Oregairu Zoku Episode 7

Zoku7_00However, that room continues to enact its unending everyday life.


Komachi’s Christmas wishlist was technically supposed to be before the last episode. The beginning of chapter 1 in particular. What the anime misses out on is Hachiman’s questioning of what his “happiness” is. The following Komachi scene after the opening is from the end of chapter 2 which should’ve been in the last episode as well. We’re also supposed to get an appearance from Hachiman’s mom too. What a shame. Anyway, the point is that she asked him to order a party barrel from OFC (KFC) which incidentally results in the meeting with Yukino later.


Yui discusses how it would have been better for them to take up Iroha’s request with the Christmas event. They’re both unsure if Yukino really wanted to be the president and she certainly did, though that wasn’t all there is to it. It’s because she hoped Yukino would be able to get out of her rut and focus on something else. They’re both at a loss about what to do which ultimately could be solved with some communication between the three, but well, that’s the problem. Turns out Yui knows that Hachiman is helping Iroha, but what about Yukino?


As usual, Yukino greetings them like normal, going with the flow. Her smile isn’t as genuine as it appears to be. This scene’s important for Yukino and Hachiman’s talk later. The novel showed it more often, but Hachiman makes excuses so he can leave the club early. Seems simple on the surface, but from Yukino’s point of view, it sounds like he’s just forcing himself to be there. He might as well not come if he has to make up these excuses, right?


Some things I felt Feel should’ve emphasized more here. Particularly, Hayama’s line about how he’s not as nice of a guy as Hachiman thinks he is. It’s a good indicator of the dynamic they have and what they’ll have assuming volume 10 gets adapted. Essentially, Hachiman is still has this fixed image of Hayama being this “nice guy who does everything for everyone’s sake.” It’s similar to his idealization of Yukino though that was long done with in volume 6. As for Iroha, she’s actually pretty mentally exhausted from all the work. And Hachiman’s onii-chan skills are fully active at all times when it comes to Iroha.


And Rumi’s back! Feel even redid some scenes of the camp trip over summer, too. Nifty. Rumi’s appearance here is important for Hachiman since she’s essentially the result of his method back then.


Totsuka’s single scene in the whole volume. We learn that Totsuka looks up to Hachiman quite a bit, him being cool and all. One detail Feel glossed over was how Totsuka was jealous of Zaimokuza for being the one Hachiman turned to for help. Shows a bit of development for Totsuka and also shows that there are people who can see Hachiman for what he is. And the final segment ends with Hachiman questioning what he’s doing is the right thing. With the Christmas event collaboration not going well, he’s starting to doubt himself and what he’s doing. What is it that he wants and what is it that he wants to do?


Some development on Kaori after getting told off by Hayama in the earlier episodes. Instead of freely using her past with Hachiman as a topic starter (and to make fun of him), she’s acting more considerate this time around. Surprisingly, I know.


So we get a look into the situation of the Christmas event and they have about a week left and nothing has been done. Also, instead of just helping Iroha, he’s more or less giving out directions and do mostly everything. Everyone relies on him including the rest of the Student Council. This is supposed to be beyond the jurisdiction of the Service Club. Important since he still thinks of the Service Club and the creed that Yukino made for it; that is, they merely act as support and induce growth in the individuals (to teach how to fish, not provide the fish). Unfortunately, there isn’t much Hachiman can do to get through Tamanawa since he’s too focused on doing everything “together.” For what reason, we don’t know. In any case, the situation is pretty bad, emergency level even.


That hat looks awfully familiar! So we see Rumi’s alone like always; nothing has changed since the last time they met. Hachiman gives her a hand with making stars for the Christmas tree which goes a long way for Rumi as a nice gesture. This part’s important since it ultimately shows Hachiman that what he did back then might’ve not been enough. He isn’t sure what his responsibility is in regards to the result of that nor does he know the right answer to it, or anything at all.

On another note, Rumi’s Yukinon, but her loli version. Also, I want to make RumiRumi an idol!

Also, this is Iroha’s 4th rejection, or maybe it was the fifth.


First, bravo for Feel’s rendition of this scene. It’s more than perfect, I’d say it’s more powerful than its novel counterpart even with the monologues factored in. Though, I’m a bit disappointed they didn’t add the whole present box monologue afterwards, but that’s fine. We also get treated to the piano version of the opening. Very atmospheric and thematically beautiful, transient, and sad. Hayami Saori’s kind and soft voice acting and Takuya Eguchi’s hesitant voice work really made this scene, too. Really gives you an idea what they were feeling that’s hard to come across in written format.

So this talk between Hachiman and Yukino is crucial in what’s coming up. Starting with Yukino, we learn that she did know Hachiman was helping with Iroha, but she stayed quiet about it. It ties in with how she views him now; that he’s someone that can solve problems on his own. This is reinforced by what he’s done in the past: Rumi’s incident, the Cultural Festival, the confession, and the election. However, she doesn’t feel the same way about herself; at least, not anymore. She’s no longer confident in herself; before she thought she knew what she was doing and she felt she could do everything, but that all came tumbling down with the recent events of how powerless she ultimately was in the grand scheme of things. This reflects her feeling of being unqualified to say anything about what Hachiman does on his own anymore and her inability to do anything about it. Hachiman winces to this, noticing her self-deprecation. So when he tells her she’s similar in being able to do things by herself, she rejects the notion. A good hint of what’s to come regarding herself and her “admiration” of Hachiman.

Next, when Yukino tells Hachiman he doesn’t have to force himself to come to the club anymore, this is an ultimatum. As to why, remember how Hachiman would make excuses to leave the club? To Yukino, he might as well not come to the club anymore since it looks like he doesn’t want to be there, what with his excuses and all. But it’s also her saying that there isn’t much she can do for him anymore, so he doesn’t need to show up to the club; he can do everything by himself, after all. This is compounded by the fact that he’s been acting considerate towards them ever since the confession during the field trip because he’s afraid of stepping on potential land mines; so this might be another form of superficiality on his part. Though it hurts, Yukino’s trying to push him away so the both of them don’t have to go through any more pain due to their seemingly superficial relationship; both aren’t going to be happy with what they have, so there’s no point in trying to keep it going. This does strike a nerve for Hachiman though because he definitely does agree with Yukino that their relationship isn’t all that it’s made out to be if it’s enough to be destroyed by him no longer attending the club. Unfortunately, the both of them aren’t really sure if there’s anything they can do about it hence his hesitation and her pushing him away. So basically, she feels he’ll just be hurt more if he stays in the club any longer. It’s a cruel kindness, to say the least. But if he chooses to continue going to the club, that shows that he does care about the club, a feeling he’s been trying to hide away under layers and layers of logic. She’s essentially forcing him to look at himself over again and really come to terms with what it is that he really wants with Yukino and Yui.

Highlight would be Feel’s ability to show how fragile Yukino really is especially with the way she smiles. Same thing to Hachiman’s hesitation and consideration towards her. Again, this developing dynamic is really something.

Also, another interesting interpretation thanks to Watari, Hachiman’s confirmation with Yukino is his roundabout way of getting “permission” from Yukino when she asks him if he needs that from her. So while he rejected the notion, it turns out he may have been trying to get it anyway by apologizing to her.

Just my initial thoughts, I’ll refine this later. Some stuff sounds off.


