Oregairu Zoku Episode 4

Zoku4_83And so, Yuigahama Yui makes a declaration.


Hayama invites Hachiman on a double date with Orimoto and Nakamachi. Turns out they’ve been mailing each other and they ended up planned a time to hang out on Saturday. The last episode omitted the scene where Hayama shows up and makes some small chat with Orimoto and her friend. That’s when they exchanged their numbers. Strangely enough, Hayama thought Hahciman was included when he got his invitation from Orimoto; this is inline with his “Let’s get along everybody” philosophy that Hachiman assumes he works under. What’s important is what Hayama does to ask Hachiman to come along. He bows his head. Of all people, Hayama’s bowing his head to Hachiman, so there’s clearly some kind of fostering dynamic happening between these two, if it wasn’t already obvious from the last few episodes and the Cultural Festival.


We’re now at the Hikigaya household and it turns out Haruno gives Hachiman a call (more accurately, gives Komachi a call). Komachi is still pretty upset with Hachiman’s attitude from the other day.

Haruno’s conversation with Hachiman’s pretty interesting and it does present the viewers with a few key words that become prevalent later in the story. Those words being: Genuine, monster of logic/reason, monster of self-consciousness. These words will all tie in with Hachiman’s character in the future, if not already. They’ll be the framework that he utilizies in order to do what it is that he does.

As for Haruno, how did she get Komachi’s number? They actually exchanged their numbers at some point earlier in the story. Anyway, Haruno seemingly knows about the double date and Hayama’s bowing to Hachiman. Good indicator that Hayama keeps in contact with Haruno or possibly, vice versa. Haruno eggs Hachiman on to go, intimidates him even, and as someone who tends to be manipulative and calculating, Haruno’s clearly up to something.


In case you don’t watch the OP every week (shame on you), there was a subtle change in the opening as indicated from episode 3 to 4. Foreshadowing of the events to come.


The anime skipped the segment where Hachiman meets with Haruno at the cafe (makes me think of their meeting at the end of volume 10). So after the group gathers, Hachiman does what he does best by staying at the very back of the group and following them. There’s some nice gestures here with the way the theater scene played out along with the good monologue which digs a bit into Hachiman’s mentality. We get an idea that Orimoto may have been one of the primary factors in why he has his shell today. But now, he feels he can finally get over that one part of his past for good and let it end.


Continuation of the double date. Hachiman comes across Miura and Ebina shopping for boots. She trips and he gets to see PINK. Hachiman gets Hayama to hurry up so they can leave the area before things got complicated, it’s Miura, after all. They then come across Tobe and Iroha who were out shopping for some sports stuff. We get a glimpse of what kind of person is Iroha is, turns out she can be pretty sly and has a lot more going underneath than she appears on the surface. Interesting to note is what Hayama mentions to Hachiman about how she acts like herself when she’s around him. Could be interpreted in a couple of ways.


So they animated the “Y” scene that was omitted in season 1. The gist of it, they had a conversation at night during the summer camp trip about who they liked. Pressed on by Tobe, Hayama answered with just the letter “Y.” This is rather important later for volume 10. Interestingly enough, Hayama talks about how he never truly “liked” someone and that’s why he misunderstood. Something to do with his mysterious past with the Yukinoshita family.


So they settle for a cafe after making fun of Hachiman for suggesting Saize. They then proceed to make fun of him some more inside. Eventually, Hayama gets tired of them making fun of him so openly, much to their surprise.


It turns out Hayama asks Yui and Yukino to come in person under the pretense of making Hayama a candidate in the election. The anime didn’t show it very well, but Hachiman really, and I mean, really, did not want those two to see him in a situation like this. It hurt him a lot. Hayama does something out of character and defends Hachiman by directly attacking the two who continuously made fun of him on the entire outing. When Orimoto passes by the two, only Yui is bothered by her look while Yukino ignores her completely. And Orimoto passes by with a realization of something; perhaps, she was wrong about Hachiman, after all.


A Yukino and Haruno confrontation. So Haruno’s entire reason for being here was figuring out why Hayama was so insistent with Hachiman coming along. Anyway, Yukino and Haruno’s relationship brings up a lot of questions. For one thing, we know Haruno’s very antagonistic towards Yukino, she eggs her on to do things. On one hand, it looks like she’s pushing her to grow and mature, but at the same time, it looks like she isn’t very fond of her; comparing her to their mother who does eventually make her appearance. What is it that Haruno sees in Yukino that we don’t? Coming soon in the next few episodes. I should note that frontal shot of Yukino looks gorgeous, they’re getting a lot better at drawing her. Rising expectations for that scene if you know what I mean.

So now we have Haruno’s analysis of Hachiman and how he “sees” through everything. An interesting assessment, and she brings up how she finds people who are “perfect” to be very boring teases. Hachiman’s much more fun to play with, a logical toy to say the least.


Hayama’s attempt to understand Hachiman. He tries doing something that Hachiman’s used to doing, only to end up feeling terrible about it. Ultimately, it turns out Hayama got him completely wrong which pisses Hachiman off. A good reflection of his anger was after the fact when he tries to pick up his bike that got knocked over. This conversation also gives us quite a bit of insight into Hayama’s character which becomes important later, the whole point of how Hachiman should place more value on himself and how others should as well. Basically, Hachiman should realize that there are people who don’t think of him as worthless as he does himself. There’s this and something else, which again, comes into play later in these two’s dynamic. The last bit about a lost belief/conviction is pretty important. That “someone” is Yukino, if it isn’t obvious enough. The conviction should be clear from last episode; the stuff about superficiality.


Good detail by Feel on Hachiman’s frustration as he grips his fist. In the novel, he grits his teeth, but same effect here. So we learn that Yukino is going to join the election as a candidate, the most optimal choice given their available resources. There’s quite a bit going on here between Hachiman and Yukino; they’re both being very logical about their approaches.

Hachiman in particular doesn’t think of anything of his methods that sacrifices himself. Yukino tells him otherwise, but in a logical fashion, in a way that he can understand. Perhaps, maybe she could just say that she cares and wants him to stop, but would that really get across to the man called a “monster of logic/reason?” So instead of doing that, Yukino chooses to logically act and take up the mantle of a presidential candidate instead. Yukino states their methods are different, but how true is this really? But it’s clear that Yukino doesn’t want him to continue with his methods anymore. She cares, but she doesn’t know how to approach him in any other way except what she proposed; because she’s confused and lost.

This begs the question: Is Yukino really doing this because she wants to or is it because of something else? After all, she was egged on by Haruno just only yesterday. But is that really it? There’s a particularly important line that Haruno states in their confrontation about how Yukino doesn’t ever do anything herself but have someone else do it for her. What situation closely mirrors this? The Service Club; namely, Hachiman. Food for thought.


Yui declares her intent to join the race. So now we have a three-way lock in the Service Club………….. I can’t write anymore.

I’ll mention that Commie translated her lines of “suki” ambiguously, which gives off a different meaning than in the novels. On the fence whether I should keep mine the same or change it, I don’t really know.

Zoku4_81My face when my translations, translating 10.5, writing my thoughts out, and etc. Japanese is too hard.

Overall Impressions:

I really should stop taking so any pictures, literally wasting my time putting so much up. That said, I’m having a terrible case of writer’s block and I can’t make sen of my thoughts regarding most of the scenes.

Anyway, impressions. Good episode, the music was definitely on point especially Yui’s scene and Yukino’s scene near the end. Both scenes were well-done, though I personally preferred Yukino’s scene a lot more (surprise, surprise). Hayami and Touyama are doing fantastic with their voice acting and they really get those emotions across. Yukino in particular because you can tell how frustrated and sad she was when she spoke to Hachiman about what she wanted to do. The piano pieces in both scenes were great, especially the Hello Alone. If Yukino’s expressions are any indicator this episode, then a certain scene in volume 9 will be really good. Also, I’ve already said this a billion times already, but good job on Feel with the body language. They’re basically the equivalent to the internal monologues in written text.

Next episode marks the end of volume 8. Volume 10 is likely going to be covered. Yay for promotions. I’ll keep this much shorter next episode because this takes too much time from translating, seriously. Half of my thoughts don’t seem very coherent either, but I’ll fix them later, I guess.

In other news, I have a lot of translations to fix.


300 thoughts on “Oregairu Zoku Episode 4

  1. after watching this episode, I’m super excited for the rest of the season. This episode had so many good little details portrayed and just makes you feel for Hachiman.

  2. I like how Hayato and Yui were fleshed out this episode. At least they are now shown to be more than side characters.

    P. S. This is not meant to be a shipping post so please don’t start a shipping war.

    • Yui was shown almost as much as a main girl as Yukino really. Both girls are the heroines in this series. And Hayato was shown to be a secondary character rather than side character.

    • Yui and Yukino is the main character girls along with hachiman. and hayato shown at the supporting character.

  3. I agree with Echo…the animation looks fantastic. I write a lot of anime stories on my blog, and these pics are very inspirational.

  4. That one scene where it puts a close-up on Isshiki’s “cute” face…XD

    I think my favorite scene though is with Yuigahama. The art was really great, and “Hello Alone” playing in the background, it really made Yuigahama shine as a character. So many thoughts are going through my head because they outdid expectations with how they executed that scene (Heck, they even got the angles right based on the LN illustrations!)…its hard to put it into words but watching only once simply isn’t enough to take in this great episode.

    • When I watched the first season I hadn’t yet read the novels. Now that I have I find myself often going, ‘Aw, why did they skip/change that?’ Guess I’m just spoiled now.

    • @Thornton: Yeah, it is a shame that they omit certain parts of the novels, but at this point if they’re at least consistent with the quality and the story is coherent, then I’ll still enjoy it. Plus, its been great so far with this anime, so at least we can be grateful at the effort the studio is going into the anime.

