Oregairu Zoku Episode 5

Zoku5_02The scent of tea no longer fills that room.


OP progression starting from episode 3. I’m expecting Yukino to be omitted for volume 9 in the OP until that scene.

Some notable changes:

Taishi is omitted in the Twitter discussion plan with everyone. They kind of went over everyone’s reactions when they thought Hachiman was going to do something similar to the Cultural Festival again.

Added scene of the Meguri in a comfy sweater, during the Sports Festival it looks like.

Preview is the title of volume 9, chapter 2. So, if they go at this pace, volume 9 will either take 4 episodes or 5. Bueno. Though that does make me curious what’ll they do with the last 2-3 episodes. I guess volume 10 is manageable, but it definitely will be weird, if not disjointed.

The important segment near the end was properly handled though, so I’m glad for that. Yui’s head rub (lewd) and Yukino’s whisper that gets Hachiman thinking he may have made a mistake.

Too lazy to write about the whole episode, so I’ll just talk about the one important line from Yukino in the episode.

Zoku5_01“I thought you could understand.”
“And here I was sure you’d understand.”
“I thought it was something you could understand.”
“I was sure it was clear.”

Starting with the above quotes, these are different varied translations of what she says. In the original line, she doesn’t point out a specific subject in particular and I assume this is intended on Watari’s part. Translating it into a natural English sentence is difficult without having to be explicit and that means throwing in a subject as Commie or I did in particular.

So now to the line question, let’s start first with Yukino’s entire motivation behind running for president. We first learn about her running for position the day after they meet Haruno. Hachiman’s current assumption is that she’s only doing it because Haruno egged her on, which she adamantly denies and says that she’s doing it of her own accord. What we know about Yukino is that she doesn’t lie (she just doesn’t say the truth), but also that she’s very competitive especially in regards to her sister. Her logical jabs at Hachiman when he confronts her about her running for president for attempting to make a bad campaign speech also indicates to us that she does care about what he does and what it’ll do to him (being self-conscious enough to think everyone will care enough about him to hate him).

Fast forward to where Hachiman realizes that there’s an alternative way to keep Yukino and Yui from running and that’s to make Iroha want to be the president. He’s successful in persuading her and confronts Yukino and Yui, telling them they have no problem or motivation to stay in the race. And then we get Yukino’s above quote.

So what is Yukino still upset with, or more accurately, disappointed in? It’s their relationship, that is, the relationship in the Service Club. As we know, Yukino hates superficiality. And we know Hachiman does as well, or supposedly. But in the same way he chose to protect Hayama’s group, he did the same with the Service Club. It’s clear that Hachiman and Yui are fixated on the Service Club. But Yukino certainly wasn’t the same way. She thought that perhaps, their relationship could continue beyond the bond of the Service Club (now superficial) and the perfect opportunity to test this was the student council election. It’s certainly likely Yukino wanted to run for presidency personally, but that wasn’t the only thing. She wanted to see if their relationship wasn’t bound by something as superficial as a title, the Service Club. This is where Hachiman gets it wrong. And this is where Yukino gets disappointed. Not just in him, but also in Yui. She wanted to see if their relationship was genuine. She wanted something genuine. Keyword that will be incredibly important in the next few episodes. She had expectations of both of them, that they also felt the same way, and thus would understand what it is that she was trying to do. But they were too blindsided by the idea of the Service Club which is more or less the root of the problem for Yukino. So at this point, Yukino gave up hence her lukewarm reaction at the very end.

So to sum it all up, Yukino wanted Hachiman to understand her in the same way Komachi understands him; the sour grape.

I’ll update this more later, just writing random thoughts out.


253 thoughts on “Oregairu Zoku Episode 5

  1. So volume 9 will truly be the meat of this season. Really excited since it’s my favorite volume. Volume 10 is a close second so I kinda wish they had more episodes to work with.

  2. medium speed compare to previous rush up episode, Isshiki rejection of Hachiman is really funny guess this gonna be

    • Poor guy, but he should have expected that from the 8man. If you want to hang out with Komachi, you have to go against her brother!!!

    • I don’t see that as a problem. I used to recycle my clothes all the time every week when I was in highschool, and I still do it now that I am in university.

    • Ah, never mind, after re-reading what you wrote I got what you were saying. Perhaps that sweater is really popular…
      Another thing to notice is that she is wearing the same model skirt as Haruno in episode 3. On purpose? As in she is wearing two pieces of clothes from the two sisters…

  3. hayato say this on volume 10 “I absolutely can’t stand it when I feel inferior to you. That’s why I want you to be my equal. That’s why I want to raise you up high, and that just might be it, all so I can accept the things I lose to you in.”
    1. my question is why did he feel inferior to hatchiman?
    2. are they to competing to each other?to what? maybe they love with the same person initial to letter Y perhaps

    • it’s part of that, he feels he can’t have his relationship from back then with yukinoshita (the all bullying in the past) and maybe that h8 gets results that he can’t get (because he can’t move out of his comfort zone)

    • I recommend looking back at the achievements that Hachiman has compared to Hayama, that’ll help in answering why Hayama feels inferior to Hachiman (also look at what Hachiman has which Hayama doesn’t in terms of being closer to “genuine”). For your second question, that’s left up to interpretation (though I hope Hayama actually likes Haruno instead, it would be interesting to see in terms of story and plot twist)

    • hmm… it’s funny, what I don’t understand in that sentence are phrase “be my equal”, “raise you up high”. Do anyone know about that?

    • Because Hachiman is pretty low in rank when most people look at him. He’s like a bug, no one expects anything of him but to die! And yet he solves all these problems that the shining golden child Hayama can’t. So when people talk bad about Hachiman, who is superior to Hayama in the things he feels really matter (like helping friends, being able to be honest, saying fuck off to all expectations placed on him) it’s like Hayama is being insulted too.

  4. Meguri in the sweater is just her imagining what it would e like if the service club members would have become the new StuCo

  5. What is yukino words mean “And hear i was sure you’d understand”
    What was she implying before she leaves to meet Shizuka?

    • yukino is pissed once again. I believe she was imagining something similar to meguri meaning that nothing would have changed at all, just the service club changing rooms pretty much. what 8man did in this episode was save the service club because of similar reasons as hayama who wanted to keep the status quo in his group of friends which 8man and yukino thought was just fake. yukino being president might have ended service club but not their mutual friendship. this entire arc was just about the concept of superficiality, what is fake and what is not. 8man relized it all to late after the talk with merguri, hence the monologue at the end.

    • hachiman thought yukino is running the election because of the request and stops her. however yukino, honestly, wanted to be stuco president
      that is why she said it and went alone. that is also the reason why ‘the scent of tea no longer fills that room’ , because yukino is sad .
      source : light novel

    • I think it is kinda ‘simple’. Because what yukino hates is how 8man hurts himself to save someone or something. And yukino knew that his twitter method to save the place where they belong now runs a heavy risk to hurt 8man himself. And, yes, once again 8man betrayed her expectation. So, I think you’d be able to imagine why she said that. Well, this is just my hypothesis, as watari is an unpredictable fellow. 🙂

    • I read LN but really can’t understand why Yukinon says so. But one thing is clear Yui knew Hikigaya method

      @modafoe I don’t think she had the same reason as Megure cause that should mean Yui taking part at election and winning as Vice prez but Yukinon does not wanted Yui to take part in election

      @GaGaGa Idon’t think Yukinn knew the method of 8MaN

      I think the reason is something else something deep which I can’tunderstand.

      Anyone know it? Here’s the line from Ln(It is little longer than anime) to help in understanding
      “Yukinoshita looked far into the distance outside the window.