Solo ED by Yukino (Hayami Saori). Very fitting, though it does make me wonder what they’ll do for episode 8 and especially 9 since that episode should be all her. Looks like Yui will get a ballad, too.

Overall impressions:

  • The Yukino ultimatum was brilliantly done coupled with the piano piece and the scenery.
  • A shame they cut out Keika as well as Totsuka’s moment of jealousy. Hopefully, Keika gets her appearance in the next couple of episodes.
  • The ED done by Yukino was a great touch. Yui might get hers next week?
  • Genuine scene next week and Destinyland the following week. Yes. Yes!

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    • Its like the rollercoaster scene in volume nine, the peak and climax of the story so far, that makes you so glad you took the ride, through the painful events like the confession or the student council election, all for this!

      We’re so close! So….very close….

    • it just like volume 6 in Season 1 but i’m not sure it good enough compare to volume 9 because in volume 6 back then they relationship was not like relationship. I guess Dualash was right we’re so close to this……

  1. yes yes 2 more episode we there and the Hachiman Yukino moment in this episode and the Black Sport Car (Red Sport Car) . but some people find last episode bored to watch I hope they enjoy this one. My Yukino wall Scroll Poster just delivered to me what a surprise :).

  2. Ngh.. I’m afraid I might be getting too excited for the scenes in the next 2 episode. High expectations lead to major disappointment… But I honestly want to believe that it’ll be given justice.

    • I’m sure Spyro will put them up, but in the meantime…


      I wasn’t sure if they’d skip over Totsuka’s chapter.. But it looks like they’re including it too. Nice to see the Rumi scene in as well… I can’t recall Hayama having anything significant though.. Guess I need to re-read those chapters.

  3. Arrhh, me right now is… ….
    Feel little sad when they cut Keika scene and Iroha meets Kawasaki. So maybe no more vol 10 to adapt.
    Btw, awsome episode. Hikki X Yukino for the win.

    • Hm?

      As noted by Spyro above, this episode covers Chapter 3 to Chapter 5 (Part 3). Next episode would be Chapter 5 (Part 4 – The sensei scene) to Chapter 7).

  4. Good lord… The anticipation for episode 9 is fever pitch. I’m going to be devastated if it turns out poorly.

  5. What exactly is this “Based” about? I’ve encountered it several times, but I have no idea. Anyone care to explain?

  6. Honestly, in my opinion Feel’re shafting everything good about the series. Whereas Brain’s Base decided to either animate/script scenes properly or exclude them altogether, Feel have decided to try to cram everything in, but at the cost of removing the color from almost every scene.

    With the shafting of Kawasaki’s entire character, I didn’t expect Kei-chan’s absolutely adorable scene to be included, and it wasn’t.
    They removed Saika’s little jealous moment about Hachiman confiding in Zaimokuza and not him also, as well as all signs of him being a bit upset at Hachiman not being honest with him.
    They removed Hachiman’s “well, if it’s just the two of us, I can manage” response to Komachi regarding her potential failure, which I thought illustrated a great dynamic in their relationship.
    They removed RumiRumi’s first class idol smile after they completed cutting out the stars, and really gave the viewer little reason to sympathize with Rumi.
    That’s ultimately only the stuff cut from this episode. There’s also quite a number of key monologues missing from the past few episodes, that would do well to illustrate the depth of Oregairu better. The direction in general gives off a pretty half-assed feel to it, but I suppose it could be down to budget issues as well. I don’t see why they would fill an entire episode with Tamanawa’s spiel when there’s so many gems to include instead, unless there were constraints.

    Just my unpopular opinion. If anyone reading this isn’t reading the LNs, they should be. The anime really doesn’t do the LN series justice, imo, and we’ve had an excellent and dedicated translator present the translations for us. When I think of Brain’s Base, I think of what could’ve been….

    What could’ve been…

    • I’m not necessarily disagreeing with what you’re implying here, but how would adding all of that stuff be possible with only 13 episodes? Or how many episode did you have in mind? Sure, what you’ve said would be great, but anime production isn’t as simple as I seems you’re implying.

    • Buddy, regrets will only make things worse for your expectations in seeing new things. Also Brain Base had it easier since it was season 1 which gave them free room to manage what they wanted, they crammed some volumes in one episode which took out a lot of content on side-characters making Feel have to cut parts since Brain Base didn’t use it. Doing this regret game will just make people more agitated and I do think it’s a good time for negativity to be put on hold. Also didn’t Brain Base also take out a lot of important(imo) scenes from the LN too? Sakis, Chunni, Totsuka, Taishi…..

    • Have you read the first few light novels on NanoDesu? Brain’s Base cut 10000x more, you just feel like Feel is gutting the series because you’re aware of what happens in the LN now.

      One of the depths of Oregairu is that Hachiman’s monologues, in many cases, are fallacious and as Yukino put it herself, “sound logical but are inherently flawed, which is the problem.” Cutting a few of those doesn’t make a difference.

      The complaint on Tamawana, while I disagree with it, is valid.

      On a final note, don’t say “what could’ve been” until the season is over. The most important scenes of this set of LNs are yet to come.

    • Also: “they removed Saika’s little jealous moment about Hachiman confiding in Zaimokuza and not him also, as well as all signs of him being a bit upset at Hachiman not being honest with him.”

      If that’s a point of complaint, seriously, go read the first few LNs. Brain’s Base cut a royal assload of Saika scenes, and don’t even get me started on poor Kawasaki who was completely thrown to the sidelines by Brain’s Base.

    • I did read them. I happened to have re-read them over the past few days as well. I suppose the Brain’s Base comment isn’t entirely justified, since they did have to trim it down quite a bit, but they did a good job making everything cohesive, and not making it /feel/ as if they were cutting things down to meet 6 vols/12 episodes. Obviously it helps that there were numerous side stories that they were able to take out completely without really impacting the series at that point, whereas now, simply everything is important.

      @reader what did Feel cut due to Brain’s Base’s adaptation? Tobe’s attraction to Ebina caused some confusion for watchers and Hachiman’s “Love ya” to Saki may be considered pretty important, as far as Saki’s attitude toward him goes (possibly also Komachi’s suggestion that they get married, and actually almost every other Saki scene…), but otherwise they did a pretty good job with getting the important bits in. There were some things related to Haruno that I felt Brain’s Base could’ve implied better, but again, they were thorough.

      With regards to the Saika scene, one could note that the extra lines about Zaimokuza would’ve taken at most another 20-30 seconds of animation, and I’d argue that they should take it out completely and make room to properly expand a different scene instead if they were going to not flush Saika’s feelings and his character properly. Cutting things is fine, but the things that are included should be done properly. Perhaps those minutes could’ve gone toward getting everything out of Rumi’s scene, which has more story relevance. I was really quite disappointed that they sped through the Komachi scene in this episode, as his interactions with his sister are incredibly honest and human, and of course, incredibly cute as well.

      In terms of cutting, I don’t think the same can’t be said for Hachiman’s monologues, which were quite integral in illustrating his internal suffering as he tried and eventually failed to quantify why he wanted Yukinoshita to not be in the student council. I wouldn’t be so quick to say that his monologues are necessarily flawed; in fact, his inability to do things properly is due to the fact that he’s a monster of logic, but they’re important for us to understand him and therefore empathize with the protagonist as the story progresses, an aspect which I feel is a bit lacking this season.

