Oregairu Zoku Episode 6

Zoku6_47Safely, the Congress dances, but does not progress.


Opening up with the episode, we get a look at how things are faring in the Service Club. As normal as it seems, the mood is pretty awkward, more or less. Yukino doesn’t so sharp and attentive anymore, more like, resigned and passive. Something broke after the election outcome, at least, for Yukino. The other two don’t seem to notice, or perhaps, they’re just acting willfully ignorant of the situation.


Slight changes in the opening again. Find Waldo! Everyone’s back in the club, but the cups at the end see no sign of use.


Hachiman watches Hayama and company’s group and Yui notices him looking at them too much. Turns out he can’t explain why he was doing that. Perhaps, their relationship reminded him of something of his own, like say, the current Service Club. As Totsuka notes, it’s rare to see Hachiman and Yui talk to each other in class, even more so when the both of them decide to head to club together. An indicator that Yui probably finds it awkward going to the club alone with how Yukino is feeling as of late. Hachiman asks how their lunches have been together, essentially asking how Yukino is doing, and it turns out everything seems “normal.”


Yukino’s melancholy is palpable. It hurts physically to watch. As to why Hachiman was staring at Hayama and company, he felt they could answer his questions, his questions of how long the Service Club will continue on as they are now, for how long it can continue on, and what will eventually happen; essentially, their little charade of hanging around the Service Club just for the sake of it. Is there any way to fix what is broken? Who knows.


That look of annoyance. But anyway, Iroha comes with another request right off the bat and that’s for help with her first job in the Student Council.


Kudos to Feel for giving us all these different expressions from Yukino, and people still think she’s emotionless. Compared to her outspoken and assertive nature from before, she’s a lot more “lifeless” and passive. Instead of giving her own opinion on the matter of Iroha’s request, she just listens in and acts as the yes-man in the group. So when Yui suggests taking up the request, she just gives her the okay without much thought.

So let’s talk about why she’s so out of it. From Hachiman’s POV or most viewers at this point, Yukino had the desire to become the SC President personally. But is that really all there is to it? No, it wasn’t. Yukino wanted to run for president for herself, but she also wanted to see something; that is, will it affect the relationship that exists between her and the other two? To Yukino, actions speak volumes more than words. Where does this come from? Volume 6, the whole theme about how “words are the source of misunderstandings.” This applies to Hachiman as well. His confession in episode 2 is essentially saying that “I place value in superficial things” overturning everything he’s done and claimed so far, the things that both Yukino and Hachiman were supposed to hate. She lost that one common belief that allowed her to connect with him and vice versa. There’s also Haruno’s comment about how Yukino always lets others do the work for her, which is eerily similar to how the Service Club works; Hachiman has been doing most of the heavy lifting while she’s been stuck on the sidelines, not being able to contribute as much as she’d like.

The SC election was the perfect opportunity to relieve herself of her anxiety and fear that could be potentially true about those around her and herself. So in short, her motives for running for presidency:

  • She tries to run it for her own sake.
  • She’s afraid that her relationship with Hachiman and Yui is superficial, so she wants to see if the SC would affect them in any way; is the only thing tying them together the title, “Service Club?”
  • The fear that what Haruno says about her is true, about how she lets, even if unintentionally, others do the work for her. Becoming the president meant fulfilling the request and allows her to finally contribute something substantial to the club.

As Hachiman described, there are people who can only act when they have a reason. That describes him and Yukino. In this case, Yukino has Iroha’s request as her reason while Hachiman has Komachi’s request as his reason. Ultimately, Hachiman removes Yukino’s reason, making her unable to act which also confirms her fears as stated above. Her “I’m sure you (the both of them) could understand” was her assumption that maybe the two of them felt the same way, that their relationship wasn’t something strictly linked together by a title. Unfortunately, this is where communication breaks down as Yukino doesn’t really say anything (understandable since she doesn’t put much faith in words as does Hachiman which we learn in volume 9), Yui pretends as if nothing is wrong, and Hachiman forgoes an honest discussion with the two at all despite it being part of Komachi’s request.

On to her depressed state. So the fears from the election came true; that her relationship with Hachiman and Yui is really superficial, after all, that’s what their actions told her in the election; and that what Haruno told her was also true, that she is powerless and is unable to do anything unless someone else does it for her. So why doesn’t she just speak up and say she doesn’t like it or tell them what she wanted, I mean, Hachiman was able to, right? It’s not that simple. Their circumstances are completely different. Hachiman has people outside of the club to give him the push he needs, Yukino doesn’t; she has Yui and Hachiman but the former is too considerate for her own good while she was in a cold war with the latter.

From Yukino’s POV, she thinks that Hachiman and Yui are content with their relationship, a superficial one. She was hoping to prove that fear wrong, but now that she feels it’s true, she doesn’t know what to do anymore, or rather, she feels she can’t do anything anymore, not for them or not for herself. Think back to how Haruno said Yukino would continue to send her family souvenirs because she didn’t want them to hate her. This is the same situation. As much as she hates how superficial the relationship Hachiman and Yui have with her, she doesn’t want them to hate her by going against the harmony that the two wanted and that’s to keep the club afloat just for the sake of it (from her eyes). To her, the only choice she had was to just go along with them; it’s because she cares about them. So she ends up passive and resigned about their relationship because she’s afraid that the two people she thought she could relate with and be together with without any pretenses will eventually leave her. At the same time, she feels that it’s inevitable given how weak their relationship, so she can’t help but think there’s nothing she can do about it, thus her passivity and her resignation. Add in the fact that what Haruno told her ended up becoming true only made her more miserable. And remember, we’re talking about a girl who is arguably more lonelier than the MC himself: family problems; living alone; no friends in elementary, middle, and the first year of high school; a friend (Hayama) who failed her in some way in the past; an older sister that antagonizes for god who knows why; and so forth. Her frozen, icy exterior is just as, if not more, thicker than Hachiman’s logical self-defense mechanism.

So TL;DR: Shitposters suck.


From what we know, Yukino wanted to be the Student Council President. Isshiki comes in with a request as the Student Council President for her own work. Not exactly the greatest feeling having to deal with that, at least, from Hachiman’s perspective. It’s like pouring salt in the wound, so Hachiman decides to reject the request and take it on personally instead of as a club; to owe up to his responsibility for making Iroha the president as well as destroying Yukino’s ambition from the election. I think it should be obvious by now that Hachiman’s getting pretty considerate when it comes to Yukino’s needs, for better or worse.