      “I guess that’s how it is…”

      I looked in the same direction as she did, but what I saw was the same, unchanging scenery. The waning sun and the transparent sky. Only the lonely dropping of leaves from the shaking trees were there.


      With a short answer, Yukinoshita silently looked away, closing her eyes as if falling into a slumber.

      “I was sure it was something you could understand…”

      Her voice wasn’t aimed at any one. That’s why, her voice sounded empty.

      Those words caused turbulence in my heart.”

      Can anyone help me? 🙂

  6. If Yukino did run as president, wouldn’t that mean that she can get the service club to take over the Student Council(if not I’m pretty sure Yui can win as the vice easily anyway and they can just assign Hikkigaya as general affairs)? That would have been awesome if I was student there and that happened… I think. I can’t wait till Hikkigaya stops using other people’s reasons and requests as an excuse for doing what he does. The kid needs to realize if he wants to become the god of the new world, he’s gonna need to do what he wants.

    • I don’t think the Service Club would like that scenario…. They long something genuine, i don’t think that being in the Student Council would grant them “genuine” reletionships with the rest of the school…

    • The concept of finding that genuine thing only occurred after the StuCo crisis. Having Yukino as the president could also mean that she would act differently towards Hikkigaya and Yuigahama, which would lead to many scenarios and possibly that genuine. Also the Student Council is just like the service club, the only difference is it is more macro and ensuring students are satisfied(or mediocre). Also I don’t recall anything concerning the need to sacrifice your genuine relationships when you work in the StuCo, they’re highscoolers not politcians and even politicians dont’ go robot on each other.

    • Don’t take me wrong, i’d liked it too if the Service Club changed in Student Council…
      Thou, it doesn’t seem fitting to me… I have the feeling that the Student Council is the very antithesis of genuine and the very incarnation of superficiality…

      i think wanting something genuine it’s always been implicit. At least about Service Club’s relationships.
      I think that Hiratsuka-sensei simply wanted to create a place where introvert and difficult people could confront themselves and build something.
      Hachiman, Yui and Yukino were enjoying their friendship even if they were not aware it was it.
      They were already experiencing a little taste of genuine feelings, even if in little gestures.
      Being able to express the feeling of genuine things is the very proof of a growing friendship…

    • Yo Reader san Answering your querry that why does 8Man does not want anyone to interfere in his life. I have thought the reason why he did so but was not able to form the words to express my opinion ( like I said in my previous comment you read it right? If not then what are you doing? please do so 😥 😦 ). But after reading chapter 7 volume 8 I got it here are some quotes from 8Man.

      “People should only approach those who they could reach or those who supported them.
      If you tried to cross beyond the boundary to rely on them, both of you would meet your end. For instance, it was similar to asking a friend who you had a transparent relationship with to be your cosigner for a loan.
      With that reason, the range of whom I could rely on was incredibly narrow.
      As long you couldn’t properly be someone’s support, then you couldn’t afford to ask for support yourself.
      If we both met our end together, then I would be trampling on the kindness of the person who extended out their hand to me. I’d be trampling on the trust of the person who relied on me.
      Living life without being a bother to others was the creed of loners. Not being the extra baggage of others was their pride. Therefore, the things that I normally could do were my pride.

      That’s why, I wouldn’t rely on anyone and I wouldn’t let anyone rely on me.”

      I think now you will get the answer nopes after reading all yor comments till now I am 10000000000 percent sure you will get what I am trying to see. Because your ability to read between the lines and understand about the character of people just by reading few actions of them is really high.
      By the way in this volume 8Man does rely on zaimakuza and let him trample or come in his zone. Well he also gave a reason that is

      “But still, Zaimokuza, huh… Up until now, there was absolutely no trace of him in my memories, but if it was him, then I might be able to rely on him.
      If it’s him, then…
      Right. If it’s him, then it wouldn’t make my heart ache at all even if I was a burden on him. I didn’t even need to consider whether he was taking any damage or not because he was already taking fatal damage. He was a man who lived on, unable to take anything back. In another meaning, he was an existence closest to mine”

      P.S:- Sorry if I screwed your post but I can’t think of any better place to comment then here.

    • “If i fail, i don’t want to drag down with me the person that had faith in me” <– Hachiman’s kindness really pours out of his words.
      “Zaimokusa doesn’t count, cause he doesn’t have a good reputation, so even i sink, he would get no damage whatsoever”.

      This is the pratical readings of Hachiman’s thoughts in “i’m a kind person” language.

    • @m0H Ah c’mon man, working in politics ain’t that bad right? Ok maybe it is a little… or maybe even more than what I am saying; and I guess they would have become more rational than open-minded if they ended up as the StuCo heads(Which would mean a lower chance of romance ;_;). And yeah there have been hints of that genuine things, but they weren’t open about it to each other so it wasn’t acknowledged officially yet, so it’s still that club duty guiding them and not their own selfishness. >:) Also it’s always fun to see Hikkigaya regret his actions and limits likewise with the girls. Proves that these characters appear more realistic than most of the anime people watch, and I like realism :).

      Also, anybody noticed how beautiful Haruno got? I want to get destroyed by her too(You’ll never find a person like that in real life)… 😦

      Woah @Rahul! No need to go ambushing people like that. And I think we already get the idea from the LNs and anime is to never trust so much in what one person says. It’s kinda like propaganda, flashing only the good sides and the minimal losses that you may get. With the Zaimokuza thing it was because Hikkigaya’s style is changing(His actions and sayings I said before were vol 1 to early vol 8.). Also what is the -san for?

      P.S. You probably think too highly of me but… I’m not much of nice guy as you think me to be. :/

    • @reader while it will be interesting if they become student council, unfortunately at that time they will crumbled because yukino and hachiman still on cold war. The worst is they only become a teammate but not friends hahaha, unless shizuka sensei lecturing them again

    • @Reader Ambush?????? When did I attacked you??????
      What I meant to tell you was that 8Man does not let anybody help him because he thinks less of him and don’t want to bea burden on anyone

      Yep I think really highly of you.I know I am the wrong one here to give you a image. But can’t do anything about it!!!!! 🙂

    • I wouldn’t say a cold war @Marquis, it’s more of a New World Order where Hikkigaya’s idea is shown to be more effective. Kinda like how democracy is the good and the rest are bad or inefficient. They’ve moved from the phase of open disagreement to the one world ideology(meaning while different ideas linger, Hikkigaya-related stuff are somewhat a better pick in that world.) Yukinoshita is the Soviets in this story, she lost to good ol “Eagleman” Hikkigaya. Now ol Eagleman has to manage the UN(Iroha) and ensure peace and love against the aliens(Mr Katakana)?

    • @Reader
      Uhm, politics is bad. I’m italian so i know what i’m talking about , lol. It’s usually a receptacle of liars and criminals.
      I also don’t think that the student council would help Hachiman and Yukino at being themselves… Both of them have a facade persona that everyone in the school acknowledge and nobody sees over that.
      Yukino’s desire is to change the world, to remove any masks and all the ill intents toward people who work hard by being alone.
      At the same time, being the Kaicho would put her in a spot where she need to meet expectations, like Hayama. Not exactly the definition of “removing masks”, instead it looks like the very opposite, “being stuck with a mask forever”.
      Same thing with Hachiman, he doesn’t love masks cause he can read behind words.

      Basically, it’s like throwing two bunny in a tiger’s lair, the position would eat their soul.

    • hahaha that’s why i called it a cold war @reader, while yukino in position of president she will be forced to admit hikigaya method at least more effective in real work environment more than yukino method, imagine how stressed she will be.

    • @m0h the people today who manage your government are the cause of your belief that it is bad… They do have the power to lead you but no rights whatsoever to engage in corruption. So politics isn’t bad, it’s just a word with a meaning; Politicians however are a different story: they can be open or secretive.

