Yahari Light Novel Volume 11 – Release 6/18

2015-04-16_08-48-46And no, it’s not the last volume. Probably.


68 thoughts on “Yahari Light Novel Volume 11 – Release 6/18

    • “This is Wataro your conductor speaking, please yourselves in as the train is leaving the station”

  1. すごいですね。俺ガイルの翻訳って標準語だけじゃないから相当大変だと思うけど出来る人がいたんですね。

    • 半分はたぶん間違っていると思うけどねwww


  2. Oh with the date being the airing of the 12th episode of Oregairu Zoku., it also coincides with Yui’s birthday! such coincidence ●´ω`)ノ♪

  3. I mean I am glad the turn around time between volumes is so short. But it also goes to show that these interlude volumes aren’t at all where Watari is putting his efforts. And that is kinda how I feel in general about these volumes. They are nice, but I don’t feel the same desire to re-read them like I do the main works.

  4. Probably not the last volume, after all publishers add a (完) when it’s the last volume since it increases sales and adds hype and that’s good business.

  5. Yeah, it looks like there will be one more volume, maybe two and that would be the end 😦 #Team_Yukino, until the end.

  6. Umm Spyro, where do you usually buy the books from? did you preoder it online? If so, which website is the best to get it from? Thanks

  7. Huh, that’s nice. And at least in my opinion, we’ll have at least one more volume after 11, can’t really see the story getting wrapped up in one volume at this point.

  8. Yes!!!!!! XD

    Valentines Day and White Day for Hikki and the gang. (oregairu timeline)This will be great! Hehehehe

    (And i’m predicting someone will kiss 8man, and i guess it’s either Haruno or Iroha. )

  9. I can’t see them wrapping everything up in a single volume though… Plus Hachiman still hasn’t gotten with Totsuka.

  10. Spyro, do you think this series will ever get licensed?(for example by Yen press) And released in English? I am really tired of looking at my screen…

    • No idea, but translating this series will require a lot of localizing, so it’s a lot of work.

    • There are lots of pop culture references so I don’t think it will get officially translated.

    • This is also what I am afraid of, the anime series is really popular. I think there’s a big chance that Yen Press license it. 😦

  11. If this isn’t the final volume, does this mean that the anime is going to have its own original ending? Or even possibly be left unfinished?

    As much as I’d love to have more volumes, I get the feeling that Wataru is ending Oregairu very soon. If not enough volumes are released after 11, then there won’t be enough content to do a 3rd season either.

    Dont get me wrong, I absolutely love reading the light novel of Oregairu, but were it to leave its anime adaptation unfinished would leave me also with a very bitter after-taste. Though that would,be ironically fitting wouldn’t it?….

    • True, a movie or OVA ending isn’t unheard of. It would also be a good chance for whoever produces it to take the time and detail this series rightfully deserves.

      Here’s to wishful thinking!

  12. I also kinda feel that feel will mess this season up by providing viewers with an original ending deviating from the LN.

    • Nah, I doubt it really much. Oregairu got the second season because of its extreme popularity and the hyped fans as far as I know. They would be stupid to change the LN story which the fans like so much. That would be Feel digging their own grave without life insurance. 🙂

  13. Please upload vol 11 ,it is driving me crazy,I tried buying original books online and local bookstores (India) but they didn’t sell any Japanese lightnovels,and thank you very much

  14. Hello,

    New to this blog. I recently discovered this from Baka-tsuki and have been power-reading through all your translations. Just wanted to say that you’re doing excellent work and that I’m looking forward to future releases. You are a beautiful soul!

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