  5. after what happen in the cafe shop Yukino decide to enroll for Student council President. And the flesh back in outdoor camp the good part to show the ” Y ” answer that Hayato say (I think this episode was great and what Hayato ask Hachiman to the double date is because he and haruno try to destroy hachiman and Yukino relationship i think “it just my own solution please don’t put up the war flag”)

    • Hayama isn’t someone who does things like that to destroy a relationship, he is a bad person but not someone evil… Haruno on the hand is another story, she’s basically a Hikkigaya who can act really well with the beauty that surpasses(OPINION) Yukino’s. And like Hachiman who strongly believes in his belief to the point of sophistry, she does too. Cause really? Destroying a relationship will help them(Hayato and Haruno) somehow? Those people always have a reason, and those reasons always involve their interests or territory. So no, they’re not doing these things cause they see Hikkiyuki relationship as bad, they did this for their own kind of Sophistry.

    • I really think haruno is interested in hachiman, also Yukino’s relationship with Hachiman, probably haruno is trying to push yukino to what? though IDK. Remember what hayato said?, that haruno destroys those she hates. Hayoto might be a victim because of his “Lets all get along attitude”. And that “Y” you are speaking of is probably “yukinoshita” either Haruno or Yukino and possibly Yumiko Miura? Well Only IMAO. :3

  6. When Haruno was talking to Yukinon and the others with that SCARY smile, it creeps me out, she looks and sounds like Haibara Ai…

  7. You know, the insults made towards hachiman made by the girls has been reduced a lot compared to the light novel version
    But still, i think they are bitches

    • Secondary retard, please not bother writing your groundless opinion here anymore. It hurts my eyes.

    • How are you better in this opinion of yours?
      For Jesus sake, can’t you see that the bitches are tormenting Hachiman with Verbal Abuse?

  8. I don’t really like where they started the episode off, but that’s pretty much my only gripe. The conversation between Hayama and Hikigaya is pretty much lifted verbatim from the LN so all of the intended meaning managed to make its way into the episode. Also, I really loved how they included the bike scene–it’s seemingly a small detail but its symbolism and the part where Hikki is agressively trying to free his bike are telling of his emotions at this point. The Yui scene was also very poignant and played out like I imagined. Also, am I right Spyro, or does Yukinoshita look especially good in this episode? In the earlier episodes they messed up the proportions on her cheeks a bit I feel, but in this episode she was much more reminiscent of her season 1 design. Anyways, thanks for the breakdown, and as always can’t wait for the next ep.

    • in the previous episode I didn’t like her voice very much, but maybe it was the bad quality of where I saw it, but this episode was great (well, from vol 10.5 my impression of Irohassu improved a loot, she was really cute, funny and a little sly, so I liked her in the LN), and how Hachiman responded jaja, niice.

  9. @Chari-Kun “I think this episode was great and what Hayato ask Hachiman to the double date is because he and haruno try to destroy hachiman and Yukino relationship i think “it just my own solution please don’t put up the war flag”
    Didn’t he asked 8Man so to pay hiim back for favour he did on Hayama on the trip?
    I kinda found him cool cause he tried to pay 8Man back but his hypothesis that 8Man helps other because he want to be helped I think is wrong

  10. Some of Iroha’s true color, still not able yet to see the cuteness in that. I understand now, that high pitch sound is “not cute Komachi” as declared in the novel.

  11. 1) 8Man thinks that “Although i couldn’t put it in words. I had my convictions. The one thing I shared with someone else, and the one I have lost now. What does he mean by that?
    2) Haruno says to Yukinon that ” You don’t have to lift a finger, others get their hand dirty for you”. Will her statement will be cleared in further volumes of LN. Come to think of it they haven’t yet cleared the statement of Hayama in chiba village in which he says” so that’s why she is concerned about you” to 8Man. Will they clear it too
    3) Yukinon says that “so that’s what this is about”. What does she realised?
    4) Hayama asked *man for date:a) To help him or b)he and haruno try to destroy hachiman and Yukino relationship ( as stated by @Chari-Kun ) What is the true reason?

    Can some solve my query?

    • For number 2 we have to wait until vol 11 :p

      For number 3 I think yukino thought that hayama and haruno urging her to take position of student council itself

      For number 4 related to my answer at number 3 , I think hayama was trying to forcing yukino become student council president herself ,he using hachiman as catalyst because if yukino become president it can effectively blocking hachiman method to become campaign speaker and in the end haruno show up and aggravating yukino( yukino is a sore loser that always taking on a challenge given)effectively put the plan in motion at least until what hachiman do next week hahaha misunderstanding everywhere.

    • i think the answer to 4 is related to the reveal in volume 10 about what his true thoughts about hachiman are.

  12. Well worth the wait. Still kinda concern about the fast pace but I guess it can’t be helped since season 1 was from volume 1-5 so obliviously this season will be from 6-10. Ah, no season 3 if there should be one for now. Anyway, until next episode.

    • u wrong season is cover volume 1 – 6.5 (sport festival) and season 2 cover volume 7 – 10 + bonus track from 6.5 (maybe). about season 3 maybe next two year or sometime next year if they have enough volume to cover.

    • really? volume 6 was included? Haven’t read it yet….and 6.5 too. So much volumes? Now i’m really wondering if their will be a 3rd in the next 1-2 years given that their will be 15 volumes by then.

    • Oh no, it has started.

      I fear that “I want something genuine” is going to be the next meme to make everyone cringe once we reach that episode.

      A real pity because the sincerity of that line probably will be drowned out by the memes.

  13. They skipped a lot of things that Kaori belittling Hachiman
    1.Hayama was not that cold as i imagined in the end of the date ?
    2.Kaori’s “i see” was not that convincing
    3.Yui’s talk is amazing and rest of the show is great.

    My personal opinion
    1.whether Hachiman is boring or not, it doesn’t give any rights to belittle him in public. She just hurt his feelings and truly a bitch
    2.Hayama may have loved one of Yukinoshita in the past and now feels just like Hachiman current opinion of kaori ( disappointed and misunderstood )

    • @testamentt I mean look at it this way Isshiki comes out of no where and talks to Hachiman before she talks to Hayama , isn’t that enough for Kaori to assume that he is close to attractive girls?

    • Maybe.. But i think Orimoto is a little dense.. Because she did not notice that her teasing is hurting 8man, Hayama needed to point it out to Orimoto and her friend.

    • @testamebtt she obviously saw that her teasing was hurting him. It’s just that she didn’t even care about the man as she was focusing on trying to score point on Hayama, the mc of the double date !

    • Some girl think that to glorify a man you need to put shame of another.
      That’s basically because most people want to better than anyone, but since they can’t go shine on their own, they simply push down everyone else.
      Basically, if can’t get a +1 , you just have to give a -1 to everyone else and you’ll achieve the same result.
      Ahh… stupid human beings….

    • Being impressed or amazed by something doesn’t necessarily mean you think something is good or praiseworthy. I’m often impressed with how awful or stupid people can be!

  14. Thank you Spyro for doing this. I can not imagine how tiring it must be to translate and while I cannot properly express my gratitude through typing alone please know that I am so grateful for this that I bow at my computer screen towards u

  15. A really great episode, although it was not able to convey the feeling of loneliness as good as the novel. A few more still shots could have shown the distance between Hachiman and Komachi as well as the service club, but the anime just had no time for that. But I am eager to see the next episodes, nevertheless.

  16. I don’t understand why hayama have to invite yui and yukino to see the scene of orimoto hmm…but I understand what haruno mean..ideal without action isn’t gonna work..you always talk but never get your hands dirty so you will never understand.

    funny how yukino can twist her word really well,when she said to hachiman that he overestimating himself if people care enough and hate him can be interpreted but I really hate how you do things because I care hhaha

  17. I was enjoying reading this review and then suddenly it was over at the Yuigahama part… T_T
    LoL, i did’nt notice the empty seaty at the end of the opening until it was mentioned here…
    That Iroha part is awesome. And the PINK part. XD

  18. Yahari this episode was much better than first three. Not perfect, no, too much inner monologues skipped, but better. And I like this “real” voice of Irohasu. Fluffy one was annoying.

  19. Did ANYONE notice that they CUT a scene(or shud i say didnt show it) in the conversation between Hikki and Yui??!!!

    <“W-Well, you know, um, even if I become the student president, I figured I could just do whatever and still keep the club the way it is now or something. I mean, it’s me after all. It’s not like anyone expects me to do a good job and stuff.”

    “No, even so.”

    Yuigahama stopped the words that came out.

    Yuigahama took a step forward and placed her hand on my chest, telling me she wouldn’t let me say any more.

    Right next to me was Yuigahama’s face. Her face that was facing downwards was hard to see. Unable to move away from her, I could only stand there stiffly.

    Yuigahama gently raised her head.

    “…That’s why I’ll beat Yukinon.”>

  20. I wonder why Iroha show her true color to Hayama, he clearly know Iroha was acting cute. He said to Hikki that Iroha ALSO show her true self to Hikki. If Iroha likes Hayama, why would she shows him her true color? Added by Hikki that Iroha shows herself to people who she doesn’t want to like her.

    • No she didn’t show her true color when one on one with hayama, but you can see it at her interaction with tobe

    • current Iroha is not the her true self, she just acting cute, and she show that to Hayama and Hachiman. well, she show more her true self to Hachiman in the later though.

    • I think if you like someone you show them only your cute side so that’s why she is not showing Hayama her true side. Also about showing her true side to 8Man there could be two possible reason- 1) She does not care about 8Man 2) She knows that 8Man has seen through her fake personality

  21. Was kaori watching Hikki the whole time, How does she knows hachiman’s reaction for the explosion scene( Sarcastic)

    • Look at the body-language in that scene. Even when she’s talking to him, she’s leaning away from him – even though he’s already leaning away from her. She’s just being deliberately insulting. Maybe he did jump a little bit, but everything she says is skewed by her assumption that he’s a loser and everything he does is inherently ridiculous.