      @Marquis, she could get stressed about it but she’s a tough gal I’m sure she can manage. Also if she did win the election, she would’ve moved the club to the StuCo(I mean they are still friends, not just clubmates right?). If Hikkigaya failed stopping them, it would’ve let Yukinoshita get the chance to show that her methods is still effective. Also I’m kind of sad you regard Yukino’s style as ineffective and inefficient, in a moral point of view her methods are pretty positive for society and the individual whereas Hikkigaya’s is just one of the two only.

    • @reader hmm… yes i agree from moral point of view it’s ideal more or less,but At least at vol 6-8 it was herself that can’t keep up with her ideal, she rebuked hachiman that people have to change etc but at sagami case she shut herself and become a corporate slave, it way to different than moral point of view.

      The ironic thing is she really need another people that have a strong suit at execution and communication(pointing at hachiman and yui hahaha) because she lack at both and when they become a student council with their problem still at the backburner she will hardly efficient at work like in sagami case.

      oh and while they still friends but they would be the same like hayama cs, awkward all the way i think.

      wow your english is so good man

    • Whoops didn’t see you comment there @Rahul O_o… as for Hikkigaya thinking himself as something low, I agree with you. What I wanted to point out is that he helps people even if the one helped didn’t want it, and the same thing happened to him when Hayato tries to do his style: Hikkigaya didn’t want it. Everybody wants to be seen independent, so if we view him as a Courtier of the 48 Laws(A man of masks and deceit who only seeks his goals) I’d say he is one of the high courtiers(Which is a bad person in the world of black and white, but necessarily an evil person in real life) like Bismarck, Voltaire, Lenin and other intellectuals.

    • @Marquis I wouldn’t say Yukino would end up like Sagami. She wasn’t necessarily pissed doing her job, she took the job to cool off from what happened in Vol.5(Basically the awkwardness of the club). And when it comes to StuCo work, no one does it better in the club than Yukinoshita. She was bred to become the best of society after all, I advice caution… she holds grudges man O_O Imagine if you met someone like that and ended up insulting them… Trust me buddy, you wouldn’t want to play every rule in a book just to fix a mistake done to her :/

    • @Reader Yep I also don’t think she would turn like Sagami the bitch like no way she could
      Also after reading volume 8 I think you are right in the point that he helps other even if they don’t want help but I think that is a good thing instead of bad

    • @Reader Oh there is something I don’t think Yukinon would have turned service club to student council because for that yui would have to run in election for vice prez and Yukinon does not wanted that

    • @rahul kumar: hmm i don’t mean yukino turned into sagami, but turned her method. On sagami case she just working and working and let other member dump their work despite what she said about teaching people the right way.

  7. First of all 8Man laughing at start was really good scene, he looked really happy
    zaimokuza really cares for 8Man good to hera
    Man the episode was great another great win by 8Man

  8. Man… they killed the secretive lovey dovey feels between Kawasaki and Hachiman… I’m so sad right now T-T
    Welp time to reread volume 8 to relive them feels 😀

  9. “I’m expecting Yukino to be omitted for volume 9 in the OP until that scene.”
    Ugh, I don’t know if it is better that I do not know what will happen or not. I haven’t read the light novels yet (>.<)!

  10. I hope watari write a side story of hachiman and komachi when they’re still a child and the story narrated by komachi, i think it will be awesome to see a monolouge of komachi seeing her twisted brother everyday.

  11. I find Iroha’s rejection lines for Hachiman a bit lackluster… And that is the part i liked in the LN’s on Iroha x 8man moments… T_T
    Also, i am really disappointed to what season 1 did to the 8man x Saki moments, they omitted alot, now their interaction in zoku is….. Hah….. -_-

    • Maybe her frustrated reaction in the rejection lines ( so fast! ) is how she really sound like in the novel.
      It makes even more sense, to me. It just shows how Irohasu is taking hits – right in the KOKORO – by Hachiman..

      I like how Iroha sees Hachiman good points in what he says and interprets them as love attacks… for her to get this frustrated by them really is cute.. 😀

  12. I got a feeling about the last 2 -3 episode if volume 10 did include in this season I think people will fine thing all to understand (Non- LN reader).

  13. I have a little doubt in volume 8 Chapter 7 Part 2 Hikigaya says

    “I managed to get a hold of a reason and the problem.

    I still didn’t understand what Yukinoshita’s intent was. That’s why I wasn’t able to say anything up until now.

    And I wasn’t convinced of Yuigahama’s method. But I could understand it. Because it resembled how I did things.

    At some point, my way of doing things wasn’t akin to self-sacrifice. There wasn’t anything mistaken about it.

    I dealt out the hand that was limited in number, aimed for efficiency, and did my best. As a result, something was definitely gained.

    That’s why, subjectively, I could say it was perfect from my view.

    But if an objective alternative existed, then that perfection would crumble to pieces.

    Even in the stares of pity and sympathy reflected clichéd narcissism. Pity and sympathy were emotions that looked down on others. Self-pity was the act of humiliating yourself. Both were despicable and completely ugly acts.

    But there definitely existed something more objective beyond pity and sympathy.

    When it was vividly dangled before my eyes, it was the first time I became aware of it.

    I just didn’t want anyone to be hurt.

    That feeling was something different from pity and sympathy.

    That’s why, I definitely wouldn’t call her actions self-sacrifice and I definitely wouldn’t let anyone call it that.

    In order to keep Yukinoshita Yukino and Yuigahama Yui from becoming the student council president.

    What is it that Hikigaya Hachiman can do?”

    “That’s why, I definitely wouldn’t call her actions self-sacrifice and I definitely wouldn’t let anyone call it that”- Who is her here Yukinon, Yui or Komachi?

  14. <

    blockquote cite=”“Times like those are when you can consult with Hayama. If you want, you can get him to help you too. He’ll basically be attending to you for the whole year. You could even talk to him over lunch after club or something and even have him send you home too.””>

    and gues who ends up getting asked to do all that

    • except that haciman said that as a bargaining chip because she likes hayama.

      The hints are all there, slyshiki is slyshiki for a reason.

  15. Damn, no scene:

    When I did, Isshiki called out with a mushy voice.

    This had to be that. That pattern where I would turn around because I thought I was the one being called, but when in reality, it was another senpai instead.

    As I thought that, I disregarded her voice and when I began to walk again, the sound of tapping footsteps came from behind. When I turned around, Isshiki was coming after me. She pouted with a sullen look.

    “Why are you ignoring mee?”

    I really missed it.

  16. am i the only who wanted the scene where hachiman complains about ‘that thing’ being there. ?

  17. What is a dark hero or dark knight? This question was really bugging me for a while. So I googled it. Now’s here the defination which I founded
    of dark hero or dark knight

    1) A dark hero is a person who is identified as very human. This person may have good intentions but has flaws of human nature (drug addictions, lust, etc.) or commits acts as to an extreme. Take for instance: A person who kills evil men that are murderers.
    A dark hero could also be a true hero that is a good person but is seen as dark in ignorance such as batman.

