Yahari Light Novel Volume 10.5 – Chapter 2


Shitposting is made of sugar and space, but will it ever be made of all things nice? Chapters should never be more than 50 pages, fuck this.


70 thoughts on “Yahari Light Novel Volume 10.5 – Chapter 2

    • I agree that the sleeping girl doesn’t really look like Yui – probably because she is identifiable mainly by her bun hairstyle. Nevertheless, it would only make sense that Yui is the one dreaming if you match her uneasy sleeping expression to her shocked expression in the dream.

    • It’s Yui.. notice the pet dog.
      It’s been a recurring theme, Yui being like a dog and Yukino like a Cat… ( another hint it’s Sabure… and the fact that Yui is basically a little baka 😛 )
      Also their personalities quite match the stereotype… 🙂

    • I think the girl dreaming is a someone totally out of the series who pairs YuiXHachiman Pairing, I think she is having a nightmare dreaming about IshikiXHachiman? Is my Opinion “Overly-Aware?”

  1. Yay, so glad I stayed awake tonight! Thanks for the good work.

    My best girl list goes : Yukino > Iroha > Kawasaki > Yui

  2. Thanks Spyro. Just one thing I detected in the sentence “I turned my face to her and she smiled back. Butt she didn’t say anything more…”

    Unless of course it’s a Freudian slip by Hachiman 😄

  3. Seriously, the shitposting in threads during S2 is phenomenal. I’m really hoping that shit dies down by mid-season. On the brightside, at least the blogshit from S1 is mostly gone though.

  4. whoa… there is Chiba-kun stuffed animal in the illustration.
    btw, where did you find all the illustrations all this time?

  5. It feels like I just watched 8man getting slowly lowered into the jaws of a lion…

    Don’t get eaten! Irohasu is too cute…

  6. Im very curious about the illustration of 8man sweating like waterfall is this because they found out about the date is there going to be a shuraba will i see some blood? Will robin have batman?

  7. This is it the cold war next episode 🙂 in 15hour xD

    Episode 3: Yukinoshita Yukino Quietly Makes a Decision

    Yukino and Yui are completely shocked at the action that Hachiman took during the Kyoto school trip. However, a new request has been brought up for the awkward Service Club. Isshiki Iroha has been chosen to be a candidate for the student council president as a prank by some “evil” friends. So she requests their help to ensure that she is not chosen and is defeated in a non-embarrassing way. However, Hachiman and Yukino are fighting over who completes the request…
    On the other hand, Hachiman meets someone who he confessed his feelings to during middle school and begins to feel trauma once again, as sees Kaori Orimoto by chance.
  8. It baffles me how Shizuka-Sensei is able to afford an Aston Martin Vantage. Might it be… she actually comes from a rich family? or are teachers’ salary in Japan that high? Well, maybe Feel exaggerated on it a bit. In my imagination from the novels, I was thinking her car was along the lines of a Mazda RX-7. Also, I like Brain’s base’s Shizuka design better. She was so cute back then ;_;

    • The joke is that being single leaves you with a lot of disposable income, or else she’s splurging from her savings because she doesn’t have much hope for her future love life, where the money might otherwise be more useful. Or that she’s got masculine hobbies and tastes and that’s part of the reason she can’t land a husband.

      Rule of cool, in other words. She probably does more than alright as a single on her salary; whether or not it’s realistic for her to have a car like that, well. That’s thinking too deeply about the question.

  9. I am sorry! I just wanted to know the date(next month is fine as well), so i can relax. I know its tough for you. I totally understand and I respect you for all the hard work you put in everyday!
    I apologize if you felt bad!

    • there isn’t till date and i seriously doubt anyone will make pdf or epub till whole volume is translated

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