Oregairu Zoku Episode 3

Quietly, Yukinoshita Yukino makes her decision.


The episode kicks off with Komachi noticing that Hachiman’s acting weird after the field trip. She realizes that it has to do something with Yukino and Yui, but Hachiman tells her to buzz off. This sibling conflict is important later. Also, this indicates Hachiman isn’t particularly feeling good about what he did either if he can’t open up to his own sister. I wasn’t expecting Komachi to yell out at the end though, a bit different from the light novels.


So new opening animation. Basically a collage of what our three protagonists do on their off-time, yes, Yukino stares at cats. That said, there are some shots of volume 9 stuff like the car and Rumi. Though, that snow segment raises a few eyebrows from me, but that’s probably just volume 9 related, it takes place during Christmas, after all. That final shot of the teacups is a nice touch to what’ll happen near the end of the season. It’s possible volume 10 might be adapted if volume 11’s release date and the pacing of the episodes are any indicator. This episode adapted up to chapter 4 of volume 8. Presumably, the next episode will do up to chapter 6.


The aftermath of the fake confession an episode ago. Everything’s “normal;” Hayama’s group, Hachiman’s greeting to Totsuka, and the Service Club.


Instead of picking his usual favorite sweet MAX COFFEE, he goes for the bitter Black Coffee. A good reflection of the current situation. Him looking out the window and checking his time shows how awkward it is for him to be in the clubroom, so he waits until the very last minute to show up.


The awkward tension in the clubroom. Hachiman uses the book as an excuse to avoid having to deal with the awkwardness, but he’s not actually reading. Yui brings up how everyone’s normal like before. Now she’s not sure what everyone’s thinking anymore. Yukino adds as a follow-up that knowing each other doesn’t really mean understanding each other; a statement to the Service Club’s relationship, Yukino and Hachiman’s in particular.


Yukino finds issue with Hachiman’s notion of “normal” when he says they should just act like normal (like always). He shows a small reaction in response, a good detail by Feel. By context alone, what Yukino points out as what’s “normal” to him seems to be referring to Hayama’s group; keeping up their shallow friendships for show.  This correlates with the whole fake confession incident. On the other hand, she says again, “You haven’t changed” or something to that effect. To be honest, still unsure on this line in both the anime and the LN. But anyway, there’s also another time where she said something similar and that was after the slogan proposal meeting in volume 6/Cultural Festival (the scene with her first awkward wave). At least, that’s what the LN seems to be pointing back at (correct me if I’m wrong). There’s a stark difference between the two though; she was much more accepting of his “unchanging” nature back then, but now after the fake confession, it doesn’t seem like she can accept it anymore, at the very least, it’s something much more fundamental in his unchanging nature that she’s upset about. Her hesitating and being conflicted over what she wanted to say afterwards, evident by her squeezing hands, was a good detail by Feel and great work by Hayami.


So Hiratsuka-sensei comes by with a new request. And the person is, ta-da, our resident comfy Megu Megu ☆ Megurin! And a new character, Isshiki Iroha. You should be able to tell already that she’s a very cutesy-type person and one to be hated by girls. Hachiman’s warning sensors are pretty much going off at this point.


So the request in a nutshell: Make it so Iroha loses without damaging her reputation. Being the master of psychology that is Hachiman, he proposes that she lose by external means similar to what happened with Sagami. Instead of placing the blame on the person herself, they can shift the blame to someone else and keep the original person from public scrutiny. Of course, this is where Yui and Yukino come in with their objections; in the case of Yui, she’s concerned about who has to take up that role, obviously realizing that Hachiman’s probably the only viable candidate. Yukino likely acknowledges that too, but doesn’t approve of the method at all; she’s essentially showing open hostility towards him. We also get a rare burst of emotions from Yukino, our supposed ice queen, that we’d normally never see from her. I think the most emotional she had been was her first meeting with Hachiman when they had a little argument over their ideas on changing. Anyway, regarding what she said, notice that she pauses quite several times in her explanation when Hachiman asks her reason; it indicates that she’s likely thinking up reasons randomly on the thought to justify herself which is pretty rare for someone like her. It’s showing that while she doesn’t like his method, she doesn’t exactly have a real valid justification to why and a good alternative to his. The little segment at the end was actually quite rude to Meguri-senpai when she retracted her words, a detail not noted in the anime. Essentially, the idea was to let Meguri-senpai and the student council handle everything afterwards once they manage to drop Iroha from the running. So this was a bit out of character for her (evident by everyone’s else reaction), understandable since she’s really emotionally volatile right now. Good music and I really appreciate Hayami’s acting here, she’s definitely bringing out how much Yukino is struggling to interact with him.


So Yukino asks Hiratsuka-sensei to stay and she brings up the contest she forced them into when Hachiman and Yukino first met. The one who serves the most people will get to order the loser to do anything. Leave it to the teacher to forget about it. Anyway, Yukino bringing this up actually raises a few questions, ignoring the fact that she’s a sore loser. It’s likely that she wants to win to show that her way of doing things is right, but it’s possible that she wants the reward of that absolute order. I imagine this whole contest will come up again near the end of the story, but we’re left with this mystery for now. So now, Yukino and Hachiman are at odds with each other regarding how to handle the request. There’s no need to cooperate since it’s pointless which means there’s really no point to attending club if everyone’s working separately, hence the freedom of participation. Now, for the last thing Yukino says before Hachiman leaves, Commie uses “superficial” for 馴れ合い (I translated it as “the act of getting along,” maybe I’ll change it) which works since it means “getting along just for show” and that’s what superficiality is, but I felt that was a bit too direct. So this is proof #1 for my long rant in episode 2 about what Yukino is upset about. Pretending to get along with people, or being superficial, was something they were supposed to hate, at least, that’s what she thought. I think it’s a shame they didn’t add the detail where Hachiman turns his head after hearing her say that.


A little more advice from Hiratsuka-sensei. When it comes to Hachiman and Yukino, she’s very observant. They’re both too honest and nice for their own good. She also tells him that continuing to do things his way will eventually catch up with and he’ll be unable to save anyone he meets in the future (or anyone at the moment). Something to keep in mind in the next few episodes.


Interesting segment that reviews a little about Yukino’s relationship with Haruno and her family. Haruno’s trouble and Hachiman tries to ignore her. Too bad, though. Anyway, on to the Yukinoshita family dynamic starting with Haruno and Yukino. So it should be pretty clear from the first season that Yukino wanted to be like Haruno, as in chasing after her shadow, after the events of the Cultural Festival. We also know they’re not on particularly good terms since they never really act all nice when they meet (Yui birthday present date, the end of the summer camping trip, and the Cultural Festival arc). There’s also Haruno assuming Yukino would run for committee chairperson during the Cultural Festival and the same applies to here for the student council president; the common thing here is that Haruno did the former while she ignored the latter. So one thing evident in this relationship is that Haruno assumes her little sister will try to do things that’ll one-up her. When Haruno finds out that she isn’t trying for position, she finds it “boring,” stating it a cold and ominous matter, something Hachiman notes that contrasts between her usual happy act. It’s possible that the relationship between the two sisters isn’t exactly a one-way street, it seems like Haruno has her issues with Yukino as well. What it is, we won’t know just yet.

An interesting line by Haruno demonstrating Yukino’s relationship with her family, “She hates us (it), but she doesn’t want us to hate her in turn (doesn’t want to be hated).” The line’s ambiguous in the original Japanese line since Haruno doesn’t really indicate anything specific regarding what it is she “hates” but based on the context, it’d be her family. That said, this line does speak volumes of Yukino’s character which don’t become all that clear until later. Actually, if we think about how she hates superficiality, it’s possible she “hates” the obligation of sending souvenirs to her family. This makes sense with what Haruno saying it’s not the case that she’s being “proper” or “honest.” Essentially, the idea is, I think, that she hates doing something like that because it’s superficial, but she doesn’t want her family to hate her. Sending gifts to her family for the sake of not being hated I imagine is pretty superficial in itself. Anyway, this line in particular is still confusing to me, so I’m not really sure what to think about it. An interesting parallel would be her relationship with the Service Club for volume 9.


And comes the appearance of the girl that possibly traumatized Hachiman in the old days, Kaori Orimoto. Turns out she still has a pretty bad image of him even after all those years they haven’t seen each other. I can only imagine what Hachiman’s actual eyes were like when he was younger since I’m assuming they shadowed them out for that reason. That said, Haruno manages to hear some spicy details regarding his confession which becomes the source of his trouble for this episode and the next.


Haruno calls up Hayama and to the viewer’s surprise, Hayama does as she say. This gives you an idea what’s going on between these two. Season 1 completely missed the scene during the Cultural Festival with these two interacting after Haruno eggs on Sagami in front of Yukino. Anyway, this segment gives a glimpse regarding how Hayama sees Haruno and even gives an idea of what she’s really like. He may be the nice guy everyone sees him as, but he’s much more observant than he lets on though everyone should know that by now after last episode. But to summarize what he said about her: Haruno screws with you until she gets bored of you and tosses you aside or destroys you if she doesn’t like you. Unfortunately, they kind of skipped the segment with everyone chatting. They also set up a date that should be the focus of next episode, but I imagine they’ll do a flashback thing for this.


Their first meeting was redone by Feel which was a nice touch. Goes to show you how far (or maybe, how little) they’ve really progressed, at least, when it comes to their fundamental ideologies in getting things done. Hachiman actively avoids the club when necessary and only goes to the club after hearing Yui out. As Hachiman said in his monologue, nothing’s changed, so there’s no problem. That’s how he sees it, at least.