    2)A dark hero would be someone who throughout the novel or series, the character is a bully, or pretends not to help the protagonist, or the main character in the book. But in the end, they end up to be the good guy and saving everyone, but doesn’t exactly get the credit for it. But the reader knows that they are the hero because if it wasn’t for them, the protagonist wouldn’t have succeeded in the book or series. This is also known as the “unsung hero”, because the dark hero doesn’t get the credit for what he had done that was good or of help.
    Hope this helped and answered what you had in mind

    Now why Batman is known as a dark hero, but is he a one? Sure he sacrifices himself for prevailing justice but everyone in movie or comics think that he is a villian . But what about us audience we know that he is a good guy, and the ones he is beating are bad. For us there is no difference between batman, superman, or ironman. They all beat goons

    Now think about Hikigaya 8Man everyone in the anime hates him while he sacrifices himself for otherr this is just like in the case of batman but unlike batman he is also hated by us. There are many people who hate his way of doing things and his ideals then one who loves.you can check out MAL you guys will know. Be it either our weakness to notable to completely understand his actions or one of the Magic of Wataru sensei.

    So there are many people who think comparing Hikigaya 8Man with batman is wrong.
    Well it could be true cause I guess batman is not a Dark knight for us but for those who live in the woldof batman.

    But 8MAN is really a dark knight

    • Usually Dark Heroes are heroes who do good, but their methods are sometimes “extreme” and not really correct and rightful..
      They are totally the definition of “A sacrifice for a greater good”.

    • I forgot.
      In D&D hurting bad people is considered “a good action”, and “healing a bad guy” is considered an “evil action”.
      Cause Good and Evil are DETERMINED AND DISTINCT. Almost boolean, if we can say so.
      In the real world, the distinction is not so defined.

      This discussion about the whole concept of GOOD and EVIL is still alive and kicking.
      It all comes down to what someone thinks if an action is acceptable or not.

    • That’s the thing, each character here is so deep and complicated that you have trouble defining them as a simple role.

  18. What was Yui thinking when she reached for her phone and said “Campaign acct? … That’s a relief” tnx

    • Yui knows the trick behind it because she’s a social person? Active on social network n stuff and she’s always on d phone browsing when in club.

      Probably thats why she said you did something good which no one can see

      But i kinda hate it that theytook out hachiman monologue. That’s what makes the storyline more alive and understandable – his pov in things

    • Yep I agree they should have included Hachiman monologue not only it would have stirred emotions on viewers ( it was really sad and depressing man) it would have helped in giving light to different personality of 8MAN (he also has regrets)

    • Yui touched the phone.. she probably read the spam that Hachiman was doing and probably realizing what he pratically did at the end.
      “I know Hikki can’t change his methods so easly” is pretty much indicating that Yui knew the bad trick Hachiman used.
      Her eyes are also telling us that she knew that this method too is pretty low, but at least Hikki didn’t damage itself.
      Hence, the relief and the acceptance.

  19. They made Yukinons wish to be Student Council president more explicit in the anime me thinks. Still very well adapted.

    • They will definitely be doing 10. I think 9/10 might only be 3 episodes each and you’ll get the Christmas stuff from 6.5 in an episode and maybe some 10.5 in episode 13.

    • i dont know volume 9 is a really important volume, it resolves quite a lot of things, an 6.5 shows the them trying to adjust to each other after all the arkwardness so they might slow it down. while i do think 6.5 will get an ep volume 9 might span at least 4 ep. unless they did say they are going to adapt 10 for sure

    • what, 6.5 takes place after volume 9. you sure?? you sure? cause it was said that volume 6.5 has sports festival which is finished by volume 7

      plus the numbering. it is 6.5 so it must have occured between 6 and 7. i know for a fact that .5 volumes are not numbered for order of publishing.

    • Yup, it takes place after volume 9 and they all are having a Christmas party, u should go read it.

  20. There is something I don’t understand in this episode.

    With a short answer, Yukinoshita quietly looked away and closed her eyes as if she was sleeping.

    “I thought it was something that was understood…”

    Yukinoshita’s voice wasn’t aimed at anyone. That’s why somewhere in that voice was an empty resonance to it.

    Those words caused turbulence in my heart.

    And Commie’s version of Yukinon’ sentence is : “And here I was sure you’d understand.”
    Is is mistranslated or what?

    • If you look at the chapter again, I changed the line. That said, it’s not a particularly wrong translation. The line itself doesn’t have a subject in the original, but the gist of it is, she was expecting someone (number of people is ambiguous) to understand what it is that she was trying to do.

    • I actually like that initial translation, even if stylistically it’s a bit rough and doesn’t sound that great in English. Wrong or right, I think that translation better evokes the feeling of the scene and the oblique way they (try to) communicate with each other.

      That oblique communication style is something the anime translations have been less adept at conveying, though one could argue that’s more than made up for by the ability to visually portray body language.

    • Point taken, I’m still thinking of a way to make the line sound good without having a subject in it but retaining its ambiguity.

    • I don’t think there’s a way to make it sound more natural. In English you’d say, “I thought you/you two would understand.” It sounds stiff because of the passive. I think Commie’s version is a bit wrong, because it’s implying that she’s talking specifically to Hachiman, but that’s not exactly the case.

  21. So what is it that she wanted to be understood? Her being as student council president and still can do service club or her way solving Iroha’s request without Hikki’s sacrifice?

    btw, thanks for explaining to me.

    • My interpretation was that she thought they (Hachiman, Yui) understood that she was running for student council president because she wanted to be student council president. Why exactly she wanted to be student council president is less clear.

    • @Clion you should back read from the top (it’s not that tiring) — a strong answer is located there that I as with answers find highly acceptable

  22. “For instance, only for instance, by any chance,
    if you can go back to scene before the save data and
    selected other choice will life have changed?”
    The answer is “No”.
    -Hikigaya Hachiman, Volume 8 Chapter 9

    At least they never forgot one of his famous Light Novel monologues.

    Just for dun ——> Hachiman’s evolutionary state of personality : Philosopher —-> Teacher —-> Gigolo (soon 🙂 ) ?

    • Ironically you misquoted the monologue lol

      With how Studio Feel has been adapting the series, we can always be ensured that they’ll keep the most famous monologues, especially the ones that mark the end of the volume. 😀

      P.S. What does the “dun” stand for, is that onomatopoeia? Also in my opinion, I would exchange teacher with wanderer, since he didn’t really teach anyone but in volume 8-9 was going through a phase in which he was reevaluating himself and was lost to how to save the Service Club until he finally asked for help from others.

    • @Fawkey: Ah, that makes sense, thx. It never really clicked in my head because I thought he was trying to make a laughing sound, lol

  23. anybody else noticed that on episode 5’s opening when yui and yukino walked apart from each other, they added benches on the background?

  24. I read the LN, and for whatever reason it is, I am pretty sad that 8man doesn’t really believe that making Iroha the student council president is the very right move there. Yukino might want to become student council president for whatever reason (because she really wants to become the student council president or may be because she wants to promote service club to student council or the reason might even be nobler than these), but that doesn’t mean Yukino wanting to become student council genuine even if she is made to think (or she herself thinks) that it is genuine.

    The hard part about “being genuine” is that it is so subjective that everyone may vouch one example and it will still count “being genuine” and “superficial” at the same time. What if I want to GENUINELY have something superficial? What if I want to SUPERFICIALLY have something genuine? And well, no one can prove it other than yourself if you want to GENUINELY have something genuine (or SUPERFICIALLY have something superficial).

    The characters(everyone, I mean, everyone important characters) in this series needs to just believe in what they choose, superficial or genuine, until the end. Emiya Shirou is annoying, but at least he believes what he chooses (until he died at least).

    But then again, as I said before, I think the writer is just writing something about idealism from his own experience, so………damn, I wrote too much for this show! Damn you 8man and yukino!!!