So sly, so sly! So Iroha’s pretty mindful of her image and she makes sure to avoid whatever routes that may make her look bad. Luckily for her, she has the Service Club to use. Hachiman returns to the room and lies about how he convinced her to do the Christmas Event collaboration on her own. It’s possible the two realize that he lied, but kept quiet about it; he was being pretty obvious, after all. As for Yukino’s line about how it’d be better if there weren’t any requests and they should just spend their time doing nothing, it’s another look into her situation. Let’s just pretend nothing’s happening and stay together in this club doing nothing. Sound similar? The other two seem content with that, so Yukino really can’t do anything about it either, so she just accepts it and lets it go.


Onii-chan skill, activate! Also, Iroha’s third rejection.



Meet Tamanawa, the most pretentious Student Council President around. So basically, Iroha’s request is to help her (the Student Council) successfully carry out a Christmas event collaboration with another school, Kaihin Sogo High School. But due to her inexperience as the president as well as her not-so-nice upperclassmen, they’re kind of overwhelmed by the other school. In particular, the way they talk is ridiculous. They’re English equivalent counterparts would be people who use a thesaurus and insert random words they don’t know into their everyday speech. Even worse with the way he moves those hands of his, truly outrageous.

Anyway, it turns out the other members of the SC in Sobu High aren’t too fond of Iroha as you can see in their awkward interactions. Understandable since she’s a year younger and the fact that their group is pretty much doing all the grunt work for the other school. Orimoto also happens to be with the other school, an unexpected re-reunion. She still has that DAYONE~ personality, but she seems a bit less insulting this time around.

I need to do some BRAINSTORMING to write more here.


Orimoto assumed Hachiman was dating Yukino or Yui, but he responds that they’re just fellow club members. When Orimoto laughs about what kind of club he’s in, he doesn’t find it very amusing; that is, he doesn’t know what the Service Club means to him anymore. This shit ain’t funny, woman.

Zoku6_48Next episode title is chapter 0’s title of volume 9. Kind of weird.

Overall Impressions:

  • I knew Yukino was pretty depressed in the light novel, so Feel did a good job showing how passionless and resigned she is in this episode. Keeping up a charade of friendship is taking its toll on her, it seems. Seeing her so out of it is physically painful to watch. Come faster episode 9.
  • Iroha’s high voice is still pretty grating, but her honest voice sounds good. Those rejections are piling up.
  • Tamanawa turned out more hilarious than I was expecting. I don’t think there was any description about how fluid his hands were. Super spooky.
  • The volume I felt was pretty melancholic, but it’s surprisingly comedic in this episode. Starting next week, I suppose.
  • Omitted material
    • Komachi
    • Sensei’s brief appearance
    • Hachiman making excuses to leave the club

“This is how bad the shitposting on /a/ is.”


185 thoughts on “Oregairu Zoku Episode 6

  1. Oh boy, can’t wait for this episode. Here’s hoping they portray Tamanawa correctly and make him as annoying as he was in my head. Anyways, yeah I really like how Yukinoshita looked in episode 4, and parts of episode 5. Again, I think they botched her proportions in the first two episodes, but her design’s just slowly been improving since then so yay. Write us a nice, detailed review this week please Spyro!

  2. Gonna love Volume 9 scene 🙂 Friday 7:00am for Raw airing 3:45pm – 5:30pm for Eng Sub (New Zealand time) fuk this i can’t sleep tonight. thank for review 😀

  3. will they introduce Kawasaki’s little sister?
    they never shown hachiman-saki moments except the saize

    • Yeah I wish they animate that part… I mean Kawasaki can still act flustered at Hikkigaya right?

    • Hikigaya didn’t proposed to her in anime. so why will she act flustered? and in recent episode they even did not show her brother so I don’t think they will introduce her sister. But I could be wrong

    • they removed saki’s scenes a lot, they removed 8man’s thought on taishi and removed him from episode 5 altogether.
      if we consider those past decisions. then they definitely won’t introduce her.

    • There are many ways for a person to get flustered @Rahul, not everything needs to be unnecessary affection. Also this is an adaptation so there is still a chance for events in the LN to be altered to fit the season.

  4. Let’s review relationship of 8Man with some girls(Possible spoiler alert for non LN readers)
    Romantic relationship with high probability:-

    1) Yukinoshita
    What she thinks:- After volume 6 she clearly started watching him in new light. And after volume 10 it is clear that she likes him ( not letting him be alone with Irohasu, getting angry cause of his date etc.)
    What 8Man thinks:- He clearly holds a certain level of affection for her. And after volume 10 he also started liking her ( getting bothered cause of rumor, not accepting the fact that marriage of Yukino and Hayama might be planned)

    2) Yuigahama
    What she thinks:- Clearly likes him from first volume( too many hints, even non Ln readers know this)
    What he thinks:- Knows this but is running away (his heart is with Yukino LOL)

    3) Iroha
    Now she is 2nd most confusing character(1st is Haruno).
    What she thinks:-who knows
    What he thinks:-she is really sly but cute
    I don’t really get her. Till volume 10.5 I was thinking that she might like her but after volume 10.5 I am not sure. And the part that is bugging me most is her date with 8Man. Why did she went to date with him?
    1) She like him. Or
    2) To make him ready for future dates. Or
    3) A stimulation for date with Hayama. Or
    4) Instructed to do so by Haruno
    Now I thinks it’s option 4. Option 2 looks kinda strange to me. Why the hell she will take so much pain? Also option 3 is impossible ( 8Man is opposite of Hayama there is no way he will help as a substitute for him And also when he asks for going to library she says that place suits Hayama not him, wheen she was preparing for a date with Hayama why did she choose not to go to the place where she would go with Hayama)
    Option 4 has most probability. Haruno might have instructed her to do so and promised her she will help her with Hayama if she does this to push 8Man buttons, or more precisely push yukino’s buttons through hikki(she talked about something during there meeting in student council room and also she heard about hikigaya wanting GENUINE think from her).The prove is that she showed the image of date to Yukino and Yuigahama. she is too crafty to do a mistake( and please don’t give explanation that she is declaring a war or something)
    But who knows I can’t really get her

    3)Totsuka(Wait is he a girl, I wonder o.O )
    What totsuka think:- 8Man is my great friend
    What 8Man think:- Do I eally need to say?

    Romantic relationship with low probability:-

    1) Hiratsuka sensei
    What she thinks:- Really togh vhild, have to cure his dead fish eyes
    What he thinks:- Someone please marry this old woman
    Well, if when 8Man will be at marriageable age and Hiratsuka sensei will still be bachelor,he will really take her.