So here’s proof #2 as to why Yukino is upset with Hachiman’s fake confession. Hachiman’s methods are ultimately only temporary, they don’t exactly solve the heart of whatever problem that comes up; he essentially avoids them for as long as possible. On the other hand, Yukino’s methods are very brute-force, but theoretically, they are solutions that will be long-term. The problem, most of the problems are solved by Hachiman, so while she accepts how effective they are, she can’t acknowledge them; this becomes a focal point in this arc.

She then explicitly mentions that Hachiman was the one who said he hated superficiality. This conflicts with his fake confession solution. Add in Yukino’s line from earlier in the episode, “I thought we both hated superficiality (pretending to get along).” This should be evident that she had her own image of Hachiman. Now it’s pretty much broken. And Hachiman doesn’t plan on changing and he doesn’t seem to find anything “wrong” with his solution; a good indication of how his mind works.

So all in all, reasons why Yukino was upset: 1. He’s betraying what he stood for (ultimately, hurting himself), 2. His solutions don’t solve anything, 3. The one thing she had in common with him no longer exists and now she’s completely in the dark about how to interact with him. TL;DR: She’s unknowingly getting closer to him, and is finding it difficult to express herself with just logic alone. Hachiman, on the other hand, is supposedly pretending as if nothing’s wrong (when he knows subconsciously that there is) and continues or tries to act like always. Little did he know, he’s becoming the very thing he hated. Yukino openly objecting to his nature is, I’d say, the solution to getting him to break out of his shell.

Overall Impression

Good episode, they’re pretty much condensing the books of all the fluff and stringing together the important scenes in the novel. Removing the Hayama/Orimoto/Haruno store scene is a bit questionable though, but I’ll assume they’ll make that up in the next episode. This arc’s pretty much the arc most people will end up disliking Yukino, but for me, it makes me like her more. She’s really the only one who will openly butt heads with Hachiman while everyone else kind of pussyfoots around him. Yukino showing so much emotion despite being the supposed ice queen is a good testament to her character growth considering how she didn’t like him at all when they first met. Same thing with Hachiman.

Orimoto’s VA definitely gets you irritated and Iroha sounded a bit too high for my liking. I’ll get used to it, I guess.

As I mentioned before, this episode adapts up to chapter 4 of volume 8. Next episode has the title of chapter 6, so presumably it’ll be two chapters for the next episode. And as stated in the other news post, volume 11 is going to be released on the same day as the last episode. It’s very possible they’ll adapt volume 10 which I hope they don’t, but there’s more evidence pointing in that direction than not. Episode 5 and 6 will be the ones that determine this, I think.

Here’s another good read from ANN.


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  1. Siscon didn’t tell Komachi…. good sign something is wrong… poor Hachi, doing his best just isn’t enough hahah…. that said, Komachi takes nice selfies, Yui walking her dog was very cute and sensei’s car is awesome XD

  2. Wait, the next episode will be till ch.6 only? Damn I want this finished. Its good that its not rushed, but I dont want to wait untill a new season cones out when this just captures vol.8-9end or 10

    • Well the anime is sort of rushing it, since volume seven got finished in two episodes. Plus, if finished faster than that, wouldn’t that lower the quality of the anime and make it harder for a new season season to start off ?(ex: Season one omitting Tobe’s conversation in the camp left anime-only watchers without any foreshadowing that Tobe would try to confess to Ebina, making it slightly awkward for season two to set up volume seven). Instead of anticipating and hoping for another season, enjoy this current season, especially seeing how much work the production and animation staff put into the anime.

    • Yeah I can understand how you feel because there’s hasn’t been many slice of life shows that made me feel the same way as when I watch Oregairu (I even had some of those experiences and thoughts as Hachiman when I was in high school so its partly why I love the story and the monologues). Unfortunately its impossible for this season to have twenty-four episodes, they went through volume seven fairly quick and volume eight is about halfway finished so they must be shooting for twelve or thirteen episodes. Plus there’s not enough source material for twenty-four episodes and the fact that not all the details in the novels can translate well as part of the anime.

  3. Feel and their staff were really impressive with how they put out the hints like facial expressions, tiny movements, even the new camera angles in this episode. Though they still need to work on the transitions for each scene, it was actually funnier with how the LN set up the donut scene with Haruno coincidentally being there, but with the anime it felt like it lacked surprise or impact to make it hilarious (Then there’s Hayama’s appearance….).

    In the episode, I have to say I really appreciate Hiratsuka-sensei as a teacher and a person; she understands the Service Club and sometimes when they’re lost she gives them a nudge in the right direction, which makes her one of my favorite teachers in anime. (It’s too bad she can’t get married, I mean even with the lack of feminine charm she deserves it).

    This was an interesting episode, and with more tension building up its going to be exciting to see it all in action.

    • Youre right. Youre right, but still! I enjoy this very damn much but I dont want to wait 2 years again! In these past years I saw so bloody much animes and none could satisfy me like this one. This one deserved even 5 seasons if you want. They could make one whole season for only one volume i would be freaking crying tears of joy, but seriously, that wont happen. This anime is not that popular in Japan and IF it gets a last season it would take a few years again. Hope this season has 24 episodes. That would be the shit like really.

    • Talk about some of those Highschool experiences I having it right now (I’m a third year now) it painful when some ignored me even i’m in the same class with that people. it feel like i’m not exist in that class. that why i love this LN and anime since i watch the first season of anime when i saw second season announced.

    • Chari-kun, being ignored is totally fine if you can deal with the loneliness. My middle school and High School days were pretty much the same as Hachiman’s.
      I just wish i was that grown-up.
      The difficult is when you are tormented by everyone EVERY SINGLE DAY.
      Be grateful that being ignored is all that is happening to you, because you might be simply go “Fukushuu Kyoushitsu” (a very good manga about bullying that i suggest you to read ).

    • No not only i get ignored in class but the worth thing is people in class didn’t know who i am and also i been on the class with them like almost half of year. I also have some point is same at as hachiman and too and i try to move on without looking back. i wasn’t bullying or anything.

    • After reading your guys comments, I am happy to be in school in India. Here the motto of children- Never leave anyone, talk to them. in my second year of Highschool I was not in any group/clique but still everyone talked to me. Indians are lot social and curious. They never leave someone alone

  4. The ending screen in the OP might corrolate with vol 8 where yui and yukino kind of go in different direction or how their perspective differ in solving the request on this volume ?

  5. And i dont know if studio feel did it on purpose but in the opening when the song is saying something about not wanting a replica they showed screens with yui while when the song is saying it “only wants genuine things” they put screens with yukino on it..well something to think about 😀

  6. Wow Hiratsuka-sensei looks like Shizuo Heiwajima in the opening. Also, can’t wait til’ this episode gets subs. I’m particularly excited for the Orimoto scene and to finally see Haruno again!

    • I think the last part of the opening sequence was rushed since the frame rate was sped up for parts like when Yuigahama ran to Hikigaya’s side in the hallway or in the snow scene when Yukino and Yuigahama walk away in opposite direction (They were walking unusually fast so it felt weird when I first saw it).

    • It did feel weird at those part. I was like “What is going on man?! Yui lookin weird running, Yukinoshita and Yui walking by each other, and Hikkigaya actually looking evil cool… at least Haruno’s gonna get more screen time.”

      On another note, I hope people will stop assuming Hayama as a total idiot or something; that guy is an interesting character like Haruno and Hikkigaya (Since the Top Brass have similar thought structures to these 3 characters). He’s the embodiment of something people WANT to see in a person, but only dream for it when it concerns themselves.

  7. I wonder when they’re going to explain Hayama and Haruno’s relationship. Brains Base left out their exchange during the culture festival arc as well. I guess anime-only viewers are supposed to infer from his past with Yukino that he would know Haruno by extension.

  8. I really wish they include a little bit more of the internal monologue even though we noticed of Hachiman’s irritated(?) face.

  9. Watching episode 3 and I have to say, such fast developments. It’s running through the volumes like nothing. At this rate the anime may even have 10 episodes. OK that that ain’t so but still, that means that they will be using those side stories is it? Like 6.5,7.5 or even 10.5 despite it just releasing.

    • I doubt 6.5 will be used since it canonically takes place after 10. I would guess they have one or two filler episodes either in between 8 and 9 or more likely after 9 when the trio make up. I personally wouldn’t mind filler though; seeing Hachiman in original scenarios would be interesting in its own right.

    • The “.5” episodes will probably end up bundled with the light novel releases or be included with the blu-ray releases. That seems to be the trend.

    • I think 6.5 is before volume 10. And speaking of canon, is it?? I’m talking what happened to the scrunchies… It was never mentioned again in volume 10. Unless all them got amnesia…

    • I dont think that’s even her final form…I wonder how that voice will change once she shows who she really is…still cant believe she and shigatsu wa kimi no uso’s tsubaki have the same seiyuu…

    • I think Ayane Sakura is perfect for Isshiki but it is a little too high (though after rewatching the episode a third time I think you can get to used to it).

    • I think that’s the ” i’m cute!” voice. Notice how in the date with Hachiman (volume 10.5) her way to talk is different.
      Probably we’ll hear Isshiki’s real voice when even Hayama notices the change in her behavior (“So, she’s changes too when she’s with you” )

    • There’s no bad person in Oregairu.
      They all wear masks to protect themselves from other’s harm. Miura is no exception.
      We already got a glimpse of her “motherly” abilities and caring for her friends.
      The only one might be Sagami, since we don’t know nothing more since the school festival. But i wouldn’t count on it.

      Humans are easily scared little beings, being scared of other people’s opinions and tastes. That’s the human nature.

    • I don’t it would make sense to make viewers suffer through her high pitched chipmunk squeak for 98% of her lines and suddenly have her drop her voice down for those 1 or 2 critical lines in volume 9. Plus, there are ways of affecting cuteness in a voice without making high pitched like that. Right now, it’s just unnatural.