    • Not quite sure what you mean in the second paragraph. I do agree that for something to be called “genuine” is subjective, but at the same time you can’t really “superficially have something genuine”, that’s an oxymoron and it makes no sense, its either real or fake and if you’re able to see the difference to what is fake/shallow or if its actually real/meaningful. Although I’m being a little pedantic, its also not good to just believe in what you choose, regardless if its superficial or genuine because you’re just going to confuse your own virtues and sometimes you won’t be able to change. I think people like Hachiman and Yukino or even Hayama show that certain kinds of people are striving for something, but its not always for the best reasons. Even if you believe in your decision, its doesn’t always mean its the right decision; you have to be able to give a little leeway and realize if your own ideals are incomplete or flawed, then how about your decisions and relationships?

      Your first paragraph is also sort of perplexing because I don’t think “genuine” relates to why Yukino wanted to become Student Council President. It was not about promoting the Service Club or anything like that, she was doing it because of possible factors like fighting against Hachiman’s methods, to resolve the request, and even some stubbornness when Haruno said Yukino was pushing off the work to others like their mom which sort of goes against her ideals and so she wanted to prove her wrong. In a way, Yukino wanted to become Student Council President, but she’s doing it for the wrong reasons and trying so hard to follow her own ideals, she doesn’t quite see how she doing something similar like Hachiman’s plans.(The “genuine” factor would mostly apply to their relationships since it lines up well with Hayama and Hachiman’s parallelism)

      P.S Going off topic (and possibly going into a tangency), but Emiya Shiro (Going by Unlimited Blade Works route of FSW) is flawed himself because even when he believes in what he chooses, he also did it for the wrong reasons, thinking he had to atone for not saving the people during Holy Grail incident, but showing his sense of selflessness is warped because he had no regard for caring about his own welfare. Rin also points out that if he doesn’t live for himself while helping people, he’s no better than a machine (and stomping on Kiritsugu’s effort to save him in the first place). So back to your second paragraph, sticking to your decisions is great initially, but you have to think if you’re doing it for the right reasons or if you’re lying to yourself superficially.

    • Hachiman is unsure because of what Yukino said. If you read the post I linked there are two reasons why Yukino ran for president. She wanted to make the sacrifice this time, and she wanted to ascertain the genuinity of their relationships. I would say her desire to protect Hachiman is genuine. The problem with the decision to make Iroha president is that there was a lie. He deceived Yukinoshita in a way and made Yukinoshita think that Hachiman thought that it was a deceptive relationship where he had to do such things. And thus she believes that Hachiman doesn’t desire genuinity. It would’ve been the right move if Iroha could garner the needed support on her own.

      I do agree that it’s subjective such as the difference between what Hachiman and Hayama thought about Hayma’s clique. That doesn’t really make sense. Superficially want something genuine? You shallowly want something deep? That’s an oxymoron.

    • @Yithar: I kind of also like to think she was too stubborn; she’s always been the kind of person to do things by the book and go for the result that doesn’t rely on deception or even sacrificing your ideals. I think I agree with you that she wants to make the sacrifice but I also like to think that because she’s so dedicated to her values, she becomes too independent and tenacious that she doesn’t see she shares a weakness with Hachiman: that they’re both underestimating their relationships in the Service Club, and not using each other’s help. I like how you said Yukino was going for Student Council President, “to ascertain the genuinity of their relationships”, I never really thought of it that way but it clicks well with what Yukino said in the end of the arc. But on the other hand, in volume 9 when Yukino exclaims that she doesn’t understand, after Hachiman says he wants something genuine, wouldn’t it hint that she never thought that was what Hachiman wanted, to have something genuine? Couldn’t it be that Yukino actually only wanted to see if Hachiman could understand her feelings, her perspective, and also understand that hurting himself wasn’t her only issue, it was how he just approach the problems with temporary solutions. In my mind, I feel she never really considered Hachiman wanted something genuine because she didn’t understand/know him enough, she only focused on his methodology and ironically not his feelings (which volume 9 makes that connection between Yukino, Yuigahama, and Hachiman).

      P.S. Virtuously, it would be better if Isshiki got the support on her own, but in reality, she wouldn’t be able to get enough support in time. Isshiki’s request was one of the Service Club’s hardest request to fufill because whether Yukino/Yuigahama became Student Council President or Hachiman used his deception, there would no best answer because each one had to give something up in order to complete the request; though because Hachiman was able to finish the request the Service Club was eventually able to reconcile so there’s that high-risk/high-gain.

      (I actually just realized after reading volume 10.5 chapter 3, that even if Yukino won the election it could potentially jeopardize the Service Club because even if they could see each other again, it wouldn’t be in the Service Club room, it would be the Student Council, and it just wouldn’t be the same symbolically.)

    • @dualash7

      I agree that she’s too stubborn and too independent and that’s why she doesn’t ask Hachiman for help. Although I haven’t read Volume 9 yet, I do think it could be that she never thought Hachiman wanted genuinity but there’s another possibility. In this arc Yukino was led to believe Hachiman doesn’t desire genuinity because he protected the service club. If Yukino became student council president, all 3 of them would still be together. Thus in her eyes he valued the superficial service club rather than their genuine relationships. It’s definitely possible that Yukino just wanted Hachiman to understand her feelings, perspective, etc. However, Hachiman’s solution this time was less temporary and didn’t hurt himself. So if that was the case she shouldn’t be so disappointed. I think it’s a given either way that Yukino wanted Hachiman to understand how she felt. See, Yukino thought Hachiman hated superficiality. So it would be natural to think that he might want genuinity. That being said, we don’t actually see what Yukino’s thinking.

      I agree. There’s pretty much a downside to each method.

      Well their relationships would still be pretty much intact. As Hachiman said if he could load a save and make a different choice, his life wouldn’t have changed.

    • @Yithar:: Yeah, I wish we kind of knew what Yukino was thinking, but at least we can deduce to some of the possible reasons why she became Student Council President. But “wanting something genuine” was brought up in volume 9, and with Yukino’s reaction in that scene, it felt like it showed Yukino’s weakness: that she doesn’t know Hachiman (and maybe even Yuigahama) well enough to understand them, thus she never understood why Hachiman used those methods (since they are not the best methods, but they do have the best intentions). Of course its just an interpretation and it makes sense that Yukino would think Hachiman wanted something genuine if he hated superficiality(I really wish we knew what she was thinking at the time since ever since she showed she didn’t know Hachiman well enough, it showed another layer to their relationship). I think I said it in another post (or maybe the one up above XD), but despite how Hachiman’s method had no backlash towards himself, it wasn’t Yukino’s main problem with the method, it was the approach and it was using deception to finish the request.

      P.S What do you think about that scene after Yuigahama’s outing with Hachiman (volume 5), where Hachiman’s monologue states that even Yukino tells lies? It could also support that its a part of her weakness, that even if she hates superficiality, her lie of omission shows some flaw in her thinking? Just something to think about since Yukino is a really interesting character.

    • @dualash7
      Looking at that scene, I think you’re right that Yukino doesn’t really understand what Hachiman wants. It’s not too much of surprise considering what she admired/liked was Hachiman’s shell. Even though she didn’t really know Hachiman, she knew how his shell operated so her not knowing Hachiman doesn’t necessarily mean she couldn’t have come to the conclusion that Hachiman wanted genuinity. Yeah, it was the deception definitely, but I feel it ties into the whole genunity that Yukino wants. I’m kind of biased due to my personal experience. I think the sequence of actions went like this. Yukino was led to believe Hachiman wanted genuinity/disliked superficiality. He betrayed her expectations with the fake confession and with the campaign speech idea. So she tried to test whether he really wanted genuinity. And he failed the test so she didn’t think he wanted genuinity. I think it generally follows that when a friend betrays the expectations that they led you to believe with their words, you’re going to try to see if they really care.