      Ultimately, again, it could just be down to personal taste. I happen to really appreciate Hachiman’s monologues, and would rather have a few, well chosen, well executed scenes rather than having it diluted for volume. That being said, some scenes were quite well done, and there were a few directional nuances that I thought were pretty clever as well. I still rewatch Hachiman and Yukino’s night-walk back to the hotel. That music, voice acting, animation, amazing. Really, episode 1 as a whole was really well done. A curse too common in the episodic world.

    • @Haoran umm I did say that Brain Base cut some parts in the first adaptation making Feel have to cut the parts affected as well… The scenes where Hikkigaya interacted with the other side-characters were pretty much taken out from season 1 meaning season 2 would follow the same steps as well. As of now Feel is doing a good job in adapting the core parts in the LN while trying to cover most parts and the idea it wants to show is still seen. Both the first and second season focus on primarily on the Service Club or more specifically Hikkigaya’s existence in it and opinions.

      Also wasn’t Rumi smiling at the end of that part? Now I don’t know how an Idol smiles but I think it fits the scene. And why are we complaining again about this issue about BB vs Feel? At least we got an adaptation that we can savor… seriously, we need to stop imposing expectations on things, we’re just ruining it for ourselves and others as well. 😦

    • @Haoran
      I’ll come right out and admit that my opinion on whether or not the adaptation Feel is currently animating is cohesive or not is going to be blurred by the fact that I’ve read the LNs, so I already know what’s going to happen. Of course, it feels less cohesive than it did when I read the novels, but I think this is a very similar case in regards to “reading the book before watching the movie” and vice versa, particularly in that it sets up a few biases.

      I’d also like to clarify that I’m not hailing Feel’s work as the best adaptation to ever result from a light novel, I’m simply stating that I find “what could’ve been” slightly melodramatic and mislead. As far as art goes(in relation to how well it fits the storyline of these volumes) Feel’s adaptation is far superior, and while I agree that a bit of excess coverage was given to Buzzwords, The Character the cutting hasn’t been that bad in my own subjective opinion.

      On the note of “well chosen, well executed scenes” I do think you should take into consideration exactly what Season 1 covered. It’s true that Feel showed some things which Brain Base decided to cut in Season 1 for the sake of coherence, but there’s a major aspect they simply can’t change from Season 1 to Season 2. Brain Base established the side-characters, with the exception of very few, as relatively flat and unimportant to the story. If this were to suddenly change in Zoku and the scenes being chosen for more faithful adaptation involved these side-characters, it would be non-nonsensical in terms of both seasons. The fact that the most beautifully adapted scenes have been those involving the main characters(Yui-8man interaction as far as candidacy goes, this scene with Yukinon and 8man, and hopefully THAT scene) reflects the decision to throw secondary characters into tertiary roles.

      One thing we are absolutely complete in agreement on is that it’s largely down to personal taste. I do, however, hope you can see the good sides of Feel’s adaptation and enjoy the ride until the end, considering the strongest parts of Volume 9 are yet to come.

      I’d also like to apologize for making you read a comment with such jarring structure, grammar, and word choice. I happen to be quite tired at the moment, and that makes my occasionally rocky writing all the worse.

    • @Reader I don’t see how I was complaining. I brought up some key decisions Brain’s Base made and concluded they were overall thorough. Nothing aside from Kawasaki’s removal would’ve affected any directional decisions in season 2. You seem to be mistaking criticism for complaining. There is a difference.

      @I’ll Help Don’t worry about the grammar. My comment at the end was melodramatic, yes. Probably overly so, you’re right. Reading the LN does set up biases, but again, the point I was trying to make was that instead of having multiple half-scenes, animating something completely and sacrifice side material properly would give a more fluid feel. Perhaps the mood would be better set with less of a rush through the story, and give us some material to empathize with the characters a bit. Hachiman’s thoughts ultimately set the mood and make oregairu not a mundane progression through a mundane life, and we haven’t had much of those recently. If you watch the recent episodes, making an attempt to regard it as a work separate to the LN, its somewhat difficult to empathize or really be much interested in his situation/problems, as we’re not given much of a reason to do so. I hope they properly build up the progression to the genuine scene properly with his internal conflict included next episode. We’ll see then.

      The most noticeable animation difference between the two studios seems to be the use of CG. Almost everything was drawn by hand in season 1, whereas in Zoku, everything aside from the characters is done in CG. I personally feel that the character designs in Zoku make the characters all look quite similar aside from hairstyle and eye color, but its unavoidable, as it seems to be a result of the style of animation.

      And yeah, there are still 6 episodes to go. We’ll see what happens from now until the rest of the season.

      Please keep in mind that I’m not criticizing Oregairu as an entity. I’m criticising some of the second season director’s decisions.

  7. I love it how in the first 2 images you posted in the image segment, it looks like Hikki and Yukinon are staring at each other eyes (was it on purpose? I love it)

    Keika-chan wasn’t invited…… It probably runs in the family (speaking of, they did cut some Taishi scenes, right? the Kawanantoka motor brand sure has public image problems)

  8. anyone who is the same with me afraid of watching iregairu cause after finish watching you dont hhave anything to do except to feel

  9. This is the first time I read a LN. Not only that, this is the very first time I read ahead of the current episode to be aired (and translated, thanks Excorsism and fansubers!) I’ve never been so interested in an anime like Oregairu. Not as much as I was with Elfen Lied. I just feel that after all this is over, there will be a great void in my heart. But I’m looking forward to it.

  10. I don’t know if I’m the only one, but I feel like the rollercoaster scene is being a little bit overhyped… Yes, it’s one of the defining moments of the light novel, but I feel like people are favoring it over Hikigaya’s “genuine speech”. To me, the rollercoaster thing was an important follow-up to that, but it was the speech that everything from volumes 7–> on were leading up to. The genuine speech was perfectly built up and that’s when Hikigaya was at his most vulnerable. That’s when he puts it all on the line. I guess the rollercoaster scene is where Yukino gets the chance to put everything she has on the line as well, but I feel like the buildup to it just doesn’t come close to Hachiman’s big moment. Then again, that’s probably because we get to see everything from his perspective so we’re more in tune with his emotions. I’m looking forward to both scenes intently, but I personally can’t wait to see the genuine speech. Hikigaya breaking down and baring his soul? Ep. 9 can’t come soon enough..

    • They were both pivotal moments for both of our loner characters. I wouldn’t rate one over the other. Yukino’s rollercoaster scene is good because she had been getting very subtle, but gradual developments ever since the first volume and then it finally explodes into something.

      The buildup you’re talking about for Hachiman and his scene goes hand-in-hand with the buildup for Yukino and her scene. The conflict at the end of volume 7 and in volume 8 wasn’t just about Hachiman, but also about Yukino. And for a character we don’t follow 24/7 via narration, it’s an amazing moment.

      Of course, the same could be said for Hachiman since we’re pretty much privy to his thoughts (no matter how unreliable they may be) and it’s great to see him trying to finally break through his self-defense mechanism to be closer with Yukino and Yui. The genuine scene is amazing and it became even more so precisely because of the Destinyland moment with Yukino. After all, our two MCs who have been stuck in their own shells for the past 8 volumes are finally trying to get out of it.

      Personally, I find the cathartic release for both characters to be equal, though I guess I’m biased towards Yukino. Obviously people are going to think the genuine scene is better since we’re very, very intimate with Hachiman’s character. It’s exactly why Yukino’s scene is that much more endearing.