    • Unless you are Japanese, I don’t think they suffer from her squeaks… Remember how popolar lolis and idols are. Most of them have squeaking voices…
      I think that liking it or not it’s just cultural differences…

  10. Haruno always does something for me and this was no exception. Looking forward to more of her and I Lohas. The art is also starting to grow on me.

    • Weird, wasn’t Episode 3 of the first series the very clear hint of his fanboys?
      It’s difficult to forget the crowd screaming “Hayato! Hayato!” and not call it “Fan Club” 🙂

  11. I think Tomatsu Haruka totally nailed Orimoto Kaori’s voice but sorta disappointed with Iroha’s voice :/ somehow the voice doesn’t really match the character. Maybe I’ll get used to it anyways.

  12. Hey, I think Hiritsuka said he wouldn’t be able to save one specific person when he needed to…

    Also you posted picture 66 twice!

    Can’t wait until Isshiki annoyed voice! Probably one of the traits similar to Komachi that charms a certain worthless siscon.

  13. Holy sh*t you’re right!

    -Rumi’s problem wasn’t solved. It was erased. But what will happen if the same problem rises? How will Rumi deal with it now that she’s alone. Yukino would have teached her how to deal with it but 8man erased the problem instead and now Rumi was left with nothing.
    -Minami never truly learned the lesson. She got what she wanted but that’s it. There wasn’t anything good for her afterwards.
    -Hayato’s clique was saved… for now. But what will happen when Tobe tries to confess again? He’s not going to give up and Hayato doesn’t know how to solve the problem. Eventually, their clique will be destroyed when Tobe comes back for another confession that will surely end up in rejection.

    So far, the only people Hachiman has truly helped were Yui, Yoshiteru, Saika, Saki and Hayato. As a result, those people are friendly with Hachiman and could be seen as his “clique” (sort of). Man, for some reason I find this satisfying. Now I know there is actually a way for things to end up well for everyone.

  14. Yeah, Yukinoshita was just making up those reasons on the spot. I think it would’ve been better for her to just say how she feels instead of trying to sort everything out with logic all the time.

    I was looking it up because I’ve heard it before but then I was kind of fuzzy on its meaning but now I understand it means “getting along with”. I feel the same. I mean, that’s what it means but that’s not what she said. I’d translate it something like “We were both supposed to hate getting along with others for show, you know…” I’m kind of biased but in general I don’t like Commie’s translations because they’re quite liberal. Looking at the opening song’s translation makes me cringe a bit.

    Going over the line again, yeah it’s definitely ambiguous. I’m assuming Haruno means that Yukino hates her family because Haruno said that their mother is even scarier than her. I liked this part to be honest because we really get to see Haruno’s other side, even if in small bits, because Yukino agreed with Hachiman’s assessment of Haruno being fake.

    Now that you explained it, I get it. It’s just as Hiratsuka-sensei said. Just like the word Yukino used (uwabe), Hachiman is just fixing the surface of things. While I do agree with Yukinoshita, I do think solving the heart of the problem last time would’ve been easier said than done. I also agree with Hachiman’s assessment of having a puppet candidate win, because that would pretty superficial too. It is sort of ironic that he’s becoming what he hated. What bothers me is that Hachiman knows something is wrong but he acts like nothing is wrong and doesn’t try to fix it.

    I agree. Someone needs to butt heads with Hachiman or he’s not going to change. As for Isshiki’s voice, I’m pretty sure Ayane Sakura is making it that high on purpose :/

    • I just remembered something didn’t Haruno said thather father was happy when Yukino decided to live alone but her mother is angry with her decision. Yukinon parents hv really contradicting opinion

      Also Yukinon hates superficiality but wants to make a superficial relationship with her family? Isn’t she contradicting herself

    • It’s not that she wants a superficial relationship; she just doesn’t want to be hated. Which means she probably hates sending the gifts. Maybe it’s hypocritical but I don’t think she wants to be doing this; it’s more like something she has to do.

    • It’s difficult to a child to hate his/her parents. Yukino is no exception.
      She wants to be accepted as she is, but she don’t want to compromise her family customs.
      Basically, if she was born in a normal family, she might probably have been at little happier.

    • Her family is not normal. well I concluded that her parents are little different because they hv varied opinion on her living alone
      But they ae not normal, well something in further volume

    • Honestly still thinking of a good way to translate that line. I’d like the line to be more evident that it’s not referring to other people, but also her and Hachiman. Wish there was a more inclusive word for “pretending to get along/acting friendly for show.”

    • Hmm yeah I understand what you’re trying to convey. I think you could say “pretending to get along with each other” to emphasize her and Hachiman. I don’t think you can really concise it with using the word superficial though.

    • I think that “superficial” is the closest word we can agree of.
      It’s fitting since it’s based on appearances and not on substance.

  15. Great episode really enjoyed it
    There are few thinkgs in my mind

    1) Many people agreed that Miura is a good preson by heart even though she looks like a bitch because she cares for her friends. But caring about ur friends or family or social circle does not define your personality. Let me give a example- Thee is a manga One Piece in which there is a guy Doflamingo he cares about his friends so much that he thinks of hem as his family and kills anyone who make fun of them. But still he is a shit wgo has tormented an entire country and so is a hardcore villian. So someone’s relationship with their friends does not define their personality but his/her relationship or behaviour with other people outside their group or with normal people defines his/her relationship. And by the behaciour of Miura with Totsuka and 8Man we can conclude that she is a bitch.

    2) There were also comments about how the relationship between Miura and Ebina and Hayama and Ebina is not superficial.Well I can’t say really much about relationship between between Hayama and Ebina . But relationship between Miua and Ebina is a genuine one? I mean in a genuine freindship you behave with your friend like you don’t know him when he/she tries to do something for you? In a frendship you don’t tell your friends anything about you and just come in the group for time pass and just so that you won’t feel lonely? How is it a genuine relationship?

    I have made the above conclusions by reading Light Novel till volume 7and watching Oregairu Zoku till episode three

    • When it comes to relationships confrontation is not always the answer. The main problem here wasn’t even the confession or the clique it is Ebina’s situation. She’s going through something and she needs time and space to figure it out. I’ve known people like that. Its hard for them to open up to other people. And if your are too confrontational or direct with them, they clam up and shut you out. Tobe meant well in his attempted confession but really he didn’t understand her or he didn’t bother to take her feelings into consideration. Had the confession gone through, it would have done more harm than good especially to Ebina. Despite Hachi people problems he understands people way more so than Yukino does.
      And whether Hayama;s clique friendship is genuine or not. I think it is, it just not deep. From Muia lack of knowledge about Ebina’s past we can assume they haven’t known each other for that long. So it makes sense that their friendship isn’t that strong. What matters if they care for each other in some fashion and enjoys each other company. Over time their friendship will grow even they decide to open up to each other more. That’s a decision Ebina is not ready to make but as she grows more comfortable within the group, perhaps she’ll be open about herself.

    • DoFlamingo doesn’t care at all. Remember that he sacrificed Mone and Vergo. No good person lets friends die for “power”.
      Miura simply “rides the wave of opinions” because it would have been inconvenient to be nice to Hachiman without creating gossip.
      She didn’t know Hachiman, so she didn’t care. No one can save everyone.
      With a girl, it’s a different matter. It’s not even specified since when Miura and Ebina are friends.
      With Hachiman, we are sure that all his classmates were new people.
      Her “Persona” may look like mean, but remember that “Hikio” is a nickname SHE gave to Hachiman.
      Something you give to only people you care about , even if little.
      Notice how Orimoto calls him “Hikigaya”…. the difference is really visible.

    • @m0h Doflamingo care about his friends . He didn’t sacrificed Mone and Vergo. He didn’t tell him to die , they did it on their own so that Doaflamingo can win.

    • @m0h Miura is not a bitchbutI can’t think of her as a nice girl. Remember her encounter with Totsuka in tennis court.she didn’t cared a bit about his emotions or situation. she will do what she wants to without caring about those who are not in her group

    • He didn’t opposed too thou.
      Rufy would oppose at that resolution with all his might.
      That’s what i call “Caring”, putting others before yourself.
      Dofy simply shrugs.

      But let’s not go too much offtopic 🙂

  16. Is it me or Haruno’s voice seems to b different??….And her characteristics have got a huge change….She doesn’t look similar to her sister…Her hair and eyes are completely different form Season 1…Her hair has been given a dark complexion of violet and her eyes.. i think her eyes have got a little colder look…(sigh)… Gosh, Orimoto is the real bitch😣😣😣😣😣

  17. Why does Yukinoshita opposes his idea to shift the blame to someone(himself) so that Iroha loses election. There is nothing superficial in it right? Maybe she did not want 8Man to be hurt!!

    • It is superficial. As Spyro said Hachiman’s methods are only temporary. He only fixes the current problem on the surface, not the deeper problem.

      Let’s say Hachiman’s plan works (which as Yukino said is not 100% sure to work). Problem is, will they really hold another election? Even though it was a reason made up on the spot, Yukino was correct that the interest in the student council was low. If they don’t hold another election then what will happen to the student council? Even in the case that they would hold another one, there’s no guarantee anyone would run for student council president.

      Hachiman’s solution works to solve Isshiki’s current problem of not wanting to be student council president but not wanting to lose face/reputation, but it doesn’t solve the deeper problem of making sure the student council won’t fall into ruin.

    • “Not expressing what you really think, succumbing to peer pressure, being afraid to do what you want because it may disrupt the status quo,”- I think superficiality means this. How are these things affected?