    2)Kawasaki saki
    What she thinks:- 8Man is looking hereAvert eyes
    What he thinks:- What was her name again?
    Nopes, no way there will be relationship between then, chances are even low then Orimoto

    I want Yukino X 8Man ❤ ❤ . Why you ask. Well there are not any particular reason but one reason could be that she is not pushy, Yui and Iroha always try 8Man to notice him, keep giving him hint, keep trying to go out with him but Yukinon does not do so. So she is my favourite

    I am keen to hear your thoughts too 🙂

    • I don’t really understand the point of this. Also, you seriously need to keep posting a minimum. I’d prefer it if you didn’t try to respond to everything unless you have something significant to add.

    • I’d have to disagree for a bit… If Saki confessed to him, I think Hachiman might like her back

      And for Yuigahama, it isn’t that he can’t return her feelings, but that he’s afraid to… he’s afraid of misunderstanding her kindness as something else (like with another certain girl).

      And for Iroha, she is sometimes careless… now she may actually like Hachiman, but she’s also attracted to Hayama…

      And isn’t the only reason Yukino not trying to get with Hachi cause her feelings for him a still new and she doesn’t really know what to do (or maybe acknowledge them)?

      And Totsuka is Totsuka…. nuff said.

      Personally, I’d like to see him with Haruno or Komachi 😛

    • Very interesting. I agree with most if not all of what said. I do think Iroha likes 8man tho and not Haruno plan. But if it’s so or not, it would be super interesting.

    • I kind of disagree with you about yukinoshita. I’m agree with from what her think about hachiman but I’m not agree with from what hachiman think about her.
      it’s true that hachiman hold certain affection toward yukino. he see her as beautiful person but that’s not mean he has romantic feeling for her. For what happen in vol. 10 about rumor. If I were hachiman I would felt same to heard something like that. I really hate those kind of people who talk like they know everything. I can say something this because I like that too, I often see person as beautiful but I never genuinely fall for that person and I will pissed if I hear false rumor when I saw it in front of my eyes. sorry, if I talk about my self in this and for bad grammar too.

    • @Spyro
      Wait I thought about it, what I did again?
      I have seen many people post large comments and I didn’t went off topic(I think)
      You never really commented on post of anyone else
      could it be that you hate me?

    • @spyro
      okay I will try to comment less now(I will just post one comment more about Haruno)
      Happy now
      But you are really mean. You never reply to any of my comments or mesage when I ask you something.
      But you replied when I did something wrong.

    • @DMR Well I think you are right about Yukinoshita
      But I don’t think he will go out if Kawasaki will propose to him. he did not fell like that for her

    • @zx it’s not just rumour he also is not able to digest the fact Hayama and Yukinon could be married. I think this is love, if not than what is it?

    • @Rahul: Lol, Couldn’t you have condensed those comments above so that you could reply to everyone in one comment? It’s cool that you want to convey your thoughts and make some discussions, but you need to plan out your comments so that they only take as much space as necessary (and that it relates to the post, the big post above is more of something general and its mostly about your observations/speculation and not really an analysis or comment on the episode)

    • Oh, the op did not change… That’s a bit disappointing. Iroha with her tears coming in the clubroom, as manipulative as always. XD Tamanawa’s hand movements made me laugh a bit. And i also felt sorry to Iroha, her council members are disappointed at her being a “doormat” to the other sc. So next episode would be the time Yukinon will say to Hikki “to take a break from the service club”….(?)

      Can’t wait for the best scene to be animated….

  5. I’m not in a position to watch it now, but may I ask.. Did we get the episode titles up to 10? Either way, I’m excited for Yukino’s scene as well and would love for an episode to be dedicated to it.

  6. wow, that guy with his katakana spam is anoying, and what with that weird hand motion.
    it’s really remind myself

  7. I feel sorry for the annoying president. He’s a noob at the job and everyone is just agreeing to what he isn’t doing and it just kept going on and on… Hachiman could have stopped everything from the beginning, but he waited till it was late and they got into a worse position.

    • He didn’t wait until the end. He started giving his opinion from the second meeting afterwards, Tamanawa just rejected them.

    • But Hachiman did have doubts about his own method. He was afraid to properly fight Tamanawa until it was closer to the end (and with Yukino and Yui with him).

      Tamanawa was just a rookie who didn’t know what he was doing and too afraid to take responsibility because he was a rookie….

      Hachi himself also had some fears about doing his own method…

    • Hachiman just didn’t know how to handle tamanawa and company and his normal methods wouldn’t have given him the results he needed which is why he didn’t use them.

    • True, but it was also his own doubts too. His darker methods that piss people off did work later, but he had doubts towards himself and his methods.

    • I don’t think Hachiman had doubts because he didn’t know how to handle tamanawa, so he was aware he couldn’t solve the current problem alone. he also didn’t use his normal methods near the end, he actually faced tamanawa head on. and it still didn’t work so Yukino had to step in and force tamanawa to actually make progress.

    • he probably already have an inkling of the problem at hand, but still hesitates to take decisive action because the face off their student council is at stakes here, he took the job because he felt responsible for iroha after all

    • It was also doubts about his methods and wondering if there were other ways and how he could be wrong and whatnot….

  8. It seems like there’s a lot of SYNERGY between feel’s VISION and my hopes for the series. I will VOCALIZE great APPRECIATION when Yukinon DISHARMONIZES Tamanawa until he is UNSPEECHIFIED

  9. I am happy that the managed to give us a Tamanawa that we can hate/loathe !! yay.
    Other than that those hand movements -nuff said !! @_@
    Overall it was a great episode as always and thus the hype train for the Destinyland episode increases day by day !

    • I’m going to cut Tamanawa some slack since he’s still inexperienced in his position and the conference may teach him a thing or two about management and when to draw the line for ideas and planning. Though his hand gestures were annoying. (Ironically I’m impressed by how Studio Feel went through the effort to animate the hands)

  10. Just watched the raw because I can’t wait no more. I never imagined the other members of the other student council to look like a bunch of pompous asses. And combined with the English buzz words, hand gestures and shiz, damn they are irritating. Especially now in animated form. ugh!

  11. The OP scene changes again! In the last scene the cups are unused and upside down (older openings shows the cups with signs of being used).

