Oregairu Zoku Episode 8


Even so, Hikigaya Hachiman.


Relationships are never pain free unless you’re friends with me. Just kidding, I’m a real pain in the ass, too.


The important bulk of the first part of chapter 6 is more or less copy and pasted here. Thanks, Eguchi!


The first and perhaps, last, time we’ll see Hachiman shed tears. Genuine things are good.


Literal question marks in Yukino’s head followed by Hachiman. Not sure who has more in their head at this point. So the difference here in the anime is that Yukino runs out and slams the door hard. Of all people, she’s the last person on earth to expect that from. I think that was a nice touch. Guess people can’t call her emotionless anymore, though that should’ve been obvious in the past 6 episodes. Remember, a bitch and cunt are, by nature, malicious people. If you think Yukino’s any of that, you’re very likely projecting hard, like, as hard as how she slammed the door shut.

I think it should be fairly obvious at this point why Yukino doesn’t understand, so I’m not going to bother. Or maybe, I will.

Zoku8_05 Zoku8_06

Similarly, the first and perhaps last time we’ll see Yukino shed her tears. Maybe–pls go Haruno.


Regarding the three’s relationship, here’s an analogy and this is purely from a friendship perspective, keep your shipper faggotry outta here:

Think of Yukino and Hachiman in their own shells. This episode shows they’ve finally managed to crack their shell open, but they can’t break free on their own. That’s where Yui comes in, kinda like a mom that fosters the two chicks waiting to get out and see things for what they truly are instead of behind a layer of cynicism (you know, their shells). Think in portals. No, just kidding.

Overall Impressions:

  • I liked the episode. I thought Hachiman’s face was fine, but well, what can you do? People don’t exactly look the best when they cry. I know I don’t.
  • More praise to the VAs for the trio. After hearing Hayami’s little gig with Hatoko in the whachamacallit Chuuni anime, hearing her on a more subdued level is great. Those little small details of Yukino looking towards Hachiman’s usual empty seat, her frail voice, sobbing, etc. I still think one of her best roles is Yukino (bias very obviously included).
  • I’d marry sensei too if I could.
  • I really, really liked Eguchi’s performance during the monologue, especially the genuine scene. Wasn’t expecting it to be that emotional based on the text alone.
  • Yui’s the glue that holds the two together, though I get the feeling that role kind of ends after this volume. Oops, spoilers.
  • Probably the most melodramatic episode in both seasons. I’d say that’s the last we’ll see of it. Next episode’s gonna be gud. Yukino image spam cue 7 days.
  • I hate every single one of you. Genuinely.

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  1. Feelllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllll. it Finally here.

  2. The wait is killing me. I’ve been re-reading vol. 9 again particularly chapters 5 and 6. Really looking forward to how studio feel. decides to capture this moment. (I’m hoping they include more of his monologues, particularly his metaphor of the “sour grape”)..

    • I started rereading all the way back from volume 1. I think I’m obsessed. Is this what the Japanese call the otakubyou? (Made that word up not sure if it exists xD )

    • To おいしいもの大好き hahah I also start from vol 1 too now in vol 6 chapter 5. :3

    • I’m so goddamm agree
      Damm, I can’t stand this ticklish pain in my heart

      The monologue about sour grape, succesfully give me an undescribe sensation that make goosebump out of my skin

      I just can’t wait for that scene
      I hope, that will be geunine

  3. The wait is killing me!!! I’ve been re-reading vol. 9 especially chapters 5 and 6. Really looking forward to how studio feel. decides to capture this moment (I hope they include more of his monologues, particularly his “sour grape” metaphor).

  4. OH GOD! If only the subbed ep comes out immediately after the raws are out. I have to wait till the afternoon to see it.

    • Ah, good to see that Hikki’s heart-to-heart talk with sensei is going to be there.

    • yeah, i imagined the roof they used for that scene either when hachiman met kawasaki or the one with sagami

  5. Thanx to your “i want something _____” link ! i re-read the chapter again xD
    I really am excited about it 😦

  6. Hang heart as it is today ! It will really be a pain in the soul when the anime comes to an end , because in addition to the Video Girl Ai Kazura -sensei Oregairu this on another level parabens Watari sensei turned his fan . ! We need a 3rd session this urgent anime ! I want to see who is the girl kissing Hachiman ! Rumors say that is the Rumi -chan

  7. In my opinion I also didn’t like his face and it was hard to see it because it felt rather “ugly”. But y’know? People don’t look “pretty” when they cry. Hachiman has never opened himself to anyone else like that and he cried for the first time during the entire novel, it’s no wonder why his face didn’t look good.

    It’s actually very fitting of his character and the novel as a whole.

  8. About Hachiman’s face – Ironically I found it comical instead of sad. Sorry FEEL animators but I laughed at that intense scene now I feel a bit sad. Anyways this episode was a roller coaster of emotions with Yukinoshita running away. Yui cries – Yukinon cries – Hikki cries – me cries ?

  9. I liked it! I’m a little disappointed that the episode didn’t get into chapter 7, but I’m glad they did justice to sensei’s scene and Hachiman’s scene.

    Oh.. I hope they do justice to Yukino next episode..

  10. Atleast give him a normal eyes or cover it with shadow in times of emosion, it didn’t feel wright with rotten eyes

    • lol its who he is. its kinda unique how his rotten eyes was very emotional on this ep. its beautiful this whole ep is beautiful. hikki really didnt want to lose that genuine thing. the bonds he has with both yukino and yuigahama

  11. Loved it. They did a great job with the scene on the roof.

    and boy does Shizukacute look gorgeous in this ep.

    • both shizukacute and shizukacool made an appearance here, shame hachiman wouldn’t take that route

  12. Still waiting for subs but i guess they did pretty well. How long until they come out? The wait for the next 2 episodes will be torture.

    Meanwhile in MAL and other places, Yukino-hate cult keeps getting more and more pathetic.