    • It means more than that. The word used in this episode at the end which is by Yukinoshita is uwabe, which was translated as superficiality.

      上辺; 上べ 【うわべ】 (n) seeming; exterior; surface; outside; outward appearance

      Think of a house. There’s what you see from the outside, and there’s things on the inside. Hachiman is basically fixing the outside of the house but not the inside of the house.

    • in fake confession that the most effective method that time. I dont get why she hate it so much.
      Even though its temporary. so what?

      She dont even have a solution herself.

    • i think the fake confession isn’t the most effective method, hachiman actually have an option to fold and backdown like miura warn him too(nice girl miura), but then hachiman have his priority messed up(i think this is the point that shizukacool sensei want to tell hachiman) and choose to save everyone maybe because there is yui in hayama group too or hachiman have a messiah complex(LoL Batman).

    • @blues Yep I agree he is a dark hero

      @Yithar So superficial being what u are not? or creating false image?
      By the way you know Japanese. cool.
      The problem with not knowing Japanese is that u have to watch subbed anime and U have to see what other people understands by the word as one word can have various meaning.

    • It doesn’t necessarily mean that, because your superficial outward appearance can be the same as your inner personality, but in many cases it’s used to contrast the surface versus the core (“only outwardly apparent rather than genuine or actual: the similarity was merely superficial”).

      All superficial means is “occurring at the surface


    • @blues miura warn him about how service club support tobe confession. She didnt even know ebina “real” request (i’m pretty sure , even yukino&yui dont know).

      hachiman is super Kind Or/and masochist. Always saved everyone by destroy himself socially. And this is probably why yukino mad at his methods to solve things

  18. Well i think it’s superficial, hachiman idea was to give bad false speech campaign for iroha and aggroing hate to him again…it’s lying you know,
    but then “yukinoshita never lie” it’s superficial too hahaha

  19. Episode 5 and 6 will be the ones that determine this, I think.

    It sure is as clear as day but without volume 10 we would have only one volume with the bonus track for, like, eight whole episodes.

  20. People get annoyed by Iroha’s voice, but I think Ayane wants to take the ‘childish’ and ‘cutesy’ of Iroha’s personality onto the surface. Also, IMO, it was unfortunate for the Hayama scene got cut. Because, well, I think that will be important to compare is ‘usual’ wishy-washy attitude and his ‘serious’ one in double-date-scene later. Of course, considering the double-date doesn’t get cut. Anyway, that’s the end of my rant. Thanks for your complet review, Spyro. Good luck. 🙂

    • I thought they did a reasonably good job of showing that with how his expression dramatically changed as soon as they were gone. With nobody around to front for, he let his real demeanor show through. Depending on how much screen-time they give to the date, we’ll have plenty to compare anyways.

  21. It’s possible that the relationship between the two sisters isn’t exactly a one-way street, it seems like Haruno has her issues with Yukino as well.

    Something that always bugged me. Yukino is younger (thus lower in the family totem pole), not good with people (thus not exactly the manipulating kind) and is actually harmless to everyone except the people in school (because highschooler don’t have thick enough skin and life experience yet). Exactly what could she do to Haruno to earn all this? It’s not like her “inability” to follow her own principles would irk an adult all that much.

    • I am thinking along the line that whenever Yukino gets into a problem, someone will eventually help her while Haruno have to deal with everything herself. Example include how her father arranged for Yukino to go overseas for middle school and then rent an apartment for her to live alone. Lets just say that it is her passive ability, just speculation though.

    • I think on some level, Haruno sincerely wants Yukino to start becoming her own person rather than simply attempting to recreate beat-by-beat the accomplishments of her elder sister in pursuit of pleasing her family, something Haruno probably knows Yukino will never be able to truly achieve in the eyes of their overbearing parents regardless of what she does.

      As the eldest, Haruno daughter was definitely shaped by different expectations than Yukino, and I think Yukino’s “follower” characteristics with regard to her family and seeming unwillingness to break out of the predetermined path that she has been set upon, the same path that Haruno herself was locked into, probably frustrates her to watch be recreated in her younger sister.

      However, while Haruno does I think care for Yukino in this way, it manifests itself in a rather ugly manner. Namely, I think Haruno considers Yukino’s inability to forge her own future as somewhat pathetic, and most often approaches Yukino with something closer to pity rather than sympathy, and I imagine it’s this feeling above all, that she feels she is being looked down upon as pitiable or pathetic, that Yukino hates about her older sister most of all.

    • i also think like Kawasomething.
      Haruno is the oldest daughter, so she has little choice in her life … remember “All i can do is compromise, Yukino isn’t not capable to do that either”.
      Probably Haruno wanted Yukino to live her life and her choices without chasing someone. Even chasing Hachiman is wrong, that’s what i think meant the last chapter of volume 10.

      She really loves her sister, but at the same time she’s envious….
      Haruno really is one of the most complex personality in the whole story..

    • Haruno’s worried about her sister so much and she tries many times to help Yukino. She don’t mind if other people will comment she’s cruel either.

      I started to see Haruno and Higigaya are the same (self-sacrifice) so she would be the one who Hayama told to Higigaya (he mentioned in anime ss1 that “she” is looking for Higigaya ). Haruno saw true nature of him right away too ( just like the first time they met, Higigaya can see through her immediately ) and admire him directly later for his doing to other people.

      Haruno likes to travel alone aimlessly makes me think that she is a loner too, just like Higigaya (want to be alone).

      I think Haruno should has someone to help her from her own situation (family stuffs) too (such as Higigaya).

      Someone who can understand and see through her mask completely and don’t mind give hand to reach her.

      ps. vol 11 focus Yui, vol 12 focus Yukino and the last vol focus HARUNO!! (just my guess).

  22. Yep, Iroha voice not even close to my expectations. Though I didn’t expecting anything good from the moment of seiyu name announced.

    • me too, we got a really good idea of how Iroha-chan should be… annoying, sly but cute ( and that’s the right voice, remember we are dealing with Japan judgment of people’s persona here… )

    • Iroha’s VA is grating, to the point that I’m getting a headache. I don’t think that’s what they should be shooting for. I always saw Iroha’s outward character as someone who is sly (fake), but cute, and definitely attractive. But her voice just turns me off, and there’s no undercurrent of depth at all. It’s too in your face, squeaky and whiny for it to believable.

  23. Essentially, the idea is, I think, that she hates doing something like that because it’s superficial, but she doesn’t want her family to hate her. Sending gifts to her family for the sake of not being hated I imagine is pretty superficial in itself.

    I suspect it’s part fear of parents (maybe her mother would do all that “Yukino, don’t you love us anymore?” BS) and partly the remnants of the desire to be acknowledged and… well, maybe not loved, but respected.

  24. If this season would somehow cover up volume 11 and Hachiman ends up dating yukino I will run through the city withbno fucking pants on.

  25. dunno people notice it or not but hikigaya’s slouch problem is solved. mean he is not like a 45 degree over tilted old man in this chapter. dunno why they did that anyway…

    • Hikki’s slouch problem will be solved after about a year of communicating with a decent shrink and a straightening belt. Otherwise, it’s just part of his character. And yes, people like him do slouch up to 45 degrees IRL. ahem personal expirience ahem

    • i get what u mean to say, he should be a bit slouchy… but just a bit! in first 2 episodes he actually was looking like this
      _| And thats speaking moderately..couldn’t get a better angle on keyboard 😀

  26. Isshiki Iroha’s Seiyuu just somehow feel different with the sound i normally imagine in my mind when reading this novel. And in the very last scene in this episode, i just like “Eh? Shimakaze?”

    • Well, volume ten focuses on an entirely different person and his life: Hayama. Volumes seven to nine look more into Hachiman and the Service Club, with volume nine ending on a good note which would be a great way to end the anime. However if they end the show on volume ten, it would leave the anime on a cliffhanger since at the end of the volume we’re left wondering what Haruno wants, what type of relationship does Hachiman have with Yukino if its not really trust. and more questions that arising from volume. Basically, the anime wouldn’t get a happy ending but more of a cliffhanger which could break the flow of the story.

    • i think because vol 10 focuses on different arc
      I think they will adapt it until crhistmas party vol 6,5 considering the scene in OP

    • Ah okay – thanks. Could I ask a quick question about vol 10? Does it completely take out the main characters out of the story to focus on Hayato? That’d be weird… Or is it more like the main characters are helping Hayato, so they’re present, but their drama kind of takes a backseat for a while?

    • What Yoshino says basically is what I was trying to say. The two volume before volume 10 focuses on the Service Club in general, but in volume 10, the main problem is fulfilling the request from Muira about which course Hayama is going to take: liberal arts or the sciences. Its less about the Service Club’s problems in general and more about the kind of person Hayama as Hikigaya tries to confront him. (Big emphasis on “general” since it’s not only about Hayama)

  27. A shitty Analysis of Hayama ^^ Commnt to improve! Lets unveil his character!

    So many people complain about hayama but the fact is he is the type of character who would have been the MC in any other novel.
    The kind hearted who guy who wants everyone to get along togather. Obviously though like all oregairu characters he isnt that simple.
    If u have really read the LN u can tell that Hayama isnt the “typical nice guy” in Hikigaya’s words. U may also remember Hikigaya saying something like “his smile was perfect and just because it was so perfect there was no limit to it’s coldness”.
    Hayama u could say is very similar to Yukino, just like Yukino was trapped by the words “Obedient, non problematic and a good girl”, Hayama is trapped by the words “Nice Guy”. That’s why Hachiman repeatedly says that Hayama doesn’t have the freedom of choice. At the very least u can say that the nice guy which people believe hayama to be is a facade, the very reason he speaks when he talks after rejecting iroha “Most Likely the person she loves isn’t me but..” there are 2 possible words viable here and though many say it’s Hikigaya most likely it’s “Hayama’s Facade”,”his image or his shell”. That also puts into contrast Miura who clearly says that she loves Hayama “even after including the annoying stuff”. Even Hikigaya says that Miura probably understands Hayama far more than him. So Miura wins the race :D.
    Being concise
    we can conclude
    Hayama personality
    1) A good guy pretending to be a perfect guy.
    2) Miura loves him.
    3) My personal gut feeling that he fancies Haruno
    Reasons 😀
    1) hmm in vol 6 when when Miura sees Hayama talk with Haruno the first time she instantly asks him about her so i guess that’s was Watari’s idea of displaying #woman’s intution.
    2) Next Hayama intoduces Haruno as he childhood friend which even catches hikigaya;s attention. Since Haruno always call Hayama her little brother we would expect him to call her “Something like my older sister”
    3) His Obvious rejected look when he says that Haruno ignores everybody she loses interests in (Hayama AND Yukino)
    4) It sorta gives us a reason to understand why Hayama keep’s up with the facade of a “nice guy” . He probably thinks to catch up to Haruno eventually if he ends up becoming one.