    • because the last episode’s title is “The smell of tea is no longer in that room”
      of FEEL, you certainly makes me happy

    • no, the big scene of volume 9 is not destinyland.
      it is SPOILER ALERT wehn hcahiamn rqeusest yukinoshita fro hlep on chirstams enevnt

    • I dont think so if they did it would be really hard to properly portray the events of vol 10 in just 3 episodes…I guess they’ll just do the parts of the light novel that kinda leave a good feeling, sorta like 10.5’s chapter 2 and 3, maybe even 6.5’s christmas chapter…

    • hahaha good job for studio feel, when i think they will tone down tamanawa, they make him more annoying instead :p.

      damn vol 9 have many beautiful moment..too bad we can’t see them all

  12. i gues so but exo did said episode 10 will be volume 9 chapter 9 n 10 thus end of volume 9 so the last 3 episodes im assuming episode 11 will be 6.5 christmas chapter and the 2 last episode will either be from 10.5 or going to the shrine which is volume 10 chap 1. i HOPE ITS VOLUME 10 CHAP 1!!!

    • I dunno, having Volume 10 used with that little time is kinda too compact for it. Also Volume 10 leaves you in a cliff hanger so it might piss a lot of people. I think a nice thing to do is copy what season 1 did with the extras and .5s, that way we can finish the season with a happy ending.

  13. hi Spyro, if volume 9 will be animated up to episode 10, then what do you think of the rest of the episodes? will Volume 10 get animated or maybe they’ll do something like 6.5?

    sorry my english sucks

    • Actually your English is very good, its concise and easy to understand (Just the punctuation, which is the only noticeable problem)

      Apparently the show is listed for thirteen episodes? So they might either stetch out the Destinyland scene and cover 6.5 (or/and cover 10.5). Its going to be interesting how they’ll going fill out the remaining episodes when they might be done with volume nine at episode 10. It would leave them with three episodes to either use for volume 10 or for 6.5/10.5 and that’s going to be a little odd to end the season (kind of like season one).

      P.S I still think they should have taken their time with the other two volumes, but maybe the director will be able to make the plot work for thirteen episodes.

    • Yep it is better than me

      And I think they should not show volume 10 , new arc is starting from volume 10 and leaving it incomplete will leave bad impression on viewer.
      Also there would be more scope for season 3

    • i see, i’m just wondering whether the ‘teary-eyed feels scene’ about something genuine will be animated or not lol

      Actually I’m interested with Hachiman and Yukino’s expression 🙂

    • Ofcourse it would be animated man. What are you talking about. It is like 2nd most important scene in volume9(Yukinon wish is most important)

  14. So the epic moment will be on episode 8…………really can’t wait. That will be one of the best moments if done correctly.

    Episode 10 could be the end of volume 9+bonus track and the next 3 episodes will be volume 10……..i guess.

  15. So now does amount of volume to be covered changed a bit? or volume 10 will still be adapted. I would personally hope that they would leave at volume 9, come back even stronger next year with volume 10, 11 and 12. Hoping that volume 12 will be released this year.
    Any comments?

  16. Still waiting Sub Version………………………………………………..

    Let Brain Storm that scene is so awesome and the body language is so hype.

    about the Destinyland episode will be super hype level over 9999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999 if they make it full episode.

  17. seriously hoping that they decide not to adapt volume 10 this season. If volume 9 is going to be 5, then there will only be 3 episodes for volume 10. They should make a s3, which should cover from volume 10-last LN release.

    • Also if volume 10.5 takes place between volume 9-10. Couldn’t they just adapt that for the last 3 episodes??

  18. Episode is really good. The feels was really high. Watching Yukino hurt was really depressing. Tamanawa was really great. They are doing really good work in animation. can’t wait for confession scene.

    • Raul, exo don’t hate you but I read your comments everywhere here. You could do just one/two comments where you sum up your opinions/feelings 😀 ?

    • I don’t really know if u are talking to me not -_-
      But okay I will try to comment less now(I will just post one comment more about Haruno)
      Happy now
      I will let spyro san know

  19. I want to convey my hatred for tamanawa’s pretentiousness by dunking his head in a vat of boiling oil…>.<

    • @ Dualash ditto man, I I think his interaction with Kei-chan really underlines his true kind nature…I mean even if he looks unfriendly and apathetic, children still approach him

    • well, in volume 4, he scared a bunch of children taking test of courage (the test of courage was pretty mediocore) by appearing –accidently– in plain clothes. That should have ruined the moment for children, but, no, they got shit scared from zombie with dead eyes.

  20. This episode turns out funnier than the light novel. Although I am a bit sad that Tamanawa is not voiced by VA such as miyano mamoru for the engrish.

  21. Pretty sure Hikki knows. He said how that smile has been plastered on Yukino’s face ever since. So of course he knows something is off. He can’t pinpoint it though.

    I feel sad for Yukino. I pretty much understand how she feels. “Do you guys really care?” It kind of sucks she has to continue this charade. For me, my plan would’ve been to slowly fade out like Hachiman was thinking of doing with leaving the service club and joining the tennis club. So I can kind of also understand not wanting to be hated.

    I like how Isshiki was like “it’s easier to use-” Such manipulation. But yeah their situation sounds a lot like Hayama’s situation.

    I mean, really, how many times does Hikki have to get rejected? Give the man a break. He’s not hitting on you. Yeah, Orimoto kind of pisses me off. Stop hitting the guy where it hurts.

    • Ofcourse he knows.don’t forget monologue of 8Man in last chapter of volume 8. He knows that what they are all doing is just superficiality and he kind of feel like culprit for doing so with the club and Yukinon

    • Hachiman handled Orimoto pretty well though. Considering most of his trauma about girls originated from her, i’m pretty surprised he doesn’t flip his shit or run away or something.

      Granted it may be because he got his mind full of service club and the problem at hand so that he doesn’t have time to brood about her, but great progress.

    • Hachiman was good around Orimoto because of what he said at the movies. He said that he could feel that he could finally end what happened with Orimoto, hence nothing more to worry about after that.
      In the anime, it was pretty obvious that he doesn’t give a “frack” about Orimoto anymore… ( notice my BattleStar Galactica way to be polite while using a “not elegant” way to state something… XD )

  22. didn’t notice the cups were upside down. also there are only two cups in the op so does that mean feel will add Hachiman’s cup if if they make an episode for the volume 6.5 christmas party?

  23. Gee.. Tamanawa is freaking annoying. Wondering what they’ll do with the remaining 3 episodes since we’ll be getting 13 episodes in total. I don’t think they would do 10.5 though.

  24. Excor what is the correct translation for the line:
    “…No, that’s fine. But change where we meet. It’s a little embarassing to have rumors floating about us walking home together amongst your friends…”.
    Did they’ve changed it in the anime or did Commie screw up? (it’s “my friends” in the subs – 09:52).

    • Well, there’s several sub groups handling it, you could download each different version.

      Really I don’t need the translation, I just need the sounds of Isshiki’s incredulous rebuttals of Hikigaya’s advances.