    • Resume:
      +1.- “Obviously people are going to think the genuine scene is better since we’re very, very intimate with Hachiman’s character. It’s exactly why Yukino’s scene is that much more endearing.”

      can´t argue that point

      also hachiman realizing/discoverying he has feelings that he cant anticipate/foresee .

      im having big expectations for hachiman request in the anime

      pd: sorry engrish not my native lenguage.

    • They’re both great moments in the volume. I think what you said about being in Hachiman’s perspective is part of the reason the rollercoaster scene is what a lot of people are excited for. I liked the “genuine” scene because it shows the level of trust and what Hachiman really wants in his life (so far), but in a way we’ve been hinted and given Hachiman’s thoughts throughout the series so its kind of expected to how he he wants something “genuine”. But arguably, the rollercoaster scene was sort of a surprise because we barely know Yukino’s life and we can only speculate on her thoughts. So when she, for the first time, asks for Hachiman’s help “someday”, we begin to see Yukino changing, and we begin to wonder what can Hachiman do to help Yukino. I’m not sure how to describe it, but the rollercoaster scene was like a major breakthrough to Yukino’s relationship with Hachiman and her change prior to the genuine scene, so seeing Yukino grow as a character is what made the rollercoaster scene so special. (I feel there’s more to be said but that’s what I think makes it special for the most part)

      tl;dr: Both scenes are great. its just that we barely get to see Yukino and we don’t fully understand her situation (or her thoughts), so when she breaks out of her shell for just a second on the rollercoaster, it shows the level the depth of her growth which makes it so touching and sweet to see how she finally trusts Hachiman to ask for his help.

    • Yeah everybody who responded to the parent comment brought up some really fantastic points. I can definitely see what you guys mean in that Yukino’s moment was also incredibly poignant–and that it was made even more so by the fact that we don’t normally get to occupy her headspace.

      However, another reason that I think Hikigaya’s request was so affecting to me was because it was literally the first time in the LN’s that he puts himself out there like this. Yukino has that moment in volume 6 where she reaches out to Yuigahama and asks her to “help me someday”. Obviously I feel like Hikigaya and Yukino’s relationship is less close than the Yui/Yukino one (at that point anyways), which makes the splash/spride mountain scene much more significant than her request for help in 6. Still, the fact that she’s sort of reached out for help before slightly dampens the impact of the rollercoaster scene for me. Still a very emotionally arresting confession, but fact is that she had put herself out there before. Of course she does close off immediately again at the advent of vol. 8, but that’s besides the point.

      On the other hand, Hikigaya has never shown even this level of reliance before. It’s obviously hinted at in his thoughts and his actions towards Yukino in 8-9, but his emotional confession comes completely out of left field (even with our knowledge of his emotions after his talk with Hiratsuka-sensei). The other characters have never seen him rely on anybody else before, and the fact that his request is the first* time he does this and that he CRIES during his heartfelt confession just makes this scene so ridiculously poignant and emotional. I’m sure when he walked in to give his speech, he wasn’t planning on crying or breaking down like that… But his desire for a genuine relationship brings him to tears; that’s how much he wants the sour grape. Here’s this closed off, seemingly unemotional guy, and suddenly he asks for something so illogical and heartfelt of them after weeks upon weeks of these stagnant, soul-crushing interactions. And judging by his tears, he’s more than serious about it

      However, I don’t just think of Hikigaya’s request as his moment though. I think that this was the* cathartic moment for not only Hikigaya but also Yukino because this is when she begins to understand him better and she starts to put herself on the line. She tells him that she “accepts his request”, meaning she’s ready for all of them to engage in a genuine relationship again. The rollercoaster scene seems like an extension of that cathartic moment, but I felt that the cathartic climax for the entire club was covered in the request chapter.

      Obviously I don’t want to go ahead and make dumb sweeping claims on which scene is better, because they’re really not all that comparable. I loved both scenes, but to me, the genuine scene was the definitive climax of the series thus far.

    • I also like the “Genuine” Request scene for another reason lol. I got tired from seeing other people comment on youtube or other sites where the episodes are hosted where they say that: “Hikki is alone, he likes it that way, it’s best to be alone, etc” and this scene will show them another side. Or at least, show them that this whole time he was pushing away the notion but it cannot be ignored anymore.

    • Technically, Hachiman did reach out for help after Komachi gave him a reason to save the club.

      I won’t argue with his scene being the climax (it’s his story, after all), but I still think Yukino’s scene has an equal amount of emotional impact especially considering how she’s been alone for the past couple volumes while Hachiman has support from Komachi and company. He may claim to be a loner, but the biggest loner in the story is Yukino by far.

      Though if we ever got a Watashigairu instead, the rollercoaster would be the climax for her story.

    • @Hikigaya Holden
      I agree that the “genuine” scene is a big moment for the club, especially since Hachiman crosses that threshold of familiarity and actually lets something out seemingly vague and illogical, yet it speaks volumes of the kind of person he is (*Not sure if he “cried” though, he’s preventing himself from sobbing, that’s why he’s grinding his teach and in between breaths).

      Part of the reason I love the scene at Destinyland is we not only because we barely know enough of her, but her insecurities and mindset make her one of the most interesting characters in the series. That scene was her climax of her growth (so far), and I’m more focused on her character rather than the story as a whole because when Yukino enters one of her lowest moments in the volume, its interesting how she shares similar desires like Hachiman, but she has different virtues that she doesn’t want to compromise. I’m more for learning and seeing her grow since she has circumstances we’ve only begun to see, and in that scene it was like seeing her doing that hand wave during the cultural festival arc, so I can’t help but admire how she’s beginning to be more open to Hachiman and becoming warmer in the Service Club, so I’m more excited for that scene (Plus its a Yukino dere moment so there’s also that XD).

    • While i agree that the hachiman genuine scene is indeed the climax of the series so far, the rollercoaster scene actually complements the genuine scene so much.
      Sure she already responded yes to his request, but the rollercoaster scene shows the first definite step she took to fulfill that request. It resonates much more than any “we accept your request” can. It’s clumsy, but she finally manages to approach him by her own pace.

      And this is during the destinyland chapter, where we glimpses of these subtle development scattered. Most prevalent was that rollercoaster scene and iroha scene, showing how much impact his confession for something genuine actually has on the characters.

      More note on the genuine scene, it shows the most human side of hachiman rather than his “monster of self awareness” side to other people than komachi. He stated that it’s okay to bother family, and he didn’t make any more excuses following. It shows how close he wants them to be.

    • Well I get what you are trying to say Hikigaya’s confession is an important scene. Not onlu Hikigaya drops his facade which he has been maintaining from his first year of high school we also come to know that all his ideals was just his excuses to soothe his heart. Also it was defining moment for realtion between al three of them.(8MAN Yukinon and Yui).
      But Yukinon wish on roller coaster if not more important is equally important it shows us just like Iroha and Hikigaya Yukinon has also started to crave for something genuine and she has started to trust hachiman. Also this moment will be catalyst for the path or actions of Hachiman.
      Also this is a great moment for Yukinon X 8MAN fans. They are starting to fall for each other yay ❤ ❤

    • I don’t see why these two moments have to be compared to one another. I think they both work hand in hand to create an incredibly intimate and personal moment between these two characters. Hikigaya’s confession has such an impact on Yukino in a sense that she realizes that Hikigaya really does care and the proof in this case is that he was willing to open up and defy his logic for the sake of trying to mend their relationship. This confuses her because it’s such a contrast to how he has acted through out the whole LN/Series.