  22. This episode reviews gives great insight and is always something to look forward to. I never really think about this deep while watching and just go with the feels. I’m almost 30, and it’s a first for me that I wanted to read a review after watching an episode. I’m surprised by how many subtleties I miss. Thank you very much for your efforts. Much appreciated.

  23. Yuigahama really is a great girl, she may not be up there academically speaking, but she’s got what really matters

  24. Uh..I’m sure I will cry when THAT SCENE get animated. And heck, if, and only if, yukinoshita’s plea at Disneyland get animated, I’d cry too. From happiness, though. And if I can provide my thought about this story, it is unbelievably good. And Haruno is scary. And yui is scary too. And, above all, hachiman’s trains of thought are too scary to process for ordinary people. The minus is, as in all episode, I think what makes oregairu (the LN) interesting is hachiman’s monologue. The anime omitted that. So you will most probably know what I imply. Ah, and it’s unfortunate that miura pantsu shot didn’t get animated. Yes, thanks for your review, Spyro. Keep up the hard work. (y)

    • I too wanted to see the panties. I am also anticipating THAT SCENE with Totsuka, I anticipate ANY SCENE with Totsuka!

    • Heck, gahama-chan’s resolve is what makes her scary. Not anyone in this series dare to lift a finger against yukinon. And I don’t think she didn’t suffer enough to gather resolve to oppose yuki-hachi directly. 🙂

    • i too miss his monologues a lot, i din’t believe the amount of content anime missed in season 1 till i read light novel. and THAT SCENE, my imagination seems to explode and implode when i think of that scene. i am waiting for ep 8 just for that scene.

  25. Good thing that the drawings “Matured” to match the “drama”. I just can’t imagine this episode with old drawings

    • Yeah the old Yukinon was cuter than she is right now, she’s matured looking which is alright for me, its just she has so much hair. Fly away bangs? Really???

    • Old Yukino looks like someone I would never look up to. She just looked like a regular Highshooler, while the new one actually tries to show assertiveness and that cool atmosphere.

  26. since they are going until volume 10, I hope the novels will go up to vol 13, just like the April fools post for a possible chance for 3rd season. (Greedy much)

    • Nah, I think it will go up to vol 12. If you look at the pattern of the story up until now, every major plot point has been lashed out over 3 volumes. 1-3 Yui and Hachiman’s misunderstanding, 4-6 Yukino’s lie, 7-9 Isshiki’s problem, 10-12? Hayama, Yukino and her family. So there’s reason to believe it will go up to 12, with probably a 12.5 to wrap up the series with their life after the ending.

  27. I have a doubt why did Kaori and friend laughed at Hikki’s suggestion of saizeriya, is it a bad choice . In my country we don’t have Saize so i don’t know?

    • maybe is really common in japan

      volume 8 chapter 5.-

      “Saize, maybe?”

      I thought about how Chiba’s Saizeriya had covered a lot of bases. So my decision came out quickly. But after hearing that, Nakamachi had an apathetic look in her eyes.


      Didn’t you just say you were fine with anything…? So, what? You don’t like Saize? Or is it me you don’t like?

      Actually, forget about me, apologize to Saize right now. Even if you hate me, please don’t hate Saize!

      On the other hand, Orimoto held her stomach while going “Saize… Saize, huh… Sa, i, ze…” and burst out into laughter. As I thought about how we were never going to pick anything at this rate, Hayama came in to mediate.

    • Used to live in Tokyo, ate at Saize pretty often until I discovered other, better restaurants. There’s nothing wrong with Saize, exactly. It’s just like Olive Garden, if you’re from America – tasty mass-produced Italian cuisine for reasonably cheap. They’ve got some pretty good lunch specials, and the drink bar is a real bargain (unlimited espresso? Sold!). When I lived there, I saw plenty of people of all ages going. It was popular with students as well as adults, and much of the clientele consisted of women, so it’s not like the place intrinsically repels the estrogen brigade. I even went on a date there with a girl once – just for dessert. Granted, I never saw her again after that – but she didn’t object to going at least.

      I think they were just being scornful of the choice reflexively. He could have suggested taking them to the same cafe Hayama suggested, but because he said it, it would be a big joke to them. They were just being bitchy.

    • It’s short for Saizeriya. They were also making fun of him for having a nickname for it, in the way American’s might say Mickey-Dees for McDonalds.

      Saizeriya is a chain of Italian style restaurants. They are known for having a cheap menu where you can by everything on it (besides the alcohol and seasonal special dishes) for 26,000 yen. They also have hamburg steaks and a few other non Italian items.

      The food has been reviewed as being pretty cheap in both price and quality, receiving less than 20 out of 100 by food reviews. highschoolers on a budget usually have no problem eating there, and even if the food is low quality, you can get your fill for a low price.

      I’m just guessing here, but it is probably not the place you take a date if you want to impress her. If you want a strange antiequivalent, Olive Garden is an American restaurant, the food is not as cheap, and the quality is slightly higher, but chicks really dig Italian food. Most girls wouldn’t know good cuisine if you slapped them in the face with it, so you can usually impress them with Olive Garden, and the service is pretty good and that’s all that most people care about.

      (Don’t ever look up ratings for restaurants on yelp or any social networking sites if you are interested in the QUALITY of the FOOD. Every one of those ratings is based on SERVICE. Service is the best spice for awful food, most of these reviewers have unrefined garbage palates.)

  28. okay clearly if your read the light novels you´ll see that hachiman thoughts gives a real meaning on how he really doesnt care about some things (like orimoto making jokes or hayama “To the rescue”)

    in the other side, can someone explain me if the trama of the light novels series of OREGAIRU reaallly finishes at volumen 10/11? or is the last that we´ll si in a few months??

  29. Next Episode: The Scent of Tea No Longer Fills That Room.

    Good to know the one title I’ve been hoping for made it. I really liked that ending for volume 8. The result of his solution, and his feeling of regret….
    I really hope Feel keeps it up with the expressions and body language, despite going through the chapters so fast.

  30. Hey, That’s Komachi’s cellphone. She tells him to leave it on the table when he’s done. Haruno didn’t have Hachiman’s number, but she and Komachi exchanged numbers during the culture festival, and she came part of Haruno’s spy network.

  31. The superficial relationship were desired by Hayama, Miura and Ebina. Even though Hikki hated it, he had to use such a method for their sake , not for himself. Doesn’t Yukino realize this????

    • Hayama, Miura, Ebina don’t view those relationships as superficial. Those relationships are important to them. Hikigaya picked up on this, and so his thoughts on such things changed a little.

    • Actually globaltornado, there’s some indication that Hayama and Ebina know their relationships are superficial in some degree. Remember in the scene before the confession, Hachiman says to Hayama that, ““…If your relationship goes downhill from just this alone, then maybe it wasn’t that kind of relationship you thought it was”. In response, Hayama doesn’t deny it, but he still cherishes his relationships with his friends, and he wants to keep everything as it is (With Hachiman inferring that Hayama doesn’t want to repeat a past mistake). In that same scene, Hayama also infers that Ebina may feel the same way, and later on in the scene with Ebina talking to Hachiman after the confession, she states that she wants to keep everything as it is, and she doesn’t want anyone to understand her as long she is “rotten”. It implies that they’re not deluding themselves completely, and they want to maintain their relationships, regardless of the superficiality (and as Hachiman appropriately said to Hayama, “The things you don’t want to lose are more important than the things you can gain.”). Both characters are aware of this weakness in their group they don’t want to lose what they have, which is why those relationships are important to them enough that Ebina and Hayama relied on Hachiman, and etc.

      Now for Muira, I don’t really know but from her conversation with Hachiman in the convenience store, it looks like she’s aware of Ebina but she doesn’t quite understand that degree of conviction that both Hayama and Ebina have for maintaining the status quo, so she might not be aware of the superficiality in their group (though Hachiman says in volume ten that she picked up the two’s intentions during the field trip, so it kind of depends how much credit you can give Muira since she might be as perceptive as Ebina and Hayama).

    • What i’m saying is that them three requested for such static relationship and Hikki just accepted their request. So its not like Hikki himself wanted for their superficial relationship.

    • In a nutshell, what Yukino hate is Hikigaya sacrifice himself for something that they both see as something superficial, and for worse, both Yui and Yukino didn’t know Ebina and Hayama’s request.
      well, Hikigaya used to operating without considering others, so he didn’t consider Yukino and Yui in his method, at least in this case.

    • i think ebina find a save haven in hayama cs group, i think not many group kind enough to accept BL lover like ebina and the reason she hate herself was maybe she have some kind of trauma like hachiman so eventhough she want a friendship, she doesn’t want people to know her much because she was afraid.

    • @rinneganfire
      Yukino also looks at the big picture though. I’m sure she knew but she also knew he didn’t get to the heart of the problem and help Tobe to realize Ebina wasn’t ready to open her heart. He also hurt himself in the process. That’s the whole reason why she’s upset. Superficially fixing the problem and hurting himself.

      I’m pretty sure your question was answered by broditora before lol
      I don’t think it’s 1) her being a fujoshi or 2) relying on superficial relationships. Why does it have to be those 2 options?
      I’m fairly certain it’s something about her personality (something she doesn’t want her clique to know). There’s probably some reason she doesn’t want to open her heart.

    • @Yithar tehe I forgot
      And wait How did you gave link to a particular comment please teach me and when you are at it please teach me how to post images in comments. No is really answering me

  32. What will Kaori thinks of Hachiman, after leaning something about him from this incident and the Christmas conference?

  33. Iroha : “Senpai, what’re you doing here? out having some fun?”

    what Hachiman read between lines : “You’ve got some balls to be goofing off with chicks while you’ve got work to do”

    Damn, ahahaha….. Hachiman’s ability to read those hidden words really amazing…

  34. Question: Does Hachiman like Yukino? I might have missed something, I only started reading Vol.8 of the light novels…

    • It could be Haruno is the one he likes/idolizes. I believe she once mentioned they had both been chasing after her, or that she had been meddling with them. Maybe they could have had a relationship at one point but perhaps Haruno meddled. Or maybe the split of their friendship had nothing to do with her.