  13. Based on this ep, i got a feeling that the other episode will be genuine according to the LN with each chapter for each episode

  14. Even so … even so I… I want something GENUINE.

    cries in Puerta Rican – No I want something GENUINE aswell…. – still cries in Puerta Rican

    • I think he is tired from being “loner” and he wish for a real relationship or bonds with someone that he can be himself in front of them without any mask or pretending.

  15. Soooo….commie fan subs are upto no good again ! Well that was expected. What was unexpected was that it broke my browser 😥

  16. Odin f*cking Zeus i never thought a romcom/drama anime would be this compelling for me to be honest. This episode just reinforced that feelings of mine.

  17. Well, time to rewatch this episode again and again.

    Oregairu will always be those extremely rare shows that actually makes me cry and have feels flowing like crazy. Its such an amazing series when its able to make you sympathize and connect to the characters on an emotional level. And combined with Studio Feel’s stellar efforts, Oregairu has set one of the high standards for anime. Its just so breathtaking to watch, thank you Watari-sensei for creating such a masterpiece, and thank you Excorsism and Frog-kun for your wonderful translations.

    • It’s true actually. Compared to other rom-coms in the market this one feels the most realistic – majority of rom coms need to involve some super natural thing to keep the series interesting but OreGairu manages to convey human emotions without trivial plot devices. The mundane llife affairs are notched up and bring out the characters pretty well.

    • the last time i find a show that unique like this was hyouka, interesting without using fantasy setting and too many stupid character just for giving gag.

    • Yeah. It’s a really touching anime. I also liked Hiratsuka-sensei’s comment about holding people dear is having the resolve to hurt them. It’s as one poster said. Oregairu is not just a love story, but about human relationships themselves.

    • And THaNk god he did not made yukino say “baka i DON’T care about you baka BAKA hmmm ” or hit 8man for every thing.

    • nods and agrees with pretty much all the comments, especially xyz’s and joker’s

      those other types of shows are nice too but not only does this bring a change of pace, but it’s very well done and for a lot of us, very relatable, something many anime can’t claim to be in the least… I also enjoyed Hyouka too though I think this one delves even deeper into psychology, sociology, and in general the relationships between people… and oh man is it a rewarding experience for those who it is suited to, IMO

  18. I hate every single one of you. Genuinely.
    Exorcism/Spyro pls…
    We all like you.Genuinely.
    Is there any way we can break you out from your shell ?

    • I had never seen him laugh or cry (except in the last episode). I was shocked by his narrowing eyes and his expression while crying. His eyeball moving here and there. I get the feeling that this is a really rare moment.

  19. Watching this in a plane is definitely a bad decision. Crying my eyes out in a public place is doing wonders to my self image.

    That’s super quality voice acting right there. Man, this episode answers all expectations and then some.

    And this also means that next week is destinyland. I wish i could hibernate until next week or something.

    • LOL hibernate

      a part of me agrees though, Oregairu is taking over my heart and my life

      and I personally watched the RAW in my car because I couldn’t wait, and cried in my car… someone probably saw me, since it was in a parking lot. yeah, but I was too immersed in the show to really pay attention, lol. hopefully no one I know saw me… that’s what matters most, right?

  20. before watching this episode..
    “I honestly dont think any anime can make me cry”
    after watching this episode…

    I wish I had a teacher as awesome as Hiratsuka sensei when I was younger tho….


    • Yes it is,…and makes me even harder to comprehend why hiratsuka sensei is still single,..lol

    • Might be a jab against the stereotype of wishy-washy japanese males who can’t handle women outdoing them etc..

    • no, I think you’re right. Most anime don’t have anything nearly this real, believable, insightful, etc., since there’s usually some other focus, like supernatural powers, fan service, etc.–but hey, that’s why this is a “parody of rom-coms” to some extent! It’s not like a normal rom com where things are perhaps more straightforward, dramaticized, etc., characters fall in love super easily, the main character is very stupid and generic, etc. XD (no offense to those, I have watched some of them, but they are just trying to do something different than this. a different type of entertainment)

  22. breaking yukino shell…..is it only me to think the left volumes will be about process how yukino shell’ broken by hikkigaya and yui?

  23. that dirty talk between Yui and Yukino is really bugging me…. Something definitely happened when Yui slept over Yukino’s when she was sick… and im dying (again) to know what is “dirty”is. and before anyone replies “she’s playing dirty because she knows yukino can’t refuse her(YUI)” remember that Yui is not making a request but putting the blame equally with the 3 of them because of how the situation turned out. (my guess is that they probably know how hachiman solves the problems even before the school trip arc)… Or am i missing something? help anyone im too busy to read it all again!!!

    • I think it has more to do with Yui playing along with the “superficial” relationships that exist in the service club room.

      “You were behaving that way, why are you calling me out on it?”

    • She didn’t literally say “dirty”. The specific word used by Yukinon is hikyou, which is usually meant to call someone a coward. The word used by Yui is zurui, which can mean cunning. I’d say both can be translated as unfair.

      卑怯 【ひきょう】 (adj-na,n) cowardice; meanness; unfairness
      ずるい(P); こすい 《狡い》 (adj-i) (1) (uk) sly; cunning; dishonest; sneaky; crafty; unfair; (2) (esp. こすい) miserly; (P)

      Yui: 違うよ!二人が言っていることが全然違うよ!あのね、ひっきの一人の責任じゃないだよ。考えたのはひっきだし、やったのもひっきかもしれない。でも私たちもそうだよ。全部押し付けちゃったの。
      Hikki: いや、それは違うだろう。
      Yui: 違わない!
      Yukinon: 今それをいうのね?あなたも卑怯だわ。
      Hikki: 待って。そういう話したかったじゃないんだよ。
      Yui: ゆきのん言わなかったじゃん。
      Yukinon: あなただって言わなかった。取り繕った会話ばかりしていた。

      Yui: It’s wrong! What you guys are saying is completely wrong! You know, it’s just your fault. You may have been the one to think of those methods, and also the one who carried them out. But we’re also to blame. We ended up pushing everything onto you.
      Hikki: No. It is my fault.
      Yui: It isn’t!
      It isn’t just you at fault for things becoming like this! I’m at fault too…And what you’re saying is a little unfair, Yukinon.
      Yukinon: You say that now? You’re also being unfair.
      Hikki: Wait. I didn’t come here to talk about that.
      Yui: Yukinon, you never said anything. There are things we won’t understand unless you say it for our benefit.
      Yukinon: You just talked as if nothing was wrong.

