Oregairu Zoku – Future Episode Titles

1431108145081Looks like volume 9 might get 5 episodes according to the supposed future episode titles.

  • 7话 されど、その部屋は终わらぬ日常を演じ続ける (Chapter 0 Title) Chapters 3-5
  • 8话 それでも、比企谷八幡は (Chapter 6 Title) Chapter 6-7
  • 9话 そして、雪ノ下雪乃は (Chapter 8 Title) Chapter 8
    • If I get this right, Feel is literally based incarnate. Full episode for that scene. My heart boner is full of expectations.
  • 10话 それぞれの掌の中の灯が照らすもの (Chapter 10 Title) Chapters 9-10, officially ending the volume
  • 11-13话 Pretty much the big question here. Either volume 10, original, or adapting those special novels that Watari wrote for the BD releases.

28 thoughts on “Oregairu Zoku – Future Episode Titles

  1. I think they will probably do 2 chapters from now on though. (Even though I want a full on episode based on chapter 8 as well)
    Because I think it makes more sense having chapter 5 and 6 to be in one episode then the destinyland chapters in another episode
    The “SCENE” in chapter 6 and the other in the rooftop at the end of the chapter would give the episode a better conclusion.
    And I don’t want them to rush chapter 5 as its the final push that made Hachiman break his shell
    Well just my opinion. Looking forward to the next episodes! 😀

  2. Honestly I’d like to see the Christmas drama cd (post Volume 9) animated. Hachiman giving the girls their gifts would be a good way to wrap up the season.

  3. Last 3 episodes could cover the Christmas special plus 10.5. The issue here is keeping the timeline consistent. Maybe they’ll fill the episodes like this:

    11 – Christmas event
    12- 10.5 Chap 1&2
    13 -10.5 Chap 3&4

    That would make 12 and 13 a bit fast paced though.

  4. While I have not read the light novels, I get the feeling that Feel is handling this anime adaptation with extreme care and that makes me happy.

  5. I want the last three episodes to have Hikki and Saki scenes. I wish they could animate Volume 5 Chapter 2: As Always, Kawsaki Saki’s name can’t be remembered. Then include other Hikki and Saki scenes from other volumes

  6. I’m sorry, but episode 9 is not going to be just chapter 8 alone.
    That would mean covering over 100 pages in the next episode, and only 34 in the one after, and they would also have to skip a lot of Hachiman’s monologues to do that.
    Realistically, episode 8 is going to cover up to about the moment where the trio take a photo together, maybe even less, and episode 9 will wrap up both chapter 7 and 8.

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