but now it’s just as readable at regular 100%, so that’s one.

  11. Hmm…I didn’t see Komachi anywhere on the blog but probably you’re still in the middle of editing your layout anyways.
    I like the new layout and dark background. I don’t know if it’s intended but the banner kinda looks like it’s highlighted with blue color sort of covering the original color of the banner. I think the banner would look better without the ‘blue highlight’. It’s a cool banner though, Yukino looks great on it 😉
    Good work.

  12. I like the new look apart from the main banner. I would like to see what is there. One thing thou, black background with white text isn’t bad but, it not good to do that with alot of texts on the page. Its gonna affect the eyes but that’s is only if the chapter is longer than usually is what I think.

    I like the easy to access the light novels now. No more drop down but a page for it self 😀

  13. Pretty nice for me, it’s simple and not too bright (dislike white background, too bright for reading). Now i don’t need to change the background color in CSS when reading 🙂

  14. I actually was alright with the dropdown menu for the light novels, I could see which chapter was which from each volume because of the title popping up when you hover over a chapter, but the new page for the volumes is still great, especially for mobiles. The gray background is definitely a keeper:looks great, easy on the eyes, and the text is readable. I’m gtg to miss Kamakura , but otherwise it looks great now.

  15. it does make it a bit hard to see the difference between posts on the main page. but i think that it does improve the pages with the actual novel excerpts. also, I like not having to deal old method of picking a part to read, those falling out options were annoying.

  16. I’m on mobile using chrome and I don’t see any komachis.. Not that much different when you’re using mobile. Actually the only difference is the layout. The background is still white.

  17. oh nice! the white background flows a lot better with komachi-chan on the side. Definitely, definitely like this more than the gray. Though the banner might look a little better if it was taller just slightly so that Yukino’s chin was cut at the very bottom.

    • Also the colors of the page (white, pink, and blue) flow with the theme of Oregairu’s colors. So it helps build a Oregairu-esque atmosphere in my opinion. The addition of the gray bordering is also a nice touch. It’s a nice subtle way to break up different posts yet not act as a distraction to the eyes.

    • or instead of making the banner taller, just shrink the Yukino layer on the banner slightly.

  18. Desktop view: The banner looks great now that the “blue highlight effect” thing is gone. It blends right in with the white background. Looks really really good and also I can see Komachi now.

    Mobile view: The banner seems cut off. Menu button is working as intended. So it’s all good. Komachi doesn’t appear but I think that’s normal.

  19. the most recent changes are awesome, really makes reading the light novels easy on the eyes…although sometimes when I am at the home page and have scrolled down the past posts and hit refresh, it doesnt show the most recent posts anymore, and I have to press the home button at the top of the blog to get it to show again…

  20. Komachi’s elbow creates a visual tension with the texts, feels sort of distracting. Take a screenshot of the site and flip it horizontally, you might see things that you’ve been missing out on after working on the site for long hours.

  21. The chapter pages look great on my iPad now.
    Yukino and Komachi’s heads get a bit cut off by the top banner until you scroll down a bit, at least on my computer at 1920×1080.
    They don’t show up at all on my iPad, but all the text is still there and that’s what matters.
    Also I’ve never seen that Yukino pic before, did you personally scan that from some merch? Cause it’s fantastic.

  22. -Can’t see the background in the mobile.
    – it is hard to recognize the comment from the reply.
    -where is the 4koma and manga?.

    But i like it, it is more neat than before especially the novel section

  23. It’s kinda hard to read the comments and your posts too. But I do like the pics. Could you tell me were did you find the Yukinoshita & Komachi pic? Or leave a link? Pretty please? 😉

  24. tbh i cant really read the novel clearly with the new layout,because it used to have a board behind the words like a piece of paper on the background. now its like reading on a transparent paper. just sayin 🙂

  25. While this new look is far more visually appealing, I believe the previous layout was more practical. Text was easier to read and it appears there are issues using mobile devices. I still love the new look though!

    I know the manga page still exists so should we assume you’re just restructuring that section of the site?

    • They seem to be fixed now. It must have been a problem with my end. The elements on the pages were misplaced for whatever reason but that resolved after updating my android browser.

      Nice work with the new layout!

    • Whoops, accidently used the wrong name. I guess I should just make a WordPress account.