      Was the one-sided affection Hayama had for Haruno or Yukino? If it was for Yukino, was that the reason she was picked on and harassed by other girls, and Hayama never did anything to stop it?

    • @globaltornado “It could be Haruno is the one he likes/idolizes. I believe she once mentioned they had both been chasing after her, or that she had been meddling with them.”
      The he here is hayama right?

  35. Kaori must be responsible for ” I hate nice girl”.She must have talked to him casually which Hachiman misunderstood but that doesn’t give her rights to ridicule him.

    2.From this episode we get a glimse of how everyone treated Hachiman in the past ,It is similar to Rumi case and must be same like Yukino’s past (It ‘s alright Hachiman we all get where you came from)

    3.Kaori to ridicule Hachiman is something from past, but her friend Chika is worst then her. To make fun off some one she never knew just to make Hayama look great doesn’t need to belittle Hachiman

    • I completely sensed that… “I’m in love…” she says! Hiki does hates nice girls(like Yui) yet that nice girl really loves him… I wonder who he ends up with? Yukino or Yui? Some said that he might not end up with someone in the end…

    • hachiman wont end up with anyone i guess, since they will go seperate way after graduate, from hachiman logic, everyting will be reset

    • We forget that Hikkigaya is changing into something else… There is a chance he lets his “wants” happen instead of the most logical result. He could go for one of them instead, I mean his dream job is to be a stay-at-home bum -_-

      When you think about it, if he ever does the logical route, he would try to find a caring wife… Damn kid, he has so much potential working in the higher echelons of society and he might waste it for his dreams or his genuine thing… :/ I mean yeah those girls are sweet n’ all but doesn’t he at least want to try and become the new ‘king’? They don’t necessarily need to be in the forefront, usually the men in power always hide and have the same thought structure as Hikkigaya. Such a waste of talent…

    • Yes, talented people like Hikki that you mentioned were called Melancholies… Talented loners in other words, its up to Watari-san tho. Whether he ends up with no one or get married in the future!

    • @sha
      Newsflash. He isn’t, check S1 episode 9 he’s pretty sensitive with those kind of things, even said it himself. He stopped Yui once already from confessing to him. 🙂

  36. i have a question
    In light novel when Meguri senpai explains her expectation of Yukino being president ,Yui being vice president. when she tells Hikigaya as General affairs he repeats with the question why me general affairs?

    1.what is general affairs job ?
    2.why was hikki not happy about it?
    3.was there any sarcasm or in joke in it?
    because it was mentioned that meguri laughed at Hachiman’s reaction

    • General affairs = He gets all the odd jobs and grunt work, but non of the prestige. He’s basically got the lowest rank and is there just to be ordered around.

  37. Just to put my thought out here, shouldn’t Hikki and Yukino have sorted out their priorities. I mean, with their last request going haywire during the field trip, shouldn’t they consider which requests would they be able to fulfill without messing with their own principles or ideals and not take a bullet to themselves??
    The last request, while both Hikki and Yukino practically dropping it, was taken up due to Yui’s pleading in helping Tobe. They should now really properly think about their ability and scope of helping with their requests while simultaneously not having problems themselves. BTW I know such requests are crucial for bringing out the differences in opinions of Hikki and Yukino,

    • Tobe’s request was taken up by the Service Club. Ebina’s request was taken up by Hachiman. See the difference? Not much teamwork there. Hachiman basically took it upon himself to fulfill Ebina’s request while also fulfilling Tobe’s.

    • @globaltornado: I don’t agree that one of Yukino’s principles is “nobles oblige” because she hasn’t really used or discussed about her status when it came to helping people or during club requests. Yukino does give off that dignified and graceful aura, but I don’t think she’s the kind of person who would have sense of duty to rely on status, but more on her experience and virtues.

    • @dualash7. Yes Yukino is not like that but she did mentions about it in the first episode and also imn the light novel that it is her duty to lead others like that but only once after that there is not a single hint of it,Probably it was her approach trying to help Hachiman

    • @Anonymous: Hachiman does refer to “noblesse oblige” when Yukino says its her duty to help Hachiman, but did she actually mean what she said? That makes me curious how she got into the Service Club in the first place, and what pushed her to help people? Because she never seemed like the kind of person to have her status as part of her reasons for helping people. But Yukino does tease Hachiman every once in a while so I think it was just as you said, its her approach to helping Hachiman.

    • You’re taking it too literal. She helps people because she’s so adept. The strong help the weak, and everyone is weaker than her. She wants to prove her abilities, to herself most of all. Although she’s not the type to lord her superiority over others to belittle them.

      Her competitive nature is a running theme

    • @globaltornado: I wasn’t disagreeing with what you said, Yukino does help people partly because she can and she helps people regardless that she knows them or not. And one of the possible reasons for helping people could be that she’s trying to get away from Haruno’s influence and prove herself , just as you said. I do disagree, however, of the phrase “noblesse oblige” because even if Yukino referred to it as one of her reasons for helping Hachiman in volume one, she doesn’t refer to her upbringing when it comes to her motivations. I just think there’s a better word for one her principles (Also competitive nature isn’t exactly a theme but a trait which describes her personality)

  38. I finally got used to Isshiki and her voice, She is really cute when showing her true color they really did a good animating job of that?

    • You’re welcome.

      In this case I prefer Commie’s translation because words have a primary meaning and words also have a connotation/feeling they give off. For example, 死ぬ気 (shinuki) can be translated as “Dying Will.” But the Japanese word itself has a really strong connotation. And dying will in English doesn’t give the same feeling/connotation (“‘Shinuki de,’ synonymous, indicates strong resolve to the point of willingness to die.”).

  39. To Excorsism about Yui line of “suki” [HorribleSubs] use ” Like ” in translate when Yui said ” I Like this club ” and she repeat it again ” I.. like it “. You think the translate of ” suki ” between [Commie] which is ” I’m in love with this Club ” and [HorribleSubs] ” I like this Club ” which one is more affective in the scene or it just the same?

    I think [Commie] use ” suki ” which is ” in Love with ” make alot of people misunderstand that Yui Confess her love to Hachiman for some reason (I Don’t understand that one point) can you please explain why ???

    The music in both Yui and Yukino scene near the end is so amazing and especially the “Hello Alone” Piano music that melt me away. I like how FEEL did it and it they decide to redesign the character same at second season that will be awesome.

    • What’s it matter if the feels are wrong if it makes for an equally good story? Artistic license, and all that.

      I’ve always found it odd how every anime uses the word “like” and never “love” as the translation. Does love not exist as a word in japanese?

    • I think [Commie] used the word “love” rather than like because they went and synchronized it with the body language portrayed at that scene…I mean cmon, she was clearly referring to liking/loving something else than the club there, for me, it looked like she took that opportunity to just speak her feelings towards Hachiman while in the guise of liking the club only…

    • The word love in japanese is “aishiteru”, but it’s kind of a big deal to say to someone, so they always use “suki” which is the equivalent of like in English.

    • Isn’t that the point? Isn’t it a big deal for those characters when they love someone, but instead they use a less solemn word.

      I like cookies. I like cookies as much as each person in a standard harem anime likes likes the dense mc. Probably more, since cookies and I are childhood friends and I know all about them.

    • lol, yeah, but you have to consider that this is an entirely different culture from the western world. The Japanese are way too formal with each other, so using aishiteru with a boyfriend/girlfriend is too embarrassing for them. They only use it with the person most intimate to them, such as a husband or wife.
      Such a thing is common even in my country (Albania), and we’re barely formal. We never use the word love (te dua/dashuroj) for things, but only for persons, and only for persons we are most intimate with, otherwise we usually say “I care for you/You’re precious to me” (te kam xhan), especially when it comes to family members.

    • Honestly it’s a hard thing to translate and looking at the LN I can see what Spyro is saying about the difference in feeling.

      In general, I would translate “suki” as love and “dai suki” as really love. In English, we say “I love bread!” like it’s nothing but they don’t literally use the word for love in Korean or Japanese for that because well, are you in a relationship with bread or something? (You’d never say “pan wo aishiteiru” and my mom pretty much said the same thing about Korean once) Even if it wasn’t a romantic situation I’d still translate “suki” as love. Sort of like how “kirai” means you really hate something rather just disliking it.

      And yeah take a look at Yui’s body language. Especially the quick glance with her eyes and her red cheeks. Come on, her body language is screaming that she’s not talking about the club.

    • @Yithar I know the different between ” Suki ” and ” aishiteiru ” but I just need some explaining thing that I misunderstand in my second line. if I ask my Japanese teacher and my underclassman or my Senpai (Japanese Students) they probably say the same thing like your comment.

      The Reason is Both translation group [Commie] and [HorribleSubs] use the difference meaning of ” Suki ” so that made me confuse (maybe Non LN reader or people who dont know Japanese too of they watch on [HorribleSubs] one while They on [Commie] first)and about the body language I think I missed some point there ” her red cheeks ” when I was watching the episode.

      Anyway Thank for your explaining.

    • You’re welcome.

      In this case I prefer Commie’s translation because words have a primary meaning and words also have a connotation/feeling they give off. For example, 死ぬ気 (shinuki) can be translated as “Dying Will.” But the Japanese word itself has a really strong connotation. And dying will in English doesn’t give the same feeling/connotation (“‘Shinuki de,’ synonymous, indicates strong resolve to the point of willingness to die.”).