    • Ah i support Miura too. If Hayama does end up in a relationship most likely it will be her and also i mean Haruno has, like, 0 interest in Hayama…

    • What i dont understand is why hachiman cant see his facade a long time ago. I mean, 8man could see haruno’s right away.

      I just have 2 possibilities
      1) hachiman didnt gave a shit about hayama. Like whats written in 2nd memorandum (if its hayama’s).
      2) hayama’s facade was so thick, hachiman cant see through him.

    • I am sure Hachiman didnt give a shit about Hayama, he kinda always complain that understand him is a pain in the ass.

    • I pity Hayama because he is trying to create a world which is not posiible- A world where no one is hurt. But he do not understand that saving one person means being notable to save another

      Also in volume 4 during trip to chiba village he states the initial of person he likes is”Y”

    • i think that Hachiman simply sensed that trying to understand Hayama would bring just troubles.
      That’s spot on, looking back.

    • As for “Y” haruno’s name is “Yukinoshita Haruno” <—- starts with “Y” as far as i can see. That was the trick most people are looking too closely at Hayama and Miura but the closer u look the less u see! 😀
      As for Hachiman not seeing through Hayama’s facade, Hachiman is not omnipotent… he failed to understand that Yukkino has started idiolising him at the end of volume 10 until both Haruno and Hayama mentioned it. The only reason he was able to see through Haruno is that Hikigaya’s gaurd is very high against woman who are kind to him but are not “Geniuine”.
      Haruno- check
      Ebina- check
      Iroha- check
      He was able to see through all there personalities, and all of them had one thing common, they were very friendly to him for “Not Geniuine” reasons.

    • I think Hikigaya and Yukinoshita loves each other. Admiration passes, love endures. Also admiration comes with expectations, Love accepts some flaws. I haven’t read further volumes but from reading the comments I can understand that they have started accepting each other with their flaws. so I think they have started liking each other

    • Hmm i am kinda missing ur point here.
      My first line of my reply was in accord with ur previous statement. Yes Hayama said that he loves a girl whose name start with Y and what i mean is haruno’s name does start with “y”.
      as for ur second reply,
      Obviously Yukino likes him but to which extent even she doesnt know, and WHILE liking him she ALSO more or less idolises hikigaya much the same way as she did her sister in the beginning of oregairu.
      This is where i am missing ur point…everybody already knows that hikigaya and yukino like each other.. and i dont think anybody commented otherwise..why did u even write ur comment…?
      Oh and btw while the anime series is very good i will love to ask u to read the LN, it is simply… Phenomenal !

    • @ Lord Yoshino i have read till volume 7 and now will read in sync with anime episodes and I just wanted to say that they also love each other( 8Man and Yukinoshita)
      Many people were saying that they does not love each other but just admire each other. I wanted to give my reason why I think they love each other
      sory if I caused you any kinf of inconvinience

    • No offence ^^ i was just not getting why u said it.
      hmm and its probably a stretch to say hikki and yukino like each other, Hikigaya is obviously facinated with yukino but he thinks about her more like a pie in the sky (something like the facination for an idol) as for Yukino…she is as confused as usual, unless something big happens i dont think she will even realise just how much she like him, and while she started noticing hikki around vol 6..but to the extent of loving him, i am not sure..

  28. It’s like Yukino is keeping up appearances, for appearance’s sake! Or likely she understands how a family is supposed to be, or at least has expectations to that effect.

    Image is very important to affluent Japanese families after all, it is probably the bare minimum she has to do to keep her mother happy. Image is so important to her mother that Yukino might be expected go through with that arranged thing that was so disgusting to Hachiman, he refused to think about it.

  29. Iroha and Orimoto aren’t quite as I pictured them from the novels, and Haruno also seems to be less fun and more malicious, which is weird considering her worst part (teasing Hikigaya through Orimoto) was mostly left out.

  30. Err….where is the analysis for the very last part of the episode right after the ending episode? While I think it is not “that” important, it is fun to point a few points in that last exchange~~.

    Have been in Hachiman and Yukinon’s shoes, and I understand very well how they feels.
    Realistically speaking, statiscally speaking, most people tends to stand in Yukinon shoes when they were young, and most of these people -slowly but surely- changes into Hachiman by the time they get older and older. I mean, long term solution is nice and dandy. It will always be nice solution FOREVER, but that doesn’t mean everyone in the world could achieve that, even by the end of their life. Seriously. In fact, more than 90% of problem in the world must be solved immediately with no visible long term solution, especially if it is related to someone’s well being.

    Now, about “superficial” stuffs or “being true to yourself”…..well, being genuine 100% of all the time is stupid and selfish, but being fake 100% all of the time is tiring and stupid. Most people wants something genuine, but then they will also know that it will happens only in movies.

    Reality sux. And I think the writer of this story knows this. If I have to guess, the writer is standing in Gahama-chan’s shoes while he/she is writing the story. Interesting.

    • I wonder about that… Totsuka has problems. He longs for a friend, a true friend.
      Fancy to notice that Totsuka is pretty much alone in most of scenes… Strange that he has no close friends in the Tennis club?
      I think that Totsuka is developing little by little.. he also seems to be quite fine with Zaimokusa too…

    • @m0h Totsuka has friends in tennis club as shown in volume 4 chapter 1 . It’s just that wataru sensei has shown him alone when he talks with Hachiman. I think you ae thinking too much. I think not every character in oregairu has problems. some are happy too

    • Uhm… i think that are just “friends” , not “close friends”.
      I also have friends, but they are not as close or as important as my closest ones.

      You can be friends, but feel alone anyway.. (See Miura Ebina … Ebina keeps the distance, while Miura’d like to shorten it. )
      Also, everyone has problems at that age… Having none and realizing “what is the problem” are two different stories…… 🙂

    • Besides, Totsuka feels jealous about Hachiman & Zaimokusa… it’s been stated 🙂
      To me that’s an hint about Totsuka wanting a close friendship outside of “club’s friendship”.

    • @m0h “Totsuka feels jealous about Hachiman & Zaimokusa… it’s been stated”
      Oh man!!!!! When did he said that??????????
      P.S:- Can you please tell me how to enter smiley??

    • I think there are no close friends in world. Friends who really care about you and will do their best to keep u happy are probably less than 1 percent in world

  31. I just love how deep this show/ story can be than what it shows in the surface, seeing how much discussion it brings forth. And each of these discussion brings forth better understanding of the not only the story but the characters portrayed in it. LOVE IT! ●´ω`)ノ♪

  32. A review for the first 3 episodes was posted on ANN, and I have to say that the writer was pretty on point. It’s nice since it seems like a bunch of people online are misinterpreting a lot of aspects of the show.

    • Re the misinterpretation, I think this is a lot of people’s first brush with an unreliable narrator and the villain POV narrative, although villain is overstating things in this case. Hikigaya loves to play martyr and paint the people around him as a bunch of shallow, cruel, selfish wastes of oxygen (see this arc’s treatment of his Middle School experience or the way his classmates were portrayed in the first few volumes) but reading between the lines they aren’t nearly that bad and he really is a little bit of a creep, or at least he could easily be confused with one. This reminds a little of how many people think Lelouch Lamperouge and Walter White are undiluted heroes, too.

      I’m a sucker for ambiguity myself, which means Haruno is my favorite character by a long shot. But that’s kinda beside the point.

  33. Hey Excorsism, I’d like to know your thoughts on this:

    After reading your analysis of this episode and the last (which I thought were very helpful, btw. I was hella confused), my impressions of Hachiman are as follows:

    He was bullied/ostracized a lot in elementary/middle school, which was really painful for him. As an outsider, he had the unique perspective to see a lot of superficiality in the relationships he couldn’t have. Those on the “inside” were either too content or too busy preserving their relationships to be objective. Deprived of friendship and respect, he developed two defense mechanisms:

    1) Dismiss all relationships as superficial and claim that they’re worthless, because it’s too painful to admit that he was never able to have he desperately wanted. Essentially throwing out the baby with the bathwater.

    2) Commit himself to self-abasement in order to create a sense of control. He gets the initiative in hurting himself, and if he gives off the impression that he’s content being lowly then nobody can hurt him pushing him down.

    When he decides to save Hayama’s friend-circle with the fake-confession, it’s because he does seem some value in the friendship despite it’s blatant flaws/problems. He can logically explain what’s wrong with relationships, but he can’t quite put his finger on what makes them valuable. Mixed into all this, however, is his pride.