    • So why is Yukino and Yui being unfair please elaborate? or why are they calling each other “being unfair” .i think i got the general idea of what they are talking about but i can’t seem to put it into words.

    • I think what yukino and yui mean by unfair was while they feel something was wrong each of them not saying it outloud, “there are things than can be understood only if it put into words” something like that.

    • @scavengeriel
      Joker kind of summed it up well.

      Well, let’s start with Yui. Yukino said it’s Hikki’s reponsibility to clean up his own mess but the responsibility falls onto all of them as Yukino and Yui pushed the problems onto Hachiman/left them up to him so it’s their fault too. That’s why Yui says Yukino is being unfair. Because Yukino is saying “clean up your own mess” when it’s really their shared mess. It’s unfair to Hikki. Not to mention that Hikki obviously took Iroha’s request alone in regards to Yukino’s feelings.

      As for Yukino. Well let’s go back to what she said. “You bring that up now?” In other words. Let’s put her thoughts like this. “You knew things weren’t right. Like Totsuka commenting on how it was weird for you and Hikki to be talking together in class. Yet you kept talking as if there wasn’t anything wrong anyways. Why are you calling me out on carrying out this superficial everything-is-fine routine? It’s unfair.” But I can also see how the meaning of cowards fits into here too. Yui didn’t say anything; she didn’t approach the elephant in the room; yet she expected Yukino to say something. It’s the equivalent of a girl waiting for a guy to say that he likes her because she’s too afraid to say something that might ruin their friendship.

    • Sorry for double posting.

      To add onto what I said about Yui, what she said to Yukino about being unfair is also probably that Yukino didn’t say anything about what she wanted and how she felt. If she had, things wouldn’t have turned out this way; they’d all be working on Iroha’s request. And that really fits into the “also” that Yukino mentions.

      On a side note, I can’t really criticize Yukino for the actions she took. I did the same thing not too long ago. “If that’s what you want (even though I disagree with it) then there’s nothing I can really do. I can’t change your mind. So my own choice is to act like nothing’s wrong.” Of course in my case there was only a small extent of superficiality I was willing to partake in because I wanted to get the message across that it wasn’t what I wanted and the decision was wrong and it would not have benefitted either of us. Relationships are such a pain lol.

  24. Damn even though I already read the novel, in rooftop scene. why the hell am I thinking that those two gonna kiss when I watch the anime? (you know yui and yuki)

  25. Really liked the episode, although sometimes I had hard time following what 8Man wanted to say too ^_^ Sometimes there is so much introspection that it’s no doubt they can’t understand each other 😉
    Great job with the expressions during the talk in the clubroom and the way Yukino behaves says that it is much more important to her than she even knew.

    I’m really glad this is centered (at least now) in the friendship among them, rather than anything romantic (althoug my shipper heart is rooting for Yukinon lol) because I thing that in this point is more interesting to see than a typical romantic route.

    So looking forward to the next week 🙂

    • Lol, and Hiratsuka sensei said that there are things that you can only do now. It sounds like a time traveler xd

  26. So next week maybe the full destinyland scene huh? Hope they don’t cut out hachiman identity crisis and yukino first realisation that hachiman can’t solve everything.

    Genuine scene is great but i wonder if it will be the new most embarrassing history for hachiman. Imagine few years later during some gathering where irohasu just casually talk about the genuine scene where hachiman cried to other people 😀

    • I don’t think Isshiki would do that, her true character seems to be slightly more mature and caring than it normally lets on. It would really be a mean thing to do to Hachiman. Plus, Hachiman could probably say something Iroha wouldn’t want him saying either, so there’s that too. XP

    • I can see the grown up Isshiki Iroha using it as blackmail every now and then to get her husband Isshiki Hachiman to treat her every now and then.

  27. Just another anonymous here.
    I am a bit puzzled why in the MAL forum no one thinks that one of the probable reasons why Yukino initially rejected Hachiman’s request in this episode was she has no confidence in her ability to solve problems for others.

    I picked up the light novel after the ‘fake confession, part in the anime. When I first read the part where Yukino rejects his request, my first guess was her lacking in confidence. At first, he solves problems with terrible methods but the best they could agree on. Then, it looked like he had improved when he solve the ‘election issue’, surpassing expectations.

    So, other than the probable personal desire to be the president, what if she also felt she could not solve the complicated problems the club usually deal with as good as Hachiman Hikigaya that led to the initial rejection?

  28. I just cried like a baby in this episode… It was nice. And in the opening Iroha standing there looking at 80000, that was a nice touch.

  29. Sigh, this episode was good, but made me depressed when I realized that I probably have never had a true friend, outside of my family. I have plenty of acquaintances at school and over 200 Facebook friends, but none of them are genuine. My best friend would probably be my brother, but I don’t know if family counts.Making true friends and staying friends with them seems too difficult for your average high schooler.

    • It’s the same in the story, when you show your true side, or at least a part of it, you can have a chance to create a genuine relationship with someone I dont think that I have a really genuine relationship, but at least I can say that I have true friends. I dont know if it’s your case, I just tried to help.

    • Totally feel you in general: reflecting back on my life, I think I was looking for something similar to what Hachiman was but without realizing it. All my “friends” are actually just shallow relationships. In the excitement of “moments” we might think it’s more, but that’s nothing more than a delusion that falls apart just as quickly as it was created. Well, I suppose you could say I still am looking for that something too. Perhaps that’s why I relate to Hachiman so much. I want that “sour grape”. I want that peace of mind. Alas, if it even exists, I don’t know…

  30. My first impression of this series.

    Highschool RomCom => alright sound good. I like rom coms.. I liked school rumble.
    Snafu => wtf does SNAFU mean???? googles.. sounds hilarious…

    Yes watch!!!
    … Watching….
    … watching.
    .urggh. why you do that hachiman?