  40. Even after reading LN till volume 8 chapter 5 I can’t really get why does Hayama showed Yukinon and Yui the exchange between him, 8Man and Orimoto-
    1) If he wanted to help 8Man why does he called them?
    2) If he wanted Yukinon to contest in election even then I fail to see the connection between them watching 8Man being saved and Yukinon contesting in election

    • hmm there’s a monolouge by hachiman at that chapter “Really, what a joke. I just didn’t understand what these nice guys were thinking about. Because they were so in love with everyone getting along, they ended up opening up other problems when they try to fix one. I didn’t even ask to be thrown into that CIRCLE either. ” i think hayama trying to make a new circle for hachiman with orimoto of course…but eventually the plan broke down because orimoto proved to be more bitch than expected, and then to help hachiman from insulted again he use yukino and yui presence to shot down orimoto( this is a trait of hayama until vol 10..he will trying to maintain his circle but when everything falling apart he will choose to replace that circle entirely)

    • Hayama’s trying to defend Hachiman, so I think he just called them over just to rub in Orimoto and Nakamachi’s faces and to prove his point.
      Hayama never wanted to have Yukino run in the student council elections nor did he want to either, he was just trying to use that opportunity of Yukino and Yuigahama needing a candidate, that he got Yukino and Yuigahama to come to help defend Hachiman, and possibly to try to settle his guilt since he had to rely on Hachiman which cost him his relationship within the Service Club. It explains why Hayama is not content with how he confronted Orimoto and Nakamachi and why he doesn’t see himself as a nice guy, since he was using Yukino and Yuigahama and he tried to save Hachiman in not the best way possible.

    • Also no, Hayama did not replace his circle. He’s just distancing himself just enough that his group doesn’t pry into which course he’s taking.

    • i think it probably has to do with his confession in volume 10 about wanting Hachiman to be his equal. he was trying to raise Hachiman’s status in the eyes of others. maybe. and it was Haruno who wanted to see Yukino in the election.

    • @dualash7 But hayama could have proven his point without bringing them there. why the need to do so? I think maybe he has some different hidden motive and Yukinon maybe got the motive that’s why she said-“so that’s how is it”. Maybe

    • @Rahul Kumar: The way I see it, its like when Hachiman got Sagami back to her work after he sacrificed himself; he also could have done a better way to resolve the situation, but it was the only way he knew how to do (and it was the most efficient method). Plus I agree with 00rem, its kind of just so Orimoto and Nakamachi saw what kind of people Hachiman was with, and how they were better than the them.

    • I think when Yukino says that, she basically shows that she understands that she’s being used by Hayama. Plus she heard Hayama’s speech so she knows why she was being called to meet Hayama for his reasons rather than discussing about the student council elections. I don’t think there’s much else behind those words except that she understands what was happening in that scene.

  41. @rahul kumar: in vol 10, he not telling anyone what course he will take(science or liberal art) even to miura cs(it’s weird something so simple have to be a secret) so i can assume he trying to smoothly cut his relationship with the pretense of different course, busy with his exam etc.
    if hayama tell his choice of course, almost all of the student will pick the same choice right? especially his circle and girl students

  42. Hopefully the mystery of Yukinon, Haruno, Hayama and their families will be cleared in Volume 11. And what kind of request Yukinon will ask Hachiman…

  43. Your face while doing translations made my day. Now I know it’s not self-sacrifice on your part but rather natural to be you doing 🙂 (sarcastically speaking, and implying Hachiman’s attitude 🙂 )

    • Yeah, Shizuka feels more like Alfred since she gives advice to Hachiman kind of like how Alfred does that to Batman. And I think Hayama could fit Commissioner Gordon, since in some versions Gordon resents Batman early on but later on he uses the batsignal to contact Batman when a supervillain runs amok. That’s roughly like how Hayama needed Hachiman’s help but he still hates what he did during the cultural festival and the field trip.

      Not sure about Isshiki though, I thought she would be like Poison Ivy since they’re both charming but deadly, Bane doesn’t give off that cutesy charm that Isshiki does in front of people.

    • Yeah Hayama and Harvey aren’t really similar. Harvey is a good guy turned evil since his girl died, while Hayama had been masquerading his darker side for a while cause he hates hurting people. Hayama is also the best of Sobu, and has a lot of expectations to answer. Who’s a comic book guy who has to answer expectations? Superman so yeah… Batman v Superman Dawn of Justice woot woot (^_^)/

    • I don’t think Yukino is a prostitute burglar. She’s more like Morgan Freeman. Always wise, always moral. Sometimes goofy.

    • Catwoman is traitorous and self-serving, then acts purely on emotion later. Kind of the polar opposite of Yukino.

    • Yukidad can be Ra’s al Ghul, then Yukino can be Talia… Meh if this were comics then that would mean Hikkigaya would get a son… An annoying one…

  44. Irohasu should have been at least Talia al Ghul. I thought Hayama being “two-face” is a pretty good choice.

  45. Spyro, i think you should put images only when you see something really worth mentioning related to the image.
    That way you should reduce the number of images without altering the quality of the posts 🙂

  46. Woah, am I the only one who interpreted Hayama’s action as a dick move. He used Hachiman and Haruno so that Yukino and yui wont ask him to be the president. It is the thing Haruno was talking about with hachiman on the phone … on why is hayama insisting hachiman to come on the date so much.

    • I think that Hayama wanted to improve Hachiman’s image.
      The first time , when Haruno called Hayama to meet Orimoto and the other one, Hayama witnessed how Hachiman was treated poorly by Orimoto.
      Feeling guilty about what happened to Hachiman after the school trip , he wanted to repair at least a bit to the damage the whole thing caused in Hachiman’s relationship with Yukino and Yui.
      I doubt Hayama never wondered why Yukino and Yui are the only one handling the whole Student Council problem.
      Hayama is also quite good at reading the mood, so he probably guessed it. Feeling guilty, he wanted to repair Hachiman’s reputation a bit.

    • @Christian Hayama, wanted to show Hikkigaya that there are people who hold him high. Hayama was trying to do a Hikki move basically… And the results did show and Hayama got what he wanted(Hikki gettin a rep boost), but like the Hikki move there were “other” effects(Haruno’s talk with Yukino, Hikkigaya getting pissed). More importantly, that shows how quick Hikki’s methods get sour, and I think Hikki’s methods are d*ck moves that’s why Hayama did it.

      Also… why the hate so much on Hayama?? O_o I’ve seen more d*ck moves done by Hikki and Haruno than him, yet they’re one of the favs in the series…

    • @reader, that different, hikki never want and ask to be helped, that what make him piss off to hayam

    • @Anonymous, well the same could be said with Tobe’s confession. Tobe wanted a wingman not someone who prevents the confession. If it were a person who wasn’t as friendly as Tobe, Hachiman would’ve got heavy flak from that guy. All of Hikkigaya’s methods aren’t really something I want to see or experience. Remember Rumi Tsurumi? You think she’ll suddenly get friends after Hikkigaya’s fiasco? What about Sagami, she didn’t really grow into something better, she ended up a victim. Hachiman’s tactics are efficient when you take literal goals to account, but he fails miserably in ensuring a long term solution.

      Conclusion: Hikkigaya really is one of the people who you shouldn’t hire for growth and improvement, that goes to yukino’s department(Totsuka training, Zaimokuza and his works.), what he does best is alternative solutions or cover ups (Kawasaki scholarship, Group unity, quick fixes etc.). So yeah the guy is cool and all to watch, but not really someone I would befriend. At most I’d have fun pushing his buttons ’cause “those kind of people who speak when spoken are really the best!” -Yukinoshita Haruno 🙂

    • @ChristianI was also confused that whether Hayam called Yui and Yukinon for his hidden desire or for helping 8Man . But everyone is saying that he did that for helping 8man

    • @Anonymous I think Hayama is a character who should be pitied instead of hating
      @Reader Well about Sagami case his mission was to help Yukinoshita in her promise. So he used rather good method. It saved Sagami from being hated and she was able to fulfill her duty as president.Also what is wrong with befriending 8Man? I fail to understand the relation you mentioned between his method and the act of befriending him

    • u dont get it,tobe didnt want wingmans but he doesnt want to be rejected,other hand ebina knew tobe gonna confess that why she came to service club and only hikki who understand beside that hayama wanna keep status quo

    • @Anonymous Tobe’s request was not to get Ebina to accept the confession, his request was them to help him confess(aka play cupid/ wingmen). Also I’m talking about the Service club goals not Hikkigaya’s solo quests. Tobe came there for help for his love problems (we exclude Hina and Hayato’s request because that was a request for Hikkigaya ONLY), and asked if they can help him try and get a chance to confess to Hina. Of course, the group accepted (take note the group composes of Hikkigaya, Yui, and Yukino). The two request by Hayama and Ebina were not for the Service Club but for Hikkigaya himself. This has been done before with the Sagami issue when Yukino asked Hikkigaya to “persuade” Sagami to come back, with Yukino believing that their goals are in-sync (Convincing Sagami to grow up and become better.), it wasn’t… Hikkigaya saw no need(and time) to give her a sweet talk, apparently it went against his tastes, so he did his own methods that got Sagami to come back. Unfortunately, his actions did not really help Sagami improve it just made her follow orders,but it helped Yukino finish her job. Did he do his job as a club member that ensures that Sagami would grow as a person by supporting her in the Cultural Festival? Not really. Did he finish Yukino’s request to get Sagami to ? Yeahp. Do a recap on Rumi Tsurumi also, the girl didn’t want help but they gave “help” anyways, which by the way is uncool(They probably traumatized the kids cause of that, and that would be bad for their families also their future).