    • I don’t care about fixing the subs just that the meaning of the scene slightly changes.

  25. Did Hachiman say FLASH IDEA or FRESH IDEA? I know you translated it as the former for the novel, but I feel the latter might make more sense…

  26. I seriously don’t know where to post this question so I’m posting it here. Its completely unrelated to anime but a general question. Sorry for troubling you all.

    In ln and anime, it is mentioned that haruno is 3 yrs older than hikigaya. This means that when hikigaya and others entered sobu high haruno had already left the school.

    But it is also mentioned that haruno was the president of cultural festival committee(which only 2nd years can become). As they have performed in a band shiromeguri must have been then in her freshman year. We know that shiromegeri is 1 year senior to hikigaya. Thus by that logic it means that haruno was in her 3rd year when hikigaya and others became freshman at the school.

    I have given deep thoughts to this logic and want to know what you all think about this, especially you Spyro.

    Once again sorry for the inconvenience caused.

    • Sorry pal but you can watch the episode of season 1 (when yuigahama and hachiman went on a ‘date’) to find it. As for the band everybody know about it.

    • Let me show you the picture.

      This is now.

      1 2 3 1 2
      h s y

      Shift it back to when Shiromeguri was a freshman.

      1 2 3 1 2
      s y

      Looks perfectly fine to me. I don’t see how you get that Haruno was in her 3rd year when Hachiman and the rest became freshmen.

    • Sorry for commenting again but looks like the formatting messed up.

      In the first diagram, Hachiman is in 2nd year of senior high, Shiromeguri-senpai is in her 3rd year of senior high, and Haruno is in her 2nd year of university.

      In the second diagram, Shiromeguri-senpai is in her 1st year of senior high, and Haruno is in her 3rd year of senior high.

      That seems to be what makes the most sense.

  27. I am officially adding ‘heart boner’ to my vocabulary. It was funny cause moxxi taught me ‘lady boner’ the other day.

  28. LOL the hand movements of those guys….PffHAHAHAHAHA, i had a great laughter, i mean they might be seriously STUPID, how are they even in student council !~~

    • student council candidateship is basically a popularity contest after all, makes sense that the chosen people are disgusting like politicians

    • @Ranzall: Whoa I wouldn’t go that far, they’re still high school students, so its kind of exaggerating to call them that. But yeah, it is mostly a popularity contest and its rare to see someone who shares the charisma and leadership like Shiromeguri-san. They’re not entirely a bad group though, but as Student Council, their main flaw (besides the katakana abuse) is that they haven’t established a better system to plan their actions.

      Tamanawa seems like he means well, but since he’s barely experienced, he needs to know that before you try to go above standards and make something like Christmas event an extravaganza, you need to make sure its within the committee’s time-frame and ability. He was wrong when he said you can’t reject your people’s ideas in a brainstorming session. His way is simply trying to appease too many people, and in order to get their group to finish everything for their Christmas event he needs to learn that you have to be able to reject people’s ideas, that’s pretty much the whole point of the brainstorming process: to pitch ideas and refute/reject other people’s ideas until you come across one that the majority agrees to do. Plus, factors like time and personal constraints are something you should set focus later in a scenario where you can’t change the set date or other setbacks, they don’t have the luxury to do that, especially for a holiday event. Tamanawa, in general, isn’t a bad guy its just he’s too idealistic and trying to make everyone happy, and hopefully he’ll realize that after the event.

    • Well, its true that planning is necessary bit if you only keep planning and don’t do any actual work it’s all futile, that’s how projects fail.

    • I agree with you there, while the way they approached problem is unsatisfactory, it was because of their inexperience.

      they are the social types that are popular, which means they have a habit to appease people, which was fine as far as PR goes, but not really suited for organizing a big event. Without clear hierarchy and work scheduling, they will just going around pointlessly without completing the more important tasks.

      I might have gone too far calling them disgusting, I guess me hating politician is a bias huh.

    • I think you guys are forgetting something (possible spoiler alert fornon LN readers)
      Tamanawa was not rejecting anyone idea because he was scared to takeany kind of decision. 8Man clears it in LN if he will include idea of all the members then the responsibility if event being a failure will be shared by all of them. He was just scared

    • @SandyAjax: We’re not really talking about the planning being necessary or not, it was how he did it which was wrong. His main problem is not being to reject people’s ideas and as I said, Tamanawa isn’t realizing he can’t brainstorm and expect to accept everyone’s ideas, that’s not how brainstorming works, and with their time constraints they have to make their plans clearer and definite otherwise they had continued the same kind of planning they wouldn’t get anywhere

      @Rahul: I don’t think any of us said Tamanawa rejected anyone’s ideas (except Hachiman’s one comment) because he was scared, it was his lack of ability to reject ideas which was the problem since his side of the group were just spouting ideas to make the Christmas event better but they never decided what they needed to do first so they got nothing done. For Hachiman dealing with the situation, yeah that’s true, if the two schools dispute over the plans, then they could have the event end in failure, hurting the schools that are involved in the event. But that’s barely a problem since as Hachiman said, direct opposition is not going to work, so instead you kind of have to play the devil’s advocate and block Tamanawa’s group from going into a tangency with their ideas, that way you’ll be able to get somewhere (And with the Yukino-Yuigahama super-combo for the KO). I wouldn’t use scared, its more like Hachiman was cautious of what he was doing (self-awareness!) and he needed to be careful since Tamanawa was just spouting ideas and vague nonsense, and he had no idea how to persuade the guy.

    • @Dualash If I remember it clearly 8MAn says in LN that Tamanawa is scared that he will be blamed that’s why he takes nto consideration the plan of everyone so that he would not be the only one to be blamed

    • @Rahul: Ok I thought you meant Hachiman, since you said 8man but then ended it with “he”, so I was a little confused who you were referring to.

      But that was when I realized.

      It wasn’t all that long ago since Tamanawa became the student president. He had a rather impressive appearance that I misunderstood, but he was just like Isshiki in that it was only recently since he became president.

      That’s why he wanted people’s opinions and would listen to them. Only after getting consent would he take action. To avoid problems from springing up, he would adjust them after the fact without turning it into a dispute.

      I think this is the quote you were referring to?

      For Tamanawa, I guess it would make sense that he would be scared since he just started out as Student Council President. and he wants to make a great impression as president so he’s going to be wanting to make sure everyone is happy (sort of doing like what Hayama normally does but more idealistic than realistic).

  29. The chemistry between Hachiman and Iroha is starting to show at this chapter, with the playful banter.

    I do think that the thing making them so interesting to watch, his observant but sometimes pushover nature is greatly complemented by her sly and selfish nature. He blames his onii-chan skill for that pushoverness though.