    I was deceived!! It’s DEEP!!! Marianas trench deeeep.. romcom snafu my ass! expectations!
    Now I can’t just believe I had the ability to read something thrice and not be bored.
    Hiratsuka sensei’s scene was awesome. At this point in time I won’t be disappointed by any ships, the train had gone to places I’ve never seen anime went to before. I wouldn’t want it ruined by some poorly developed ship.

    Looking forward to more reviews Spyro sama.

  31. I dont remember a single anime which can make an episode so wonderful with just dialogues and facial expressions…Hats off to FEELS… And Hikigaya looking ugly is apt..It took a good deal out of him to cry infront of pretty girls…Repect!
    I am not criticizing Yukino but its kinda hard on Hikigaya if the person for whom he is crying…runs away from him!

  32. I want my good old comfy Yahari threads back. Fuck those shipperfags keep ruin everything with their passive aggressive, aggressive agressive behavior. Fuck all of these stupid waifu wars and 24/7 non stop general. Fuck it all.
    Yahari thread is cancer, rotted to the core. I hope mods will wipe the slate clean and burn everything down.

    • haha, I kinda feel you there. I do my very best to avoid the scrubs but even here, I end up hearing about it, and just knowing people act like that kinda upsets me. I find that if I want to have any sort of intellectual discussion, it has to be with people I know, because most people are only focused on hating and romantics. that being said, I don’t have any friends who really like Oregairu, so I’m currently suffering from a lack of someone to discuss Yahari with on a deep level, lol.

  33. Thank you Spyro for sharing your thought about this episode 8 😀
    Really, never imagine that we can see Hachiman shedding tears like that, so emotional …
    So the tears have made something genuine, in someway, and put them closer and closer to each other.

  34. Ok.. why didn’t Yukino understand what Hachiman meant by genuine? I got an idea but i still want hear the opinions. Is it because she spent her time trying to be like her sister and meeting expectations that her identity and personality became somewhat ‘warp’ to what she think is the norm to her. Her real self? You no, lying to yourself and believing it…..

    What say you?

    • I think it’s cause Yukino’s ability to trust is almost beyond repair, she doesnt have confidence on what she really is. I mean the girl’s at war with her family, got ostracized at school…doesnt that mean her ability to trust is shot? She probably has never experienced a relationship where people actually really care about each other, that’s why she cant understand when Hachiman comes along and practically says “hey I care about you, I wanna know more about you” when he said he wanted something genuine, maybe that’s why she said she doesnt understand…also IMO when she hugged her shoulders real tight it’s because she cant afford to be vulnerable to anyone because of her past experiences…

  35. I think the whole monologue by Hachiman during the genuine scene, If he had said that aloud, maybe yukinon may have understood what he is after. Why didn’t he do that?

    • Well Hachiman was struggling to speak out the words that he wanted something genuine so it kind of makes sense that he’s only able to say a few words while trying to hold back his tears (When you’re trying to hold back your tears, you’re usually having all these thoughts running through your head that you barely speak out a few words). And from my opinion, I think that was as much as Hachiman could let out as words since as he himself doesn’t really know what he wants to be genuine, he only understands partly of why he feels the way he is, but since he’s never experienced it himself he doesn’t exactly know in what form the “genuine thing” of his wish is in.

      Also I think in the back of head, I don’t think Yukino would have understood what he was after, she realized she was slightly arrogant in thinking she could understand everything around her, and though we don’t quite know what exactly she wants to be “genuine”, it looks like they’re both trying to find what they want as they finally let out a hint of their feelings.

    • What also struck me in the anime version was that the “genuine” thing Hachiman says is only a repetition of what Hiratsuka-sensei was telling him earlier. This makes it even more vague – in order to understand, Yukinon and Yui would not only have to know about Hachiman’s inner thoughts, but also about his conversation with the teacher.

  36. What made the last scene all the better for me was Hachiman’s flashbacks. Something about seeing him reflect on all of his past relationships really sold me on his feelings.
    I can’t think of any conceivable way that Feel could have done this episode, bravo to them and these great scenes. I like the touch of adding Ishiki to the OP room shot. Knowing the light novels, in many ways this is the climax of the show this time around, and it was everything I hoped it could be.

  37. at this pace we could only see up to volume 9… damn was wishing for volume 10 TT^TT but i hope it can end with Hachiman giving the xmas present to them ❤

  38. I love this anime
    Can any one tell me how many more episodes will be there in this
    Season. I hope they don’t end it soon


  39. Respected Spyro
    One of my friend is saying that Yukinon used to act all mughty and was Overconfident and used to think highlyof her. I asked him reason and he said
    Yukino believes that it is the duty of the “exceptional” (a.k.a. herself) to help the less fortunate”
    she think that she is better than most people, and she even said that in the first season more than one time
    i don’t remember the words though
    Can u provide me a point to convince him it is not so. He is not a Yukinon hater and believes that she has changednowbut she waslike that in past
    After reading his point I am convinced that he is right Yet as I am Yukinon fan Ifon’t want to belive

    Also about ur opinion in episode 6 that Yukinon is a girl who is arguably more lonelier than the MC himself: he said that it is her mistakethat she is so in HIGH SCHOOL here is the reason he gave
    well but u know it’s her way of treating people that made her without friends u know
    8man is loner but he have his sister and slowly he gain more people, but he did gain people who will support him cuz he helped them, even so he have nasty rotten personality in other poeple POV but at least he help people,even to the point of hurting himself
    but yukino she never treated anyone good before(i mean in highschool not in elementary school)(also no one from elementary school expect hayama is there) she made something like shield around her and she look at people from high place(remember hikigaya first say that she is well known and a lot of people admire her but she is in high place that she is unapproachable)
    part of it is her fault the way she treat people in the past, the way she is overconfidence in her ability but each time she try to do something in the end 8man have to solve it
    main reason she wanted to be a pres is like u said that something haruno didn’t do, and because of haruno words, dunno about the second reason
    I am convinced about it too but beingYukinon fan I want not to believe so help me

    • Being a fan of a character doesn’t mean everything they do has to be correct. Yukino’s “noblesse oblige” attitude at the beginning of Yahari is just as flawed as Hachiman’s falacious arguments as to why “youth is is evil”. I am also a huge fan of both characters, but what I think makes OreGairu such a good series is the fact that they aren’t anywhere near perfect. Yukino might come close to perfection at a brief glance, as she is beautiful, hyper-intelligent, inherently moral, and seems logical to the extreme. It isn’t that she thinks she is better than most people, it is an objective fact. She is top of her class academically, an amazing sportswoman(think tennis), and as stated by Hachiman and many others, very attractive. She has the right to think of herself as exceptional because she is.