      The same goes for the Tobe-plot. Instead of choosing to give Tobe a shot at what he wanted(That is to confess; win or lose, Tobe told Hikkigaya that he is willing to risk everything for that moment), he went for the “Status Quo Balance”(Hayama, Hina’s request.) which was not the Service club goal thus causing mistrust and shattered expectations from his group(Yukino and Yui). We talk about Hikkigaya being batman, but is he really? Batman is a symbol of hope for those who respect order and fear for those who despise it, he is a man who sees the world in a series of shades of black and white making him someone who goes against sophistry and corruption; Hikkigaya is a person who follows a creed of sophistry (“What happens in my life is mine alone”) which is very selfish if you think about it, I mean it’s not always about him but apparently he thinks it should when he’s in the picture. Hikkigaya is no savior nor hero, you’ll see soon enough that his actions now will greatly make him doubt his beliefs. 🙂

      @Rahul Kumar Her request was to grow as a person and become a” GOOD” president for the Cultural Festival. Both Hikkigaya and Yukino did no such thing to try and improve her as a person nor as the leader. And like I said from my earlier statements ^^paragraph 1 of the reply^^ Hikkigaya only did a “Private” goal (Yukimnoshita’s request, not the service club) so yeah we agree on that, though Yukino never said to Hikkigaya to make sure Sagami comes here with a clean slate and stuff.

      People like Hikkigaya are one of the most terrifying people you would meet if you meddle with them irresponsibly. All that effort for a person(regulars) trying to befriend people like him would have to sacrifice a lot for a low yield of benefits, only to be destroyed by their(Hikkigayas and/or Regulars) antics. These people are monsters all right, and like monsters they’ve gotta be controlled. If we let them free like Hikkigaya, then we would see a lot of changes in society. Changes that happen to quickly; and things that are done hastily are usually not really made in good quality. So how do you control these monsters of self-conciousness? Answer their assumptions, make them feel content, keep them in a box so you can play with them anytime and if things get real hot, you break them from the inside out(not literally though). People like him are known as Game-Changers, they add color to this canvas but too much colors would be chaotic for society. So yeah, they’re fun to play with 🙂

    • @Reader Man your english is so awesome, mine is not that goodso please bear it with it
      First for Rumi case. What Hikigaya did there was absolutely right. I am not in favour of tormenting children but Hikigaya attempt to show the children how rotten they were was right. And at last his plan was to come in front of them and declare that it was a prank. So they were not actually going to hurt them. People or Children likes them think that what they are doing is only for fun but it actually leaves deep scars in the victims ( If you have read Eji Mikage’s Zeroth Maria you will understand)

      Now about Sagami case Hikkigaya did not give her a sweet talk not because it went against his tastes but because it would not have worked ( read that chapter again or watch the episode for understand more)

      Now 8Man is compared to Batman because both of them are Dark Knight or Dark hero.
      A dark knight/Hero is not the one who is a symbol of hope for those who respect order and fear for those who despise it but the one who is identified as very human. This person may have good intentions but has flaws of human nature (drug addictions, lust, etc.) or commits acts as to an extreme. Take for instance: A person who kills evil men that are murderers. OR A dark hero would be someone who throughout the novel or series, the character is a bully, or pretends not to help the protagonist, or the main character in the book. But in the end, they end up to be the good guy and saving everyone, but doesn’t exactly get the credit for it. But the reader knows that they are the hero because if it wasn’t for them, the protagonist wouldn’t have succeeded in the book or series. This is also known as the “unsung hero”, because the dark hero doesn’t get the credit for what he had done that was good or of help.
      After reading it you will understand that he is the one =D

      Also I can’t really understand your argument for why befriending people like 8Man wold be bad. Could you please explain it simply I am really looking forward for you explanation.

    • @Reader Ah also I wanted to ask you something else “Also… why the hate so much on Hayama?? O_o I’ve seen more d*ck moves done by Hikki and Haruno than him, yet they’re one of the favs in the series…”

      I can understand about Haruno but none of the action of hikigaya seems bad about to me. Can you please ecplai me.

      Sorry for all the trouble and if I offended you in any way

    • Guys don’t criticize Hachiman’s way
      his ways may not be long term but efficient and non wounding to anyone else.
      @rumi case, if you read the light novel, it is clear that they just bully her for fun and no reason which will turn Rumi into bad influence and memory for the rest of her life. We can’t make a star shape fit in a circle slot, meaning we can’t force friendship.other kids with character like yui’s were afraid to befriend Rumi because they didn’t want to be next target with the floating rumors and laughter.Hachiman felt with the friends like them isn’t needed so he devised a plan to show them that they were not better. It is definitely long term, even they may not befriend her but atleast they won’t bully her which yukino said will follow her to middle school than to high school Hachiman saved her

      @ sagami case , she did say she wanted growth but not literally she meant in class status equal to Yumiko, not doing anything but command others.She just wanted title chairwoman and pushes the work on to Yukino till the very end.When Yukino recieved the spot light she wanted to direct it back on her like a drama queen. Tell me doesn’t she need a scolding for action or what.But Hachiman ‘s motive were different to guilt her and make her take up the role. again a long term ideology

      @tobe request. There is a possibility tobe’s friend ooka and Yamato might spread the rumors of his rejection. after all they did spread rumors about each other(chain message) In light novel other than tobe and Yui. none supported , Yumiko & Hayama stayed aloof, Yamato& Ooka just felt it like amusement.Their group might have split or excluded tobe. Hina & Hayama felt the same outcome

      Yukino is angry not because of the outcome but because Hachiman degrade himself.

      If any one disagrees with me. Then tell me what you would have done and i will predict the outcome of your method.
      Hachiman did every thing with consideration of all but he doesn’t understand the feelings of Yui& Yukino that is where he lags

      If you think Hayama’s marathon solution is best.Than you are wrong,Yes no one was hurt but not genuine answer.What if Isshiki and Yumiko tries to confess to him, definitely he doesn’t seems to have feelings for any of those two for the time period.He will definitely turn them down and they will get hurt

    • @Anonymous You have misunderstanding m8 i am not criticizing his way of doing things I am standing up for me. Well I have also got a personal reason for doingso.
      And Hayama’s dream of creating a world where no one is hurt is impossible because saving one person means not being able to save another

    • @Reader Tobe also mentioned that he didn’t want to get rejected since it would be painful watch the anime again you will find the final wordings

    • @Anonymous well I see where you are coming from, Hikkigaya is an individual who believes in his superiority. He thinks he has gone ahead of the pack and evolved into something better. I too thought there was something special but what he told Hayama, about minding his own business, made me question whether he is the pinnacle of what’s right with society or just another dreamer. Unfortunately he is still the latter.

      Hikkigaya said it himself: “The things that happen in front of me are mine alone… Don’t stick your nose where it doesn’t belong”, so why does he intervene with other people’s lives when he won’t let others do it for him(Except for the Service Requests and his Solo Quests, cause that’s his workload apparently)? Yes for the @Rumi case I know that the girls were being horrible people, but did they (Service Club and Hayato Clique) have the right to intervene if Hikkigaya truly believed in what he says (Minding your own business)? If what you said about Hikkigaya proving friendship is unnecessary then don’t you think doing that fiasco altogether is saying that Hikkigaya is trying to prove to them(Club n Clique) that he is right? That would mean that he isn’t above them since he has to prove his methods work. And speaking of the method, did it actually work? I mean did Rumi get better, did she want to see people suffer? That method of his harmed all of the kids, making them all broken loners. Is this what your favourite character wanted? More people like him to live in this world? Looking at it now, the whole situation could’ve worked better if you gave something to Rumi that she can cling onto. The world today requires social interaction and ostracizing will be abundant, but that shouldn’t mean it should revolve around it. I know many people who have no circles of friends and get bullied by different circles but think about it: they do that out of fun but not cause they hate you. The world is a very harmful place if you look into one frame of it only; try looking at the bigger picture and you’ll find yourself laughing in what people fear and love.

      For @Sagami’s case she wanted to grow as an individual, regardless if it meant by popularity or value, so she went(to the service club) and asked for help that will let her achieve that goal. Club head agreed to do it for herself so that meant Hikkigaya had no right to jump in and help(Following what he said in the 2nd par, 1st sentence). So yeah Yukinoshita, being awesome as always outshines Sagami(apparently Yukinoshita wanted to do the work of being the Cultural Festival de facto leader instead of trying to help Sagami (Either via making her look good or playing Advisor) so Haruno comes in and f***s things up and makes Sagami a bigger fool than before and what does Yukino do? Nothing, she just continues her job and so Hikkigaya jumps in to the rescue cause Yui that’s why. With Hikkigaya being all agressive and hostile towards Sagami’s choices the council improves in efficiency and Yukino takes over. Sagami left out sees that she can’t reach her goals, her failing in the intro speech secures her assumption and so she does what she thought best: she ran. Fast-forward and Hikkigaua is tasked with finding Sagami. He does find her but realizes she’s a wreck. Hayama joins in and goes for the “It’s ok baby, Imma here for ya” to try and convince Sagami (this could have worked by the way. Relieving stress to an individual and playing a great courtier/servant will always make the King a slave to the servant, Sagami is dependent on attention and that’s what was needed); Hikkigaya also did a similar one, albeit a more crude way of convincing people, and was able to break Sagami to the point of being a puppet. Hikkigaya’s quest was achieved but was Yukino’s? Nope. Sagami didn’t grow as a person or become more popular, she became a victim. So while we commend him from finishing his quests, he also destroyed any chance of Sagami becoming better(for now at least).

      For @Tobe it’s pretty simple. Hikkigaya accepts Tobe’s request(Play wingman and allow Tobe to confess), then Ebina/Yumiko(kind of)/Hayato’s request (Stop it from happening, because apparently they want to enjoy their fragile world a little more) so he has two requests that contradict and only one can be accomplished. Hikkigaya chose the latter and saved something he despised. When he did it with Sagami, it was cause he hated people like that; but this was different, he defended something he hated (Fragile relationships). He did what he wanted instead of allowing the Service Club to accomplish its goal (Tobe-Confess, regardless of any outcome), heck even Tobe was willing to throw everything away and a rejection would hurt yes, but it would still be genuine and Tobe was okay with that. And friendships may perish that doesn’t mean the memories are gone. You can still enjoy each other once in a while just not the same as always.