    He knows that some aspect of wanting to preserve relationships is good, but because he can’t explain it well, his pride causes him to hide these thoughts from Yukino/Yui/Imouto completely. He only wants to talk when he’s sure he can’t lose an argument.

    With all that said, here are my thoughts on Yukino: my impression is that she likes #1 about Hachiman, but doesn’t like #2. Her disappointment with #1 causes the flaws she already saw (#2) to become “too much,” and now she’s punishing him. This is what she’s referring to when she asks him, “so you won’t change (#2) then?” Hachiman’s pride plays into this part as well, and he becomes stubborn.

    In actuality, #1 AND #2 need to be addressed (not completely reversed, but have parts of them addressed) in order for Hachiman to mature.

    WITH ALL THAT SAID: What do you think are Yukino’s problems? I really don’t understand her character as much (we don’t get her thoughts, after all). I’m wondering if she shares #1 with Hachiman, and that they both need to come to terms with the fact that while the superficiality they see in relationships are there, relationships with superficiality still have some value.

    • Like the comment above said, I think the ANN article is a good read.

      Even though we don’t see Yukino’s thoughts, we can see through her actions and words what she’s like. In many ways, Yukino and Hachiman are both sides of the same coin. Both didn’t have any friends so their masks serve the same purpose. We just hear Hachiman’s loneliness, misery and self-loathing because we hear his thoughts. I’m fairly certain Yukino is weak and needy just like Hachiman. I think they both long for genuine friendship but they’re scared of the risks. Although their methods differ, they both do their best to try to solve other people’s problems. They do contrast each other as well though. Yukino is very idealistic versus Hachiman being realistic and this pretty much shows in the way they solve problems. It’s idealistic to think every problem can be solved with a long-term solution. It’s more realistic to solve the problem at hand.

    • In a way though, deluding himself that he’s going to be a successful light novel author and marry a voice actor is kind of like lying to yourself 😛 (I respect Zaimokuza but he’s going to have to play his cards right if he’s going to be that successful)

  34. It’s funny how they actually force their ideals on each other. Back in first season Hachiman was dissapointed by the way Yukinoshita didn’t tell about the car accident. He knew that it wasn’t Yukino’s fault and that not telling the truth is not lying but he didn’t want to admit her “weakness” anyway. Now it’s time for Yukino.She has an image of Hachiman that starts to crumble and that makes her upset. while their way of doing things was always different she thought that the conclusion they want to reach was the same, and that Hachiman would always stay true to his beliefs.

  35. idealist (with a certain limited methods) only waver & go to & fro when problem really arises in front, only realist (loaded with both the bright & dark tactics) solve them.

    • That’s a bit too much generalization there buddy… If that were concrete, then the world would plummet to some nitty gritty place we call Earth… but fret not, some idealist keep to themselves to solve their own issues so in a sense, idealist can solve things too. Same goes for Realists(Some just run away from it or change the issue entirely, ex. Hikkigaya and his methods of Quickfixes and how he literally disobeyed the Service club rule: “teach a man to fish, not spoon feed.” Another could be more or less Hayama(“Hiding and putting distance in his relationships to achieve a satisfactory environment.”)

  36. “When he decides to save Hayama’s friend-circle with the fake-confession, it’s because he does seem some value in the friendship despite it’s blatant flaws/problems.” commented by @Ian Lai
    I am thinking of asking this is this the reason why he protected Hayama’s clique- Because he saw something genuine in their relationship or he did that just because he needed to?

    • Hachiman just wanted to find a common solution to help Tobe, Ebina, Miura & Hayama. All four of them asked for his help. They didn’t want thing to change, while Tobe wanted to be with Ebina and not getting rejected.
      I think that Hachiman just wanted to fix the situation, no personal ideas intended.
      That’s why Hachiman thought “My opinion doesn’t matter, it’s useless to ask, and it’s useless that i answer”.

      It’s a simple “You ask, i do”, no deep thinking involved.
      We know that Hachiman wants to have everyone happy, that’s why he gave them the thing they wanted.

      I think that if Hachiman would have shared his thoughts with Yukino, probably she could have understood him better.

      Sometimes, after all, you must do things you don’t like to get results. That’s why Hachiman believes it was the most effective way to do it, but he feels bad about it.

      And i think that’s something that Yukino fails to understand…

    • I agree. Hachiman was just doing what everyone wanted. It’s not that he agreed. In fact, he disagreed (he thought if the group would break up because of a confession then the relationships are weak/shallow/etc). But everyone asked him to make things work out.

      “Who cares about me? ‘If it were up to me?’ Thinking about that is a waste of time. Hayama and I are different. Likewise with Tobe. My opinion on this matter is completely irrelevant.”

      Yeah, in the end, Hachiman brought about the results. As Hiratsuka-sensei said, in terms of results Hachiman’s ahead of Yukinoshita. I don’t think he really believes that it was the most effective way as we heard his thoughts. He realized that it was a fallacious argument; that it was deception. He was just sugarcoating his words to justify his actions. He ended up hurting himself and others and he knows that.

    • If you read again vol 7 chapter 8 when hachiman talk with hayato, there is a hint in hachiman monologue whether he think it as a job or sympathy toward hayama(there is a slight different in the anime)

    • An excerpt from Vol 7 that marquis mentions:

      That feeling of not wanting anything to change.
      At the very least, I could understand it.
      I mean, I had to.
      When you wanted to get your thoughts across, it wasn’t always the correct choice to lay bare your entire life story.
      A relationship where you couldn’t move forward. A relationship where you couldn’t forgive others for stepping over into your domain. A relationship where you couldn’t forgive the person for trampling all over you.
      In dramas and manga, there was always a happy ending for those who crossed over that line. But reality wasn’t so kind. It was much more cruel and apathetic.
      There wasn’t anything else important. The moment you lost the things that were irreplaceable was the moment you realize that you’ll never be able to obtain them ever again.
      As I am now, I couldn’t call Hayama a coward, let alone make fun of him.
      You could say his inability to move forward was the correct choice. If it was for the sake of his happiness, then it was fine.
      The words that could deny the entirety of his answer wouldn’t come to me.
      I couldn’t figure out what was wrong.
      As I stood there without a counterargument or rebuttal, I heard a short and resigned sigh.

    • Hmm, based on the excerpt it seems Hachiman can sort of sympathize with Hayama and realize that it’s important to Hayam. I can sympathize with him too. It’s true that once you lose something it’s gone forever. At the same time, I agree with Hachiman that it’s messed up to try and make such shallow relationships work. (The reason I can agree is because I had such a shallow relationship. I thought we were friends but my friend threw out something really important to me and couldn’t compromise, but if my friend could’ve just compromised things would have worked out. Sometimes certain relationships just aren’t worth the effort, even if you consider them valuable.)

    • I would like to if that was the case, but it’s actually not about likes/dislikes. You are lucky to not able to see it since it’s way worse than any /а/ or reddit thread. Not even KONKON or whatever his name was can reach that level of nonsense. Animufagns can be truly terrifying sometimes.

    • You do nothing.
      If you don’t like it, you don’t deserve it.

      That’s what i always think about it.

    • @Noxera u are not alone my friend, I love this series so much and Im from the Philippines…

    • You’re making it sound like all Russian community don’t like OreGaIru. You wrong. Like totally. Source: me.

    • @m0h: Isn’t that kind of arrogant? Even if some people don’t like Oregairu, it doesn’t mean that they don’t deserve it, it just means that its not within their tastes. Not everyone is going to like the slice-of-life genre, and some might not like the series because its not their kind of show, they’re entitled to their opinion. (Unless they haven’t seen the show and are just being bias, then….)

    • I don’t think it’s arrogant.. it’s arrogant to impose our tastes.
      Nothing wrong if someone’s telling me that i don’t deserve the effort to know something i would not like..
      Prejudice is arrogant, letting people in their prejudice is not.

      Anything more than saying “This is good, give it a try” is imposing our tastes.
      That’s why once it’s been said, further efforts will not give results. Thus, they don’t deserve it.

      Sometimes people is stuck in their prejudice (“oh god, another animu-f***ottry” “oh god, nerd.” ). That’s because they stopped using their brains and use social conventions to decide for them.
      To me, such people aren’t even alive anymore.
      After all, when you stop thinking, you die. ( cit. Umineko no Naku koro ni )

    • @m0h:

      This is good, give it a try

      But by the wording you used, it sounds like you’re just recommending the show, not really “imposing your tastes”. I think I understand what you’re getting at though, since at the start of the first season, Oregairu had people skeptical because some thought it was a generic anime about trying to get friends. Its a combination of prejudice and people’s paradigms which really makes it difficult to persuade others to see differently in certain kinds of anime. But just to clarify, recommending people what you like to others isn’t really arrogant, unless you completely ignore another person’s taste and you force your tastes as priority over other’s. That’s why I don’t agree to the statement that people don’t deserve to watch the anime simply because they don’t want to, its a little more complex than that, especially for a show like Oregairu since there are some people who don’t watch the show because of the genre or because they wanted something else out of the anime. And every now or then we’ll follow the bandwagon, and just let others persuade us of what to watch before trying it, people will miss one or two good shows along the way.

      I hope that kind of clears away the confusion, I just wanted to help more sense out of your previous comment.

    • tell about recommend to other people about Oregairu is a long story short i also have that kind of thing too. I just to be lucky to find this anime and was interesting to me since i saw the announced of season 2. Only is anime that make my head go wild since i watch season 1 until now.