      I think his moment of genuine emotion is the catalyst that allows her to trust him and be vulnerable with him because she realizes that he really does want something real, something that she herself wants. When she makes herself vulnerable on the roller coaster it is incredibly powerful because ultimately it feels like she saying, “this is real,” to Hitigaya. You trusted me, now I’ll trust you… something like that. I think that’s what makes these two scenes so special and neither would be as powerful with out the other.

      That’s how I felt when reading, hope I made sense…

  11. quick question, Why did Hachiman comes with a request to the club?
    why did yukino cries after hearing his words?

    • well i think firstly because he can’t handle isshiki request alone and secondly he finally can accept that they’re precious thing to him.

      as for yukino, i think she relieved after hachiman said he seek genuity and yui said she don’t like their relationship right now(status quo) it means what they seek was not a shallow friendship.

    • This is true, but it was still one of the reasons Yukino wanted to become Student Council President. Yukino didn’t know from the start that Hachiman would pick this sort of solution. Up until now, Hachiman had been hurting himself with the methods he picked. Now I do agree with you that Hachiman’s solution strategy nullified that reason, but it still remains that this was something Yukino set out to do.

      This is an excerpt from a blog post. You can search for “雪ノ下雪乃は生徒会長になりたいわけではなかった” and it’s the first result.
      ” ‘Well, that might be fine for you Yukino-chan. You, don’t have to do anything. Always someone else will do it for your benefit, right?’

      Haruno’s line. The person herself would deny it, but this had to be an impetus for Yukino to decide to run for student council president. Then why did this line become an impetus for Yukino to take action? That is because up until now at the time of fulfilling the requests, she used Hachiman as a sacrifice (according to the person himself it being the best and most effective method).”

  12. Did Yukino really wanted to be president, Why?, wasn’t she hate to stand infront of others
    .And Why did she tensed up when Iroha came with the request for Christmas event?

    • Become Student Council President -> Have Power -> Stop Hachiman do something like in the past . Easiest Reason.
      And the last reason is Shiromeguri’s hope in the end of episode 6. Service Club members -> SCP members.

    • She most likely didn’t really want to be president. Also power isn’t something she craves.

      One thing is again that Hachiman did it himself. Also objectively his idea was better than her idea.
      This episode and the next (I guess) this will come to show it by Yukino assuming 8man does everything well on his own, more or less 🙂
      And is surprised when he doesn’t.

      Yukino tenses up because she might simply remember that she was booted out of the decision finding of her solution. Really we don’t know, we only know Hachimans thoughts because the story is told through him. We can only see his side and only hear his thoughts.
      Maybe WW will rewrite Oregairu from the perspective of Yukinon one day, then we know 🙂

      Why Hachimans comes to club is rather easy. The anime doesn’t show that well but they are desperate already they have nothing decided and time goes forward. Everyone knows it, but is powerless to change it.
      The other reason is that the club is precious to Hachiman and he knows the moment he stops attending (his thoughts in the LN) the club is dead and lost. He also knows he is out of options, opening up is his last ditch effort tbh.

    • @Fightingfurball I dunno about Yukinoshita not wanting to be StuCo Pres, but wasn’t she someone who doesn’t lie? And she never said anything about hating power, she acts above people so it’s logical to assume that she knows the need of power to do so. She isn’t Snow White or some disney princess, she’s the darn Ice Queen of Brutality. Basically an image of some sort, making it harder for people to sympathize with her unlike Hikkigaya. Idealists today are mostly hated compared to realists, I mean the hate on Hayama pretty much shows that idealists today are not favored. It’s funny though, a god is hated by men for being too ideal yet that very man praises other men like gods for thinking like a god.

      Also I feel so sad for her, I mean imagine this: You want to become something bigger but you needed a reason. You get a reason then all of a sudden this friend of yours gets his hands in the issue and take that chance away from you. There was no consent, he didn’t listen to what you said, he did it cause he thought it was right and what you wanted. What would you feel? Anger, disappointment… or maybe an epiphany. Maybe everything you thought that understood you didn’t and vice versa. Your world you thought to be a haven, turned out to be the one thing you despised the most: a fake wonderland. And what do you know… you were playing a part in it too.

    • Idealists today are mostly hated compared to realists, I mean the hate on Hayama pretty much shows that idealists today are not favored.

      Except that’s a major misreading of Hayama’s character, in his own manner he’s just as cynical as Hachiman has ever been, it’s just the way he acts upon that cynicism takes on a completely different form because of the different roles the two characters play in their social worlds.

      Hayama’s statement that he’s “not as a good a guy” as Hachiman thinks isn’t an indicator of hidden malice by any means, but it does speak to the fact that he isn’t the abstract paragon of selfless virtue that everyone idolizes him as being, Hachiman included.

      His outwardly altruistic qualities are informed much less by his own desires, and certainly not by any sense of idealism, but a certain resigned acceptance that he needs to at least on the surface fulfill the expectations and projections that others have placed upon him and interest in maintaining appearances and ‘stability’, not only his own but also that of the social environment that surrounds him.

      In the case of Tobe and Ebina for example this may very well be a false stability, something he’s keenly aware of, but he doesn’t come from a world where honesty or vulnerability is particularly valued. He can acknowledge the value of these things in the abstract, but remains tied to retaining respectability and avoiding confrontation rather hashing out difficult and sometimes unpleasant emotional truths, and it’s simply easier and less painful for him even tackling those problems head on might be to the long-term benefit of others.

      In truth of course, Hayama can be envious, he can selfish and he can be evasive; none of these inherently make him a bad person, but they do make him human. However, human is not what Hayama’s family or his many admirers expect of him, an illusion even Hachiman has not been immune from placing on him, and for a variety of reasons he doesn’t feel as though he can afford to buck these expectations even if he might desire to do so on some more profound level and as a result, emotionally Hayama is a very empty and unfulfilled character. He seals it all away on the personal level just like he does with the problems of those around him.

      In Hachiman, Hayama sees someone with what he perceives with a degree of emotional latitude he could scarcely ever fathom having. He both admires and is repelled by Haciman’s approach to the world, and at times too is envious of the freedom he has and the genuine (there’s that word again) emotional connections he been able to make as a result of it.

      I should use my time at work more wisely.

    • Well, I see where this is coming from but YukiYuki never sought out power through out the story so far. She is also pretty much incapable of handling people well. Despite the appearance she isn’t really leader material. Hikki is actually good at handling people especially masses but he does it in a very twisted way through negative reinforcement. Also I think she has a pretty ingrained follower-personality. Remember how she follows maybe even imitates persons she thinks are better than her like her sister or now Hikki 🙂 She is by her nature not an independent person. Her wish to become StuCoP was most likely really because her sister galled her into it, not from her own desire.
      But like I said all we have is guesswork.

      Why is lonely is maybe because she and the others really think differently, that they are not the same, that they don’t really understand each other. What she was looking with the election wasn’t most likely neither the position nor the power but something other than that. but due to how little information we have, this is a mystery to us. You are most likely right with her disappointment and the resentment she feels but I think it isn’t because the killed the election but something else.

