Oregairu Zoku OP Single – Haru Modoki

CFi7UMIUUAAO99uThis gets its own post, thanks Ponkan8. I’ll update information on the OP and ED singles later.


21 thoughts on “Oregairu Zoku OP Single – Haru Modoki

    • Ah, wait! I am suppose to comment about the song, right? But I end up commenting about how beautiful Yukino is. Is this the power of Yukino’s cuteness?

  1. The op is superb. The edbis beautiful. And both of it have perfect meanings to symbolize current anime’s progress, IMO.

  2. The Ending and opening Song will release in June 3 before episode 10 🙂 i’m looking forward to buy a CD or music Video with Eng Sub ??? it they have it sell.

  3. I’ve just discovered something.
    1)The opening theme of both seasons are by Ya’nagi’ Nagi. (Similar to the naming conventions of most oregairu characters)
    2) Season 1 OP = YUKItoki (YUKIno Yukinoahita)
    3) Season 2 OP = HARUmodoki (HARUno Yukinoshita)

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