      In short, Hikkigaya does things on a higher degree of impulse than actual vision making. His actions and behavior always focuses mostly on what is happening now rather than the future of things. So no, he isn’t someone to give high regards as a savior, he’s very similar to us (confused, hypocritical, boastful) just a litlle bit more self righteous, and extreme than most of us(I mean who would actually do those things in real life, getting flakked by everyone? that is so weird).

      P.S. You know the moment you stop criticizing a person, is the moment you allow yourself to be fooled and hurt.

      @Rahul Kumar thank you for the complement. 🙂 Moving on to answer your queries…

      Well Batman more or less is a man of principle; Hikkigaya is a man of impulse. Batman fights crime because he sees the need of a symbol; Hikkigaya does things because he wants to. Batman believes in order while Hikkigaya prefers isolation. Sure they sacrifice a lot of things to achieve their goals but that doesn’t necessarily mean they are very alike. Most superheroes and vigilantes sacrifice a lot and have principles to achieve their goals(Be it saving lives or the need of order). Doesn’t Spiderman sacrifice himself a lot for New York? What about Superman? Green Lantern? Captain America? Heroes do it not only ’cause they want to, they do it because there is a need to do it. Hikkigaya says it needed to be done, but did it? He uses those words to justify what he did was right (Even admitted it in Tobe Plot), so I do not see him as batman. He is a BIG liar.

      Hikkigaya doesn’t take into account the feelings of others. When someone doesn’t take that into account, he’s pretty much being a d*ck. Also he said the line “The things that happen in front of me are mine alone… Don’t stick your nose where it doesn’t belong” which was really rude considering he has done that many times… so yeah, Hikkigaya you mean. 😦

      Befriending people like that more or less will do you harm than good. Look at how many times Yui got hurt when Hikki goes Hikki. Ignoring the happiness she gets and focusing more on the benefits, all you get is a motor mouth complaining about how life is unfair and how other people should go f*** themselves (Hikkigaya’s words) so that really isn’t something you would want to do all the time. Another thing is that he is a bit more of a Narcissist than most people, and he doesn’t really have proof why he is good. I met a girl exactly like him and we tended to clash a lot to the point of something resembling how Hikkigaya and Yukino dish things out, and let me tell ya that it takes a lot of work to make her happy just like Hikkigaya :/ and I guess you could say that the world has enough realists to say “This sucks” but not enough idealists to say “We can go higher.”

      P.S. I’m pretty sure Hayama knows that the world you say he wants to have can’t come true (the guy thinks like Hikkigaya… almost at least), he is just expected to say that since people expect him to do so.

    • @Reader Well In Rumi case there may be two reasons why he helped her
      1) He saw himself in Rumi. He was also treated like that (badly) in elementary and middle school(we can get a glimpse of it by the fact that whole school laughed on him when he went to collect award in middle school). He is not a loner because he wants to. He says good things about loner to soothe his heart. That’s why he helped Rumi. He did not wanted her to be like him
      2) He saw Yukino in her. And Yukino decided to help her. Now everything is fare in love and war. He loves Yukinon that’s why he helped her for Yukinoshita. He changed his principles to help Yukinoshita. That’s why I always say he love her

    • @Reader Also you are taking bullying rather casually.There are many cases in which people do suicide cause of bully. And bullying is primarily done for fun not because you hate a person. I know so because I done so. But those who do do it for fun are even worse than those who do it cause of hate. Eji Mikage’s san in one of his novel said that those who do bad things unknowingly are worst cause they don’t think about what will happen to the victims and no matter what you do you can’tchange these kind of people.

      Also Hikigaya’s plan was not entirely wrong. He wanted to show each of them that your friendship is shallow and they might have done a few introspection and all of them would have become good friends.

      Also giving Rumi to cling into something would not have changed her situation. She might have got few hours of solace then what. She would not friends in school. She might have felt lonely and could have hating himself for not being able to make friends while all her classmates were enjoying. It take guts to be alone and not be jealous of those who are enjoying when you are yourself in desperate situation. I didn’t had that gut. Only 8Man have it.

      8Man plan might not have been perfect but there was not anything else they could have done except this one, had they? Try to give this a thought

    • @Reader Now for Sagami case. Try to be in shes of 8Man. There is a person about whom you care and someone is using that person for his/her own pesonal advantage and the person about whom youcare is being broken from insde and suffering. What would you do?

      8Man is a good person that’s whyhe saved Sagami from everyone wrath. If I was in 8Man shoes and someone was hurting the man about whom I cared I would have fuc**d that guy.No really I would have tormented that guy so much that he will pray to dieeven if it meant my life being destroyed.
      And 8Man was saving Yukinon why the hell should he care about the growth of sagami. Iam telling you he is a nice guy that’s why he helped Sagami in the last. His priority was saving Yukinoshita not fulfilling sagami request but still he saved her

      And aboutthe scene interrace he did so for two reasons
      1)Hayama’s convincing Sagami was taking time
      2)To save Sagami by making victim which I personally think he should not have done

    • @Reader About Tobe confession He kinda did it in emotion by seeing pitiful state of Hayama, Miura, Ebina
      And I personally don’t know itwas right or wrong, So I can’t pass a judgement

    • @Reader Reader san you have got it wrong 8Man is not compared with Batman because he is a hero of justice bt because he is a dark knight like batman i.e Sacrifice himself like Batman to save others. And 8Man saves others you have to accept that. And he is a dark hero you are supposed to hate him didn’t you read the defination of dark hero?

    • Also there is a good reason why Hikigaya does not want other people to butt in in his life. You might have understood it if you have read Zeroth Maria but Mikage sensei. But I will answer you about that after thinking a bit probably in next post by Spyro san. Like I said my english is not that good like you so I will have to think for a bit. Please look forward toit and to my thoughts on befriending people like Hikigaya

    • @Reader If I offended you in any way very very sorry.
      Like I said before your english is very good and your thoughts are also very good (i hope you are able to understand what I am saying)
      My english is not very good so please bear with it
      Also your comments really help me to understand the plot and the characters better.
      It also helps me to understand human nature in better way.
      So please remain in contact with me I have only time till 20 or 28 May(90 percent chance)
      I am realy looking forward to your words. It helps me to relax and clear my mind ^_^

    • @Reader
      It is clear you haven’t read the Light novel.Hachiman gives of every single reasons for his actions in his monologue and also predicts what would happen if he didn’t do anything
      And also Hachiman doesn’t butt into other business as much as he wanted to help them in his heart, if you read LN you will see ,he simply ignores them at first until someone gives him the reason to act so. After all he is a monster of logic.
      Hayama despite his way but not the result
      @ tobe request, tobe clearly said he doesn’t want to get rejected so he gives Hina to express her piece of mind and didn’t let tobe get rejected

    • WOAH! O_O This is getting out of hand… lemme add more fire to the furnace. >:)

      @Anonymous, you take Hikkigaya’s words too factual. If the guy (Hikkigaya) jumps in to the rescue when hearing reasons(logical or not) means he was really concerned for that person, not because of logic. I’m surprised you try to justify that his actions are correct when he is the only source on that, meaning his thoughts are always programmed to say he did the right thing(Talking about Pre- Vol 9). I know this is just a story to some people and people tend to put themselves in the shoes of the protagonist, but sometimes you have to question whether the protagonist is leaning to what you consider right or down right insane. Also I did read the Light Novels, please do not accuse unsupported claims on me that’s mean 😦

      Now Tobe is a haphazard guy, more go with the flow than thinking, so you might think he would always want the easier way. That easier way would be to get an inside man(or girl) and check whether he has a chance with Hina. But that wasn’t what he wanted, he wanted to convey his feelings to her regardless of whether she would reject it or not. And who wouldn’t be happy to find out before something happens, that’s a normal response, but the thing is he still wanted to confess. Hikkigaya took away something important to the guy, think of it as a mother keeping her kid’s late pet(dieded) to prevent the kid from getting even sadder. Tobe isn’t a kid though, so I think the guy could have survived that and still could have salvaged something, I mean it’s Tobe we are talking about… The guy is an optimist. Do note I am only talking about Tobe’s side not the other one(Hayama n Ebina).

      @Rahul Kumar dude, take it easy. I can read what you post just fine… I think. Also I feel no need to get offended by any of your responses. The fact that you had the time to critique proves I may be something bigger in your life >:)

      Bullying is everywhere: in our household, work, campus, heck even when we’re alone. It won’t be stopped unless we follow Hayama’s footsteps and that would be catastrophic. Imagine a world with no hate, no love, no envy, no pride and pretty much emotion itself; It would be worthless to live in, nothing to do with meaning, nothing to believe in. Bullying, though bad, is a part of our lives we must accept and there are many ways to live with it. I for one do the mirror effect(Basically copying their reactions and movements) which irritates the clique making them fight each other instead(Feel sorry for them though :/).

      The thing to cling on is not something tangible. One of the few things Hikkigaya and I agree about is the search of that genuinity. It is something we can only see, something we only want and something people can never take away from us. You know what would have been nicer than destroying relationships? Giving Rumi a chance to find her purpose in life. I mean she is a woman right? She is a strong and independent woman who don’t need no hachiMAN in her life… lol. Anyways, giving a purpose to a lost soul is a nice and effective way to bring individuals into your fold or make them become something better.

      And before I forget, apparently we view batman differently. Hachiman is a growing teen who developed a different view of life compared to his generation. A person seeing himself as a step ahead than the rest, caring only for things that affect him. Apparently those things include: Family, Confessions, Hot Girl, Little Girl, Cool Girl, Old Girl, Tough Girl, Girl?, Confessed-to-Girl, Rotten Girl, STUCO Girls, Too Close Girl!, oh Yukihistory and Yukifamily. While Batman is BATMAN! He gets things done cause he’s BATMAN!

    • @Reader Giving Rumi a chance to find her purpose in life sound like a good answer the chances of this working are highly low. First of all Rumi does not wanted to do anything to change her situation remember she did not had a little enthusiasm to do so. Also 8Man has seen Yukinon and Himself, they were on their own and could not make their situation better. So he stopped believing that anyone can overcome this problem on own. Are you getting what I am trying to say? If you will see every people giving a particular exam and failing in that. You will doubt that anyone can pass that exam.