  26. Well it seems great now unlike the one in the other day.I don’t find it a bad choice renovating the designs – it’s just the two cute characters on the background (left and right) are distracting my eyes while reading (well that’s a personal problem with me and have to cope up with it). Well it’s far more better than putting Hachiman on the right and Hayama on the left (not doing reverse psychology here wanting that to happen, though 🙂 )
    * Thank you and god bless! *

    • I agree, they’re cute and all but too stand out for a background. Maybe dimming them a little, corner them a little should be better, I don’t know. And I personally think that Yukino and Komachi should switch position.
      This is also personal, if it’s just me, please don’t mind then.
      May your road lead you to a beautiful layout!

  27. Yui? ;__;

    That aside, the bleeding background ide is quite nice, but maybe the size could be minimized a little to emphasize the white space? Also, the header cutoff to content still looks a bit awkward. Nevertheless, refreshing design!

    ….could use more Yui tho .__.

  28. Maybe it’s better to move Komachi a little to the right.
    Seeing her entire body cut into two when reading novel is not nice for the heart. wkwkwk

  29. Excor,
    Can you please include the comment counter in the home page for each article? It’d be really helpful for mobile users on a limited data plan. I wouldn’t want to reload an article if there weren’t any new posts especially the recent anime threads which has tons of comments. Thanks.

  30. Either a larger drop shadow behind the text for when said text is overlapping the lovely ladies, or possibly adjust the opaque(alpha?) levels for the text box backgrounds? Nice looking theme though! Keep up the excellent work!

  31. As much as I wanted to help (considering how thankful I am for your hardwork translating this LN), there aren’t enough freedom in customizing themes on wordpress[dot]com…

    If only Kyakka is using a self-hosted WP…

    • I thoughr about it but money and having to deal with hosting and stuff isn’t something I have time for. I want to eventually though since .com is too limited of a service.

    • Getting a domain is out of question since it would need extra money, but I’m willing to set-up a new subdomain at my place if you really want to try managing a self-hosted WordPress. I still got some unused space anyway…

      The storage space may not be much, but it shouldn’t be a problem if you host the images at other place (like I always do to save space and bandwidth).

    • Might be worth tinkering around with actually. Would love access to some javascript too.

  32. Send me an email (you should be able to see my email address from Kyakka’s dashboard) containing your desired username. Will give you the access data via email after that 😀

  33. woaaaaah…!!!
    nice,really. but my eyes sensitive to light, and its so white. OHH..! i’ll reduce the contrast in my laptop.
    missing your translation spyro san.

  34. うわぁぁぁぁ is what I think while looking at all of changes. Liked the initial design the most.

  35. I think it’s good. My only thing that I dislike the most is convenience of accessing the chapters from just the top bar like before. So I don’t know your intention but keep up the good work

  36. Dear Spyro….first of all, thanks for your translation and news about the episodes.

    but I need help, I can’t read the whole text in each chapter(mobile version) . I already try refreshing it many times but there’s still missing passages (near the ending of the chapter). Is it because of my internet or my phone? Anw I hope you can help me ‘cos my heart still carving to re-read the volumes over and over again.

    Btw this is my first time posting…sorry if my English is broken.hehe 😀


    • Gad I still don’t know how to do it.I’m still new with this kind of things T.T

      anw can I just copy paste it?

      at vol.10 chapter 5 part 3…

      Already considering the pros and cons
      of the recommendations , Totsuka cheerfully
      smiled. “ Ahaha , there aren ’ t very many of
      those. I don’ t think it’ s possible with our
      school . Even if I did get a recommendation , I
      don’ t think it’ ll be for a very well- known
      university . ”
      “Is that how it works…?”
      It’ s true that I don ’ t recall any strong
      clubs at our school . If there’ s one thing that
      came to mind, it ’ d be that senpai from Judo
      club I met during the summer. Supposedly he
      went to university on a recommendation , but
      I had no recollection of ever asking which
      university it was. While I was at it , I had no
      recollection of ever asking for his name
      either . Putting that aside , that senpai looked
      like he was having a lot of trouble

      and it ends at “trouble” after that it just blank even all of your comments are blank. sorry spyro for not being able to send you the screenshot. :’I

  37. sorry to say this but I don’t know how to send the screenshot here? I’m still new to this thing. So please teach me how to post it

    • Pardon my intervention, but just post screenshot anywhere in the internet and leave link to it in a message here. Oh, and answer your first message, ’cause I think that Excorsism set notification only on it.

  38. Where can we get the picture in the background?
    and the old one too?
    They look so good I want to have it as my phone background.

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