    • Indeed.
      “This is good give it a try” is a recommendation. Anymore than that is just a waste of time, in my opinion.
      Don’t misunderstand me, i’m not saying anything about tastes.
      I was relating to the question OP asked about. “What do I do to show Russian community how wonderful Yahari is? They’re damn retards”

      To me , it means he already tried to share his recommendation, but the “they are damn retards” shows that he already got little effect.
      It’s more likely prejudice than tastes, imho.
      We all know that loving Anime/Manga/Visual Novels/Light Novels is STILL a weirdo activity for weirdos, in most cases.
      That’s because of social conventions (and i’m being Hachiman, at the moment ).
      Basically, prejudice is when people stops thinking by themselves and relay on others’ opinions about stuff. (other examples? Homosexuals. another trait that’s treated like a disease or weirdness. ).
      Why would someone take the hassle to change another person that hasn’t any working brain cell?.
      That’s why i said “They don’t deserve it”. You deserve things if you want to have your own idea about it.
      You can’t judge something without trying it first.

      I can only respect people that have a working brain and uses the process of thinking as a way to judge things fairly.
      That’s why there’s no point in stressing too much about show people about Oregairu.
      The best thing you can do is show them where to. Next is up to them, nothing more, nothing less.

  37. Looks like the anime is released weekly… Really hate how they not show all the scenes of the light novel. Rushing to things, or maybe they don’t have the budget? Also the quality of the anime vids are very good.

    • Can’t blame them though. Since season 1 did much more cuts, they really needed to take some scenes out to allow anime watchers to not feel out of place. Also I think they’re using the manga(Oregairu Monologue) as the adaptation or probably the other way around.

  38. 俺ガイルは単純な恋愛関係じゃなくて、人間関係を真正面からとらえた珍しい作品だから人によって好き嫌いがはっきりするかな。

    • そうですね。言ったとおりにただの恋愛関係の話じゃありませんけど、人間関係そのもの実態に付いての話です。たとえば、違う人格や価値観を持つ人を扱うことや違う考え方がぶつけ合う時に問題を解決することや解離のような悪い対処法を捨てることです。なので私にとって俺ガイルがとっても面白いです。そして主人公に似ているので同情して行動が分かります。

  39. I notice later that tea paper cup for Hikki is gone (Yukino doesn’t prepare for him anymore).
    She can’t forgive him and give pressure to him. She argues to Hikki for his every methods (to help Iroha) as if she reject himself.

    so I realize something.

    Yukino will behave very well to person she likes (Hikki + Yui in episode 1) and will behave very badly to person she doesn’t like anymore immediately (you know who in episode 3). In episode 2, she witness Hikki’s solving and she can’t accept his methods or himself anymore so her behavior to Hikki is worse.

    I suspect she is doing the same to Hayama too (since their elementary period) and she will never forgive him no matter what. She can’t forgive Hayama and Hikki is next.

    She likes to be a Judge to point that person is absolutely wrong. I don’t think Hikki’s methods are right path but Yukino can’t explain why she’s angry and throw her anger to him directly every time she meets him.

    (in Yui case, she is sad with Hikki’s methods but still want to be with him and Yukino. Yui will stop him from sacrificing himself again.)

    Yukino will be the reason that Hikki might not come to club room anymore and she would know that Yui will not accept that result but Yukino still can’t stop herself at all. Yukino is the person who can’t be lenient but Yui isn’t.

    • Yui has common sense. That’s the super power that mediates between Hachiman and Yukino.
      Notice the praise that sensei gave her in episode 2… she clearly state that without Yui, nothing could have been possibile. 🙂

    • Please do not forget the fact that it is primarily Yukino’s effort that bring back Yui to the club after the screw up by 8man ”I hate nice girls”.

  40. i think u guys need read the novel, i have read some of the comment about the anime, some miss interpretation about the character too far, iam understand why bcos if u have read the novel till final volume u would know what it is mean

  41. i still can’t understand why everyone is angry towards Hachiman, fake confession
    No one knows about it
    no one got hurt, why is yukino angry and yui is depressed.
    And why is Hahiman having Guilty conscious

    • Wrong. Hachiman got hurt. Remember all those flashbacks when interacting with girls? Hachiman gets hurt and the fake confession probably triggered those memories. He just acts like it doesn’t affect him, and honestly he isn’t doing a very good job of it (recall how Komachi says he acts even dumber when he’s down). He even admits that his argument of the fake confession being the best solution was deception/sophistry. Yui and Yukino know he hurt himself. Besides that, Yukino is irritated because he betrayed his philosophy of hating superficiality so the one thing they had in common is gone and also Hachiman tries to apply quickfixes to problems which is in direct contrast to her solutions.

    • Yui’s upset because she didn’t want to hear Hachiman confess to another girl. She did not immediately realize that it was part of Hachiman’s plan since he never discussed it with them before hand.

      Even if she realized it soon afterword, in that moment it was probably a shock. Hachiman acted out his plan without consideration for Yui’s feelings for him, and that is why she is mostly upset.

      As for Hachiman hurting himself, he’s grown a considerably thick shell since his middle school days. So he wasn’t bothered by other people’s perceptions of him, or so he thought. It wasn’t until he saw the consequences of his actions on his club mates that he began to see a problem with the way he does things.

      If we have to blame someone for everything, blame Sabure.

    • Yeah, you’re definitely right about Yui since she confirmed whether he was serious or not, although I still think it’s also because he hurt himself. Even after she confirms that it wasn’t serious, she still tells Hachiman that he can’t do this sort of thing anymore. I don’t feel as if she was just referring to another confession. As you know, he was going to hurt himself again with the campaign speech and that’s when Yui looked at him with still, painful eyes. Although there’s no concrete proof that Yui actually knew he was hurting himself, I’m going by what Hiratsuka-sensei said because I’m pretty sure she was referring to Yukino and Yui as to the people who hurt when they see him hurt himself.

      Even with that thick shell, I’m not so sure that he wasn’t hurt at all. I feel like having a thick shell is more like acting like you don’t care rather than actually not caring. In the anime, when he turned around, he hung his head immediately before he even looked at Yui and Yukino (although I think it’s also a result from what Hayama said). I think that’s pretty much a sign that he did feel something. If it was true that he didn’t really feel pain, Hiratsuka-sensei wouldn’t have said anything to him during the cultural festival. Yeah, he thought he wasn’t bothered by other people’s perceptions of him, but that wasn’t the case at all as seeing how Yui and Yukino felt made him feel really down. I think the real proof is really in the fact that Hayama pitied Hachiman and apologized. Hayama did so because it’s pitiful to have to hurt yourself every time to accomplish things. And Hachiman shouldn’t have gotten angry if Hayama’s opinion of him was wrong.

    • @Anonymous
      Hikkigaya’s methods though fun to look at, aren’t really good things to do. Here are a few reasons why most of the cast despise or are disappointed by his actions:
      1.) It didn’t really fix the problem of Tobe liking Ebina, it just pushed it under a rug(It won’t mean that it’s gone forever. Ebina wanted people to understand that she isn’t ready for an intimate relationship. While what he did allowed her time to be free, in the end Tobe will probably ask again in the end of 2nd Yr or 3rd Yr.
      2.) It goes against what Yukino said about the purpose of the Service Club (Teaching people to improve, not spoon feed them). Yukino is an idealist, she wants to see long-term improvement using the best solution. Hikkigaya’s actions were effective ,yes, but not really the best one for a visionary like Yukino.
      3.) It goes against what he said about his take on Superficial relationships. Hikkigaya is a loner. He despises those relationships like Hayato’s clique and only sees those relationships as a waste of time. So why does he save the very thing he hates then?
      5.) He’s a liar. Even he said it himself. He says nothing is wrong when there is(club relationships), he says nothing’s changed when there is one (uneasiness to stay at club, lack of internal monologues); basically Hikki is just your regular teenager trying to act all mature and stuff, totally normal…

    • Only Hachiman knows the request of Hayama and Ebina while Yukinon, Yui, Tobe and friends do not. When he did that to make their friendship the same(the fake confession). Ebina and Hayama appreciates what he had done, while others hate him for it. Not knowing what the real purpose of the fake confession…

    • Didn’t Hayama still hate relying on Hikkigaya? He sees Hikkigaya’s actions as a call to help, and he can’t really bear see an honest and good person get wasted on these things. He’s grateful that his clique survives but it’s more of a bittersweet victory than a decisive one. Also, I’m pretty sure Yukino got the idea of what Hikkigaya did a few hours after that fiasco. I mean she ain’t all emotions ; she still tries to use logic above her own emotions. If she were all emotions… I would’ve never liked her as a character :/ because how the hell would Hikkigaya get better if he isn’t with the best.

  42. I think when Hayama said that “Haruno meddles with people she’s interested, and destroys those she hates.” I think he must have experienced being hated(destroyed) by her when he was not able to protect Yukinon from all the bullying when they were young, thus he was able to say such a thing to Hikigaya…

    • maybe you’re right but I don’t see Haruno hates him. I mean she can talk and smile without any other bad feelings mix with these.

    • I think that Hayama simply witnessed Haruno’s demon personality. Hachiman really is a good sensor type ninja… he did read so much into Haruno’s personality with just a simple first look….

      I think that Hayama not being able to protect Yukino from the bullying is still a theory thou.. not confirmed yet 🙂

  43. I have a doubt, the series explains that if a misunderstanding starts it can’t be cleared, both Yukino and Hachiman has experienced them.
    Yukino’s story of being a couple with Hayama might have been a misunderstanding that was never cleared in her past
    What was it in Hachiman past which became a misunderstanding that was never cleared

    • Wait a minute, in what volume and chapter does it talk about “Yukino’s story of being a couple with Hayama”? Its not confirmed that the problem Yukino and Hayama had in the past was the same exact situation as in volume 10. And I don’t understand what you mean by your first statement, misunderstandings can be cleared, it just depends on what type of misunderstanding it is and how you approach it, whether its by telling the truth or for Hayama’s case redirecting people’s attention (making people assume Hayama was more into Muira or Isshiki than Yukino).