    • Cynicism and realism doesn’t really go hand in hand all the time. Heck cynicism is the attitude of having a large distrust on the majority believing they follow their basic instincts. Idealist aren’t necessarily good in nature, I mean Hitler was one big idealist he even formed a new idea from Fascism and called it Nazism. Idealist may well as be called realist who look away from reality since they do know they operate in the real world but still try to make that world change to fit their idea, be it good or bad. So while a person can have the abilities and observation to Hikkigaya it doesn’t necessarily mean he’s a realist too.

    • Did Yukino really wanted to be president, Why?

      She had 3 reasons to become Student Council President
      1) To prove for herself that she could do something in the club
      2) To prove her sister wrong that she always ends up pushing the dirty work onto others
      3) To prevent Hachiman from hurting himself

      Iroha probably reminded her of everything that just happened.

      Idealists today are mostly hated compared to realists, I mean the hate on Hayama pretty much shows that idealists today are not favored.

      Pretty much what Kawasomething said. Hayama just superficially acts like the good guy because of the social pressures on him. That doesn’t mean he’s idealistic.

      So while a person can have the abilities and observation to Hikkigaya it doesn’t necessarily mean he’s a realist too.

      I’d say Hikigaya is more of a realist if you compare him to Yukinoshita. At the beginning, Yukinoshita says how she’s going to change people and this world, which is super idealistic. On the other hand, Hikigaya commented how she was putting her efforts in a very wrong direction. Hikigaya accepted and affirmed human weakness. If you remember when Hikigaya and Yukino went shopping, he commented on the way Haruno acted. “But ideals are ideals. They aren’t reality. So it feels totally fake.” His comment suggests he’s at the very least, not idealistic.

    • How would Yukino stop Hachiman from hurting himself by becoming StuCoP? It’s not like she could have stopped him confessing or avoided the school hating him after the cultural festival.

      Anyway this is all really very depressing right now…

      Here something cute…

    • @FightingFurball
      It wouldn’t erase anything that happened in the past. You have to think about it in the context of the current issue. Hachiman’s original solution was to give a speech so bad that it would lead to a vote of no confidence for Isshiki Iroha, which would hurt himself. Yukino becoming president prevents that scenario.

    • Well, considering the solution it ended with, that reason would be null, because the whole negative situation was averted and so there would be no hard feelings in that regard.

    • This is true, but it was still one of the reasons Yukino wanted to become Student Council President. Yukino didn’t know from the start that Hachiman would pick this sort of solution. Up until now, Hachiman had been hurting himself with the methods he picked. Now I do agree with you that Hachiman’s solution strategy nullified that reason, but it still remains that this was something Yukino set out to do.

      This is an excerpt from a blog post. You can search for “雪ノ下雪乃は生徒会長になりたいわけではなかった” and it’s the first result.
      ” ‘Well, that might be fine for you Yukino-chan. You, don’t have to do anything. Always someone else will do it for your benefit, right?’

      Haruno’s line. The person herself would deny it, but this had to be an impetus for Yukino to decide to run for student council president. Then why did this line become an impetus for Yukino to take action? That is because up until now at the time of fulfilling the requests, she used Hachiman as a sacrifice (according to the person himself it being the best and most effective method).”

    • @fightingfurball, can you paste link of the picture you post (4 character yahari, 8man, yuki ,yui, haruno)

  13. the reason she wanted to be president, you can see it at ep5 review well there’s many theory but i think the closest one was mentioned by exco, yukino trying to solve isshiki case and also testing hachiman and yui view about friendship.

    and why did she tensed up? of course she wouldn’t comfortable with iroha after her defeat(forced to step down) at election

  14. A shame they cut out Keika as well as Totsuka’s moment of jealousy. Hopefully, Keika gets her appearance in the next couple of episodes.

    They probably won’t. I mean, almost entire Saki subplot is cut away entirely.

    • Makes me think Saki is being hate that they remove a lot of her moment. And I like those moments.

    • Can you imagine if they had made short skits at the end of the episodes that feature some of the end chapter mini discussions (for instance the one where SakiSaki mails Hachiman while pretending to her brother) instead of the preview 🙂

  15. And this time it wasn’t just the animation. Hachiman’s voice actor, Takuya, really nailed the scene where he flinches when Yukino uses his own belief against him. It’s like when Yukino acts timidly: So uncharacteristic. This makes the moment look even better because it leaves an impact on the audience because they didn’t see that one coming. If this glimpse of Vulnerable Hachiman gave me so many feels, then, I don’t think I can take “that scene”.

  16. “When I noticed, my hands recording the minutes had stopped. I loosely let my hands hang under the desk and sat there in silence watching the conference.

    The expression that I had was completely different from those who were energetically involved in the discussion.

    They had vivid and bright smiles floating on their faces.

    That was when I noticed.

    They were all enjoying this moment. That’s to say, they were enjoying this exchange between each other.

    What they wanted wasn’t the very idea of volunteer service, but the self-acknowledgement of them doing these activities.

    It’s not that they wanted to do work. They just wanted to be immersed with the feeling of working. They just wanted to feel like they were actually doing it.

    And then, they would feel like they did everything that they could, where ultimately, everything had turned into nothing.

    ────Aah, it really irritated me how that was exactly like someone out there and how it seemed like he was showing off his past mistakes.

    He thought he had accomplished something, but in fact, he really didn’t accomplish anything at all.

    Even though he couldn’t see anything at all.”

    Why they cut dat monologues and stuff.

    • In Season 2 did they even once show his internal monologue? It was a common occurrence in S1 but I think they completely ditched it in S2.

  17. I dont know why some people comment things like “I’m disappointed they cut off this or that scene” when an episode is just a part of a season, and when you think of what to do with a season so that it shows how awesome oregairu is, isnt that kind of like a herculean task in itself?

    they have to decide which elements of the LN will show the main points the story wants to convey, and in my opinion they really got it right with potraying the relationship between hachiman, yukinoshita and yui…isnt that the main concept?

    then they have to decide the secondary stories they have to include, all the while thinking of the number of episodes they have…I really thought that when I heard they only had 13 episodes to work with that the quality might really drop, but I was pleasantly surprised

    I think we should just enjoy what they have given us, then critic them after they have shown EVERYTHING they have decided to show…

    • I hope for 102 episode release of Oregairu with everything once the series has ended 🙂

  18. Totally agree that the talk between Hachiman and Yukino at the end is much more to the sound than just the animation. This is something you cannot have in LNs, narations solely by the emotion contained by the voice.

    And i really really like the pause after Hachiman responded to Iroha saying he doesn’t hate younger girls, it’s just long enough. Combined with her expression, the rejections feels much more desperate than ever.

  19. Is it just me or Yukinon was looking really beautiful in this episode?
    Next episode is going to be really great but I think it will bring commotion among Oregairu fans. About 70 percent viewers watch Oregairu because of 8MAN but in next episode 8MAN is going to throw away all his ideals his facade and gonna become a new person. Obviously most of the viewers will like this. But some who is die hard fans of facade of Hikigaya or old Hikigaya are gonna be sad.

    P.S:- The Spring Anime Series Japanese Viewers Are Still Looking Forward to Each Week:- Oregairu becomes rank one


    • What’s impressive is that Saori Hayami is topping all three spots for female characters. Must be something about her voice…

    • And dont forget Touyama Nao is not backing down….She is also holding 5th and 6th place…

  20. Since it’s obviously has crucial impotance here, would anyone be so kind as to point out that hat’s origins?

  21. Sad Isshiki walking away with the bag of snacks. No dialogue, but the scene tells volumes. I think Hachiman may have considered someone’s feelings just then, if only for a bit. If anything it (coupled with Orimoto scene) was just more proof to himself that there are a lot of things he doesn’t understand when it comes to people.