      That said, she is flawed and that is what makes her a fantastic character. Yukino, contrary to Hachiman’s initial belief, does lie or at the very least skirt around the truth. She hides the “weaker”(her desires and wishes) aspects of herself to most in favor of keeping up an image of a cold, calculating beauty. This can be considered directly a result of the bullying she experienced as she was young and obviously, Haruno’s negative influence. Hikigaya Hachiman, due to years of bullying, loses all self-confidence and wallows in self-depreciation and the hatred of “youth”.. Yukinoshita Yukino recognizes her merits, and decides that if others are to hate her for them, they are logically below her to the point where they’d rather drag her down through harassment than improve on themselves. Up come the walls from the two of them, with inherently questionable logic as their foundations. Watching those break apart as the story progresses is what makes Yahari so, excuse my language, fucking brilliant.

      As far as Yukino not having friends go, your friend may have been right on the first point but I personally think he’s off on this. You don’t magically change from one year to the next, no matter how hard you tell yourself to. Hachiman is proof of this, who went into High School hoping for things to change and then fell back into old habits once again. Yukino, who had proverbially already set up her ice wall, also entered High School with her ideals clearly cemented in her mind. She does have “friends” in her class full of girls, but she doesn’t recognize them as such because the relationship is entirely superficial. She treats them just fine, you’ve got to remember that the first interaction we see between Yukino and any other character is the bottom of the social ladder(Hikigaya) speaking to the lonely girl who inhabits the top. For fucks sake, she is the most popular girl in the school by miles, people adore her. She just never lets them get truly close because they are attempting to befriend the ideal of Yukinoshita instead of befriending her as an individual. Notice how she seems to feel when she is compared to her sister, or when people assume she will do everything perfectly.

      Your friends argument that “8man always solve it” is also pretty retarded. What has he solved? Hikigaya is far from perfect and his solutions occasionally yield extremely “rickety” results. Miura’s group is holding together by strings after the Ebina incident, as despite Hachimans ‘solution’ everyone understands what happened. Rumi is still incredibly lonely. The cultural festival, despite what die-hard 8man fanboys argue, was 99% resolved by Yukino who carried the committee. He may have dealt with Sagami and done his part in the committee, but Yukino did far more than he did in this regard. Also remember that in Hachiman’s own words on the rooftop before he bitches out Sagami, he is well aware that this situation will be easily resolved, but that he must stick to his own way of doing things and therefore takes the unorthodox way of making Sagami do her damn job. Less batman, more incredibly interesting character clinging to his ideals while watching the “other” way of doing things be in the process of working. Saika’s request was largely solved by Yukino, Zaimokuza’s novel was most extensively covered by her, etc. That isn’t to say Hachiman hasn’t done a lot, but the idea that he “always solve it” is probably a direct result of people forgetting that he is a narrator as well as a character. It’s from his POV. Duh we get more of what he does.

      As far as the main reason she wanted to be Pres, it’s not only because of Haruno. Why do Yui, Hachiman, and Yukino come together? Why are they close? Is it because they are members of the Service Club? Is it ONLY because they are in the same club? If that’s so, that’s incredibly superficial. Yui and Hachiman panicked about the club falling apart, but what Yukino was testing was whether to see if their relationships would survive despite the lack of her constant presence at the club. After all, titles are not supposed to be what ties friendships together.

      This was a huge rant going all over the place and I’d like to apologize to you for that, but
      TL;DR Your friend is partially right(but misses the point), also you don’t need to think every aspect of a character, past and present, is fantastic, to be a fan of them.

    • @rahul kumar: well I think your friend forget that while yukino doesn’t have any friend outside the club, she doesn’t have problem socializing in her class J, heck some of them see her like a goddess(fans)

    • Thanks for reply
      There is another thing
      You know how Spyro said in review of episode 6 that Yukino is even more loner than 8MAN that’s why her state is more pityful
      My friend said that it was her own mistake. He said
      well but u know it’s her way of treating people that made her without friends u know
      8man is loner but he have his sister and slowly he gain more people, but he did gain people who will support him cuz he helped them, even so he have nasty rotten personality in other poeple POV but at least he help people,even to the point of hurting himself
      but yukino she never treated anyone good before(i mean in highschool not in elementary school)(also no one from elementary school expect hayama is there) she made something like shield around her and she look at people from high place(remember hikigaya first say that she is well known and a lot of people admire her but she is in high place that she is unapproachable)
      part of it is her fault the way she treat people in the past, the way she is overconfidence in her ability but each time she try to do something in the end 8man have to solve it
      main reason she wanted to be a pres is like u said that something haruno didn’t do, and because of haruno words, dunno about the second reason

      Anything to oppose that?

    • It Is unfair mock the solution from Hikigaya. Especially in Rumi and Hayama clique case, they where the hardest and only Hikigaya was able to do something, at least stop de bully on Rumi, they have 2 days to solve it, and give more time to Hayama clique to solve they issues or still playing be friend.

      And yeah Yukino do all the work in the school festival, Hikigaya was only helping Yukino on the issues of her Work, Stoppping the committee from slacking off with the excuse “Yukinoshita can solve everything” and bitching Sagami, because Hayama solution “was no good”.