      Well it really depends on Yukino’s intention. A lie is a false statement with intent to deceive. From Yukino’s perspective, she didn’t know Hachiman and thus she didn’t lie. I think it’s true to an extent. She probably didn’t even know his name. It’s not like they exchanged greetings or something at the accident. So I see it as different from Komachi knowing Yui. I wouldn’t call bumping into someone knowing someone.

    • @dualash7 Yukinoshita as surprised after hearing from Hikigaya that he want genuine relationship because
      1) She can’t understand why he kept helped something superficial when he wanted genuine
      2)She can’t understand why 8MAN uses self destructory method when he wanted something genuine
      3) She can’t believe Hachiman wanted something genuine

    • @Rahul Kumar
      A self-destructive method can be genuine, like with how Yukino ran for student council president. She wanted to protect Hachiman from hurting himself, but she ended up making the sacrifice this time. The opposite of real/genuine/deep is fake/superficial/shallow, not self-destructive.

    • @Rahul: Yeah I am already aware of those points, but perhaps its how I said it which makes it sound confusing. But the way she was quivering and how she said, “What exactly do you mean by something genuine?” (volume 9, chapter 6) which means she doesn’t know what Hachiman wants, to be genuine. Going by the general idea, she was too blind by the hypocrisy and Hachiman’s methods, she didn’t understand why Hachiman betrayed his ideals. I feel she never understood what Hachiman wanted so I don’t believe she knows he wants something genuine; if she assumed he wanted something genuine, I assume she would have asked the question to why he betrays his ideals? Instead she’s asking what Hachiman means when he wants something genuine. Based on her body language and her question, I assume she has a different definition of “genuine” and didn’t know if he shared her perspective. (Excorsism says it better, but its how I interpreted it since I thought it was more than just wanting “genuine”, its like trying to understand in the form that it is in that Yukino didn’t see what Hachiman wanted).

    • @dualash7
      I don’t think she should have or would have asked why he betrayed his ideals. Because from my PoV, it’s this very episode that leads Yukino to believe that both Yui and Hachiman don’t want genuinity, they just want the superficial club. So despite whatever preconceptions she had beforehand (like that Hachiman might’ve wanted genuinity based on his hate of superficiality), they are squandered here. So up until that point in Volume 9, she probably believes that he doesn’t want genuinity. I don’t think she knew Hachiman wanted genuinity, rather it was more of a guess/possibility.

      As I said I do share your opinion that she probably doesn’t really understand Hachiman and that’s probably also why she reacted the way she did.

    • @Yithar: Yeah, I think guess/possibility would be the one I would go with. That question still bothers me, because it doesn’t seem like the type of thing Yukino would say if she was aware of what Hachiman wants. I think it makes more sense if it was an expectation or test on their relationship, but for something that they yearn for, it feels unnecessary unless she didn’t think about it.

      I wouldn’t go so far to call it a “superficial club” though, they had a better relationship as a group compared to Hayama’s group of friends, whose relationship was susceptible to worsen just from a confession. And Yui cares too much of Yukino that I don’t think even Yukino would think Yuigahama doesn’t want genuineness. Its back to what you said, about betraying her expectations which was the problem and she may think that though Yuigahama is her friend, they don’t see eye to eye which is making their friendship unbalanced.

      I thought she would have needed to ask the question if she knew Hachiman’s dream/goal because she would need to confirm her assumptions by hearing it directly from Hachiman. But when she asks for clarication for what he said, in volume nine, her expression (raspy voice and moist eyes) was like she was seeing something new in Hachiman, something she didn’t think to consider to associate with him until he brought it up.

      P.S Oh yeah, from one of my earlier posts, I said “lie of omission” not a normal lie, so we kind of had a misunderstanding. A lie of omission is when an important fact is left out, resulting in a misconception such as when she never told Hachiman that the car she was riding in hit him on that fateful day. Funny enough, the monologue at the end of volume 5 can be used as foreshadowing and parallelism for volume 9 since Yukino is doing somewhat of the same thing, putting her expectations on Hachiman and forcing her ideals on his methodology, and she thought she understood Hachiman but she “arbitrarily” disappointed herself in the end.

    • @dualash7
      Yeah, I don’t think she really understands Hachiman. That being said, I think at times Hachiman didn’t really know what he wanted.

      I don’t think it’s superficial myself. I meant from Yukino’s point of view. Well she probably thought Yui would understand at least.

      Well, considering his solutions up until now it’s not too surprising. He had been solving problems superficially, and especially with making Isshiki president, Yukino probably didn’t think he wanted genuinity. I don’t think she never considered it or she never would have tested Yui and Hachiman in the first place.

      Oh I see. Yeah it’s a lie of omission and definitely shows that Yukino kind of beats around the bush. Well, it’s not too surprising, because Yukino and Hachiman share a lot of similarities.

  25. Just finished volume 8 and what the hell was with loast chapter. It was really depressing man. I was about to cry. If now I will see even one depressing scene I will start crying 😦 😥 . Now I get what spyro meant when he said on review of first episode that the coming episode is really going to be sad. Damn please someone tell me there are no more chapters like this

  26. I just watched the Crunchyroll subs and they translated Yukino’s ambiguous line very differently. They used “You thought you understood, didn’t you?” or something like that. Not sure how to feel about that.

    • [HorribleSubs] version is different from [Commie] version both sub version is also release on different date too.

    • I just thought that the Crunchyroll subs were worth mentioning since they used the subject in the sentence in a way that’s different from what I’ve already read. Although I’ve heard that the actual line has no particular subject.

  27. I read LN but really can’t understand why Yukinon says so. But one thing is clear Yui knew Hikigaya method
    I don’t think she had the same reason as Megure cause that should mean Yui taking part at election and winning as Vice prez but Yukinon does not wanted Yui to take part in election
    I think the reason is something else something deep which I can’tunderstand.

    Anyone know it? Here’s the line from Ln(It is little longer than anime) to help in understanding
    “Yukinoshita looked far into the distance outside the window.

    “I guess that’s how it is…”

    I looked in the same direction as she did, but what I saw was the same, unchanging scenery. The waning sun and the transparent sky. Only the lonely dropping of leaves from the shaking trees were there.


    With a short answer, Yukinoshita silently looked away, closing her eyes as if falling into a slumber.

    “I was sure it was something you could understand…”

    Her voice wasn’t aimed at any one. That’s why, her voice sounded empty.

    Those words caused turbulence in my heart.”

    Can anyone help me? 🙂

    • I posted a link to a Japanese blog and a translation of it and it explains why she said that. It’s awaiting moderation though as I think posts with links have to be approved.

      Anyways, think about what Yukino really wanted all this time from Hachiman and why she hated his methods (like getting Sagami to go on stage or preventing Tobe’s confession). There is something she wants to confirm. Also think about the situation Meguri talked about with all 3 of them being in the student council. Nothing would have changed. Yukino probably knew this. Then why do you think Yukino went through all that trouble? One reason is that she wanted to stop Hachiman from hurting himself, but there’s another reason.

    • And that is??????????
      Can u gve me link of blog please
      Also about nothing being changed I wrote it, right?that fo that to happen yui have to contest for election to become vice prez and Yuikinon does not wanted that

    • I don’t think I can. Just wait lol. I’m sure Spyro will approve my comment whenever he gets around to it.

      There’s nothing that indicates that Yukino did not want Yui to run for vice president. She didn’t want Yui to run for president. There’s a reason Yukino went through the trouble of running for president besides protecting Hachiman. What do you think Yukino wants? Why did Yukino hate Hachiman’s fake confession so much?

    • Yeah, what i cannot understand is why Meguri won’t simply do the same thing she wanted to , but instead of going to the Student Council room, she goes to Service Club?
      I mean, it’s the people that matter, not the place…

    • It could be all of the reasons above, leading to a complicated line of thought which is what making the thought behing this line so hard to perceive

      My thought is that she does all that running for president thing to protect hachiman like you said, by providing a different solution than his, she can prevent him from hurting himself.