  22. at least we got to see why they used the title of the first chapter for this episode, they cant use the 5th chapter’s title cuz they havent shown Hiratsuka sensei yet, neither the 4th chapter’s title cuz it wasnt exactly the focus of this episode…

  23. THAT scene was filled with BLUE atmosphere, plus the interaction, music, and sorrowful faces… After Yukino’s last words… I want to cry for the two…. T_T

  24. watching this episode 07 really cut are important parts of Volume 09 , plus I did not expect the “feels ” even get excited by the scene of the Roller Coaster and Hachiman scene with Iroha -chan at the train station ! what makes me most excited is the volume 11 who will be the girl who would say ” I like you ” pro Hachiman ?

  25. Not much to talk about this episode. Rumi is obviously cute. But the emphasis of this episode is, IMO, about how others – or at least, yukino and totsuka – look at hachiman’s way of action. And it is amazingly good. feel did a great job, if not perfect. Thanks again for your review spyro. Good luck for next time 😀

  26. Nice observations by Spyro, I just keep scrolling, scrolling, then BOOM, off on a Tangent once it’s Yukinon’s scene as I anticipated lol. Yea I’m pretty hyped for these next two episodes, especially the roller coaster scene.

  27. The last scene of Yukino made me cry, on top of that the piano piece of Harumodoki….After that Yukino’s ballade…..Man, i cried my hearts content….dunno wat will happen to my health in the next episode…..Bwwaaaahhhh!!

  28. This is kinda off topic here but there is something I want to ask you guys.
    Why does Haruno keep meedling with Hachiman? To help Hachiman in his relationship with Yukinoshita or to worsen it?
    There are few points made by Simone Avila which supports the later


    “Plotting a double dating with an “ex” of Hikkigaya(Orimoto) , and (most important) makes Hayama acting cool (maybe not to Hikigaya but to Yukino – as if Hayama was trying to correct Hikigaya manners) in turning Orimoto down.”


    “Keeps appearing to annoy Yukino. – But maybe also to show her that Hikigaya never moves to save her..”

    There are more points:-
    1)Haruno asking Hachiman about subjects of Yukinoshita maybe to help Hayama
    2)Asking Iroha to go to date with 8MAn (Maybe)

    I don’t know am confused. Haruno himself says that 8Man is same like her so maybe she wants him to save Yukinoshita cause she can’t.
    But these points say something else. If it is really true then I am really sad. I thought the bad sister side is only facade of Haruno actually she wants to help Yukinon. Even though there is theory that maybe Yukinon used to love Hayama and that’s why Haruno is trying to pair up her with Hayama. She is actually trying to pair her up with not actual Hayama but with theone who acts like 8MAn.

    • The theories have good points… Maybe indeed Haruno want to draw Yukinon closer to Hayama… Yes, it looks like Hachiman does not want to save her, there were times he would just ignore the opportunity to ask Yukino about her past. Now I’m confused too… Hopefully Volume 11 shows us more info about it.

    • Some points:
      Haruno hated Orimoto and wanted to destroy her and her attitude.
      She does appear to see Hachiman like a pet, so I guess she likes him at least some, just thinks he is inadequate as of now maybe.
      From Harunos actions towards Hayama it seems more likely she holds some grudge towards him.
      She seems to not like her mother very much and I would guess that also means she is principally against her goals like marry the Yukinoshita and Hayama families forcefully.
      Hayama seem to like Haruno however.
      Hachiman moved to save her on several occassions, not in the least when Haruno herself was present in cultural festival commitee (3 times there alone).
      Considering YukiYukis general mindset Hayamas action wouldn’t be seen as cool. Firstly it was Haruno who instigated it. Secondly Hayama lied about why she should come there. Hayama/Haruno made her and Yui a center of attention in a very sticky social incident which is something YukiYuki isn’t fond of.
      Haruno quite frankly might just winging it. Don’t forget she tried for I recon a decade to change YukiYuki, she is most likely somewhat out of ideas and chooses a direct confrontation because of a lack of possibilities.

      Well, just some of my thoughts on the matter.

    • interesing point,i remember at volume 6 hachiman pointed out that he was a pessimist, yukino a idealist and haruno a realist, and i think yukino live a more rougher life than the other two because she hardly or unable to compromise the way she live, this make me think that maybe haruno used hachiman(because his way of thinking more or less the same like haruno) to teach yukino to abandon her ideal or at least an counter-balance for yukino.

      and theory that haruno want to pair up yukino and hayama again isn’t really far-off but it maybe because what her mother told her too, usually haruno always matchmaking yukino with hachiman but at the start of vol 8 and 10 she not saying that stuff again.

      about the stuff with orimoto i feel it related to yukinon and hayama past(maybe they really like each other but hayama being hayama can’t stand up to protect yukino) and haruno recreated that situation except now the victim was hachiman, to test hayama about it.

      well have to wait vol 11 for more information hahaha

    • The fact that she’s meddling pretty much says she doesn’t have friends her own age to socialize with. It’s not a facade; that’s her true self. Her facade is her “Fortified Armor Shell-like mask”. As Hachiman put it, “Acting all sociable and always smiling, starting conversations like a nice girl.” That’s her facade.

      She is trying to help Yukino as a big sister, but I can’t say I agree with her methods.

      I honestly think the double date was Haruno just having fun toying with Hikigaya. She keeps appearing to push Yukino in a certain direction.

    • @Yithar I disagree on the fact that Haruno does not have anyone to hang out with. On her first debut she was shown with some friends and also just because she has few hours of spare time to meddle with 8MAn does not mean she does not have any friends. We know very little about her to state this fact

    • Haruno’s debut is in Volume 3 Chapter 7. She’s by herself when she encounters Hachiman and Yukino. Please tell me which chapter Haruno was shown with friends.

      It’s true that we know very little about her, but I think the fact that she spends so much time meddling with Hachiman means that she doesn’t have friends. We always see her alone (her debut, at the fireworks festival, when she met Orimoto for the first time, at the double date). While Yukino and Haruno aren’t exactly alike, I’d say there are some similarities. I’d bet Haruno was probably at the top of her class too (she’s attending a university that Yukino wrote on her career survey). It’s possible she may have been a loner too for the same reasons (everyone being jealous). And if Haruno doesn’t want Yukino to take the same path as her, I’d say she’s probably a loner.

    • I don’t remember about LN but in anime she was with her friends she also appologises to her friends also in her debut. I guess it happens in manga too. And I don’t think she was loner I am sure she had superficial relationships

    • Okay, looking at her debut in the anime she is shown with friends. Although I could argue that the anime is non-canonical. But it still doesn’t change my point if she has superficial friends, because it’s pretty much the same as having no friends (you might exchange greetings and go out to eat or something). My point was is that the fact that she’s meddling with high schoolers as a college student says a lot about herself. It’s one thing to give your younger sibling a push in the right direction; it’s another thing to mess around with your younger sibling and her friends for fun.