    • @Kumar
      Your friend said: “well but u know it’s her way of treating people that made her without friends” in regards to Yukino. Your friend, I’m sorry to tell you, isn’t the brightest. He’s getting the chicken and the egg mixed up. She was bullied in school when she was young, has obviously been mistreated by her family, and has a cold attitude as a result of it. Not vice versa.

      it is HEAVILY implied and shown throughout the entire series that those who approach her in Class J or hell, in general, don’t approach her with honest friendship in mind. The looks from those girls that Hachiman gets when he talks with Yukino during the school trip makes it exceedingly obvious that those girls are not trying to enter into a friendship with Yukino as equals, but just hold her in a position of respect and admiration. They are judging her by her social position instead of her character and that’s why they are repulsed by Hachiman’s presence. Not a good basis for friendship. This isn’t, and I can’t believe i’m repeating myself here, because she placed herself in a place of admiration, but because she BELONGS there. She is legitimately someone who, even if she was as friendly as it gets, is smart and attractive enough to be considered unapproachable to many. Combine that with the fact that most people walk into any conversation with her as expectations due to her status as a “Yukinoshita”(re-watch/read Meguri’s interactions with her during the Cultural Festival) and it’s obvious why she’s desperate to have non-superficial relationships with others. I may have misconstructed my previous comment, but “As far as the main reason she wanted to be Pres, it’s not only because of Haruno” isn’t me agreeing with you, it’s me disagreeing with you. The Haruno aspect of it is secondary, the fact that she’s searching for a relationship that isn’t based on titles(“She’s Yukino Yukinoshita” being the reason why girls try to get close to her/The Service Club shouldn’t need to act as the reason why Yui, 8man, and Yukino stick together). If she became President and left the club and the trio stayed together despite of that, it would be proof to her that what they have is not superficial, but, in 8man’s words, “genuine”.

      The statement that “Yukino never treated anyone good” is also pretty empty. Being bubbly =/= treating someone nice, and being cold does not disqualify someone from being a good person to others. She goes out of her way to help Yui on multiple occasions, and while her attitude to others can be brash at times, she legitimately does her best to help others.


      Sorry if you misunderstood, I’m not mocking Hachiman’s attempts to solve things. I’m just stating they aren’t real solutions. As you said, Hachiman “gives them more time”. This is known as stalling/avoiding the problem, not solving it. The fact that he frequently gets himself hurt emotionally while doing it makes his methods all the more flawed.

      I can’t tell if your second paragraph is sarcastic or not, it’s hard to tell over text, but I’ll hone in on the Hayama’s solution “being no good” point a little just in case. Hikigaya openly recognizes that Hayama is right when he suggests more teamwork, but states that he wants to have resolve in his ideals and in Yukino’s ideals before he decides to help her out. On the rooftop, he could have simply let the situation be resolved by Hayama. Instead, to keep up his ideals, he does things his own way. This wasn’t needed to get Sagami to the speech, but it was a choice he made so he could recognize that he firmly stood by his beliefs. He attempts to justify it through talk of time limits, but it was far less of a selfless act than many interpreted it to be..

      Don’t confuse anything I’ve written about him for hating on him though. He’s an amazing character because he’s a genuinely likable guy clinging onto a facade. If this episode makes anything extremely clear it’s that Hachiman does not like being alone, and the “help” he gives people, no matter how underhanded and occasionally useless it turns out to be, is given with good intentions. If he was really like the image he has built of himself in his head, he would be a pretty detestable character.

      I think as the series progresses people will realize that the drivel about him having “Epic Loner Quotes”( I shit you not, go on MAL) is hilariously lacking in self awareness.

    • I agree with @help, the statement that yukino always bitching was only assumption, as I said before about her classmate in class J, will you admire people that treated you poorly even if they genius?, I don’t think so. Yukino choose not to befriend them but that doesn’t mean she treated them poorly.

      Secondly when your friend said about komachi it’s not an argument anymore if we compare komachi with haruno, we can agree hachiman was more blessed, while I don’t praise how yukino was sarcastic person at least we know a little where she come from. so it’s partly society fault not just yukino hahaha

    • Thank u guys you are awesome. Here is my last question please answer it too
      Yui know in first season in LN during cultular festival how Yukinon turned off the proposal for becoing committe chairman
      I thought the reason was she was a loner and loner did not want to stand out. Evne 8Man said that when Megure offered Yukinon to be commette chairman that it is not like Yukinon to stand out

      But one of my friend is saying that she did not become president because of this theory:-
      “When too many people around her, Meguri mentioned Haruno was her sister and have become chairman then lead the committee to success. Of course she must to decline it. If she accept and fail. You know what happen next. Compare with her sister, everyone put their hope on yukino then she fail. SHAME
      I have 2 theory if she accept this.
      1. She accepted and nailed it. People will say something like : its normal – obiviously because she is haruno’s little sister.
      2. If she failed everyone can blame her then yukino never beat down Haruno ”
      Any thought on this?

    • Hi Rahul kumar, its very interesting topic you (or rather your friend ^^) brought there,…imo Yukinon did have a noblesse obligue personality, but i didnt see why that makes your friend think that she is arrogant and overconfident, here’s why,…
      i think she is not arrogant because she did have sufficient amount of knowldege, and resource to help others and she is a low profile person in my opinion,she help almost everyone and she never brings up anything that she has done for others,…i mean if Bill gates said that its his job is to improve education and health in poor region in africa, we wont call him arrogant would we?,…
      i think she is not overconfident, maybe it seems so in some part, but she also has low self esteem/confidence towards her family and for the most part, her sister Haruno, i think thats why she always tries harder to prove her own worth in many occasion and unfortunately sometimes exceeded her own limit (like in the culture festival), and if we take the culture festival as an example, she did split job to other commitee member, but thanks to some slacker (including sagami) she has to take an extra part as well (before being saved by hachiman),…

      But i do agree if you says that she is more of a loner than hachiman himself, if i put it in terms yukinon has way more friend in general than hachiman,but hachiman has way more close friend/close person than yukinon, but lets not forget that she was a victim of bullying, and she doesnt have close relationship with her family,…thats why its hachiman’s job (and yui also) to help her because they are the only person yukinon willing to depend on,…
      overall, lets not put some blame in yukinon here, the fact hachiman is also a loner who are needed to be save (and definitely has a lot of flaws also), thats why i love this series, everyone seems unperfect and the constant strugle of the three main character to discover themself, growing up together,and discover their feeling towards each other are very interesting to follow. if i put the dynamic of those three in a football term, yukinon is the central midfielder, the one who control the gameplay on the field and the overall strategy in general, less expected to score but she is the one who control the flow, hachiman is the opportunistic striker, he has tendency to throw team’s strategy away but he could score alone using any method at the most crucial time (sometimes at the expense of the overall team interest), and Yui is the defending midfielder, her part is the least visible,and sometimes seems “useless” but she is the glue to everything, without her, everything will be fall apart,..