    • @dulash7 in Volume 6 at the conference where Hachiman uses Kanji for human, outside Yukino and hachiman will have a conversation about clearing the misunderstanding.to which Hachiman replies how it is impossible to clear a misunderstanding and Yukino to agrees to it as if recollecting her past

    • Hmm, ok I found what you were talking about, but from the text, but I think that its simply Hachiman lying to himself. From that situation, Hachiman does think to himself that, “You can’t take back disappointment, nor can you get rid of the stigma branded on you”, but as Hachiman is infamous for having some fallacies mixed with his paradigms, its not true that misunderstandings can’t be cleared. The kind of misunderstandings that Hachiman got himself were the kind where he was labeling himself as the bad guy, to which Hachiman was making note that the strong negative feelings from these kind of misunderstandings are harder to get rid of because they’re branded into the people’s mind; prejudice is arguably one of the toughest aspects/feelings to change in people because its easy for others to latch onto negative perceptions, and letting it spread about. Its not easy to get rid of, but not impossible.

      Going back to the text, Yukino doesn’t agree that clearing a misunderstanding is impossible, but she does demerits Hachiman for making excuses for pointless things but never really supporting the main points he wants to get across (ex: acting as the bad guy in the conference instead of just confronting the issue, though slowly making Sagami see how she’s just putting off the responsibility and work onto others). Granted, that Yukino agrees that excuses are meaningless, but I think its sophistry; misunderstandings can be cleared but as always the longevity of a misunderstanding is always dependent on what kind of misunderstanding it is and then the lingering feelings. For Hachiman, he tries to persuade himself that these kind of things are unchangeable like spilt milk or a broken egg, but its a fallacious argument because misunderstandings are preconceptions that can always change (as always depending on the circumstances), its never set in stone what others perceive because people constantly make observations and they change their perceptions so that it agrees with what they witness. Such as Hachiman himself, who misunderstood Yukino when he first met her and imposed his own values and paradigms onto her until afterwards he began to see that he didn’t understand Yukino completely. Another example that sort of supports the point is the collected moments when Yuigahama and Yukino learn a little bit about Hachiman throughout the series, discovering something they didn’t expect from Hachiman, such as Yukino realizing Hachiman has some things even he doesn’t know (vol. 9, ch. 7) or when Yuigahama sees a little more of how considerate Hachiman is for wanting to bring a sheet for them to sit on for the fireworks viewing (vol. 5, ch. 6).

      What I’m getting at is basically misunderstandings are preconceived notions, some such as in volume 6 or volume 7 will be hard to change but it doesn’t mean its impossible, Respectively, though Hachiman does think its impossible, he’s a hypocrite for thinking so when the Service Club shows even the smallest misunderstandings are changeable.

    • If something is mentioned, it’s in the light novels.
      If is something you never heard about, it’s in the volumes you haven’t read yet.
      If it’s something you never heard, and you’ve read all the volumes, it’s probably been stated somewhere and you can get where from the context.

      It’s kinda pointless discussing if you haven’t read all the volumes up to now, imho….

    • Yes, dualash7 is correct, misunderstandings can be cleared take kaori for instance. she branded Hachiman as low as possible but that opinion is changed by end of volume 9

      @Rahul kumar. What anonymous meant is that the misunderstanding of class mate assuming them to be couple. they are not actually couples

    • @m0h M8 why ae you being angry?
      Sorry if I offended you
      I just want to know that it is after volume 8 or if it is given before volume 8, I will have to read the entire series again cause I might have missed other important things too with this one

    • I think that misunderstanding can be cleared only if the people involved are friends who can understand each others…
      That’s why Hachiman thinks they cannot be cleared: he never had close people whom he could have experienced that…

  44. does Hayama thinks that Isshiki’s feelings are for Hachiman , He did say her feelings are not for him, If so How did he know?

    • Hayama thinks that Iroha’s feelings for him are not towards the real person himself, but the “Hayama Hayato, the good, perfect guy who always meets expectations”. Basically Iroha loves his mask. That’s why he couldn’t accept it.
      Basically is the same reason that Hachiman uses to deny Yui’s evident feelings. Hachiman thinks that Yui’s feelings are for the good person who saved her dog, not for the real Hachiman…

      Also, Iroha changed since she’s met Hachiman. She’s the most honest when interacting with Hachiman, while she reverts to her “i’m cute!” persona with Hayama. That’s a thing that irritates Hayama a lot.

      Remember that Hachiman is always ( well almost.. ) honest with himself and the others, quite the opposite of Hayama, who wears a mask all the time.

    • one more question why is Hayama not wearing that mask to Hachiman but act normally infront of Hachiman?

    • Still my opinion thou, real answer might differ.
      I think that Hayama never drops his mask totally…. but.. i think it’s because he doesn’t care much about how Hachiman considers him, given that masks are almost usless in front of Hachiman…
      They are “rivals” and “antithesis of each other”, you know… they hate each other, but i think that there’s a lot respect for one another..
      Basically, those two have probably the most pure form of friendship.

    • @Rahul Kumar
      They openly hate each other in the light novels.(Spoilers) Hachiman hates Hayama for his masks and stuff, while Hayama hates that Hikkigaya is trying to undervalue himself(Hikkigaya) which makes him(hayama) look weaker. (Basically Hayama wants Hikkigaya to become better than him so he can acknowledge that Hikkigaya is better than him.)

    • @Noxera
      Hayama doesn’t want to feel inferior to Hachiman, so he feels Hachiman as a rival. Remember that Hayama wants people to give Hachiman the right value, since Hayama hates feeling inferior to Hachiman while he’s on a lower social level than him.

      A king doesn’t want to lose to a pawn. A king wants to lose to at least another king, another man on his par.

    • Check Vol 10 @Rahul Kumar. They both admit that. They’ve moved from that phase of garnering pity to open hate(by open hate I mean they acknowledge one’s hate to one another.), so yeah they hate each other for different reasons…. oh yeah also those things I said earlier were spoilers.

    • @Rahul Kumar I suggest you do that, but be weary of typing down theories about it(each episodes)… since you know, LN readers are prowling the site. But just wait for more, Hachiman and Hayato have nice interactions with each other. Kinda like how the USSR(Hachiman basically, since they are pretty hated by a lot of people and have scary solutions) and US(Hayato at its finest; Loved by the Masses and still seen as Saviors.. even if the government is pretty dark) were in the cold war. I think its pretty cool to see these guys criticize and infer about each other, Hayato is the 2nd best male character in the show, in terms of character and personality.

    • @globaltornado
      Well she is made of sugar and spice and at least some things nice 🙂

  45. So, uh, just noticed this even though it’s a little late, but why is the next Anime episode title about Yukinoshita Yukino, although Novel chapter 6 title is about Yuigahama Yui?

  46. We should expect Spyro’s review soon, since in japan it’s gonna be aired in 5 minutes for now ( source : animecalendar )

    • @m0h What do you mean? The episode is one of the best so far in terms of adaption. They did a perfect job on adapting chapter 5 in over 12 minutes, which shouldn’t be rushed to being with. Then the last 8 minutes were dedicated to chapter 6 which was also a solid adaption.

    • I didn’t like it… that’s it.
      Too rushed, i didn’t feel what i felt in the date scene in the LN.

    • @Moh I think the thing that is bothering you, is but one simple thing.

      You’re not hearing 8man’s thoughts. These portrayed a lot of emotional depth to the dramatic scenes on the LN.

      Like say the scene after the “false confession” on the forest, when he came to Yukino and Yui, and he saw his
      reactions you could see through his thoughts that he was in a lot of pain.

    • It’s not rushed actually, well not like season 1, it’s basically cause Hikkigaya here is in a pickle that prevents him from doing monologues. It shows how much his environment changed and he can’t really do most of the things he used to do comfortably. Notice that he had monologues in episode 1 and 2, then at 3 and 4 we get more silence and awkwardness. It’s the right atmosphere of awkwardness and uneasiness. I know it may feel not right, but sometimes its better to see the suffering of the cast than hear it from the Protagonist… also Hikkigaya is biased AF, gotta learn not to eat his words right away.

  47. One thing I want to know, would yukinon end up with hachiman? The main reason I keep up with this show is because of them so if they don’t I’d probably cry a bit. Doesn’t mean I’d gone mad with full kakuja lol

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  49. With Exorcism’s opinion in this episode 3, I agree with him.

    From Haruno’s venting to Hachiman, I assume she is sad and disappointed to her sister in many reasons. But I notice she trust him (notice from her venting to him). However, while they are talking in that doughnut cafe, there are more interesting moment too.

    I think this episode 3 is one of very interesting episode in Oregairu Zoku. There’s one more character I tries to find out how he thinks/feels. That person is Hayama Hayato.

    From your opinion:
    “Haruno calls up Hayama and to the viewer’s surprise, Hayama does as she say. This gives you an idea what’s going on between these two. Season 1 completely missed the scene during the Cultural Festival with these two interacting after Haruno eggs on Sagami in front of Yukino. Anyway, this segment gives a glimpse regarding how Hayama sees Haruno and even gives an idea of what she’s really like.”

    I totally agree with you about the relationship between Haruno and Hayato that showed in this episode. And with in a episode of ss1 (summer camp), I assume that that “Y” is appears in the cafe too. That’s why when she makes him fall into her trap, he feels disappointed more than normal.

    I wrote in this Oregairu analysis focused on what happened in the doughnut cafe – the double date (status : ongoing), hope it can help you grasp something.


    (You can find my analysis that focused on Oregairu Zoku episode 3 via this link)

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