      While this can means that she is trying to prove him wrong, this can also means that she wants to help him. Wether this is from genuine concern or from guilt and pride that her inability to improve the situations before forced him to use his underhandes method, i think she is waiting for him to ask her for help.

  28. Rahul, can you please not post this since this is just spam. I really like discussing with you guys about Oregairu, but this is taking it a little too far.

  29. It was a pretty good episode don’t get me wrong but did anyone else feel that the ending should of felt more depressing. I bet its cause they skipped out on the final scene of the service club at the end.

    • Yeah I think it was supposed to be some kind of forced talking and Hiki would say something like, “my throat is dry,” but the tea set isn’t being used. Lots of missed emotional moments but they did a good job regardless.

  30. what with all the sad yukino pictures recently, I just wanna share this pic…interestingly enough I found this while I googled orimoto kaori a long time ago….O.o

    • D’aww ain’t that sweet: Two loners making something I would never experience ;_;. Just goes to show it that people are fluid and shapeless; they are never the same thing always. Also wish some people at MAL would just stop hating on Yukino, she’s straightforward but definitely not a b***h. Apparently it’s always about the people pampering the MC who are the OTP to them.

    • Well, your first mistake is reading MAL comments. Quite a few idiots on there who project way too hard.

    • Yeah it was also my mistake… But reading diverse peoples’ ideas are fun and really brings the truth about people’s observation skills, just not when they go shove their opinions in your month and swear at you for berating their Hikkigaya(I mean come on, Hikkigaya is cool and all but he ain’t no saint or god which makes me question why people would praise him and sometimes even follow him like he’s some sort of beacon of the right way.)…

  31. Anyone remembers the scene from season 1 where 8Man says that he texted someone in middle school (volume 2 chapter 1)
    Guess who it was.
    It was Kaori Orimoto. Here’s lines from LN to proof

    {Pffft, hahaha! This sure brought back memories. I was so innocent back then. I hadn’t suspected the girl had asked my number out of pity and answered my texts because she felt sorry for me. I caught on eventually after two weeks, when she wouldn’t respond no matter how many texts I sent her, and so I quit.

    And then one day I overheard the girls talking.

    “That Hikigaya guy’s been texting me. I wish he’d quit it. It’s creepy.”

    “I bet he likes you, Kaori…!”

    “Eww, gross!”

    I wanted to shrivel up and die on the spot. And I’d really, really liked her, too!}

    Now I can’t understand something even after hearing that why did he proposed to her?Strange

    • Not to mention the rejection flashback on vol 7 ch 2

      “On the next day after your confession, everyone in class will definitely know about it. It’s fine if they only know about it. But… you’ll be able to hear it every now and then.”
      『Yesterday, apparently Hikigaya confessed to Kaori.』
      『Uuugh, that sucks for Kaori…』 What do you mean ‘that sucks’…
      『I heard he did it by text too.』
      『Say what, that’s so scary. Then again, isn’t that just, like, unbelievable to confess by text?』
      『I’m glad I didn’t give him my number.』
      『He won’t confess to you, don’t worry (lol).』
      “『Hey, that’s totally mean, you know (lol)』 or so how the pleasant chatty jokes would go and it just so happened that I overheard it and it hurt a little.”

    • kaori is also mentioned in volume 1 chapter 5

      It hasn’t made me this sad since I heard it from Kaori-chan in middle school… “I like Hikigaya-kun and you’re really nice, but going out with you is a bit… can’t we just be friends?” I really don’t need friends like that…

  32. Um, Spyro-san? Is it possible to delete the pictures? I actually feel a bit more uncomfortable with them there and if people wanted pictures, they could have easily used google images or something. I can’t really phrase it properly but I feel like they should go.

  33. Why did Yukino tried to negotiate with Hayama to become president in the first place?
    If Yukino didn’t tried to negotiate with Hayama to become president in the first place.. I don’t think Hachiman would misunderstood in the first place…

  34. That analysis of yukino’s motivation for running president is interesting, but I wonder how you connect that to the talk she and hikki had in Vol 9 Chap 8 about her (yukino) not having something haruno and hikki had. I thought that was her drive to run for president? Thoughts and interpretations?

  35. Um I don’t know how to go about it but first of all I am really sorry. It seems my recent comments really hurt some people. i really did not wanted to offend orhurt someone. You know how it is when you make some new friends you want to share any amusing things you find so that your relationship deepens, something like that happend . I started admiring all of you guys and then found somethng amusing got overly excited and then…. My emotions knda became out of control

    Thank you spyro san for deleting that comment I didn’t really knew how to do that

    i hope my mistakes did not sullen the memorable experience all ofus have here. I assure you it won’t happen again.

    Now before I realised what kinds of things I have written I am really sorry

  36. Finished Volume 9 (Don’t worry not going to post any spoiler) but it was really good. Wataru sensei did his magic again. My favourite volume til now (It was volume 5 before entire volume 8Man kept thinking of Yukinon).

    But the volume kinda filled a question in my mind. What is exactly genuine? Something which is not superficial. what is exactly superficial? Even 8MAN has doubts whether the relationship between Hayama group was superficial or not? Exactly what does these words mean?

    Oh Also can’t wait to see 8MAN confession, Hiratsuka sensei lecture and Yukinoshita wish in anime. Man now my hopes about upcoming episodes have increased I think whether reading the volume was the right choice, I don’t want to be disappointed with anime. Oh I also hope this time they show Hikigaya moms and pops

  37. Is it just me or I think one of the reasons why Yukino wanted to run the election for Student Council President is because of she didn’t want to be like her mother?

    I remembered Yukino didn’t like her mother’s method which is forcing others to do something for her. I think that’s why she hate the family. But when Haruno said ” her way of forcing others is just like our mother”, and “others do dirty work for you “, Yukino said “So that what this is about.” She then wanted to run the election so that she didn’t want to follow what her mother did, probably.

    Also,I think the reason why she dissapointed in hachiman is because she let him do dirty works again for her and yuigahama to stop running the election. Probably when she said ” i was sure you’d understand”, it might be she wanted hachiman to understand she didn’t want to be like her mother. But I don’t know for sure. I know the word “genuine” is never mentioned until volume 9. But even when mentioned by hachiman,yukino still don’t understand what’s the genuine thing he wanted.

    But it’s just a possibility though. She also maybe trying to test the relationship between them too like exorcism mentioned. Due to the recent event, she might want to see if their relationship is superficial or not. Not acting like normal like what hachiman told them to do.

    But in the end, her intention for running the election is still a mystery because so many possibilities of what her intention might be. Sorry for the bad english.

    • I don’t think that’s the reason.

      What Haruno said is that their mother is strong-willed and that she forces people to follow whatever she decides on and that they’re forced to compromise and Yukino’s not good at that. Perhaps she doesn’t like the way her mother does things, but look back at what happened in the anime. After Haruno said that about making other people do her dirty work, who did Yukino look at? Hachiman. She looked at Hachiman, meaning she was thinking about all the sacrifices Hachiman made.

      She was disappointed in Hachiman and Yui because they missed the point. They were too focused on the Service Club and didn’t really think about what Yukino wanted. It’s not mentioned directly until Volume 9 but it’s implied through hate of superficiality. That’s because genuinity is subjective (For example, to Hachiman, Hayama’s clique was superficial, but to Hayama, his clique was genuine.).