    • @kumar:well i think that theory works too, if yukino doesn’t really like to stand out why she was on commitee member on the first place? we know hachiman was forced by sensei while i doubt yukino can be forced by her classmate or her homeroom teacher unless well..she kind of gloomy at that time so maybe she was.

      If we assume she was not forced..it means she have some ambiton and just as you said while yukino maybe want to become commitee head..she realize she will only become a shadow of her sister and she don’t like it. in vol 9 yukino openly said her dissatisfaction about this(after roller coaster scene if i’m not wrong)

    • @andri interesting football comparison there hahaha and i totally agree with you it’s fun trying to figure out the motive of flawed character action because it’s hardly predictable example haruno (i really don’t understand about her action)

    • You’re thoughts are not that far off the mark there Rahul… but went really overboard there when you said she did not treat anyone good . Her only problem was the students in her elementary school days. Remember on Season 1 when he talked ’bout Hikigaya how she was bullied and harassed then , and called those people IMBECILES. That’s one of the reason she has a cold shell but it does not completely state she is harsh on others (all the time). She is just blunt, but being blunt doesn’t me you can be easily hated. Some of the comments above me even stated that she is admired by her classmates to the extent of some of them, intrigued (or some mainly disturbed) of what is her relationss with Hachiman of what happened at the School Fest. She just finds it hard to open up to people (and of that reason she lacks morale support on situations her ideals and self are tested) unlike Hachiman having a harem (implying comedically) , I mean support outside the club. But that distance she’s putting herself to others are now being melted with our dear Hachiman. I really wanna know who this friend/s is you’re talking about (sarcastically speaking).
      Well be glad you are blessed with persons who entertained your questions.
      I have fun reading the comments as well. The reason I loved kyakka.wordpress.com. Chow!

    • Bear with me grammar errors and misused of words. My bad for not checking it thoroughly (especially she being a he).
      * Thank you and God Bless! *

  40. I reaaaaally like your post, Excorsism. I either agree with/acknowledge/respect/etc. most of it. The only thing that throws me off is

    “I hate every single one of you. Genuinely.”

    you’re going to hurt our feelings, you know! 😦

    Jokes aside, great episode as many people expected, full of tears for a lot of us, and it feels like a turning point of sorts in the series… or at the very least, one of the highlights. I just wish there was more, haha. My relationship with Oregairu will be too short-lived for it to be genuine. 13 episodes isn’t enough! ;(

    • Well, Volume 11 is coming out soon, so if you’re up for some reading you might form something genuine, yes?

    • Hahaha true, volume 11 won’t be animated for a while (if ever… but I’m thinking if there’s enough content, we could see a season 3), but hopefully it’s translated soon so I can read it~!

      Still, in general, all good things come to an end, and I just don’t know what in the world is going to fill in the void of no anime/sparse light novel while I wait, lol. I’m just way too attached to Oregairu right now =P

  41. Hmm..now I can understand a little why hayama do that dating thing, this was his way to mocking hachiman ideal while hachiman started to doubt his own, he actually telling hachiman to just live like him..faking everything because it will less hurt. That’s why haruno said it was boring because hayama play it safe while hachiman more interesting because he still struggle.

    This episode showed us that hachiman put down his shield and pursued his ideal, and also one of the reason of rivalry between hayama and hachiman

    • Hayama never mocked Hachiman in any way though, he was trying to stand up for him because he was guilty for relying on him and ruining his relationship with Yukino and Yui, for his own satisfaction of protecting Hachiman, and also wanting to make a point that Hachiman’s beliefs were flawed (especially the belief that he was not hurting anyone but himself). Also rather than pursue his ideal, his ideals actually go against his actions in the episode. Its more like he pursued his feelings rather than his ideal because he hates the illogicality and arrogance from his desire, that desire for more than just a mere relationship, despite the obstacles and impracticality behind it.

    • In the LN hayama says to hachiman that he is trying to “elevate” hachiman to his (hayama) level so that he wont feel so bad “losing” to hachiman, maybe that dating thing is also part of his plan,…

    • @Dualash Why would Hayama be protecting Hikki ? because Orimoto never ridiculed Hikki when Haruno called Hayama and introduced him to Orimoto.

    • @rinneganfire: I sort of misread the comment when I typed mine’s since I was referring to the end of the date, I misinterpreted the part about Hayama accepting the date plan and I thought he was talking about why Hayama was defending Hachiman. Though its still true of course that Hayama was not trying to mock Hachiman’s ideals or had some kind of ulterior motive since when he accepted the date he didn’t know Hachiman knew Orimoto until Haruno told him.

    • hmm yes while hayama maybe not intended to mock hachiman way, but we can see hachiman feel mocked isn’t he? well maybe using whe word mock isn’t really fit…hhaha

      @dualash About the date if i’m not wrong hayama just give orimoto his mail adress and after then haruno explained to hayama that orimoto was a girl that hachiman like a long ago..and pushed him to go date with them and hayama actually not really want to.

      so CMIIW…you mean that hayama trying to hook up hachiman with orimoto or made them friends maybe…but then the plan failed so he have to lashed out at orimoto to protect hachiman? but then what hayama trying to accomplish by making yukino and yui come to that place too? using them as a model(beautiful etc) so he can shut orimoto?

    • @Marquis: Yup, Hayama didn’t want to, but like the kind of guy he is, and combined with Haruno’s intervention he had to go on a date. (He only agreed to Orimoto’s suggestion and then decided to go to the date mainly because of Haruno). And yes you’re right, Hayama was using Yukino and Yui to prove his point and to quiet her.