    And he is able to do many good rebuttal against her sly statements, I really enjoyed the interaction between the two.

  30. Fernando is quite awesome with his hands! hope i get to see some of his full body moves in the future episodes ^^

  31. Just watch the episode but damn, those hand movements. Their really something. And talking a whole lot of non-sense that I simple can’t understand.

    • an OriCard i got from the best waifu ever, since “Six Sammurai” is the deck i use really often (Yu gi oh) i wanted to see her in my duels lol.

      also i made like 3 post because i was tryiing to figure out how to post imgs

    • Would be great if Orihalcos Gigas Yugi-Oh Card has Hachiman’s BAD*SS Oregairu Zoku version face is there.
      WHY: Orihalcos Gigas -> 4ever alone card… not letting you draw cards to add more support for the duel when you used your hands up…. Hachiman -> 4ever alone (of the past) but not anymore —- gotta miss that attitude ,though 😦

  32. Ah, @Spyro, I don’t get that why you think Iroha moves date plan with 8man because Haruno is mastermind.

    I think you suspect this because you sense something and I read your post in this page but still don’t get why.
    Could you pls explain more (I just want to know and I don’t mind if your theory will be right/wrong since I think this is interesting). (^ 3 ^)

    ps. If you free right now , please translate vol 6.5, I want to read so much but didn’t find anyone translate this. thanks in advance.

    • I am not genius like spyro and you didn’t asked me but still I will try to answer it
      Haruno might have instructed her to do so and promised her she will help her with Hayama if she does this to push 8Man buttons, or more precisely push yukino’s buttons through hikki(she talked about something during there meeting in student council room and also she heard about hikigaya wanting GENUINE think from her).The prove is that she showed the image of date to Yukino and Yuigahama. she is too crafty to do a mistake

  33. I’m not an iroha shipper but I’m starting to really like Hikigaya’s interactions with her. Their conversations always feel pretty natural and it seems like he’s able to be himself when he’s around her. The “puhleez” part in particular made me laugh pretty hard. Also, I’m starting to like Orimoto’s character… her ending interaction with Hachiman was pretty funny and she’s just obnoxious enough to laugh along with. But yeah, really really good episode in my opinion. It was all paced well and I think they included and nailed all the important parts in the first 2 chapters. Can’t wait for next week.

    • I still can’t help but feeling irritated everytime Orimoto says “DAYONE—”
      That’s her worst line, that tone of voice…… >_>
      Kudos to the girl that voices Orimoto… she’s doing a very good and professional job in conveying how irritating Orimoto is sometimes…

  34. I’m confused about how the end of last episode connects to Yukino fearing of being hated by Hachiman and Yui. Can someone explain? How does Yukino failing to become student council prez lead her to not wanting to reject their so-called superficial beliefs?

    • I saw this comment on youtube and i think explain the situacion very well:

      “Hachiman’s method this time just turned the relationship among the club members into a superficial relationship. his method this time involving lying to yukino and yui and what do you think the effects are? you also said that hachiman and yui are on good terms now but they aren’t. that is just superficial.

      Hachiman hates superficiality and the same goes to yukino. yukino can’t handle superficiality and right about now she literally don’t know what to do; she hate it but at the same time she can’t do anything. yes, she can just say that she hate it but she’s afraid that she’ll break the relationship they have; she does not want to lose them.

      During the scene where yukino back off from running the election, hachiman describes yukino as something that would literally break if someone were to touch her; that’s the state she’s in right now.

      and i don’t think you should compare the way yukino and yui handle situation as they’re complete opposite to each other. yui is used to superficiality (her interactions with hayama’s group) and she can easily blend with others which is why she can easily accept what hachiman did even if it was obviously a wrong thing to do. yukino on the other side is really bad at human relationship. she’s alone, live alone, and the only think she have is hachiman and yui. hachiman, while he’s alone, he still have his sister for example. hachiman’s method turns the relationship they have into a fake one and this, scares yukino more than anything but she had no choice but to get along with it.”

    • @justaspanishguy. I think you got a different person. Some of the things you said had nothing to do with what I asked. lol

    • For all the shit Yukino gets about “not being able to communicate properly” it’s also important to remember that in seeking a solution to the student council election problem, Hachiman glided right over arguably the most important part of Komachi’s advice to him, which was to have an honest conversation with Yukino and Yui about the issue at hand, and by extension their future going forward.

      Hachiman’s actions in the student council election arc were guided by his (ultimately misguided) assumptions about what Yukino wanted, and his acting alone and never taking the time to seek out her true feelings on the election or their relationship and its context within the club backfires here.

      It’s an understatement to say that Yukino’s life in middle and high school has been predominantly defined by loneliness and isolation, both imposed by others and self-inflicted due to her own fears and distrust. In 8man especially and Yui as well, she was at least beginning to feel as though she found two individuals who at least could understand her as a human being.

      8man’s actions though, well-meaning, make her begin to question if this was ever really the case, if the deeper understand she thought they had was ultimately just another flimsy construction, something doomed to fall apart the minute they’re no longer forced to be in the club room together anymore. Just like her family life, the tensions within the club are shoved away out of sight, even as they eat everyone up inside, an unbearable position for everyone involved.

      In addition, Hachiman’s actions confirm in Yukino’s mind the biting statements made by Haruno in earlier episodes. She set out to do something her sister had never achieved of her own will, albeit maybe with a push from her sister, but ultimately someone else (Hachiman) picked took up the responsibility in her place and she was left once again on the margins. Yukino’s depressed state comes both from her reaching a nadir in terms of her feeling of impotence as well as her questioning if her only friends will vanish before long just like those that came before.

    • Sakifags confirmed for best bros.

      Joking aside, pretty good summary of Yukino. It’ll probably fall on deaf ears to a select group of people though.

      One of these days, I’m just going to go full autistic and write an essay on Yukino’s character. One day.

    • Sakifags confirmed for best bros.
      Joking aside, pretty good summary of Yukino. It’ll probably fall on deaf ears to a select group of people though.
      One of these days, I’m just going to go full autistic and write an essay on Yukino’s character. One day.

      Yeah, I suppose it’s unavoidable (with any show, novel etc) that there will be a subset of people who just want to hate a given character regardless of the flimsiness of their rationale, and as such it’s not worth paying much attention to or getting too bent out of shape over, but then that’s always much easier said than done with such abundant shitposting.

      In any case, you do what you can to stem it a little. A Yukino centric essay could be a nice send-off to the series once it’s wrapped up.