      About Batman I will try to reply in post about episode 5. Let’s take our talk there. I highly doubt any of us will want to go to post about episode 4 when there wil be episode 5. It will be troublesome for both of us.

      And yep you are now really important for me now. You see I have a kind of problem. There are things in my mind which do not form words when comes to my mouth. I don’t know why? But when I am debating with you words start flowing like river. That’s why you may have noticed this is my first time writing so much big comments or you may not have noticed.

      I hope you will keep keep with my selfish request and keep in contact with me in post about voume 5. If you will read this please reply in Okay or something so that I will knowyou have read this and reply in episode 5 post. If I got answer about Batman thing I will get to you first in next post. Hoping yo hear from you.

  47. speaking of haruno! when she said destroying what she doesn’t like (maybe) also be mean (making someone to leave his/her own character and bringing in his/her true nature!? or simply be mean destroying someone’s ego?

    • @Chari-Kun: I think it would have been better to just refer to the volume chapter since its on this website. Some of these images are taking up a lot of space (Like Morgan Freeman, I mean, we all know what he looks like XD). Plus Rahul will eventually see Yukino’s mother when he gets to read volume ten so….

    • For Totsuka that not gonna happen. I can’t think of this Triangle the only way is to reach conclusion in this series. (Yukino-Hachiman) or (Yui-Hachiman) or ( Yukino-Hachiman-Yui) whatever it is?

  48. Ugh! I want to know who he is gonna end up with right now! Yukino or Yui? Who do you want for him guys? I can’t pick…

    • Yeah, probably Yukino, one said Yui was just a bridge for the two of them. Remember the opening theme of season 2? There was a line in the last lines “In a fairy tale ending” and I always notice in the animes that opening themes always represent the whole season.

      So maybe(my opinion) Yukinoshita and Hayama families are planning to engage Hayato to Yukino and maybe Yukino knows it and doesn’t want that. And told Hikki in Volume 9

      “Someday, help me okay?”

      It might be about the engagement. And the connection to the line “In a fairy tale ending” is that, Yukino loves Hikki, wants to be with him, her mother disapproves(what’s this Romeo and Juliet?), but later knowing more about Hikki, her mom is convinced and approves Hikki for Yukino(that looks like a fairy tale ending)…

      Hayato ends up with Haruno(just maybe)…. And Hikki says at the end “My youth romantic comedy is wrong as I expected” having to end up with a Japanese Princess Yukino. As he did not expect to end up with someone like her. And Yui? She’ll move on… Its just a theory, comment if you have something to say…

    • I would prefer if Hachiman gets Yui.
      Better stories are always the ones that twist the previsions.
      I’d like to think that Hiratsuka-sensei words about “crossing the line for Yukinoshita” meant that. Not a chance, but never give up hope!

      I mean, Yui came after Hachiman and Yukino met, so the Hachi-Yuki ship already sailed.
      It would be boring ( imho ) to have the classical “i love the first person i met in the serie” ending…..

    • @m0h yeah, I love Yui to end up for Hikki too! I just can’t pick from the two in the left and right of the screen…

      Yeah, Yui would be good too, even as a nice girl she has genuine feelings for Hikki…

      Now everybody might hate this, but I’m alright if Yukino ends up with Hayato… If they could just erase the past, and Hayato not being an Idealist and protect Yukino.

      It’s alright too if Hikki does not end up with anyone at all… And no problems…

      I’m alright with everything! Dakara Wataru-sama? Please hurry up and bring us the conclusion of this story! It’s just so amazing!!!

    • I don’t really mind who gets Losergaya-kun, but I do want to see is how realistic the development of that genuine thing affects Hikkigaya. As of now Yukino and Yuigahama’s relationships and how it came to be feel like two different things that can happen. Yui’s is more of the girl likes guy cause reasons… while Yukino’s could lean more to Hikkigaya’s fascination or admiration to her(and possibly she too admires him) that could lead to infatuation and possibly love. Both can happen in real life which is a fun thing to see, since most relationships in romcoms are a bit unreal and farfetched. Would be a sweet thing to see if the process wasn’t lacking and/or unreal, regardless whether the endgirl is a twist or a classic gal. 🙂

    • Yeah, anyone girl is fine as long as there is a good reason… Let’s hope for the best for our loner… And have a FAIRY TALE ENDING like the opening theme of the anime sings…

    • noxera
      somehow, iam agree with u, yukino have been talked about that, beside she ask help to hikki, she said that she will in hikki care this year, i think the novel ending will be about that, and could hikki help yukino, bcoa i been thinking about what hiruka sensei, she said about how hikki couldny help someone who really wanna be helped by him

    • For Totsuka that not gonna happen. I can’t think of this Triangle the only way is to reach conclusion in this series. (Yukino-Hachiman) or (Yui-Hachiman) or ( Yukino-Hachiman-Yui) whatever it is?

    • Hmm After learning everyone comments I think best ending would be Harem ending, by this no one will be hurt. Also knowing 8Man way of doing things he will solve problem of Yukinon temporarily i.e Will break her marriage with Hayama. This seems more like 8Man way of doing things

    • @Rahul Kumar I thought of that too, if Hikki ends up with one of them. The others will get hurt, I don’t want that. Like if its going to be Yukino, Yui would be very hurt, Totsuka too, and maybe Iroha? Anyway, I can be wrong with what I had posted above, this is Wataru-sama’s masterpiece after all… The ending is up to him…

  49. I found this video and read the lyric..


    RADWIMPS – Okuman Shousha
    Despair only exists for those who have hope for tomorrow
    Betrayal only exists for those who believe in something
    Could you call it a wound of honour, given only to those who are brave?
    That would be very unfitting to the ratio
    There are no sleepless nights for those who desire nothing
    This fear doesn’t exist for those who have nothing they want to protect
    If there was nothing I could hold, there would be nothing that could be snatched away from me
    Nothing can be snatched away from those who don’t realize when they lose something
    “Are you still in despair? What were you expecting?”
    Thanks for your advice, but I don’t feel like giving up
    I know, all of these things
    Are compensation for happiness, ten thousand notes
    All of them who rode on my shoulders
    Will be a set with the opposite meaning, until peace is sent to the one who broke off
    Doubt can only sprout in those who know betrayal
    And the impurity of gaining that one for one’s own sake can only be hated by them*
    But if you follow the path back to where it began, you’ll realize the truth
    Just how much something is worth is only seen when it’s let go
    “With this body that has become light, I can go anywhere”
    No, when I let go it was already too late… I don’t know what it was worth
    I know, all of these things
    Are compensation for happiness
    What’s the yen-dollar exchange rate been recently?
    Should I aim for it this time? Because I’ve waited so long
    Even in the millions of smiling people of the modern times of the doctrine of efficiency priority supremacy**
    If solitude had never be granted, this loneliness wouldn’t exist
    Honestly, I stopped believing that
    If I gave up on myself, there wouldn’t be any pain anymore
    And just with that, I can’t help but love it all
    I know, all of these things
    Are compensation for happiness
    How are the exchange rates of Japan?
    And why is it? That it’s embraced so much
    This terrible retrogression of culture, that we’re laughed at so much
    As for me, I’m fine. It doesn’t even surprise me anymore
    Because we’ll be able to meet soon again, the one who broke off is waiting
    “You”, who has put it in their hand – a different way to smile,
    Are me***

    • The Yukimom… if we take into account what Haruno says and Yukino’s reaction when said mom talks to her.

      If we are talking about the current scenes shown in the LN and anime then Haruno would be the scariest since Yukino somewhat fears her. 🙂

    • I’m with Hector on this one, plus we don’t really know a lot about their mother who supposedly is more scarier than both of the sisters, except by that small scene where Hachiman describes his feelings and observations from seeing her in “action”.But based on Haruno’s description of their mother and clues she gives out during her conversations (especially how she points out how controlling their mother is), the mother is the scariest of them all.

      Yukino is the least scary of them all, kind of because she doesn’t exude the same aura like Haruno or her mother, and she just has that sharp tongue and honest nature which is not as scary as Haruno who is beautiful but dangerous and manipulative.

    • What does that mean exactly? You mean Yukino and Haruno are going to duke it out in some kind of argument until Yukino finds out Haruno sacrificing herself for Yukino’s sake?

  50. there’s a hint on the topic of upcoming volume 10.5 chapter 3, under the overall impression which spyro sama had written. Hehe..
    ignore my grammar, I hated school.

  51. One thing about the Tobe confession is this :
    If 8man hadn’t done what he did, Hayama’s group would not have been the same again. They would have all drifted apart after the confession dn Ebina’s rejection. So the only way 8man could have saved the group is by acting the way he did. I think he mentions in the 1st volume that he doesn’t hate the way the popular people live their lives. He does not reject their life. Since he was a loner doesn’t mean he wants everyone to be a loner. Also as mentioned in the later volumes. 8man is a nice guy. If someones comes to him for help he tries to solve it. He has always done it. Though he says he doesn’t want to, Its not his fault that he way he chooses to solve the problem is not long term. But at least he finds a solution, when no one else can come up with. Same with rumi case. No one had any idea how to solve the problem. And in the end they were all dependent on him.
    So though his way is not the correct one, he atleast comes up with solutions to pacify all parties. Others cant even contribute.

    • The next chapter is really long! Looks like he’s going to do it all together and not part by part?

      Also he has to read our inane comments.

    • that’s a given, the Light Novel really popular right now, so the Anime naturally get positive response across the globe.
      i mean, is there anyone dislike this series? only people without good taste.

    • Not really surprising. Fate and Oregairu seems are the ones who are leading the tops in almost all anime blogs and sites that i visited.
      I’m more on Oregairu this season because i’m pretty much new to the series(on reading the novels) and i have already read UBW route in the VN to death.

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