    • @Yithar:Just checked it, Haruno does in fact have friends

      Right before my eyes stood a beauty of unbelievable proportions. She had probably been hanging out with her friends, because she clapped her hands in apology and said, “Sorry, I’ll catch up to you guys,” to the numerous men and women hustling and bustling behind her. -Volume 3 Chapter 4-6

      Plus Haruno also says in volume 8 chapter 3 that she was going to kill some time until she met up to eat with her friends.

      I hope you’re right though on the superficial relationship part, that would really reflect the kind of influence Yukino’s mother had on the both of them (from why Yukino hates superficiality if it actually started much earlier to Haruno’s usual behavior) and it would give us an opportunity to delve into the Yukinoshita family household if we ever focus on Haruno’s problems; I wonder if there’s a way that Haruno will change along the series.

  29. Dear Spyro,

    Today one of the prominent member of Russian Yahari community brilliantly refuted your whole Yukino Theory in just two sentences.
    He sad, “His theory just can’t withstand any criticisms. In short, the way of her proving it is unclear – would she become president, so what? How would verification go with it?”
    And he meant it. Just like a bunch of his novice minions.
    I want to kill this friggin pussy.

    Thank you for listening.

    • What is this trying to refute? The sentences are taken out of context, so I don’t know what he’s referring to except for it being about the presidency.

      That being said, you don’t need to act so aggressive, in the end, they’re just opinions. I don’t claim to be Watari either.

    • Not that anon, but it’s actually not so much out of context. At least it was initially.
      Basically, he’s saying that would Yukino became president, Hachiman will never pay her a visit at new post anyway. Since it’s just the way he is.
      I guess it’s something like that, though originally that guy really had put it in a stupid way like above mentioned.
      Anyway, Hachiman can always ran for some post at student council, to say the least.

    • Thank you, dear Spyro, I calmed down now. The way he put it still deserves a punch or two though.

      Yet, there’s hardly anyone closer to him.

    • Someone refutes a teory? We need a Red Truth to do that. ( Meaning that only proofs, something that only Watari Wataru can give us, can effectively destory a point of view into things )

      You need the Red Truth to counter effectively a theory. Wrong series? Well, i think that Knox’s 20 Wedges still applies to almost every mistery.. XD (note: this is obviously a Umineko Reference )

  30. Hahaha he was yukinon hater wasn’t he? I feel he just pointed that out just to say what yukino doing was useless

  31. i agree to exorcism, it is yukinon is the lonest in three,so i think it should be yukinon and hachiman, yukinon doesnt have anyone only yui and hachiman, if yui and hachiman become a couple, yukinon would be more lonely so it must be yukinon and hachiman

    • Um, what is the reason for this? I don’t think anyone is rooting for Yukino x Hayama so this comment is sort of random lol

    • There is a chance for Hayama… But right now, YukiMan is going to be together in the end! I’m 100% sure!!! Unless Watari-san writes Hachiman to be alone in the end…

  32. Found it on internet kinda off topic
    Names of the cast in Oregairu are based on locations in Kanagawa; Yuigahama, Yukinoshita, Komachi and Zaimokuza are based in Kamakura, for example

    • Wow that’s pretty interesting. Do the locations have any kind of symbolism with the characters or is it just for naming sense?

  33. well, about this episode, i confirmed one thing, Rumi is Yukino’s Loli version.
    and then, i found another annoying character, the BRAINSTOOOOORM….. (really, doing discussion like that is annoying, more than Shogun Zaimokuza)
    and on the last part, Yukino looks like she’s gonna cry any moment with those teary eyes, and i cried a little.

  34. Ok one quick question here.
    After the student council, it was clear that Hachiman won against Yukinon. So currently the score stands at 3-2 in hachiman’s favour right?
    What were the 3 wins of Hachiman and 2 wins of yukinon?
    I know, this topic must have been discussed somewhere, if anyone can point me in the right direction it would be a great help as well.

    • Could you describe what you consider a win? Do you mean as in who finishes a request or something like whose’s virtue/philosophy trumps the other?

    • I honestly think it’s hard to say, because I’m pretty sure it’s arbitrarily decided by Hiratsuka-sensei.

    • actually hiratsuka sensei never serious about scoring that match, so there is no way to know the score

  35. My personal views : (Can be wrong)
    Yukinon wins – Totsuka and Zaimokouza
    8man wins – Yui, Hayama, Tobe
    Even though they are arbitrarily decided…Yet as sensei mentioned with the results 8man has the lead right.
    So Who wins in the student council request?

    • Well there was also two more requests second request bought by Zaimokouza and request by Judo club. If we consider that maybe Hiratsuka sensei did not knew about second request of zaimokouza, she herself sent Judo club members so it should be counted

  36. Exorcism, Totsuka appears later in the novel when he is (spoiler) brought along with Komachi to help out with the Yukino’s baking.

  37. I want to ask something
    When does Hiratsuka sensei first met Komachi? At Chiba village right, so how does she knew her name when she met her after Yuigahama birthday at arcade in volume 7.5

    “And that beloved little sister of mine snuck up behind Hiratsuka-sensei and put all she could into making her voice energetic when she called out to her.


    “Mm? W-Whoa, Hikigaya’s little sister… W-What’s the matter?”.”

    There are so many students it’s not like she will remember name of siblings of all students. Maybe it was during accident

    Also Hiratsuka sensei isnot Hikigaya homeroom teacher, right? He himself says so in first volume. So is there a mistake in 7.5 chapter cause Yukinon says to him that Hiratsuka sensei is her homeroom teacher

    “As I worried about whether to just ignore her or call out to her, Yukinoshita pushed me from behind.

    “Look, that’s your homeroom teacher, right?”

    “Don’t push me. Also, stop trying to force me to do it, okay?”

    • Fairly to assume that Hiratsuka-sensei tried to call Hachiman’s home phone number since she couldn’t get a hold on Hachiman’s.
      We can assume that Komachi answered that call, so she got to know Komachi.
      Komachi tricked Hachiman to go, right?
      We can assume that, it would not be strange for a teacher to call home if the student is not answering…


      We might as well assume that when Hachiman signed up for school, he gave all kinds of contact numbers. We might assume that Hiratsuka-sensei called Komachi since she couldn’t get a hold of his mother/his father ( working ).

      We can assume lots of different hypothesis, lots of them perfectly legit.
      If Watari did not mention it, we can assume that’s not important…

    • According to the wiki and from looking at volume 1 and bits from volume 2 and 3, Hiratsuka-sensei is his homeroom teacher and his counselor/advisor. Plus I think you’re reading the dialogue wrong, the first line is Yukino’s dialogue and she’s saying the line to Hachiman because she wants Hachiman to go talk to Hiratsuka. (You accidentally put a quotation mark in front of “As”)

      To your first question. chronologically, Yuigahama’s birthday is two months before the Chiba camp arc so Hiratsuka-sensei actually met Komachi before, though I have no idea how she got to know her before Yuigahama’s birthday (Just assume Sensei has insane stalker abilities and connections, maybe she knew right away Komachi was his sister by the Hikigaya ahoge, or either Yukino or Yui told Hiratsuka-sensei about Hachiman’s sister…………or back to the stalker abilities)

    • @Dualash I clearly remember once Hiratsuka sensei called 8MAn for something and 8MAN says to her why are u taking my case u are not even my homeroom teacher she then said she is counceler so she is doing it. I just can’t find it. When I will find it I will show it to u

    • So Rahul, how goes finding the clip? Since Hiratsuka appears in front of the classroom for Hachiman’s homeroom.

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