      P.S. Ironic how we both need to learn to choose our words carefully (lol) i.e. Protecting is a strong word and I guess Hayama was more of trying to refute against Orimoto rather than protect Hachiman, and yeah mock doesn’t really fit Hayama, its more like he doesn’t like Hachiman’s methods that he doesn’t tolerate them (at the time).

  42. Hmm I agree with hayama pointing out hachiman belief was flawed but protecting hachiman it’s kinda weird when he himself that put hachiman in that situation and with hayama asked if hachiman helped because he want to be helped back makes hayama motive questionable, oh and I agree rather than ideal we can call it feeling.

    • I believe that hayama only does what he does concerning 8man only because of his insecurity. He wanted to make 8man to be recognized as “not inferior” to him because he doesn’t like the fact that an insociable trash like 8man is able to do things that are impossible for him or at least his established facade. It makes him feel lower than trash and he doesn’t want to lose to trash.

    • Basically what nliszac said, and the fact that he let Hachiman destroy his relationship in the Service Club to help preserve his clique, he feels guilty. Hayama doesn’t want to feel like depending on him and feel useless, and that’s why he protected him at the café, because of mainly his guilt and self-esteem (I guess my original comment isn’t clear enough)

  43. I hope their friendship is maintained
    Will hikki end up with yukino
    Not that I like romance but the title is named after it
    But what will happen to them any responses please

    • Novel is still ongoing so you never know.
      But for now Yukino is most likely going to end up with Hachiman.

    • hmm… I hope those three relationship just far as friend nothing more than that. I know people want hachiman end with someone, but we still don’t know what kind genuine thing that hachiman want. hopefully, that the author know what he trying to do with hachiman’s live.

    • well, the LN is not that far yet, but if you ask possibility, then try play the PSP game, it gives different story and a bit in the future (or so i think)

    • PSP? you mean VITA, right? because there’s no PSP game for this series. I want to buy it but there’s no stock in my country. I want to order it but I don’t have something like PayPal or something like that. Beside, I short of money and I’m planning to buy laptop next month I need to save up from now. I’m going to enter college, you now.

  44. It is kinda of topic
    On watching recent episode of oregairu a thought came to my mind
    What exactly is genuine relationship?
    There was a series in two persons were best friend. They were ready to even die for each other. But due to some circumstances they became enemy. So what will you say their relationship before was superficial? They even helped each other without caring for their own life. Was it not genuine? Or you will say that now their hatred for each other is now superficial? They are ready to kill each other now. Is it not genuine? Or their love and hatred both is genuine? Is that even possible?
    Now let’s two person:- One boy and one girl really love each other. But after their breakup where does the love go? Will you say that their love was superficial not genuine bcause they broke up and after some time moved forward in their life.
    Let’s consider above scenario in oregairu. Say Yui proposes to Hikki but Hikki does not accept. So Yui will have to move forward in life. Then what will you say Her love for Hikigaya is not genuine cause she move forward in life? What if Miura’s love is not accepted by Hayama and in future she will forget about hayama and move forward. What will you say than since she have forgot about hayama in future her love for him was not genuine? Her tears, her desire to know about him was not genuine.
    Now let’s consider what 8Man considers genuine:- Knowing about others. But really u can only find genuine relationship by knowing everything about someone else? Do we really know everything about our parents? No we don’t so is our relationship with our parents is not genuine?
    Human relationships and emotions are really difficult to understand.
    Maybe genuine things mean different to different people

    • Really interesting.
      I don’t have an answer for that question actually. =P

      You’re taking shit to the next level.

    • Wait wait wait. Are even watch same series? it’s not just about genuine relationship between about two person, about a boy and a girl. It’s about more than two individual, it’s about individual and their surrounding (in this case hachiman and people around him). It’s true that genuine thing mean different to people. the view from different individual are not same. If we talk about something like genuinely just do what you want, from bottom of your heart. Do it without hesitation, look at our protagonist hachiman. He do something that he want to do without being asked by others, even though he know he can’t do it alone. that’s what you called genuine. (sorry, if what I said wrong)
      Note : Why you jump from genuine relationship between two individual to our relationship with our parents genuine or not? Do you have problem with your parents or what? thinking about it, if you want do something for your parents than DO IT. Don’t wait others told you what you have to do.

    • So what will you say their relationship before was superficial?
      Not necessarily. It’s subjective. Depends on the relationship. Let’s take Gundam Seed. Athrun and Kira were originally childhood friends, but due to unforeseen circumstances they became enemies. It doesn’t “necessarily” mean their relationship was superficial. It means that something unforeseen happened.

      As I’ve told you before, superficial means shallow or on the surface. The opposite would be genuine or deep.

      Will you say that their love was superficial not genuine bcause they broke up and after some time moved forward in their life.
      The information you gave is not enough to determine that. As I said, it depends on the relationship. You can genuinely care about each other but realize things can’t work out (i.e. see Utada Hikaru).

      Then what will you say Her love for Hikigaya is not genuine cause she move forward in life?
      I would say her love is genuine. Just because she realizes he loves someone else doesn’t mean she doesn’t love him with all her heart.

      Now let’s consider what 8Man considers genuine:- Knowing about others.
      That’s not exactly what Hachiman said. That’s what Hachiman said he wanted. Hachiman also said he wanted genuinity. But I wouldn’t exactly say that meant knowing others = genuinity. I think really what Hachiman was saying was that having a relationship where you’re allowed to burden another with that selfish desire to know more about the other person and being able to share that desire mutually is a genuine relationship.
      From Hachiman’s PoV, his relationship with his parents is probably not genuine. He probably doesn’t know much about his parents to be honest. He can’t even be sure that they genuinely care about him. His father dotes on Komachi. In my opinion, his relationship with Komachi is probably more genuine though.
      Of course they mean different things to different people. Because it’s subjective. It’s subjective.

  45. [Breathing intensifies in wait of next episode] If that one scene is how I imagined then I’m just going to replay that part many times.

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