    • @Goat
      Yukino considers the Service Club superficial now. The very fact that she doesn’t just up and leave pretty much proves she doesn’t want to be hated.

      I don’t think I could’ve explained it that well, despite knowing exactly how Yukino feels.

      Yeah, that really is Hachiman’s fault. At the same time, I’m not sure if Yukino would’ve stated she wanted genuinity if Hachiman asked what she wanted. As Spyro said, she doesn’t lie; she doesn’t just tell the truth. On the other hand, communicating properly is easier said than done. You can’t just tell someone “THIS IS WHAT I WANT” and not expect to get hurt. That’s why you have to test the waters. And yeah, Hachiman managed to convince her that maybe this wasn’t genuine, that Yui and Hachiman just care about the club.

      And self-doubt combined with past experiences is a powerful thing. I know from experience. Haruno did say she hopes that what Yui said is true, that she’d never leave Yukino like everyone else did.

  35. Oh come on ladies and gentlemen… TAMANAWA is not that bad of a character… You can feel his SYNERGY flowing through his veins… Let’s not FORCE our JUDGEMENT to the young lad and his BRAINSTORMING capabilities… We need to use LOGICAL THINKING when we LOGICALLY THINK about these things… From how he does his HAND GESTURES we can come up with a CONCLUSION that he’s an AIRBENDER (probably the LAST) if you know what I mean 🙂

    • no..no..no, we should put ourselves in the CUSTOMERS place to see from the CUSTOMERS perspective so we’d be involving The COMUNITY that can FORCE people to believed our JUDGEMENT to this lad.if we only use LOGICAL THINKING wihout CUSTOMERS perspective we can’t reach a CONSENSUS and make A SOLID MANIFESTO (i don’t know what i’m talking about)

    • Family stuff. He also has an affluent family with responsibilities. He needs to be seen with his folks when they make social visits. It’s social but it is also political, that kind of thing. Social politics of well-to-do families.

  36. Does the student council need a minimum of 4 person to function? I wonder who they find for secretary chan if Yukino becomes president instead or they just push it to hachiman.

    Anyway like the small detail that hachiman continue to drink black coffee, will be waiting for the episode where he drinks max coffee again. Lastly no hachiman mom makes me sad.

    • Yep, his mom can’t fit in BUDGET and SCHEDULE of chardesigner since no illustration. May be WW says “let’s concentrate on really important things”.

  37. Finally they hit the right tempo. Nice Irohasu x 8man interactions, I waited for it. Also good NO-SENSE-BRAINSTORM.
    Can’t wait for Disneyland and train scenes.

  38. There is something that is bugging me for a while
    Why does Yukino accepted sagami request during cultural program?
    Hikigaya and Yui was convinced that they does not take these kinds of request but Yukinon accepted the request.
    what was the reason behind her action?

    • Man you guys are really mean I just want to know something and u guys can’t tell me name of post. Really not even one kind person remains now

    • We are not mean, it’s just thats a SIMPLE PROBLEM that with some INITIATIVE can be resolved by ourself faster than any aswer..

      “review/write-up of Episode 5”
      There is a blog post for each episode so far…
      All one has to do is read the post list… what’s so difficult?

      I would understand if it was a specific passage on a specific chapter on a specific volume of the novel, but Spyro’s posts are like 40 lines tops….
      That’s just laziness, in my opinion.

    • I can’t find one related to season one. There is only of various chapters and one indicating start of blog. Send me link please. I hope I am not troubling you

    • I was referring to Season Two.

      Actually, I think there’s more than one reason. Re-read this post about why Yukino wanted to become Student Council President.

    • So it looks like there’s a misunderstanding.

      @m0h: I sympathize with you since it seems some people are too lazy to find as easy as a post, but you have to be patient because you’re just leaving unnecessary comments that don’t help the situation (though to be fair, Rahul misunderstood so the problem was just going around in circles but you guys should have clarified what he meant in his question.)

      @Rahul: To be fair Rahul, you should have know looked up to see what episode 5 was about if you thought if there was a post review on season one’s episode 5, because it has nothing to do with the cultural festival, it focuses on Kawasaki. And I’m pretty sure the this site was created after season 1 ended so there’s no way there are any reviews on season 1. To help answer your question, look at this post page (as Yithar said) and figure out why Yukino wants to become Student Council President, then compare it to how Yukino decides to take Sagami’s request and take most of Sagami’s responsibilities during the committee planning. Use that to find the answer to your question because there’s a pattern in Yukino’s decisions (I hope that helps).

      All this confusion just resulted in more shitposting which is sort of ridiculous.

    • Sorry for troubling you guys and sorry if I offended I one(I guess I was not paying that much attention on comments)

      “So now to the line question, let’s start first with Yukino’s entire motivation behind running for president. We first learn about her running for position the day after they meet Haruno. Hachiman’s current assumption is that she’s only doing it because Haruno egged her on, which she adamantly denies and says that she’s doing it of her own accord. What we know about Yukino is that she doesn’t lie (she just doesn’t say the truth), but also that she’s very competitive especially in regards to her sister. Her logical jabs at Hachiman when he confronts her about her running for president for attempting to make a bad campaign speech also indicates to us that she does care about what he does and what it’ll do to him (being self-conscious enough to think everyone will care enough about him to hate him).”

      The pattern which I can see is:-
      1) Comparison or competition with Haruno
      2) A sense of distance between Yukinon and 8MAN

      The only reason I can find behind her action is that proving her sense of justice towards 8MAN
      But I don’t think that is the reason.
      So I can’t really get it. I give up I am not keen observant like u guys. Tell me

    • I think you should re-read this post and the review of Episode 5, because Spyro lists all of the reason Yukino ran for student council president,, and there’s a pattern to what Yukino does. I think the answer is simple if you think about what Yukino wants and how Yukino feels (think about all of the requests up until the cultural festival).

      Also re-reading your original question, Hikigaya and Yui were convinced that they weren’t going to take requests during the cultural festival because they would be busy with the festival. It’s not that they were convinced that they don’t take those kind of requests.

    • @Yithar: Well, I think for Hachiman he was convinced they also didn’t take those kind of requests. He did make a good point that Sagami was trying to rely on help from outside the committee’s attention so that she wouldn’t make any mistakes but he argues in his thoughts that in order for someone to grow they have to face and regret their mistakes otherwise they won’t have growth. (Though I guess in the Service Club they never really defined what kind of requests they do since its pretty much up to interpretation to what is considered “helping” like the newspaper request or Yukino doing Sagami’s work)

      @Rahul: I think you got the main points down. I can’t really provide a clear explanation, but use what Yukino said in volume 9 or episode 7 for this season (when she says she thought she understood everything and thought she could do anything), and I think the camp scene with the whole friendship reset, then you can make out what was going through Yukino’s head at that point when she accepted the request (And notice her tone when she defends her decision and believes she can sufficiently do the request by herself).