      I’m fairly certain Yukino was testing their relationship to see if it was genuine. A few months ago I was pretty much doing the same thing Yukino did. I was testing a friend to see whether she genuinely cared enough to apologize in order to stay friends for making a very bad decision despite what she said about choosing me and despite knowing what I didn’t want. And in the end, she couldn’t do it. So I gave up on her just like Yukino gave up on Yui and Hachiman.

      I think Spyro got it down pretty well. Yukino’s pretty competitive with her sister, and she cares about Hachiman’s wellbeing, and she wants something genuine.

    • hmmm….i agree with yithar, while her mother was the one that made yukino personality like that, to become a student council also serve as a way to test her friendship and saving hachiman in the process.

      What hiratsuka sensei said at vol 9 was a best conclusion for vol 8, “To cherish someone means to have the resolve to hurt them”, i believe yukino was selfish in that kind of situation, she expect yui and hachiman can read her mind didn’t her? when they failed she hate to admit their shallow friendship but she also can’t let go of it and decided to play along without telling anything.

      interesting note hiratsuka sensei words always become a foreshadowing of conflict, started from vol 6 and the latest thing she said at volume 9 “the beauty of getting hurt together” and “closed relationship” hmm…wondering what will happen in vol 11 hahaha

    • (Possible spoiler alert)
      @Yithar About 8MAn thinking Hayama group being superficial he himself says in volume 9 that his decision was wrong. The group might be genuine one

    • (Spoiler Alert) I don’t really remember the chapter but it was when he was regretting over all the actions he has taken and was thinking that he did not really helped anymoe

    • @ marquis “while her mother was the one that made yukino personality like that”
      Really? Can you please elaborate how so?I amkeen to know that

    • @rahul kumar hmm? in volume 2 or 3 i forgot,at the mall if i’m not wrong haruno said that her mother still mad at her(yukino) for living alone, just with the mention of her mother yukino stiffened(can be either she scared or upset) even haruno said that her mother is scarier than herself.

      In vol 8 just with just the mention “the way you push people to do dirty work for you, it’s the same like mother” made yukino reassessed her plan and step forward to become council president.

      with that 2 point above, we can see how far her mother affecting yukino, i mean it’s there anyone that can make yukino scared other than her mom?

    • @Rahul Kumar

      “About 8MAn thinking Hayama group being superficial he himself says in volume 9 that his decision was wrong. The group might be genuine one”

      That depends on your perspective but from what I’m aware, Hayama distances himself from his own group so I don’t necessarily agree with Hachiman’s opinion.

      “I don’t really remember the chapter but it was when he was regretting over all the actions he has taken and was thinking that he did not really helped anymoe”

      Hiratsuka-sensei basically foreshadowed it in Episode 3 with how she said that with his methods, when he really wants to save/help someone, he won’t be able to.

  38. what if…
    whaf if… the reason yukinoshita action is to make 8man stop his methods, its obliviously the one who create the grassroot account is 8man even yuigahama too realized that and in episode 4 too yukinoshita try to reject his method). that why… yukinoshita disappointed when 8man still use his methods “i thought you understand,weren’t you?”

    • Yeah, Excorsism already covered that, especially a part focusing on what Yukino wants.

    • ahaha i see
      but i’m still agree with 8man menthod, because if yukino became the student council prez,the thing that make them connected will be destroyed

  39. Volume 10 chapter 4 possible spoiler alert (Maybe)

    On false rumour

    Hayama- “Hayama glanced back at me as he was walking. His apologetic expression, his eyebrows somewhat lowered, was illuminated by the glow of the lampposts.

    “It might be causing trouble for Yukinoshita-san too. Sorry, but can you apologize to her for me?”

    “Do it yourself.”

    “I’d like to, but it’s not a good idea to approach her right now… If I did, it’s enough for people to thoughtless blow up the rumors again. It’s better to just let it be.”

    He sounded like he had gone through this before. It felt as if he was recalling the truth he had gained from those past experiences.

    And perhaps, that truth wasn’t something that only he had gained. It’s likely she did as well.

    I stopped abruptly because that thought crossed my mind. But I somehow managed to move my legs forward and took a step.

    “You seem used to it… Did this happen a lot before?”

    Yukino-““…Speaking of which, Yukinoshita, how about you? Has anything changed because of that rumor?”

    “Me? There aren’t very many people who would come near my class to begin with…”

    That’s true. Yukinoshita belonged to the class of International Cultivation, class J, which was located at the farthest end of school and was comprised ninety percent of girls. As a result, there was a unique air about them that kept people from proactively approaching them. So in that sense, she might’ve had it better off than Hayama.

    But that didn’t mean there wasn’t any kind of influence at all.

    Yukinoshita let out a short sigh. “Well, there certainly does seem to be people saying things secretly, but this isn’t any different from before, so it’s hard to judge…”

    “I totally understand. When you stand out, people doooo say a lot of stuff behind your back.”

    No, in your case, Isshiki, I think it’s a bit different…

    Yukinoshita smiled and lightly nodded, adding further with a quiet voice. “…But it’s not as horrible as it was back then.”

    “Back then”. Those words nagged at me.

    Her past that I was ignorant of. Or rather, her past she didn’t speak of. And her past with him.”

    Could it be that Yukinon was bullied in elementary and middle school because of her relationship with Hayama and that’s why she has maintained her distance with him in highschool.
    Any thought?

  40. OK, now I and my friend are having a silly fight over Yui’ sentence, which was “We should come too.”, that was said after Yuki declared she would come to Hiratsugi-sensei.
    In my opinion, “we” refers to Yui and Yuki because I don’t see any reason for Hikki to go there. On the other hand, his opinion is “we” refers to Hikki and Yui because of “We should come too (together with you).”
    Can anyone help me with this?

    • But I cannot see any reason for Hikki to go there. That’s why I’m unable to accept that “We” refers to Hikki and Yui.

    • I agree that it’s Hikki and Yui, just by process of elimination.

      The Japanese is “Watashitachimo…” (literally meaning “We also…”) before Yukino says “Hitoride juubun da.”

      The key here is the “mo” which means also in this case. It doesn’t make sense for Yukino to be part of “We” because she’s already going/walking to meet Hiratsuka-sensei.

      But you can see a reason for Yui to go there? If there’s no reason for Hikki to go there, then there’s no reason for Yui to go there. In fact, that’s what Yukino says. Yukino says that she should be fine by herself reporting to Hiratsuka-sensei.

    • Thank you, now I understand.
      About Yui’s reason, does she not want to report about her stop running student council president?

    • I don’t think that’s it. Yui’s the kind of person that likes to do stuff together with Yukino.

  41. Spoiler alert for volume 10(probably)
    Whose monologue do u guess is first, second and third memorandum is?
    I am not sure about first and third memorandum but I guess second memorandum is of Haruno and she is asking for help from Yukino or 8Man

  42. I actually have to disagree about part of the nature of Yukino’s dislike of Hachiman’s actions at the end, I think she’s not just disappointed he didn’t understand her hopes for their group, but she’s also sad he didn’t understand her and didn’t try to. Which is a fair cry from the basis of their relationship, and once he stops trying to understand her she stops trying to understand him. This dichotomy of active to passive and twisted to true seems to be very important to their interactions. It actually reminds me of some of Heidegger’s philosophy on the nature of concealment.

  43. why is shizuka asking what will Hikki do after announcing Yukino’s decision to become a candidate, was she expecting something?
    In light novel ,Hayama also ask him what he will do, what are they expecting?
    and why is Hikki upset and folding his hands tight after learning Yukino’s plan?

    • Because if he doesn’t do something the service club will disappear. They’re expecting him to do something.

      Probably because it upsets him. Despite him saying he has no reason, he probably feels some sort of attachment to the club and he also may be aware that Yukino is sacrificing herself.

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