  39. Screw the idiots, haters, shitposters, etc. the light novel and anime are amazing and pretty much all the significant characters are respectable people in their own way; certainly the main three but also Iroha, Hayama, Saika, and others. It’s easy to sit on the side and judge people and hate on them for what they’re doing and how they act but a lot of people are just trying to enjoy their lives and protect what’s important to them, even if it’s just a fleeting, simple happiness.

    I don’t read the crap where people hate on/judge Yukinoshita so simply as being a emotionless/difficult/whatever character, but just knowing that people do that stuff in general pisses me off. Oregairu is so insightful, so deep, so relentless, relatable, full of emotions and things unsaid and things you want to hear. People who can’t appreciate the subtleties and just watch it for a simple slice of life/rom-com and then hate on aspects of it don’t really have my respect because that’s not what that is about, and people and things should be judged for what they are, not for what they aren’t and what you want them to be. If you’re not at least grasping the basic underlying themes, undertones, meanings of expressions and words, etc., then you probably shouldn’t be watching this, IMO.

    Sorry, I just really like Oregairu and needed to get that out a bit. Every time I watch an episode I get this sinking feeling in my heart. I really care for the characters… because they’re flawed, because they make so many mistakes, and a lot of the time I can’t say I wouldn’t make those same mistakes. I really hope things work out in the end. I’m so invested into this and nothing would make me happier but to see everyone with a genuine smile on their face once more… maybe then, I could have a genuine smile on my face too.

    • Rather than go on a rant, you could just ignore them or calmly refute any bias points. I like Oregairu as much as anyone, but its not necessary to go do this, it just leaves a bad taste within the comment section. Just leave your thoughts, reflections, and questions in the comments; we’re all fans of Oregairu here so there’s no need to remind us that some don’t like it (and even then there are some that might have valid points against the series so just leave them be).

    • I could, but I didn’t want to. I wanted to vent a bit. and it was more of a general vent: I haven’t even seen much in the way of specific comments about Oregairu because I’ve been avoiding it. but in general, I like when people judge people and things for what they are, not what they aren’t. that’s all.

      no offense but I don’t appreciate your somewhat condescending approach to me commenting about what I want to comment about. of course it wasn’t necessary of me. it’s not necessary to do most things. but I felt like it. also, it was the last line in the post that actually made me reflect on the topic of “shitposting” so yeah, it wasn’t random.

      anyway, I get if you’re trying to be mature and whatnot, but your post comes off as rather rude and irritating. I personally am not going to be butthurt over it, but there’s “no need” to go telling other people what to do or how to comment. If Excorsism doesn’t appreciate me ranting here, then they can kindly ask me not to and I won’t, but practically no one appreciates a random person telling them how to act, certainly not on the internet. Though I was a bit emotional at the moment, I don’t think I said anything particularly bad and I did it on an old blog post as to not attract much (if any) attention.

      technically you can say whatever you want too, but this is the expected outcome; you tell me to how to act, I tell you to leave me alone. I’m afraid no one is going to simply shut up or censor themselves because a stranger told them to. I appreciate what you’re trying to do (I get that ranting can be seen as negativity), but I think you’re going about it wrong, and again, due to the circumstances, you could’ve just ignored this; I don’t think many people will see me getting rid of some of my pent-up frustration, this is a pretty small corner of the internet.

      Thanks anyway though, and have a great day. =)

    • I wasn’t trying to be condescending so sorry about that, but it irks me when some people complain about the Oregairu haters. For any anime, there’s bound to be some haters and fighting them is just going to leave you exhausted, especially if you insult them. I’m not trying to be an enemy but what I love about Oregairu is how a lot of people enjoy discussing and making witty comments about the series, but when there’s mention of Oregairu haters, it just goes into unneeded hatred (I mean, if you love the series, shouldn’t you be trying to persuade them wrong or ignore their bias comments?). Yeah, its just my opinion, and on the internet there are some who need to vent out, but we’re all fans here, we don’t care who hates the show and if they do make unsupported claims we can just prove them wrong.

      So no hard feelings 😀 I just don’t like seeing Oregairu comments to also be about badmouthing Oregairu haters(there are actually some that make some good points so not all of them are bad)

    • Yeah, the bit about “there’s bound to be haters” is true: goes for pretty much anything in life. While Oregairu happened to be the subject of interest, I was sort of getting out some general hate, too… I can’t really explain it, but in general, it seems wherever I go, people criticize things a bit unfairly IMO. It’s not really your problem so I won’t get into detail, but for instance, someone complained that a game sucked because it didn’t have a romance, although it isn’t a romance game by any stretch of the means and has no obligation to have it. I’ve been seeing this sort of behavior–where people don’t try to grasp the intent of what X or Y is trying to do in the least before judging it.

      So just hearing that people were bitching about Oregairu was a catalyst of sorts that made me vent a bit. I usually hold it in, but I’m not perfect (though if I were actually mad and/or trying to insult people, I’d be cursing a lot, lol).

      Also, most people aren’t so reasonable that they will actually listen to logic or other people. Or other people’s logic. Certainly not that =P. It’s a fact of life, but it still irks me; in the grand scheme of things, you can’t make everyone “understand”. You’re lucky to make a few people understand. (Ha, reminds me of some of the underlying themes of Oregairu.) I think keeping it in too long is just bad because at least for me, if I don’t complain here and there, it’ll eat away at me from the inside, lol.

      tl;dr sorry if I bothered you, but I was pretty much just venting in general, more-so than about a specific topic. I find it nice that at least someone still has the time and patience to maturely respond to things and not get caught up in emotions, but I’ve given up on that approach: there’s always going to be some haters who hate it for stupid, illogical reasons and there’s nothing we can do about those people.

      If they’re going to hate it for actual reasons, then by all means, let them. It’s only my opinion that it’s amazing, it’s not a fact. I can’t think of any legitimate reasons why Oregairu sucks but I still acknowledge there might be some that I just haven’t thought of or don’t agree with, lol.

      Aaaanyway I’m done, I won’t “badmouth” haters here anymore lol. Sorry again for the trouble. I may participate in actual discussion here, but we’ll see. A lot of the people and comments here seem pretty silly. Take that how you will, I am a silly person too, not necessarily a bad thing. I do tend to enjoy deeper, more insightful discussion though. =P

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